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R.E. Prindle

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The Man

Six White Men In Search Of An African Empire

     If one believes that Burroughs is merely on a rant against Communism in Tarzan The Invincible and Tarzan Triumphant then there is nothing more to say.  Still, it is remarkable that ERB specifically names Stalin as a persecutor of Tarzan in both books.  As Burroughs says he doesn’t mind fictionizing political and religious realities the question is , is he fictionizing a real life situation where Stalin, or the Communists are giving him a hard time?

     Seems really improbable doesn’t it?  People are used to thinking of Burroughs as a barely literate fantasy writer better ignored by the literati.  But more insignificant men than ERB have been the victims of hate campaigns.

Dr. Harvey Springer- The Cowboy Evangelist

      Who now, for instance, remembers Harvey Springer?  Harvey Springer?  Never heard of him?  I don’t wonder.  Oddly enough when I was in San Diego in 1957-58 Harvey Springer, who was some kind of evangelicalist, was going to appear at some church out where no sailor ever went.  He was kind of a cowboy evangelical from Denver.  His most dramatic stunt was placing one of size fourteens, he was a tall rangy man, on one chair and the other on another to harangue the crowd.

     I hadn’t heard of him, you know, nor had anyone I knew, but Harvey Springer was reputed to be an arch anti-Semite.  Could have been for all I knew, but I’m not going to take anyone’s word for it.  The point is the Jews sent all kinds of people into the streets to tell people not to go see Harvey.  I don’t how many times they must have heard- Who’s Harvey Springer?- in reply.  Rather than say he’s an anti-Semite, of which I had even less knowledge at the time never having heard the term, all that was necessary was to say the two words, church and evangelical to cool my ardor, if I had any, to find where he was speaking and go see him.

     In addition the AJC and ADL published books in which they denounced Harvey Springer as a very dangerous anti-Semite.   Now, if certain people would go to such extremes to persuade someone not to do something he had no intention of doing what would they do to defame someone with an international reputation?  The only one who didn’t realize the extent of ERB’s fame seems to have been ERB himself.  He was no self promoter, he thought it best to keep his head down.

     In that sense, judging from the unpublished Under The Red Flag and the published Moon Maid, Invincible and Triumphant Burroughs was actually a leading anti-Communist voice.  I mean, people read this stuff.  They read it in America , they read it in England, they read it in numerous translations and they read it in the Soviet Union.  Here’s the kicker, Stalin read it.  Not only that, Stalin was a movie buff.  And he requested Tarzan films (reported in a recent UK Telegraph story and the book of Simon Sebag Montefiori: Stalin:  The Court Of The Red Tsar.)

     History is not a mystery, it’s just schoolyard bullies bigger than life.

     We also know that Stalin ordered his scientists in the 1920s to attempt to cross an ape and a human to create a super warrior.  It’s clear to me that Stalin had read Beasts Of Tarzan.  The Man of Steel may have had a difficult time distinguishing between fact and fiction as many another.  Besides, remember eugenics was a hot topic of conversation in Red circles then as it is today.  Not knowing what we know now about genetics crossing an ape and human may not have seemed that far fetched.  It doesn’t to a lot of people now.  Heck, the Old Testament enjoins one to destroy the results of an animal-human union so the ancient Hebrews thought it was not only possible but a regular occurrence.

     There is very clear evidence that the Reds were conducting a campaign of vilification against Burroughs.  I’ve mentioned it before but the clearst evidence is H.G. Wells’ novel Mr. Blettsworthy On Rampole Island.

Bertie Wells

     May we take a moment to look more closely at Wells?  Don’t think I’m antagonistic toward Wells.  I dearly love Wells just as I do Burroughs.  I have a complete collection of Burroughs while I’m looking for the odd volume of the more obscure Wells.  I’m not boasting,  I’m just saying this in the way of credentials.  I’ve read all of Burroughs more than once and I’ve read all the Wells’ titles I have, many of them  more than once.  In point of fact I love all the literature from say, Haggard’s King Solomon’s Mines to 1930 and perhaps an odd year or so beyond.  I love.  I mean, I love it.  I love Edgar Wallace who, if you can believe it, is claimed to have sold one out of four books sold in England during this period.  If you don’t know him  he was one of the co-writers of the movie King Kong and then he died.  All  this stuff of this period is wonderful.  Robert Hitchens, P.C. Wren.

     So, you know, it’s like this:  H.G. Wells was a Soviet literary hatchet man.

     The man had a wonderful career.  You know his most famous novels, The War Of The Worlds, First Men In The Moon, The Island Of Dr. Moreau, In The Days Of The Comet.  If you like Wells, and I do, those are the tip of the iceberg.  A few of his short stories and he wrote many  are as good as short stories get.

     He was always a socialist and perhaps a terrorist conspiritor, but he was a child of the nineteenth century until his mind broke at the end of the Great War.  At that time he lost faith, in god, transferring his faith to the Revolution, becoming a Soviet dupe.  His literary career may be divided into two halves, pre-God- The Invisible King and post-God.  That was one of his books.

     He was not taken seriously as a fiction writer after the war.  During the twenties and thirties he turned out an unending stream of novels that were ignored.  It’s not difficult to see why, but I find them a little more tolerable.  I like Wells.  His reputation and career were saved by his 1922 effort An Outline Of History.  It was a massive volume and it sold massively for twenty years or more while being hugely influential in literature.  Put him on easy street for the rest of his long life.  As much as any artist who is skilled at spending money can be on Easy Street.

     As a novelist however, he was pretty much a has been.  While none of his post-1920 novels take off he hits the spot with me.

     From 1920 on his soul belonged to the Revolution, which is to say the Socialist homeland, which is to say the Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics.  That means he was more loyal to Russia than he was to England.  In short, a traitor in intent if not in deed.  While no Liberal ever deals in realities hence are in constant denial, The Man of Steel, Josef Stalin, was his boss.  Wells naturally would have denied this.

     The Soviets had a pretty comprehensive system which once again is denied.  There were a number of State prostitutes who were assigned to the various important Red writers to service them as mistresses, while reporting back to the Kremlin.  This is, of course, denied by the Liberals.  I don’t understand living a life that has to be denied, where everything you do has to be represented as something else, but such duplicity is apparently congenial to the Liberal mind.  They must seek it.


Moura Budberg

   Wells was assigned a woman named Moura Budberg.  She must have known how to turn on the charm as she was able to make a number of men she was assigned to sincerely love her, including the British diplomat Bruce Lockhart, the Russian writer Maxim Gorky and H.G. Wells.  She wasn’t that good looking either.  All of these people led double, triple or quadruple lives.  They must have been really able to compartmentalize their minds.  Freud didn’t touch that type.

     After Wells’ visit to Lenin in 1921 he was signed on.  He began his career as literary hatchet man.  In his writing he portrayed recognizable people, sometimes under their real names, in negative or positive lights.  As a skilled writer, whether you like his later stuff or not, he was more than competent to do this.  It appears that he first targeted Burroughs in his 1923 novel Men Like Gods.  Among his science fiction novels this one should rank more highly than it does.  Burroughs’ 1926 Moon Maid reads like a reply to Wells.  Especially the first part of the trilogy where Burroughs dances imaginative rings around the First Men In The Moon.  From there Wells took up the challenge with Mr. Blettsworthy On Rampole Island of 1928 which unmistakably is a parody of Burroughs in which he portrays Burroughs as insane, but not a bad analysis.

