Book II Something Of Value 1

December 31, 2007

 Something Of Value

Book II, Part 1

Edgar Rice Burroughs, Evolution And Religion


R.E. Prindle


God is not a cosmic accident;

Neither is he a universe experimenter;

The Universe Sovereigns may engage in adventure:

The Constellation Fathers may experiment:

The system heads may practice;

But the Universal Father

Sees the end from the beginning…

-The Book Of Urantia



     While understood as a lightweight fantasy author Edgar Rice Burroughs tackled most, if not all, of the burning questions of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  One of those questions was the nature of Time.  H.G. Wells excited the world’s mind with his short novel, The Time Machine, in 1895.  This was still an astonishing story when I was a kid; for all I know it still is.  In his own way Wells hinted at possible universes.  Then in 1905 Albert Einstein astonished the world with his Special Theory Of  Relativity that posited certain ideas about Time and Space.  Einstein undoubtedly owed a great deal to H.G. Wells.  Einstein’s theory is posited on the objective existence of Time.  In his Pellucidar novels beginning in 1913 Edgar Rice Burroughs denied the objective existence of Time.  He said that Time didn’t exist as an objective reality. 

     I am in agreement with Burroughs.  He examines the problem at great length not only in the Pellucidar series but in Tarzan At The Earth’s Core and Tarzan The Invincible.

     He examines the problem of violence and war in detail with numerous examples including his final statement in Beyond The Farthest Star.  

     It shouldn’t be surprising that Burroughs dovetailed these questions into the really big questions of Evolution and Religion.  He doesn’t argue Evolution he just takes it for granted.  If you read only Burroughs you would have no idea that Evolution was a very controversial subject.  He just assumes that his views are the norm and proceeds accordingly.  Very daring for his time period.

     On Religion his surface opinions which are conventionally anti-Priestcraft are more polemical in nature but, as Burroughs scholar Dale R. Broadhurst points out in his Gods Of Edgar Rice Burroughs series on the ERBzine magazine site, when you examine certain religious systems such as that of Opar closely Burroughs reveals some very subtle distinctions.  He had read widely while the religious milieu of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries was particularly strong.  For the first time society tolerated men like Robert W. Ingersoll who openly denounced religion and the very idea of God.  Helena P. Blavatsky who presented a religion opposed to Christianity was also allowed to live.  The price was that they were demonized in every way; but they were allowed to live.

     The great archaeological discoveries in Egypt, Greece, Crete and Mesopotamia were seriously undermining the validity of the Jewish Old Testament.  To the doubting or perceptive the scriptures were found to be based on much earlier texts as well on a much longer time line going back millions of years rather than a mere five thousand.

     So, in this essay I would like to examine the evolution of the species and religion with an idea of how Burroughs understood them.  It is important to remember that the state of knowledge in Burroughs’ time was much developed  developed relative to the beginning of eighteenth century but primitive to what has been learned since 1950.

     In his time and well into mid-century it was possible to seriously argue the question of canals on Mars for instance.  We have now seen that there are no canals on Mars or anything approximating them.  Since 1950 everything that was valid speculation in Burroughs’ time has now been shown in its true light, or at least, 90% or so.

     The science of Biology has laid bare the progress of Evolution although it hasn’t explained it.  Even so, no doubt fully 50% of Americans still denies the possibility, bound instead by the puerilities of ‘sacred scripture.’

     Make no mistake, Edgar Rice Burroughs was a daring, ground breaking, forward thinking writer who put his fast ball over the plate waist high so hard that few people saw it.


     Scientists nearly universally believe that the genus Homo Sapiens originated in Africa.  Most put a moral spin on this but if true it is merely a fact.  Certain genetic markers point to this fact.  Indeed, in Gods Of Mars, in itself a subtle examination of evolution, ERB describes his Black race as the First Born.  He himself picked up the idea from the nineteenth century missionary David Livingstone from his book Missionary Travels In South Africa.

     In Livingstone’s book in a conversation with a Bushman the Bushman tells Livingstone that God created the Black man first, then the White man.

     Thinking in a Darwinian way Burroughs reasoned that first came the anthropoids then the Blacks and then the Whites.  Thus, of the Homo Sapiens species the Blacks were the First Born.  If the current scientific information is accurate then this is true.  Burroughs was on solid evolutionary ground.

     Current science teaches us that Homo Sapiens evolved from less mentally developed stock about a hundred fifty thousand years ago.  As the most highly evolved hominid Homo Sapiens has displaced all other lines of development.  The Neanderthal who existed as a separate hominid species until perhaps ten thousand years ago is now gone.  As a distinct species it is generally now acknowledged that there was no inbreeding with Homo Sapiens.

     In Africa all the predecessors of Homo Sapiens have also disappeared without a trace.  As nature does not make great leaps but acts in small increments it is reasonable to believe that at one time several sub-species of hominids existed when Homo Sapiens first evolved one hundred fifty thousand years ago.  Indeed, it is neither impossible nor improbable that the Bushman is the immediate predecessor of the First Born.  If examined carefully and without prejudice it is possible that two or three sub-species of hominid predecessors are still alive.

     Had the White man not interfered it is quite possible that the invading Bantus would have exterminated these peoples who had already been expelled from the rest of Africa into its Southern tip.  An analogy would be the Gorillas who once surely roamed a greater range but are now pushed into the least habitable areas of the rain forest.

     Even today the surviving species of anthropoids are finally being exterminated, much as the Neanderthal probably was, as the burgeoning population of Homo Sapiens cuts and burns over their jungle habitat.  Except for zoos the great anthropoids are a thing of the past.

     If the African was the first born then it follows that Whites, Semites and Mongolids evolved from the African.  This raises a testy problem.  Evolution means the development from a less developed organism to a more highly developed organism.  As physically Homo Sapiens is developed to perfection being the most versatile of all species the only place development can take place is in the area of intelligence.

     The development of the brain is what gives the Homo Sapiens the advantage over the anthropoids and all other beasts.  A gorilla with human intelligence would be one formidable beast.  Some argue that the brain began developing in response to challenges presented to it.  This argument doesn’t explain why the Chimpanzees presented with the same or slightly different variations of the same problems, didn’t increase in brain capacity.

     The above account assumes that evolution occurs for environmental reasons.  This is patently impossible.  When life was originated it was from internal reasons.  As we all know life is dependent on water.  Contrary to the Semitic account in the Bible man was not made from mud.  It’s water.  How life came into existence can be easily explained but probably not universally agreed with.  The body has been described as a sack of water with a few elements dissolved into it.  This is true so it is only necessary to determine how it happened.  That too is not difficult to conjecture.  Homo Sapiens and all life is built of the same universal elements of the universe.  Most of a body is of six elements, Hydrogen and Oxygen being the most prominent followed by Nitrogen, Carbon, Phosphorus and Sulphur and a smattering of other elements.

     It is impossible that water should have been introduced to earth from outer space.  Forget outer space.  Water was extruded from the core.

When a sufficient amount of water was formed on the surface rich with the above mentioned dissolved nutrients exposed to the sun for photosynthetic development it would seem obvious the atoms jostled against each other exchanging protons and bonding into molecules that in turn formed larger units and thus became animated.  These single celled organisms than began to evolve in a number of directions.  For millions of years life was confined to the seas of the world.  Then in what seems as it though must be a programmed manner life left the water and began its existence on land.  In what manner a program of evolution is encoded is beyond my understanding.

     Rather than in response to the environment, evolutionary steps occur when a number of genetic mutations take place finally accumulating to the point where the next development takes place.  Thus the number of pre-Homo Sapiens hominids ran through a long series of sub-species before Homo Sapiens emerged, as our scientists tell us, as the African First Born.

     Now, most people assume that evolution ceased with the emergence of the First Born.  The differences between the First Born, the Semites, Mongolids and the Whites are said to be merely cosmetic.  The First Born bleach out in cold climates is their argument.

     However it is quite obvious that evolution is still going on and that in Homo Sapiens.  Very recently scientists have penetrated the chromosomal structure being able to identify the individual genes that compose each chromosome.  While new studies of the functions of the various genes are very likely to be subject to revision nevertheless on 12/29/04 the Chicago Tribune published a report on studies conducted by Bruce Lahn at the University of Chicago.


     Reporting in the cover article in Wednesday’s issue of the journal Cell, Lahn and his colleagues, Eric Vollender and Steve Dorus, found that 17 brain building genes mutated at a tremedously rapid rate in humans, compared with the brains of champanzees, macaque monkeys, rats and mice….Once started, the selection of brain building genes snowballed, resulting in thousands of changes to thousands of genes in a relatively short period, Lahn explained….Lahn, also a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator at the U. of C., argues that the evolutionary forces that led to the big brain continue to act on humans today and are likely to produce bigger and better brains in the future.


      Sign me up for a transplant when they’re available.  Rapidly means over a few million years.  Needless to say Lahn was forced to recant within weeks of  his announcment declaring his findings null and void as the anti-Science creationists sprang into action.  Just recently of course James Watson was forced to recant over similar comments regarding Africans.  Watson was fired from his job; so far as I know Lahn was allowed to keep his.  Thus bigots censor the truth.

     The question is whether the same brain development is shared by all five species of Homo Sapiens or does the next evolutionary step surpass the abilities of the last.  I’m afraid the latter must be true or there would be no reasonn to distinguish Homo Sapiens from its hominid predecessors. The latter would still be among us fully able to compete otherwise.  Logic must prevail against Liberal bigots.

     While many argue that the First Born left Africa to populate the world I do not find the opinion credible.  If certain genetic markers indicate that the other four species evolved from the First Born that should explain the genetic markers.

     What very likely happened is that the proto-Europeans who, let us call Homo Sapiens II- HSII- having evolved were either driven from or chose to leave Africa.  Whether the Semites and Mongolids evolved from the First Born or whether they later evolved from HSII isn’t clear but I suspect the former in the case of the Semites and the latter in the case of the Mongolids.

     It would seem that a sub-species once evolved has its set of attributes that can be developed within limitations but are incapable of change.  Thus there were genetic changes to the brain of those evolved from the First Born while the First Born must remain mentally constituted as he was when he evolved one hundred fifty thousand years ago.

     Nevertheless he was the first state of Homo Sapiens, the Main Evolutionary Stem.  Obviously in the evolution of a genus there can be and have been many dead ends such as the Neanderthal of which we know but there were probably many dead end offshoots from the Main Stem over the twenty-five million year course of brain building.

     While the Semite and Mongolid are more developed than the First Born they must be dead end evolutionary shoots.  The main Stem of Evolutionary development was passed to the people who settled the Mediterranean Basin as it lay exposed during the last Ice Age.  When they evolved isn’t clear but I imagine it may have been perhaps fifty thousand years after the First Born, say, one hundred thousand years ago.

     With them the capacity for Civilization began.  The First Born never created a civilization.  Aided by additional genetic brain development the Meds approached life with an early scientific vision.  Sometime later, perhaps another fifty thousand years, a further improvement in brain capacity created HSIII.  Thus as the Neanderthal still roamed Europe with Homo Erectus still living in the East, and there is a problem there, the First Born occupied sub-Saharan Africa, the Semites the Arabian Peninsula, the Mongolids East Asia, HSII the Med Basin, and as groups will not tolerate other groups HSIII was driven away from HSII to occupy the area between the Caspian and Aral seas or perhaps the Central Asia steppes cheek by jowl with the Mongolids.  That might seem to indicate that HSIII and the Mongolids are fairly closely related.

     Van Daniken and others like to posit the notion that civilization began when extra-terrestrial  visitors having landed and been greeted cordially, which is very unlikely,  in a most friendly fashion instructed the rude savages who had no understanding into a very high civilization nearly overnight.  Nice fantasy, although before you condemn this school remember accredited scientists believe both water and life arrived on Earth as extra-terrestrial hitchhikers on meteors.

     I believe neither account.  HSII began a long laborious effort to rise from ingnorance to knowledge the old fashioned way, hard work.  Nor do I think it took that long for them to begin.  Most scholars think that discovering the shortest day of the year took ninety-five thousand years for HSII to do.  HSII could never have been that stupid.  Building the tools to pass on the knowledge was a slow laborious process but certain men recognized the possibilities immediately and began to act on them.

     Knowledge is a dangerous thing especially when that knowledge contradicts perceived reality as Bruce Lahn’s and James Watson’s treatment shows us to this very day.  Thus, whatever the avant garde learned that the masses couldn’t accept had to be kept secret.  In order for the work to go forward colleges of cognoscenti had to be formed.  In order to protect them they had to be made inviolable or sacred.  Hence Religion and the Priesthood arose.

     The Priesthood was originally meant to develop and protect these acquisitions of knowledge.  This function would endure until the differentiation of knowledge became noticeable in eighth century Greece.  From that point on knowledge and thought take on a role independent of religion.  From that point on the Priesthood had outlasted its function.  Instead of encouraging the growth of knowledge it chose to suppress it.

     Thus the tradition of denigrating the Priesthood arose.  Edgar Rice Burroughs took this stance throughout his work.  ‘Religion’ per se is imagined to be OK but the Priesthood had corrupted it.  Burroughs and others imagined a time when a ‘pure religion’ a ‘natural religion’ existed.  The differentiation of Religion into its three components or, in other words, the increase of knowledge was the culprit.

     The Theosophist Helena Blavatsky sought to reconcile the three parts into one whole as it had once been.  In point of fact Science was subsuming the other two.

     Given a few thousand years of observation, if indeed, it took that long, a method for determining the shortest day of the year is relatively easy.  Certainly the big brained HSII could tackle that problem.

     The means of proof are indirect of course, but I believe shortly after leaving Africa for the Mediterranean Basin HSII did discover how to determine the Winter Solstice.  With that discovery the worship of the Sun began.  This would then evolve over the next ninety-eight thousand years into the religion of the Unconquerable Sun as practiced by the Roman Emperor Heliogabalus and not just coincidentally in the religion of the Christ.  The Christ is a Sun King.  I say the Christ and not Jesus Christ because the latter name is a title affixed to the discredited Jewish prophet Jesus of Nazareth.  More on that later.

     Having once determined the length of the year it soon became obvious that by counting forward, the length of a sun cycle was approximately three hundred and sixty-five days.  This is not a difficult task although it may have taken a few decades or even hundreds of years to get it right especially as that extra quarter day every year would have been a real clinker.

     Once having determined the length of the year the college of Priests could then determine the time of the recurrence of natural events during the seasons.  When we speak of ‘Time’ this was when time was born.  Then gradually, in however crude a form the concept of the months came into existence.  These divisions which numbered twelve became known as the Zodiac.

