Pt. VIII Time Traveling With R.E. Prindle

October 28, 2019

Pt. VIII: Time Traveling With R.E. Prindle


R.E. Prindle

A Dialogue Between George Reynolds and John Dicks with asides from R.E. Prindle.


Let us imagine George Reynolds and John Dicks sitting over lunch and a nice glass of Lafite, as George spelled it, reminiscing in early 1860 about the good old days. At this point in time George had ended, or was about to, his novelistic career. He would now devote himself to journalistic matters with his very successful newspaper and magazine. John Dicks who began his association with George in late 1847 had run a tight printing shop always keeping up with developments in printing. An employee of George at this time he will soon be made a full partner and go on to an illustrious later career of publishing cheap literary editions for the masses.

Merely getting by back in ’47 they are now well-to-do men with money in the bank and more rolling in with every publication. They have every reason to think well of themselves.

John asks George how he came up with the idea or the first two Mysteries of London series about the Markham Brothers and the astonishing Resurrection Man.


George: That’s kind of an interesting story John. As you know my last couple of books, damn good books too, had flopped. My whole early career was kind of a waste. My apprenticeship one might call it. Personally I thought the Steam Packet and Master Timothy’s Bookcase were great, but, the fickle public, you know…

There I was approaching thirty supporting my family with odd jobs, looking desperately into the future with great fear, a failure without an idea, when George Stiff approached me and said he had a novel idea, serial, that he was calling the Mysteries of London, same general notion as Eugene Sue’s Mysteries of Paris. There was also another Mysteres de Londres by this other French fellow by the name of Paul Feval who had actually published his Mysteres de Londres that was alright. I had this notion of two brothers who chose different paths in life, Richard Markham, virtue, and his brother Eugene, vice.

John: Did that have anything to do with Ainsworth’s two brothers in Rookwood?

George: I remembered that and then there’s Cain and Able of course and Romulus and Remus of Rome but, more importantly I could never get De Sade’s two novels Justine and Juliette out of my mind with De Sade’s notions about the rewards of virtue and vice. So, I changed the sexes to men and reversed the roles and made virtuous Richard more successful than vicious Eugene. I think I’m right too.

John: Did Eugene have any reference to Sue, his first name?

Eugene Sue

Author of Mysteres de Paris and The Wandering Jew

George: Probably. A little joke. I leaned pretty heavily on Sue during my career. A lot more from his Wandering Jew than The Mysteres de Paris, and then his later work. Sue just died you know, young man. Worked himself to death. Terrific prolific writer. I borrowed a lot but don’t lets talk about that.

John: I hadn’t heard about Sue’s death. Interesting fellow. You didn’t by any chance use him as a model for the Marquis of Holmesford in the second series of Mysteries of London by any chance did you George?

George: You got that, did you John?

John: I know your devious mind, George. I remembered how fascinated you were that Sue kept a harem of women of many different nationalities and races in his castle. Then when Holmesford did the same thing I did associate the two. Of course you made Holmesford an old man for your literary purposes but the similarities were there.

George: The truth is stranger than fiction, John but fiction makes it more interesting. Do you know that many of those women were actually Sue’s slave girls? He owned them.

John: No, I didn’t know that. Most of them were white women, how could he own those? Where did he buy them?

George: Slavery hasn’t disappeared John, it’s true that we English outlawed the African slave trade back in ’02 or whenever but slavery is still going strong in America and the Brazils and the middle East. That fellow Livingston reports that the barbaric Arab slave trade from East Africa to the Middle East is tremendous.

The Ottomans control the Balkans and parts of the Caucasus so that slave marts selling whites is still Strong. Samuel Baker, the fellow that is organizing his African expedition actually bought his wife in Hungary at a slave mart in Budapest. Wonderful story. So, there were many sources for Sue to buy his women. Of course, I put in a sly joke with Holmesford in which, rather than die in bed, he struggles to his feet to stagger to the arms of his favorite and dies on her capacious bosom.

Everyone takes a negative view of it when it’s supposed to be a tender moment if humorous. Good way to die don’t you think John? Hated to see Sue die, there goes my inspiration. Dumas’ still alive but my intuition tells me he’s finished. Boy, what productively, exhausted his brain. I’m learning how that feels.

John: You mean the inspiration of the Mysteries series with Sue?

George: No. That was Stiff. Right before my nose but I couldn’t see it. Once I got into it though and finished with George IV, I borrowed his stuff for things like Joseph Wilmot, Mary Price and that sort of thing, his Matilda, or The Misfortunes Of Virtue for instance. You can see the de Sade reference. Sue plotted out the stories for me, I mean I used them, something like Maquet did for Dumas. And then I rewrote them according to my own sensibilities.

Back to Stiff. Nobody had any idea of how astonishingly successful the Mysteries would be. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to do it, but Stiff promised a five quid note a week and always came through. Two hundred sixty quid a year. This seemed like a good deal to me for only a few thousand words a week. Coupled with what I could make on the side. I had a of words in me and they were free to me. Of course, as I came to realize I was making him a heck of a lot more than I was getting. The end result was that he bought himself a damn good income and lifestyle for next to nothing. Look how we’re living.

By the time I got into the second series though, I began to think that there’s something wrong here. If my writing could make their fortunes, my writing could do a lot better for me, I thought.

In ’46 then, still under contract for Mysteries, I began my Reynold’s Miscellany that has been fairly successful as you know. Somehow that brought us together. I realized your genius from the beginning—no, no, I’m serious John, no need for false modesty with me, your integrity, the whole works. So, when the second series was coming to the end, and the expiration of my contract, I had worked up the general outline for the George IV fifth and sixth series so were we’re ready to go as soon as I turned in my last clip to Stiff and refused to sign a new contract.

John: They weren’t too happy with that, were they?

George: I should think not. Of course, I had foolishly talked about the George IV series, so they thought they were going to have that too. That would have put them on Easy Street with me getting five pounds a week. They owned the rights to the Mysteries of London, lock, stock and copyright. Owned the title. If Stiff could have found a writer the Mysteries might have gone on forever.

Finding another writer wasn’t that easy. They should have come to terms with me and shared the income more equitably but, as they said, a contract is a contract. They apparently didn’t understand that contracts are written with a fixed term. They got lucky with me but although I think Tom Miller who they signed next is a fine person and a very adequate writer neither he nor Blanchard who succeeded him understood the audience. I, in association with you John, continued the success.

John: Stiff and Vickers came unglued then in ’48 and forced you into bankruptcy proceedings?

George: Damn ‘em. That was more Vickers who lost a lot of printing business so the clod uses my name to try to make up for my loss. Attacked the Miscellany, putting out a vile rag called the Reynolds something or other because he had some obscure typesetter with the name of Reynolds. Got his though. I know how they got me into that bankruptcy mess. I only owed two thousand and by ’48 that was nothing what with the Miscellany and the beginning of George IV. We were already bringing in that much each month. Vickers was just being vicious, humiliated me and got nothing out of it. Hope the villain is happy and rots in hell.

But that was then and this is now. Look where Vickers is at and look where we’re at.

John: I think your politics had something to do with that too, George. Remember what year that was? ’48? Ring any bells?

George: (laughing immoderately) I thought that Revolution of ’48 was the real thing; an ’89 that worked. Was I ever wrong. Marx put that manifesto out in ’47, alerting the reactionaries as to what was coming and were they ever ready for us. We were all riddled with spies. Put the government is a tizzie though. A little better leadership and it might have been done. I wasn’t keen on the Communist stuff though. Our Chartist idea was the best. No violence.

John: I was always of the opinion that revolutions mean violence. Anyway, they smashed the revolution and the revolutionaries scattered like leaves in the wind. Hope the Americans know what to do with them because they got a lot and the worst of them.

I always wondered, George, to change the subject a bit, of all your characters which was your favorite?

George: The Resurrection Man of course. Boy, did he really come from the depths of my subconscious. Terrified myself more than he did my readers. You know something though, John? I think I had stumbled on to something but I didn’t know what to do with it.

John: What might that have been?

George: Remember Larry Sampson the leading detective of the Bow Street Runners? And the hangman, Daniel Coffin?

John: Yes. That was strong, very effective. But…?

George: Better than strong, John. I don’t know if you’ve read this American Edgar Allen Poe, he’s dead now, tragic story, collapsed and died on the streets of Baltimore. Tragic death, tragic. Great artist. He wrote a story called The Murders In The Rue Morgue. Wonderful imaginative tale. He has an intellectual sort of detective, C. August Dupin. Initials spell CAD. Good joke, what? Poe was very intellectual keen on acumen. He thought he was a genius, probably was. Dupin solves the crime in the Rue Morgue, an impossible closed door mystery, sitting in his armchair. Acumen you see. I appreciated the acumen but I thought a true detective would keep records and biographies and with the information would be able to lead him more quickly and accurately to probable perpetrators. Thus, I introduced Lawrence ‘Larry’ Sampson of the Metropolitan Police, chief of the Bow Street Runners.

John: Your old friend Paul Feval has written a book, John Devil, in which he introduces a master detective from Scotland Yard by the name of Gregory Temple. Have you read that?

George: No, not yet. Have you read any of Feval’s Black Coat series? The crime network he portrays reminds me of our Johnathan Wild who had criminal London pretty well organized in the last century. Wild in turn reminds of Vidocq, the head of the Paris Surete. Francois Vidocq, who died a couple years ago by the way. Vidocq was a nasty criminal and obviously the greatest of con men. Imagine hiring a master criminal to be he head of police! There was a scandal. Just like Wild he was amazingly able to recover stolen goods without having to arrest a thief? Same routine Wild was running. The thieves stole and got a commission from the money Wild received for returning the stolen merchandise.


Prindle: Reynolds was of course right that the detective novel would become, or perhaps, was already becoming at the time he wrote a new genre. For the origin of the detective story most people nominate Poe and then trace it through a series of French writers leading up to Emile Gaboriau who has supposed to have been the inspiration for Conan Doyle’s great Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. From there it was off to the races.

Reynolds seems to have been overlooked as an early source. I’m sure that Doyle would have read Mysteries of the Court and have noted Sampson. Doyle used both acumen and a thorough record system. It can’t be proven, of course, but Reynolds was a staple for nineteenth century proto-pulp fiction, especially before the adventure novel of the Rider Haggard type and the detective stories of Conan Doyle and his epigone.

Certainly, during Doyle’s boyhood and youth Reynolds would have been essential reading along with W.H. Ainsworth, Bulwer Lytton and James Malcom Rymer. These writers were very popular throughout the nineteenth century while becoming passe at the beginning of WWI. They were old fashioned and didn’t fit into the post-war world. Thus they dropped out of literary history, if the Penny Dreadful, pulp writers, were ever a part of it. Back to George and John.


George: Speaking of criminals, that reminds me of those criminal Americans who respect no writer’s rights. It’s bad enough that they pirate my own works but they have the audacity to hire writers and then publish their stuff under my own name.