     Burroughs responded possibly with At The Earth’s Core but definitely with Tarzan The Invincible.  At the same time one interprets Stalin’s interest in crossing apes with humans as being derived from Beasts Of Tarzan and other Tarzan novels there may have been more direct Soviet interest in ERB.  One notes that Tarzan The Invincible was the first title published under the Burroughs imprint.  I think it highly probable that his publishing was being interfered with by the Reds in addition to whatever other grievances against his publishers Burroughs may have had.

     One may say that Burroughs was too insignificant for Stalin to bother with, yet according to Simon Sebag Montefiori Stalin put out a contract on John Wayne because he was such an ardent anti-Communist.  Khruschev is said to have told Wayne that he concelled the contract after Stalin’s death.  Edgar Rice Burroughs was at least as significant in 1930 as Wayne in the 1940s and 50s.

     At any rate in 1930 Burroughs has Stalin and the Reds invading his dream world of Opar to steal his gold, i.e. put him out of the publishing business.  Invincible and Triumphant, notice the titles,  both deal with Stalin and the Soviets then the topic disappears from the oeuvre.  Was Burroughs given incentive to counter-attack the Reds?  I think there is enough evidence to warrant the opinion while time will tell even more.  Research is just beginning.

     It is signficant that Burroughs introduces the story in his own voice, not a framing device.  He may be simply talking to the reader or he may be addressing Wells and, dare I say say it, The Man Of Steel himself.  Perhaps a subtitle could be ‘The Big Bwana Meets The Man Of Steel.’  Now, it should also be remembered that this is the fourteenth novel of the series.  the first title had been written eighteen years earlier.  At that time the surprise of the character had knocked the socks off the reading public.  In 1930 Tarzan was in danger of becoming old hat.  Burroughs had to think up new and interesting devices to keep his readers coming back.  As with most series of this type the readership was limited.  Maximum sales could be predicted so that success meant not falling below a certain level of interest or letting interest diminish below unsupportable levels.  As his own publisher Burroughs was now taking all the risks financial as well as literary.  He had to turn out a successful book.

     I think he did a superb job.  Since the series continued to flourish his readers must have thought so too.  I do wish ERB, Inc. would release some sales figures though.

     For the premiss of his story Burroughs postulates that Stalin and the Soviets wish to instigate a new world war which will allow them to pick up the pieces establishing a complete European dictatorship.  Not at all farfetched.  Burroughs postulates that Mussolini and his Fascists are aiming at a European hegemony.  This is 1930 so Hitler and the Nazis are not on anyone’s radar as a threat to world peace except for a few fringe elements.  At the time Hitler and the NSDAP were in hand to hand combat with the Communists for control of Germany.  They would not assume power until three years hence.

     The Reds then wish to create an incident that would cause the Italians to attack France.  The indirect approach is usually more effective than the direct approach so they wish to create an incident in Africa where French colonial troops appear to invade Italian Somaliland.

     At that instant expendable confederates in Italy would reveal a bogus French plan to Mussolini.  It is assumed that Italy would then declare war on France and the holocaust would begin.  As we all know Italy did not declare war on France in 1930 so the plan must have misfired somewhere along the way.  Tarzan was the reason.  Burroughs gives these little known details that would have been lost to…well… if not history, remembrance.  So, uh, really ERB is providing a valuable service here.

     There may be two sides to every story, but usually one is on one side or the other.  We don’t have to be reminded ERB is not on the side of the Reds.  In fact, ERB is exposing their plans and weaknesses.  He displays a fairly profound understanding of the goals and workings of the Communists.  He is read up on the subject,  He has studied.  He is not shooting from the hip.  He knows whereof  he speaks.  If not an authority on the subject he is pretty darn close.

     ERB has his eyes on how ‘American’ manufacturers are relating to Moscow.  He has Zora Drinov analyze the situation this way, p. 12

     “But what do the puny resources of this single American (Wayne Colt) mean to us?”  demanded Zora.  “A mere nothing compared to what America is already pouring into Soviet Russia.  What is his treason compared with the treason of those others who are already doing more to hasten the day of world communism than the Third Internationale itself- it is nothing, not a drop in the bucket.’

     “What do you mean Zora?”  asked Miguel.

     “I mean the bankers, and manufacturers, and engineers of America, who are selling their own country and the world to us in the hope of adding more gold to their already bursting coffers.  One of their most pious and lauded citizens is building great factories for us in Russia, where we may turn out tractors and tanks; their manufacturers are vying with each other to furnish us with engines for countless thousands of airplanes; their engineers are selling us their brains and their skill to build a grreat modern manufacturing city, in which ammunitions and engines of war may be produced.  These are the traitors, these are the men who are hastening the day when Moscow shall dictate the policies of our world.”

     “…their government is a capitalistic government that is so opposed to our beliefs that it has never recognized our government; yet in their greed, these swine are selling out their own kind and their own country for a few more rotten dollars.”

     Sound anything like the US and China today?  That was a mouthful.  The first thing FDR did upon taking the reins of government was to recognize Soviet Russia.  Tell you anything about FDR?  That was a mouthful that should have eraned ERB the hatred of the Liberal Coalition.

     You can see why they wanted to stop his mouth.  Passages such as this are probably the reason Richard Slotkin and his crowd, John Taliaferro, group ERB with Madison Grant and Lothrop Stoddard.  A charge of racism is usually a cover for a multitude of offences that have nothing to do with race.  One is merely opposing the Liberal program.   If they were to say- the fellow opposes the Liberal program they would get no rise- they might even have to explain the Liberal program- so the charge of racism is used as a red herring.  One should always suspect such an accusation and disregard it.

     Liberals however, never answer such charges.  They merely deny them.  In 1953-54 they were even denying themselves as Communists or taking the Fifth, which is the euivalent of saying, yes I am, but I’m not going to admit it.

     The Revolution was only twelve years old in 1930.  The CPUSA had been briefly outlawed in the early twenties but ‘disinterested parties’  believing in the time honored notion of ‘free speech’  had the ban lifted.  Over in Russia their free speech loving comrades were filling cattle cars with dissenters destined for the Gulag or else they were murdered outright.  Today, of course, these freedom loving people are throwing dissenters in prison on the basis of trumped up laws.  The Program is moving right along isn’t it?

     Even William Z. Foster denied he was a Communist as he was running for President on the Communist ticket.  Today a tenured Law Professor at Harvard actually denies that AIPAC, which is a registered lobby group, exists.  They ought to throw such people into cells next to David Irving.  Denial of themselves is what Liberalism is all about.  You couldn’t find anyone to admit to being a Communist.  They all denied it.  The hypocrisy of Liberals throwing men as decent  or moreso than themselves into jail for denying the holocaust is mind boggling.  Well, it would be, if you didn’t already know what’s going on.

     So ERB would have been roundly denounced as a paranoid delusive for the above passage.

Henry Ford- Philanthropist

     Men like Armand Hammer, Bernard Baruch, essentially the whole Jewish government in exile here in the US were working furiously to make the Revolution a global reality.  They really had no idea of Hitler’s intentions at the time, yet they attempted assassination while through the German Communist Party they were waging street warfare against the National Socialists.  The word National is what they objected to not so much the man Hitler.  Burroughs mentions the Third International.  The Comintern- short for Communist International as it was known- was essentially a beta model for what is now multi-culturalism.  It was the Jewish cultural vision of the world.  Thus industrialists like Armand Hammer and Bernard Baruch using their Jewish identity as a shield from criticism, any criticism would be characterized as anti-Semitism, were directing huge sums of money into the development of Soviet Russia.

