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R.E. Prindle


We might take a moment here to remember that out point of view is from psychology. One aspect of psychology is consciousness or self-awareness and environmental awareness. Consciousness was a long time developing and is certainly not universal today. Mankind was aware of consciousness. Ancient mythology described its realization in the pretty myth in which consciousness was one undifferentiated unit of the sky, space and earth. And then a breeze came along and separated earth from sky leaving space between the two. The sky above, atmosphere in the middle and earth and the waters below. Eh voila- consciousness in the first state of awareness.

The Greek myth of Narcissus describes personal awareness when Narcissus recognizes himself in his reflection in a pond and falls in love with himself. Thus, amour propre. And so on. A good introductory study is the The Origins and History of Consciousness by the Jung scholar, Erich Neumann.

The important thing here is to remember that the level of consciousness in Roman time was much lower than it is today. Knowledge and self-knowledge has taken giant strides from the Ages of Aries and early Pisces. Not as long strides as we should have, however. But in these early days the supernatural was still a living presence. Gods, angel and demons still inhabited the earth even though you couldn’t see them it was thought.

Jesus then, was born as the avatar of the New Age of Pisces. In astrological mythology a new earth and a new sky was being born. The new sky because in this case the rising sun was passing out of the Age of Aries and into the Age of Pisces. Without a proper understanding of the Solar system and Earth’s axis the ancients had no scientific explanation of the phenomenon. They explained it from visual realities. The Jews interpreted the new age as the time of redemption when Jewish hopes and fancies would be realized. All of the fantasies were to become real. This was the cause for the weird disregard of temporal realities.

The mass suicide of Masada, somewhat like Jim Jones in Guiana, was possible because the redemption was not a distant future matter but a present reality. Jesus’ discussion of the coming of the kingdom of god was not meant for whenever but right then. Any minute now. When it became apparent to those on Masada that the Roman soldiers had built a road to the mountain top, fully expecting to arise hale and hearty within the week, the whole body of Jews committed suicide. They were not conscious that for them there was no tomorrow.

So, with this zany ‘to the last man’ psychology the Jews began a terrible war for themselves in 70 AD. The result was inevitable. Within a short period the land was conquered with the Jews penned up within the walls of Jerusalem with the priests madly sacrificing animals hoping to persuade The Spirit In The Sky for another some such miracle as the parting of the Red Sea.

The Sicarii roamed the streets of Jerusalem murdering anyone who criticized resistance and encouraged surrender. The Romans breached the walls and began street to street, house to house warfare. It was total insanity on the part of the Jews or would have been if they hadn’t placed their faith in a supernatural delivery. The remnant retreated to the mountain fastness of Masada.

That was only the first phase of the war. The planning for phase two, the eruption of 115 AD forty-five years later. In the interim the Jews had organized all their colonies in the various cities throughout the Roman Empire to rise on the signal, thus ensuring the extermination of millions of Roman citizens. Unfortunately for the plan only three populations responded, Alexandria in Egypt, Jerusalem itself, and the large Jewish colony on Cyprus

Ina wild insane orgy of murder the Jews of Alexandria murdered two hundred fifty thousand men, women and children while those on Cyprus did the same. Like crazed, wild dervishes the Jews ripped out intestines and wore them as belts, incredible atrocities were committed too cruel to even imagine. This was barbarity nearly unequaled until the twentieth century.

The Romans were enraged at these cold-blooded murders and they determined that the Jews in their turn should be eliminated. (A pattern is emerging here, a psychological pattern that has never changed and never will.)

The apparent mastermind of the uprising was Rabbi Simeon ben Yochai and his associates. Before the rising when the Jewish generals asked if the Good Gentiles should be spared, ben Yochai replied: No, kill them all. Genocide on a massive scale.

The Romans rushed to the scene and the man hunt was on, street to street and door to door. Ben Yochai was hidden away in a cave while the hunt went on around him. To historical knowledge he was never found and died a natural death.

The entire land was leveled to the ground, stone by stone while any remnants were gathered up and dispatched to Spain, poor Spain. The land of Palestine was forbidden to the Jews. None could legally live there. The rather astonishing thing is that the very large population of Mesopotamia took no part in this frenzy, remaining quiet and seemingly disinterested. The other Jewish colonies also remained quiescent, lowering their heads so as not to be seen.

The Mesopotamian Jews would finally exasperate the Gentiles of Mesopotamia by the tenth century so that that colony was smashed with the majority going to their fellows in Spain although others went in all directions. It was roughly at this time that the Khazars of the Kievan steppes opted to become Jews.