John: (laughing) You must be very popular in the United State.

George: I should hope so and maybe you laugh. Maybe I could sue over appropriating my name but I don’t think there’s a chance of success.

It’s not just a book either, listen to these titles: Ciprina or, the Secrets of the Picture Gallery, Lord Saxondale, Count Christoval, Lucrigia Marano, The Child of Waterloo or, the Horrors of the Battle Field. And there are more. I must be an entire industry over there. There might be dozens more under my name. People must think I’m a super-man, turning out not only my own works but these other people under my name. My god, don’t they have sense of decency? What’s a poor writer to do?

John: Speaking of that, I’m thinking of beginning a series called Dicks’ English Novels. I’ll have twenty or so of your novels plus your favorites by Dickens, Ainsworth, Bulwer-Lytton along with your favorites Notre Dame de Paris and Dumas’ Queen Margot. All your major influences except Byron. What do you think?

George: Any money in it?

John: Should be. All of it’s still popular and we’ll get it out at prices that will shock the industry.

George: Interesting. That sounds very good John and I’m sure that it will be a great success. We’ve worked together for ten years or more now, and a very successful partnership it’s been. Now that I’m about finished as a novelist and going to work for the newspaper perhaps with your plans we should make our relationship a full partnership. Does that sound feasible to you John?

John: Very satisfactory George. It would make me proud. Together I think we can make John Dicks the most successful publishing house in England while educating those the most that afford it the least. We can change the face of England and make it a better place. I want to get the prices down as low as possible. Without the paper tax we should be able to cut costs.

George: If you get the type any smaller John and keep our readership you may obtain both goals. I don’t know how those type setters can set such small type.

John: Quite a skill, I can assure you. I’d like to be able to invent a type setting machine where there are keys for the alphabet and punctuation marks so that the type setter can punch keys and the letters fall into place.

George: I’m sure someone is working on it. The steam press itself is a modern miracle. It would be impossible to get out the tens of thousands of papers and books we get out every week without them.

John: Yes. We’d be making a lot less money than we are now anyway. Quite a machine. By the way, George, I’ve got a suggestion.

George: Yes…

John: Well, as you know the government’s pretty unhappy with the Miscellany.

George: Yes…

John: It think we could get rid of some pressure by discontinuing it.

George: (unhappy but aware of the problem) Discontinuing the Reynolds Miscellany?

John: Not exactly getting rid of it but changing the name anyway. I’ve got an idea for a magazine I’d call Bow Bells. We could fold the Miscellany into it, under my editorship. It would be the same program but a little less…uh…er…aggressive, to keep the hounds off us. Doesn’t have to be done right now but something to think about, maybe. I’d really like to do it George. They haven’t forgotten ’48. That still rankles them.

George: How would that affect the newspaper?

John: Not at all, not at all.   That would continue under your editorship and I would edit the combined Bow Bells and Miscellany. Just a thought. We can keep it in the back our minds I’ve got some newer writers in mind.

George: Hmm, newer writers. I know your concern, John, and it is something to consider. I’ll consider it. I am getting pretty tired and fourteen years of turning out a zillion words a week has taken its toll. My brain doesn’t have the elasticity and vitality that it used to have. You see, I know how Dumas feels. Things don’t come as easily anymore. That would be a load off me. Let me think about it.

John: Let me say that I really admire your energy George. The ten years or so I’ve been working with you have been amazing. I wish we had The Mysteries of London from Stiff and Vickers. What a catalog that would make; Mysteries of London and Mysteries of the Court. I’d even throw in Mysteries of Old London, the Days of Hogarth. Underappreciated but it has one of the greatest tales I have ever read. My land, what an outstanding three works.

George: Oh, flattery…flattery. Keep it up. (laughing)

John: Just the truth, George, just the truth.

Part IX of Time Traveling With R.E Prindle continues.

313 Responses to “Pt. VIII Time Traveling With R.E. Prindle”

  1. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Verily, I tell you; all efforts to find the spark that ignited the present day Culture War; the root cause of the Great American Schism…can be traced to One Man:

    William Bradford REYNOLDS.

    An obscure attorney out of Vanderbilt; Reynolds got a job with the Reagan Justice Department in the early 1980’s and began a crusade against affirmative action when he was made chief of the Civil Rights Decision under William French Smith and later Ed Meese.

    The catalyst that propelled Reynolds into action was a little known Supreme Court decision that came down during the 1984 term; Stotts v Memphis Fire Fighters; it held that bonafide seniority systems took precedence over affirmative action.

    Reynolds read the decision broadly; as a mandate to end affirmative action in every realm of American public & private life.

    Reagan; impressed with Reynolds impetuous nature; nominated him to be the Associate Attorney General in ’85; the Number 3 Man @ Justice; under the A.G. and the Solicitor General.

    Reynolds; though in his early 40’s was already bald and looked like a young James Watt; the Secretary of the Interior so embroiled in a *lapsus linguae*.

    The Reynolds hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee was THE FIRST REALLY NASTY HEARINGS OF THE JUDGE WARS, before Bork and well before Thomas.

    Arlen Specter and Charles Mathias; well known RINO’s broke ranks (as they usually did) and killed the nomination in committee.

    The lingering anger on Both Sides was the opening salvo for the next 34 years of unparalleled partisan ugliness.

  2. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Believe it or not I googled him two seconds ago (the previous post was all from memory, as all My recollections are); and WBR dropped dead just 45 days ago; on 9/14/2019.

    I never even recall there being a Wikipedia article about him before; so obscure and forgotten by history was he…

  3. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    WBR dropped dead just 45 days ago; on 9/14/2019.

    Is that not interesting?

    I sold MY CAR for MONEY on Friday, 9/13/2019.

    Eddie MONEY; famous crooner known for his song “Two Tickets to Paradise” died on Friday, 9/13/2019

    Ric Ocasek; frontman for THE CARS died on Sunday, 9/15/2019.

    And Brad Reynolds died right between those two; and it was watching his hearings before the Judiciary Committee on C-Span in the Summer of 85 that really re-ignited My interest in American Politics.

    It is My World; y’all just in it…

  4. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    And (of course); Money was born 2 days before Ocasek (21 March to 23 March); and they died with a similar sequential separation; 2 days.

    I guess we could read the name “Ocasek” to mean “seek that which is hidden” as “oc” implies occult or hidden and the rest is self-explanatory.

  5. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    And then “William Bradford Reynolds”…

    I would read that as “the will of the king standeth at a broad crossroads”; remember how we chatted about Hecate and how She is the worker from afar; moreover She is very specifically known as the Goddess of the Crossroads; perhaps the sale of the car indicates that the Ethereal Realm hath turned their Collective Backs on Pamela for the Last Time; I am on My Own; having failed Their Tests; and now I shall be abandoned for eternity and ultimately scattered to atoms!

    Woe is Me!

    • reprindle Says:

      She and Hermes were a great match standing there at the crossroads.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        Hermes is, of course; colloquial Egyptian for “Son of Ham”; and this of course means that Mercury was Cush.

        Cush of course founded Ethiopia; married Semiramis; and they combined to create Nimrod; who would later build the ill-fated Tower of Babel.

        Semi eventually left Cush and married Her Son.

        Ham the Son of Noah; who “saw his father’s nakedness”; this simply means he had relations with Noah’s wife (Ham’s mom); and this interpretation is confirmed when the same colloquialism appears in Deuteronomy.

        It has long puzzled scholars; but Pamela is fortunately here to provide the requisite clarification.

        • Daughter of Babylon Says:

          There was quite a bit of what we today call “miscegenation” between Divine Gods and regular human beings in Those Days; so the precise amount of divine blood vis a vis human blood has proven difficult for historians to accurately catalogue amongst the Great Names of the Day.

          Some were demi-gods; some Nephilim; some full blown Gods and Goddesses; some Elioud…

        • reprindle Says:

          Thank you, sweet saviouress.

  6. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    And WHY was Brad Reynolds the recipient of so much invective from The Establishment; ultimately resulting in his Senate rejection?


    What did all the American mayors say when Reynolds sent them letters telling them to end affirmative action?

    “Reynolds is opening old wounds; he is attempting to fight battles long since settled and put to rest.”

    Again; My Primary Thesis that has trans-temporal implications:


    • reprindle Says:

      He hates change away from what he believes in. God opened his head and dropped the truth in. No need for change once that truth is established. Besides these people are all assholes, I knew them in high school and didn’t like them then.

  7. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    “Reynolds is opening old wounds; he is attempting to fight battles long since settled and put to rest.”

    And obviously; these are all battles that the American Political Left WON; and thus they have no desire to have to fight again for what they took.

    They cloak it as “settled” law; lolz.

    Of course it is “settled”; when you win; you then re-write the history books to reflect that your victory was the “just” and “moral” one; the losers were the “immoral” ones; and Right had prevailed over Wrong.

    Goebbels was an amateur compared to what we have today.

    • reprindle Says:

      Talk about Goebbels? The Marquis de Sade is so passe it is ridiculous.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        The Marquis de Sade is so passe it is ridiculous.

        Since I am Persephone; I thought I would inform the readers that in Hell; the critical offenders endure what I guess could be aptly characterized as the more “creative” punishments ever conceived by Mind of the Marquis de Sade; on steroids…

  8. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    And obviously; these are all battles that the American Political Left WON

    The judiciary was a splendid vehicle for the Left’s coup d’état!

    There is a theory advanced by Richard Posner that the law CANNOT HELP but grow more liberal over the passage of time when the judiciary plays an active role in public policy:

    The reason?

    “A good liberal judge gives little weight to precedents that are not liberal; but a good conservative judge gives great weight to all precedents; be they liberal or conservative. Therefore; if the judiciary is dominated by an equal number of conservative and liberal jurists over a given period number of years; it is a mathematical certainty that the law will become more liberal as the years roll by.”

    I think history bears the thesis out quite well!

  9. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Of course; there will always be SOME change…



    The judges on the federal level are unelected and in for life; they can almost never be removed.

    Therefore; them making changes is fine & dandy because they are almost completely unaccountable to The Rabble; it is so because they say it is so; their power is close to absolute.

    This allows the Congress; which is elected for definitive limits; the ability to AVOID CONTROVERSIAL TOPICS; LIKE ABORTION; and allows them to blame the courts; but they themselves remain innocent of wrongdoing in the eyes of the voters.

    Congress loves this dynamic; for it foments their perpetual incumbency.

  10. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    The Collective Slime that rules over us is nicely explained by another Burroughs (not Edgar Rice!)