     In addition a well-meaning industrialist, Henry Ford, who would later be denounced as a Nazi, was doing the

Armand Hammer

same thing.  The mention of tractor factories refers to Henry Ford- the Jewish bete noir-  who was trying to relieve the Communist induced famine by selling or even giving tractors to the Russians to increase food production.  He was also building the factories for them.  I mean, you know, gratis; altruism run rampant.   The great industrial city probably refers to Stalingrad.

      Even Burroughs biographers Porges and Taliaferro disparage Burroughs for his rational stance against Communism.  Burroughs doesn’t stop his analysis with the multi-cultural contradiction within American society, p. 35:

      “The general plan, of course, is no secret to any of us here,”  said Zora, “and I shall betray no confidence in explaining it to you.  It is part of a larger plan to embroil the capitalistic powers in wars and revolutions to such an extent that they will be helpless to unite against us.”

     “Our emissaries have been laboring a long time toward the culmination of the revolution in India that will distract the attention and armed forces of Great Britain.  We are not succeeding so well in Mexico as we had planned, but there is still hope, while our prospects in the Philippines are very bright.   The conditions in China you well know.  She is absolutely helpless, and we have hope that with our assistance she will eventually constitute a real menace to Japan.  Italy is a very dangerous enemy, and it is largely for the purpose of embroiling her in war with France that we are here.”

     Once again you will note that there is no reference to a threat from Germany.  No one could have seen it but the Communists who were opposed not merely to Hitler but any Volkish attempt to govern.  The Volkish movement was inherently anti-Communist.  To be anti-Communist was equivalent to being anti-Semitic, so that Hitler was automatically an enemy to be destroyed.  When he and the Nazis assumed power in 1933 an automatic boycott of Germany and things German was instituted by the Jews.  One might say that WWII began in January of 1933 at the instance of the Jews.  The obvious conclusion is that if Hitler’s actions against the Jews were not self-defense, they were acts of war in which the first offensives had been begun by the Jews.  Needless to say any such opinion is and will be denied.  Any such discussion of such matters will be ridiculed and suppressed.  But there you have it.  At any rate ERB was not one of those far-sighted individuals who foresaw the rise of Hitler.  Italy turned out to be a not so dangerous enemy.

     In his story Italy was merely to be a dupe of  the Soviets.

     In order to present his analysis ERB had to be especially well informed.  What he read or where isn’t clear as there is nothing in the existing library that even deals with the Communists per se.  ERB does have a copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf but that could only have been obtained after 1940 when the war was in progress.

     As the story opens then, the Reds are assembling their forces for the march on Italian Somaliland.

     Things aren’t to be quite so simple as the leader of the expedition, Peter Sveri, develops delusions of grandeur hoping to establish his own Empire in Africa with himself as Emperor.  On the one hand Communism breaks down on the rocks of the interests of the various cultures, while in seeking to establish himself in Africa Zveri is infringing on the domain of its current Emperor, Tarzan.

     Tarzan handily frustrates Zveri’s designs, while at the same time beating Stalin and the Reds, hence the title Tarzan The Invincible.  One imagines though that there may be something more behind it.  Originally titled Tarzan, Guardian Of Africa the change of title indicates something deeper.

     In order to finance his operations Zveri intends to loot the fabled treasure vaults of Opar of which, one assumes,  he has read about in The Return Of Tarzan, Jewels Of Opar and Tarzan And The Golden Lion.   This makes him somewhat a fan of the amanuensis of the Big Bwana.

      This is the fourth and last of Burroughs’ Opar stories.  In section six let’s review Opar and its significance to this story.





Tarzan Over Africa

February 23, 2009


Tarzan Over Africa

The Psychological Roots Of Tarzan In The Western Psyche


R.E. Prindle

As the strong man exhibits in his physical ability, delighting in such exercises as call the muscles into action, so glories the analyst in that moral activity which disentagles.  He derives pleasure from even the most trivial occupations bringing his intellect into play.  He is fond of enigmas, conundrums, hieroglypics; exhibiting in his solutions of each a degree of  acumen which appears to the ordinary apprehension as praeternatural.  His results brought about by the very soul and essence of method, have in truth, the whole air of intuition.

Edgar Allen Poe- The Murders In The Rue Morgue

…he dreams of the sight

of Zulu impis

breaking on the foe

like surf upon the rocks

and his heart rises in rebellion

against the strict limits

of civilized life.

H. Rider Haggard- Allan Quatermain

Yes!  I noticed this dichotomy in the Western soul myself at least two thirds of a lifetime ago.  I was always puzzled by it.  Why in the midst of plenty and seeming perfection should the Western psyche be so discontented with its lot.

     Well, time has passed.  Two thirds of a lifetime in fact.  After much mental lucubration and travail I now find myself in a position not only to understand it myself but to be able, perhaps, to make it clear to others;  perhaps hopefully to you who are looking at this screen.

     The problem began we are told, by people who ought to know, about one hundred fifty thousand years ago when our species, Homo Sapiens, evolved  from its predecessor hominid, which has never been traced being the famous Missing Link, to begin its odyssey through time and space.

     We are told that Homo Sapiens originated in Africa and that Black Africans, or what Tarzan would call savages, were the first Homo Sapiens.  We are told, once again, that White people mutated from this original Black stock.  This may or may not be so.  I am in no position to affirm or deny the fact myself but, if so, there was a qualitative difference as well as a quantitative difference that then occurred.  In fact, if one were to judge solely from appearances two sub-species of Homo Sapiens came into existence when the White evolved from the Black.  This qualitative difference between the sub-species or what we have been taught to consider races, was noticed by all the early explorers with differing interpretations.

     As the English novelist, H. Rider Haggard, who as a man of considerable experience and acumen, put it:

I say that as the savage is, so is the white man, only this latter is more inventive, and possesses a faculty of combination…

     Rider Haggard was quite right, both sub-species evolved from the same stock, both had the same emotional makeup, but what Haggard dismisses as only ‘more inventive’ and ‘a faculty of combination’ is precisely that which separates the White sub-species from the Black sub-species and makes it evolutionarily more advanced.  In conventional terms invention and a faculty of combination is called the scientific method.

     The scientific method is not to be dismissed lightly.  It is a faculty of mind that is an evolutionary step in advance of the White sub-species’ evolutionary predecessor, the Black sub-species.

     This may be a startling interpretation to you, however if one is to follow the scientific logic adduced by scientists of Evolution the facts follow as day follows night.  They cannot be avoided nor can they be explained away.   They must be dealt with head on, just as our Attorney General Eric Holder has stated.

     The evolutionary step within the Homo Sapiens species is almost tentative to our White minds, not so clear cut as to separate, say, the Chimpanzee species from the Gorilla species.  The transition is however in that direction.

     In the nineteenth century the cleavage between the scientific mind and that of  the savage or first Homo Sapiens mind was beginning to become felt in the Western psyche.  A malaise of spirit was created which troubled the soul of Western man.  The ‘strict limits’ of scientific civilization versus the seeming naturalness and open simplicity of the African became a dichotomy in the Western psyche.

     Haggard was not the first to confront the problem but before I begin at the beginning with who I consider to be the first let me elucidate the problem further by another quote from Rider Haggard.

     Ah!  this civilization what does it all come to?  Full forty years and more I spent among savages, and studied them and their ways, and now for several years I have lived here in England and in my own stupid manner have done my best to learn the ways of the children of light; and what do I find?  A great gulf fixed? No, only a very little one, that a plain man’s thought may spring across.

