The Seamy Side Of Socialism


R.E. Prindle


Flynn, J.t.: The Road Ahead, Devin-Ayers, New York 1949


This study might be sub-titled Adventures In Socialism. Flynn’s study might be considered a halfway point from the introduction of socialism into the US governmental structure under the presidency of Woodrow Wilson to the present. As I’m going to have to introduce several lesser, or even unknown, persons to the general reader I will take time to explain their importance.

We might as well begin with John T. Flynn himself as I’m sure his fame is miniscule. Flynn lived from 1882 to 1964, thus is a first hand commentator of the history he describes. He was a journalist, began as Liberal of course, contributed for several years to the Red mag, The New Republic, and was finally dropped when he saw through the fallacy of socialism and became a ‘Conservative.’ His conversion took place about the year 1936 when he became disillusioned with then President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He began to expose the seamy side of Socialism.

As his text ignores certain aspects of Socialist development such as the Council On Foreign Relations one imagines that his silence might have been for his own safety. There is a certain necessary discretion to be employed when discussing sensitive topics. As the book is only 160 pages his focus is narrow.

Following is an extensive quote from pages 129-30 that I will use as a departure for my discussion.

Those who suppose that the American Welfare State which was called the New Deal was something new failed to recognize that it was something quite old.

It originated when the conservatives, first in Germany and then in nearly every continental country, attempted to match the glowing promises of the Socialists. But they realized that the obvious devices of the Welfare State were not sufficient. They had to provide “jobs for all” too. Old-age pensions and doles to widows, orphans, etc., did not provide jobs. The institution that enabled Germany, France, Italy and every continental country to do this was militarism. In Germany it swallowed 600,000 young men from the labor market and created jobs at state expense for three times that many more in the factories and on the farms providing uniforms, shoes, weapons, vehicles, munitions and food for these conscript armies.

But, this cost money, vast sums of money- more than the states could collect by taxes. And all of them, year after year, plunged further and further into debt to employ, not merely, the soldiers but the industrial workers who supplied them and the farms which provided soldiers and horses with food. The end of all this was that nearly every government in continental Europe was buried under unsupportable debts by 1914 and was actually on the edge of national bankruptcy. War was a welcome escape.

World War I extricated them from their crisis for four years at least, after which, their economies more gravely disturbed than ever, they set off upon a more frankly avowed welfare economy plus a Socialist planned economy. We had so-called Capitalist countries actually operated on the Planned model and managed by Statesmen who were Socialists and not interested in making a Capitalist system succeed. World War One had fatally disrupted the Capitalist system in Europe. During the war, Walter Rathenau, head of the largest German electrical company, was named to organize the industrial front in Germany. Gradually every German industry was organized under planning bodies with the government as planner. When the war ended Germany had a planned economy. And at this point, Rathenau, the conservative wrote:

From the ruins will arise neither a Communist State nor a system allowing free play to the economic forces. In enterprise the industrial will not be given greater latitude, on the other hand, individualistic activity will be consciously accorded a part in an economic structure working for Society as a whole; it will be infused with a spirit of communal responsibility and commonweal. A more equal distribution of possessions and income is a commandment of ethics and economy. Only one in the State is allowed to be immeasurably rich, and that is the State itself.”

This is what post-war Germany tried to do under the Social Democrats, to operate a partially private enterprise system within a collectivist economy. Indeed this became the model for most of Europe. The idea that the economy must be planned by the State dominated nearly every country. In Germany and Italy Hitler and Mussolini decided, correctly, as did Stalin in Russia, that this can be done only under a government which possesses the necessary dictatorial powers..

That is what Russian, Italy and Germany were- planned economies. In Russia the decision was for an economy taken over completely by the State and run under State planners. In Italy and Germany the decision was for a system operated partly by the State and partly by private owners under State planners. But in each of these countries they faced the grim fact that this could be done only under a dictatorship. That is the only way it can be done.

Walter Rathenau (1862-1922) who is quoted telling the world how the post-war world was going to be organized is quite singular. He wasn’t prophesying, he was stating a fact. The matter had been decided somewhere by someone. What Rathenau was describing however wasn’t Socialism but the national organization of Jewry. In other words, he was saying that world would reflect Jewish social organization.

You will have noted that among the national units in Flynn’s quote there was no mention of Jews. Yet they were the most influential national unit although disguised and dispersed through all the nations. Flynn doesn’t even indicate that Rathenau was Jewish. For him to have done so would have opened him to the accusation of being anti-Semitic and that would have been fatal. Thus, his history is distorted. What the Jew Rathenau was actually describing was National Socialism which is, in reality, a Jewish concept. What Flynn pointed out but didn’t say was that Germany, Russia and Italy were all national socialist States, hence managed behind the scenes by Jews. The differences between the other two and the Soviet Union was that the USSR had nationalized the whole of the economy while the two ‘Fascist’ States were organized on a modified Jewish principle.

Flynn of course could not mention the Jews in any accurate historical manner without bringing the Jewish vigilante and terrorist units of the Anti-Defamation League and the AJC, or American Jewish Committee down on his head. Jewish censorship was quite thorough. Devlin-Ayers, Flynn’s publisher might be put out of business.

The period of 1913-1928 was a Jewish revolutionary period akin to the revolt against Rome of the first and second centuries, and they were at peak activity and organized to coordinate activities on an international scale from the US around the world through Europe to China. For instance, let us compare Rathenau with his US counterpart, Bernard Baruch, (1876-1965). Baruch in his time was quite famous, almost a household name.

He was born in South Carolina and although his father was a Jewish MD he had ridden with the first Ku Klux Klan. Baruch went to NYC to become a stock market speculator of an unsavory reputation. In a market that reverenced Bulls, Baruch was a Bear. That is, he made his money on price declines. Sort of smash and grab for which ex-president Baruch Obama is being exposed as having done. In an era when stock market manipulation was rampant it is easy to understand how Baruch earned his reputation and made his fortune. And make a fortune he did. He always denied manipulating stocks but as we shall see there is ample reason to believe he did.

The first major influx into the US of Jews came after the failed European revolution of 1848. These were German Jews. The so-called Russian Jews began emigrating in force after 1870 reaching peak immigration just as WWII broke out. Thus, there were some few million in the country in 1914 with a very large colony in New York City, then the cultural capital of the US.

The Jews have always considered themselves an autonomous people. No sooner than they arrived in NYC than they set up their government, a nation within a nation. The American old guard, the men who formed the post-Civil War, or Gilded Age, government was beginning to die out while the split of the Republicans in the 1912 election- the Old Guard and the Bull Moosers- gave the Democrats their first real chance of electing a president. While the combined Republican vote far exceeded that of the Democrats, the socialist Woodrow Wilson, the Democratic candidate, had the highest total of the three.

The Jews perhaps sensing their opportunity had flooded to the Democratic standard pouring money and advice into the Wilson campaign. It was at this time that Wilson first came into contact with Bernard Baruch. In those days the inauguration was held in the March succeeding election instead of January.

Thus WWI broke out not too long after Wilson’s inauguration. Bear in mind that life in Russia was part of nearly every living Jew in the US bar the 48ers. Hatred of Russia as personified by the Czar was part of every Jew’s psychology. The original Allies were France, England and Russia against what was called the Central Powers, Germany and Austria. So long as Russia was one of the Allies the Jews were pro-German.

Also remember they were a separate nation operating over all borders although Stateless themselves. Thus, there were Jews with German, French, Austrian and Russian backgrounds, as well now US, but they were all Jews pursuing Jewish interests. Thus, when the first phase of the Russian Revolution occurred in February of ’17, the Czar was deposed, but still alive. Kerensky, a Jew, seized the State. But with the Czar deposed the Jews were then free to back the Allies where the real goodies were. Thus, barely two months after the February revolution the US declared war on Germany to back the Allies sans Russia. With the US in the war the defeat of the Germans was certain while Jewish revolutionaries within Germany thought that they would seize the State and add to it Russia.

Woodrow Wilson was a socialist. Thus, as the US assumed a war footing the country, overnight, as it were, became a socialist State for a year or so. The railroads were quickly nationalized and then the administration turned to nationalizing the whole of US industry exactly the same as Rathenau’s nationalization of German industry. The man chosen to do this by Wilson was no other than Bernard Baruch. Do not consider Baruch solely an individual he was part of the Jewish collective working for Jewish ends. Thus, a Jew was in charge of German industry, in control of the Soviet Union and now a Jew was nationalizing US industry according to the plan outlined by Rathenau. And Baruch following Rathenau’s plan quickly and brutally consolidated all industry into one unit. Roosevelt would attempt this in 1934 with his NRA.

While not understanding the situation at all most of the industrial heads thinking in Patriotic terms were compliant. Some few resisted including Henry Ford and the Dodge brothers of Detroit. Nevertheless, they had no choice but to go along. That’s how revolutions work and this was an American Socialist revolution little different from Russia.

Having once organized industry according to Baruch in his memoirs, in an attempt to install ‘equality’ the range of attire was to be limited for women to about six styles of dresses that could be affordable to every woman. Thus all women regardless of income would have the same six inexpensive dresses to wear. Shoe styles for men and women were limited, I believe, to three. Therefore inequality was supposed to disappear when everyone dressed alike. The symbol of inequality was dress. Completely down the line everyone was to be forced into uniformity. All distinctions were to disappear.

