Rectifying The International Exodus From Egypt


R.E. Prindle

Having been raised on the Bible in fact, one is reluctant  to continue to believe the Bible as history rather than just mythology no different from any other mythology.  One can compare the Jewish method to that of Homer’s Greek mythology.  For instance the alleged parting of the Red Sea is no different than the goddess Athene coming down from Olympus to seize Achilles by his golden locks while whispering ‘Don’t do it.’  as he considers attacking his king Agamemnon.

Put into real terms the Jews were merely one of many peoples, ‘vile Asiatics’ as the Egyptians called them who were driven from a reconquering Egypt at approximately the same time.  Thus the Jews were only one group of ‘vile Asiatics’ occupying Egyptian lands. They took advantage of the Asiatic invasion to get a piece of the action. There was nothing special about them. They were driven out sometime between Pharoah Amose c.1600d BC and the Ramesside Pharoahs c. 1200.  The chronology of the Age of Aries is unclear.  There was nothing miraculous is their expulsion.  That means that the Passover ceremony is a fraud.

From 1700 BC or so to 1200 BC or so the Eastern end of the Med littoral  was in turmoil as many peoples were on the move.  This is part of the Age of Aries.  About the beginning of the Age of Aries the Aryans began to move out of Central Asia from about where the Uighurs are now.  The Uighurs are very probably the remnant of the Aryans left behind.  The Aryans migrated East, South and West.

In China they faced a very determined resistance being defeated and then assimilated.  If I am not mistaken the extreme antipathy of the Chinese to the Uighurs of today is in remembrance of the Aryan invasion of 2000 BC.

The invasion of India and its results are well known and need no comment.  In the West the Aryans initially settled Persia, renamed Iran today in memory of them.  Other migrants moved North of the Persians into the Eastern marge of the Black Sea, along the Northern marge and down into the Minoan Thalassocracy of Crete, which temporarily delayed their move into Egypt.  The Minoan civilization was superior to their own so that the Aryans assimilated Minoan customs.  As they later would when they confronted the superior Egyptian culture of Lower Egypt.

The Greeks then at this point were intermingling with the peoples that were causing the troubles of Egypt.  Greek elements would be among the Sea People and the Shepherd Kings occupying the Delta of Lower Egypt.  The Hittites were harassing Asia from the North and displaced peoples  the Jews called  Philistines probably of a congeries of peoples that occupied Palestine.   This was the milieux in which the Jews were battling for a place.  They, themselves, would be displaced from what they called Israel, by the Assyrians and Babylonians and removed en masse although later a remnant would return.

As I noted in an earlier essay prior to the Age of Leo and the ending of the last Ice Age most of the Med Basin was at 500 foot lower Ice Age levels.  As the planet warmed the ice melted and the waters rose to approximately today’s levels.  As humanity has always preferred living by the sea the great flood displaced whole civilizations to the four corners of the Earth.

In our times was a rumor of a White people existing in the Sahara.  These would have been remnants of the people flushed from the Med Basin by the rising waters into the adjacent highlands. 

The Civilization bearers settled in the Nile Delta probably at Memphis.  The flood would have thousands of years before Egypt emerged so the Delta not as silted as today must have been smaller area and a bigger swamp.

The migrants were intruding on the territory of the Upper Egyptians, an entirely different people, which began a very long period of warfare between the two peoples that ended about 3300 BC, Age of Taurus, with a unification of the two peoples.

Just as the Delta had been easily accessible to the migrants fleeing the flood so the Delta remained throughout its history.  Egypt, somewhat like the United States of the nineteenth century became legendary as a land of plenty, thus luring people ‘seeking a better life.’  People continuously raided and invaded Lower Egypt.  Thus they established a rival kingdom in the Delta at about the same time that the Greeks were established themselves in Greece and battling the Minoans.  Lower Egypt had to be reconquered by the Egyptians.