     Haggard was quite correct as far as he went.  What he failed to understand, ‘in his own stupid way’, was that there was a small gulf over which civilized man thinks he could spring backward without difficulty but from the other side that small gulf appears a great chasm which the completed mind of the first Homo Sapiens can never find a way across.

        Edgar Rice Burroughs who read Haggard and was also struck by this really important introductory chapter to  ‘Allan Quatermain’  pondered the issue long and hard and resolved the issue in his own mind when he said that the savage mind could never grasp science while only one in a hundred of the White species could, with perhaps one in a thousand being able to advance science.  ERB intuited what modern genetics would prove.

     This dichotomy between the primitive and scientific mind does not become truly prominent until the mid-nineteenth century.  It wasn’t observable to the naked eye before then and only begins to establish itself in literature with the apperance in 1841 of Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘Murders In The Rue Morgue.’

     Poe created a whole new genre of literature, not only of the detective story, but of the conflict between what Freud would later identify in his system as the Unconscious and the Conscious mind.  Prior to Poe reason, or the forebrain, was the sole approach to knowledge; after Poe awareness of the Unconscious element began its long rise until today it is dominant.

     When dissatisfaction with Haggard’s strict limits of civilization began to forcibly intrude into White consciousness, causing the split identity, is not clear to me although it may well have been the introduction of the Age of Steam.  Certainly by 1841 the intrusion of the steam railroad was going a long way to condition man’s mind to a rigid one way view of reality as laborers spun out the long steel ribbons along which the great unyielding iron locomotives ran.

     The science of steam was unforgiving, with a low level of tolerance for human error, and making no allowance for individual idiosyncracies.

     In the days of the great steamboat races on the Mississippi boiler pressure was controlled by a little governor.  Greater speed could be attained if the governor was removed allowing boiler pressure to increase.  Of course, the inevitable result was the explosion of the boiler and destruction of the steamboat and crew.  Even knowing the scientific consequences of removing the governor operators time after time did  it in hopes of defeating physics and winning the race.

     Thus science seemed ‘unfair’ and the White man’s limited undeveloped understanding began to rebel.

     When evolution gave man access to science he reached the limits of what human exertion alone could do.  Thus the forebrain was frustrated, driving it back toward the brain stem and the Unconscious.  A new scientific frontier was opened thereby- the study of the human mind.

     Edgar Allan Poe grasped this significance expressing it in poetic language.  ‘Murders In The Rue Morgue’ posits the problem in the form of C. Auguste Dupin who, while using rigorous scientific method is mistaken for being intuitive.  The Conscious mind versus the Unconscious.

     The Unconscious is always disreputable.  It is there that little understood sexual urges and primitive egoistic rituals reside.  It  is there that the primitive man resides; the savage of Rider Haggard, the Negro of the present day.  It is there that the Western psyche rebels, seeking to emerge triumphant over science and understanding.  That is the little leap backwards that Rider Haggard saw.  In academic writers of the nineteenth century it was called ‘the thin veneer of civilization.’

     Thus the initials of C. Auguste Dupin spell CAD, or a slightly disreputable man.  A man who thinks only of himself.  If Poe doesn’t introduce the notion of the doppel ganger, he certainly defines the role and purpose.  Dupin and the narrator are two halves of the same person.  They are in fact one personality.

     This notion would be further developed in Conan Doyle with his creation of Sherlock Holmes and his doppelganger,  Dr. Watson.  The notion would be brought to horrifying fruition in the classic tale of the split between the conscious and unconscious minds, Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde.’

     Poe’s narrator being of greater means than Dupin who is seedy and down at the heels rents an old dilapidated house in the Faubourg St. Germain which creaks as lustily as the House of Usher.  The house is a symbol of psychological decay. The Faubourg St. Germain is itself a symbol of decay. Formerly the home of the pre-revolutionary elite, since the French Revolution it is the home of shattered fortunes.

     The two men, who are inseparable, lock themselves up in this mansion by day with all the curtains drawn, sure sign of intense depression, going out only after dark into what the narrator calls the ‘real night’ as opposed to the night of the soul; the dark Freudian unconscious.

     And then two women are murdered in mysterious circumstances.  Using all his scientific method  Dupin divines the murderer to be an Orang-outang, which was no small feat whether scientific or intuitive.  Thus the highest mental powers were symbolically pitted against man’s animal nature.

     Poe thus states the central problem of the Western psyche which is still unresolved at this time while still being discussed as much.  While Rider Haggard was wrestling with the problem Conan Doyle was writing his Sherlock Holmes stories.  Holmes like Dupin is a bit of a cad; not entirely an admirable person.  He has placed himself above the law, being quite capable of executing summary judgment on one who might  in his sole opinion escape the toils of the law.  Holmes companion, Dr. Watson, is a sturdy unimaginative burgher who serves as the example of the unconscious to Holmes’ conscious but scientifically unfeeling mind.

     Robert Louis Stevenson takes matters to an even more intense level at roughly the same time.  Jekyll and Hyde are in fact one man.  Jekyll is the example of what Freud would call the repressed man but one which society calls a disciplined and respectable man.  He is in total control of himself but he suspects there is another side to his character which he would like to discover.

     Unable to find access to this other side by psychological or rational means, he uses his scientific acumen to invent a potion which releases this demon, Mr. Hyde, concealed inside his unconscious.  Hyde is a very destructive character and having been once released he proves impossible to put back in the bottle.  He returns unsummoned.  Eventually he suppresses Jekyll becoming the sole personality.  The jump only works one way.

     Thus Stevenson predicted the evolution of the twentieth century.  This little cluster of writers bridging the nineteenth and twentieth centuries is very interesting.

     In the intervening near fifty years between ‘Murders In The Rue Morge’ and ‘Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde’ science had been revealing nature at a galloping pace placing even greater stress on the Western psyche.  Central to the further deteriorization of the psyche was Charles Darwin’s ‘Origin Of Species’ which appeared in 1859 just on the eve of the exploration of Central Africa when the stressed scientific Western psyche confronted its dark unconscious in the form of the African Black man.  Thus Africa became the Heart Of Darkness for the White man just as Hyde was the heart of darkness to Jekyll.  That little gulf across which he thought he might leap appeared as a gigantic chasm.

     The notion of evolution versus Biblical creation not only caused a tremendous social dislocation but the notion of evolution from a lower to a higher, from Ape to White man, placed the Black man or Negro in an intermediary state of development just as Burroughs would later depict the role of Tarzan Of The Apes.

     Beginning c. 1860 with the expedition of Capt. Richard Francis Burton into the lake regions of Central Africa the problem began to take a concrete form.

     What the White Man found in the interior of Africa startled him.  For here the dichotomy between his unconscious and conscious was juxtaposed in reality between himself and the Black African.  The Black African seemed to represent unchanged what man had been one hundred fifty thousand years before when he evolved from the hominid predecessor.

     For Burton and Henry Morton Stanley who followed him as an explorer the superiority of the White was apparent.  In the Negro they saw only the child of nature;  men without alphabets, physics, chemistry, astronomy or intellectual attainments of any kind.  The Negro was to be pitied, treated paternalistically as a little brother or as the Negro would later be known:  The White Man’s Burden, Idi Amin notwithstanding.

     The main period of exploration and discovery was ending when Rider Haggard began publishing his great African adventure trilogy from 1885 to 1888.

     While Burton and Stanley felt an easy superiority over the Blacks, Rider Haggard took a more disquieted attitude.  He was troubled when he noted that for all the White man’s scientific attainments there was no difference in the emotional development of the two sub-species.