With this horrific episode we leave the Middle East and begin the history of the Jews in Spain and Europe.

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  1. The View From Prindle’s Head
  2. Unintended Consequences
  3. The Jews (continuation)


R.E. Prindle


The arrival of Aryans into the Middle East, the Greeks, in the Peninsula, the Hittites in Anatolia (today’s modern Turkey), and the Persians in Persia (modern day Iran) which would soon be followed by the irruptions of the Macedonians of the Northern Peninsula and finally the Romans completely unsettled the area plunging the Eastern Med into a thousand years of warfare. For a nice historical sketch of this period see Mika Waltari’s fabulous novel, The Egyptian. A wonderful lovely book which portrays the period in human terms, a sort of social history.

When the Greeks arrived, they smashed the Thalassocracy of the Minoans centered on the island of Crete. These activities displaced many peoples who became the Sea Peoples who conquered Lower Egypt- the Nile Delta.

The activities of the Hittites against the Semitic kingdoms of Mesopotamia sent shockwaves to the South and Palestine. The Jews, who having filched some cattle from Haran on their wanderings, Haran being another great religious center, you can see the Jews building up their portfolio, drifted down into Palestine where they led a nomadic wandering life, driven to the edge of the Eastern desert where they eked out an existence. Finally about sixteen hundred BC they followed the hordes down into Egypt, then a disordered State because of the Sea Peoples who temporarily established themselves as counter-Pharaohs in the Delta.

According to Jewish accounts they were to remain there in the Land of Goshen for four hundred years until Moses changed their faces and gave them brand new names. One is not to believe that the whole nation fled the fleshpots of Egypt, many remained behind, finally forming a substantial population in the Alexandria of Roman times.

In about 1200 BC having returned to Palestine through the back door according to their own account, they set about exterminating various peoples to make lebensraum for themselves. But still they made no historical ripples.

Their greatest disaster, before the Hitler-Stalin debacle, happened in 586 BC. That was when the Assyrians came down upon them like a wolf upon the fold and transported the two tribes, Benjamin and Judah, to Babylon. The other ten tribes of the Samaritans had been carried off earlier and disappeared from history but became a legendary mystery. According to various legends the ten tribes have shown up everywhere including the Indian tribes of the Southwest US.

A portion of the transported Jews of 586 returned to Israel when the Persians ended Babylonian history and assumed control of Mesopotamia 50 years later. Only a minority of fanatics wished to return to Jerusalem, the rest of the Jewish colony preferred the fleshpots of Babylon. Having been absent for fifty years or so the Jews were not welcomed back with open arms. Having been always troublesome they were received with open hostility. As they set about to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem they were forced to work with a trowel in one hand and a spear in the other.

They were able to reestablish themselves but trouble was brewing in the North. All woe seemed to come from the North.

Philip of Macedon was drilling his troops to invade Anatolia. While Philip died before he could realize his plans, his son, Alexander, surnamed The Great, formed the army and marched to battle. Darius, the last Persian monarch marched forth to defend his domains. While Darius was an Aryan, as were his Persians, his style had been Semitized by immersion in the Semitic East.

With Alexander the Western Aryans arrived in force conquering not only Persia but the whole of known Asia as far apart as the Indus valley and Egypt. Somewhat given to riotous living Alexander partied too hardy on his return from India and expired. The Empire was divided three ways. While Hellenic customs temporarily displaced Oriental mores. The Greeks demanded obeisance to Hellenic ways to transform Asia as quickly as possible, the Jews refused to commit themselves to such fashions. Or at least some of them. The Sadducees had no trouble Hellenizing however the Maccabees refused to, threw down the gauntlet and were successful in rejecting the Hellenes. This was Israel’s golden hour as an independent country.

Behind the Hellenes emerged the Romans and the Romans were nothing like the Hellenes. They had much better system and organization. They subjugated the Jews and by so doing the current phase of history had its origins. By this time the Jews were recognized as Jews according to modern standards. The Jewish diaspora had begun some time before. In addition to having large contingents that stayed behind in Babylonia after the return, the Jewish colony in Egypt, Greek Alexandria, was now very large. The island of Cyprus was heavily Jewish while there were large Jewish settlements in the various cities, more especially in Rome. So the modern organization of the Jewish people already existed at the beginning of Pisces which was now dawning.

Revolution seethed constantly in the Jewish brain. Their successful revolt against the Hellenes was not forgotten and what had succeeded with the Greeks would work against the Romans they hoped. Thus the devastating Jewish Wars that would begin in 70 AD shortly after the death of Jesus and would continue to 115 AD were already incipient.

