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R.E. Prindle

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In previous installments we discovered that both the Jews and the European contingent of the Aryans both entered the stage of history at approximately the same time. Further, that they both drew their inspiration from Egypt although diverging in their application of that civilization. The Jewish bible or Old Testament displayed the Jewish intellect while Homer’s Iliad did the same for the Greek Aryans, thus two entirely different Weltanschauungs confronted each other. This is a very important distinction as the two peoples have very different approaches to life. Their intellects are not compatible, contrary to everything we have been conditioned to believe.

The reader of today, the European and American, probably believe that Aryans are bad people, that is merely because Jewish Semites have demonized them because of their casualties in WWII. The victors write the official history and as the Jews, although merely intertwined with the US and the Soviets won the war through the sacrifices of the Soviets and the United States.

The Soviets were under the guidance of Joseph Stalin and the US under the dictatorship of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. However, the antecedents of WWII can be found in the Age long warfare between the Aryans and the Jews.

Nor is the so-called holocaust to be seen as unique. We have already seen that genocide is a characteristic of Jewish mores. Numerous peoples were exterminated to make lebensraum for them, including the Amalekites. The uprising against the Romans of 115 AD was intended to exterminate the Romans and make the Empire Jewish. The Ages long warfare between the Jews and Aryans in Europe is about to become part of our study.

So, now, it is seen that history is a long unfolding of the struggle of a people to realize their desires. I don’t say that the Jewish wars caused the downfall of the Roman Empire, but certainly the immense effort to defeating an insignificant group of fanatics sapped the Roman strength along with the victory. In any event the Jews a seemingly defeated people driven from their seat in the ‘Holy Land’ were able to carry on although displaced and dispersed. Oddly enough the insignificant backwater of Jerusalem would retain its sanctity throughout the Age of Pisces. The return remained a Jewish dream uniting them as much as anything. ‘Next year in Jerusalem’ was their greeting.

Spain and Mesopotamia became their chief seats until the tenth century when the Mesopotamian Jews driven from that land added its weight to the Spanish Jews then living under Moorish dominance after that people conquered the Visigoths. Spain was then known as the Land of the Three Religions.

Obviously soundly beaten, if not destroyed in the eyes of the Aryan peoples, they had to reorganize and form a new plan. The Moslem conquest of the East, North Africa and Spain worked to the Jewish advantage. The Eruption from the Desert closed off North Africa and the Near East to Europeans and separated them from their Greek and Egyptian heritage.

The Moslems had seized the wisdom of Egypt and the knowledge and science of the Greeks. It would not be until the late fifteenth century and the elimination of the last remnant of the Roman Empire in Constantinople from whence legions of Greek scholars fled to Europe that the great repository of knowledge would find its way to the West.

During that long period the Jews had free access to the Egyptian and Greek learning and hence were able to pass themselves off as superior to Aryans in Europe who had begun the long ascent from tribal barbarism to the citadel of knowledge and intelligence far surpassing the Jews still mired in their magical biblical nonsense.

The Jews having regained their balance were busy organizing a plan to defeat the Holy Roman Empire that emerged out of the collapse of the Western Roman Empire. As part of this plan the Jew, Saul or Paul had reconstructed the Jewish religion into its reasonable facsimile, Christianity. If his plan had worked Europe would have become Jewish, with a senior and junior division. However the inherent mental differences between the Aryan and Semitic intellects are irreconcilable.

Greek and Egyptian influences remained strong and diluted the Jewish contribution significantly. The Roman Catholic Church which was as intolerant as Judaism captured Europe forming a duality of Church and State. The Jews thus were much dismayed because in their eyes Christianity was purely a variant of Judaism.   As they came to believe Judaism was like the olive tree in which Judaism formed the roots and trunk while Christianity was grafted onto it. In other words Judaism was the parent religion and Christianity was the daughter that owed obeisance to the parent.

Aryans could never accept this position, but because the Church recognized its relationship to the Synagogue, it accepted consanguinity protecting the Jews from the animosity that the Jews provoked in the the Europeans.

In one of the most important decision ever made in history the Church decreed that usury, that is interest on monetary loans, was an illicit use of money and that no Christian could loan at interest. However, the Jews being outside the jurisdiction of the Church could. Thus the Church gave the Jews the most magnificent gift they would ever receive: that of compound interest, a monopoly of usury. Nor should that interest be thought of as seven or eight percent. The interest ran from thirty to fifty percent or whatever the market would bear.