     And what did he find?  A way forward?  A great gulf fixed?  No.  ‘Only a little one, that a plain man’s thought might spring across.  I say,’ he said, ‘that as the savage is, so is the white man, only the latter is more inventive, and possesses a faculty of combination…’

     Well, indeed.  But wasn’t Haggard undervaluing the quality of being more inventive and possessing a faculty of combination?  Those two qualities, after all, comprise the scientific faculty which cannot be attained by effort but is evolutionarily ingrained.  It is forever beyond the reach of the first Homo Sapiens.  Haggard and all other writers recognized that this faculty is what the Africans lacked.

     Consider then in one hundred fifty thousand years the Africas were so incurious that they had never observed the heavens.  They had no astronomy!  When the White split off probably one hundred thousand years ago this is the first science they established.  Think about it.

     Is this scientific faculty such a small thing?  If, in fact, a White man of plain understanding can make the leap backward to a natural state can the Black or natural man leap the chasm to a scientific state of consciousness?

     Darwin’s theory of evolution is based on natural selection, actually a form of eugenics, by which he believed new species were evolved.  It would appear, however that evolution is caused by genetic mutations and when a species has mutated into the complete expression of itself evolution stops for that species which then becomes, as it were, a living fossil.

     Rather than natural selection there is perhaps natural rejection.  When a new sub-speices forms with its differences it is more likely that the predecessor recognizes the differences and ejects the new comer rather than the new species recognizing itself and banding together.  Consider Tarzan among the apes.

     When the White sub-species came into existence perhaps one hundred thousand years ago it is more than probable that the sub-species was rejected by its Black predecessors and forcibly ejected from sub-Saharan Africa.

     Thus  in the two closest known predecessors of Homo Sapiens, the Great Mountain Ape and the Chimpanzee both species are completed and now await extinction as they are unable to compete with their successor hominids.

     Scientists tell us, I have no way of disputing their conclusion only interpreting them, that Homo Sapiens evolved from a predecessor about a hundred fifty thousand years ago.  They further tell us that the first Homo Sapiens was the Negro sub-species.

     The predecessor, who has disappeared without a trace, unless he is the Bushman, was a completed species; he was incapable of further evolution himself but from him the Negro sub-species of Homo Sapiens evolved.

     Now comes the hard part to accept.  Science is science; one must either follow its facts or abandon the pretence of being scientific man.

     As the first Homo Sapiens was the Negro sub-species, is the Negro sub-species complete as an example of evolutionary development?  If the Negro was the first Homo Sapiens then the White sub-species must be evolved from the Negro and as nature is ever groping toward higher intelligence the White must be an intellectual improvement on its Black predecessor.   The apparent facts indicate this.

     Evolution appears to be always toward a form of higher intelligence.  Thus the qualities of combination and inventiveness may be completely beyond the reach of the Black sub-species.  The Black may stand in relation to the White as the Great Mountain Ape stands to the Chimp.

     Further, if one assumes, as one must, that evolution has not stopped either with the development of Homo Sapiens or its sub-species the White man, then the White man must carry the genetic makeup for the mutation to the next step of evolution.  As only fifty thousand years intervened between the evolution of the first Homo Sapiens and its White successor than the next evolutionary sub-species or species may already be among us.   This is what H.G. Wells novel The Food Of The Gods is about.  Apparently the evolutionary bud, like a swelling on a tree, may only blossom once and then the sub-species or species is incapable of budding again becoming fixed in form

     The question then arises will the next step be to a new species that will make Homo Sapiens a completely inferior species such as now exists between Homo Sapiens and the Chimpanzee or a new sub-species that will merely increase the distance between it and the first sub-species.

     If the new mutation increases its intellectual capabilities will it also be able to evolve a new emotional organization that will separate it from Homo Sapiens and its animal nature completely?  Or is it possible that the dichotomy between the two under which Western man suffers will increase involving some sort of evolutionary insanity  or suicide?

     Well, as the nineteenth century drew to a close vitamins hadn’t even been discovered let alone genetics so people muddled along in a dissatisified condition.

     The unconscious aspects of man began to predominate over the conscious as Western man confronted with his natural state in Africa began to slip back across the little gulf in admiration of the seeming ‘natural ‘ state of the ‘noble savage.’  This slip backward was aided and abetted by Sigmund Freud’s vision of the unconscious.

     Late in the century Thomas Alva Edison invented the movie camiera.  This invention was to have a major effect on the rise of the Unconscious or retrogression to the primitive as the dominating factor in the Western psyche.  At approximately the same time as the film industry was becoming important Sigmund Freud published his seminal work:  The Interpretation Of Dreams.  Thus a scientific vocabulary  began to come into existence by which the workings of the mind could be analyzed and discussed.  the Unconscious became an established entity.

      Now, writing is work of the forebrain or in other words, a scientific pursuit, while movie making is a function of the Unconscious.  A good story is more important in writing while subliminal drives are the stuff of movies.  It is only required that movies make emotional but not rational sense. They follow a different logic.

     Edgar Rice Burroughs was to be confused by this difference when he tried to translate his books to the screen.  While the early Tarzan films were not unsuccessful they were not all that satisfying; it was not until MGM invented the Tarzan of primal desires impersonated by Johnny Weismuller that the movie Tarzan became potent.  However in that guise Tarzan was entirely another creation.  His being had become independent of ERB’s mind.

     One movie is capable of finding more viewers than a thousand books can find readers.   Thus the subconscious began to dominate over the conscious Tarzan.

     I am of the opinion that Freud was already aware of the effect of the emergence of the Unconscious as a formative factor in society before he codified the phenomenon in scientific language.  After all Freud was subject to the same influences as Poe, Haggard, Doyle, Stevenson and Burroughs.

     Freud himself came from an earlier school which delighted in the unrestrained indulgence of the unconscious or passions.  In English terms the attitude took form as the Hell Fire Club to which the American Benjamin Franklin belonged.  Its motto was:  Do What Thou Wilt.  Its bible on the continent was ‘Gargantua and Pantagruel’ by Rabelais, while in Jewish circles the credo had been established by Jacob Frank and his descendants.  Frank’s position was that man will never be good until he commits evil to his heart’s content.  Freud being Jewish was of this school.

     These groups of people were quite extreme.  Their credo was startlingly expressed in the eighteenth century by Tobias Smollet when his hero, Roderick Random, is introduced into a woman’s home who wrote the following:

Thus have I sent the simple king to hell

Without or coffin, shroud or passing bell.

To me what are divine or human laws?

I court no sanction but my own applause!

Rapes, robb’ries, treasons, yield my soul delight;

And human carnage gratifies my sight;

I drag the parent by the hoary hair,

And toss the sprawling infant on my spear,

While the fond mother’s cries regale my ear.

I fight, I vanquish, murder friends and foes;

Nor dare the Immortal gods my rage oppose.

       The above pretty much defines Freud’s intent in his psychology.  So long as such sentiments were consciously expressed in print they horrified a rational thinker while remaining strictly an underground movement.  But now Freud combined the attitude with the malaise of soul which had been called into existence by the dichotomy of the scientific and unconscious minds.

     Freud reduced the mind, including the Unconscious, into scientific terms by which such Rabelaisan attitudes could be discussed and disseminated into polite society as scientific thought rather than eccentric opinion.

     Freud despised what he called the morality of the day or in other words, Christian morality.  He determined that the main cause of mental illness was the repression of disorderly or anti-social desires.  He glorified these base desires as the Ego and proclaimed that where the Unconscious was Ego shall be.  This is another way of saying:  Do What Thou Wilt.