With the Romans however came a New World Order. The world had changed since the Hellenes. A New Age was dawning. The Age of Pisces was on the horizon; the Age of Aries was nearly over.

Within the Roman Empire a counter Jewish Empire existed. According to Jewish traditions as explained in their Bible the Romans built the Empire but the Jews would inherit it. The population dispersed throughout the Roman Empire all owed obeisance not only to Rome but, more importantly they owed obeisance to Jerusalem. An asymmetrical war was being waged by Jerusalem in Rome. This same asymmetrical war would be fought against any host country resided in over the centuries including today in the United States of America. The pattern was forming from which there would be no deviation.

In order to maintain their sub rosa empire the Jews needed money. Hence every Jew, that is Jewish citizen, throughout the Roman Empire paid taxes to both Rome and Jerusalem. The Romans tolerated this flow of money from Rome, the Roman capital to Jerusalem, the Jewish capital. It is important for the future to keep this differentiation in mind, because it was standard practice wherever the Jews resided.

In order to placate the Jews they made many concessions that they didn’t make to others rather than undertake what would have been a ruinous war. The Jews were not so reticent. They longed for war remembering the Maccabee successes against the Hellenes and projecting them on the Romans. The Roman tax became a fixation, a problem; the Jews did not want to pay their tax to Rome, Caesar as they personalized it.

Now, the year zero arrived, literally, the dividing line between the past and present. Jesus of Nazareth was born. Some thirty-three years later Jesus, with more mental clarity than the Jewish Zealots and Sicarii, was preaching that it wise to render unto Caesar what was Caesars’s (Rome) and onto God (Jerusalem) what was God’s. In other words pay the double taxation and shut up.

For this and many other subversive activities Jesus had to die. Be removed from the scene and in their rebellious frenzy gripping the Jewish people he did. The Jews willed Jesus’ death although they fobbed his execution off onto the Romans. Here a pattern of denial was forming. Even today the Jews refuse to accept their responsibility for the death of Jesus.

The resolution of the political problem began a couple decades later when what is known as the Jewish Wars began that lasted for fifty years and ended with the removal of the Jews from Israel. This event is what most people think of as the diaspora.

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  1. The View From Prindle’s Head
  2. Unintended Consequences
  3. The Jews (continuation)


R.E. Prindle


Here we must take some time to put things into perspective. While the Jews were the center of history to their own historians, they fail to receive much notice in the history of the Arien Age. One might think the Mesopotamians were minor actors in the pageant in the Jewish writings or the same when the Jews were in Egypt. Western historians continued the tradition as the Jewish bible was nearly the only source of the middle East for thousands of years. Certainly the best known, although another people, were to enter the stage of Western history at nearly the same time that the Jews began to take form. These peoples were Aryan Greeks otherwise collectively known as Hellenes. The Greek activities would far overshadow those of the Jews.

The Aryans are not a European people in origin, they actually came from Central Asia preceding the Mongol peoples in the westward migrations. The Aryan diaspora began at the end of the Age of Taurus and filled the history of the Arien Age. The Greeks were the darlings of the Western historians. For most of the West’s history Greek mythology, Homer- The Iliad and Odyssey, was as or more important than the Biblical stories. Greek- Plato and Aristotle- intellectual attainments far surpassed those of the Jews- while the fates of the two peoples were intertwined.

Both groups received their inspiration from the Egyptians. The Egyptians themselves began as two people: those of the southern desert peoples of Upper Egypt and the people of the Nile Delta. The Delat people arrived at some undetermined date, possible in the Age of Leo, or perhaps, the Age of Cancer but the Age of Leo is enshrined in their monuments.

Their civilization in the exposed Med Basin was as advanced as that of Dilmun in the Persian Gulf. Perhaps even moreso as when the Delta peoples made their home in the Egyptian Delta they came with a most advanced culture. Including a viable writing system. That would have been six or seven thousand years ago, perhaps eight depending on how the sea levels rose. The levels have been rising since the end of the Ice Age and many magnificent structures line the coasts beneath the waves and sand.

The central event in world history is the ending of the last Ice Age. Whatever exists of the Pre Leo period exists only as memory traces in the legends of the coastal peoples. For instance, the lost paradise of the Persian Gulf, Atlantis, Mu, and Shambala.

The Egyptians had a fragmented memory of an Atlantis existing beyond the Pillars of Hercules. There is at present nothing that can be identified as the remains of a lost continent, however large that continent may have been. Remember the Atlantic would have been a much smaller ocean. The sea level was 350 to 500 feet lower during the last part of the Ice Age. That means that all the continental shelfs were exposed. The Grand Banks in the North Atlantic would have been above sea level. If Atlantis had been at a level below current levels then it surely have disappeared. Still survivors must have shown up on European shores.