Thus, as Walther Rathenau wrote: a more equal distribution of possessions and income is a commandment of ethics and economy. And Bernard Baruch was the agent of change in the US. Only one unit would be allowed to be rich and that the State and the State would be under Jewish control as in Russia and as hoped, Germany and from there, the world. Thus, Hitler and this Jewish plot are inextricably linked.

The war ended much too quickly for Baruch’s liking while things slowly returned to ‘normalcy’ under Warren G. Harding. In Germany Walther Rathenau in his post-war position of the Ministry of Reconstruction, note the word reconstruction; reconstructed how?, was attempting to establish the Jewish dream by coming to an accord with the USSR. So you have a German Jew negotiating The Treaty of Rapallo with Soviet Jews to control Europe.

Unfortunately for Rathenau the German Revolution when Jewish agents flowed back into Germany from Russia failed when German patriots returning from the Western battlefields organized into Frei Corps and defeated it. Rathenau’s own efforts were too precipitate when he negotiated the Treaty of Rapallo with the intent to bring his wartime dream to reality. German patriots sensing the danger assassinated him in 1922. The intense German inflation occurred in 1923.

In the US the election of Warren Harding derailed the American revolution plans when government agents, following Palmer’s previous actions broke up the Communist Party and for a brief time declared it illegal. The Republican Interregnum of 1920-32 then stalled socialistic plans in the US.

The lesson of Harding’s election in 1920 for the socialist conspirators was that the public could not be trusted to do the Right Thing: that is support the socialist program.

Walther Rathenau in the quote from the Road Ahead stated authoritatively how post-war Germany, and actually the world, was to be constituted. He then had himself appointed as Minister of Reconstruction to realize his ambition. Now consider that word ‘reconstruction’. Think of what it meant for the South after the Civil War. Lee surrendered unconditionally. That meant that Southern Whites were in essence slaves of the Abolitionists of the North. They had no rights and no legal protection. They were sorely abused by the Abolitionists. Reconstruction meant exactly that in Rathenau’s mind. German and the world were to be reconstructed along Jewish desires. It meant that Germans, if they survived extermination, were to abandon their own cultural heritage and become second class citizens to the Jews. Is it any wonder that Rathenau was assassinated?

In the US it seems possible that in a Jewish reconstruction of the US Bernard Baruch was intended as the Minister of Reconstruction?

It is well known that Wilson desired to run for a third term. Indeed, this was necessary for the establishment of a socialist society. The populace would have to be bullied and cajoled into accepting the change, a complete reversal of mores. Wilson was not the man of destiny anyway but the stroke that felled him changed the course of history. Had Rathenau not been assassinated, and had Wilson been allowed to fulfill his wishes the result would have been that the Jews controlled Russia and Germany and through those two countries all of Central and Eastern Europe and the United States and through that accession England and France of Western Europe and thus the entire Aryan race would have been under Jewish dominion.

Matters did not turn out as they wished.

During the twelve long years of the Republican Interregnum both socialists and Jews were expelled from a role in the Federal government. Indeed, five elected socialist representatives to the New York State assembly were refused to be seated and sent back to NYC while their constituents were told to elect new representatives who weren’t socialists.

Clearly something had to be done, but what? Time was wasting. The first big hope was that after Harding was murdered and his reputation destroyed, his VP Calvin Coolidge, a lackluster kind of guy, couldn’t be elected on his own. They were mistaken and the US blossomed into what was called the New Era, one of unprecedented prosperity.

Changes were taking place in Europe as socialists moved into governing positions. The now Soviet Union- the name Russia having been discarded- was avowedly socialist of the Communist variety and a new variation had appeared in Italy called Fascism. While National Socialism, a variant of Fascism, was being created in Germany. As Flynn points out, different names but still socialism.

Fascism, or Corporate Socialism, had a special appeal for the Money Trust of the US who were essentially economic Fascists anyway but Mussolini of Italy showed the way. These gentlemen were interested in forming the Council On Foreign elations or the CFR in 1921. It immediately formed its organ, Foreign Affairs, now nearly a hundred years old and still publishing.

However the main impetus was to come from the Jews. Always remember that the Jews consider themselves to be an autonomous people following their own agenda which is the furtherance of their own people vs. the other peoples of the world. Now, one of the towering figures of the twentieth century was an Austrian Jew from Vienna, the renowned psychologist, Sigmund Freud. Freud did not discover hypnotism that was done by his fellow Viennese Anton Mesmer in the eighteenth century. Freud learned the nature of hypnotism from the Frenchman Auguste Liebeault and his Jewish associated Hippolyte Bernheim.

Hypnotism is very simple; it is only a matter of suggestion placed in a prepared mind. No hocus pocus, it is simple as that. By 1920 Freud had worked out a plan of mass hypnotism. Whole populations could be hypnotized without being aware of it. Early psycho-analysis, Freud’s method was nearly all Jewish and organized into a European wide network of cells. Psycho-analysis was so strange to the European mind- the Aryan portion- that, generally speaking, they rejected the whole idea as Jewish. That was a capital mistake.

But, remember, to pull this off, as Flynn said it could only be done under a dictatorship: “That is the only way it could be done.”   Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler and Roosevelt achieved dictatorships in their respective countries but in the US the collectivist spirit was lacking, individualism was still strong and ingrained in the American character. However, wartime lessons of the Wilson period showed how easily Americans could be integrated into a totalitarian socialistic system. Another war would provide the right conditions. Short of that which was far fetched at the moment the problem was how to hypnotize the population to make them ‘do the right thing’; that is, submit to a dictatorship.

The answer was mind control, hypnotism. The twentieth century was providing the most potent tools, magazines and newspapers, the movies, radio and finally, TV. To make the dictatorship work they all had to be controlled so that the right suggestions, the party line, was all that the people saw and heard. What it took to control those was only money and the Money Trust and the Jews had, so to speak, all the money in the world. Also there was the attraction of socialism for a large part of the population so their minds were already prepared and receptive.

Then the media blitz began although technique of the media control was sketchy early on. During the thirties the Radio Priest, father Charles Coughlin was able to command a huge audience of resisters but he was soon driven off the air, silenced and discredited within his own Catholic Church. Campaigns to silence or discredit all novelists and writers not of the Party were successfully carried out with very few exceptions. Alfred de Vigny in his novel of the French Revolution, Stello, has Robespierre explain the problem clearly:

“You know my opinion of writers…I consider writers the most dangerous enemies of our country. We must have a single will. That is the point we’ve reached. That will must be republican, and for this purpose we must have only republican authors; the rest corrupt the People. They the People, must be rallied to conquer the bourgeoisie, must ally themselves with the convention, and it with them; the Sans Culottes…must be kept angry, and they must be held in the cities….The Convention must treat all who are not useful to the (revolution) as counter-revolutionaries.”

As it was in 1793 so it was in the 1930s.

Going into WWII, then, the dictatorships were succeeding.

To turn to the political front:

Before also but during this period New York State and New York City were the prime political and social sites in the US. All eyes turned to New York for direction. Nearly everything, or that was the expression, came out of New York. New York City was the chief Jewish colony in the US. Jews co-opted politicians in which Bernard Baruch was a central figure. The former mayor of New York City, governor of New York State through most the twenties was a creature of the Jews advocating a Jewish political agenda quite similar to what was going on in Germany. The Communist Third International working out of Jewish dominated Moscow was a constant presence, more underground, in the twenties under the Republican administrations but open for those with eyes to see when FDR and the Democrats took Washington DC in 1933.

As a Jewish surrogate, no Jew could have been elected president during the period, Al Smith, the Jewish stooge, was put forward as the Democratic candidate in 1928.

The Jews needed a safe candidate to replace Al Smith as governor so they chose Franklin Delano Roosevelt who they had been cultivating for twenty years. The problem with Roosevelt was that he had been struck down by polio in 1921. This might have made his candidacy an insuperable problem but the Jews were so desperate to have him as Smith’s replacement that they ran him anyway. The Jew Herbert Lehman was selected as his vice governor to assist him. Fortunately for them he won opening the way to be replaced by the first Jewish governor of NY, Herbert Lehman.

Smith, of course, was defeated by the Republican candidate, the old school Herbert Hoover. Hoover rode in on the crest of the Coolidge Prosperity, the New Era of prosperity without end. The slogan or belief was: every man a millionaire. This could not be allowed as there would have been no chance for a Socialist to win the presidency if the prosperity continued. The seeds had been planted to crash the Coolidge Prosperity through the stock market crash of 1929.

This was a major blow by the Jews and socialists against the ‘capitalists’ and it actually discredited Wall Street nearly completely. No sooner had Hoover been inaugurated in March of 1929 when the disaster came crashing down on his head. Thus for the four years of his presidency Hoover was struggling to restore the economy while Socialist forces by his account, and he should have known, were working against his efforts to end the Depression by continuing it at least through the 1932 election when they apparently thought by magic they could restore conditions. Not so, Socialism had no antidote to their destruction. It was a failed economic plan.