      Thus in the decades following Freud the whole notion of self control and a disciplined mind fell into disrepute as Western man began to revel in his most criminal desires; for the Unconscious which always disregards the rights of others is alway criminal.

     So it was that the terrible figure of Dracula who began his rise in the 1890s  became the dominant psychological projection of the twentieth century.  Dracula is the Unconscious incarnate.  Completely despising the rights of others, even their right to life; he sucks anyone’s life blood so that he alone may live.

     Like Dupin and the narrator of ‘Murders In The Rue Morgue’ Dracula only comes out in the ‘real night’. In fact, one ray of the sun, in other words, consciousness, will turn him to dust.  Light is anathema to him; he must shun the day.

     Alongside Dracula the cult of the Phantom Of The Opera has grown into huge proportions being disseminated to polite society by Andrew Lloyd Weber’s opera of the same name.

     Talk about conscious and unconscious, the Phantom lives in a sewer, the very home of the Unconscious, where he has installed a huge organ on which he plays the most glorious conscious creations of Johann Sebastian Bach.

     Deformed in soul, the deformation has been extended to his exterior in the form of a burned face which he covers with a mask just as one masks one’s interior motives from others.  Attracted to the higher things from the depths of his sewer he haunts an opera house directly above where, spying from secret passages, he falls in love with the beautiful opera singer who, initially repulsed by the soul shown on his face gradually succumbs to the lure of the unconscious.

     Edgar Rice Burroughs was born into this strange social milieu, as we know, in 1875.  Seemingly failing in every thing he did, he had scant prospects in life until at the age of 37 in 1912 his education jelled into the creation of his life, Tarzan the Magnificent.

     Tarzan is extraordinary in that he runs counter to the other expressions of the Western malaise.  Tarzan is whole and entire.  In Freudian terms, where Unconscious was, now Ego reigned and it was good Ego, not the criminal model of Freud.

     As Tarzan was, so must have been Burroughs, although I have no idea how he achieved this.  It appears, nevertheless, to be true.  In fact, whatever Burroughs read or was thinking about he seems to have resolved in Tarzan the mental dilemma which was first formulated by Poe.  Further, he acknlowledges Poe’s influence.

     We know that Burroughs read and revered the African adventure novels of Rider Haggard.  It can be stated certainly that he read the African explorers Capt. Richard Burton and Henry Morton Stanley.  Whether he read the other seekers of the source of the Nile, Speke and Baker, I don’t know, as I cannot so state with certainty.  It is not impossible that Baker’s wife was a model for Jane.

     It is certain nevertheless that the great age of African exploration thrilled him while occupying a prominent place in his daily thoughts.

     Being scientifically inclined, he applied his reading in evolution, exploration, geology, psychology  and other subjects to the formation of his great creation, Tarzan.  As he says, he wrote to amuse and entertain (read: make money) so that he expressed the results of his deepest study in seemingly frivolous tales.  Then, while he captured the imagination of the reading public, he offended the critics of ‘serious’ literature who refused to take him seriously.  He even found it difficult to find a book publisher even though he was a proven popular success.

     Yet he pondered deeply the dilemma propounded by Poe while apparently puzzling out the deeper meaning of Haggard’s introductory chapter to ‘Allan Quatermain.’ Stevenson’s Jekyll and Hyde filled his thoughts.

     There is little doubt that Haggard’s hero, Sir Henry Curtis, is a progenitor of Tarzan.  One can see Tarzan in the great White English warrior standing tall in a sea of Black soldiers.  Sir Henry Curtis leads the Black Kukuana into battle against their foes.  The first Big Bwana had come into existence.

     Burroughs wants his hero Tarzan to be born in Africa so in 1888 the year ‘Allan Quatermain’ was published and Sir Henry Curtis sealed himself in his valley high in the Mountains Of The Moon, Lord Greystoke and his wife, the Lady Alice Greystoke are abandoned on the West Coast of Africa where, as we know, they both lost their lives but not before Lady Alice gave birth to a son who was then adopted by the great she ape, Kala.

     In The Return Of Tarzan the putative successor to Lord John Greystoke is voyaging through the Suez Canal around Africa in his yacht, the Lady Alice, when he is shipwrecked near the exact spot where his father and mother built their tree house in Africa.

     To understand fully this sequence in Burroughs’ imagination one has to examine the other source for his creation, Tarzan- Henry Morton Stanley.

     There can be no question that before Burroughs wrote Tarzan he had read if not studied the books of H.M. Stanley.  And, why not?  Stanley’s most important titles are: How I Found Livingstone In Central Africa, Through The Dark Continent and In Darkest Africa.

     ‘Through The Dark Continent’ is one of the great adventure stories of all time.  The conscious living out of Stanley’s unconscious needs and desires is remarkable reading.

     One might think that Burroughs’  yacht ‘Lady Alice’ was named after Clayton’s mother, Lady Alice Greystoke.  Not so.  Burroughs is full of subtle jokes and elaborate circumlocutions.  If not Clayton’s mother then how did Burroughs come up with the name ‘Lady Alice’ for the yacht?  Well, if you read Stanley’s ‘Through The Dark Continent’ you will find that he carried for thousands of miles through Africa a boat in sections that could be broken down and rebuilt.  With this boat Stanley circumnavigated Lake Victoria as well as Lake Tanganyika, then sailed the boat down the entire length of the mighty Congo River.  That boat was named the Lady Alice.  Thus Tarzan like Stanley was carried by the Lady Alice.  That’s a very subtle joke, Son.  Stanley himself had named the boat after his Cincinnati fiancee, Alice.  During his sail down the Congo she ditched him for another man.  In weird synchronicity Stanley ditched the Lady Alice on a bluff overlooking the Atlantic nearly at the end of his journey.  What a true coincidence.

     As an aside, the psychology of it is very interesting.  Psychologically a vessel represents a woman.  the Holy Grail which is a chalice represents woman while the blood it contains represents man.  Thus you have the man, Stanley in the boat, woman.  Stanley’s mother abandoned him as a child.  He saw her only once thereafter.  Thus, his mother, the most important woman in any man’s life abandoned him.  In the Lady Alice, Stanley was obviously carried once again by his mother although I don’t know if her name was Alice also.  He then abandoned his boat the Lady Alice.

     Stanley didn’t follow the Congo to the sea as is popularly believed but abandoned the river after traversing an incredible series of rapids when he came to an identified rapids at Stanley Pool where, completely exhausted and having reached an explored point, he considered his job done.  He had the Lady Alice carried to a hill top where he left it to the elements.  Now, in Burroughs mind he may have landed the Lady Alice at the approximate place he thought Stanley had abandoned his Lady Alice.  So, Tarzan’s house may have been intended to be on the coast directly below the Lady Alice.  That would also make the location in Gabon.  In that sense Tarzan was the successor of H.M. Stanley.

      One may therefore assume that the Greystokes were put ashore near the mouth of  the Congo where the fictional yacht Lady Alice ws shipwrecked within sight, as it were, of the real Lady Alice.  That’s how the mind of Edgar Rice Burroughs worked.

     On his way from England on the Emin Relief Expedition which forms the content of ‘In Darkest Africa’  just like Lord Greystoke Stanley sailed from England through the Suez to Zanzibar where he collected his porters, sailed with them to Capetown and from thence to the mouth of the Congo.  Then Stanley began his incredible journey up the Congo across Africa from West to East into the Northern lake regions where on this trip he located and identified the fabled and thought mythical, snow capped on the equator, Mountains Of The Moon.