One must also remember that the configuration of the land masses are constantly changing. It was only after 1950, very, very recently, even as late as 1960 that the concepts of tectonic plates and continental drift were confirmed. As is well known the subcontinent of India separated from Africa and migrated North to collide with Central Asia forming the Himalaya Mountains.

It is probable then that a land mass was exposed somewhere beyond the Pillars of Hercules. Wind, rain and wave action over eight thousand years or so might easily wreak some mighty changes. One may question the actual state of the civilization that disappeared, however the survivors of the rising waters of the Med had obviously been in communication with Atlantis and their culture was very advanced when they showed up on the Delta. An Atlantis as well as a Dilmun must have existed.

Oh, and the land of Mu was situated in the shallow waters of Indonesia. We are however concerned with the homelands of the Aryans who began their diaspora at the cusp of Aries. Shambala, the legendary home of the Aryans was said to exist on an island in a shallow sea in Central Asia behind the Himalayans.

As India is still colliding with Asia at the same time the melting ice created an immense shallow sea of which the remnants are the Caspian and the now defunct Aral Sea.   Damming and using the waters for other purposes has dried the Aral up. The Caspian continues to shrink. So it is probable that such a locale as Shambala actually existed and was the homeland of the Aryan people. As the area desiccated toward the Age of Aries the Aryans were forced to migrate, some attempted to infiltrate China in which they were unsuccessful, defeated and assimilated. The Uigurs must be descendants of the Aryan remnant that remained behind and it may be because of memory of Aryan invasion c. 2000 BC that the Chinese are exterminating them and their culture today.

Some Aryans went South to India which they dominated for centuries until amalgamation with the dark skinned natives undermined their culture. They actually tried to maintain the color line but that failed as it must. Great nations were formed in the Middle East as the Persians succeeded to domination and then the Greeks or Macedonians, and then the Romans. Other hordes passed around the Black Sea and entered the Greek Peninsula from the North. There they met the survivors of the Great Flood, the Pelasgians and conquered them.

Numerous other Aryan peoples continued on into Europe. The arrival of the Aryans in Greece according to General Forlong was in the seventeenth century BC. The Greeks upset the power structure in the Eastern Med of which the Jews at the time were insignificant wanderers in the marginal areas of Palestine while being on the move toward Egypt. Leaving Palestine for their long stay in Egypt, the Bible tells us, in the land of Goshen.

Thus the Jews received a strong Egyptian coloration. The Egyptians were the foremost people in the Med world and at the time eclipsed the Mesopotamians. The Greeks being great marauders visited the Delta often gradually becoming familiar with advanced Egyptian ideas. Thus both Jews and Aryans received their inspiration from Egypt.

One, then, may trace the line of development with Egypt, as the Aryans and the Jews drawing inspiration separately, and using their natural mental states to develop accordingly, then becoming mingled throughout Europe and the Middle East but maintaining their separate identities.

A leading historian Edit Starr Miller develops the two lines thusly in her study The Occult Theocrasy. Vol.I, page 74:

Two great flowing currents issued from the [Egyptian] esoteric wisdom, jealously guarded by the Egyptians, namely: Mosaism or Judaism taught be Moses whose god was Jehovah, and Orphism taught by Orpheus whose god was Zeus [in Greek] or Jupiter [in Latin]. [Moses] adapted his beliefs, to suit the mentality of undisciplined, rebellious masses of Israelites in Egypt, hence a god of fear and vengeance; [Orpheus] legislated for a people whose Hellenic genius touched sublime heights of philosophic wisdom on the one hand, and sought on the other to carry its irrepressible sense of beauty and light-heartedness in the pursuit of material pleasures. Hence the great difference between the two currents which derived their initial teaching from the same source.

Of course the Aryans were much more numerous than the Jews so the Jews had to do by guile what they couldn’t do by force. Mrs. Miller goes on to say, p.76:

The practical application of the Cabalist knowledge is manifested in the use made of it, through the ages, by Jews to gain influence both in the higher spheres of Gentile life and over the masses. Sovereigns and Popes both, usually had one or more Jews as astrologers and advisers, and they frequently gave Jews control over their very life by employing them as physicians. Political power was thus gained by Jews in almost every Gentile country alongside with financial power, since Jewish court bankers manipulated state funds and taxes.

Through the ages also, can be followed the spreading power of the sect and no more awful example of the devastating and destructive power of the penetration of a secret subversive society has ever been witnessed.