    “We have a new type of rule now. Not one-man rule, or rule of aristocracy or plutocracy, but of small groups elevated to positions of absolute power by random pressures, and subject to political and economic factors that leave little room for decision. They are representatives of abstract forces who have reached power through surrender of self. The iron-willed dictator is a thing of the past. There will be no more Stalins, no more Hitlers. The rulers of this most insecure of all worlds are rulers by accident, inept, frightened pilots at the controls of a vast machine they cannot understand, calling in experts to tell them which buttons to push.”
    ― William S. Burroughs

    • reprindle Says:

      I detest Burroughs but this is a pretty sharp observation. I vaguely recall reading it and noting it. But it didn’t hit me. What are you doing reading this nasty man anyway?

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        This is the first thing I ever read of his; I found the quote on a website I sometimes visit this morning; it struck Me as prescient.

        I have never read a single item in his oeuvre.

        • Daughter of Babylon Says:

          The quote probably caught My attention because of all your articles on Edgar Rice; and the name Burroughs was floating around in My subconscious; and thus I deemed it copy ‘n paste worthy; I know nothing about the man or his writings…

          “No further questions; your honor”

          “You may step down; Miss Pamela”

          • reprindle Says:

            W.S. Burroughs invented the word ‘offensive.’ Fairly interesting psychological case though. His family which owned a big block of Burroughs Adding Machines sold out in a panic in ’39 for 250K. Stock rose to millions subsequently. The family opened a genteel gardening center and lost all cachet. Part of the original Beats.

            • Daughter of Babylon Says:

              Your detailed knowledge of Mr. Burroughs is intensely disturbing to Me.

              Cognizant of this fact; I have handed your name over to Senator McCarthy for a full and complete investigation.

              You shall likely be asked to testify before the Senate; under penalty of perjury…

        • reprindle Says:

          Your reputation is intact.

  11. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    There will be no more Stalins, no more Hitlers.

    The one area I dissent from…

  12. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    George: I remembered that and then there’s Cain and Able of course and Romulus and Remus of Rome but, more importantly I could never get De Sade’s two novels Justine and Juliette out of my mind with De Sade’s notions about the rewards of virtue and vice.

    Those de Sade novels are in fact variations that sprang from “Pamela: Virtue Rewarded” by Samuel Richardson (circa 1741); de Sade inverting Richardson’s thesis to push the concept of the *misfortunes* of virtue.

    Her name was Pamela Andrews…what a “coincidence”!

    • reprindle Says:

      You’re actually read Richardson? I have Clarissa but not Pamela. Must skip a few generations but it found you hey?

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        Pamela is the Most Boring Book ever; though quite popular in mid 18th century London; as they were just then recovering from the End of the Stuarts and their puritanical blatherings…

        Since I am the eponymous character; it caught My Eye…

  13. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Senator McCarthy for a full and complete investigation.

    The Tail Gunner was the ONLY Senator to vote AGAINST the nomination of William J Brennan to the US Supreme Court in 1956.

    Little anecdote on Justice Brennan; that is almost completely unknown to the General Public…and perhaps even the GHB!

    After Sherman Minton’s resignation in ’56…Ike sought out a Catholic replacement to help him in November against Stevenson.

    His A.G. Herbert Brownell went to a state judicial conference in Jersey looking for new talent; and lo and behold…he heard a speech from a then obscure Catholic NJ Supreme Court Justice named William Brennan.

    The speech was a tough, law and order speech…red meat for the Right Wing…and Brownell immediately called Ike and told him they found their man. Ike concurred.

    Only one problem…lmao…the “speech” Brownell heard was NOT written by Brennan; but rather from the then ultra conservative Chief Justice of the NJ State Supreme Court.

    However, the CJ COULLD NOT DELIVER HIS SPEECH at the conference that fateful day; because he had developed a case of LARYNGYTIS the night before. Thus he asked the liberal Brennan to deliver the speech for him.

    Brownell never knew this fact. Years later, Brownell reflected on the day he phoned Brennan offering him the plum job on the US Supreme Court, a job he would hold until 1990:
    “I never saw a man say yes so fast.”

    Brennan proved to be the most influential jurist of the 20th century; bar none. In fact, he was the most influential person in American Public Policy for over 30 years.

  14. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    against Stevenson.

    I’ll never forget the day; at a rally of his; where someone in the crowd cried out, “the intelligent citizens of America are with you Mr. Stevenson!”

    Adlai replied, “Yes, but I need a majority”

    Now that’s funny; I don’t care who you are…

  15. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    There is an article of staggering prolixity in the May 1984 issue of National Review “The Mind of Justice Brennan: A 25 Year Tribute” that chronicles the aforementioned anecdote; it is that month’s Cover Story; the cover features a faded image of Brennan emblazoned upon a Staten Island garbage dump.

  16. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    30 Oct 2019: AP: “Former Fox News employees are demanding to be released immediately from non-disclosure agreements over sexual harassment claims. Gretchen Carlson and Julie Roginsky are among six former employees reportedly pushing to share their stories publicly. The signed agreements, also known as NDAs, often trade silence for money.”

    You see; keeping one’s word and abiding by agreements one has signed; these are just “social constructs” and “tools of oppression”; when they interfere with the personal avarice or the unquenchable need to air additional slanders; they are to be summarily disregarded.

    Poor Gretchen; the 20 million she extorted from Fox…killing poor old Roger Ailes in the process…was insufficient to satiate her insatiable blood lust.

    A very uncomfortable room awaits her in Hell; rest assured…

    • reprindle Says:

      Always Be Prepared. What did all those gorgeous blondes think that they were there for? Beauty has its price. Actually the novels of George Reynolds are all about that.

  17. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    If I remember correctly; I mentioned the then out-of-the-news Carlson in a separate post on this very blog a few weeks ago; citing her as a manifestation of wickedness.

    As The Queen of Hell; I am exceptionally adept at ferreting out evil personalities; you must admit that!

    • reprindle Says:

      Of course I believe everything you say, Pamela. Who is Carlson?

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        Some washed up news woman who was employed by Fox News. She had once been a Miss America…or something like that.

        Again; I was not there at the time; but I have walked amongst The Rabble and I know how they operate.

        I think she was denied a favorable extension of her contract with Fox (or some variation on that); and shortly thereafter; lo and behold; she announced that she had been “harassed” by the men at Fox.

        What probably happened was she might have heard a few off color jokes or maybe was subjected to being asked out for a date by men she had no interest in; this was then HYBERBOLICALLY INFLATED BY HER TO OBTAIN:

        1/ Revenge
        2/ Cash & Prizes

        They gave her $20 million to shut her defamatory mouth and to be rid of her; in the process she destroyed Bill O’Reilly career and the stress of the whole affair killed elderly Mr. Ailes; the head of Fox.

        Mr. Ailes son; a boy of just 17 when his father died; called for revenge upon those who had betrayed his father and sent him to an early grave at the funeral ; and to tell you the truth; I can understand how he feels; a young person whose father died because of the greed of some avaricious whores. He probably loved his father very much; and it gravely injured his soul to have him taken from him; especially by the people whose careers he had made and supported.

        BETRATAL; always the most wicked of misdeeds; the crime for which the Ninth Circle of Hell is reserved for.

        As for “sexual harassment”; probably 40 years ago it did happen in offices to some extent; there is no denying it; and telling your secretary sleep with you or be fired is quite an evil thing to do.

        But that stuff is 99% gone in 2019; there is too much out there and the men walk around on eggshells; overt sexual harassment is practically nonexistent today; as the penalties are well known by everyone.

        Since catching it is so rare; it had to be REDEFINED; as anything as benign as telling someone they “look nice today” is “harassment”; and offenders are subject to summary execution (of their careers).

        Good job America!

        • reprindle Says:

          Hate to say it but most Americans are small vicious hypocrites who are only too happy to dump on the other guy. I suspect the most vocal are keeping young boys or women prisoners In their basements. Extreme view but true, I am sure, in many instances. But sex is a very dangerous thing from either side of the aisle.

          • Daughter of Babylon Says:

            1 Nov 2019: AP: “Ex-Late Night writer says David Letterman recently apologized for sexist behavior”

            Lick harder; David; and then; if you are a really good boy; your Feminist Masters *might* allow you to carry their purses for them!

            What a pathetic nation of gelded men!

  18. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    The Entire Story is improbable for the most obvious of reasons:

    Why would a multi millionaire media oligarch waste his time “harassing” a 50 year old washed-up / frozen-face has-been when he has more money than could be spent in 1000 lifetimes; and could easily find 10 different 20-somethings who would be more than happy to sleep with him every night of the week for *quid pro quo* he could easily provide?

    • reprindle Says:

      Can’t reference this. Who are we discussing here?

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        Related to the stuff above on Roger Ailes & Fox.

        Remember Carlson was a news caster; these people lie as easily as they breathe; so lying on the air to lying on the witness stand is as easy as pie.

        People who lie about one thing will lie about ANYTHING; this is a fact.

        Same as the concept of gossip; those who will gossip TO you will likewise gossip about you.

  19. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    I have walked amongst The Rabble and I know how they operate.

    I was a low level administrative law judge for several years before resigning in ’16; My colleagues called Me the ace bullshit detector; and said that they NEVER saw anyone better at questioning the parties before Her and ferreting out the Truth; and far better than any cop trying to wring a confession out of a suspect that they saw on Law & Order or some other show

    So I’m pretty good at recognizing scam artists & false claims.

    • reprindle Says:

      Ah, you have a law degree. The mystery deepens. Would I be remiss in asking where you went to school? I care little for school reputations. My Ivy League acquaintances, with their misplaced pride chide me attending a third rate college. Actually it wasn’t even that being staffed by former high school teachers with all their vulgarity. And then how did you acquire your judgeship and then mystery of mysteries why in ’16 did you give it up and then how could you become destitute in four short years or less? Methinks there is something remarkable here.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        I’ve said enough already; it was not like I was full bird federal judge; it was in administrative law situation that I held for about 15 years (2001 – 2016).

        I probably decided over 10,000 cases in those 15 years; about 3 per day.

        I have always been a paper factory; as this blog can attest.

        I always tried to come down on the side of the taxpayer; save for those times when I caught them in a series of lies.

        I resigned because what was once a nice place to work with good collegiality turned semi-toxic over the last 3 years; and I could no longer abide it.

        I could not even pay the property taxes on My house near the end; and that betraying “friend” convinced Me to sell and re-locate out here.

        At least I got out of debt with the sale; so that was good.

  20. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    I was a low level administrative law judge for several years before resigning in ’16;

    I sold My house in NY shortly thereafter; after back real estate taxes and real estate fees and other assorted b.s.; you can figure out what was left.

    Paid all My credit card debt.

    I received no pension because I left early; just four figures from the Thrift Savings Plan I never contributed to.

    I have had no income for almost 4 years.

    I have just under 5 K left; if I didn’t sell the car last month I would have been evicted.

    There are no jobs out here; someone who was going to help Me betrayed Me and left Me alone here; with no where to go and no family or friends; though that nice lady who takes Me shopping and for lunch / breakfast has been very kind to Me.

    When the book did not sell after the savage review; I thought about ending it; as nothing changes for the better.