     This was the beginning of the Astrological Religion of which Pisces or Christianity is only one Age.  As we know the Zodiac only as the band of astral constellations surrouding the planet the divisions of the Zodiac make no sense.

     First let me explain the terrestrial meaning of the signs then I will explain how and why they were translated to the heavens.


The Zodiac

     It is best to begin with the Winter Solstice which is when the Unconquerable Sun triumphant once again begins to wax toward the Summer Solstice when the forces of evil triumph driving Sol ever backward until once again with the Winter Solstice the Sun conquers yet once more beginning to wax.  This is the central myth of the Mediterranean.

     I can only apply the modern Zodiacal symbols which in themselves are of Cretan-Greek origin dating back to at least -2000.  One may assume that over the millennia the symbols were modified but the meanings remained the same.

     At the beginning of the year we have Sagittarius the Archer who is half horse half man.  The horse corresponds to the first half of the year while the Archer facing the new year shoots his arrow into the air.  The destination of the arrow is the Summer Solstice when I imagine it strikes Sol Invictus in the heel, much as Cancer the Crab seized Heracles by the heel dragging him toward the waters in symbol of the Sun’s decline.

     After Sagittarius is Capricorn, half goat half fish.  The fish probably denotes the beginning of the Spring rains while I am unsure of what the goat signifies, perhaps pointing to the rutting season.

     Up next is a very important sign.  Soon to be the prevailing age is that of Aquarius.  In the Greek Zodiac this sign is governed by Hera.  Indeed, the male god Aquarius is pouring out water onto Hera as the symbol of the Earth.  The male fertilizes Hera in her capacity as Virgo the Virgin.  Soon the Earth will sprout up into Virgin Birth.

     Next is Pisces which denotes the rainy season followed by Aries the Ram.  The Spring equinox occurs on March 21st in Aries.  Equinox as I’m sure everyone knows means an equal day and night.  Thus on March 21st the new year begins in earnest.  Christ is risen.  The Ram may be thought of as butting the new growth from the ground much as in the Greek illustration where Persephone is rising from the ground aided by Hermes and Apollo who chip the earth away to make her rise easier.

     Taurus the Bull is just that, a figure representing the exuberant vitality of the new growth.

     Gemini or the Twins passes the now nearly waxed year on to Cancer when Sol Invictus once again temporarily meets his match.  Cancer is represented as a crab because the crab having captured a victim moves sideways or backwards indicating the shortening days.  Thus while the period after the Winter Solstice seems to fly by as represented by the arrow the summer months seem to slowly recede.  I don’t know about you but the second half of the year seems to be about twice as long as the first half to me.

     Cancer is followed by Leo the Lion when the sun is at its seeming strongest.  While the warmth of the sun has made everything grow and prosper the blazing heat of the sun of July causes growth to wither and die.  Thus Virgo the Virgin succeeds Leo.  This may be a little hard to follow but the Earth becomes barren once again or virgin.  After the bath of rain virgin growth will begin again.  Thus Hera who is both virgin and matron governs Aquarius who provides the showers in the Greek Zodiac.

     Then follows Libra with her scales.  the Autumn Equinox begins this period.  Once again the night and day are equal hence Libra’s scales tip toward winter at this point.

      Rounding out the year then is Scorpio the Scorpion.  Its significance possibly is that it kills the old year by biting it on the heel.  Sagittarius rises once again to shoot an arrow as the Unconquerable Sun marches on to victory.

     It’s a pretty story.

     Now, all the time the colleges of Priests were organizing this calendar they were watching the heavens.  Much later the Hermetics would be given credit for the formula ‘As above, so below’ and vice versa.  It is absolutely ridiculous to attribute the origin of the slogan to such late times.  The roots of almost everything can be projected back to very early times.  Actually everything can.

     Having watched the skies while having developed the Zodiac as an annual terrestrial cycle, these ancients then transposed the Zodiac into the heavens.  While watching the sky they noticed without knowing the reason the declination of the planet, that the North Pole because of the resultant wobble described a circle taking about 25,000 years to do so.  They designated this phenomenon the Great Year.

     Using the formula as above, so below it became clear that the Great Year must have twelve divisions just as the lesser terrestrial year does.  So they merely transposed the Zodiac with the same twelve divisions and the same signs onto a belt of stars on the horizon which they organized into constellations that seemed to correspond to the signs.

     As each sign corresponded to something over two thousand years in duration these periods were designated Ages with the corresponding qualities of the signs.  Hence, when you haven’t seen someone in an age you literally mean two thousand some odd years ago.

     How long it took the Ancients to discover the Great Year is beyond me but as I believe the discovery was made by observations rather than mathematics I assume a full cycle to a cycle and a half, perhaps a full fifty thousand years.

     There wasn’t any hurry as a lot of other details had to be worked out first.  Technology always has to catch up with imagination.

     It’s all very well to say this but if true there must be historical evidence to verify its possibility, right?  I’ll do my best.  In the first place nothing was ever discovered, invented or developed over night.  The times for things to come into existence are immense.

     Even the transmission of this knowledge from generation to generation is an immense problem.  The Priesthood must have spent great effort to first indoctrinate novices then drill them in the essentials so that they could in turn pass on the information.

     One is reminded of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 when the art of printing had been lost so that cadres of priests walked around memorizing the great books to pass on to the novices so that the works wouldn’t be lost.

     Things were developing nicely when disaster struck destroying this first effort at civilization lock, stock and barrel.  Having moved into the Basin during the last ice age, that ice age now ended.  The waters began rising and continued to rise for several hundred feet.  This must be the Great Flood which has come down to us from Mesopotamian records.  There can be no other of this magnitude.

     When the waters stopped rising the Mediterranean had assumed its present form.  Some scientists say the waters rose very rapidly but still they couldn’t have risen so rapidly that the people couldn’t flee.  Naturally they fled to the high places.  This was the littoral of Africa, especially the best watered location, the effluence of the Nile and Crete, Pelasgian Greece and Phoenicia in the East and Spain and Sicily in the West.  Apprently a group made their way into Sumer.  Some say all civilization from West to East was the result of this disaster.  I believe that it is so.

     One asks do the civilizations have anything in common that would indicate a common origin?  Yes, they do.  For my purposes here a thing in common they all have is the Zodiac.  They all share a form of the Astrological Religion.

     The material aspects of the civilization perished beneath the waters.  The more important intellectual heritage  was preserved as the colleges of Priests fled to different locations.  Egypt appears to have gotten the Mother Lode with Crete and Sumer next.  Spain and Italy received little which probably indicates that the Metropolis was the on the South Side of the Basin.  I suspect it was opposite the islands of Malta.

     Crete may have indoctrinated Pelasgia or possibly a college reached the mainland.  This much is certain, when the Greeks arrived in Pelasgia c. -1700 they brought no knowledge of the Zodiac or the Astrological Religion with them.  The whole of Greek civilization was based on this earlier knowledge which must therefore have been highly develoed before -2000.  Thus no Greek in +- 100 sat down and by a brilliant stroke of cogitation developed the astrology in a moment.

     To begin with Mesopotamia.  In their myth the fifth king after the Flood was the Lugal Banda.  He comes into power as the Age of Aries begins.  Therefore the Sumerians believed the Flood took place four kings or Ages previously.  That would place the Flood either at the transition from the Age of Virgo to the Age 0f Leo or perhaps into the Age of Leo.  That would amount to eight thousand years or so before 2000 BC.  Are we on track for the ending of the ice age?  Yes, we are.

     Going to Egypt, the Sphinx which was originally a lion with a woman’s head, was probably shaped at approximately the same time.  It is placed beside the Place Of The First Time over which the Great Pyramid is built.  The Place Of The First Time is a mound or hillock which was believed to be the first place to emerge from the Flood.  This also fits the time frame.

     Now let us go to Crete and Hellenic Greece.  Crete was a very ancient civilization when the Hellenes or Greeks first arrived.

     The Greeks were a people who had formerly lived in today’s Armenia at the Eastern edge of the Black Sea.  It is believed that a pharaoh made an expedition to the area about -1900.  I believe it probable.  Soon after this date the Hittites dropped down into Anatolia, modern Turkey, where they became a power relative to both Mesopotamia and Egypt.

     The Greeks began a migration around the Euxine, now the Black Sea, dropping down into Pelasgia from the North.  They apparently brought little or no religion with them, taking over the religious structure of the various Aegean peoples.  Zeus was a Cretan god and not Greek.  Hera was indigenous to the Argive area being Pelasgian in origin.

     At some point after the Greeks had captured the Oracle at Delphi they brought Cretan priests from the island to staff it.  Hence Hellenic religion is a reflection of the original Astrological Religion.

     Zeus who succeeded his father Cronus became the religious icon along with Hera of the Arien Age in Greece.  His father Cronus was the male archetype of the preceeding Taurean Age.  Cronus’ father Saturn was the archetype of the Geminian Age.  So Greek Astrological Religion can be traced back to at least -6000.  Further investigation will probably uncover at least the Cancerian and Leonine Ages.

     Now, if the Astrological Religion was operative in the Age of Leo then its origin must also have been Ages before.  Thus while it may be uncertain exactly when or in detail how the religion originated it must have been inherited from a previous civilization that existed in the Mediterranean Basis.  Call it Atlantis or what you will.

     As Zeus was the archetype of the Arien Age who had succeeded his father who was not killed but emasculated and banished to far Tartarus, which is to say 180 degrees due West of sunrise in the Zodiac it was augured that Zeus would have a son who would replace him.  Of course.  At the transition from Aries to Pisces.  The son was Dionysus.  However when the Age of Pisces rose the intellectual and racial situation was so confused that a Semitic prophet, Jesus of Nazareth, was given the mantle while the Greek cult of Kyrios Christos, based on Dionysus, was attached to him so that he became Jesus the Christ or Jesus Christ.  Dionysus in a Semitic form

     Now let us look a the evolution of the relationships of the sub-species of Homo Sapiens as they then stood.

 Continued in Part Something Of Value II-2

In Response To Comments By ‘Oh Mercy’


     Obviously ‘Oh Mercy’ is a one off moniker for these comments.  Your style reminds me of someone who made an equally violent comment some time ago.  He went by the moniker ‘Winky, The Psychoanalytical Clown.’  Perhaps you’re the same.

     Your comments are merely defamatory, Winky.  Whatever your objection to my content may be you seem incapable of making yourself clear.  You merely go into an ad hominem rant.

     My sources are qite clear.  I list the four Dylan biographies I am relying on at the top of the first essay.  I refer to the specific biographer I am using an an authority in the text.  I supply hyperlinks when quoting an online source.

     I see no reason to employ academic citation style.  It does not lend itself to online writing.  It  merely looks stupid.  So, you want to check my sources they are clearly listed in text.  Interpretations are of course my own.

     Further I consider myself a scholar rather than a researcher.  If a fact appears in four or five books I see no reason to attribute it to anyone.  At that point it becomes general knowledge.  If you have ‘researched’ one book each fact is unique to you so you might as well attribute it.  I stopped buying current books because they are all written by researchers without backgrounds.  A history of codfishing by a guy who has never been on a fishing boat and probably even never eaten a codfish carries what authority?  Who would read such crap?

     I supplement my study in the case of Dylan by my own experience.  In one form or another I was there.  I lived the folk era.  I was there at the creation of rock.  I bought Presley 45s new.

     If you don’t think you can take me seriously then don’t.  I can assure you I don’t take Greil Marcus seriously but he is amusing. Perhaps you’d like to be amused?

     So, if you wish to actually comment or question something I said I’ll be happy to elucidate any point you bring up.

     But as for my being insane because you disagree with me- see you in Charenton, Winky.

A Critique

Exhuming Bob 2-2

Detourning The Folks

     Greil Marcus has written of detournment extensively especially in his Lipstick Traces.  The French word means hijacking, rerouting or diversion, or in other words changing the direction of the flow or meaning.  Thus one strips an object of its familiar values and replaces them with others but leaves the object intact.  In a conflict of cultures the question becomes who will assign the values or meanings to objects and words.

     I will use as a starting point for my purposes here H.L. Mencken of the twenties.  The values into which immigrants migrated were those of the Anglo-Saxons.  From the immigrant viewpoint the Anglo-Saxons detourned their languages and cultures attempting to replace them with English and Anglo-Saxon values.  The inevitable result was that immigrants felt that they had been devalued and demeaned.  So it is no wonder that having recovered some balance by the end of WWII they fought back by attempting to detourne Anglo-Saxon culture in their favor.

     This is nowhere more apparent than between the Jews and Angl0-Saxons.  No matter whether you place the conflict between the Old Dispensation or the New Dispensation the Jews always view themselves as a separate, independant and potentially dominant culture.  Hence the drive is always first for autonomy and then detourning the host culture to reflect Jewish laws and customs, hopefully making Hebrew the official language.  To Jews, like Greil Marcus and Bob Dylan then ‘freedom’ means the replacement of the Anglo-Saxon law and culture with Jewish law and culture with the Jews as arbiters of the fate of what become essentially subject peoples.  The Jews can never be ‘free’ no matter how unrestrained they may be so long as they are subject to others legal and social systems.  This is the central problem the United States and the West refuse to face.  The same is true of the Semitic Moslems.  It is the purpose of Moslems to detourne Western culture for a Moslem Culture.  It is quite simple.

     By the time H.L. Mencken was making his rise Anglo-Saxon pride was at its maximum.  I haven’t been able to determine whether Mencken was Jewish but he allied himself with the Jews making common cause with them.  The approach naturally was to defame Anglo-Saxonism.    Mencken naturally chose the least sophisticated  Anglo-Saxons to represent the whole.  Thus he went to the mountain folk of Appalachia and the hill country all along the Line.  He began to ridicule these people as representative of all Anglo-Saxons.  I mean, he was mean; he was vicious; his Jews caused a huge fuss for much less criticism or in their terms- defamation.

     Expanding the arena, using these rural folk as their model the Communists then picked up on these people with the least possibility of education as the example of Anglo-Saxonism.  In 1932 and 1933 following Mencken’s example Erskine Caldwell, a Communist writer, published two mammoth best sellers, Tobacco Road and God’s Little Acre.  These books were especially mean and vicious making Mencken look laudatory in comparison.  Perhaps using Mencken and Caldwell as inspirations a Jewish cartoonist by the name of Al Capp created the L’il Abner comic strip in 1934.  This strip also ridiculed Anglo-Saxons but in a less demeaning manner that not only didn’t offend the majority but actually pleased them.  There were some few of us who saw through the sham but there was nothing obvious enough that the majority could see.