With its B’nai B’rith Supreme Council as the directing head, the sect with its members swarming among all nations has become the sovereign power ruling the councils of all nations and governing the political, economic, religious and educational policies.

And so the warfare of two thousand years was organized as asymmetrical warfare on the Jewish side and military might on the side of the Aryans or Europeans. This warfare reached a crisis point in both Germany and Russia in the thirties and forties.

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R.E. Prindle

Gilgamesh & Enkidu, Cain & Abel


The Biblical book of Genesis could not have been written independently of Mesopotamian histories and accounts. It was true of the Great Flood for instance and it is also true of the story of Cain and Abel. The original can be found in the myth or legend of Gilgamesh, that great story.

The original inhabitants of the Two Rivers were not Semites although the Semites displaced the original inhabitants. Their racial background however is not known, nor can their language be fitted into a known group. The story of Gilgamesh takes place at an early period between the Flood in the Age of Leo and perhaps some date in Taurus. At the time the hills and mountains were clothed in dense forests under the protection of the wind god, Humbaba. So, desiccation had not advanced to the point that irrigation was necessary. The weather patterns had not shifted too far from the Age of Virgo, or the ending of the Ice Age. Cities were already in existence of which Gilgamesh was the human Lord.

As the story opens the Semites are entering the land. They are quite primitive, totally uncivilized. They are so primitive that they can still talk to the animals in the Universal language. The shepherd, Enkidu, is hanging around the outskirts. Taking pity on him or perhaps, curiosity, a temple prostitute is sent out to seduce Enkidu and bring him into civilization, the city. She succeeds, but as Enkidu is in a complete state of nature, that is naked, she tears her garment in two, keeping half for herself and clothing Enkidu with the other. Thus, as it were, Enkidu appears as half man, half woman. The detail perhaps means that Enkidu as half man was inferior to Gilgamesh, the whole man. Thus the legend of the arrival of the Semites.

Enkidu challenges Gilgamesh to a wrestling match on the temple patio. They are both equal in strength but civilized Gilgamesh has science on his side while Enkidu is an undisciplined brawler. Gilgamesh throws a couple scientific moves on him astounding Enkidu, astonishing him into admiration. Enkidu then begins his role as Robin to Gilgamesh’s Batman.

Thus, the Semites, perhaps welcomed as immigrants, grew until they became the masters in real life. In the story Enkidu dies, casting Gilgamesh into a deep depression wondering why his companion had to die. He then begins his search for eternal life.

The proto-Jews took the story and changed it into the classic two brothers story, so popular in Western literature. Cain being the elder brother or Gilgamesh and Abel being the younger brother or Enkidu.

Enkidu and Abel are both shepherds. Cain is a farmer, as indeed Mesopotamians were. God demands tribute from the two brothers, coming down from heaven to appear in person.

Abel, we know, presented God- Shamash- with flesh and Cain offered vegetal matter. God was no vegetarian, bad choice Cain, but was no gentleman either. Instead of graciously accepting what both brothers offered he spurned Cain with his foot and said to Abel: You are my chosen son. Hence the Jews became the Chosen People.

Cain was not going to suffer in silence, so he called Abel out into the field, whether this was cultivated or not we don’t know but I prefer to think it was. Instead of winning a wrestling match Cain murdered Abel, perhaps burying his body beneath the radishes, or maybe onions, to fertilize his veggies and perhaps conceal the smell of blood. Details are sketchy here.

Well, you know, murder will out. God, who usually, we are told, sees everything, even evil thoughts, missed the duel in the radish patch, but having spies everywhere he soon learned of it. Learning of it he brands Cain’s forehead with a big M for murderer and makes him a homeless wanderer despised by everyone.

In real life, the Priests tired or arguing the 1700 year earlier date of a created world set the troops on the Jews and chased them out of the country much as happened in Egypt a few centuries on, a mere variation on the script. Thus, in real life, instead of Cain, the Jews became the homeless wanderers despised by everyone.

Psychologically then the Jews, as a group, unable to endure the reality of the situation merely turned the results around. Freud was certainly quick enough to see this although I am unaware that he mentioned it.

As The Twig Is Bent, The Tree Will Incline

As we go along, we will see manifold patterns appearing that will be evident in worldwide Jewish activities today because it is a psychological truism that as the twig is bent the tree will incline. That is that if a thought is impressed on the mind of a youth, he will grow to realize it. Repetition ad infinitum. This perfectly represents Jewish history so that all their history follows from this primary incident. A group culture was created in Mesopotamia that would characterize Jewish culture through the Ages.