     Anyone who doesn’t admire Henry Morton Stanley has the heart of a dullard.  What a man!  What terrific incredible adventures.  I’d rather read about them than live them myself but what a story.  So thought Edgar Rice Burroughs who never tried to live such adventures either.

     Very important to Tarzan is Stanley’s dealings with the various African tribes.  Stanley is virtually a single White man leading a faithful band of Negroes just like Tarzan and his faithful Waziri.

     Africa was virtually Stanley’s province as it was for Tarzan.  Tarzan’s reputation was far famed throughout Africa or at least the areas of Africa through which Stanley traveled.   Tarzan doesn’t have much to do with South Africa which has no association with Stanley although Tarzan does travel in North Africa of which Samuel Baker wrote.

     Stanley, whose three major expeditions covered a period of about fifteen years must also have become legendary amongst the Blacks.  The exploration of Lakes Victoria and Tanganyika coupled with the journey down the Congo must have been the subject of astonished conversation in every village in Central Africa.  The more so because Stanley was on scientific expeditions to map geographical features like lakes and rivers which reason no African could ever comprehend.

     They could comprehend slaving and ivory buying but they couldn’t comprehend scientific endeavors.

     Stanley’s situation in Uganda near the Ripon Falls, the outlet of the Nile from Lake Victoria, with its emperor Mtessa is the stuff of legend for either Blacks or Whites.  Stanley, virtually singlehandedly at the head of a band of African natives successfully negotiated months at the court of Mtessa and lived to the tell the tale which I believe few could have accomplished.  Then traveling South through areas that had never seen a White man he successully negotiated the circumnavigation of Lake Tanganyika.  Both Victoria and Tanganyika are among the largest bodies of fresh water on earth, huge lakes.  Then transporting the Lady Alice to the Congo he made the extraordinarily hazardous descent of that enormous and hostile river.  This is really mind boggling stuff.

     There are too many allusions in Burroughs to the adventures of Stanley to believe that he wasn’t a source for Tarzan.

     As more or less an aside there is even a possible allusion to a scene in Burton’s ‘Travels In The Lake Regions Of  Central Africa.’  Burton describes in particularly vivid detail an apparition he had while suffering from fever.  In a fairly remarkable psychological projection he experienced himself as two different people, not unlike Jekyll and Hyde, who were at war with each other; the one attempting to defeat the best efforts of the other.

     In 1857 this psychic manifestation could not be understood.  Today it can be interpreted.  It would seem that Burton was consciously aware that he seemed to thwart his own projects.  He undoubtedly worried about this a great deal but as an unresolved subconscious controls the conscious mind he couldn’t penetrate the mystery.

      Under the influence of malarial fever the psychic barriers of the subconscious broke down and his desire was shown to him symbolically by his unconscious mind.  Had Burton been psychologically capable of pursuing this insight to its logical conclusion unearthing the fixation on which it was based then he would have resolved his problem and integrated his personality becoming a single unit or whole person.  His legs wouldn’t have given out on him as he came close to his goal.  Depth psychology was unknown in 1857 so the psychological manifestation remained a mystery to him.

     It seems clear that Burroughs was equally impressed by this incident which he later used to create an alter ego for Tarzan called Esteban Miranda.  If you recall,  Miranda’s inept activities were bringing Tarzan into disrepute.  Africa began to wonder.

     As the evolution of Tarzan, as I mentioned in my earlier essay, the idea of Tarzan entered the back of Burroughs’ mind bearing a candle which in a pitch black cave is a pretty strong light.  This idea was probably an identification with Sir Henry Curtis of Rider Haggard but Burroughs was unable to develop the train of thought when he came to the water barrier in the vaults of Opar.

     Tarzan successfully leaped the barrier but Burroughs lost his train of thought when the candle symbolically blew out leaving the idea of Tarzan to gestate in his subconscious.  There Curtis slowly combined with Henry Morton Stanley to erupt from Burroughs’ forehead fully formed in 1912 as Tarzan.

     Burroughs probably read Stanley in the nineties.  His creative juices would have been jogged when Stanley died in 1905.  Stanley’s devoted wife gathered several chapters of Stanley’s autobiography of his childhood, composed by himself, then cobbled together the rest of his life from diaries, news clippings and the like.

     Stanley’s autobiography was released in 1909.  The first Tarzan book was written in 1912.  I don’t know when Stanley’s autobiography came to Burroughs’ attention but sometime before 1912 he read it completing the idea of Tarzan in his mind.  As Burroughs’ prospectus to All Story Magazine indicates, Burroughs was struggling to combine a number of ideas into the entity that was to become Tarzan.

     The publication of Stanley’s autobiography plus the pressure at age 37 of having to so something to merit his high opinion of himself probably forced the jelling of the idea of Tarzan which erupted from his forehead bearing gold ingots like Tarzan emerging from the rock of Opar above the gold vaults.

     Burroughs now had the ideal vehicle to give expression to all his social theories.  Critics may see Burroughs as a mere shallow entertainer but I don’t.  I bought my first Tarzan book the year Burroughs died in 1950 with I was twelve.  I continued to buy them until 1954 when I was sixteen.  I was totally absorbed in them; not as mere entertainment.  I thought Burroughs was writing some pretty heavy stuff even if I missed the much I picked up later when my interests were subconsciously directed to the same social problems that concerned Burroughs.  I found to my surprise that Tarzan having entered the back of my mind had formed much if not most of my social thought.  I give you the results of my education by Burroughs here.

     I find myself amazed by the depth and profundity of Burroughs’ thinking.  The ease with which he handled these complex problems without directly identifying them or preaching is fairly amazing.  I pointed out in my earlier essay how Burroughs addressed the problem of eugenics in the males and females of Opar.

     So he took on the problem of psychic dislocation in the White sub-species in the very nature of his creation, Tarzan.

     We know he was heavily influenced by Poe’s ‘Murders In The Rue Morgue’ because he retells the story in the ‘Return Of Tarzan’ in Chaper 3, ‘What happened In The Rue Maule.’  Now this retelling is close enough to be considered borrowing if not plagiarism if his purpose hadn’t been to develop Poe’s theory.  Poe was positing the problem; Burroughs was offering the solution.

     Just by way of reference; my copies of Tarzan are those of Grosset and Dunlap from the late forties and early fifties.  They also have what I consider the finest artwork on Tarzan, a matter of taste, I know.

     Where in Poe, Dupin is a human while the Orang-outang a beast, Burroughs combines the two in one.   The sub-conscious and the conscious are integrated.  Tarzan is at once the most charming and civilized of men but once aroused he quickly reverts to animal ferocity.  But he is able to pass back and forth at will, unlike Jekyll and Hyde, and at a moments notice; he is in control of both his animal and human nature.

     He even escapes by leaping from the window to a telephone pole, which had appeared since Poe’s time, shinnying up the pole, having had the good sense, or science, to look down first to see a policeman standing guard, he then makes a fairly daring leap, the result of his jungle training, to the roof of the building scampering across numerous rooftops.  Tarzan then descends to earth down another telephone pole.  There were telephone poles in Chicago but I don’t know whether Burroughs checked to see if there were telephone poles in Paris.

     Running wildly for a few blocks he then enters a cafe, successfully cleaning himself up to a gentlemanly appearance in the rest room.  Now fully human again he ‘saunters’ down the avenue where he meets the countess as his charming urbane self.

