6. The View From Prindle’s Head

April 1, 2020

  1. The View From Prindle’s Head


R.E. Prindle

Unintended Consequences 2. The Italians


I’m now to deal with the Italian/Sicilians. After them, the Jews. Bear in mind that we are dealing with a psychological profile of peoples, these are Freudian group psychologies. A group is a number of people who share similar backgrounds and/or goals and mental characteristics. Gustave Le Bon’s study of the psychology of crowds was dealing with a group of people of dissimilar backgrounds and bound together by an event, or an idea, a panic or hysteria not different from the current corona virus hysteria in which the whole world has been stampeded much as cowboys got a herd in motion.

We are dealing here with national characters as evidenced by actions.

The Italian group is made up of dissimilar peoples and mentalities: Lombards, Venetians, Sicilians, Romans, Florentines etc. One large division is between the North and South as characterized by the Two Sicilies. Of the South and Lombardy of the North. Lombardy is named after the Lombard people, a German tribe, with a different history and mental organization from the Sicilians. Venetians obviously are different from the Lombards and Sicilians and so on.

Sicily named for the very ancient people, the Sicels, may possibly be considered aboriginal. When the Mediterranean flooded after the last ice age, the Sicels, by whatever name they may have been named were flushed from the Med Basin into the former highlands formed by their island. Or perhaps the Sicels already inhabited the highlands and received the Basin people as their first invaders of their highlands although they must have had relations with the Basin people. The Basin flooded during the Age of Leo thus eight to nine thousand years ago. At any rate the island was invaded by many peoples including in historical times the Greeks and Phoenicians, the Moslems and the Normans each leaving their imprint on the Sicilian character.

Out of all this chaos whatever original Sicels were left they took part in a melting pot, actions and reactions that formed the Sicilian character and the formation of the criminal organization called the Mafia.

As mentioned earlier the Sicilians, their country ravaged and depleted of resources began renting themselves out as unskilled laborers to Northern Europe during the summer months while returning to Sicily in the Winter when their services were no longer required. Then, as steamships reliably and quickly made Atlantic crossings safe they first travelled to Argentina, moving North and eventually, in the nineties, they discovered New York City.

They were seen by Americans with disapproval as Birds of Passage. That is as migrant laborers they arrived on these welcoming shores to make their bundle, then as in Europe, the returned to Sicily to bask in the Sun enjoying their leisure on their savings. While this was natural to them, Americans resented them because unlike immigrants they didn’t stay.

For every two that came one went back home, perhaps repeating the experience when he ran out of money. Those who stayed were almost all illiterates, being only grunt unskilled labor with which an expanding New York City abounded in opportunities. Like the other immigrants they clustered in colonies each forming a no go zone for all but their own nationality. New Yorkers called these colonies, neighborhoods and ghettoes. You nearly needed a passport to enter and pass through.

Of course they brought their native foods with them, enriching they said, the American palette. Of course the recipes were adapted for a universal appetite. Gradually American and Northern European dishes were replaced by various ethnic cuisines. These cuisines usually consisted of poverty foods.

Over time NYC would become a congeries of colonies each forming a no go zone for all but their own. The Sicilians also brought their well organized criminal Mafia with them that quickly adapted to American conditions. At first, they operated in their own colonies, but combining with the Jews who were familiar with European ways, thus American, were better adapted to move between their own and the general culture. They to some extent brought the Italian criminals out of their own colonies.

It is difficult to determine whether Jews or Italians brought organized crime to America. At first the criminals were involved in crimes of theft, prostitution and gambling. In 1920 an unprecedented opportunity to enrich them beyond their dreams was created with the introduction of Prohibition. The illegal liquor trade made the mobsters, both Jewish and Italian, day.

At the same time a gentleman named Mussolini was coming to power in a unified Italy and he assumed that the Sicilians in America were still Italian citizens. Merely Overseas Italians. His agents encouraged this belief in America. Thus the Sicilians became another dual citizenship people not unlike the Irish. Mussolini demanded a control over these Italians.

In the US all the peoples of Italy were known as Italians although most were Sicilians. I wouldn’t have known the difference until I was over twenty. As Mussolini thought of the Italian colonies as part of Italy at one time, he wanted to ship injured war veterans to New York for free treatment in US hospitals.

As of 1920 then, the Sicilians were in a primitive state of organization. They were tightly bound to colonies in which the remained until after WWII at which time their ties to Italy were broken and they became Italian-Americans.

Next I will deal with the most influential of the immigrant nations, the Jews. I expect this to be very controversial as the actual history differs greatly from the orthodox or official fables that we have been conditioned to believe. History is nevertheless history and it should be told as accurately as possible.

The history will also be only up to 1920 at this point.

Continue to 7. The View From Prindle’s Head, Unintended Consequences 3.


26 Responses to “6. The View From Prindle’s Head”

  1. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    United States
    Coronavirus Cases: 300,106
    Deaths: 8,141

    The death toll is about 1/15th of the number of Americans killed in WW 1…and about 1/50th of the number of Americans killed in WW 2…120,000 and 420,000 respectively…

    And of course the totals should begin to increase quite quickly now; what with the *real* infection total far in excess of the 300,000 “confirmed” cases.