It can readily be seen that the Church gave the Jews the supremacy of Europe as all the money and property in Europe must eventually have fallen into Jewish hands thus enslaving Europeans. And this is more or less what happened until the great crimes of the twentieth century world wars slowed the process down. By that time Church influence was virtually nil and Europeans too could practice usury but with interest limited by law. For a good fictional account of how the process worked see George W.M. Reynolds novel, The Necromancer.

The Jews then were an alien people, separate people in their term, working against the interests of the Aryan nations. Remember that the Jews were an alien people controlling the currency of Europe and later America.

Let see how this process worked in medieval Spain. This is really insidious. After the Romans dropped the Jewish survivors of the Jewish Wars off in Spain the Empire began to disintegrate. The German barbarians were at the gate and rushed in. The German hordes took over the Western Empire and it was from these German hordes that the magnificence of Europe would develop. A tribal horde styled the Visigoths entered Spain, or Iberia as it was then known, and established themselves there among the Jews. The Jews were relatively sophisticated compared to the Aryan semi-savages.

The Visigoth kings were new to running a settled kingdom, especially having trouble raising taxes. The Visigoth tax gatherers had trouble dealing with their fellow tribesmen. It is hard to extract taxes from the people you live among. The ancient Egyptians for instance, found it difficult to arrest fellow Egyptians so they created a police force of Black Cushites to do the job for them. In Spain the Jews stepped in and took the responsibility of doing what was called ‘Tax Farming.’

The king was asked how much money he needed and whatever sum was demanded the Jews promised to deliver. Their fee for this service was whatever above the kings money that they could collect was theirs. This was even as good as the monopoly on usury which they would combine with tax collecting to establish a tyranny over the legitimate farmers. And they were relentless, searching premises to take whatever there was of value leaving the farmers with no means to farm the next season’s crops. The Jews then loaned the money at extortionate rates against the next years crops renewing the cycle. The Visigoth farmers groaned beneath their tyranny.

The Jews had cleverly inserted themselves between the king and his people. The king being dependent on them for collecting his revenue, the Jews had the favored position relative to the Visigothic people. The people not infrequently boiled over. The Jews, then, being an alien people segregated themselves apart from the people creating all Jewish castellated towns in their defense. In another word, ghettoes.

Driven to desperation the people finding no respite from their king and one would think near madness, assaulted the high walls of these ghettoes. The Jews taking the Eichmann defense claimed that they were only doing the king’s will and therefore were responsible for no wrong doing. At their request then the king called out the troops against his own people quelling the rebellion against the extortionate Tax Farmers.

This pattern would be the Jewish modus operandus until the arrival of the National Socialists in Germany in the twentieth century.

And remember the Catholic Europeans forbidden to charge compound interest were therefore at the mercy of the Jews who took their money as fast as they got it.

The above scenario was derived from the works of Benzion Netanyahu.


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12. The View From Prindle’s Head
3. Unintended Consequences
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R.E. Prindle

Ancient Reckonings

I should take a moment to explicate the intelligence, knowledge and reasoning of the Ancients. It should be apparent that the ancients were reasoning from a very limited knowledge and judging from appearances yet still penetrated many mysteries. They also realized that what they saw were merely surface appearances, thus they placed a veil over the face of their nature goddess, Isis, indicating that behind the veil the unknown would be revealed.

A key problem was the transmission of learning. The great disaster occurred in the Age of Leo when the Great Flood occurred that destroyed civilization as it was then known as the great centers of learnings, Dilmun, Atlantis, the Med Basin and probably others in the East, Mu, were submerged beneath the waters.

Time keeping was a great problem. It was not until the birth of Jesus that a stable beginning point was devised to make years and centuries accurately retained. Previously events were recorded as occurring the in fourth year of King such and such who was four kings back.

Of course the passing of the year had been discovered fairly early as it is fairly easy. There were many myths describing the year. The Greeks, and perhaps the Med Civilization before them had divided the year into four quarters symbolized as a circle containing a cross. These two symbols represented the solstices and equinoxes. The vertical line represented the winter and summer solstices while the equinoxes by the horizontal line. The equinox is the point when the day and night are of equal duration. In Greek mythology, undoubtedly borrowed and edited from elsewhere, the myth of Castor and Pollux represented the two solstices, December and June, the shortest day and the longest day. Castor on December 21st shoots an arrow in the air that will land at the summer solstice June 21st. Perhaps it will hit Pollux in the heel, much as Paris’ arrow caught Achilles by the heel. Both would die by the wound although Pollux would take six months doing it as he wrestled with Time to hold back the winter.