Having determined that Saturn, or God, was eternal, the Jews at the same time rejected the Astral religion which doesn’t reappear in Jewish writings until the three wise kings from the orient followed a star to Jesus’s cradle in Bethlehem. This is for the reason that Jesus’s birth coincides with the ending of the Age of Aries and the dawn of the Age of Pisces. Thus, Jesus becomes a fisher of men. The Zodiacal calendar is reestablished.

Jesus was not intended to be the archetype of Pisces and Mary, his mother, much less the female archetype. Perhaps Mary Magdalen was but lost out and was turned into a prostitute perhaps then disqualifying her. The archetypal roles were to have been , taken in the Greek archetypes, by the gods Dionysus and Artemis. In Roman terms Bacchus and Diana although Bacchus doesn’t exactly correspond to Dionysus but they were both associated with the vine and wine.

You will have noticed that at the last supper Jesus held up his bread and said this is my body and a tumbler of wine saying this is my blood, thus uniting him with Dionysus. So, while God chose flesh in the Cain and Abel offerings, Jesus opted for Cain and the fruits of agriculture. This is a true revolution within Judaism.

As I said, Jesus was not the intended archetype but he was a compromise candidate between the gentiles or Aryans and the Jews who were becoming as numerous as the grains of sand. Mary, Jesus’s mother, was unsuitable as the female archetype. A mother cannot be a wife, as Hera was to Zeus, thus the situation was conflicted. In other legends Jesus was married to Mary Magdalen and had a son and that makes much more sense.

Continued in 9. The View From Prindle’s Head, 3 Unintended Consequences, 3. The Jews.

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R.E. Prindle

Unintended Consequences 3 The Jews 1


The Irish and Italians ha their effect in changing Americans mores and its psyche but far outweighing these two and all others combined were the Jews. Tempered by thousands of years of opposing all of mankind their tools were honed and sharpened, when removed from a European milieu where they were known to a very naïve American milieu living its own fantasy while having lost contact with the Jews who were a very small part of the population until the last half of the century, the Americans were easy pickings.

So, to understand the situation one has to go back to the beginning of Judaism. Unlike other peoples the origin of the Jewish people can be pinpointed. The Jews themselves believe that they first came into existence four thousand years ago in Mesopotamia.   Prior to that time any ancestors, Terah is the only one that can be identified, were merely part of the Semitic population of Mesopotamia. That is any history of them begins with the conflict with their neighbors. Their origin as a people began when as a quarrelsome cult they were expelled from Mesopotamia in about 2000 BC. Thus their four thousand year history began. If it was anything like their expulsion from Egypt a thousand years later, they were born in blood.

We know exactly what the quarrel was about. I must here introduce terms that may be unfamiliar to you, at least their usage. The Mesopotamians had a history going back at least to the Age of Leo, that is nine thousand years before the Age of Aries, probably more. They were present at the Flood. As we are all aware there was an ice age preceding this warmer period we live in known as an Inter-Glacial Period. That is there have been at least three interglacial periods and hence three Glacial periods. Another ice age will follow this warm period.

Whether the Mesopotamians had memory traces of over a hundred thousand years or they hypothesized themselves they appear to have memories stretching back and this is recorded in surviving records. The Zodiac was already in existence at the time the Jews came into existence in 2000 BC. This is a controversial opinion because modern prejudices give no credence to Mesopotamian records. It is generally asserted that the Zodiac originated with the Greeks about 100 AD. Not possible.

The problem between the Jewish dissidents and the main body of the priesthood occurred on the cusp between the Ages of Taurus and Aries and the dispute as Josephus records was astrological or astronomical. Four thousand years ago astronomy and astrology were one. The Zodiac was timekeeper for the Astrological religion.

As the solar year was divided into twelve months so the Great Year had twelve divisions or Ages. This was based on the principle: as above, so below. The two worlds, heaven and earth were mirror images. The duration of the Great Year is approximately 26,000 solar years. Each Age is about 2200 solar years duration. Thus the Age of Taurus ended when the sun passed out Taurus into Aries. Each Age has its religious archetypes, that is it is ruled by a specific God and Goddess. The male archetype of Taurus was the god, Saturn, in Greek terms, Cronus. When the old god was replaced by the new god he was sent to Far Tartarus or on the way to the opposite post of the Zodiac. A new archetype came into existence for the New Age. Apparently Terah objected to this. He refused to accept the change in archetypes and insisted that Saturn, that is God, was eternal. That is undying. Thus there was in irreconcilable difference. Terah’s main follower, Abram, according to Josephus the greatest astronomer/astrologer of the Ages defeated the Mesopotamian sages in debate and they petulantly expelled the proto-Jews from the land.