Thus the ‘vile Asiatics’, Greeks and Libyans occupied the Delta.  As Egypt provided a better life than the ‘vile Asiatics’ there were constant efforts to enter through the mountain passes to the East of the Nile.  Thus the Egyptians had to also garrison the Eastern approaches to keep Egypt, Egyptian.  This was a constant for thousands of years.

About the time of Ramessides the Delta was once again completely under Egyptian control.  The ‘vile Asiatics’ had been expelled and that included the Jewish people.  Pharaoh not only let them go but he drove them out.  There were no miracles.  The entire story of the next forty years of so-called Jewish history is a myth.

A myth that turns an expulsion into an attempt to migrate into a very uncertain future is a psychological reversal of fact.  The, uncorroborated, at least, Jewish version is that in a magical contest between Pharaoh and the Jews Jewish magic was more powerful than Egyptian magic, another reversal in fact as Egyptian magic was legendary.  But nobody can top the Jews.  Magic today is no longer a criterion so guess what?  Jews are said to have the highest IQ of all the races while they maintain at the same time that race does not exist.

The Jews according to their version then decided to leave Egypt of their own free will.  Rather than lose such valuable people Pharoah sent his army out to bring them back.  Somebody’s wet dream.

One must imagine that this huge forced transfer of multiple peoples  back into Asia unsettled the entire Eastern Med.  While this was going on in the South, up North at Troy the Greeks and Trojans were battling for an entire decade as the Greeks sought to capture that Sacred City and wipe its people from the face of the Earth.  They succeeded but then strangely they did not go back home.

One who did, King Agamemnon, discovered that his wife, Helen’s sister, Clytemnestra had seized the country and was ruling it as a Matriarchy with her male consort.  The Queen Bee did the obvious thing, she murdered Agamemnon getting out of the bath.  So ten years of fighting the Trojan Matriarchy went down the tube as the Matriarchy had triumphed in Agamemnon’s ten or eleven year absence.

Fleeing Trojans and other displaced people sought new homes with some them obviously washing up n the shores of Palestine who became known as the Philistines.  Paris France is believed to have been settled by the exiled Trojans.

Odysseus spent the next ten years wandering the Mediterranean with his ship and crew as the winds were unfavorable.

Menelaus, Agamemnon’s brother, the victim for whom the war began, didn’t even try to get home, he and his ships went to Egypt, actually returned to Egypt, from which he had been recalled to fight in Troy.  As the Trojan War began Menelaus had gone to Egypt ‘on business’ leaving his wife Helen to be lusted after by the Trojan, Paris who had come from Troy to seduce her.  (See the Judgment of Paris to understand why.}

Now, why did Menelaus leave for Egypt?  He sure didn’t buy a ticket and go alone.  What with the fighting going on in the Delta he probably left Greece with twenty ships or so and a full contingent of fighting men to take part in that war.  As his profession was military, I imagine that he either left to take part in looting or perhaps as Egyptian auxiliaries.  When the recall from the Egyptian  war, came from Troy he turned around and sailed North.

After the Sacred City was looted I imagine the guys looked at each other and asked, what next?  Well, there was still the ruckus down in Egypt.  Probably like the White Company who had spent their lives fighting in the Hundred Years War that Conan Doyle describes who couldn’t just return to domestic life, if they had ever had one. The White Company decided to carve a kingdom our of France and Italy.   Menelaus and his troops with their adrenalin still up opted for more action rather than the hearthside.  ‘We could go down there and kick ass, they said, carve out a kingdom for ourselves.  And so they did.

The Egyptians and the Greeks always got along, they were natural allies against the ‘vile Asiatics,’ so maybe they fought alongside the Egyptians.  Bet on the winners.

The Egyptians then ran the Asiatics, including the Jews, out and once out they carried war home to the Asiatics.  Kept the flow of history going.

When I was in school Greek, Asian and Egyptian history were kept in airtight units.  But, when you consider the Arien Age as a unit, and this all occurred in the Arien age the interlocking the cultural units provides a somewhat  different story unaffected by Jewish magic.  The Jews were very minor players.

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