Much history has been swept under the rug to make Roosevelt look good. He was a master propagandist and excellent showman but an intellectual midget. Nevertheless, the long repressed Socialists flooded back into DC much as the Jewish Communists had returned from Russia flooding into Germany. It was a new world, the old order vanquished with the stock market crash.

Mussolini and the Fascists were riding high in Italy while Adolf Hitler had gained control in Germany with his National Socialism. Stalin had taken control of the Soviet Union after the demise of Lenin in 1924 and he was pursuing a blend of National Socialism while guiding international socialism through the Communist Third International, abbreviated to Commintern. The four dictators were in place.

Bernard Baruch would be a major figure during the Roosevelt administration. Even though he was never elected to anything he had somehow gained the reputation of great wisdom and advisor to presidents even through the Interregnum. He had profited mightily from the stock market crash as only the ultimate Bear knew how. As to his integrity: this is interesting and may indicate what he did with the fortune he made from the crash. By 1932 when Roosevelt was elected Baruch had acquired one sixth of the above ground silver in the world. After Roosevelt’s election he began to encourage him to raise the price of silver that FDR did just a few months after his election. Not only did the price of silver double but FDR committed the country to buy all silver produced in the country for more than double the market price. All the silver that could be produced. This amounted to more than a billion ounces. One can only speculate on the size of this bonanza but one may be sure that Baruch and Jewish extraction companies such as the Guggenheims profited mightily.

At the same time Chinese currency was on the silver standard and the incredible rise in the price of silver destroyed the Chinese economy at a time when Chiang Kai Chek was in a death struggle with Mao and his Communists giving them a tremendously improved situation.

Now, are we to believe that Baruch as a representative of the Jews didn’t take that result into consideration. Of course he and they did. Have historians acknowledged the connection? No, they haven’t. So, what did Baruch do with his incredible hoard of money? Sit on it? No. Roosevelt was to complain that his efforts were being stifled by Baruch who FDR said owned sixty congressmen. It would seem to be clear that Baruch was a pretty shady character.

It has not been recognized how much US politics was influenced by the European situation. There was never any isolation here. FDR was accused of being at one time a Communist at another a Fascist. The distinction is minor as both are socialist and FDR was at all times a socialist. Now, Congress gave Roosevelt dictatorial powers to ‘fight the depression.’ As a dictator one of his first acts was to create an agency called the NRA. The NRA was modeled on Baruch’s WIB powers, even run by his WWI lieutenant, General Hugh Johnson, and sought to bring all industry under government control. Johnson made a botch of it while the Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional as were most of FDR’s ‘experiments.’

By the late thirties radio had been perfected and as a propagandist Roosevelt knew how to use it effectively. He addressed the country regularly in his ‘Fireside Chats.’ Sound had come to the movies in 1927 so the movies were now an incomparable propaganda tool. The hypnotic quality of the movies was not yet perfected but was still used effectively. As the Fascist-National Socialist cleavage with the Communist influence developed it was quickly seen how effective they were in propagating a message and how the subliminal message got through. Thus began the long battle to control the political content of the films. Needless to say, the movies were firmly in the hands of the Jews. Needless to say, they denied the obvious. The power was great but the Jews were afraid to use it openly for their own purposes so they instead caricatured American customs and usages creating a fantastic and false vision of America, but pleasing.

The US since the industrial revolution had taken hold had experienced several severe corrections or depressions, styled ‘hard times’ in those days in 1873,1893, 1902, 1921 and 1929. They had all been of relatively short duration, no more than five years. Yet by 1940 the 1929 depression had gone on for nearly twelve years with no relief in sight. Socialist agitation was at a height; revolution was in the air but resistance to socialism was equally intense. All of Roosevelt’s ‘experiments’ to end the Depression had been failures. What he needed was Europe’s answer to economic failure in 1914, a war. Just as the Europeans had turned to militarism to solve their problem, so in 1940 did FDR. He initiated an incredible, for the time, peace time draft of young men to get them off the streets.

That would also allow socialism to be imposed as Wilson and Baruch had done in 1917-18. It has very clearly been shown by historians that Roosevelt took the US into the wars purposely. The Pacific war could very easily have been avoided while we had absolutely no dog in the fight in Europe except for Jewish hatred of Germany. The Jews had actually declared war on Germany in 1933 shortly after the inauguration of Adolf Hitler, who they hated before he had ever done anything. While it may seem peculiar that a Stateless people without an army should declare war on a sovereign Stage the Jewish idea was that the US would fight the war for them. They did declare war and the war took the same form as the Jewish war on Russia as in today’s undeclared war to subdue Putin’s Russia. Punitive actions such as embargoes, denying resources, starvation all those sorts of things. This hatred extended to genocide well before the Germans extermination camps. This was not a one sided situation of German hatred of the Jews.

Henry Morgenthau Jr. was President Roosevelt’s Secretary of the Treasury. Except for scholars of US history I am sure Morgenthau is a meaningless name. Yet, he considered himself a co-president of FDR and as Roosevelt became a very sick man in the later years of the war Morgenthau very easily bullied FDR into accepting his positions.

The Morgenthaus were a very influential and interesting Jewish family so that it is worthwhile to take a closer look at them, more especially Jrs. relationship with FDR. Henry Sr., a rich NYC real estate speculator and lawyer had donated substantially to the campaign of Woodrow Wilson while forming a close relationship to him.   Sr. expected a cabinet appointment as a result of his generosity but Wilson offered him the traditionally Jewish ambassadorship to Istanbul, Turkey. Istanbul at the time was a world crossroads and a listening post for the Middle East. Sr. witnessed the Armenian Genocide.

Henry Morgenthau Jr. came from this family background of ardent Judaism continuing the tradition. He met FDR in 1913 rapidly cultivating a close relationship.  He lived nearby in Dutchess County in which FDR’s family estate was located at Hyde Park. He was frequently an uninvited guest as FDR geared up for the presidential election. According to FDR’s one time son-in-law, Curtis Dall, who was present in FDR’s household these years Morgenthau was unrelenting in his presence which excited Dall’s curiosity.

In any event he scored an appointment as FDR’s Secretary of the Treasury one that he held through FDRs four terms. Upon demanding that FDR’s successor, Harry Truman take him the Potsdam conference or he would resign, Truman promptly accepted his resignation.

Morgenthau managed his position with Roosevelt much as the eighteenth century German Jew, Joseph ‘Suss’ Openheimer managed his Duke Karl Alexander of Wurttemberg. He cajoled Roosevelt while quietly undermining him thus making himself an equal to Roosevelt and considering himself an actual co-president much as the Jud Suss considered himself co-regent with the Duke. He issued demands such as his demand that Truman take him to the Potsdam Conference. FDR, a very sick weak old man acquiesced to everything that Morgenthau demanded. Thus Morgenthau gained control of the post-war treatment of Germany.

The National Socialist’s role of controlling the Jews would be reversed as the Jews were to take control of the Germans. By this time Roosevelt was as surrounded by Jews as Al Smith had been as governor of New York. When word of Morgenthau’s intentions toward the Germans leaked out government officials were horrified. Morgenthau was compelled by their opinions to modify his plan but not by very much. His intentions remained the same. The country was fortunate that FDR chose to die shortly after his election for a fourth term. Woe to the world if he had lived to remain under Jewish control.

As it was, General Eisenhower did his best to exterminate whole armies of German soldiers, Germany already degraded by the country being bombed flat, living in holes in the rubble, were degraded below anything that Jews had ever experienced. Remember the Amalekites.

The shameful treatment of German soldiers by an old soldier like Eisenhower was unforgiveable. No one could know better than Eisenhower that no soldier can be held responsible for following orders. These German soldiers deserved all the respect due defeated combatants. Instead Eisenhower attempted to starve them to death while refusing to provide them cover during one of the coldest winters of the century.   He had women trying to pass food through the fences to their men shot down like dogs. Needless to say, American soldiers did as they were told, even a cowardly act like shooting defenseless women. Women starving themselves. Was that the kind of people we are?

Eisenhower was obviously following the script of Henry Morgenthau Jr. Perhaps the directions were passed to him through, yes, you guessed it, Bernard Baruch. I was astonished to read that Eisenhower said he sat at the feet of Baruch for twenty-five years considering him the wisest of men. One then asks why was Eisenhower the selector’s choice for heading the invasion of Germany? At any rate Eisenhower was Baruch’s last hurrah. The generation he represented had passed on, his reputation had faded and he lived out the rest of his long life in obscurity.

But, to return to the beginning of the wars. Even after Pearl Harbor and the necessity to fight the Pacific war there would have been little possibility of entering the European War had not Hitler declared war on the US a few days after Pearl Harbor. That was needless and meaningless as there was no army that could even reach the US. Certainly such a declaration of war should only have drawn a laugh from FDR who then had a major war to fight in the Pacific and didn’t need another in Europe.

The US had no dog in the European fight but the Jews did. Let me point out again that the Jews were an autonomous people, a nation within a nation. The interests of the US came second to their interests. The goals they were pursuing were not the goals of the US.