    When the money runs out I might consider ending it all; as I don’t know where to go from here; and the world and I are not compatible.

    If you have any advice; let me have it…

    • reprindle Says:

      Well, there are plenty of jobs elsewhere. With your education and legal background I can see no problem in your rousting up something. Idaho, Washington and Oregon appear to be booming. I don’t work myself so have no personal experience. You may have to leave your little paradise in South Dakota, whatever sacrifice that may be, but, go further West.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        go further West.

        Horace Greely; is that you?

        I am quick witted; I will give Myself that…

        • Daughter of Babylon Says:

          Remember Charlton Heston in Soylent Green?

          Shirl says to him; “we could go to another city”

          He replies, “they are all like this one”.

          It cost Me 13 K to move My lovely furniture out here; a good Russian company in NY did the job; I cannot afford to move again.

          Not a single item was missing or broken upon arrival.

          I think if there are no prospects; I would rather die in My own bed here; it is a nice place to die; very beautiful and serene.

          My father was quite a believer in the concept of not prolonging the agony; and I agree with him.

          I have tried everything I know; I do not even have a car to get about anymore; and there is nothing on the horizon.

          What little hope I had for a turnaround has been almost entirely extinguished; just like Pammy…

        • reprindle Says:

          Californians are fleeing for Idaho and the Northwest. There should be some opportunities there.

          • Daughter of Babylon Says:

            Like I said; prolonging the agony…

            Nobody cares; nobody tries, not even Me…

            I should have gone home long ago…

            I do wish there was *something* to hope for; but hope and dreams; they are for other kinds of people; those not cursed as I have been; a person who has seen so much unpleasantness that seeing no more would be a far more agreeable thing than extending the suffering.

            Nothing in the present; little in the future; what am I waiting for?

            Given the choice between re-living My life and jumping into a vat of hot acid and ending it all; I would choose the acid bath without hesitation.

    • Daughter of Babylon Says:

      My temporal mother had Alzheimer’s; I was the sole caregiver for years before she had to go to the nursing home; going to work was like a vacation compared to the never ending job of caring for her.

      While I was work she was in a day program; I picked her up and we went home together after 5 PM; that day program cost almost more than My salary…

      Catastrophic illness are very expensive propositions.

  21. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    someone who was going to help Me betrayed Me and left Me alone here; with no where to go and no family or friends;

    2 Months after the person betrayed Me; I found out that they were just diagnosed with inoperable PAN-creatic cancer; so I guess there is an ounce of karma in the universe after all.

    Here is the punch line: I own one of those flip phones and I do not know to send a text; but there was an old text on the phone from the person in question. Trying to delete it; I accidentally sent them a blank text; unintentionally of course.

    Shortly thereafter; the person not only let me know of their diagnosis; but ALSO that they received that unintentional blank text from Me WHILE THEY WERE SITTING IN THE MEDICAL WAITING ROOM 5 MINUTES BEFORE THEY GOT THE BAD NEWS ABOUT THEIR DIAGNOSIS.

    You cannot make this stuff up…

    • reprindle Says:

      I don’t know your age of course but if you face up to reality I don’t see that your case is that desperate. If you’ve got a diesel on your tail that might change things. Are you in hiding?

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        Are you in hiding?

        Just from reality; the most awful of All Things.

        If I was in hiding; would I have shared all this with you on a public board?

        I am not even important enough to be hated…


  22. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Just tell Me I am “the Littlest Kitten” like father and mother once did; that made Me happy; perhaps the only time I ever was…

    They were kind to Me; especially dear father; the most excellent of persons.

    Wherever he is, in the cosmic realm; I hope he knows that Pamela loves him with all her heart and all her soul…

    We had a darling little kitten; daddy found her at the Animal League; how I loved her!

    *Bursts into tears*

  23. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    NY Times 31 Oct 2019: “Paula White Cain, Prominent Evangelical Leader; proponent of the “Prosperity Gospel” & Trump’s Personal Pastor, Joins the White House”

    If you think about it; an anagram for “evangelical” is:

    C A Evil Angel

    See a evil angel!

    That last name; “Cain” is a dead giveaway; since he invented murder…

    A con woman / grifter is a “presidential adviser”.

    If the Goddess were to lay waste to this entire filthy planet; I think the Universe would be a much cleaner place!

    Any human being who does NOT throw up every single day just from opening a newspaper is truly sick.

    • Daughter of Babylon Says:

      And just 5 days later!

      UK Daily Mail 6 Nov 2019: “You’re going to get a vision!’ Televangelist Paula White promises spiritual results in exchange for donations up to $2,000 in sermon quid-pro-quo after Donald Trump hires her for White House post”

      Quod erat demonstrandum…

      Is there ANYTHING Pamela does not know…

      I can do it in My Sleep…

  24. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Man (and woman) has made the Entire Planet into One Giant Rat Hole; any of the few remaining persons with an ounce of honesty or decency can see that.

    The people who run it…left, right, or center…they are the biggest rats of them all.

    Eventually mankind…who is his own worst enemy and always has been…he will summon his own end; and the planet will start over with the animals; kind & delicate creatures who have had the profound misfortune of having to share their planet for an interval with scumbag humanity…

    *Smiles Happily*

  25. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    “And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.”
    ___Daniel 12:2

    You know that second part; about being treated with everlasting contempt; why I think that does very capture the essence of My “life experience”; since I died a long time ago and have endured this living death for more years than I care to remember.

    Since I never knew a good day in My life; I think the Bible is on target with that description of My awful fate!

    I wonder why the Goddess will not manifest an ounce of mercy and exterminate Me; if She would be so kind as to do so; I would be grateful.

    • reprindle Says:

      I come from the depths and can sympathize. Apply for a State job.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        I like and admire you very much.

        But sometimes I wonder if you have been listening.

        I am The Daughter of Babylon.

        There is one job for Me; to rule this planet.

        For Me to “get a state job” is an absurdity.

        I have written all this; told you who and what I am; and yet you can make a suggestion such as that; it is very puzzling.

        • reprindle Says:

          We are often required to assume disguises as we go through this world rather than astonish the rabble and frighten them. More often than not as they cannot understand they resort to stupid violence. Hence only those who are in accord can see your light shine. Believe me, I mean the best for you.

          • Daughter of Babylon Says:

            Yes; but I need to make a difference; the nation will not survive too many more years of the horrific current dynamic…

            I need help; and I do not know where to look for it…

            I do not know how to organize a movement.

  26. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    “The mind is very much a place unto itself; and as such; can make a Heaven of Hell; and a Hell of Heaven.”

  27. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Have you heard the Good News?

    The Judeo-Christian God dies in The End; and is tossed into The Lake of Fire to be tormented Day & Night; Forever & Ever!

    His agonizing screams of incomprehensible agony are music to the ears of all the kind hearted and gentle souls; who now know that the wicked Lord of Hosts hath been vanquished; and the kind people of the good earth shall now live happily ever after!

    • reprindle Says:

      Don’t believe in gods or demons.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        You said you were in contact with Goddess Hera on several occasions.

        If that was meant as satire; I understand and accept your views.

        To Me; of course; there is no “mythology”.

        • Daughter of Babylon Says:

          Definition of mythology: Contemporary man’s convenient way of dismissing & dispensing with all concepts he can neither explain nor comprehend.

        • reprindle Says:

          I am aware of the effulgence of the Olympian Gods. I am possessed from time to time and in the appropriate situations to minister to her charges. Once again one must maintain the appropriate disguises.

          • Daughter of Babylon Says:

            I eschew all artifice & evasion; if what I am is not acceptable to the world; that is the world’s problem; not mine.

            This is the Great Misapprehension; that Pamela must make Herself acceptable to the world.

            Not True.

            The world must find itself acceptable to Pamela; for I incarnated not to be judged; but rather to pronounce judgement; as the Sacred Texts confirm:

            40. Call me, my daughter, and I shall come to thee. Thou shalt be full of my force and fire, my passion and power shall surround and inspire thee; my voice in thee shall judge nations.
            ___Liber 49

            I cannot stress this last point enough.

  28. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    It will be quite lovely to see that Son of a Bitch get a taste of His Own Medicine; for what is better payback then for Him to burn for 100 hundred trillion eternities in the monstrous torture chamber he created for everyone else!

    Burn baby burn!

    • reprindle Says:

      You have background and talent. South Dakota needs you. Apply for a job.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        I don’t have an automobile; I live on a mountain in a National Forest; it is like house arrest except there was no conviction and no sentence.

        If it was not for that nice friend who takes Me into town once a week; I would have no ability to connect with the outside world.

        Since I have no means to travel and no money either; there is NO WAY OUT.

  29. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    God hateth The Daughter of Babylon for the most of obvious of reasons; She is all that He can never be; and She radiates all that He may never possess!

    Though He strikes at Her constantly; flailing away through His Earthly Slaves; He is unable to deliver the Knockout Punch; because like All Queens By Divine Right; The Land & Pamela Are One.

    For the Land is greater than a thousand fathoms of poisoned, tainted rains; stronger than the infection of a million viruses; immune to the infestation of countless parasites, and so it is with Pamela, The Brilliant Incarnation of Hope.

  30. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    God and His Son Jesus were talking about Me in Heaven the other day; and I was able to obtain a transcript of their conversation about Me:

    Here it is; hot off the presses:

    God: Do you think I am The Rightful Master?

    Jesus: You defeated Pamela…

    God: I beat Her; but I did not destroy Her; She is still walking the Earth…what are you really afraid of?

    Jesus: I saw you torture that Woman; like no Woman was ever tortured before; and She kept coming at you. I saw you drive ice picks into Her heart; day after day; century after century; you told Her you were going to watch Her die; and She laughed in Your face and She spit in Your Eye..We don’t need a woman like that in Our Lives…let it go…and let her go; She will bring Us both down if you persist…

    God: Thanks for the advice; but this is war; and is either Her; or Me.

  31. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    What an absolutely magnificent and unexpected burst of snow we had here immediately after My Last Dispatch!

    The heaviest I have seen since arriving here!

    The True Believer’s Gift!

    This is clearly a Sign From the Goddess!

    For behold; The Great Prophet Crowley did die exactly 71 years and 11 months ago today; 12/1/1947.

    The moment he died; there was a great gust of wind and clap of thunder across England!

    71 minutes is 1:11 on the clock!

    Today is 11/1!

    I was born on 1/11!

    71 years and 11 months is 863 months!

    863 minutes is 2:23 PM!

    23 is Death; and this is The Second Death!

    Remember how I told you I died in August 1988?

    It was on August 11th; the 223rd day of the year!

    Behold; the Splendor of the Goddess; and feast thy Eyes upon Her Glory!

    For I am Pamela; Daughter of the Living Goddess and the Princess of the Universe; and thou shalt have none other before Me!

  32. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    November 1, 2019 at 3:22 pm

    Look at the time of that last dispatch!