    By mid April; they should be checking out at the rate of at least 10 grand per day in America; minimum.

    Well; one thing the world can never say…it was not told.

  2. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    For example…California; which has somehow held it off for the longest time…just 285 deaths reported as of 4 April 2020…well; the dam is about to burst there as well; and in the long run it will end up far, far worse than New York…as the guy said on Titanic…”it is a mathematical certainty”.

    • reprindle Says:

      If this virus behaves as other viruses do it should be tapering off even as we communicate.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        Quite the assumption…

        Sort of akin to the weatherman who predicts the snowstorm should be “tapering off to flurries” after the first inch falls; and by the next day he be buried under three feet of snow….

        • reprindle Says:

          You’ve apparently me our weatherman. Usually he predicts and nothing happens, then he doesn’t predict and there it is. Well, it’s Springtime Pammy and flu season ends. We’ll see what happens. Chin up.

  3. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Keep in mind that those who got the virus early had the benefits of empty hospitals and optimum care.

    Those who get it later will have no hospital bed and no respirators and probably sick or untrained physicians (the regular physicians sick themselves) and thus the odds of survival will go down dramatically.

    This is a very significant factor in the increased rate of death; one that most prognosticators fail to account for.

    • reprindle Says:

      Respirators probably contribute to deaths. The virus lodges in the lungs. Why the lungs? It probably seeks the highest concentration of oxygen. To kill the virus inhale a 100 proof liquor and then drink an ounce.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        I am a teetotaler; I never imbibe…My Father did prohibit it; noting how Stalin’s father gave drink unto him; contributing to his alcoholism and cirrhosis of the liver.

  4. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Fox News 4 April 2020: “CNN’s Jim Acosta blasted for ‘mansplaining’ after interrupting Dr. Birx to attack Trump”

    This is one of the top headlines at the Fox News website.

    As I often said; the job of the media (which they do splendidly) is to keep the Sheeple at bay with absolutely irrelevant matters; and to lie with almost every word they print or speak.

    Their ONLY job is to lie or to divert attention from reality.

    Until this is understood; nothing will be understood.

    As I wrote in My Holy Book:

    Woe unto them
    Who knoweth one thing
    And yet another tell
    They will be consigned
    To the Pit of Hell…

  5. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Death of course the Great Equalizer…the arrogant western billionaire day trader or “hedge fund” manager…who thinketh himself “above” everyone else.

    Quite the delusion he suffers from…fact of the matter is that he is no better and no more immune to death than the poor slob walking around the island of Sumatra.

    But of course he does not really believe this; until he himself is gasping for air…

  6. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    This beautifully captures the essence of the hereafter…take it from someone who knows:

    “Everything you ever tried to hide…will be revealed on the Other Side”

    • reprindle Says:

      My life is an open book as is yours, and that saying something.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        I lost my eviction case on Friday 3 April 2020…though the judge gave Me three weeks to vacate the premises…until Friday 24 April 2020.

        So it should be warmer here in the Black Hills when I assume a place out on the main highway as My new residence.

        • Daughter of Babylon Says:

          The court case was done over the phone…due to corona fears; the snow; and My lack of transportation down to the Pennington County Court House…recall how I sold my car in Sept 2019.

          Thus no one has actually ever seen My Face…which is good; as the date on the b.c. and My Breathtaking Countenance are not exactly congruent.

          And of course I never have My Photograph taken (at least not in the last 40 years or so)…and no images of Me can be found online.

          • Daughter of Babylon Says:

            I will add this last thought.

            You will not like it; but I tell it like it is.

            Of all the sacred thoughts I shared here with you over these last seven months; so much Truth and Wisdom; and yet; you would not lend (lend; not give) Me even a single penny that I might be saved.

            That hurts me ten times more than all the cruelties that My enemies visited on Me.

            Be happy with the choice you made; RE Prindle.

            Pamela T Andrews
            5 April 2020

          • reprindle Says:

            Over the phone? You should have asked for a continuation till business could be conducted as usual. Don’t know if you would have gotten but if they’re delaying liver transplants until this is over anything is possible.

        • reprindle Says:

          What argument did you use?

  7. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Closing in on 10,000 American deaths from the coronavirus here on 5 April 2020.

    People say; “well the Spanish Flu killed about 675,000 Americans so how can you compare the two?”

    Very easily.

    The Spanish Flu persisted for just short of 3 years (Jan 1918 – Dec 1920); that is 35 months.

    This corona has only been going in America (as far as actual significant fatalities) for maybe 10 days or so.

    35 months is around 1050 days.

    • reprindle Says:

      You have probably read that the number of pneumonia deaths has plummeted. That’s because they all attributed to the virus. We both know you never trust what we read. 7. Prindle’s Head is being typed. You will enjoy that.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        7. Prindle’s Head is being typed.

        They typed “Mystery Babylon The Great…Mother of Harlots” onto My Forehead…thus I am forced to don a bandanna when I go out in public.

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