As Stalin realized, the war was a war of machines against machines. In that respect once the Japanese fleet was destroyed they had no means of replacing it. They couldn’t even transport oil form Indonesia to Japan. At that point the war was lost as the US had unlimited machines. Except for their pride the Japanese should have thrown in the towel at that point. Stalin had relatively unlimited resources and the war ended with the Russians the proud owners of thirty thousand tanks. He easily outproduced the Germans. The US was also providing him with unlimited assistance, the so-called lend-lease, whatever that meant, his access to machines and other equipment balanced the war in his favor. Roosevelt was exhausting US resources to arm itself, the English, the Free French, the Soviets and whoever else so it must have been obvious from the start to any clear sighted person that Hitler’s war was forlorn from the beginning.

So, what was the US entry into the war all about? In a repeat of World War I it was about socializing the US, settling old scores. The difference this time was that the opposition was also prepared having learned the perils of unstinted cooperation from WWI.

There were hard feelings on the part of socialists within their ranks too. Roosevelt resenting, perhaps Bernard Baruch’s interferences in his efforts, refused to support him to any position in the government, nor was Baruch’s WIB and it’s policies directly resurrected. The shock and awe tactics of the Wilson administration would not be repeated. But old grudges were still not forgotten. There was still the old bete noir of the Jews Henry Ford to be dealt with and by war’s end Ford was reduced to nothing.


Another examination of where we are. Examined from one perspective all history is a continuity; there are no breaks only evolutions. Yet to the human mind there are breaks and rapid transitions.   Thus the world as remembered before 1914 and as it was perceived after 1918 seemed to contemporaries like two different worlds with wholly different peoples.

In reality, the world after Waterloo, for instance, was one of many changes accumulating relatively slowly to the senses but requiring lesser or greater adjustment; the adjustments accumulated to the point that the human mind could not comfortably accommodate them. Then a hundred years later in 1914 the mind of Europe broke under he strain and we had the insensate, murderous, suicidal war of 1914-18. That was a combination of men and machines that evolved into 1940 of a war between machines and their operators.  The foot slogger was still there of course but the more significant part managed machines, tanks, planes, submarines and whatnot.

The tragedy of WWII was that rather than let Europeans settle their own hash, the US intervened reinforcing the results of 1914-17. Left alone, the Germans would have incorporated ngland and France establishing a hegemony over all Europe from the Urals to the sea.; a new Holy Roman Empire including all of Eastern Europe. The result certainly would have been no worse than the Soviet hegemony over Eastern and Central Europe and probably a whole lot better. But, the Soviets were pushing an international socialist society that seemed inclusive of all peoples, will they, nil they, while Germans were aiming for a national triumph over the peoples on that same basis. Still, the US should have stayed out. Europe for the Europeans. The Germans would never had been a threat to the US.

But, and here’s the clinker, behind the nations and the ideologies were the Jews. Once again, let me state, the Jews are an autonomous people wherever they are with autonomous goals. This may be difficult for the reader to accept having been conditioned to believe that the Jews have been innocent victims for four thousand years, the ages of Aries and Pisces. Nothing can be further from truth. Anyone who has read Jewish history knows that the opposite is true; throughout their history Jews have always placed themselves in antagonism to the host people, and always with bloody consequences.

In more recent history, that is of the four thousand years, the key event in the antagonism between Jews and Europeans was their expulsion from Spain in the fifteenth century. This event, from their point of view of it, exasperated them completely and they vowed complete and total vengeance on the Europeans, Christians, Aryans, however they styled Europeans. Remember the Amalekites.

The Jews of proto-modern times, were loosely organized under their messiah, Sabbatai Zevi in the year 1666. This year was selected as the coming of the millennium. In full expectation of its dawning, the more impressionable Jews sold everything, abandoned whatever they thought useless for the new age, and prepared to slaughter, that is commit genocide, Europeans to the last man upon the signal from their messiah. The signal never came and the Jewish world temporarily fell apart. The Baal Shem Tov, a Jewish holy man, developed the Holy Roller type Jewish sect, Hasidism, in the Ukraine, Jacob Frank, another messiah type, built up an evil form of Judaism in Poland and Germany, a do what thou wilt sort of affair. As the Enlightenment developed and Emancipation succeeded it the People were shattered.

Still, reconstructive work went on. A key figure evolved some sixty years or so after the seventeenth century collapse of Judaism evolving the economic and political approach by the name of Joseph ‘Suss’ Oppenheimer. He worked Rhineland Germany, Wurttemberg, Hesse Cassel. At that time Frankfort was the seat of Jewish operations in Europe. Suss, as he was known was beholden to this Jewish government. Before his patron, Duke Karl Alexander died, Suss had subsumed the Duke and hence Wurttemberg virtually into a Jewish State. The Wurttembergers rose up and deposed him on the Duke’s death but the model had been set. Following close on Suss’ heels the Rothchild’s began their rise in Frankfort of Hesse Cassel assuming somewhat the position with their sovereign as Suss had enjoyed with his and profiting mightily by it during the Napoleonic wars. The Rothschilds brought Suss’ plan to perfection in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Politically Marx co-opted Socialism for Jewish purposes into Communism that eventuated into the Soviet Union. Perhaps most important was Sigmund Freud’s recension of psychology into psycho-analysis. Europeans had labored long and hard evolving ideas of the working of the human mind. Freud collected all the strands, being an extremely well read fellow, and organized them into a coherent whole that he called psycho-analysis of which hypnotism, originated by Anton Mesmer, was the base or foundation.

To this Freud added his Jewish Supremacy and working within the Jewish Revolution of 1913-28 he developed a plan for the extermination of the European peoples. Thus began in Russia the beginning of the attempted extermination of Europeans the history of which was suppressed nearly completely and succeeded by the tens of millions in the land of the Communists. The Soviets were essentially quarantined by other Europeans through the twenties and thirties until WWII when with the compliance, if not aid, of Roosevelt of the US it succeeded in spectacular fashion claiming all Asia from China West nearly to the borders of France. A sliver of Germany, France, Scandinavia, Spain, Italy and Greece were all that remained of the ‘Free World’ in Europe.

‘Free’ Europe was totally dependent on the US for recovery and sustenance until the Americans go home movement of the late fifties.

The rather presumptuous attempt of the Jews to capture Europe ended disastrously for both. This whole era is totally misrepresented by historians, most of whom are Jewish or under Jewish editorial control.   By 1940 then any opposition to the Jewish view of political realities had been effectively quashed, quarantined, discredited, styled revisionist as a pejorative.

Just to refresh our memory let me quote again Walther Rathenau’s statement during WWI in which he states categorically what the post-war world would be. Ask ourselves: How could he know if it hadn’t already been planned and by whom?

From the ruins will arise neither a Communist State nor a system allowing free play to the economic forces. In enterprise the individual will not be given great latitude; on the other hand individualistic activity will be consciously accorded a part in an economic structure working for Society as a whole; it will be infused with a spirit of communal responsibility and commonweal. A more equal distribution of possessions and income is a commandment of ethics and economy. Only one in the State is allowed to be immeasurably rich; that is the State itself.

Let us understand Rathenau. He was one of the 300 people controlling the destiny of Europe directly and the US indirectly or, the 300 controlled both. The majority of the 300, if not all, would have to have been Jewish because what Rathenau is describing as the post-war desire is not socialism but the Jewish theocratic State.

Writing before 1917 obviously Rathenau predicts that a Communist State will not follow the war. In this he was wrong as the Communist Soviet Union replaced Russia and directed global political affairs. So, he does not define what the successor political organization would be but it wouldn’t be Communist and it wouldn’t be Capitalist. It would be what?

It would be a collective system in which the individual would not be free but subordinated to the wishes of unnamed directors. In other words, Rabbinical Judaism. Rathenau says that the individual would be consciously assigned a part in an economic structure in a Society that would control everything. A planned economy or society, if you will, with ‘communal responsibility.’

The worker ant is not to be allowed to prosper according to his capabilities but is to accept ‘a more equal distribution of possessions and income.’ None is to be rich except those who govern the State, for that is what a State is. Who then, is to be the State and enjoy unlimited luxury? Rathenau has already told us that 300 people already controlled the destiny of the nations. Is one to believe that the 300 are to give up their rule? Not likely; so the 300 and their ilk will be the State. Here you have the ideal Jewish political organization as promised by the Jewish god.

Matters didn’t fall out quite as Rathenau projected . Lenin and Trotsky fouled it up for him creating the Communist super State and it actually marginalized its Jews. Stalin in 1953 planned to deport the lot to the Arctic where they would freeze to death along with the rest of gulag. Thus Stalin would have completed the holocaust begun by Hitler.

Western Europe generally continued as before. In the US, and we may extend Rathenau’s prediction to the US as well, for a year or so under Wilson and his Jewish subordinates that country was socialist although personal wealth wasn’t controlled. The return of the Republicans delayed the advent of the proposed millennium but in 1933 with the election of Roosevelt, socialism, the collective State, was alive and well. The Jews, socialists and Communists came flooding into Washington DC.

In 1929 the Depression had been engineered and continued for the whole term of Pres. Herbert Hoover despite his heroic efforts to end it. He was relentlessly thwarted at every turn. Roosevelt would do nothing to end the Depression, or at least, he was totally ineffective which meant that Socialism failed.