The Spring Equinox was monitored by the fair Helen of Trojan fame, while the Autumn Equinox was governed by Clytemnestra, the unfaithful wife of Agamemnon of the Iliad. Libra her Zodiac name was pictured holding up a scale equally balanced representing equal night and day.

The Zodiac, representing the twenty-five hundred ninety years of the Great Year was devised from the terrestrial year of twelve months and translated to the sky and affixed to clusters of stars called Constellations so that longer periods of time could be managed in segments of roughly twenty-one hundred years. Thus the Mesopotamians spoke of Aries as being the fifth king from the flood. Thus the flood had occurred eight thousand and some year earlier in the Age of Leo. At that time the pre-historic Civilization began to disappear, perhaps in stages. And that is why we have all the legends of some savior appearing from the sea to instruct civilization to the upcountry savages.

Egypt was a different situation . We have no idea of the civilization of the Mediterranean Valley. The successor, or perhaps, continuation civilization consisted of two disparate peoples, those of Upper Egypt and the Nile Delta or Lower Egypt. Civilization appeared in history about 3400 BC when the war between Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt was decided in favor of Upper Egypt.

When the Med Basin was flooded, which must have been fairly well populated, as it was an ideal location, the inhabitants fled for higher ground in all directions—North into Europe, South into North Africa and East into Asia. The Tuaregs, a legendary African White people, most probably were descended from the flood. Apparently the Priesthood and/or the Academy, the repository of learning, chose to locate on the Nile Delta. Perhaps seeking higher ground two or three times they selected Memphis as the ideal location. In any event the knowledge of pre-Pharaonic Egypt was deposited on the Delta perhaps for thousands of years before the conflict with Upper Egypt began.

According to the accepted reading that was in 3400, however, as the settlers arrived with a fully developed civilization there must have been a long period of development that must have existed pre-Age of Leo if we follow the legends of Mesopotamia. Bear in mind these are memory traces and not full recollections.

The situation in Egypt was quite different from that of Mesopotamia. In the latter case the pre-Leo civilization appears to have just disappeared leaving a sole survivor to impart civilization, unless Oannes represented a colony of Dilmunians. In Egypt it appears that the earlier civilization, which I will call Libyans, transferred its religion and collegial organization nearly intact.

The Pharaonic setup of Egypt derived from the Priest Manetho writing near the end of Egyptian influence, I am now following Michael A. Aquino: The Temple of Set, Vol. I. His approach, as the founder of the modern Temple of Set was, p.30:

The (modern) Temple of Set was challenged to take one step beyond. The entire Hebraic monotheism, to include even its Satanic reinterpretation as the actual benchmark of evil, would be thrown into the dustbin, JHVH, Satan, Moses, Christ, Mohammed—collectively discarded in all their social, physical, or meta-physical contexts and pretensions.

Those Hebraic successors to the Primal Egyptian religion Aquino discards and returns to Egyptian religious times before the Pharaohs. In addition to Manetho’s list of 30 Egyptian dynasties, Manetho lists previous to the dynasties “350 years of Thinites, 1790 years of other Memphite kings, 1817 years of other kings, 1255 years of “Heroes”, and before that 13,900 years in which the neteru reigned physically on Earth.” Text in quotes shared from Aquino of the Temple of Set.

In astronomical terms that is about nine Ages before the Age of Taurus almost the beginning of Gemini, adding Aries and Pisces that is eleven Ages or almost a whole Great Year. Thus the Egyptian memory traces consist of all four astronomical seasons of the Great Year, one ice age and one interglacial period They saw it all.

The early ancestors actually witnessed the submergence of Atlantis which they may have conflated with the submergence of the Med Basin. But then so little of those memory traces have survived that we don’t know what exactly what they might have remembered.

Michael Aquino believes a religious entity of neteru ruled over the very long period and he has based his religion on an entity named Set. Thus he completely avoids the Semitic period of religions of the Age of Pisces, completely invalidating them.
In later Pharaonic times when the religion of Isis and Osiris triumphed, Set was made a representation of evil, a natural progression just as the Hebraic religions supplanted those of the Tigris-Euphrates and the Nile.

The Semitic group of religions was spawned by the Jews. For the last two thousand years their effort has been to destroy the Christian and Moslem spin offs to attain not only dominance but displacement from the Earth. That is, genocide.

So now, let us begin the conflict between the Jews and what they style Christianity but which we style European or Aryan. This conflict would reach a true crisis point in the twentieth century from 1913 to 1950, or slightly beyond this essay destination of 1920.

We too, in addition to Aquino, desire the complete destruction of the Semitic religions.

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