There is a fairly substantial literature on both sides of this situation. As chance would have it the Priestly version was literally buried beneath the sands for thousands of years while the Jews perpetrated their vision on Western society. In the nineteenth century the cities began to be excavated, libraries were found and the difficult texts were translated, or many of them, thousands of tablets yet remain. The most fascinating of the texts was the Priestly myth of Gilgamesh, which in the Jewish version is the story of Cain and Abel. We will examine details of those two stories.

As the Jews, or what became the Jews, were a dissident cult within and part of the Semitic peoples in Mesopotamia at the beginning of the Age of Aries four thousand year ago, then they were immersed in the lore of that people being a part of it. It is odd that while the main body of the peoples understood the world to be uncreated and at the least hundreds of thousands of years old that these dissident Jews should have determined that the Earth had been created by Saturn a mere seventeen hundred years previously. The Priesthood must have considered the Jews to be insane to maintain such a false understanding.

While the Priesthood maintained on the best of evidence that the Flood had occurred in the Age of Leo, the Jews maintained that it had occurred perhaps in the middle of Taurus, two Ages later. Their trying to maintain that tradition must have driven the Priesthood nuts. The Jews could not be talked to. Most especially because this insane cult must have been multiplying fairly rapidly. They had to go.

This profound split in knowledge would have a profound effect on all subsequent Western history because, the intelligent position of the Priests was buried in history by the succeeding Age of Pisces. Thus the nutty notion of a world created in 3700 BC or thereabouts was enshrined in the Jewish bible which has survived to our times perverting the intelligence of the Europeaan mind well into the nineteenth century until the Priestly version became apparent to inquiring minds who were denounced by the Judaized majority as crazy dissidents reversing the ancient Mesopotamian positions. Very strange.

History might have taken a more enlightened turn if the Priestly understanding had prevailed rather than the nutty Jewish fable. Now let us compare how the Jews misinterpreted two stories, The Garden of Eden and the Great Flood. The Mesopotamian memories are history turned into myth while the Jewish versions are the purest sci-fi or fantasy take offs.

During the Ice Age when thousands of feet of ice were transferred from the ocean waters to land this lowered the sea levels by somewhere from 350 to 500 feet compared to today’ levels, depending on whose opinion you wish to accept. The Persian Gulf is very shallow so that it became exposed to form an immense fertile, temperate valley all the way to what are now the Straits of Hormuz. The highlands to the South in Arabia, now the most barren sands on Earth were teeming with population. Through the Valley ran the immense combined waters of the Tigris and Euphrates creating a veritable Eden. Highly civilized cities lined its shores including the legendary city of Dilmun.

Dilmun must be where Oannes, now known as John, according to the historical myth, arose from the waters as a very wise fish man. He bequeathed civilization to the ignorant highlanders who had existed on the former middle part of the Great River and which could then be seen only as two streams, the Tigris and Euphrates.

This must have occurred in the Age of Leo or perhaps the beginning of the Age of Cancer depending on how quickly the waters rose as the Earth warmed into the Spring of the Great Year. For the Mesopotamians the memory of the Great Valley was the Paradise that was lost beneath the Great Flood. Gilgamesh, when seeking the secret of eternal life was directed to return to the bottom of the Gulf where the wise keeper of the secret resided, perhaps in the ruins of Dilmun.

The proto-Jews coming from the exact same cultural base converted the Paradise of Dilmun into the Garden of Eden and put the preposterous sci-fi swordsman at the entrance to this Garden to deny access to the humans who had been expelled. Perhaps Adam was styled on Oannes. John certainly became a prominent name in Israel.

The inexplicable flood for which no rational explanation could be known based on that ancient knowledge was accounted for by the Jews as forty days of downpours and the opening the ocean vents

The fantasy of Noah and the Ark was created by the Jews to explain the survival of humanity as the waters, in their imaginations, rose to the mountain tops which in turn created the fantastic story of the Ark resting on Mt. Ararat. Fortunes have been spent by the deluded trying to find it. You can see the Priests shaking their heads.

Remember that the Jews were not a separate people from the Mesopotamians, there can be no Jewish race. The present Jews were Semites at that time. They came from the identical culture with the same historical traditions which they distorted for their own ends.

It is very easy to see Terah as an early Moses. Moses also was educated by priests but in the religion of Egypt, became a renegade and distorting some fantastic variations on the Egyptian religion was driven out of Egypt.