Now, Roosevelt and his associates were reactionaries. Their minds were fixated on the past; the past of the Gilded Age, the Robber Barons, the people of unlimited wealth against which Rathenau was reacting. Their vision of socialism was rooted in the past.

The development of history moves in small increments, like light both a wave and particle at the same time, until at some seminal point or disruptive event it explodes such as the US Civil War, WWI and WW2 which latter period forms a second thirty years war and after the explosion subsides the accumulations emerge in the aftermath as a seeming new world. Thus in the US before the Civil War the new society was forming, a society that would produce a legion of post-war millionaires, topped by the incredible wealth of the Astors, the Vanderbilts and the Rockefellers. Unimaginable wealth before the Civil War and astonishing after.

Along with the personal wealth came industrial works of even more unimaginable, hence terrifying, size. Standard Oil that boggled the minds of the time, Carnegies great steelworks that would be consolidated into the first billion dollar corporation, U.S. Steel. In a world where debts run into the tens of trillions, a billion dollar corporation doesn’t sound like much but in 1900 a billion dollars was in the range of science fiction. At the end of the Gilded Age almost as an afterthought came the first billionaire, Henry Ford. Such success terrified the reactionaries and more importantly belittled them; made them feel insignificant.

In all such situations the knee jerk reaction is to destroy that which overawes you rather than accepting change and integrating oneself into the new wonderland.

The mega rich were not selfish, for whatever reasons, perhaps self-defense, they encouraged everyone to be rich, Lord knows the opportunities existed and thousands and tens of thousands took advantage of them. The Barons made the means to do so as easy as possible. Indeed, the New Era, the twenties, they thought they had found the means to do so as economy exploded in a blaze of glory and the stock market rose to dizzying heights.

Anyone and everyone could be a millionaire, of course, you still had to do something to be one. But the moles were at work and at the end of ’29 the towers came crashing down as the Wall Street boom burst. The boom had been engineered of course, and the bust was to kept going for the thirteen long years of the Great Depression only to be relieved by the most horrific and destructive war seen on earth. P.T. Barnum would have been astonished. As Flynn indicated Roosevelt turned to militarism to bail his failure out.  At the end of the Second Thirty Years War the party was over. The seventy some odd years since have been like watching a great giant redwood topple over in slow motion.

But in 1933 the socialists had ousted the so-called Capitalists and they called Capitalism a failure. But they couldn’t make Socialism a success. Looking back over the last seventy years of the Gilded Age with the eyes of envy Roosevelt and his court of socialists, Communists and Jews thought to punish the last of the Capitalists for the crime of becoming rich and building such enormous economic structures. It is interesting that the then tallest building in the world, the Empire State Building was constructed after Roosevelt was elected. You might call it the Gilded Age’s last hurrah.

What now Little Man, trembling in the monstrous shadows cast by the giants of the past. Were they Robber Barons or as they created the huge economic structures that brought an unheard of prosperity to the multitudes, were they benevolent men and were they men who left the world better off than they found it? Did they not make two blades of grass grow where there was formerly one? I think they were benefactors but the Roosevelt dictatorship thought they were criminals and actually tried a few and those they didn’t try they humiliated.

As Rathenau foretold, in post-WWI huge fortunes would not be allowed and indeed, Roosevelt with his Jewish and socialist cohorts set about to strip the inheritors of that wealth of their fortunes and reduce them to paupers if possible. They could have just used the power of the State to expropriate the rich lock, stock and barrel but the Constitution and the mores of the US made that impossible. There was, however, the taxing power. By a judicious use of the taxing power, say a 90% income tax, leaving the rich with 10 cents on the dollar, bankruptcy rates, the rich would be stripped of their emoluments in short order, unable to support anywhere near the life style they were used to. It was a surprise attack and successful; it would be years before defensive measures could be passed to restore some equity.

The collapse was almost immediate; to take only one example, the biggest spender of the age, William Randolph Hearst.

William Randolph was the son of George Hearst. Of course George Hearst will be well known to all fans of the TV show Deadwood. George was probably closer to being a robber baron than the other Barons of the Gilded Age. He made an immense fortune then set his son William Randolph up in the newspaper business. WR made an immense success in newspapers securing the enmity of the socialist crowd by nearly creating the Spanish American War of 1898, one of the more ignoble American efforts. Hearst is more famous today for his premier tourist attraction Hearst Castle in California. After WWI when Europe was desolate WR went over on a spending spree and bought everything in sight filling several warehouses that he never emptied. He was flamboyant to a degree becoming a power even Louis B. Mayer kowtowed to in Hollywood.

At first he was an FDR supporter but as FDR showed his true color (Red) WR turned his papers loose on him incurring his wrath and becoming a target for destruction. Usual dirty names, Fascist, anti-Semite. Then they hit him with expropriatory income taxes and that literally bankrupted the high flying big spending WR Hearst. California got the castle and contents as a gift turning it into a tourist spot rather than tearing it down. Orson Welles and the Jew Mankowitz made the defamatory movie Citizen Kane about him; Marion Davies, his mistress, sold her jewelery to help him out and WR retired to his resort in the foothills of the Sierras. Oh yes, and Louis B. Mayer got revenge for his sycophancy. Marian Davies had a house on the MGM lot that Mayer ordered WR to remove. The house was too big to move down the streets so it was cut in half. And right there on Hollywood Boulevard the truck carrying half toppled the half house in to the street. You can imagine the laughter from the MGM lot to the White House.

All over the East Coast the great mansions, monuments of the Gilded Age were vacated, the staffs dismissed and the grass growing up through the cracks. Smug smiles appeared on socialist faces everywhere as they could see those great fortunes evaporating. Not only income taxes but expropriatory inheritance taxes on their existing fortunes.

And it wasn’t only in the US, in England the attack was on those old English families, titles that went back seven hundred years, were compelled to sell, assets, even to the great old estates, gold plate melted down. One by one they were sold out.

While Walther Rathenau didn’t get it all right he did say that in the post-WWI there would be no large fortunes unless the State was the fortune left standing. The State may have been left standing but it was in hock to its ears. The State has been running on the good will of creditors ever since. And Rathenau meant that the State would be a Jewish theocracy so Jewish fortunes would be allowed to stand as they were communally oriented.

Along those lines, now, let us examine a remark in a recent book by Peter Moreira titled: The Jew Who Defeated Hitler and sub-titled Henry Morgenthau Jr., FDR, and How We Won The War. Moreira doesn’t mean the US, he means the war between Germans and Jews. Henry Morgenthau Jr. was FDR’s Secretary of the Treasury and as Morgenthau tells the story, FDR’s co-president.

Mr. Moreira writes, p 13-14:


The lurking Nazi menace even appears in the family’s vacation album. Tucked in the back of the scrapbook is a small article from an unnamed French paper, noting that Morgenthau’s visit to Europe had drawn the attention of Hitler’s chief propagandist, Joseph Goebbels. The article dated August 25, 1938 reported that Der Angriff, Goebbels’ official publication, had launched a violent front page attack on Morgenthau. The article called him “the real chief of a wide Judeo-Bolshevik conspiracy” against Germany and her friends and said he secretary was engaged in “mysterious enterprises” during his trip to France. “Mr. Morgenthau did not come to Europe for a rest as he pretends, but [was] charged with a special mission by Mr. Roosevelt.” said Der Angriff.” Moreover, it is he who, behind the president holds the power.”

Of course, Der Angriff had frequently attacked the Jews who surrounded President Roosevelt for years and would continue to do so until [his death] in 1945. But, until 1944, it rarely singled out Morgenthau. The Nazi media frequently mentioned that Roosevelt had surrounded himself with Jews, but it usually referred to them as a group. Besides Morgenthau the circle included Bernard Baruch, Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter, speech writer Sam Rosenman, Congressman Sol Bloom and even New York Mayor Fiorello Henry LaGuardia, whose mother had Hungarian-Jewish linage. If the Nazis gave one prominence, it was Baruch who led the War Industries Board in World War I. and the right-winged media on the continent would take the issue of “International Jewry” to comical heights. In October 1938, the Fascist journalist Giovani Prezioso wrote in the magazine La Vita Italiana that the Jewish International was planning to take power in the 1940 elections Baruch would be president, he wrote, and the cabinet would include Albert Einstein as vice president, Herbert Lehman as Secretary of State, Henry Morgenthau Jr. Treasury Secretary and Leon Trotsky as Secretary of War. Walter Lippman would be secretary of the press.’

The men surrounding Hitler were sick sadists whose ravings about an international Jewish conspiracy seemed ludicrous to reasonable people. But the Nazis themselves actually believed there was an international Jewish conspiracy and a substantial body of the European population agreed with them. In one of history’s cruel coincidences Jews gained unprecedented power in the United States just as the Nazis were coming to power in Germany. When Roosevelt aligned himself with the British and later entered the war, it served only to vindicate the Nazi’ conviction than in international network of Jews was at work against their country.

Mr. Moreira is himself a Jew and as the title of the book preaches, Jews are the saviors or the world. Mr. Moreira makes the absurd claim that Morgenthau won the war. This is beyond laughable. This was a war of machines and superior supplies of machinery won the war which is not to ignore the tens of thousand of non-Jewish Americans who, fighting this Jewish war, gave their lives in the attempt to save the Jews. The Jews have given small thanks for those supreme sacrifices.