     Capp would be convicted on a morals charge late in his career that effectively ended his influence.  The motif was carried forward on television in the series Archie Bunker.

     Now, the Anglo-Saxons used to represent the whole were the custodians of the Folk music that was so revered by the New York City Jews of the late fifties and early sixties.  So you actually have Jews imitating Hillbillies.

      The vilification the Mountain Folk endured actually shamed the city Anglo-Saxons causing a dichotomy in their character.  They rejected the Mountain Folk as representing all Anglo-Saxons.  This is made quite clear in Caldwell’s novel when his urban relative throws his rural cousins out of his house and tells them to never come back.  Something like a son testifying against his father.  The Liberal-Conservative split was given a difinitive form.

     The Mountain Folk formed what Greil Marcus calls the Weird Old America.  After the Roosevelt administration was elected and the New Deal was established as a continuation of the Wilsonian New Democracy Jews flooded back into Washington as under Wilson.

     During the twenties as radio became a reality and recording technology became more widespread and available a number of Mountain Folk and/or White Trash as they were alternately known, recorded their distinctive music in their own voice.  Nor was this music ill received, many of the recordings were huge sellers according to the standards of the times while some like Jimmie Rodgers and the Carter Family became very successful recording acts.  Thus what was known as Hillbilly music until 1954 came into existence.  For whatever reason whoever controls these things thought the term Hillbilly was insulting so the various rural flavored musics were grouped under the term, Country and Western.  Hicks are hicks to me whatever you call them,  Hillbilly or Country, I’ve been called worse.  Having ancestors that came down from the Kentucky hills I have no objection to my Hillbilly ancestry.

     The Anglo-Saxon dichotomy was such that those who were shamed by Communist efforts had an extreme aversion to Hillbilly or Country music that they considered ignorant while professing to admire the Blues simply because it was performed by Blacks even though the intellectual content was well below that of Hillbilly music.

     Nevertheless the Hill Folk were the custodians of the old English folk traditions.  Folk music was then separated from Hillbilly music and approved on that basis.  Thus after the Roosevelt administration was installed in an effort to counter the Depression certain cultural programs were developed.  One involved the attempt to preserve the quaint customs and music of the Hill Folk and the rural Blacks.  These two peoples were treated as anthropological specimens on the same level as Tobriand Islanders and others.

     The New Deal of the Roosevelt administration was a direct continuation of Wilsonian New Democracy.  It was as though they’d never been gone.  With the creation of a huge new bureaucracy Jews came flooding back into Washington as they had in the two Wilson administrations.  In many if not most cases these people were the ones sent out to deal with our homegrown anthropological specimens as Superior to Inferior.  Sort of a domestic Peace Corps.  Yes, they did profess to revere the music of these simple folks.

     So Folk Music always had an honored place in Anglo-Saxon cultivated circles perhaps spurred to some extent by the ‘field’ recordings of the New Dealers.  Folk played a prominent part in popular music from the end of WWII on.  Foremost practioners of the genre were the Almanac Singers and their successors The Weavers.

     A key member of both groups was Pete Seeger.  Pete was both Jewish and Red.  This was a bad combination during the post-war anti-Communist reaction.  While making hits of a number of Leadbelly songs under Seeger’s guidance The Weavers had a major success with the Jewish melody Hava Nagila.  It was a catchy tune.  I liked it.

     Capitalizing on this success The Weaver’s under Seeger’s guidance concocted a ‘folk’ tune called Song of the Sabra celebrating Jewish ‘pioneer’ efforts in Israel.  Apparently the Sabras were some kind of hobo outfit that sat around campfires and ate stew a lot.  Thus the effort to detourne American Folk Music began.  The Song of the Sabras was so egregiously promotive of Israeli/Jewish interests that the song caused a big reaction.  If I remember correctly it was staged at least once on a TV version of the Lucky Strike Hit Parade.  That’s where I got the camp fire bit as Pete roasted his weeny and sang.  Whether it was an extra or supposedly in the Top Ten I can’t remember.

     Somewhere about then Seeger and The Weavers were found to be subservice giving a bad name to Folk Music as long as the genre lasted in 1966  or ’67.  The Weavers disappeared from the air waves.  However at least one member would be instrumental in guiding the musical direction of the Kingston Trio.

     Folk music continued strong between the demise of The Weavers and the emergence of the Kingston Trio both as popular music and ‘purist’ Folk.  The greatest of them all was Lonnie Donegan who had a successful career in the US and a tremendous impact on the British scene from England to Australia as Skiffle Music.  Josh White, Odetta, Harry Belafonte, Terry Gilkyson and the Easy Riders among others, one might add Mitch Miller, had many memorable folk tunes competing equally with Rock and Roll if not its superior.  If one considers the Presley Sun recordings objectively they also can be seen as Folk or highly influenced by Folk.  After all Elvis was known as the Hillbilly Cat.

     The Kingston Trio with their Tom Dooley that was an actual sensation in 1958 sort of broke the taboo against Folk music although the Kingstons were plenty subversive.  The great Chad Mitchell Trio emerged at this time also as an even more politically subversive group but also with a popular sound and enough bite to defuse Dylan’s claim to have introduced serious lyrics into popular music.  The Chad Mitchell Trio is probably running neck and neck with the Kingstons as my favorite folk groups although Terry Gilkyson along with the Pozo-Seco Singers are right behind them.  The old Seekers from Australia are hot stuff too.

     So that brings us up to Grossman’s Gate of Horn in Chicago of ’58 and the founding of the Newport Folk Festival in ’59 as well as Dylan’s entry into the New York Folk Scene in ’61.


     After WWII the Jews had introduced the raw form of multi-culturalism designed to replace the Anglo-Saxon model of society with the Jewish.  With the election of the Irish Catholic John F. Kennedy it appeared that the Anglos had been defeated. 

     The next phase of the Jewish program was put in place.  The thing was to detourne or hijack American culture. 

     Detourning Folk music was part of it.  The study of Dylan concentrates on the New York City East Village group that was virtually Jewish with its specific outlook.  Actually the Folk scene was very diverse and different in its emphasis in each locale.  Bob would focus the entire Folk movement in himself.

     Boston with the Mel Lyman family and Jim Kweskin Jug Band, Geoff and Maria Muldaur was quite different from NYC.  The strictly commercial LA scene with Randy Sparks’ New Christy Minstrels had its own flavor.  In San Francisco Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter and others had credentials that easily matched those of Dylan.  The whole San Francisco Sound was Folk based.

     The top bands like Kingston Trio, Chad Mitchell Trio and semi-pop groups like the Brothers Four and the Christy Minstrels really carried the banner for folk.

     And then there was the Country or Hillbilly faction that was considerable.  Great old tunes like Jimmy Brown The News Boy were Country smashes.  Hank Snow recorded a passel of old Folk songs like Nobody’s Child.  New murder ballads appeared for people who like that sort of thing that were fabulous like Snow’s Miller’s Cave  and Lefty Frizzell’s dazzling The Long Black Veil.  It would be years before it was known that Veil was newly written and not an old Hillbilly song.  If you compare the Kingston’s  Tom Dooley with Frizzell’s Long Black Veil you can’t tell the difference.

     A word about Harry Smith’s  Anthology Of American Folk Music that Greil Marcus and Bob Dylan revere so much.  The collection is a very small selection of songs culled from a huge mass of material that just happened to fit Harry Smith’s personal psychosis.  Anyone going over the same mass of material could select an entirely different selection of songs that reflected their own personal outlook and would be just as ‘authentic.’  I mean, I heard The Cuckoo and I Wish I Was A Mole In The Ground over the radio decades ago as a kid.  I was signally unimpressed.  I never called in to hear either again.  So as far as being some authentic voice of America I rather think the collection reflects Jewish and Communist ideals. 

     What is the message exactly of ‘I wish I were a mole in the ground, I would burrow until I brought that mountain down.’

     It that isn’t a call to detournement I don’t know what is.  So Harry Smith is Harry Smith and welcome to him but I have my own agenda.

     So Dylan left his old life behind to begin a new life in New york City but with an old agenda.  His secret agenda was to detourne American culture.  Of course the word ‘detourne’ was unknown in America at that time.  I have to thank Greil Marcus for adding that very useful word to my vocabulary.

     Bob started out detourning Woody Guthrie.  Within a couple months he had hijacked Woody’s life.  Clinton Heylin believes that even the Guthrie persona was second hand having been detourned from Jack Elliot who had of course detourned it from Guthrie.  Boy, there was another stone bore I never could listen to, Ramblin’ Jack Elliot.

     Dylan more or less confirms this in his Chronicles Vol. I.  I’m copying a quote from Chronicles as noted by Jim Kunstler in his excellent review of Bob’s memoir:


     “You’re trying hard, but you’ll never turn into Woody Guthrie,’ (John) Pankake says to me as if he’s looking down from some high hill, like something has violated his instincts.  It was no fun being around Pankake.  He made me nervous.  He breathed fire through his nose.  ‘You’d better think of something else.  You’re doing it for nothing.  Jack Elliot’s already been where you are and gone.  Ever heard of him?’  No, I ‘d never heard of Jack Elliot.  When Pankake said his name it was the first time I’d heard it.  ‘Never heard of him, no….’ Pankake lived in an apartment over McCosh’s bookstore, a place that specialized in eclectic, ancient texts, philosophical political pamphlets from the 1800s on up.  It was a neighborhood hangout for intellectuals and Beat types, on the main floor of an old Victorian house only a few blocks away.  I went there with Pankake and saw it was true, he had all the incredible records, ones you never saw and wouldn’t know where to get.  For somone who didn’t sing and play it was amazing he had so many….Pankake was right.  Elliot was far beyond me….I sheepishly left the apartment and went back out in the cold street, aimlessly walked around, I felt like I had nowhere to go, felt like one of the deadmen walking through the catacombs.  It would be hard not to be influenced by the guy….He was overseas in Europe, anyway, in a self-imposed exile.  The US hadn’t been ready for him.  Good.  I was hoping he’d stay gone, and I kept hunting for Guthrie songs.”


     Of course the US hadn’t been ready for Elliot.  One Guthrie was one too many.  Who needed a Guthrie detourned by another Jew?  Let the English have Elliot.  But that didn’t stop Bob from detourning both Guthrie and Elliot when he got to the Big Apple.  He followed Elliot around studying and copying his mannerisms.  Elliot should have painted on his guitar the slogan:  This machine kills copycats.

     Well, no matter Bob learned his error when he learned another Guthrie copycat wasn’t needed in NYC but Bob had mastered a style, a persona on which he could build.  That was more than he had had before.

     Pete Seeger and the Jewish busybodies were busy fomenting discord in the South.  Already knee deep in the Big Muddy Seeger was encourging others to write political diatribe songs.  The path was clear and Bob met a girl named Suze Rotolo.  Rotolo worked at CORE.  She then encouraged Bob to write ‘politically relevant’ songs.  Well, what are you going to do but go with the flow, swim with the current? Bob didn’t like the topical songs though.  You have to give him credit for good sense there.  He wrote literary style lyrics that talked around the political issues without dealing with them directly.

     Now there were songs that other voices could sing.

     As a lyricist Bob was not a tunesmith so he merely borrowed tunes from old ballads and other people.  In other words he detourned Anglo-Saxon folk tunes grafting on Jewish sensibilities.  Heylin gives a perfect example in an exchange Dylan had with Martin Carthy in England.  Carthy showed him the old English ballad Greensleeves.  Bob dutifully learned the song.  Then he went away for a few weeks.  When he came back he collared Carthy and played him Greensleeves.  Here’s your Greensleeves he said.  Then he played the tune set to the words of Girl From The North Country.  Thus he detourned tune after tune to his own Jewish sensibilities.

     Now things were heating up on the Jewish revolutionary front.  The so-called Free Speech Movement was being launched at UC Berkeley.

     As I mentioned Jews could never be ‘free’ so long as they were merely part of a dominant other culture.  So ‘Freedom’ meant to them detourning the dominant culture so that their own law and culture was supreme.  Freedom for the Jews meant slavery for everyone else.  Thus we have Greil Marcus in the bleachers cheering his heart out at Free Speech rallies for ‘freedom.’  There were many of us in the bleachers much less enthusiastic.  But then we weren’t Jewish and we weren’t clear as to what was going on.

     Dylan as a Jew came to Berkeley to play where he was received as a hero by his fellow Jews.  Both must have been aware of what they were doing.  Jerry Rubin was the sparkplug whether Greil Marcus slyly disagrees with him or not.

     The revolt at Berkeley soon spread to Columbia and the rest of the Ivy League and across the country where it meshed with Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

     Dylan himself progressed from his political associations to Another Side of Bob Dylan in which he worked out his own personal problems in a Jewish social context in highly symbolic language.  The lyrics are complex, poetical and not easily understood.  the concept of ‘Freedom’ plays a prominent role.


     Freedom as the idea of a complete lack of constraints developed in the latter half of the twentieth century.  Prior to this ‘freedom’ meant to be free so long as your own freedom didn’t conflict with the freedom of others.  Latterly it has taken the meaning that others be damned so long as one can do what one wants.  This entails the related notion:  consequences be damned.  Consequences won’t be damned so if one does the crime one must do the time.  I suppose the notion is that if you can run fast enough you can avoid the consequences.  I don’t know if one can but some have done a very presentable job of it.  Mao was one, Dylan is another.  Of course there was that one little incident at Redwing that didn’t work out too well but since then it has been fairly smooth sailing for Bob and he may leave the building without suffering too many serious consequences. 

     Now, in order to be free one has to dominate everyone else.  If one is obligated to an other then one isn’t free according to this latter day interpretation of ‘freedom.’  In that sense in the entertainment industry Frank Sinatra was as free as anyone has ever been.  The man need only place a call to anyone elses wife and she would leave her husband’s bed and run over and give Frank a blow job and there was nothing the husband could do about it.  This is no joke.  Sinatra could have anyone beaten up with impunity.  When he was offended by President Kennedy, Kennedy was shot.  There are those who maintain Frank had a hand in it.  Never been proven but there are reasons to so believe.  Frank Sinatra had ‘freedom’ while he escaped the most serious consquences dying in bed a very old man.  Alone and despised perhaps but then one can’t escape all the consequences.

     So while limiting himself to a field in which he could be successful Bob has perhaps been the most ‘free’ of the Rock ‘n Rollers.  He never took on Frank however and if he had he would have discovered the limits of his ‘freedom.’  Although Albert Grossman may have limited Bob’s ‘freedom’ somewhat I find it interesting that Bob came out at least even in his brush with the current Hollywood hard-on, David Geffen. 