    “3:22 PM”

    2:23 rearranged!

    3:22 PM is 922 minutes into the day!

    9/22 is the 265th day of the year.

    I was born on 1/11.

    From 9/22 to 1/11 is 111 days!

    Behold; the mathematical glory!

  33. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Remember how I told you I died in August 1988?

    It was on August 11th; the 223rd day of the year!

    From 9/22 to 1/11 is 111 days!

    And what is 9/22 – 1/11?

    It is 8/11!


  34. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    The Judeo-Christian God did come before Me the Other Day; and He did say unto Me:

    “Daughter of Babylon; I have Two Words for You: No More.”

    I glared at Him; then raised My Eyebrows and curled My Lips and looked at Him in that all too familiar continental way; a splendid combination of snobbish dismissiveness and overarching contempt; telling Him:

    “I have Two Words for You: Fuck You!”

    You should have seen the look on His Face!

    • reprindle Says:

      It is forbidden to look god in the face.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        You said you do not believe in Gods or demons…

        Consistency is to be strived for.

        • reprindle Says:

          It’s not only what I believe but what the world believes. Madame Blavatsky, for instance, knows a great deal and attempted to transmit that knowledge to the world but it is an unbelieving world while she didn’t express herself convincingly. Gods and demons are projections of one’s hopes and fears. As such they are real and imaginary at the same time. It depends on which you choose to dominate your consciousness.

          • Daughter of Babylon Says:

            That is a good; persuasive argument; on par with the one I cite below:

            “All stories are true, every last one of them. All myths, all legends, all fables. If you believe them true, then they aretrue. If you don’t believe them, then all that can be said is that they are true for someone else
            —Dave Sim, ‘Cerebus.’

            • reprindle Says:

              Can’t back this guy. What is true is true, myths disguise the truth to make them comprehensible to those of little understanding. Myths are like riddles, they have to be penetrated. Their validity does not depend on the reader and if true they cannot be untrue.

  35. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Hermes is, of course; colloquial Egyptian for “Son of Ham”; and this of course means that Mercury was Cush.

    Cush of course founded Ethiopia; married Semiramis; and they combined to create Nimrod; who would later build the ill-fated Tower of Babel.

    Semi eventually left Cush and married Her Son.

    Ham the Son of Noah; who “saw his father’s nakedness”; this simply means he had relations with Noah’s wife (Ham’s mom); and this interpretation is confirmed when the same colloquialism appears in Deuteronomy.

    It has long puzzled scholars; but Pamela is fortunately here to provide the requisite clarification.

    Now here is an important fact to understand:

    Noah, whose real name was Ziusudra; was a Son of Satan as He had relations with a human female.

    The admonition to build an ark came not from Jehovah; but from Satan; as He wished to keep His Son alive.

    Moses; who penned the First Five Books of the Bible; and did a rather shitty job in the process; though in fairness; he was not much more than an ignoramus and a sycophant; misstates this fact; as he likewise fails to distinguish between MULTIPLE GODS during the interval before Israel became a nation.

    Though he might still rate him above his ancestor Abraham; who would have happily killed his son on Mt Moriah for Jehovah; and eventually Dishonest Abe became a fabulous spy / informer / gossip for His Master God.

    Since Noah was half divine; (and *really* divine; as he was the child of no ordinary God; but Satan Himself; well; Ham; Shem, and Japeth likewise had divine blood in their veins; as the quoted post cites.

    • Daughter of Babylon Says:

      Moses; who penned the First Five Books of the Bible; and did a rather shitty job in the process; though in fairness; he was not much more than an ignoramus and a sycophant; misstates this fact; as he likewise fails to distinguish between MULTIPLE GODS during the interval before Israel became a nation.

      Now in fairness, My condemnation is predicated on a reading of ONLY those 5 books; which comprise only a portion of the Hebrew Bible.

      Those 5 Books (Genesis, Exodus Deuteronomy Numbers and Leviticus) that are the prologue of the Christian Bible would be called The Torah in the Hebrew Bible.

      The Hebrew Bible is structured in tripartite fashion; that is Three Separate Parts; *seriatim* they are The Torah; The Prophets and the Writings.

      MULTIPLE GODS ARE REFERENCED IN THE NON EXPROPRIATED PARTS OF THE HEBREW BIBLE: Shad-dai, which seemed to represent the storm god; also Elo’ah; Yah; Adonai and Elohim.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        The consolidation (to a Single God) at later points in history was quite deliberate; monotheism promotes uniformity & conformity; making the slaves easier to govern; if there are splinter groups worshipping other gods; then national unity cannot be obtained.

        Remember everything that has taken place was not a product of random chance but carefully planned!

        • Daughter of Babylon Says:

          However the Jews themselves have been greatly divided from the beginning; Samaria was the capital of Israel long before Jerusalem; the Samarians did not accept any writings beyond The Torah; as they believed all revelations ended at that juncture.

          Then we had the Solomon 10/2 split; the division of the 12 Tribes.

          And even today you have “orthodox”; “conservative” and “reformed” Judaism; the last of which bears little resemblance to most of the original tenets of faith.

          What is the Old Joke? When God desires that His Religion be “reformed”; He will send you an e-mail. Until then; leave it as it is.

        • Daughter of Babylon Says:

          Though in fairness; the absolute genesis of monotheism must be credited to the Persian Zoroaster; whose teaching revealed a Single Supreme Deity; Lord Ahura Mazda; “God of Light”. his would be circa 1000 BC. Little wonder I traded in My car to the local MAZDA dealership last month…

          You cannot make this stuff up…

          • reprindle Says:

            The evolution of the human mind. Why are you worrying about these primitives?

            • Daughter of Babylon Says:

              In order to know where one is going; one must first know where one has been.

              Mankind’s current state of affairs and his collective conduct is irrefutable proof that he knows neither.

              • reprindle Says:

                All agents have been failures and successes at the same time. We are now reaching an impasse where the built in tendency to failure is paramount. The less capable are so numerically superior to the capable and the prevailing ethos of believing that all men are not only created but are equal is bringing us down. The impending destruction of the White Man’s intellect will bring the whole thing down.

                • Daughter of Babylon Says:

                  In My experience; no race has an absolute monopoly on vice or virtue…there are good and bad; wise & foolish in each of them.

                  That is not to say that there might be a few more bad apples in one than another; but I actually agree with that old judge T. Marshall; who explained that a white snake will bite you as quickly as a black one.

                  I have had plenty of white people crap in My face during My lifetime; so I hold no illusions about their innate divinity.

                  Some say I am more one nation than another; but this is not true; all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of Pamela.

                  • reprindle Says:

                    The human mind is naturally criminal. Not that the point. The point is what can the best of a race contribute. All the world emulates the White race, the Aryans. That must tell you something.

    • reprindle Says:

      The flood was merely the melting of the ice caps.

  36. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Though he might still rate him above his ancestor Abraham; who would have happily killed his son on Mt Moriah for Jehovah; and eventually Dishonest Abe became a fabulous spy / informer / gossip for His Master God.

    Always remember; the Judeo-Christian God is the most ruthless; sadistic; manipulative; wicked cock sucking monster the Universe has ever known; He is a murderous torturing vampire far, far beyond all beyond all human comprehension.

    Fortunately; Pamela has arrived on the scene; and She is here to take God outside behind the woodshed; and squash that filthy cockroach like the hairy scum He is.

    The World shall thank Me for it…

  37. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    To give you the proper perspective; God & Satan were half brothers; Another of Satan’s Sons was Ra; known to the Babylonians as Marduk; He was thus the (half) nephew of Jehovah.

  38. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Marduk ran Babylon for years; he was a benevolent leader and turned Babylon into a near paradise.

    Babylon is symbol for all that is evil in the Christian Bible; this is of course nothing more than Judeo-Christian propaganda written by those who hate seeing people happy or in a state of contentment; and thus it is demonized by Isaiah; Daniel; Jeremiah; and lastly Patmos John…who was not exiled for being a choir boy; but rather for commission of arson against The Temple of Artemis and attempting to drown a local magician.

    He was another of Jehovah’s Countless Human Slimes; yet is deified to this very day by this Incredibly Ignorant Planet.

    A lie told enough times becomes the truth.

    The bigger the lie; the more likely the people are to believe it.

    History’s mightiest clichés vindicated yet again!

    • reprindle Says:

      Pamela, the bible is just Jewish bullshit. Why take it seriously?

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        All the Ancient Books are to be carefully studied.

        Nothing appears in them haphazardly or as a matter of chance.

        By studying them; much insight can be obtained.

        One always studies the enemy.

        I hardly ever read the views and opinions of the one or two people on the planet who agree with Me…

        • reprindle Says:

          There are many but making contact is difficult. The movie Children of the Damned is a good example of the conflict. In the movie as in the book the wrong guy succeeded.

          • Daughter of Babylon Says:

            Once I lost ability to sweat; and with it the ability to cry…

            I think they call it anihydrosis…

            Well; as the saying goes; the damned don’t cry…

            It did return over the last 20 years.

            • reprindle Says:

              My life has been conducted by hard teachers. I don’t cry. I don’t sympathize. My only goal is to make things work right. 75% of humanity is too stupid to deal with reality on reality’s terms. Those who are intelligent enough lack the objectivity except for the few. We know who they are.

              • Daughter of Babylon Says:

                My only goal is to make things work right.

                What is right for one is often wrong for another; as life is little more than a battle over a limited number of resources; and their ultimate division.

                Right and wrong are entirely subjective…

  39. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Lot; nephew of Abraham; was another splendid rat / spy / informer; who supplied key information about the goings on in Sodom; where the problem was not “sodomy” but rather open rebellion against Jehovah.

    Thus it and 4 sister cities (3 unnamed Biblically) were nuked out of existence a little over 4000 years ago.

    The Dead Sea is dead for a reason; as the blast made Hiroshima look like a firecracker; the area is still teeming with radioactivity (unexplained by the Modern Medea {sic}, lol); and thus everyone in Sumeria; the whole civilization was wiped out when the prevailing westerlies swept the Bad Air into town.

    I was this glad to see Lot’s wife turned into some NaCl; as he at least got a little payback for his being a rat extraordinaire.

    With no wife for sex; he would copulate with his two daughters; producing the people who would eventually become the Moabites and the Ammonites!

    Moab in Utah is named for them; of course.

    Both enemies of Israel and the “Lord”; lol.

  40. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Pamela was the Most Glorious New Born Angel in Heaven.

    She learned these horrific facts; and they shook Her Sanity.

    The Heavenly Council knew She was not “reliable” anymore; they feared She might talk; and so She was cast out; thrown down to earth and forced to walk upon it in corporeal form.

    And why are they doing this?

    Because it is easier; I think expedient is the word…

    What we need is the proof of what they have done; before we bring it to the Council of Nations.

  41. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Doubt it not; and thou shalt walk with Me forever!