Further the war was in reality a war against Europeans generally and Gemany specifically. The International Jewish government declared war on Germany in 1933 through the mouth of the US Jew Samuel Untermyer and that war was waged through proxies from 1933 to 1945.

This was a defensive war by Germany. Nor was a genocidal war first declared by Germany, it was declared by the Jews in 1940. The expression of the desire was assigned to an obscure New Jersey person by the name of Theodore N. Kaufman. Who now remembers Theodore N. Kaufman, right? He titled his book Germany Must Perish. Fairly explicit. In it he proposed that Germany should be exterminated within a generation by castrating all males. As crazy as the idea sounded and sounds the idea was considered. Even though the book was as obscurely published as possible the NYTimes reviewed it. It was reviewed by Time Magazine, then the most influential organ in the country, and numerous other publications. It was given maximum publicity.

It seems clear that FDR read it and the notion entered his thinking while Henry M. Morgenthau, if not a moving force behind it, embraced it and published his own book Germany Is Our Problem, the ‘our’ being obviously the Jews and not the US. His too was a plea for genocide of the German people. Kaufman was part of a propaganda campaign to murder a whole people. Remember the Amalekites.

Kaufman’s book got an indignant notice from the NSDAP. There can be little doubt that Jewish plans to exterminate the Germans influenced German plans to exterminate the Jews. This was a situation where being first, a pre-emptive strike, was very important.

The accusation was made by the Germans, and American people too, that FDR had surrendered to the Jews. Mr. Moreira admits this but thinks it shows how clever the Jews are.

More specifically Moreira quotes the Italian journalist Giovani Preziosa from a 10/38 article that the Jews intended to capture the US government in the 1940 elections supplanting Roosevelt. He lists as officers in this coup Bernard Baruch as President and Albert Einstein as VP. Herbert Lehman, State Dept., Henry Morgenthau Jr., Treasury, Leon Trotsky, War Dept. and Walter Lippman Propaganda Minister.

I’m sure the reader will reject this assertion as pure fantasy, however the Germans have always been credited as having a large effective spy operation in the US including high level officials. Unlike the Communists this spy network has never been uncovered but there is good reason to believe one existed. The Jews, for instance, name several operatives.

But, one may be sure that the Germans were observing the US government and Jewish activities closely and they were and are very efficient and very intelligent. And really, all they had to do was read the books of Mrs. Elizabeth Dilling to get all the accurate information they needed.

Now, the old generation of the Jewish government died out during the twenties and thirties, most notably Jacob Schiff, its president and Louis Marshall, Sec’y of State or whatever. So it is not unlikely that of the successor generation Bernard Baruch would be the president of the Jewish government and thus the prime candidate to replace FDR. As for the others mentioned, who knows, but they were all politically active while Morgenthau was head of Treasure while billing himself as a co-president of the US while others billed him as assistant president. So all agree that FDR surrounded himself with Jews. What, for instance was Baruch’s relationship to the administration? As noted before FDR said that Baruch owned sixty congressmen and that he used those votes to thwart FDR’s policies. Thus. one has Morgenthau representing himself as a co-president and Baruch acting as a sort of counter-president, the hostile opposition.

Both men were forwarding the interests of the Jews. Morgenthau claims to have finagled 200,000 Jews into the country in excess of Germany’s quota. Among these people the entire Jewish intelligentsia of Germany including the whole Psycho-analytic order. Einstein was more of a religious figure and politician than the scientist he is represented to be. He was instrumental in persuading FDR to begin the work on the atom bomb.

It is reasonable to believe Precioso’s idea of Jewish intent and that intent goes further. When the Russian Jews arrived at the turn of the century they came in full revolutionary mode as an independent people. They were astonished at the lack of restraints or prejudices of the American government. They immediately set about to take over the United States and by 1940 they had succeeded to a remarkable degree.

Defamation was their tool in trade. Thus, every American conservative had been discredited as anti-Semitic and virtually outlawed. The House Unamerican Activities Committee had been formed by the New York Jewish congressman, Samuel Dickstein with Roosevelt’s compliance, with the stated intention of exposing ‘Fascists’ and discrediting conservatives. Dickstein himself was an agent of Stalin on the Soviet payroll. There is reason to question FDR’s relationship to Stalin at the time.

Dickstein expected to get the Chairmanship of HUAC but it instead went to the conservative congressman from Texas, Martin Dies. Dies immediately subverted Dickstein’s and FDR’s goals by investigating Communists. He was told to desist but continued on thereby incurring the wrath of the Jews and their tool, FDR.

Dies was subjected to scurrilous attack but he soldiered on until he could stand no more however conservatives remained in control of HUAC so he whole committee was defamed and discredited by the administration propaganda machine.

Needless to say, that as the Germans and Jews were at war the Jews had no army and no country, proxies were needed to provide men and arms. The primary source was the US for both. FDR was their hope. It was clear to anyone with an ounce of acumen that the Jews, Britain and FDR were working to get the US into the war. Thus, when the America First Committee was formed in 1940 it too had to be discredited because it wanted to keep the US out of this war between Germans and Jews.

At this time Charles Lindbergh stepped in to be the chief spokesman for America First. Lindbergh became famous in 1927 when he was the first to succeed in a solo flight to Europe. The feat captivated the imagination of the US and the world making Lindbergh a consummate hero. Lindbergh was subjected to such adulation and fame that he became a target for cranks. One such kidnapped his new born infant and killed it. Unable to deal with this harassment Lindbergh fled to England to live. FDR needing someone to spy out the German air fleet recruited Lindbergh from his retreat. The pilot gave a stellar performance being treated as a great hero in Germany and being proudly shown the German fleet. He then returned to the US. He had reported on the air capabilities accurately and impartially in these years before the war, yet the Jews denounced him as a Nazi agent.

He was a perfect foil for the Jews at the time when they needed one. While Kaufman was urging the extermination of the Germans the Jews promoted the idea that Lindbergh was plotting to seize the US government and become a dictator in collusion with the Fascist Germans and make the US a satrapy of Hitler.

On the one hand then you have the ‘Fascists’, Germany and Italy, accusing the Jews of conspiring to seize the US government while the Jews countered with the absurd notion that Lindbergh was conspiring with the Fascists to a similar end. An elaborate propaganda campaign was waged by the Jews to convince people of this accusation.

By 1940 the Jews had deluded themselves into believing that they were the true Americans, the creators of the American democracy, the makers of all that was good in America; an America that was threatened by native Americans. Every virtue requires its opposite; therefore if the Jews were good, some others had to be bad. Semites good, anti-Semites bad. These were the people the Jews were displacing, in other words, native Americans, the actual creators of the marvelous United States of America. This other had to have a name so, as anti-Semites was too partisan, they became Fascists, that is to say, the opposite of Communists, or Nazis who were seeking to impose a dictatorship on the US. Hillary Clinton in our time denominated these people as Deplorables.

Thus the Jews projected their own intent on the ‘Other,’ the anti-Semite, Fascist, Nazi. These Fascist, Nazis, Deplorables, anti-Semites required a leader to destroy that could be depicted as the Great Satan. Hitler himself. They would have used Henry Ford, whose reputation they had greatly smeared, but Ford was now an old man, not satisfactory for their purposes, so they opted for that great American hero now heading the America First Committee, Charles Lindbergh. Even the fatuous Franklin Delano Roosevelt said that he believed that Lindbergh was an actual Nazi. The amazing thing is that no historian has laughed at this characterization.

Thus, the Jews bruited about that Lindbergh was an actual agent of Hitler attempting to establish himself as the American Feuhrer subservient to the Great Satan himself. It was thought that he would capture the 1940 election. So you have this amazing situation in which the Germans thought the Jews would establish an American dictatorship under Bernard Baruch in 1940 and the Jews attributing the same intention to the Germans through their ‘creature’ Charles Lindbergh.

In point of fact since all Republican candidates were against intervention in Europe they were shunted aside and an FDR political Democrat candidate was successfully made the Republican candidate. There was little difference between that candidate Wendell Willkie and FDR. In fact after losing, Willkie became an agent of FDR running errands for him in the Far East, that is, China.

So, if FDR had failed in his bid for a third term, his replacement would have been safe. If, as the Germans claimed, the Jews were ready to seize the government, they changed their minds or else actual seizure was unnecessary, they may have preferred to be in control behind the scenes. Remember that Morgenthau considered himself a co-president actually directing FDR. Roosevelt by 1940 was already in decline, a sick man, easy to control; his energy level must have been very low. He was actually incapable in 1944 when he ran for his fourth term, dying shortly after the swearing in ceremony. He left for his resort in Warm Springs, Georgia where he died in the arms of several women including his old mistress, Lucy Mercer. Was Morgenthau running the government in FDR’s absence?

It seems beyond doubt that he was in the control of his surrounding Jews during his third term.