     Now, Bob wasn’t so free that he could achieve his goals without leaning on or being dependent on others.  However to compensate himself he destroyed, trashed whoever and whatever he had used as stepping stones to achieve his ‘freedom.’  In the pursuit of his freedom he became a very vicious and nasty man.

     There is no reason to believe that at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival he wasn’t trashing the whole Folk scene that he had used to get him to the launching pad of his Rock ‘n Roll dream.

     The arguments about how or who brought Folk Rock into existence may well be interminable.  The fact is that both Folk and Rock at the time were stagnant.  Whether the music died in that corn field in Iowa in 1959 or not the big labels had pretty well tamed the music of the fifties.  Columbia had separated Dion from the Belmonts and had him singing standards to syrupy instrumentals.  Ruby Baby was his last great effort before Columbia detourned him.  Safe teen acts and emasculated falsettos dominated the airwaves .  By late 1963 and early 1964 the Folk ethic had worn out as Folk groups dressed in loden green pull overs and sang like the Brothers Four.  Even the emasculated and detourned version of   Michael Row The Boat Ashore couldn’t prop up Folk for long.

     So musicians had to be searching for something different if not new.  Folk Rock was as new as anything while the electric blues served as different.  Thus as the middle sixties came in one had Folk Rock, the electric blues and rough sounding garage bands like the Seeds.  Oh yes, that was another development temper tantrum teenagers screaming ‘I don’t want to be like anybody else.’  Not to worry. 

     Folk rock would have or did develop without any real help from Bob.  He already had electric recordings out so that if he didn’t want to stick it in their ear he could have done an acoustic set at Newport and let his electric side take its natural course.

     I’m not so sure even then that electricity was the problem.  Personally I welcomed the electric Bob.  I was glad to see him leave the Folk stuff behind.  I was on the West Coast but I didn’t run into many or any people who were emotionally involved.  Even Greil Marcus doesn’t seem to be put out by the change.

     I think you had to be emotionally invested in Bob the protest singer.  When that fellow in Manchester cried out Judas I would have to think that his problem wasn’t an electric guitar but the fact that Bob seemingly betrayed the political stuff he had been singing.  He had pandered to the protest crowd and now he wasn’t letting them down easy.  He was turning his back on them.  Rathr than being the standard bearer of spokesman for the generation that he had let them believe he was he now trashed everything they believed in.  They had given him his and now he didn’t need them anymore.

     His whole career was based on trashing his believers.  Not that I understood any of this at the time.  I didn’t even know about it and if I had I wouldn’t have cared.

     Positively Fourth Street was his ‘kiss my ass’ song to all those Folkies he had used and abused and now abandoned.

     An interesting aside that could use closer examination was his visit to Carl Sandburg in 1964.  All the biographers assume that Carl Sandburg snubbed Bob because he hadn’t heard of him.  Maybe, I can’t say but it is significant that Sandburg was a folksinger himself or, at least, he sang folk songs.  While Bob and Greil are enthusiastic about Harry Smith Sandburg himself had published his American Songbag in 1928 and then followed it up in 1950 with a new collection.  Unless he was brain dead in ’64 there is little reason to believe he hadn’t maintained his interest in folk into the sixties and kept up with it.

     After all the Christies were doing a number of songs from the 1928 Songbag so Sandburg must have experienced great satisfaction that everything he had been hoping for had come to pass.  I don’t know his singing style, and he did publicly perform the songs, but I suspect it was more Christy style than the cacophony of Bob.

     I don’t think it improbable that he in fact knew exactly who Bob Dylan was, had probably heard him on record and/or the radio and fully detested him,  so that when he opened his door and found Bob Dylan, let us say the folk devil himself, standing there he just froze.  It would be nice to know exactly what was said.  I think it unlikely that he would have been familiar with Paul Clayton but as Clinton Heylin suggests if he had dropped the needle into the groove there is little doubt which record would have been played through.

     If Sandburg had shown any preference for Clayton at all for any reason, manners for instance, there is little doubt that that sealed Clayton’s fate with Bob.

     If It’s All Over Now Baby Blue was a put down of Clayton which seems likely then the odds are that it was resentment over something that was said or done at Sandburg’s is the reason.

    That would have been added to the fact that Bob had stolen a couple tunes from Clayton that required the trashing of the man in ’64 to cover up the evidence.  One can’t hold it against Bob that Clayton committed suicide, after all, we’re all big boys here, but he must certainly have contributed to a deteriorating mental state.

      The trashing of Joan Baez also at this time doesn’t require further comment in this place.  Suffice it to say that Bob had taken hers to keep with his and now it was her turn for the circular file.  It is hard to believe Bob didn’t enjoy what he was doing amidst the flashing gongs on the road to ‘freedom.’

     In ’66 Bob’s mind broke.  He had what used to be called a nervous breakdown.  In his terms a motorcycle accident.  There was a long recovery period of several years.  I certainly  don’t hold the nervous breakdown against him.  He was pushing too hard.  Even if he had been straight he would have become distraught, but under the influence of what all his biographers agree were monumental amounts of drugs washed down with quantities of alcohol it is a wonder if not a miracle that he lasted as long as he did.  Apparently he was driven to complete the sound in his head and vomit out all his rage accumulated up there in the North country before he cracked.

     When he went down he went down hard but in pleasant enough circumstances.

     Why he came out isn’t clear unless it was to trash his fans.  It didn’t take much for me to catch on back then but then on the first hearing of Blonde on Blonde I realized he’d ridden his board all the way to shore.  From there he would have to start all over again while he would never catch a wave like that again. 

     Bob still had a lot of past to bury though.

     He achieved this in spectacular fashion in 1975 on his Rolling Thunder tour as an overseer on his very own Maggie’s Farm.  The tour mayby be considered as a vision of Plantation Bob.  And he was a sadistic overseer too.

     As Heylin points out the shows were over four hours long while Bob may have been on stage only a few minutes to a half hour or possibly a little more.  Thus his cast of characters were slaving on Maggie’s Farm while Maggie or Bob showed up from time to time to make sure his darkies were singing as they slaved.  A very good joke.  If you step back and look at it the gig is pretty transparent.

     Now, Dylan asked people if they were for it.  As the only ‘free’ man in the group Bob had no trouble in getting his victims to come on board his ship that had just come in.  The performers couldn’t have been paid much if at all.  The payroll and expenses of such an extravaganza couldn’t have been recouped at all.  If there was any money left over it went into Bob’s pocket.

     Bob reached way back in the past to bring Ramblin’ Jack Elliot aboard.  Bob owed Elliot a lot so the old man had to be trashed.  McGuinn was brought along because he had traded on Bob’s talent or else had done such sparkling versions of Bob’s songs that he had made Bob look bad.

     Phil Ochs wasn’t allowed to come along not because Bob had pity on his fragile mental state but simply because Bob didn’t owe him anything.  If he had had reason to trash Ochs you may be sure he would have.

     One may guess that he was already finished with Sara, his wife, as he not only allowed her to come along to witness his degenerate behavior but actually cast her as a prositute in his movie Reynaldo and Clara.  One just doesn’t allow the mother of one’s children much less a woman one respects to play a prostitute.  I find it unforgiveable while Sara took him for much much more than thirty-five million if Heylin and Sounes are correct which is pretty good wages of sin.

     As if that wasn’t enough Bob brought along his old inamorata Joan Baez to confront his wife, Sara.  Gratuitously cruel and unnecessary so I suppose Bob was attempting to trash his entire pre-1975 past.  Like a snake shedding his skin he was attempting to begin a new existence.

     Here his Frankist upbringing rose up to bite him because you can’t pour out that quart and half of evil.  As Bob said you can change your name but you can’t run from yourself.  Bob wasn’t released and one can never be released, only the truth can set you free.  You have to come to terms with yourself and acept things as they were and are.  Even then your freedom is conditional; at best you are only out on parole.  You can’t trash reality.

End of Exhuming Bob 2-2




A Critique

Exhuming Bob 2:

With One Hand Waving Free


R.E. Prindle


Scaduto, Anthony:  Bob Dylan  1972

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Sounes, Howard:  Down The Highway 2001

Marcus, Greil: Articles and Essays.

Prindle, R.E.:  Essays


Come on, give it to me,

I’ll keep it with mine.

-Bob Dylan


     Time to tackle a few basic assumptions.  For instance what is the conception of freedom as entertained by Bob Dylan and latterly his alter ego, Greil Marcus.  Both are Jews so freedom must be examined in the context of the Jewish understanding of the term and contrasted with the Gentile understanding.

     With the emergence of the supremacy of cultural differences in the United States made stark by the doctrine of Multi-culturalism such a definition seems to be demanded.  Cultural expectations are quite different.  What is freedom for Jews is not freedom for others.  My concept of freedom differs markedly from that of Dylan, Marcus and their fellow Jews.

     As is pointed out by both Sounes and Heylin Dylan’s given Jewish name is Sabbatai.  That means that his father was probably of the Sabbatian-Frankist Jewish sect.  This sect holds that the messiah can never come until the Jews have expelled all the evil from their souls.  Therefore they should commit any and all crimes in the effort to purge their souls of evil.  In other words apparently according to Frankist beliefs there is, oh, about a quart and half of evil in a Jew which once that is poured out their souls will be purged of evil.

     In his 12/30/04 review in Rolling Stone of Dylan’s Chronicles Vol. I Greil Marcus quotes Dylan recollecting a saying of his father:


     “My father,” Dylan writes of Abraham Zimmerman, “wasn’t so sure the truth would set anybody free”- and those words sound down through the book.


     Marcus goes on to say:


     This isn’t just the stiff-necked Jew turning on Jesus pronouncing that “the truth shall set you free.”


     Thus we are led to the core of the issue.  If the truth won’t set you free, what will?  This seems to be an internal Jewish problem as at the time Jesus is quoted he was merely an itinerant Jewish prophet speaking solely to his fellow Jews as a Jew while demanding recognition as a prophet.

     It is often forgotten that prior to Paul’s universalizing of the teaching of the Jew, Jesus of Nazareth, the Jesus cult was confined to the Jews.

    The Jewish Jesus cult only became Christian after it was grafted on to the Greek Kyrios Christos cult and therefore became Christian through the association with Aryan Greek religious thinking.  Christos means merely the Expected One, the same as the Jewish term Messiah and the Moslem Mahdi.  Who are you going to believe, right?

     So, the question is what Truth did Jesus have to offer to his fellow Jews that would set them free and free from what?  This seems to have been a problem that Abraham Zimmerman was pondering.  As he was most likely a Frankist the struggle would have been between expelling the quart and half of evil by committing it while rejecting ‘the truth’ as expounded by the Jewish would be prophet, Jesus of Nazareth.

     The Jews reacted violently to Jesus and his message causing his death, then persecuting his following attempting genocide on them.  So whatever ‘truth’ Jesus sought to impart to his fellow Jews was thoroughly rejected.

     Symbolically Dylan whose personality was divided between the goiish world of Hibbing and the Jewish world of his father speaks of ‘dancing with one hand waving free.’  Which hand?

     There is quite obviously a terrific conflict going on in Dylan’s mind from then to now.  Not only was his father probably a Frankist but Bob was sent to a Jewish summer camp over several years.  This was Camp Herzl.  Theodore Herzl was the founder of the Zionism that captured the Jewish identity in the twentieth century.  Bob attended those camps in the decade or so after the realization of the Nazi extermination camps.  He must therefore have been indoctrinated with the paranoia of post-war Jewry.  When he is described as ‘plenty Jewish’ he obviously endured heavy indoctrination with the endless showing of heaps of dead bodies being pushed around with bulldozers.

     So then, ‘one hand waving free?’

     As Jesus’ message to the world was that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son this notion was in conflict with the traditional Jewish notion that God so loved the Jews exclusively that he made them his chosen people.  The plea of the Jewish prophet Jesus of Nazareth to his people may well have been to come out of the isolation of their chosenness to join the rest of humanity and become ‘free’ of a ridiculous prejudice.  This the Jews refused to do choosing to eliminate the messenger instead.

      Abraham Zimmerman obviously understood this but chose the Frankist approach rather than the Jesusite.  As Greil Marcus so aptly noticed he seems to have been successful in passing this notion on his son.  Bob himself, it seems to me, has lived his life in the most represhensible manner running roughshod over everyone, indulging his evil impulses.

     A key issue that Heylin emphasizes is what happened in the summer of ’59?  This was the summer of Bob’s graduation and a year before he spent the summer in Colorado.  The period seems to have been one of extreme psychological turmoil as Bob’s Jewish persona took over his life.

     It seems pretty obvious that Dylan committed some crime around his graduation for which he was sent to the Redwing Reformatory of Minnesota.  Heylin accepts Beatty Zimmerman’s explanation that Abraham for some reason voluntarily sent Bob to a reformatory in Pennsylvania.  This makes no sense to me.  As we know Bob committed more than one theft in the year after he began at U. Minnesota.  I think it more likely that he appropriated something of someone else in Hibbing and ‘kept it with his.’  What it could have been must have been pretty serious to send a first time offender  to the reformatory for a couple months expecially at the age of 18. 

     It seems possible if not probable that the offence was not Bob’s first and that he had been let off with a warning on earlier offences.  At any rate Bob wrote a song concerning the walls of Redwing.  It would seem likely that he was familiar with them from the inside.

     If so he didn’t learn his lesson as he took to theft at Minnesota.  It is also interesting that he also sang ‘why am I always the thief?’  The Pankake record theft at Minnesota was a most ill-considered and egregious theft as the material ‘kept with his’ led directly to him.  Bob continued his thefts in Colorado where when the police were called, according to Sounes, he went into a real panic.  The panic may have been caused by the fact that if the Minnesota police history became known, as a second offender and an adult, he may have been facing a more serious sentence and that in the men’s prison rather than the boy’s reformatory.  Realizing he had outworn his welcome Bob skipped back to Minnesota.

     When Pankake was tracking Bob down he discovered that a lot of people were looking for Bob.  Why would they be looking for him?  Either he owed them money or they too were missing something that Bob was ‘keeping with his.’

     Whether Dylan actually wanted to go East to meet Woody or whether the times were changing enough that it was opportune for him to skip Minneapolis requires further investigation but it is probable that it was time to move along.