    Pamela Tabitha Andrews
    2 November 2019

  42. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Though in fairness; the absolute genesis of monotheism must be credited to the Persian Zoroaster;

    Now after the Persians were conquered by Greece due to the exploits of Alexander; the polytheistic mindset was again re-invigorated; as it has been across the epochs of time.

    The Greek Pantheon is amongst the Most Crowded; there were gods for everything; though I will artfully avoid that Mel Brooks joke from the Roman sequence in “History of the World”.

    However there was yet another theoretical schism brewing; this being the one between Plato and his pupil Aristotle; brilliantly captured on canvas by Rafael circa 1590:

    Raffy has Plato gazing skyward; searching for Truth; whilst Aristotle eyes are fixed upon *terra firma*; confident that Truth can be found in the material realm.

    The School of Athens was divided in Search for Meaning; and remains very much so to this day.

    • reprindle Says:

      Now we’re getting close to rationality.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        It is written; “reason is a lie; for there is a factor unknown and unnumbered”.

        • reprindle Says:

          Intellect, intelligence, reason are the doors. For one you must be born for the other two they must be acquired but nothing can be done without all three. Preserve yourself because you are needed.

          • Daughter of Babylon Says:

            Preserve yourself because you are needed.

            I do not feel needed. My face has been spit in so many times; I do not care anymore.

            I spoke My peace; and it was ignored or lampooned.

            I say to Each Side; go ahead; annihilate each other; I shall help No One.

            • reprindle Says:

              What did you expect from the world. You have to humor and cajole the world. Strictness will get you nowhere. Not that I have been that successful.

              • Daughter of Babylon Says:

                That a brilliant person such as Me watches slimes pass Her by; this is the root of My Dissatisfaction.

                To be ruled over by entities unqualified to look at Me; how would that make any self-respecting person feel?

                If you find the Current State of Affairs salubrious & acceptable; more power to you.

                However; I can say without equivocation that ANYONE who can open a newspaper without vomiting every single morning is truly sick.

  43. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    (CNN) “Norwegian authorities have arrested a high-profile American white supremacist, hours before he was due to give a speech at a far-right conference in Oslo on Saturday.”

    It is good to see that the “government” can now arrest people for thinking!

    Makes me feel “secure”!

    When we criminalize thought; be it Left; Right or Center; we might as well all commit suicide; for Absolute Slavery is now upon us.

    There are a few (very limited) times when government intervention with regards to speech or advocacy are legitimate:

    1/ Issuing a fatwa

    2/ Inciting to violence or riot

    3/ Yelling fire in a crowded theatre

    Other than those 3 items; what the people say is none of the “government’s” business.

  44. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Y’all is about 75% of the way to Total Slavery; just need to tighten and adjust your collars & leashes; what they colloquially call “tweaking”; I would give it another five to ten years before all the “safeguards & security” apparatuses are irrevocably locked in place.

    As the lambs are led to the metaphorical slaughterhouse; they will consider their slavery quite normal and necessary; for they must “defend their way of life” and “fight terrorism”; though I gravely doubt that 1 in 1,000,0000 Americans has ever once come fact to face with these “ever present” agents of evil.

    The Daughter of Babylon has told you of your unspeakable fate; and also of the tiny window that still remains for you to potentially avoid it; should you see fit to avail yourself of it.

    The choice is yours.

    One thing you will never say; you were not told.

  45. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Now should you choose to remain upon the course thou art on; it shall come to pass that the collar around you shall tighten to such an extreme magnitude that thou shalt cry out:

    “Daughter of Babylon; come unto me; and bring relief with great haste!”

    But at the juncture in time; My exquisitely sensitive ears shall hear not even a single one of thy supplications.

    For you knew Me not when it mattered to Me; and thus I shall know you not when it matters to thee…

  46. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    I wish there was someone who cared for Me; someone who loved Me…

    But there isn’t and there never shall be.

    So I have no reason to go on.

    I did My best; but it was not enough; and there is no place to go from here.

    May it end quickly.

  47. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Another Thanksgiving alone; another Christmas alone; another birthday alone in January…

    It is too depressing to contemplate.

    Well; since I can not pay my rent any more; after I am evicted you will see out on the mountain road My like Jack Nicholson at the end of The Shining; preserved magnificently in ice!

    I shall then truly be the Little Snow Queen!

    Bravo & Hosanna!

    • reprindle Says:

      I hate to see you sink, Pamela, apply to the State for a job then you can wallow in your misery in some comfort. Seriously, apply.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        Maybe I can fly down the mountain to the “govt offices” on My Broomstick!

        And if I could; why would that not be wonderful; to further prop up and support an illegitimate and criminal government that hates Me!

        Since I am apparently not getting through via My dispatches; I really see no point in go over the same points *ad infinitum*.

  48. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    You are really romanticizing 1975. It was total mayhem.

    It was lovely!

    In fact; whenever I am overcome with My depression; I put on My favorite TV show from that year; The Night Stalker with Darren McGavin as Kolchak (not Kojak; that was Telly Savalas) (sp?)

    The most excellent show; from a happy time.

    I just looked at a picture of Myself from 1975 in the picture-album; I look even more beautiful now than I did then!

    Is that not the Greatest Tragedy of Them All?

    To be the Immortal Goddess made flesh; and to have no one recognize you for who you are?

    • reprindle Says:

      Don’t think I remember the Night Stalker but I was very busy in 1975. I don’t like to think of 1975 not that I have any reason to.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        I remember Ford swimming in the White House pool; that was a neat picture on the front page; he was a nice man; not much of a president; but a nice man.

        I even consider Carter a reasonably decent man; at least in comparison to the criminals that succeeded him in office.

        Carter has always lived modestly on a few dollars; and his building of houses for the poor has always struck Me as the actions of a decent and honorable man.

        Again; he might not have been a presidential giant; but I consider him a decent man.

  49. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    It says there were two replies to the thread since My last post; and yet they do not show up on my computer; so I guess I was banned from this forum; as I have been banned from all internet forums.

    It is fine; I am accustomed to it.

    I made Myself a lovely omlette; with onions and peppers; it was quite excellent and I feel calmer now.

    I had not eaten since yesterday afternoon; and My hypoglycemia exacerbates My manic depression.

    Mother always said that there is nothing in this world worse than being fat; and I try to obey that injunction.

    1:42 PM MST

  50. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    8 Nov 2019: Trump announced the formation of a new group — “Black Voices for Trump” — on Friday in Atlanta to recruit and engage African-American voters after launching a Hispanic outreach campaign earlier this year.

    But how can a “voice” be black?
    I thought that was on the acoustic spectrum; not the light spectrum…
    Orwell & Goebbels had nothing on 2019 America…

  51. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Nov 2019: “Jeff Sessions announces Senate run”

    If Sessions succeeds in succeeding the sitting Senator; I would not be averse to seeing Alabama secede for a second time.

    Goddess; put Me out of My misery…

  52. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Verily, I tell you; all efforts to find the spark that ignited the present day Culture War; the root cause of the Great American Schism…can be traced to One Man:
    William Bradford REYNOLDS.
    An obscure attorney out of Vanderbilt; Reynolds got a job with the Reagan Justice Department in the early 1980’s and began a crusade against affirmative action when he was made chief of the Civil Rights Decision under William French Smith and later Ed Meese.

    And since the denial of Sessions federal judgeship that he was nominated for by Reagan in the mid-1980’s ties in absolutely beautifully with the seminal post in this thread about Reynolds almost identical travails; we have very much come Full Circle; tying up all loose ends.

    I’ve often compared Time to the drawing of a circle on a blackboard. When the drawing of the circle commences, the artist knows the point where it began and when he completes the circle he likewise knows where it ends.

    However, when he looks away for an interval and then again gazes upon the blackboard, the beginning and the end of the circle have become indistinguishable even to the artist himself.

    The Daughter of Babylon’s foes may hate Her now; but wait until She is running the planet…well; then they are *really* going to know hate!

  53. Daughter of Babylon Says:


    “Lawmakers” (lmao) and “celebrities” (double lmao) cry out to stop the execution of a man set to die in two weeks for the brutal rape and murder of a young woman:

    At first, Rodney Reed said he didn’t know the victim. “It wasn’t me.” But after being presented with DNA evidence that he’d had sex with the 19-year-old woman, he changed his story. It was consensual sex, he finally admitted, but because he’s black and she’s white, he had to keep it on the down low. Races ain’t ‘sposed to mix in small-town Texas, you see.

    This was in Wichita Falls in 1987, not Bastrop ten years later, when Reed would follow the same m.o. after he was indicted and later convicted of the rape and murder of Stacey Stites.

    When the Austin Chronicle put Rodney Reed on the cover of it’s May 24, 2002 issue (“Who Killed Stacey Stites?”), there was no mention of his history of alleged sexual assaults until about 4,000 words into a 5,000-word story. After proudly pointing out that Reed was acquitted of the only rape charge he faced in court, Chronicle crime reporter Jordan Smith wrote “Reed and his family say they can prove he did not commit the other assaults,” leaving it at that.

    Maybe instead of asking “Who Killed Stacey Stites?” and serving as the mouthpiece of the defense, the weekly should’ve wondered “Why was Rodney Reed’s semen inside a badly-beaten 12-year-old girl?”

    There is DNA evidence that while Reed was out on bail in the Wichita Falls case, he beat, raped and sodomized a 12-year-old Bastrop girl. The DNA testing from the Stites rape would tie him to that case, which never went to trial because Reed was sent to death row in 1998.

    Reed bounced between Bastrop, where his mother lived, and his father’s home town of Wichita Falls, where he was accused of another vicious attack in 1991. The day after his girlfriend and mother of his two children Lucy E. ended their relationship, Reed broke in and raped and sodomized her in front of the kids, the woman said. But after contacting police and filing a report, she decided it wouldn’t be worth it to press charges.

    Three more women came forward during the punishment phase of Reed’s capital murder trial and described animalistic attacks from the man that they were terrified might one day walk out of prison. The sexual assault of May 1995 yielded the DNA profile that ended up convicting Reed in the Stites case, though, again, the victim was an ex-girlfriend who didn’t think anyone would believe her.

    The other two assaults were more damning to Reed’s claims of innocence, as the first was six months before the Stites murder and the other was six months after. In both cases, the women were abducted from Bastrop’s Cedar Street, which is on Stites’ route from her apartment in Giddings to her job at HEB. The first rape, in October 1995, was a cold case until the DNA match was made 18 months later. The February ’97 attack was an attempted rape that could’ve followed the Stites scenario. Victim Linda Schlueter stopped in at Long’s Star Mart for something and there was Reed, asking for a ride, please. She hesitated because she didn’t know him, but Reed can be charming, convincing. He hopped in. But instead of guiding him to his house at 806 Martin Luther King Blvd., he had her turn into an abandoned lot where he demanded sex, then beat her up when she declined. She was lucky to get out of the car as a pair of headlights approached- and Reed slid over to the driver’s side and floored it.