While the US surrogates were fighting the war with the Germans the Jews were acting on the home front suppressing any possible future resistance to their plans. The old guard was taxed out of existence. Following Rathenau’s dictum efforts were made to prevent the formation of new fortunes. The formation of American nationalist groups that might offer resistance were quashed. The propaganda machine was used against them, thus the America First Committee was destroyed as un-American, especially as they opposed US entry into the Jewish-German war in Europe. The German declaration of war on the US in support of their ally Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor ended the function of America First but before that the organization had been crippled when spokesman Lindbergh had uttered the undeniable truth in a speech at Des Moines, Iowa that the only people trying to involve the US in Europe were FDR, the English and the Jews. The mention of the word Jews sealed his fate. He and America First were denounced and slandered as anti-Semites. In point of fact the Jews then were the government of the US and would remain so until the death of FDR when the dissident voices to their control began to make themselves heard.

As I said, by 1940 the Jews considered themselves the real Americans. But, they ha to quash any possible dissidence. They had a couple of paramilitary outfits in the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith and the American Jewish Committee (AJC) which were vigilante outfits, spying organizations and policing units. By 1940 they were organized with an intelligence group of spies to seek out anti-Semites (by their definition not a legal one) point them out to their secular arms then exposed and destroyed.

The propaganda units were magnificent in form and operation. One can dismiss Jewish denials so they were in firm control of movies, broadcast radio networks while what newspapers and magazines that they didn’t own were under their firm discipline. Nothing remained in print without their approval, while they published endless volumes freely criticizing American heroes and institutions.

One of their key agents was Arthur Derounian who was assigned to Detroit to infiltrate the suspected arch anti-Semite Henry Ford’s organizations and expose him as an agent of what they considered the arch anti-Semite in chief, the ‘mad man’ Adolf Hitler. They were projecting, as after a year or two of infiltrating Derounian came up empty handed as one would expect. The adventures of Derounian and some other agents were then collected under the pen name John Roy Carlson, written up by the AJC, and published in the scare volume Undercover in 1943 at the height of the paper shortage.

While no charges were ever made on Henry Ford the Jews collected the various US nationalists such as Mrs. Elizabeth Dilling who had ceased their own investigations into Jewish and Communist activities after the wars were declared and indicted them. Eventually they were all brought to trial, which amounted to nothing but their force was broken and they had no further influence.


Remembering the Amalekites

Henry Ford was a whole ‘nother issue. Ford was perhaps the most famous man in America beginning in 1914 when he voluntarily doubled wages to a five dollar a day minimum wage thereby completely upsetting the wage scale of American industry. While more reasons for this are given than causes of the Civil War I have no trouble accepting Ford’s explanation that through mass production of his cars his company was making so much money that his employees should share in the company’s prosperity which they did while Ford simultaneously lowered the price of his cars with the net effect of making more money than before. Yes, he did, he blew everyone’s mind and made himself many enemies who never forgave him for forcing business into new channels.

For our story here, Ford’s troubles with the Jews, and there was open warfare from 1918 to 1947 when he died, began in 1918 after US entry into WWI when he and several Detroit executives defined the War Industries Board under the direct, independent control of the Jew Bernard Baruch.

Baruch was trying to, and did briefly, nationalize US industry into one unit under his sole control. After the war, of course, and the Communist Revolution in Russia, controlled mainly by Jews, it was a new world. One must not equate Jewish and Communist goals as concurrent, they are merely mingled with the Jews as an autonomous segment of Communism just as in general society. As always the Jews pursued their independent goals of self-aggrandizement under the umbrella of Communism.

Thus, Baruch’s efforts of collectivization or nationalization of all US industry was the ultimate Jewish goal. Once industry was collectivized Baruch, as a Jew, gave the Jews, along with control of US currency control of the US economy and hence the country. Bear in mind that Baruch functioned completely free of any controls but Wilson’s benevolent trust; there was no individual or organization they could say him nay. He was the absolute czar of US industry.

Detroit manufacturers understood this not excluding Ford; as the key member he had knowledge and the will to act. In the post-war melee over Jewish influence he did act. As his mind grasped the actual situation he bought a local Dearborn newspaper, then appropriately named the Dearborn Independent, and turned it into a national organ distributed through his ubiquitous dealerships.

His paper, The Dearborn independent, he kept the local name for some reason, perhaps making it synonymous with Ford, began to publish weekly exposes of Jewish machinations. These exposes were not pernicious, or any more so than any of the Muckraker exposes of the period but they did exposes of the Jews and exposing the Jews is the unofficial crime of anti-Semitism.

Ford was not alone, the Jewish involvement in the Communist Revolution in Russia alarmed the world and caused a universal reaction. It was a critical period in the Jewish struggle for dominance. As late as 1940 Pierre Laval of Vichy France said he wished for a Nazi victory to save France and French culture from a Jewish and/or Communist takeover. Of course the Jews say all these fears are figments of anti-Semites’ imagination but one wonders how the Jews could always be so sage and their opponents be so unjustifiably mistaken. Thus, the true history is suppressed to favor the Jews.

So, in Jewish terms Ford became the arch anti-Semite and had to be destroyed by any means necessary, criminal or not.  It isn’t clear how much Ford’s activities disturbed Jewish plans but he had to have made them more circumspect. This is an involved period and my account here is narrowed to the Jewish-Ford war or feud.

Jewish activities were spread over many fronts. Quite naturally there was the attempt to bring the food supply and commodities under Jewish control. This was being done through agricultural co-ops. The idea was that Jews would create and control the co-ops bringing the entire crop under their control and distribute the proceed from the sales to the producers thus bringing them under their direct control. While the Independent campaign was fought to a standstill by 1922-23 with Ford voluntarily agreeing to cease and desist publishing the exposes, a Jew by the name of Aaron Sapiro was making great headway consolidating co-ops with the aid of Bernard Baruch and others so that Ford began another expose of Sapiro’s activities. This continued through twenty-four big articles when Sapiro foolishly took Ford to court ostensibly for defamation.

Sapiro even more foolishly interfered with the jurors so that the trial was ended with no verdict. At this time Ford’s bread and butter, the Model T, was becoming obsolete so that he could no longer devote time to this staged trial. For whatever reason he didn’t tough it out with the Jews, who by my reasoning were in worse shape than he was; instead of actually admitting guilt allowed Louis Marshall of the AJC to write out an apology in his name while making a monetary settlement. This was construed by the Jews as a proof of their innocence and played as such. Bound copies of the apology were sent to every library in the US. However, in fact, victory went to Ford as the trial had discredited the Jewish co-op movement and it collapsed.

Thus, as the twenties ended whatever Jewish hopes had been were thoroughly trashed because they had taken on Ford. This was an unforgiveable offence. Remember the Amalekites.

Now, the engineered stock market crash occurred. The discreditation of Herbert Hoover through a vile propaganda campaign and continued interference in the economy through his term prevented a resolution of the recession throwing the country into the full scale Great Depression that was artfully lengthened to nearly fifteen full years in an attempt partially successful to collectivize the country after the model of the Jewish social organization not unlike the war years of Wilson. Hoover, not being unaware of what was going on tried to warn the US of the yoke awaiting them but to no avail.

Once Roosevelt was in control power was shifted to various collectives. One doesn’t necessarily think of labor unions as collectives but they are. They are undemocratic and strictly authoritarian. The union members are merely cows milked for their monthly dues which are actually quite high. The members have no say in anything. In the auto workers (UAW) millions are collected and none of it or very little is spent for their benefit. There is no benefit to be offered other than possibly the periodic negotiation for wage increases that occur after disastrous strikes that leave the workers not only penniless but deep in debt.

The workers have no control over how their dues are spent. As nearly all unions of this period were either Jewish/Communist influenced or under their control the enormous sums collected went to Jewish/Communist causes and no member could dissent. It was an authoritarian dictatorship from top to bottom.

Until 1935 unions had a difficult time organizing workers. There was never an instance when all workers voted to form a union, they were either formed against the majority or with a strong minority dissenting. Smart workers realized that they didn’t need two bosses. The Wagner Labor Act of 1935 changed the circumstances shifting power over both management and laborers to the Jewish/Communist and frequently criminal manipulators. It was impossible that it wasn’t understood that this would happen if the Wagner Act was passed.

There was stout resistance by management but with the full power of the Roosevelt administration behind them the organizers forced almost all managements to their will; all that is save Henry Ford. We can add the Union debacle to Jewish grievances against Ford. Ford presented argument after argument against the totalitarian, authoritarian Wagner Act to no avail. Thus while Chrysler and General Motors caved, amid fierce struggles Ford remained obdurate until the war put industry completely in the hands of government.

This resistance infuriated the union leaders empowered by Roosevelt and his Wagner Act to believe that their wishes were law.

A massive demonstration was organized marching through the streets of Detroit to the gigantic River Rouge plant with the full intent of destroying it, tearing it down, smashing the machinery. The were met by resistance.

This was not the first time River Rouge had been attacked. In 1932 a Communist led mob had marched on River Rouge. Ford had always maintained excellent relations with labor and had never had a strike. Until the Roosevelt administration he was considered as the model of the best employers. Thus, Ford’s chief of security Harry Bennett had no reason to be apprehensive when he arrived to negotiate with the mob. As he exited his car someone said ‘get him’ and Bennett was smashed to the ground with a blow to the head that nearly killed him, he was hospitalized for some time. This incident has been dropped down the memory hole, suppressed.  In 1937 when the now empowered union organizers marched on the Ford plant with vile intent, the union leaders Walter Reuther and Richard Frankenstein were on the overpass leading into Rouge taunting Bennett and his men. Bennett who had barely survived the 1932 assault not turned the tables and gave Reuther and Frankenstein a good beating. Nobody remembered 1932 and it wouldn’t have mattered if they had, so Ford himself got the black eye as being some kind of anti-labor maniac that he wasn’t.