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  1. The View From Prindle’s Head


R.E. Prindle

Unintended Consequences 2. The Italians


I’m now to deal with the Italian/Sicilians. After them, the Jews. Bear in mind that we are dealing with a psychological profile of peoples, these are Freudian group psychologies. A group is a number of people who share similar backgrounds and/or goals and mental characteristics. Gustave Le Bon’s study of the psychology of crowds was dealing with a group of people of dissimilar backgrounds and bound together by an event, or an idea, a panic or hysteria not different from the current corona virus hysteria in which the whole world has been stampeded much as cowboys got a herd in motion.

We are dealing here with national characters as evidenced by actions.

The Italian group is made up of dissimilar peoples and mentalities: Lombards, Venetians, Sicilians, Romans, Florentines etc. One large division is between the North and South as characterized by the Two Sicilies. Of the South and Lombardy of the North. Lombardy is named after the Lombard people, a German tribe, with a different history and mental organization from the Sicilians. Venetians obviously are different from the Lombards and Sicilians and so on.

Sicily named for the very ancient people, the Sicels, may possibly be considered aboriginal. When the Mediterranean flooded after the last ice age, the Sicels, by whatever name they may have been named were flushed from the Med Basin into the former highlands formed by their island. Or perhaps the Sicels already inhabited the highlands and received the Basin people as their first invaders of their highlands although they must have had relations with the Basin people. The Basin flooded during the Age of Leo thus eight to nine thousand years ago. At any rate the island was invaded by many peoples including in historical times the Greeks and Phoenicians, the Moslems and the Normans each leaving their imprint on the Sicilian character.

Out of all this chaos whatever original Sicels were left they took part in a melting pot, actions and reactions that formed the Sicilian character and the formation of the criminal organization called the Mafia.

As mentioned earlier the Sicilians, their country ravaged and depleted of resources began renting themselves out as unskilled laborers to Northern Europe during the summer months while returning to Sicily in the Winter when their services were no longer required. Then, as steamships reliably and quickly made Atlantic crossings safe they first travelled to Argentina, moving North and eventually, in the nineties, they discovered New York City.

They were seen by Americans with disapproval as Birds of Passage. That is as migrant laborers they arrived on these welcoming shores to make their bundle, then as in Europe, the returned to Sicily to bask in the Sun enjoying their leisure on their savings. While this was natural to them, Americans resented them because unlike immigrants they didn’t stay.

For every two that came one went back home, perhaps repeating the experience when he ran out of money. Those who stayed were almost all illiterates, being only grunt unskilled labor with which an expanding New York City abounded in opportunities. Like the other immigrants they clustered in colonies each forming a no go zone for all but their own nationality. New Yorkers called these colonies, neighborhoods and ghettoes. You nearly needed a passport to enter and pass through.

Of course they brought their native foods with them, enriching they said, the American palette. Of course the recipes were adapted for a universal appetite. Gradually American and Northern European dishes were replaced by various ethnic cuisines. These cuisines usually consisted of poverty foods.

Over time NYC would become a congeries of colonies each forming a no go zone for all but their own. The Sicilians also brought their well organized criminal Mafia with them that quickly adapted to American conditions. At first, they operated in their own colonies, but combining with the Jews who were familiar with European ways, thus American, were better adapted to move between their own and the general culture. They to some extent brought the Italian criminals out of their own colonies.

It is difficult to determine whether Jews or Italians brought organized crime to America. At first the criminals were involved in crimes of theft, prostitution and gambling. In 1920 an unprecedented opportunity to enrich them beyond their dreams was created with the introduction of Prohibition. The illegal liquor trade made the mobsters, both Jewish and Italian, day.

At the same time a gentleman named Mussolini was coming to power in a unified Italy and he assumed that the Sicilians in America were still Italian citizens. Merely Overseas Italians. His agents encouraged this belief in America. Thus the Sicilians became another dual citizenship people not unlike the Irish. Mussolini demanded a control over these Italians.

In the US all the peoples of Italy were known as Italians although most were Sicilians. I wouldn’t have known the difference until I was over twenty. As Mussolini thought of the Italian colonies as part of Italy at one time, he wanted to ship injured war veterans to New York for free treatment in US hospitals.

As of 1920 then, the Sicilians were in a primitive state of organization. They were tightly bound to colonies in which the remained until after WWII at which time their ties to Italy were broken and they became Italian-Americans.

Next I will deal with the most influential of the immigrant nations, the Jews. I expect this to be very controversial as the actual history differs greatly from the orthodox or official fables that we have been conditioned to believe. History is nevertheless history and it should be told as accurately as possible.

The history will also be only up to 1920 at this point.

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