     His mental turmoil was such that people posted an unwanted sign upon their hearts whenever he came around.  Heylin quotes Bonnie Beecher concerning an incident that would have made me want to leave the planet.  Apparently in mid-day Bob got so drunk that he collapsed in the middle of a campus sidewalk soaking in his own vomit.  Beecher was more than a good friend to him in helping the besotted boy to his feet.  When Dylan later described his song Like A Rolling Stone as pure vomit his mental state in both instances must have been the same.

     At any rate at this point Dylan took his problems to New York City where he began to live out the most improbable of fantasies although in an almost 100% Jewish milieu.


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Exhuming Bob:

The Jewel In The Forehead Of The Toad


R.E. Prindle


I ride on a mail train; can’t buy a thrill.

-Bob Dylan


Bob Dylan. How did this guy get into my life? As someone said of Hank Williams: Bob Dylan sang my life. Up to a point. How he could know so much about me is totally unbelievable. I’m three years older than Bob which is not all that much, especially at this age. Our mental states were quite similar while we were working out our mental problems in somewhat the same way, not that Bob had ever heard of me but one of the hazards of exposing yourself on records or in print is that kindred spirits recognize each other. One of the occupational hazards, I suppose.

I’m going to use as a starting point Dylan’s record of Mixed Up Confusion. I must confess that I had never heard the song until a couple years ago. I had bought three copies of Biograph when it came out but never opened one. I bought all three copies as an investment and that turned out to be one lousy investment. So after twenty years these sealed copies weren’t listed for much more than I paid for them so I didn’t think I’d be losing much by opening one. It was then I first heard Mixed Up Confusion. Was it a revelation you ask? Hell no. It was just a noisy song. But as I was sitting watching the river flow and reading Greil Marcus’ Lipstick Traces it occurred to me that the book needed some constructive criticism so I gave it. You may have read that criticism right here on this blog. Then having the kind of mind I do I had to read the rest of Marcus so as to make knowing and intelligent comments on the guy. Marcus reopened the subject of Dylan in my mind. I dismissed the guy a few years ago, right after hearing Mixed Up Confusion. I had to start thinking about the Bob again because I couldn’t figure out exactly what I used to see in him.

Bob and I first made extra-sensory contact back in ‘64 and as you are well aware this is ‘08. A lot of water had flowed by in the river and under the bridge while I was sitting and watching it since way back when.

In the interval I had worked out my mental problems even integrating my personality according to the tenets of C.G. Jung. I’ve got the same old face, and getting older, but I’m a different guy.

Here’s the rub. I lived by Dylan for maybe five years from Blonde On Blonde until my life began running so fast I had too many other things to think about. Greil Marcus raised some irritating points about Dylan that made me regret my former adulation. Now, this created a small problem because I love my life and I have the notion that I have perfect taste and that whatever I have ever liked I must still like or I don’t really have perfect taste. You can see how Marcus put me up against the wall. Another one of those extrasensory contacts. And there was Bob getting more ambiguous by the moment as Marcus plodded on.

Damn near threw me into a panic.

So now I had to develop a new perspective for my infatuation of the toad with the jewel in his forehead. That’s how I look at Bob now. Well, you know, I’ve read most of the books on Bob, not so much reviews or interviews so that I have the means to analyze this prime influence on my young manhood.

I’m standing in my library when my hand fell on a Dylan book I bought some time ago. It occurred to me that maybe I hadn’t read this one yet. The book was the Rough Guide To Bob Dylan by Nigel Williamson. English fellow, obviously never been to America. Nigel had a pretty good handle on Bob so my mind focused on the jewel in Bob’s forehead. Mixed Up Confusion. This was where Bob was at in 1962. The rest of his career is the working out of this song. Trying to clear up the confusion. Get Straight. Walk like a man and the words of that tune..

Not enough attention has been devoted to Bob’s boyhood in Hibbing although guys like Howard Sounes in Down The Highway: The Life Of Bob Dylan have made a stab at it. Nobody has touched on the real source of Bob’s malaise though. I mean why was he living in mixed up confusion? His songs give off hints that could be investigated by someone in the right frame of mind but it’s not going to be me. I’ve got other things to think about. I’ve got my own life to live. Bob does generously provide the lyrics on his web site however for anyone interested.

Obviously the early years were not so happy as they could have been. Bob had difficulties with his mother and father; nothing too egregious but one gets the notion that perhaps Bob thought parents and child were mismatched. Should have been born to someone else. I live with that feeling too. Bob and I both knelt at the same altar praying: There must be some way out of here… But just through that door over there and when it closes behind you you can’t get back in. I didn’t design this place I just live here.

How well he got along at school isn’t absolutely clear but it seems that no one felt any compunction to take Bob at his word which should be the finger on the sign pointing: This Way.

That Bob had time on his hands is obvious by his listening habits on the radio and his reading habits. Bob took it all in as did I. Country, Rock, Swing, Folk, Easy Listening. He doesn’t seem to remember the Folk very much but he must have heard those Harry Smith songs before if he crawled all those late night country stations beaming up on a million watts or so from Del Rio, Texas. He must have got Waterloo real clear. One of the great country stations of the Midwest. I don’t know if he could get WCKY in Cincinatti O-ha-o, as the announcer always pronounced it up there in Hibbing or Wheeling West Virginia. Boy Wheeling used to play some unusual items. Came in pretty clear in Michigan where I lived. Carter’s and all that? Old hat.

So I don’t know what blew his mind so much when he got to Dinkytown down at U. Minnesota. Atmosphere I guess. The hip thing was pretty heady. Tickled my fancy.

I’m totally amazed he was blown away by Woody Guthrie. Never had much use for Guthrie myself. This machine kills fascists! Who the hell ever saw a Fascist in America? I never did and I looked. I was curious. I wanted to find one.

Read Bound For Glory too. Left me cold but then that’s a matter of taste or perhaps temperament. Anyway Bob’s got all these musical influences rolling around in his mind and he meant to do something with them. He took off hitchhiking for NYC in the middle of a Minnesota winter. God, what balls. If anything got him into the Hall of Fame that must have been it.

I’ve done it. Not Minnesota but over on the Illinois, Indiana, Michigan side. Must have been out of my mind. Well, just young and dumb, but even that’s no excuse. I bet Bob feels the same way. There I was in three feet of snow with trucks going by at fifty miles an hour. Rearranged my own personal snow bank every time it happened. But this isn’t about me, well, actually it is but only in relation to Bob.

This hitchhike through the winter wonderland must have left an indelible stamp on Bob’s mind. Did mine. Made him cold. Bitter. Put bite into some of his songs. Tears of rage. Hello New York City sayonara Chitown. Boy, there’s two places that’ll give you a vivid impression of mankind. Did me.

Bob was there at the creation of Rock and Roll and it was a life changing experience for him. Some guys like Eddie Cochran and Ricky Nelson could settle into quick and easy imitations but Bob had trouble sorting our his influences and making a sound that was his own. Landing in Greenwich Village and its vibrant Folk scene, if some of those guys can be called vibrant. I’ve got a whole collection of their records and some of ‘em are so dull they make Bobby shine.

So Bob settled in doing things like Talking New York and other folkie stuff as he put his musical roots down coming up with Hank Williams influenced Folk stuff. He was doin’ all right too but he couldn’t forget those Rock and Roll rhythms.

So just as he was drolling out Folk anthems in ‘62 he went into the studio and did this strange Rock and Roll record called Mixed Up Confusion. Tryin’ to be Elvis Presley. Sun years. Hot licks and all that jazz.

So Mixed Up Confusion is not good but it’s not bad either. All his miserable past is focused into that song and all his magnificent rise emanates from it. The song is a knot. It’s like when I first started writing. I could tell my whole life story in three Ernest Hemingway style sentences. Brief and pithy but there couldn’t possibly be that big a demand for a haiku on my life. I’d have to kind of elaborate, get loquacious, a little. That’s what Bob did after Mixed Up Confusion. He began to elaborate. Stretch it out. Separate those musical strands. Mercerize it whatever mercerize means. Seen the world somewhere. Memorized it. This might be the appropriate time to use it; might not.



Now, I only heard the song in 2005 but in the way memory works I was able to shift it from here to there so that me and Bob was in two places at the same time together. You know, we went to the same school together at different times. It was a lot easier to do than explain.

Bob and I began to work out our problem in the same way, he singing, me listening. See, I told you it was easy. First though Bob had to dump those Folkies. He was made of stiff stuff though. It was a lot easier for him to do it than it would have been for me. But he was gonna climb that mountain no matter how high. When you get to the top you’ve left everyone behind anyway. I’ll say I know but that wouldn’t be 100% true. Wouldn’t be a 100% lie either though. Kinda half way between the pillar and the post. You could kinda reach out and touch each one with your hands. Have to be kind of a contortionist though. I saw a guy once who could fit himself into a shoe box, big shoes, cowboy boots, size nineteens, but I never wanted to emulate him.

So Bob had been laying this folk stuff on the people pretty thick. They believed in him. They thought he was sincere, didn’t bother to ask. But he got himself a hot electric band and showed ‘em what boogie folk was. That’s when the sh.., uh stuff, hit the fan. It was messy. Got all over everybody. But Bob was kind of a Magic Man. He survived it. Prospered. Took more balls than I got to do it though.

They booed him. Loud. Shouted things at him. Like, Judas and Traitor and Go Home. He said he didn’t believe them but that must have been sheer bravado. They had their point. Well, don’t look back as Farragut said in Mobile Bay. Full speed ahead boys. Let ‘em deal with this.

Bob knew a thing or two about himself, if you know what I mean. He was beginning to sort his Rock and Roll ideas out. Tears of Rage. All the anger and frustration of his youth was finding a vent. The mood was terrific, who in the hell cared what it meant. If you wanted your songs to sound heavy but mean something plain you could borrow the Sound of Silence from Simon and Garfunkle.

He was beginning to be able to project his vision of Rock and Roll. It would appear that he wanted to create an entirely new paradigm as he does manage to sound different but retains similarities to both Presley and Little Richard, two of his major influences. The tentative gropings of Bringing It All Back Home progressed through Highway 61 Revisited to full realization in Blonde On Blonde. Rainy Day Women is a weird and raucous vision of Rock music but in reality is neither fish nor fowl. The general reaction to Blonde On Blonde was one of puzzlement. The music of Rainy Day Women was repellent to most while the lyrics of that summer of ‘66 were impenetrable. Nobody and I mean nobody had any idea of what Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands was about. Still Dylan’s vision of Rock was loose and exciting.

Bob Dylan had also reached a plateau with the release of this his major opus. He had realized or perfected the style. No farther development was possible. The rage and resentment that had fueled the music even perhaps psychotic had reached a culmination.

Thus in the summer of ‘66 Dylan had no place to go. I presume he was out of ideas hence his accident and retirement.

The summer of ‘66 was traumatic for the Dylan, myself and the country. While Bob’s new record lay on the counter waiting to be bought on July 13th Richard Speck committed a horrific crime in Chicago. He ritually murdered a passel of nursing students. At the time the memory of Kennedy’s assassination was still strong. At the time he was shot there were people who thought and said that the assassination would release an epidemic of murder. I don’t know that Speck had any relationship to Kennedy, perhaps his killing was merely a harbinger of the murderous unrest stalking the land.

I had just graduated from Cal State at Hayward that June of ’66. I was taking graduate courses at UC Berkeley. Twenty-eight years old at the time. The Dylan record had hit the stores at the end of June. Now, the record was psychologically disturbing and unsettling by itself. Records were the generation’s means of expressing itself, replacing the movies of the previous generation and books of still earlier generations, so Blonde On Blonde had earth shaking qualities not present in CD s today. Not only did Blonde On Blonde erupt in that memorable summer but Procol Harum, Cream and Canned Heat first emerged. All exhibited a new form of craziness what with Cream’s I Feel Free and Canned Heat being named after a drug substitute. The following June, The Summer Of Love would see the release of the even crazier record Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles.

So we were reeling from Speck’s astounding crime under the influences of the psychotic or near psychotic Blonde On Blonde when two weeks after Speck Charlie Whitman barricaded himself in his tower and opened fire on the world or at least as much of it as he could reach on the University of Texas campus. Whitman killed or wounded dozens.

At the time I was cracking my brain trying to learn a year’s worth of Latin in an intensive six week course while trying to prepare for a move to graduate school at the University of Oregon.

At the same time Bob was working out his rage and hatred in full view of the world with what were actually night thoughts I was privately doing the same under the influence of his lunacy as he exposed himself on records. I was still hurtin’ every single day searching for my own release and the way out of from where I was at. I was strange enough, hair parted in the middle getting longer by the day, to feel some affinity to Speck and Whitman as well as Dylan. Whatever I saw in Dylan I saw aspects of in Speck and Whitman. Dylan did too; at least he said so at an awards ceremony setting his audience on their ears. I know what he was talking about and everyone in that audience should have too. No man is an island, send not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.



In the summer of ‘66 the so-called Free Speech Movement at Berkeley was in the mopping up stage. The new paradigm of ‘Freedom’ was in place at the home of the Golden Bears. The obscene rag The Berkeley Barb was being hawked on the street corners and wherever. The homeless and runaways were throwing down their sleeping bags in doorways creating the new street sitcom of the Brave New America.

The man who dubbed what went before as The Old Weird America had graduated from US Berkeley that very same June of ‘66. He was on his way over to San Francisco to become the reviews editor of the new journalism espoused by The Rolling Stone, the most successful of the generations publishing ventures. The San Francisco Oracle published for a year then disappeared.

I gathered my things together and headed North to the land of perpetual overcast, Oregon.

While I was familiar with Bringing It All Back Home and Highway 61 with the addition of Blonde On Blonde I began to immerse myself in the three records for about three years. I listened to a side a day every morning when I got up. I know that when Bob talks about his hour of darkness he really means his whole life. That’s what I would mean by it. That’s what I meant by it. It wasn’t a question of not dark yet it was a question of when is the sun going to shine. I was trying to stay on the sunny side of the street but I just couldn’t figure out which side was it. It was going to be dark for a while yet.

Those Dylan years were dark years for me. Probably as dark as it has ever been. Let’s hope so because I don’t want to go there again. But I suppose I have to thank Bob for steadying me through the dark period. Apart from the stray line popping up in my memory from time to time I cannot remember the lyrics of a single song or could I quote a whole verse. The titles were terrific though and I remember a lot of them. Whole novels were in those titles. Whole novels were in many of the lines. I responded to the title It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry. How great. I didn’t need the song that rumbled and loped in the background of the thoughts it released. The tone and mood were the perfect background to the darkness swirling in my mind. Occasionally a line that was another novel in itself would break in like ‘I ride on a mail train, baby, can’t buy a thrill.’ One more line and I would have had a trilogy. Possibly I could have named the trilogy The Weird Old Greil Marcus. I might yet.