    One of the Reed defense team’s key points of appeal is that although 11 sworn witnesses were ready to testify that they had seen Reed and Stites kissing, holding hands, etc., only two were called at the trial. But Reed’s original court-appointed attorneys explained in an interview, after the jury deliberated four hours to find Reed guilty, that to call the other witnesses, all close friends or relatives of Reed, most with criminal histories, would open the door for prosecutors to call up previous victims of Reed.

    Reed was known by authorities to roam the streets at night and sometimes walk along the railroad tracks. He also occasionally sold drugs, which led to his arrest for delivery of cocaine in April 1997. By sheer coincidence, the DNA match from Reed’s alleged rape in May ’95 to the Stites case had come back positive for Reed the day he turned himself in on the petty drug charge. Investigators asked if he knew Stacey Stites and Reed said only from the news reports. Never met her.

    A nation drowning in its own bullshit; so enamored with the notion that evil is good; and good is evil.

  54. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Most of that above post (save for the first and last paragraphs) is a copy n paste from a blog by an investigator named M. Corcoran; as I always give credit where credit is due…

    ‘Twas post 187 in the thread…highly appropriate for a murder case!

    • reprindle Says:

      If you ever discover the reason why women are treated so lightly let me know.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        The Feminine and the Masculine are opposing MAGENETIC FORCES.

        The masculine is the force of REPULSION; the feminine is the force of ATTRACTION.

        That this concept is understood by practically no one after 6000 years is a mystery to Me.

        Since both men & women love (are attracted to) women and since both men & women hate (are repulsed by) men; the outcomes in the courts and every other phase of life should surprise no one.

        Even in Eden Jehovah said unto Eve; “I will make you feel desire for your husband”; as this condition could not be summoned naturally and had to be artificially created; hatred for the masculine is as natural as gravity itself.

        He never told Adam, “I will make you feel desire for your wife”.

  55. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Do innocent people sit in jail in this nation and are the blameless sometimes sent to the gallows?


    Is it within the realm of possibility that the man in question is in fact innocent of the crime he was convicted of?

    It is possible; anything is possible.

    However guilty verdicts are not determined based on absolutely no doubt within the minds of the jurors; but based on the beyond a reasonable doubt standard.

    If the former were the standard bearer; I doubt *anyone* would ever be found guilty of anything.

    I was not there at the time; and I cannot say with 100% certainty he is guilty; but a review of the file definitely convinces Me he is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Thus I see no reason to stay a lawful execution of an evil being.

    • reprindle Says:

      As you know as a judge all cases are decided before going to court. Court is to give the appearance of justice. I have no respect for any part of the legal system.

  56. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    43. Let the Scarlet Woman beware! If pity and compassion and tenderness visit her heart; if she leave my work to toy with old sweetnesses; then shall my vengeance be known. I will slay me her child: I will alienate her heart: I will cast her out from men: as a shrinking and despised harlot shall she crawl through dusk wet streets, and die cold and an-hungered.
    ___Book of the Law

    Screw you Ra Hoor-Khuit!

    You and yours never helped Me on ONE FUCKING THING since you sent Me to this Shit Hole Planet.

    You and the rest are off galavanting in The Palace of Ever Joyous; while I’m stuck in this filthy; repulsive Hell-Hole without even money for food.

    I hope you and Jehovah annihilate each other; couldn’t happen to Two Nicer Gods!

  57. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    I will cast her out from men: as a shrinking and despised harlot shall she crawl through dusk wet streets, and die cold and an-hungered.
    ___Book of the Law


    If it be your intention to kill Me; well then get on with it.

    I am prepared to die.

  58. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    I should be careful as to what I say regarding Ra Hoor Khuit; as He is one of the very few entities in the Universe that outranks Me; and he could might even send far worse tortures upon Me (that is; fates worse than death) if He so desires.

    That does not imply that I am not still angry at Him; and you know that reversing Myself is utterly anathema to Me; but I suppose I should offer up a Modest Manifestation of Contrition for My Obstreperous Rants.

    I regret speaking against The Great God Ra; and respectfully ask for His Forgiveness.


  59. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    and you know that reversing Myself is utterly anathema to Me;

    Always remember that rules…are made to be broken; at least Mine are; by Me.

    For I Am Pamela; and thou shalt have none other before Me.

    Post 237…just like the Room in The Shining…and 1/3rd of 7/11.

  60. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    America turns 88,888 days old on Saturday, 11/16/2019!

    Eerie Symmetry!

  61. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Another Thanksgiving alone; another Christmas alone; another birthday alone in January…
    It is too depressing to contemplate.
    Well; since I can not pay my rent any more; after I am evicted you will see out on the mountain road My like Jack Nicholson at the end of The Shining; preserved magnificently in ice!
    I shall then truly be the Little Snow Queen!
    Bravo & Hosanna!

    I must concede; much to My shock; that the kindly neighbor who drives Me down the mountain (and took Me to the “Red Lobster” and the fancy breakfast place) has invited Me to her home for Thanksgiving Dinner with her family…

    I was overcome with emotion; that someone would actually extend kindness to Me; and I did happily accept the invitation.

    If either Mr. Prindle or any of his readers would like to send Me a monetary gift that I might stay afloat and not be put out on the road in the dead of winter; please consider doing so.

    I hate to ask for charity; but I have no other choice until I can figure out how to extricate Myself from these financial difficulties.

    Kindest Regards,
    Pamela Tabitha Andrews / Daughter of Babylon

  62. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Yovanovitch testified to Congress “My parents fled Communist and Nazi regimes. Having seen, firsthand, the war and poverty and displacement common to totalitarian regimes, they valued the freedom and democracy the U.S. offers and that the United States represents. And they raised me to cherish those values.



    Translation: “Some ancestors of mine left places where human rights were not scrupulously protected; this somehow GIVES ME the requisite VICTIM STATUS to make EVERYTHING I SAY TRUE AND BELIEVABLE”.

    If we were to include EVERYONE whose parents suffered oppression at the hands of some government; why we would have to include 99% of all the people that ever lived.

    I am no huge fan of Trump; but I see bullshit so obvious it should be screaming at the American People.

    If Trump had ONE OUNCE of common sense; he would have all these traitorous conspirators thrown into Leavenworth; and that includes much of the “Congress” (lolz).

    And that would just be for starters…

  63. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    “Former US ambassador to Ukraine receives standing ovation as hearing ends.”


    What else would one expect on a planet in love with traitors & liars?


  64. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    When money or power is at stake; almost EVERYTHING you humans say is FALSE.

    When something other than those Two Things hang in the balance; I’d knock The Rate of Lying down to about 85%.

    This planet is so full of shit it is going to float away…

  65. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    In any even remotely Sane Universe; efforts to oust a Lawful King would have been treated as High Treason; and met with The Supreme Penalty; but in Pussified 2019 America; treason is “legitimate dissent” and instead of properly dealing with the conspirators; Trump is on Twitter; crying; “they are mean; they do not like me!”

    What a pathetic nation of gelded “men”!

  66. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Verily I tell you; some of the Greatest and Most Long Lasting Curses are visited upon FALSE ACCUSERS AND TRAITORS; these curses are similar to those that are cast upon those who disturb the Sacred Sarcophagi; they were placed upon all the False Accusers at the Salem Witch Trials and during the French Reign of Terror; they are not simply upon the False Accuser; but also upon all of their descendants; for multiple generations to come.

  67. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Donald did briefly ponder making some kind of “response” to the treason; but then His Daughter Ivanna and her slave (I mean husband) Poodle Boy reminded Donald of The Greatest Most Immutable Truth In the Sub Lunar Realm; an irrefutable axiom with trans temporal implications:


    Cognizant of this Great Truth; Donald; like all good feminists; became silent…

    The Universe laughs at America…

    Every square inch of it…

    Take it from someone who knows…

  68. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    And during the hearing’s first break, two high-profile Republicans objected to Trump’s tweet.

    “I disagree with the tweet,” said Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.), who serves on the intelligence committee. “I think Ambassador Yovanovitch is a public servant, like many of our public servants in the Foreign Service.”

    Rep. Liz Cheney (Wyo.) the third-ranking House Republican, said Yovanovitch “clearly is somebody who’s been a public servant to the United States for decades, and I don’t think the president should have done that.”

    Kenneth Starr, whose investigation led to Bill Clinton’s impeachment in the 1990s, added on Fox News, “I must say that the president was not advised by counsel in deciding to do this tweet. Extraordinarily poor judgment.”

    Trump later denied that he was trying to intimidate Yovanovitch with his tweet.

    “I don’t think so at all,” he said, when a reporter asked whether his words could be intimidating.

    Notably, though, no Republicans took up that thread or defended the tweets.

    That the two Republican bitches took the traitor’s side is no surprise; nor was Ken “Starr’s” “response”; he ranks on the list of The Lowest Slimy Worms in America; an establishment figure par excellence; a lover of all that is evil; i.e. The Present American Zeitgeist.

    I vomit whenever I think of the People Who Rule Your Nation…

  69. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Do not read these previous comments as some sort of “endorsement” of the presidency of Donald Trump; I consider the man a mediocrity; a good business man; a person of so-so character; and a very average formulator of public policy.

    It is not he that I lament; but the process that threatens to remove a lawful monarch.


    The Ancients considered TREASON (OR MUTINY, IF ON A SHIP) the most heinous of all crimes; even beyond that of cold blooded murder; an unspeakable crime.

    The Ninth Circle Hell hath but 3 residents: Cassius; Brutus. & Iscariot; Traitors All.

    This is no accident; but represents the Proper Understanding of the Abomination that is is Transpiring.

    It matters not to Me; I am but an observer of Pathetic Humanity; but these events most assuredly constitute a New Low for The Race…

  70. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Meghan McCain tells Roger Stone to ‘rot in hell’

    But that is where your genocidal maniac of a father is rotting; you fat tub of shit…

    When you check out 30 or 40 years down the road; there will be a room waiting for you right next to his!

  71. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    As the guy who works for Motel 6 would say:

    “We’ll leave the light on for ya!”

  72. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    You can clearly see; from over the 1000 comments I have made on this blog; that the Daughter of Babylon truly has the Perfect Mind; that I am called “Understanding” in the 12th Aethyr for a reason; and that I am truly the Most Honorable Entity in the Universe.

  73. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Former Nixon counsel John Dean: Trump ‘should have been impeached the day he walked in’

    You see; a convicted felon; but not just that; a rat and a stool pigeon whose testimony put about 5 men in prison; he has the “moral authority” to determine Right from Wrong…

    He gets out of prison; goes on book tours; is a guest commentator on the major networks; and is now an “elder statesman” whose opinions are taken “very seriously”.

    Again a nation so corrupt and so in love with filthy liars and self aggrandizing monsters that it deserves itself.

