9. The View From Prindle’ Head

April 15, 2020

  1. The View From Prindle’s Head
  2. Unintended Consequences
  3. The Jews (continuation)


R.E. Prindle


Here we must take some time to put things into perspective. While the Jews were the center of history to their own historians, they fail to receive much notice in the history of the Arien Age. One might think the Mesopotamians were minor actors in the pageant in the Jewish writings or the same when the Jews were in Egypt. Western historians continued the tradition as the Jewish bible was nearly the only source of the middle East for thousands of years. Certainly the best known, although another people, were to enter the stage of Western history at nearly the same time that the Jews began to take form. These peoples were Aryan Greeks otherwise collectively known as Hellenes. The Greek activities would far overshadow those of the Jews.

The Aryans are not a European people in origin, they actually came from Central Asia preceding the Mongol peoples in the westward migrations. The Aryan diaspora began at the end of the Age of Taurus and filled the history of the Arien Age. The Greeks were the darlings of the Western historians. For most of the West’s history Greek mythology, Homer- The Iliad and Odyssey, was as or more important than the Biblical stories. Greek- Plato and Aristotle- intellectual attainments far surpassed those of the Jews- while the fates of the two peoples were intertwined.

Both groups received their inspiration from the Egyptians. The Egyptians themselves began as two people: those of the southern desert peoples of Upper Egypt and the people of the Nile Delta. The Delat people arrived at some undetermined date, possible in the Age of Leo, or perhaps, the Age of Cancer but the Age of Leo is enshrined in their monuments.

Their civilization in the exposed Med Basin was as advanced as that of Dilmun in the Persian Gulf. Perhaps even moreso as when the Delta peoples made their home in the Egyptian Delta they came with a most advanced culture. Including a viable writing system. That would have been six or seven thousand years ago, perhaps eight depending on how the sea levels rose. The levels have been rising since the end of the Ice Age and many magnificent structures line the coasts beneath the waves and sand.

The central event in world history is the ending of the last Ice Age. Whatever exists of the Pre Leo period exists only as memory traces in the legends of the coastal peoples. For instance, the lost paradise of the Persian Gulf, Atlantis, Mu, and Shambala.

The Egyptians had a fragmented memory of an Atlantis existing beyond the Pillars of Hercules. There is at present nothing that can be identified as the remains of a lost continent, however large that continent may have been. Remember the Atlantic would have been a much smaller ocean. The sea level was 350 to 500 feet lower during the last part of the Ice Age. That means that all the continental shelfs were exposed. The Grand Banks in the North Atlantic would have been above sea level. If Atlantis had been at a level below current levels then it surely have disappeared. Still survivors must have shown up on European shores.

One must also remember that the configuration of the land masses are constantly changing. It was only after 1950, very, very recently, even as late as 1960 that the concepts of tectonic plates and continental drift were confirmed. As is well known the subcontinent of India separated from Africa and migrated North to collide with Central Asia forming the Himalaya Mountains.

It is probable then that a land mass was exposed somewhere beyond the Pillars of Hercules. Wind, rain and wave action over eight thousand years or so might easily wreak some mighty changes. One may question the actual state of the civilization that disappeared, however the survivors of the rising waters of the Med had obviously been in communication with Atlantis and their culture was very advanced when they showed up on the Delta. An Atlantis as well as a Dilmun must have existed.

Oh, and the land of Mu was situated in the shallow waters of Indonesia. We are however concerned with the homelands of the Aryans who began their diaspora at the cusp of Aries. Shambala, the legendary home of the Aryans was said to exist on an island in a shallow sea in Central Asia behind the Himalayans.

As India is still colliding with Asia at the same time the melting ice created an immense shallow sea of which the remnants are the Caspian and the now defunct Aral Sea.   Damming and using the waters for other purposes has dried the Aral up. The Caspian continues to shrink. So it is probable that such a locale as Shambala actually existed and was the homeland of the Aryan people. As the area desiccated toward the Age of Aries the Aryans were forced to migrate, some attempted to infiltrate China in which they were unsuccessful, defeated and assimilated. The Uigurs must be descendants of the Aryan remnant that remained behind and it may be because of memory of Aryan invasion c. 2000 BC that the Chinese are exterminating them and their culture today.

Some Aryans went South to India which they dominated for centuries until amalgamation with the dark skinned natives undermined their culture. They actually tried to maintain the color line but that failed as it must. Great nations were formed in the Middle East as the Persians succeeded to domination and then the Greeks or Macedonians, and then the Romans. Other hordes passed around the Black Sea and entered the Greek Peninsula from the North. There they met the survivors of the Great Flood, the Pelasgians and conquered them.

Numerous other Aryan peoples continued on into Europe. The arrival of the Aryans in Greece according to General Forlong was in the seventeenth century BC. The Greeks upset the power structure in the Eastern Med of which the Jews at the time were insignificant wanderers in the marginal areas of Palestine while being on the move toward Egypt. Leaving Palestine for their long stay in Egypt, the Bible tells us, in the land of Goshen.

Thus the Jews received a strong Egyptian coloration. The Egyptians were the foremost people in the Med world and at the time eclipsed the Mesopotamians. The Greeks being great marauders visited the Delta often gradually becoming familiar with advanced Egyptian ideas. Thus both Jews and Aryans received their inspiration from Egypt.

One, then, may trace the line of development with Egypt, as the Aryans and the Jews drawing inspiration separately, and using their natural mental states to develop accordingly, then becoming mingled throughout Europe and the Middle East but maintaining their separate identities.

A leading historian Edit Starr Miller develops the two lines thusly in her study The Occult Theocrasy. Vol.I, page 74:

Two great flowing currents issued from the [Egyptian] esoteric wisdom, jealously guarded by the Egyptians, namely: Mosaism or Judaism taught be Moses whose god was Jehovah, and Orphism taught by Orpheus whose god was Zeus [in Greek] or Jupiter [in Latin]. [Moses] adapted his beliefs, to suit the mentality of undisciplined, rebellious masses of Israelites in Egypt, hence a god of fear and vengeance; [Orpheus] legislated for a people whose Hellenic genius touched sublime heights of philosophic wisdom on the one hand, and sought on the other to carry its irrepressible sense of beauty and light-heartedness in the pursuit of material pleasures. Hence the great difference between the two currents which derived their initial teaching from the same source.

Of course the Aryans were much more numerous than the Jews so the Jews had to do by guile what they couldn’t do by force. Mrs. Miller goes on to say, p.76:

The practical application of the Cabalist knowledge is manifested in the use made of it, through the ages, by Jews to gain influence both in the higher spheres of Gentile life and over the masses. Sovereigns and Popes both, usually had one or more Jews as astrologers and advisers, and they frequently gave Jews control over their very life by employing them as physicians. Political power was thus gained by Jews in almost every Gentile country alongside with financial power, since Jewish court bankers manipulated state funds and taxes.

Through the ages also, can be followed the spreading power of the sect and no more awful example of the devastating and destructive power of the penetration of a secret subversive society has ever been witnessed.

With its B’nai B’rith Supreme Council as the directing head, the sect with its members swarming among all nations has become the sovereign power ruling the councils of all nations and governing the political, economic, religious and educational policies.

And so the warfare of two thousand years was organized as asymmetrical warfare on the Jewish side and military might on the side of the Aryans or Europeans. This warfare reached a crisis point in both Germany and Russia in the thirties and forties.

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