Here’s Greil Marcus forming this weird extrasensory relationship with Bobby. Marcus gets himself all wrapped up in the lyrics of Like A Rolling Stone; begins to live his life like it’s the fifth gospel right after John. I mean, Dylan’s good, but…

Dylan had an effect on a lot of people not least Greil Marcus. Marcus had seen Dylan in ‘63 in Philly and was blown away. He attended several concerts between ‘63 and ‘66 each apparently a religious epiphany. As just a spectator in the audience he could do nothing but adore his idol. Beginning with his job at Rolling Stone in ‘66 he had an entrée backstage at anyone’s concert including his idol Bob’s. Thus he could get up close and personal with his hero. Ask almost any question; form a relationship. Shape Bob’s thinking and attitude a little even in time display his SI credentials.

Apparently Marcus got as involved with Bobby’s lyrics as much as I did, heck, as much as a multitude did. Marcus has followed Bobby down seemingly owning all the records and CD s having heard all the songs at least once, as indeed has Nigel Williamson who wrote the Rough Guide. I can’t really go much further than John Wesley Harding. I gave up on Bob after that, not necessarily because his stuff wasn’t that good, but wherever he was going I wasn’t following. Our minds and problems slipped out of sync. Most likely he went his way and I went mine.

But Greil Marcus became obsessed with one Dylan song: Like A Rolling Stone. He went so far as to write a long essay on the song published as a single volume. A song has to be in your gene’s to devote that much effort to it.

From this point on I’m going to refer to Marcus as Greil for convenience and because I’m going to get more personal. I hope there are no objections.

Speaking from the ‘bully pulpit’ that Greil has created for himself he has declared Like A Rolling Stone not only the best of Bobby’s extensive canon but the greatest song of all time. As an influential critic he has got the ball rolling in the direction he wants it to go. But, there are dissenters.

Nigel Williamson, who may be considered an authority on Dylan’s entire oeuvre equal to Greil, in his Rough Guide to Dylan lists what he considers Bobby’s Top 50. He lists Like A Rolling Stone no higher than eighteen of Dylan’s best not even considering the whole song corpus of the world. Williamson’s top 18 all come from Bobby’s albums before John Wesley Harding. Further of those songs which I know well I would agree with Williamson with the exceptions of #4 Girl From The North Country, #5 Mixed Up Confusion and #8 Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll. I would move To Ramona closer to the top. The Flying Burrito Bros. Version of the song is as good as it gets.

The extravagance of Greil is alarming in a critic. The excess can only be explained by Greil’s relation of the song to some intense personal problem. Now, Greil has not only written several books that almost repeat the same thematic material, John Winthrop- Abraham Lincoln-Mike King Jr., but he has written numerous reviews, essays and been interviewed many times. A great many are available for downloading from the internet so that Greil’s psyche can be searched. In searching through his essays one comes to a remarkably irrelevant and revealing essay. Irrelevant because it has nothing to do with any subject anyone would go to here him lecture about.

On Oct. 13, 2006 Greil read a piece for an audience at the Richard Hugo House. In it he revealed his central childhood fixation.. Because of the death of the inseminator of his mother, a father he never knew by the name of Greil Gerstley, Greil Marcus apparently considers himself an orphan which he is in a manner of speaking in fact.

The incident that catalyzed his feeling he tells thusly: 


It was 1955; I was 10. We had just moved into a new

house in Menlo Park, California. There was a big radio set up, and I’d play with it at night, trying to pull in the drifting signals from across the country; Chicago, Cleveland, Omaha, even New Jersey. One night a few lines came out. I don’t remember the exact words, but the gist is clear: “When American GI s left Korea, they also left behind countless fatherless babies. Once everyone talked about this. Now nobody cares.”


As I got older I realized it was an echo of something other than what the words from the radio described. I know it was an echo of an absent memory of my own father, whose name was Greil Gerstley, who was lost in a typhoon in the Pacific when his destroyer went down.


So in times of teenage unhappiness, the fantasy that I might have lived a different life, been a different person with a different name, was more a fact than a fantasy. If my father had lived, both my mother and I would have lived very different lives. But it was the kind of fact that, when you try to hold onto it, slips through your fingers like water.


Alright. Bobby’s song is addressed to a woman while Greil dwells on, delights in the line ‘How does it feel.’ So, what woman does Dylan’s song call to mind in Greil’s experience. I’m afraid it must be his mother. I won’t speculate on whatever lingering fears Greil may have. Suffice it to say that his mother and father in the pressures of war were a dockside romance and marriage. Virtually as the marriage was consummated Greil Gerstner was shipped to his death in a Pacific typhoon.

Greil tells us that he was born six months and a day after his father’s ship went down. Thus as his father sank into the waters of the Pacific Greil was a mass of stem cells evolving into hands, fingers, ears, eyes, nose and…a memory. It is almost eerie the way he dates his memories from this period when he was scarcely recognizable as a human being..

I suspect he considers his mother’s remarriage in 1948 some sort of betrayal of the memory of Greil Gerstner. One wonders if Greil is a Junior. One has the feeling that he was never really comfortable with his adoptive father, Mr. Marcus. I can understand this. There was no genetic affinity to the man. When my mother remarried also in 1948 when I was ten I could never consider my step-father as other than a stranger and an interloper in my mother’s bed. I was furious that he was sleeping with her when my inseminator, my own genetic material, wasn’t.

Both Greil’s reaction and my own were irrational but fully natural and understandable. It matters little that the Gerstners would have undoubtedly been divorced within two years of his father’s return while he would have ended up with a step-father anyway. He can thank his lucky stars his mother remarried as well as she did.

At least his half brother Bill is looking out for him. Thank the Lord for what few favors he bestows.

Greil’s mother is his problem and the source of his admiration for his favorite song and he has become obsessed with his dead father. Then things began to happen. Someone was doing a documentary on the death of the Hull, his father’s ship. Certain stories were told Greil in the course of the documentary that don’t make sense to my experience.

I was in the Navy on a Destroyer Escort, a hundred feet or so shorter than a Destroyer. We were sent through the heart of a typhoon also. I know what the term ‘towering seas’ means. The ship came close to dying several times but we made it through. If the ship had rolled there would have been no survivors. I can’t understand how there were any survivors of the Hull, Gerstner’s ship. In seas like that the ship is tightly sealed to prevent flooding and consequent sinking. The only exit is on the bridge to allow changes of the watch and whatever. When that sucker rolls it is a floating coffin. Nobody gets out. If you happened to be on watch on the bridge you would be thrown into frigid waters with a life expectancy of two minutes at most. To protect myself from the numbing cold I had on so many clothes that they would have saturated and pulled me down before I could come up for air the first time.

I do not understand that there could be survivors of the Hull.

Greil should check his facts more closely, the ship rolls over it doesn’t pitch over. The ship will not right itself at something like a thirty degree roll. Anything more than that and it’s Hello, Davy Jones, goodbye San Francisco.

All that baloney about breaking out of a trough is sheer nonsense. Only a fool would cut the engines. There are so many things happening with the water that survival is sheer luck. At one time the seas were flowing beneath us faster than our headway. That makes the rudders useless. If you don’t have control of the ship you’re sunk. I don’t know how we made it. I really don’t.

So Greil should research his father’s situation more fully and stop blaming everyone. It was just one of those things. Could have happened to anyone. Ask me.

At any rate Greil made the connection of those abandoned Korean children with his own and his father’s. Greil obviously believes that he is as one of those abandoned kids.

The problem then gets back to the woman of Like A Rolling Stone. Only Greil’s mom situation makes Like A Rolling Stone the greatest song ever written. He has to come to terms with his feelings about his mother. That’s all I’ll say. If he rereads Obsessive Memories closely she should be able to find his way out and maybe find another world’s greatest song.

Greil’s obsessions with Like A Rolling Stone soured Bobby beyond redemption for me. However in forcing me to reexamine my own fixation on Bob’s three greatest LP s he has compelled me to come to a truer understanding of what I found in those songs. The use I made of them.

Unfortunately as one door closes another opens. Memories come flooding back of that memorable summer of ‘66. I ride on a mail train, baby, can’t buy a thrill while it takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry. Blonde On Blonde, Richard Speck, Charlie Whitman, there’s a novel or two or a trilogy in there somewhere. Can it be found before I die?


Evolution, Genes, Psychology And History


 R. E. Prindle


R.E. Prindle

When Darwin introduced the idea of Evolution into society in 1859 he presented society with its thorniest problem.  Initially Evolution was considered a conflict between Science and Religion.  Recently with advances in science the idea has emerged as a racial threat to non-Whites.  They will be much more determined and active in the ideas rejection  than the religious people.  As William Saletan put it in his Slate ezine article:

(Evolution) is a threat to their whole value system.  As William Jennings Bryan put it during the Scopes trial, evolution meant elevating “supposedly superior intellect”, “eliminating the weak,” “paralyzing hope of reform,” “jeopardizing the doctrine of brotherhood,” and underming “the sympathetic activities of a civilized society.”

And, it can be added, with the testing of intelligence by more or less objective means, the IQ Test, the chaff could be separated from the weak confirming just who was inferior in intelligence.  No doubt, but change is change whether you choose to believe in it or not.  Bryan was right on the challenges to Liberal ideology but wrong on the results.  He was a little narrow in his evaluation of the Liberals and the colored peoples of the world who were not evolutionarily advanced.  There were unintended consequences that Bryan didn’t comprehend.

Since Darwin and Bryan Liberals have been fighting the mounting evidence that the thrust of evolution is toward greater intelligence of the brain while the genes carrying it seem to be a monopoly of the Aryan species.  The big problem for society is the inherent lack of mental capacity of the Africans.  Liberals have caused untold suffering to intelligent men and women who contradicted their ideology even through current research has now confirmed that the Liberals, as usual, were wrong and their opponents right.

In November of  ’07 the Liberals threw in the sponge on the African question. Scientific studies proved  insurmountable to their bigotry.  Liberals had to choose between becoming stultified or capitulating.  They chose to capitulate but they needed a scapegoat to cover their anguish.  He was found in the co-discoverer of DNA, James Watson.  DNA has provided the incontrovertible evidence of the inherent differences between the various human species.  He announced that there was bad news coming out of Africa and that news was that Africans were biologically afflicted with a low IQ average.

I have no proof but it seems probable that James Watson voluteered for the role of releasing the bad news.  At 90 he had nothing to lose so he became the dreaded messenger to deliver the inescapable truth.  They didn’t kill this messenger but he was forced to apologize for telling the truth while either being fired from a largely honorary job or resigning to humiliate himself so that the Liberals would have their sacrifice that somehow justified the abdication of their position.

Their ideology has not changed but will require a slight shift in tactics.  Mr. Saletan in his essay that appeared a couple weeks after Mr. Watson’s announcement of the scientific facts gives some indication of the nature or the shift of emphasis in their tactics.  No longer having the hope of ‘raising’ the Africans by education Mr. Saletan gave the direction a new thrust:

Bill Saletan

     Intermarriage is closing the gap.   To the extent that the difficulties (he prefers ‘human testing’ to scientific facts) are genetic the surest way to eliminate the gap is to reunite the human genome.  (That’s what he said, devolution) This is already happening including in my own family.  In 1970 1 percent of US marriages were between blacks and non-blacks.  By 1990 it was 4.5 percent.  It may the best punch line of the IQ debacle:  the more genetic the racial gap is, the faster we can eliminate it.

Mr. Saletan’s solution, as spokesperson for the Liberals is to negate evolution, creating devolution, and dumb down the human race to one stultified level.

While I disparage undue reliance on IQ testing which as a human device is much less reliable than the evidence of Nature which evidence has been recognized by the unprejudiced for centuries, Mr. Saletan and others do.  By their understanding of IQ scores Africans are the lowest with an average of 85.  ‘Whites’ next lowest at 100, Mongolids nearly atop the heap at 106 but then Mr. Saletan does a remarkable thing, he shifts the emphasis from species to what he calls ‘races’ to an individual religious group within a broader species.  He give the Jews a top score of 113, one suspects he’s Jewish, thus showing his lack of scientific acumen he mixes apples and oranges.  In Israel Jews without a history with the West score lower at 85.  So ‘Jews’ as a whole would average much lower.  At the same time Mr. Saletan should have stuck with species and included Jews in the Semitic species which has a much lower IQ.  So the apparent anomaly of the Western Jews requires explanation which I can’t go into here.

Regardless of any IQ scores it is obvious that global society has now organized around Aryan intelligence, including the Jews, and no other, so that may be another anomaly requiring explanation.

However, no matter with whom the Africans intermarry the result will be a reduction of the world’s intelligence or IQ.  This isn’t really the issue.  The issue is the genocide of ‘Whiteness’ as the coloreds put it or apparent superiority. The coloreds have no difficulty acknowledging that.  There can be no doubt this is the intent of the intermarriage that Mr. Saletan proposes.

As you may be aware a Harvard graduate and sometime Harvard professor, Mr. Noel Ignatiev (Jewish)  has called for the elimination of ‘Whites’ by ‘any means necessary.’  Recently a retired Black CNN newscaster ( I apologize for not remembering his name but I never watch CNN)  announced that the half billion White men in the world had better be alert because they are a mere island in a sea of coloreds.  Thus, as with Ignatiev, who by the way also has the entree of UC Berkelely and other prestigious universities, the threat is genocide of Aryan males.

Nicky Sarkozy

The women can be kept because women are, well, desirable, besides which once impregnated the child will be colored and Whiteness will automatically disappear.  Regardless of the increase in interracial marriages in the US noted by Mr. Saletan it is apparently not fast enough for more racially concerned societies.  The President of France, Nick Sarkozy, announced in the Spring of 2011 that he was seeking a law that compelled White women to marry Black men only.  White resistance must be a stubborn barrier to the emergence of the Golden Race.

In the US, television and movies hammer away at the elimination of racial differences as perceived by what passes for the Liberal mind.  Blacks are universally portrayed as geniuses while Whites are quarrelsome and dumb.  White women are always attracted to benevolent Black men while being sexually promiscuous.  This portrayal is called a ‘role model.’

So the shift in Liberal emphasis  will merely mean the further indoctrination and conditioning of Euroamerican women to accept Black men as lovers if not husbands.  Marriage isn’t necessary.

I don’t like to think it but Evolution in all probability will be negated, devolution is coming and that shortly.