  74. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Kamala Harris closes campaign offices and fires staff in New Hampshire


    I have no idea why any female is even wasting time & money running for President; do they not even read the Ancient Prophecies?

    Even at the last election; when many said Miss Clinton would win; I laughed and said it was absolutely impossible.

    There is not a Single Prophet that does not emphatically declare that Pamela Tabitha Andrews shall be the first female president; and all the temporal armies marshalled cannot change that fact.

    Since I am immortal; My suzerainty shall be a protracted one; and I obviously will quickly do away with the title “president” and declare Myself Queen or Empress…

  75. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    16 Nov 2019: “Star witness against Roger Stone fights back tears as he says he ‘feels horrible’ the Trump associate is going to prison because of his testimony”

    The Ninth Circle Hell hath but 3 residents: Cassius; Brutus. & Iscariot; Traitors All.

    Iscariot had the common decency to hang himself after he betrayed Christ; demonstrating that even these wicked souls sometimes manifest a scintilla of regret for their evil actions.

    To turn on one who trusted you; can there be anything lower than that?

    Most humans still have a little bit of a conscience.

    Unfortunately; they do not recognize the evil they do until it is too late.

    As My Father often said, “The damage is done; the milk hath been spilt.”

  76. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    My Father often commented on the Protean Sea Change in this dynamic; saying how when he was young; it would be almost unheard of for someone to rat their friends out; but nowadays; “they are all running to the prosecutor’s office; jumping over one another in the rush to turn state’s evidence and keep their own tail out of prison.”

    There was once a shibboleth that went along the lines of “death before dishonor”.

    Now they will happily choose dishonor over even three days in jail…

    More proof of the accelerating devolution of the human race…evidence of which is by no means limited to the courtroom.

  77. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    To turn on one who trusted you; can there be anything lower than that?

    Now some will say, “Pamela thou art a hypocrite; for thou hast failed to castigate Satan for turning on God and rebelling against Him.”

    My reply would be that all this happened a very long time ago; I Myself have not even been made aware of the exact dates; but I sense it was at least 400,000 years ago; and the circumstances are ambiguous; dynamics incomprehensible even to Me might well have been in play; and thus I am in no position to make a reasoned judgement on what actually transpired.

  78. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Moreover; there is a material difference between overt betrayal and legitimate revolution…some subjectivity may factor in; but betrayal usually involves a fiduciary relationship between the betrayed and the betrayer; whilst revolution is often centered on a removal of the yoke that hath been placed upon one by another; the relationship is not amicable to begin with; and thus the revolution can often be characterized as the slave freeing himself from his master.

    Satan & God can be seen in the latter light…

  79. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Again we return to the question of Charles I vs Parliament & Cromwell; was it treason or a legitimate revolution / ouster of a criminal monarch?

    It is a good question; one that will probably never be adequately answered.

  80. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Always remember; where there is no answer; there is no question…

    And where there is no solution; there is really no problem…

    Words to live by…

    *Smiles Happily*

  81. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Trump pardons U.S. Army officers, restores Navy SEAL’s rank in war crimes cases.


    The whole nation has been a walking war crime since about 1896 and the Spanish American War…

    Nothing new here…

    At least up until then; our misdeeds were mostly confined within the borders; McKinley started exporting our nonsense to Latin America; then the Philippines; we put down the Boxer Rebellion in China; should have elected William Jennings Bryan; he might have been a Christian Fundamentalist; but he was still a pretty wise and humane man.

    T Roosevelt turned Latin America into a bunch of American quasi-colonies; “banana republics” for American bankers & corporate interests; and with WW 1; it was katy bar the door…1917 – 2008 saw more “war” death than the previous 1000 years put together; but humans think they are “evolving”; lolz.

    Of course there was a population increase; so we can pro-rate it for that!

    That the people think this is “normal” is only more proof of how abnormal you all are….

    Your Archon Masters love it; btw…as all wars are nothing more than Mass Blood Sacrifice Rituals; but humanity is too fucking stupid to realize they are being manipulated by forces they cannot see nor even begin to comprehend…

    Stay on the course you have been on; it has been a great 6131 years; and the Best is Yet to Come!

    Truly a Planet of Idiots…

  82. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    should have elected William Jennings Bryan;

    I was just looking at a photo of his wife Mary from 1915; she was born in 1861; making her 54 at the time; she could have passed for 80 in the photo; not only was life much shorter 100 years ago; but people aged much more quickly; life was obviously much harder; the improvements in safety for food & water; and simply the much, much higher standard of living; heating and cooling; refrigeration etc; there was almost no “health care” back then; and a million other innovations.

    I cannot say everything is bad about 2019; we just need to trim out the ugly parts and keep the good.

    Of course as an immortal; aging will never be a problem; so I have that going for Me…which is nice.

  83. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    but people aged much more quickly; life was obviously much harder; the improvements in safety for food & water;

    Not to mention environmental controls and regulation of pollution!

    People consider it a late 20th century problem; absolutely not true!

    By as early as 1875 towns like Pittsburgh & Johnstown were absolute smoky hells; over industrialized nightmares; the air was worse than 2019 LA by far.

    Bad air is a big factor in rapid aging; along with working with toxins; bad diet; bad water; and simply bad genes.

  84. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Bad air is a big factor in rapid aging; along with working with toxins; bad diet; bad water; and simply bad genes.

    Working out of doors; manual labor; and too much sun also big factors in hastening the aging process.

  85. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    7 And, behold, there was lifted up a talent of *lead*: and this is a woman that sitteth in the midst of the ephah.
    8 And he said, This is wickedness. And he cast it into the midst of the ephah; and he cast the weight of *lead* upon the mouth thereof.
    9 Then lifted I up mine eyes, and looked, and, behold, there came out two women, and the wind was in their wings; for they had wings like the wings of a stork: and they lifted up the ephah between the earth and the heaven.
    10 Then said I to the angel that talked with me, Whither do these bear the ephah?
    11 And he said unto me, *To build it a house* in the land of Shinar: and it shall be established, and set there upon her own base.
    ___Zechariah 5

    This is a prophecy by Zechariah about a later day relocation of the Goddess (Semiramis / Isis, Nimrod’s Consort; the Biblical Whore of Babylon); to the modern day “land of Shinar” which is now Modern America; as this was / is A MOBILE QUEENDOM; ALWAYS MOVING WEST; Sumeria; Babylon; Egypt; Rome; London; and finally America. She / I am carried through the air to a new home; to set up My Base; just UNDER (south of) Lead (S. Dakota).

    Do you think it is some accident that The great statue of the Goddess Isis in the Herbert Hoover Memorial Park is in WEST BRANCH, Iowa???

    And of course the park was dedicated 12 Aug 1965; 23 years to the day I died; 12 Aug 1988; 23 being the Number of death?

    My spasms into death began around 10:30 PM on 11 August; and continued into the wee hours of the morning of the 12th; to be precise.

  86. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Do you think it is some accident that The great statue of the Goddess Isis in the Herbert Hoover Memorial Park is in WEST BRANCH, Iowa???

    The word “Iowa” is unquestionably a corruption of the word “Kiowa,” which was of common use by the Sauk and Fox tribes more than two centuries ago, and is today by the remnants of those tribes still in existence; one being in Tama County, Iowa, and another in Oklahoma. When Black Hawk, who was a Sauk (or Sac, as it is now written) Indian, and his people overspread and occupied the territory which is now Iowa, the use oi the word became more general. It signified “THIS IS THE PLACE”.

    Both Christ and His Opponent are known as “branches”.

  87. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    I wonder what happened to Kind Mr. Prindle?

    Has he abandoned his blog?

    I am certain his readership has increased ten fold since Pamela started commenting; as all the world wants to know the thoughts of the Whore of Babylon just prior to Her Ascension to Her Throne.

  88. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    South Dakota governor Kristi Noem defends anti-meth campaign after online ridicule

    This is the retard that rules over Me…

    I have as much in common with her as she has with a grasshopper…

    Nice going America!

  89. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    8 Dec 2019: “A former Kennesaw State University cheerleader was awarded a $145,000 settlement two years after she faced “repercussions” (she was briefly kept off the field; lolzzzzz) for taking a knee during the national anthem at a college football game, court documents show.”

    That’s just peachy!

    I had My entire career destroyed by the people at My job back in NY; and I can’t even obtain My pension; let alone one penny in damages…

    And you wonder why I wish I was dead & buried?

    Goddess put Me out of My misery; and free Me from Hell-hole planet…

  90. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    In fairness; it sounds the cheerleader’s “suffering” was quite profound; right up there with those who endured Dresden & Stalingrad…

    If someone would be so kind as simply tell Me what I did wrong; to be in receipt of so much horror and misfortune over the course of My life; and it be a Reasonable Explanation; well; we call it even and I can die in peace.

  91. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Goddess put Me out of My misery; and free Me from Hell-hole planet…

    Remember what the Baptist said to Herod whilst in custody?

    “Are you setting me free?”

    “I am having you executed.”

    “Then you are setting me free.”

    I know EXACTLY how he felt…

  92. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Sounds like a mystery Pamela. What happened?

    It does not matter at this late juncture in time; Kind Mr. Prindle.

    And I have no desire to re-live it through narration…

    I was served the certified letter to get out of My house on Saturday; so we are close to My last few dispatches; and all My appeals appear to be exhausted.

    It is just as well; I look forward to death; I will not die out on the highway as they want Me to; but rather in My Own Bed; as I breathe My last few breaths.

    The interesting thing about humanity is the ecstatic pleasure you take in torturing the weak and the helpless; centuries afore it was directly with the bayonet; nowadays it is all done by proxy; the magistrate; the sheriff; and the bank.

    Thus I am relieved knowing that Hell exists; and that I will be avenged long after I have departed this world.

    Eternity is a very long time; but the flames of Hell do become a bit more tolerable after the first million years; so y’all have that going for you…which is nice.

  93. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    When you are weak & powerless and poor like I am; whether it is legal or not is quite beside the point.

    The people who have money dictate the terms and there is nothing the poor slob can do about it.

    And I wrote previously that engaging the American Courts is a waste of time; so I will not even contest it.

    What kind of fool beseecheth their tormentor for mercy; for if their tormentor were indeed capable of extending mercy; they would not be called thy tormentor.

    Why would I want to continue to live in a merciless world of monsters and vipers; who hate Me and bring nothing but torture upon me?

    There is nowhere to go; there is nowhere to hide; I am finished.


  94. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    You can sing this over my grave…

    From this valley they say you are going
    I shall miss your sweet face and your smile
    Just because you are weary and tired
    You are changing your range for a while

    I’ve been thinking a long time my darling
    Of the sweet words you never would say
    Now alas must the fond hopes all vanish
    For they say you are going away

    Then come sit here a while ere you leave us
    Do not hasten to bid me adieu
    Just remember the Red River Valley
    And the cowboy who loves you so true…

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