8. The View From Prindle’s Head: The Jews (continuation)

April 10, 2020

  1. The View From Prindle’s Head  3. Unintended Consequences. 3. The Jews (continuation)


R.E. Prindle

Gilgamesh & Enkidu, Cain & Abel


The Biblical book of Genesis could not have been written independently of Mesopotamian histories and accounts. It was true of the Great Flood for instance and it is also true of the story of Cain and Abel. The original can be found in the myth or legend of Gilgamesh, that great story.

The original inhabitants of the Two Rivers were not Semites although the Semites displaced the original inhabitants. Their racial background however is not known, nor can their language be fitted into a known group. The story of Gilgamesh takes place at an early period between the Flood in the Age of Leo and perhaps some date in Taurus. At the time the hills and mountains were clothed in dense forests under the protection of the wind god, Humbaba. So, desiccation had not advanced to the point that irrigation was necessary. The weather patterns had not shifted too far from the Age of Virgo, or the ending of the Ice Age. Cities were already in existence of which Gilgamesh was the human Lord.

As the story opens the Semites are entering the land. They are quite primitive, totally uncivilized. They are so primitive that they can still talk to the animals in the Universal language. The shepherd, Enkidu, is hanging around the outskirts. Taking pity on him or perhaps, curiosity, a temple prostitute is sent out to seduce Enkidu and bring him into civilization, the city. She succeeds, but as Enkidu is in a complete state of nature, that is naked, she tears her garment in two, keeping half for herself and clothing Enkidu with the other. Thus, as it were, Enkidu appears as half man, half woman. The detail perhaps means that Enkidu as half man was inferior to Gilgamesh, the whole man. Thus the legend of the arrival of the Semites.

Enkidu challenges Gilgamesh to a wrestling match on the temple patio. They are both equal in strength but civilized Gilgamesh has science on his side while Enkidu is an undisciplined brawler. Gilgamesh throws a couple scientific moves on him astounding Enkidu, astonishing him into admiration. Enkidu then begins his role as Robin to Gilgamesh’s Batman.

Thus, the Semites, perhaps welcomed as immigrants, grew until they became the masters in real life. In the story Enkidu dies, casting Gilgamesh into a deep depression wondering why his companion had to die. He then begins his search for eternal life.

The proto-Jews took the story and changed it into the classic two brothers story, so popular in Western literature. Cain being the elder brother or Gilgamesh and Abel being the younger brother or Enkidu.

Enkidu and Abel are both shepherds. Cain is a farmer, as indeed Mesopotamians were. God demands tribute from the two brothers, coming down from heaven to appear in person.

Abel, we know, presented God- Shamash- with flesh and Cain offered vegetal matter. God was no vegetarian, bad choice Cain, but was no gentleman either. Instead of graciously accepting what both brothers offered he spurned Cain with his foot and said to Abel: You are my chosen son. Hence the Jews became the Chosen People.

Cain was not going to suffer in silence, so he called Abel out into the field, whether this was cultivated or not we don’t know but I prefer to think it was. Instead of winning a wrestling match Cain murdered Abel, perhaps burying his body beneath the radishes, or maybe onions, to fertilize his veggies and perhaps conceal the smell of blood. Details are sketchy here.

Well, you know, murder will out. God, who usually, we are told, sees everything, even evil thoughts, missed the duel in the radish patch, but having spies everywhere he soon learned of it. Learning of it he brands Cain’s forehead with a big M for murderer and makes him a homeless wanderer despised by everyone.

In real life, the Priests tired or arguing the 1700 year earlier date of a created world set the troops on the Jews and chased them out of the country much as happened in Egypt a few centuries on, a mere variation on the script. Thus, in real life, instead of Cain, the Jews became the homeless wanderers despised by everyone.

Psychologically then the Jews, as a group, unable to endure the reality of the situation merely turned the results around. Freud was certainly quick enough to see this although I am unaware that he mentioned it.

As The Twig Is Bent, The Tree Will Incline

As we go along, we will see manifold patterns appearing that will be evident in worldwide Jewish activities today because it is a psychological truism that as the twig is bent the tree will incline. That is that if a thought is impressed on the mind of a youth, he will grow to realize it. Repetition ad infinitum. This perfectly represents Jewish history so that all their history follows from this primary incident. A group culture was created in Mesopotamia that would characterize Jewish culture through the Ages.

Having determined that Saturn, or God, was eternal, the Jews at the same time rejected the Astral religion which doesn’t reappear in Jewish writings until the three wise kings from the orient followed a star to Jesus’s cradle in Bethlehem. This is for the reason that Jesus’s birth coincides with the ending of the Age of Aries and the dawn of the Age of Pisces. Thus, Jesus becomes a fisher of men. The Zodiacal calendar is reestablished.

Jesus was not intended to be the archetype of Pisces and Mary, his mother, much less the female archetype. Perhaps Mary Magdalen was but lost out and was turned into a prostitute perhaps then disqualifying her. The archetypal roles were to have been , taken in the Greek archetypes, by the gods Dionysus and Artemis. In Roman terms Bacchus and Diana although Bacchus doesn’t exactly correspond to Dionysus but they were both associated with the vine and wine.

You will have noticed that at the last supper Jesus held up his bread and said this is my body and a tumbler of wine saying this is my blood, thus uniting him with Dionysus. So, while God chose flesh in the Cain and Abel offerings, Jesus opted for Cain and the fruits of agriculture. This is a true revolution within Judaism.

As I said, Jesus was not the intended archetype but he was a compromise candidate between the gentiles or Aryans and the Jews who were becoming as numerous as the grains of sand. Mary, Jesus’s mother, was unsuitable as the female archetype. A mother cannot be a wife, as Hera was to Zeus, thus the situation was conflicted. In other legends Jesus was married to Mary Magdalen and had a son and that makes much more sense.

Continued in 9. The View From Prindle’s Head, 3 Unintended Consequences, 3. The Jews.

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