7. The View From Prindle’s Head

April 6, 2020

  1. The View From Prindle’s Head


R.E. Prindle

Unintended Consequences 3 The Jews 1


The Irish and Italians ha their effect in changing Americans mores and its psyche but far outweighing these two and all others combined were the Jews. Tempered by thousands of years of opposing all of mankind their tools were honed and sharpened, when removed from a European milieu where they were known to a very naïve American milieu living its own fantasy while having lost contact with the Jews who were a very small part of the population until the last half of the century, the Americans were easy pickings.

So, to understand the situation one has to go back to the beginning of Judaism. Unlike other peoples the origin of the Jewish people can be pinpointed. The Jews themselves believe that they first came into existence four thousand years ago in Mesopotamia.   Prior to that time any ancestors, Terah is the only one that can be identified, were merely part of the Semitic population of Mesopotamia. That is any history of them begins with the conflict with their neighbors. Their origin as a people began when as a quarrelsome cult they were expelled from Mesopotamia in about 2000 BC. Thus their four thousand year history began. If it was anything like their expulsion from Egypt a thousand years later, they were born in blood.

We know exactly what the quarrel was about. I must here introduce terms that may be unfamiliar to you, at least their usage. The Mesopotamians had a history going back at least to the Age of Leo, that is nine thousand years before the Age of Aries, probably more. They were present at the Flood. As we are all aware there was an ice age preceding this warmer period we live in known as an Inter-Glacial Period. That is there have been at least three interglacial periods and hence three Glacial periods. Another ice age will follow this warm period.

Whether the Mesopotamians had memory traces of over a hundred thousand years or they hypothesized themselves they appear to have memories stretching back and this is recorded in surviving records. The Zodiac was already in existence at the time the Jews came into existence in 2000 BC. This is a controversial opinion because modern prejudices give no credence to Mesopotamian records. It is generally asserted that the Zodiac originated with the Greeks about 100 AD. Not possible.

The problem between the Jewish dissidents and the main body of the priesthood occurred on the cusp between the Ages of Taurus and Aries and the dispute as Josephus records was astrological or astronomical. Four thousand years ago astronomy and astrology were one. The Zodiac was timekeeper for the Astrological religion.

As the solar year was divided into twelve months so the Great Year had twelve divisions or Ages. This was based on the principle: as above, so below. The two worlds, heaven and earth were mirror images. The duration of the Great Year is approximately 26,000 solar years. Each Age is about 2200 solar years duration. Thus the Age of Taurus ended when the sun passed out Taurus into Aries. Each Age has its religious archetypes, that is it is ruled by a specific God and Goddess. The male archetype of Taurus was the god, Saturn, in Greek terms, Cronus. When the old god was replaced by the new god he was sent to Far Tartarus or on the way to the opposite post of the Zodiac. A new archetype came into existence for the New Age. Apparently Terah objected to this. He refused to accept the change in archetypes and insisted that Saturn, that is God, was eternal. That is undying. Thus there was in irreconcilable difference. Terah’s main follower, Abram, according to Josephus the greatest astronomer/astrologer of the Ages defeated the Mesopotamian sages in debate and they petulantly expelled the proto-Jews from the land.

There is a fairly substantial literature on both sides of this situation. As chance would have it the Priestly version was literally buried beneath the sands for thousands of years while the Jews perpetrated their vision on Western society. In the nineteenth century the cities began to be excavated, libraries were found and the difficult texts were translated, or many of them, thousands of tablets yet remain. The most fascinating of the texts was the Priestly myth of Gilgamesh, which in the Jewish version is the story of Cain and Abel. We will examine details of those two stories.

As the Jews, or what became the Jews, were a dissident cult within and part of the Semitic peoples in Mesopotamia at the beginning of the Age of Aries four thousand year ago, then they were immersed in the lore of that people being a part of it. It is odd that while the main body of the peoples understood the world to be uncreated and at the least hundreds of thousands of years old that these dissident Jews should have determined that the Earth had been created by Saturn a mere seventeen hundred years previously. The Priesthood must have considered the Jews to be insane to maintain such a false understanding.

While the Priesthood maintained on the best of evidence that the Flood had occurred in the Age of Leo, the Jews maintained that it had occurred perhaps in the middle of Taurus, two Ages later. Their trying to maintain that tradition must have driven the Priesthood nuts. The Jews could not be talked to. Most especially because this insane cult must have been multiplying fairly rapidly. They had to go.

This profound split in knowledge would have a profound effect on all subsequent Western history because, the intelligent position of the Priests was buried in history by the succeeding Age of Pisces. Thus the nutty notion of a world created in 3700 BC or thereabouts was enshrined in the Jewish bible which has survived to our times perverting the intelligence of the Europeaan mind well into the nineteenth century until the Priestly version became apparent to inquiring minds who were denounced by the Judaized majority as crazy dissidents reversing the ancient Mesopotamian positions. Very strange.

History might have taken a more enlightened turn if the Priestly understanding had prevailed rather than the nutty Jewish fable. Now let us compare how the Jews misinterpreted two stories, The Garden of Eden and the Great Flood. The Mesopotamian memories are history turned into myth while the Jewish versions are the purest sci-fi or fantasy take offs.

During the Ice Age when thousands of feet of ice were transferred from the ocean waters to land this lowered the sea levels by somewhere from 350 to 500 feet compared to today’ levels, depending on whose opinion you wish to accept. The Persian Gulf is very shallow so that it became exposed to form an immense fertile, temperate valley all the way to what are now the Straits of Hormuz. The highlands to the South in Arabia, now the most barren sands on Earth were teeming with population. Through the Valley ran the immense combined waters of the Tigris and Euphrates creating a veritable Eden. Highly civilized cities lined its shores including the legendary city of Dilmun.

Dilmun must be where Oannes, now known as John, according to the historical myth, arose from the waters as a very wise fish man. He bequeathed civilization to the ignorant highlanders who had existed on the former middle part of the Great River and which could then be seen only as two streams, the Tigris and Euphrates.

This must have occurred in the Age of Leo or perhaps the beginning of the Age of Cancer depending on how quickly the waters rose as the Earth warmed into the Spring of the Great Year. For the Mesopotamians the memory of the Great Valley was the Paradise that was lost beneath the Great Flood. Gilgamesh, when seeking the secret of eternal life was directed to return to the bottom of the Gulf where the wise keeper of the secret resided, perhaps in the ruins of Dilmun.

The proto-Jews coming from the exact same cultural base converted the Paradise of Dilmun into the Garden of Eden and put the preposterous sci-fi swordsman at the entrance to this Garden to deny access to the humans who had been expelled. Perhaps Adam was styled on Oannes. John certainly became a prominent name in Israel.

The inexplicable flood for which no rational explanation could be known based on that ancient knowledge was accounted for by the Jews as forty days of downpours and the opening the ocean vents

The fantasy of Noah and the Ark was created by the Jews to explain the survival of humanity as the waters, in their imaginations, rose to the mountain tops which in turn created the fantastic story of the Ark resting on Mt. Ararat. Fortunes have been spent by the deluded trying to find it. You can see the Priests shaking their heads.

Remember that the Jews were not a separate people from the Mesopotamians, there can be no Jewish race. The present Jews were Semites at that time. They came from the identical culture with the same historical traditions which they distorted for their own ends.

It is very easy to see Terah as an early Moses. Moses also was educated by priests but in the religion of Egypt, became a renegade and distorting some fantastic variations on the Egyptian religion was driven out of Egypt.

Proceed to Part 8, a continuation.

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