At any rate Ford held out until 1941 when with war imminent he was compelled to surrender and thus true mass production came to an end. Charles Sorenson in his biography: My Forty Years With Ford described the end thus, pp. 253-54:


Ford could justify mass production because he had developed it. Mass production had progressively decreased the cost of automobiles, as well as other things. But to gain that result, management had to control costs, which, in turn, involved wage rates and production methods.

According to Ford’s philosophy the benefits of mass production are intended for the consumer group, which includes labor, since wage earners are consumers. The consumer is more important than the producer – in fact he is indispensable, for it is he who buys the products of the machine. But when labor has the power to dictate wages and what it will give for the wage received, it claims for itself the first benefits of mass production. The consumer is forgotten, and thus the economic ends of mass production are defeated. All that is left is a method of producing autos, the purpose of mass production as Ford developed it is absent.

And so, in 1941 an era came to an end and civilization took a step backward. President Hoover had predicted what was coming. All was to be subsumed under the collective umbrella of the US government. Ford’s production manager Charles Sorenson noted the change correctly when he wrote, p. 253:


The year 1930 and the beginning of the Big Depression had revolutionary political and social consequences. During the twenty ensuing years relations between people and the government changed drastically. The welfare of the people became a direct responsibility of the government, whereas before the government was a responsibility of the people. American thought and outlook were altered. Large segments of our people were willing to exchange personal freedom for a sense of social security.

In other words there was at that time only a difference in style between the US and the USSR. Both were dictatorships.

Recalling Walther Rathenau’s quote, only the government would be rich; old fortunes were to be confiscated and no new fortunes allowed to be made. Confiscatory taxation was enacted to make that a reality. A Jewish writer little known today, Gustavus Myers, wrote that they, the Jews, had their man in office to realize that program and according to him the cat was in the bag waiting to be dropped in the river.

Indeed, in reaction to the new taxation Ford, for instance, formed the Ford Foundation as a hedge against confiscatory inheritance tax that would destroy many old fortunes.

Thus, as 1940 dawned, Goebbels’ prediction of a Jewish takeover of the US seemed an impending reality. Beginning in 1940 he assault on nationalist dissent began in earnest. If not discredited as Fascists the name calling had begun and the dissidents were defamed as cranks and fanatics.

And Goebbels didn’t have a clue as to what was brewing after the war. Even before the war began Treasury’s Henry Morgenthau was fighting to get the Alien Property Department into his hands. It stayed in Jewish hands too. Chicago’s David Bazelon was the Alien Property Custodian as the war ended. A big fuss was made about Japanese refrigerators being purloined by nasty White Angelenos, but what’s a refrigerator compared to the billions of dollars of German copyrights and corporations that Bazelon sold to Chicago’s Jewish elite without any open bidding. Check out the GAF brouhaha. The Germans got robbed. And who benefited?

As aforementioned Jewish agents infiltrated all organizations they suspected with the findings published in their volume Undercover and other publications. The America First Committee, a nationalist organization, hence a threat to the Jews, was placed, in essence outside the law. It was treated as not just another political expression but a totally criminal organization. Its spokesman, Charles Lindbergh, was vilely attacked and his reputation destroyed. FDR himself mused that he truly believed that Lindbergh was a Nazi agent. The notion was pursued in print and in the movies.

The feature film Keeper Of The Flame was made, meant to depict Lindbergh as a Nazi agent and aspiring dictator. I have seen the movie three or four times but am unable to make a connection to Lindbergh but it was probably more obvious at the time.

In conjunction with rounding up the dissidents and defaming Lindbergh the Guggenheim Foundation recruited the polemicist, the aforementioned, Gustavus Myers to write a book that became very influential entitled The History of Bigotry In The United States. This book also was released in 1943 along with Undercover, just before the trial of the pre-war dissidents who had been indicted. This was to be a real purge, not unlike the Stalinist Soviet show trials of the thirties.

The last third of Bigotry is directly concerned with showing how unAmerican the dissidents were. They were ‘exclusive’ in current terminology while the immigrants were supposedly ‘inclusive.’ The first two thirds of Bigotry concern themselves with the clash of cultures from the founding of the US to then present times. The clashes of culture are always depicted as the unjustified resistance of native Americans to the continuing stream of culturally diverse immigrants.

For instance in the incredible period of US history of the 1840s the conflict between Irish Catholic groups of immigrants and the English Protestant founders of the US take no cognizance of previous religious conflicts or the ancient feud between England and Ireland, Celts vs. Germanic peoples. These were bloody clashes in battle like situations with fire arms.

Myers characteristically as in all his writings divides the participants into two classes, the Good Guy immigrants and the Bad Guy natives who were defamed as Know Nothings. Thus, one has a situation little different from the colonial invasion of the English and the defense of the country by the Indians.

The Anglos taking the place of Indians in that scenario lost every battle and while the Indians could move West or were deported to the West, the English had to abandon position after position as the invading hordes from dozens of cultures flooded the land until the first century of immigration was disrupted by WWI.

The first world war demonstrated to the Protestant English descendants the folly of unrestricted immigration. By the twenties the Jews of Central and Eastern Europe who arrived from the 1870s to the outbreak of WWI were well on the way to the domination of the US. Thus, by 1940 they had installed themselves as the true Americans who had created the fabulous democracy of the country.

Myers portrayal of the situation became the cornerstone of the Liberal Party. The term Know Nothings was replaced by Nazis, Fascists, racists and bigots.

Gustavus Myers died shortly after his History of Bigotry was issued but his legacy dominates public discussion today. The trial of the thirties dissidents was botched and as the war ended the matter was dropped but the purge had still been effective. In 1946 as a sequel to Undercover the American Jewish Committee issued a second John Roy Carlson title, The Plotters, that attacked the epigoni of the thirties dissidents, destroying their careers.

Then began ‘the long march through the institutions’ to consolidate the gains through WWII.


Early Socialism was utopian. Marxian conspiratorial socialism changed the method and content. Thus Socialists and Communists attacked from above and below. The common people were drawn into what in the US were unions, while the wealthy socialists, a seeming anomaly directed affairs from above but toward the same goal.

Marx brought the Jews into the Communist Party. As is now readily acknowledged all national Communist Parties were between 50 and 60 percent Jewish. Thus, the Jews used Communism as a mask for their goals while Party membership gave them the numbers they needed.

Thus, Jewish national, or tribal in the current usage, interests were disguised in a universal movement. This disguise was maintained until the establishment of Israel in 1948. At that time Jewish special interests became apparent and the non-Jewish Left rejected the Jewish influence so that today the Jews speak of the anti-Semitism of the Left as well as the Right.

The specifically Jewish program was outlined by the German Jew Walther Rathenau during WWI and daringly put into effect in 1923 when Rathenau combined Jewish interests in the Germany and the Soviet Union in his Rapallo Treaty. For this betrayal of Germany German nationalists took his life.

As Rathenau explained European affairs were controlled by a committee of 300 in Europe. This Committee undoubtedly corresponds to the American Jewish Committee in the US. As Rathenau was Jewish it is to be understood that this 300 was mainly Jewish with a few goyish confederates much as the US Federal Reserve was a private corporation owned by nine international Jewish firms with Rockefeller interests as the only non-Jewish owner. Of course as the only non-Jews the Rockefellers could be out voted every time. They were a mere appendage for show.

If these 300 were exercising control and manipulating affairs then WWII could not have occurred without their consent. A key fact is that the Russian Czar was their foremost bete noir and it was only after he was deposed and shortly thereafter murdered that the US entered the war. That entry served to depose the German Kaiser. Thus two Jewish objectives were realized and the Jews were satisfied that their German goals had been or were very lose to being realized until they were thwarted by Adolf Hitler. The Jews then organized world opinion in condemnation of Hitler and Germany, much as they are doing to the current US president, Donald Trump, while pursuing Rathenau’s stated objectives successfully in the United States of America.

By 1940 a takeover of the US was in their reach that was thwarted only by the death of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in early 1945 as he began the fourth term of his dictatorship.

The US nationalist resistance that had been operating in the background then came to the fore under the direction of FDR’s successor, Harry S. Truman.

The Jewish plan to dismantle Germany and exterminate the Germans pursued by Roosevelt’s Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Morgenthau Jr. was abhorrent to the American character and hence discarded as policy although pursued by Gen. Eisenhower in post-war Germany under the influence of Bernard Baruch.

The Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Morgenthau, Jr., who had been the manipulator of FDR tried the same on Truman. He demanded his wishes to be enacted or he would resign. Pres. Truman promptly accepted his resignation.

The shock of the German extermination camps threw the Jews into a fear driving them underground for about ten years after which they began their open assault on American institutions again.

That story, from 1945 to the present requires another essay. I may or may not sketch that out.   At present it has occurred to me that an historical novel called The Seamy Side of Socialism might be a more appropriate means of getting the story across. We’ll see.