Part II

Ivy League Prof. Noel Ignatiev

     In opposition to the obvious states of human differentiation there are those who argue that differences don’t matter.  At one and the same time they point out that Chimpanzees share 98% of human genes but fail to note the obvious and important differences between Chimps and and all human species.

Let us remember that life is a matter of chemistry, all living beings on the planet are composed from a certain group of elements, the most prominent being hydrogen and oxygen.  In that sense earthworms and humans are nearly identical in chemical composition.  All forms of life have DNA composed of chromosomes and genes..  So why isn’t there only one form of life?  Well, genes.  I haven’t checked but I’m sure that all mammals undoubtedly share 90-95% of the same genes, so the difference between an Ass and human must be negligible.

Since the decoding of the genome the emphasis has been on genes, but how genes function is not understood while the search is on for the genes that cause this and that, even for mental conditions that have no relationship to genes.  On the one hand the concentration on genes overlooks the chomosome and  or grouping of genes and their relationship to each other as well as the double helix whole while on the other hand the whole concept of Evolution is ignored and suppressed for social reasons.  The truth would destroy the basis for societal inner wishful thinking.  While the differences between the human species are controlled by the genes the genes are not static and unchangeable  but are agents of evolution.  The key is that the species are in the process of greater differentiation.

Evolution at this point seems to be occurring in the brain.  A change toward greater intelligence.

The African’s intelligence limited by evolution is limited because as the first evolved Homo Sapiens, of which all agree, these genes were as yet unevolved while as the first Homo Sapiens the African is completely evolved in his manifestation.  As the difference between the Last Hominid Predecessor and the African as first Homo Sapiens was not that large, perhaps merely a gene or two, the African must be the first step in the evolution of the genus Homo Sapiens.

The current feeling seems to be that if a certain quality is needed the human body will produce a gene for it. Thus Liberals believe that the African is Black because Blackness was needed as a protection from the tropical sun. This ignores the fact that gorillas are not only Black but have a heavy coat of hair which is even better protection from that devilish tropical sun. So the question would seem to be why the African either lost his coat of hair or failed to develop one which would have been even more advantageous than being merely black. Obviously the African would be in much better shape with a protective coat of hair. Thus Evolution instead of working to his advantage has actually worked against it.

What is more likely is that the African is Black for genetic reasons and genetic reasons alone. His color has nothing to do with the tropical sun.

In the Liberal collection of Just So stories then they say that Whites , who they believe are nothing but displaced Africans, developed a gene for Whiteness in response to Europe’s cold pale sun. This doesn’t explain why White people at the same time didn’t develop a fur coat that shed in the summer and increased for protection from the cold in winter, perhaps becoming protectively white to camouflage them in the snow. Nor do they deign to advise us how long it takes for the genes to recognize the need for Whiteness and begin adaptation.

Thus we are told that Homo Sapiens first evolved in Africa c. 150,000-200,000 years ago and that he was Black. While the other human species evolved from these first Black Homo Sapiens  they give us no hint as to when this happened. With absolutely no evidence to support their thesis they hypothesize that Africans as Black people migrated from Africa c. 100,000 to 50,000 years ago. One assumes that the process of genetic adaptation proceeded at a very rapid rate unlike in the historical past being accomplished within a few thousand years or so.

The problem with Europeans changing their spots in adaptation to the weather is that Europe was buried under hundreds of feet of ice during the last Ice Age when Africans are supposed to have left Africa. Northern Europe might not have been habitable and then only the Southern parts until 30,000 years ago. So as of 30K years ago the Black African emigrants could not have begun their genetic change to White.  While Neanderthal Man occupied Northern Europe at the same time we don’t have evidence as to whether they were Black or White.  If they were White but an earlier Hominid then how did that happen?

Further the current occupants of Europe weren’t even in Europe until very recent historical times. The Celts who came from the steppes of Asia entered Europe c.1000 B.C. the Goths followed on their heels. The first Mongolids to enter Europe were the Huns c. 500 B.C. Thus White Europeans developed on the steppes,  of Asia where the European climate couldn’t have affected their genetic makeup and yet they were White while they were living cheek by jowl with dark toned Mongolids. For some reason the Mongolids who must have been out on the steppes as long as the Whites didn’t develop a climatic White gene. Why not?

Further still, the most recent settlers of the Americas are said to be Asian immigrants. Yet according to Mr. Saletan the Asians register spectacular I.Q.s ranging over 110 while their American descendents register only 89 or so. Did the I. Q.s of the Asian immigrants sink for some weather related reason or have the East Asians artificially raised theirs by contact with a superior stock and manipulation of tests or test results? How do the Liberals intend to explain such disparities? They don’t. Obviously they just sweep them under the rug then pass laws to make questioning their conclusions illegal.

They refuse to consider the obvious explanation and that is Evolution.

Evolution occurs in small increments. As the first Homo Sapiens to evolve, the African is a rather primitive model. What is obvious is that Whites, Asians and Semites are all more highly evolved models. As late as the end of the nineteenth century Africans had progressed no further than a stone age life style. This is not their fault of course but it is nevertheless true. After having been in contact with  higher civilizations for several hundred years Africa is slipping back into a stone age existence as evidenced by Zimbabwe and South Africa and any number of former colonies of Europe instead of absorbing the higher cultures.

One can’t expect more as Nature cannot evolve higher models without leaving less evolved models behind. For instance it is ridiculous to believe Gorillas have always lived in the undesirable areas in which they have been found.  They must obviously have preferred the better areas but were driven into the wastes by the superior Africans.  This is so obvious it isn’t even worth mentioning but one must. This is just a fact; you can live with it or grouse.

The question then is are all Homo Sapiens species at the same stage of Evolution?

It doesn’t seem possible.

First let me state that I think it probable that there are two or possibly three species of Whites in existence.  The first evolved from the African settling in the Med Basis the water level then several hundred feet below its current level.  When the ice age ended this civilization was flooded out of the Basin with the bulk of the population settling on the shores of the Med, most notably Crete and Lower Egypt.  Their was probably diffusion throughout the rest of the world bringing advanced learning with it.

The succeeding two species are genetic improvements of the first White species.  As the former migrated from Central Asia it is probable that HSIII or the second White species were forced out of the Med as HS II had undoubtely been from Africa by HSI.  The origin of Neanderthals remains a mystery.

As Evolution is continuing it can only be doing so in the second White species and not there if a third White species is in existence.  That means that as the African is fully evolved with no futher improvement possible so is HSII or the first White species and possibly the second or nearly so.  Now the range of IQ scores in Whites ranges from say 85 to 160 or possibly beyond.  The range of Africans is much lower.  It is not unreasonable then to hypothesize that HSII may have a range of from 85 to 110 or so, while HSIII may range from, say, 100 to 130 and HSIV above that.  In addition as the scientific mentality is nearly always White male that implies special genetic organization that may or may not be reflected in IQ.  Given the enormous IQ range of Whites I think it more than probable that one is dealing with two or three species.  Differences will show up in physical manifestations if you look for them and are willing to see them for what they are.

The above means that the Semites and Mongols are sterile species who have also realized their full potential.  That there may be deed end Homo Sapiens species should surprise no one.  After all Neanderthal man among others was an evolutionary dead end.

I put little faith in IQ test per se that are human contrivances and as such will be made to produce results that gratify human expectations but in the mass they offer a general guide.

If one looks at the result of human development at the present time all of the other species are living according to the results of White intellectual development.  All societies on earth today are organized along White lines with the possible exception of the primitive African who seems to sliding back to his traditional stone age  organization.  This should be indicative of White intelligence.

The colored are keenly aware of this and find it acutely embarrassing hence the Get Whitey scenario announced by the Semite Noel Ignatiev of Harvard University and Barack Obama and his attorney general Eric Holder.

In conjunction with this intellectual and emotional problem a second and even more important one has evolved as was predicted by Charles Darwin and with predictable results.

Part III.

If you can accommodate your mind to the notion that Evolution has created a hierarchy of Human Species it is not necessary that you accept my understanding of the hierarchy, I’m sure you can work out your own vision.

The emergence of the scientific method in the nineteenth century resulting in a rapid unfolding of the human intellect was a test and trial for mankind as every conceived notion came under examination being radically revised or discarded.  The world of religion and magic disolved before one’s eyes.  That which was abstract displaced that which was concrete; the evidence of the imagination challenged the evidence of the senses.  One couldn’t see atoms but they were there.

With the unfolding of intelligence investigations were carried on in areas thought impenetrable to the human mind or just taken for granted.  The realm of human psychology was quickly laid bare.  Perhaps one of the most significant discoveries was contained in Sigmund Freud’s The Interpretation Of Dreams.  At last the dream mechanism if not perfectly explained was put on a sound path of discovery.  More important than one might think.

Along with the discovery of the mind went this development of  psychological  and intelligence measurement.  Led by Francis Galton and quickly developed by Binet and others it was possible to determine an approximation of an individual’s capacity for abstract thought.  Thus humans could be classified by physical strength which could be irrefutably confirmed by observation and by abstract intelligence.  The strong man who could rule by brute force now found himself displaced and diminished by wimps with more powerful brains.  A true class system to which there was no appeal was thus created.

Nor, as Darwin was to show the way, was the ability for abstract thinking evenly distributed through out the human species.  The ability belonged to one species only, the Aryan or White and as I have tentatively determined only a portion of that.

Science was very hard on the conceived notions of mankind.  Darwin’s theories not only undermined religion which was immediately obvious but the human species of the world  slowly came to realize that scientific advances condemned them to a perpetual inferiority from which again there was no appeal.

At the same time scientific advances in agriculture and medicine disturbed the balance of births and deaths that had depressed population growth so that in the nineteenth century the populations of Africa and the Orient began to explode.  The Aryan or White population was 20% of the world total in the nineteenth century but has now fallen to under 10%.

Thus all the human species no longer had room to move and began to uncomfortably jostle each other.  Thus five human species are fighting to occupy the same economic niche.  In his Origin Of Species Darwin explained the inevitable biological consequences from which, once again, there is no appeal.  If you don’t choose to accept the reality, too bad for you.  I quote:

     As species of the same genus have usually, though by no means invariably, some similarities in habits and constitution, and always in structure, the struggle will generally be more severe between species of the same genus, when they come into competition with each other, than between species of distinct genera.  We see this in the recent extension in parts of the United States of one species of swallow having caused the decrease of another species.  The recent increase of the missal-thrush in parts of Scotland has caused the decrease of the song thrush.  How frequently we hear of one species of rat taking the place of another species under the most different climates!  In Russia the small Asiatic cockroach has everywhere driven before it its great congenor.  One species of charlock will supplant another and so in other cases.  We can dimly see why the competition should be most severe between allied forms, which fill nearly the same place in the economy of nature; but probably in no one case  could we precisely say why one species has been victorious over another in the battle of life.

Nature decrees that when two or more species occupy the same economic niche the most advantaged will eliminate the others.  Now, Darwin did not make this rule up out of his head; he merely recognized and articulated what his study of Nature revealed.  Darwin has no personal responsibility.

Nature does not make exceptions to its general rules.  What is true with birds, rats and cockroaches and any other species is true of Homo Sapiens.

African Invaders On Way To Europe

One doesn’t have to seach far for examples of this.  Neanderthal man is no longer with us.  The Bushmen and Whites of South Africa are being systematically exterminated by various African tribes.  The Caribs have been history for some time not to mention the Tasmanians who were hunted down and killed to the man.  A fine example of a human species causing the decrease of another and displacing it is the European invasion of America.  In that invasion a program of extermination of the native Asiatics was commenced but not completed.  The remainder were collected and placed in circumscribed areas.  The European species took possession of the land.

This was a natural result of the competition between species within a genus filling the same economic niche.  Was it brutal?  You bet it was.  Was it wrong?  That all depends on which  side you were on as we’ll see in current exterminations which are being carried on no less brutally.  When grazing land is needed for species preferred by Homo Sapiens all other ruminants, such as the buffalo, are destroyed or driven into waste spaces.  These are natural consequences of population growth.

When one realizes the natural process then the understanding of current natural migrations becomes understandable but no less hazardous to one side or the other.  The Asiatic migrations into the same North America in which Europeans formerly displaced Asiatics is now occurring in reverse.  Asiatics from Mexico and points South and Asiatics from China and elsewhere, Viet Nam, India, the Philippines etc. are now displacing Europeans.  Do they feel guilt or embarrassment?  Not at all.  Their invasions are totally justified in their own minds.  Only Aryans feel guilty.

Southern California is now majority Mexican; the complacent Aryans, who have it in their ability to kill tens of millions of Mexicans without firing a shot,  are now a minority while being ethnically cleansed.  The city of San Francisco is today one third Chinese; again the Aryans are being ethnically cleansed.  Within a matter of a few years the Aryans will have been displaced, ethinically cleansed, by both Chinese and Mexicans and then the conflict will change to between Mexicans and Chinese of which the winner will be the Chinese I have no doubt.  Once again the Chinese are completely in the hand of the Aryans who will not utilize their means.

Unlike the Asiatics displaced by the Europeans who put up a stiff resistance the current European population is not only passive, putting up no resistance at all, but are actively encouraging the whole world to come to America and displace them.  They hold the door open for the invaders, an unprecedented situation.

The same is true in the Aryan European homeland where major invasions of Semites, Africans and Asiatics are occurring with no resistance but full complicity.  As unbelievable as it may seem the President of France, Nick Sarkozy, is calling for a  law to compel Aryan women to mate with Africans only thus completely violating any civil rights enjoyed by the women while essentially legalizing their slavery.  If this had been suggested by anyone fifty years ago they would have been declared insane, and yet….

That Darwinian principles are involved is evident from the stated intentions of Semites, Africans and Asiatics to exterminate the indigenous population of Aryans.  The colored populations of the world have temporarily united to wipe what they call ‘whiteness’ from the face of the earth.  The process is far along while resistance is not only feeble but non-existent; the result is virtually certain is not a virtual actuality.

Once the Euroamericans are exterminated it seems reasonably certain that the Chinese who are currently in the process of occupying Africa will exterminate the most primitive of the Homo Sapiens species.  From that point on is anybody’s guess.  While a few years back I would have hesitated to express such a prophecy things are now so far advanced that if you can’t see it the onus is on you.

Part IV.

If you can accept the concept of Evolution and the progression of the species as well as the inevitable conflict of the species when they come in contact we can briefly examine the nature and progress of those contacts.

It follows that as the first evolved Homo Sapiens species the African realized their full potential rather quickly entering into a relatively stable stone age life style that remained unchanged until they came into contact with Semites and Europeans.

Although Africans had contact with Europeans in the persons of Ancient Greeks and sustained contacts with the Roman Empire they seemed to have learned little from them.

The Semites with whom the Africans had sustained contact from at least 700 AD  merely extracted Africans as slaves or assimilated themselves changing color while retaining Arab culture. The Semites themselves had realized their own fulfillment at least by the beginning of the nineteenth century.

The fulfilled Semitic culture is represented by the Middle East c. 1800. Whatever technological developments the Semites employed were purchased or taken from the West. As the Ugandan chief Mtese was to say, he noticed that all the goods the Arabs brought to trade were manufactured in Europe.

C. 1500 when Europe began its invasion of the world then, Africans and Semites had realized their full potential as human species as had the Mongolids of East Asia and the Indians of the subcontinent. All were stagnant societies that would have remained unchanged forever without the introduction of the European yeast.

As I stated before the main stem of active evolution progresses from Africans who may be styled H.S I (Homo Sapiens One) to the Whites who did not begin in Europe. HS II which must have evolved from HS I during the last Ice Age  undoubtedly settled in the exposed Mediterranean Valley. They apparently developed the first civilization. When the ice melted and the waters rose they were flushed out of the Med Valley around its shores thus civilization as we date it began.

In so far as HS II occupied Spain , Crete, Greece and Italy these must have been the first Europeans. In all probability HS II has also realized its full potential but even so is more highly evolved than Africans. Semites and Mongolids.

Here comes the part that’s going to stick in your craw. In the steppes of Asia the second ‘European’ or Aryan people began to realize its destiny.  They must have evolved from HSII and been forced out of the Med Basin migrating to Central Asia.  As Aryans they then either migrated from or were driven out of Asia by the Mongolids. Over the centuries they settled in India, the Middle East and the northern latitudes of Europe. They were the last to begin to realize their potential. That potential may now be fully realized while HS IV s either have evolved in small numbers or ready to be evolved.

So, as of c. 1500 all species of Homo Sapiens seemed to be at the same level of development. It would have taken a sharp eye to notice the differences although as Tennyson was to say: Better fifty years of Europe than a cycle of Cathay.

From c. 1500 to 1900 the Europeans went through an amazing stage of development rapidly developing technology in unheard of directions while beginning scientific researches that have now decoded the genetic structure of not only the human but various other genomes.

This knowledge was gained as Europe successfully but briefly obtained hegemony of the world.

Now, I am not going to appeal to anything so questionable as I.Q. tests but the actual results of the societies and civilizations the various human species have organized.

Thus when Europeans began their invasion of the world c. 1500 all societies were more or less equally evolved, but only the Europeans had not realized the full potential of their Homo Sapiens species. While the other species remained static the Europeans rapidly surpassed them.

By 1800 Europeans were clearly superior on the basis of their accomplishments while by 1900 they had lapped the field. However in their intellectual development they became more far seeing, sensitive to the effect they were having on the other species, while having what all other species lacked as a result, a conscience.

As conquerors the Western invasion was a new departure from that of all previous conquerors. The West brought benefits to the conquered peoples rather than just subjugating and looting them.

Rather than going into Africa and stamping the Africans flat they tried to do the impossible or elevate them beyond the limits of the species. For one hundred fifty thousand years the Africans had been exterminating each other in the literal sense of the term or driving the defeated tribes onto the least desirable land where the defeated either perished or were vastly reduced in numbers thus posing no further threat.

This is what the Europeans should have done to the Africans rather than encourage them. Instead today Euroamericans are on the brink of being exterminated by the Africans in their turn. The Africans have merely returned to their ancestral stone age ways except with machine guns that since they haven’t the knowhow to manufacture are supplied by the Whites of the West for the extermination of their own people. I ask you, what does a high I.Q. mean?

One fatal mistake Euroamericans made was to share hygienic and medical advances with the other species. Thus instead of natural means such as famine and disease controlling their populations the populations of all these peoples skyrocketed.

The Chinese went from 300 million to a billion and a half, the Indians from 250 million to one billion plus while the Africans shot up from 150 million to well over a billion. During that same time Euroamericans increased only marginally dropping from a 20% share of world population to less than 10%.

When the conquered peoples taught and armed by the Europeans, instructed in modern civilization by them, began to assert themselves the Europeans retreated back into their original territories thus sealing their doom. The only Euroamerican choice once the invasion of the world had begun was conquer or die.

Having now lost the will to win which was quickly apprehended by the formerly conquered people they in their turn began to invade Europe and America where they have met no or at best, feeble resistance. Indeed Euroamericans seem to welcome and encourage their own conquest and extermination. They pass laws making it a crime for their own people to resist.

Whether this is unprecedented is difficult to say. Certainly the Sumerians allowed themselves to be infiltrated and submerged by the surrounding Semites. Possibly the Aryan Indic civilization did the same in their area. Indeed, such a lack of sustained effort may be a shortcoming of the Aryan peoples. If so they are only getting what they’ve got coming to them.

Less intellectually developed than the Indo Europeans lacking a conscience the other species have already planned and are in process of exterminating the Euroamericans. I refer you once again to the plan put into execution under the name of Noel Ignatiev.


     If one looks at how ancient patterns are being worked out today I hope I won’t shock by the following comments.  In Africa today when Robert Mugabe was installed in Zimbabwe at the insistance of Liberal Euroamericans who forced the White government to abdicate the first thing Mugabe did as Shona tribal chief was to begin an extermination of the competing tribe of Matabele Zulu thus renewing a war begun a hundred years or more years previously.  At the same time he bnegan the dispossession and driving out of Whites.

     In America the Blacks seething in resentment because of slavery which was abolished a hundred fifty years ago expanded their own war on Whites as Liberals had given them the power by installing the Negro Barack Obama as President of the United States.  It began as Blacks attacking lone Whites on buses and subways.  Gaining courage by White inaction the Blacks escalated to raving gangs attacking Whites on the streets after dark.  With still no response so-called ‘flash mobs’ are being organized to plunder and trash White shops, most notably on Chicago’s vaunted Miracle Mile.  The Attorney General, the Negro Eric Holder, has openly stated that he will not prosecute ‘his people’ who he believes justified by past events.  His position is backed by Negro President Obama.  With the laws preventing Whites from defending themselves it is only a matter of time until Blacks become embolded to escalate into wholesale assaults with WMD.

     Semites in America with Noel Ignatiev as their spokesperson openly call for the extermination of a billion Whites ‘by any means necessary.’  One might be justified in believing America was Nazi German with Jews in the role of Nazis.   These are shocking happenings in both Africa and Euroamerica in what are supposed to be enlightened times.  But enlightment is only shared by Euroamericans which Semitic and African activities  around the world show.  So in reality Europeans should have acted toward Africans in the time honored traditions of exterminating them or driving them into the deserts and waste spaces to survive or perish as they would.  It would seem by Ignatiev’s actions that Hitler merely anticipated the Jewish Semites by a few years.

     As in Darwinian terms when two or more species of the same genus occupying the same economic niche come into conflict one must, I repeat, must, eliminate the others.  In this context Whites have willingly surrendered and are patiently waiting to be eliminated.

      The Africans, Darwinian illiterates, are foolishly inviting the Chinese into the continent.  The Chinese like the even more primitive Africans have no developed conscience and will have no compunction in either exterminating the Africans or driving them into wast lands just as the Africans drove Gorillas and Apes into waste spaces before them.  Gnash your teeth and lament if you like but nature will out.

     The Europeans missed their opportunity.   They foolishly permitted, even encouraged, the colored populations of the planet to explode while at the same time limiting their own population growth.  As the colored populations have spiraled out of control Euroamericans have become an ever diminishing percentage of humanity.  While with decreasing numbers they have foolishly squandered their technological superiority.

     In addition the colored populations are enraged by the undeniable evolutionary superiority of the Whites.  Nothing hurts more than to realize one’s inherent inferiority.  When the Whites retreated within the borders of their homelands the Africans, Semites and Mongolids then began the invasion of Euroamerica with the full, even openly, acknowledged intent of eliminating and replacing Whites.  Following ancient tradition they will kill the men and keep the women.

     Now, this invasion would have been difficult or impossible without Fifth Columns inside the two continents.  The West was emasculated by the White Liberals on the hand and more improbably by a splinter group of Semites, the Jews, on the other.  Historically the West must be thought of as encompassing Europe and West Asia, otherwise known as the Middle East including African Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula.  At the beginning of history a conflict arose between the two species occupying the Eastern Mediterranean.  The Semites on one hand and the Aryans or Europeans on the other.  Over time the Moslemized Turks would appropriate Anatolia, now Turkey, while the Persian Aryans retained Persia, now Iran.  Both groups have been Semitized by religion and hence stultified into ineffectiveness while subordinated to the Semites.

     The nature of the conflict was explained by the Greek historian Herodotus but his explanation has never been taken seriously.  His story explained the age old conflict as between ‘Asia’ and ‘Europe.’  By those terms is meant the conflict between Semites and Aryans.  In the conflict the Aryans were usually the military victors.  The Semite Cadmus established a foothold in Boeotia of Ancient Greece but was beaten down and driven out by the Aryans of Sparta.  The Romans later eliminated the Semitic Carthaginians from the Western Med.  Alexander had appeared somewhat before to crush the Semites of the East Med.

     Amid these activities the Semitic Jews came into existence after their deportation to Babylon in -586 and then created a Trojan Horse to defang the militarily superior Aryans without resort to war.  Paul of Tarsus used the Jewish sect of Christians to inject an enervating religious creed into the Aryans.  A sort of bacillus.  Unable to defeat Aryans in the field Christianity taught Aryans to turn the other cheek.  The notion of the ‘brotherhood of man’ was given them.  While ‘brotherhood’ has been abjured by Mongolids, Semites and Africans, Europeans were taught to place the interests of others before their own.  More specifically they were taught to put the interests of the Jews as ‘little brothers’ before theirs.

     Thus the Jewish Bible was made the holy book of the Aryans.  At that time Northern Europe was outside the civilized pale so that Christianity took more effective hold on Romanized Europe.  As the Jews express it they are the trunk of the tree to which the Aryans have grafted as a branch.

     Christianity and the Bible was then injected maliciously on Northern Europeans once the Frankish king Charlemagne was converted to Catholicism.  The North resent the imposition of Christianityh having since thrown off the yoke.

     By the end of the French Revolution Liberalism became the dominant outlook.  Thus the apparent willingness of today’s Liberals  to subordinate their manhood to the colored peoples of the world probably arose from this history.  As religionists the Liberals adopted the Holier Than Thou attitude characteristic of them while the Euroamericans who cast off the Biblical or Jewish yoke became second  class citizens outside the pale.

     In both Europe and the United States Liberals took up the cause of the colored majority functioning as a colored Fifth Column. They constantly hamstrung and sabotaged all efforts to hold the place that had been won in the world. Liberals have always been pro-African, pro-Semite and pro-Mongolid. Historically they cheer every European defeat and deplore every European victory.

Liberals have invited the colored peoples of the world and the Moslems who one and all resent their former subjugation to Europeans and consequently hate White people. Liberals have even made a gift of the West’s economies to the Chinese. There can be nothing more false than that the Chinese have the highest I.Q. in the world. Historical evidence is against any such notion. Euroamericans have simply set them up in business.

Now, as Darwin pointed out the competition between species is always the most vicious as, indeed, are civil wars. The economy we have enjoyed for the last hundred years or so has been based on abundant resources. Those resources are not unlimited but are actually exhausted. Without abundance of resources not only cannot the world economy be supported but not even one national economy such as China or the United States can be supported. The critical resources at present of course are oil and water.

As the Liberal credo has always been that no one can be prosperous if all are not prosperous they have naturally transferred the prosperity of the West to the East. There’s nothing that can be done with the Africans. Thus with oil supplies declining rapidly while oil use in the East is increasing dramatically not only will there not be enough to go around but because of the Jewish direction of North America’s foreign affairs such deep resentments have been created at all levels of the Middle East that all of those supplies will go East.

The West impoverished by the East and invaded or emasculated by immigrants however you choose from every direction will thus be eliminated from the face of the earth.

There is absolutely no informed person who cannot see this. Conservatives lament but meekly consent although some few do complain. The Liberals on the other hand applaud and forward the result because of Biblical indoctrination and conditioning of one world, people, one hell hole.

The question is then will it come to pass or is rejection possible?


No one can positively say what will happen or how soon but there are factors militating against the realization of Liberal desires. It should be clear by now that Liberals are the prime enemy. They must be disabled first. Anyone not willing to take up that fight should quietly submit and stop irritating us with complaints.

Along with tight resources the burgeoning global population now approaching seven billion is already too much for the planet to sustain. Malthusian limits have already been reached and passed. Water and oil are the keys. The level of the Great Lakes in North America are already receding steadily from over consumption. A conspiracy to bring Africa and Asia to North America is adding millions of new water consumers per year. One can drain the Great Lakes, for instance, only once. After that the well has run dry.

With another million people or so added to the Statein Georgia’s current drought that State would be dry in more ways than one. The same is true all over the world. Everyone, I repeat, everyone already knows this but they still persist in what can only be considered an insane enterprise.

Further Liberals know that it is an insane enterprise because they pass laws forbidding anyone to say it is an insane enterprise.

At any rate it is very probable that population pressures on resources will disrupt all plans in progress. When that happens the very hostile populations within regions will begin wars of extermination on each other so that the pressures on Euroamericans will be disrupted and distributed over a wide area. Blacks and Whites will not only be at war but Blacks vs. Mexicans, Mexicans vs. Chinese and all against each other. This may happen within ten years or so. It is best then to be prepared. These will be wars of extermination. Ruthless. One must be mentally prepared to kill.

In all probability regions will find it difficult to impossible to invade other regions so all the warfare will probably be intra-regional.

As the colored peoples have already gotten their Liberal handlers to pass laws forbidding Whites to combine those laws will have to be disregarded. It would be best to organize now and repeal them but that seems scarcely likely. So far Conservatives just talk.

So if Evolution is to be allowed to run its course the gene pool of HS III and possibly IV must be kept intact. A viable psychological approach must be devised and propagated. Psychological training is a first priority. That means a rejection of the Biblical ethos. The way is clear. This is no longer a nation of two approaches but a region of several potential warring populations. The first enemy is the Liberal faction. While nothing can be obtained by palavers it is still best to keep up the appearance of a dialogue but know that nothing can come of it so that military preparations continue. Organize.