     These two stories of Poe and Burroughs are fairly remarkable; one posits the problem which the other resolves.  Was either conscious of what the problem was that they were dealing with?  The results would indicate yes but in the chapter on the Rue Maule Burroughs has this to say:

     ‘Tarzan spent the two following weeks reviewing his former brief acquaintace with Paris.  In the daytime he haunted the libraries and picture galleries.  He had become an omnivorous  reader and the world of possibilities that were opened to him in this seat of culture and learning fairly appalled him when he contemplated the very infinitesimal crust of the sum total of human knowledge that a single individual might hope to acquire even after a lifetime of study and research, but he learned what he could.

     Surely Burroughs is here reflecting on his own study and research with becoming modesty.  His thirty-seven years have not been wasted in idleness.  As an omnivorous reader he has acquired some small store of knowledge which he has considered deeply.  He does think about the problems of his times.  The conflict between the split conscious and unconscious mind of the White man which was commonly discussed as we have seen interested him.  Tarzan is simply the result of his cogitations.

     Tarzan, born in Africa, the seat of the primitive, reared by Kala a she ape as a pure animal, then progressing straight from his animal nature to the civilized pursuits of study and absinthe he returns to the jungle to experience the intermediate Black nature as chief of his faithful Waziri.  This pretty well describes the historical reality of Western man.  Then Tarzan rules over Africa as an avatar of science.

     Sometime after 1915 when Freud’s body of work began to develop in translation Burroughs must have done a quick study finding, apparently, no difficulty in understanding what Freud was talking about.  Further, I think he quickly went beyond Freud’s own understanding, or at least, he applied Depth psychology in a positive way while Freud chose the negative way.  Thus Tarzan integrates his personality while Freud exacerbates the separation of conscious and unconscious.

     Both Freud’s and Tarzan’s influence grew during the period between the wars.  However when MGM preempted the influence of the books in the thirties withe the invention of the movie Tarzan, the great jungle hero began to be lost in the Freudian miasma.  The movies turned him into part of the unconscious.

     At the same time Africa became a known quantity and while not losing its charm for the Western dichotomy it lost its mystery becoming more commonplace as the Black African absorbed the forms of Western culture.  A Black African in a shirt, pants and shoes is just an ordinary Black man.  He is no longer the ‘noble savage.’

     Then, too, Black resentment at White dominance came to the fore and resistance to the White began along with an offensive for not only equality but superiority.

     Thus Marcus Garvey appeared with his Universal Negro Improvement Association.  While he was ridiculed in America and had his credibility destroyed he nevertheless laid the ground work for what has followed.  His UNIA was truly universal organziaing Blacks in Africa, the West Indies, Brazil and the United States.

     At the same time White scholars like Lothrop Stoddard were proposing the innate superiority of the White man.  As the science of the time posited one species of Homo Sapiens composed of three separate ‘races’ there were slight grounds to suppose that there were any other than superficial differences between the ‘races.’  There was no basis to differentiate substantial qualities as between two sub-species of different developmental stages.  Stoddard and the ‘racists’ were discredited and ridiculed as much as Marcus Garvey had been.

     The Second World War intervened suspending discussion for a few years.  After the war Freudian thought had taken hold of the psychological community.  The founder’s ideas were revered rather than questioned or tested.  Freud’s ridiculous map of the mind took on concrete form as students struggled to understand such nonsense as the Id, Libido and Super-ego.  Really laughable stuff.

     His notions of the unconscious were embraced by the people at large.  The ideas of self-discipline and mental training were rejected in favor of avoiding ‘repression.’  The criminal aspects of the unconscious gained the ascendance furthered along by the avatars of the unconscious- movies and movie makers.

     As 1960 dawned the Whites began a precipitous slide back across that narrow little gulf, which Haggard saw, toward savagery.

      However as there was a difference in the quality of the mind of the White it became apparent that it was not so possible as it seemed to abandon their scientific nature.  While the Black without the scientific ‘gene’ could be relatively comfortable in a scientific milieu supported by Whites, the scientific White could not be comfortable in a savage world,  He was troubled either way.

     Freud had thus injured the sub-species greatly by insisting on the ego occupying the unconscious rather than melding the two halves of the mind by eliminating the destructive elements of the subconscious.

     I had taken my Tarzan in subconsciously so that in 1960 when the challenges to White intellectuality became confusing I was able to hold on to my standards if not undisturbed then at least securely.  When I later integrated my personality I became proof against the destructive elements of Freudiansim.

     Through Burroughs then I identified with his hero Tarzan to save my soul.  When I say that Tarzan lives I mean that he was my sheet anchor on the stormiest of seas.  It was because of ERB’s creation of Tarzan that I have survived whole and entire.  May Tarzan ever prosper and never die.  May he have discovered the fountain of youth.  Look to the future and keep you eye on the bouncing ball.


A Review

Themes And Variation

The Tarzan Novels Of Edgar Rice Burroughs

#18  Tarzan And The Lion Man

Part 3 of 10 parts


R.E. Prindle

First published on the ezine- ERBzine


Part 3: The Source


     Unlike the rest of Burroughs’ novels you don’t have to look very far for the main source of this one.  While Tarzan And  The Leopard Men was heavily influenced by the MGM movie Trader Horn Lion Man is the story of the famed MGM expedition to Africa to film it.

     In Chapter 1 ERB provides  a fictional account of the decision to make the expedition.  In the next few chapters he gives a fictional account of the safari.  Excising the story within the story Burroughs’ account is reasonably accurate, allowing for a little authorial license that is.

     The safare was active for seven months in 1929.  The safari was a cause celebre in Hollywood as the expedition ran up what were enormous costs for the time.  While they were in Africa Black Friday, the collapse of the stock market, occured plunging the nation into depression so that money became of more consequence to MGM.  There was speculation that the dirctor, W.S. Van Dyke would bankrupt the company.  Like Howard Hughes’ famous difficulties with Hell’s Angels of 1930 the bills kept rolling in but when the receipts were counted like Hughes’ movie there was a tidy profit left over.  If nothing else the hullabaloo was mere advance publicity and cheap at the price.

     MGM even liked the movie so much they did it again in 1953’s Mogambo.  While I see Mogambo as a remake of Trader Horn the movie site lists its antecedents as Red Dust, 1932 and Congo Maisie of 1940.  Haven’t seen either. 

     The 1929 expedition was incredibly audacious.  On the liner notes of my VCR copy of Trader Horn MGM describes the expedition like this:

     When this landmark film ws made, parts of Africa were still uncharted.  The savannahs teemed with big game, the rivers with crocodiles and snakes.  Few Europeans or Americans dared enter what was then called the Congo.

     That was true and still is, MGM rushed in where few Europeans and Americans dared to tread.  Africa was to transit from the stone age to the age of science in the blink of an eye.  As Van Dyke noted, barely pacified, already the Kikiyu or Kukuas as Van Dyke called them were organizing resistance.  A mere savage like Jomo Kenyatta was attending Oxford University in England.  Truly astonishing that a stone age African with no familiarity with either techonology or science could be listened to attentively by the most highly educated Europeans.  What could Kenyatta actually understand?  Would they have given equal attention to the mutterings of an Appalachian farm boy?  The mind boggles.

     It had been a mere forty years since Henry Morton Stanley had covered the same ground to relieve Emin Pasha.  Only Forty years earlier Stanley had been the first Euro-American to penetrate the Ituri Rain Forest  Only forty years earlier Stanley could claim the discovery of the fabled Mountains Of The Moon.  In the interim few Euro-Americans had been there.  Gosh, even the great beast the Okapi had just been discovered in the Ituri..

     Kampala and Entebbe in Uganda were now occupied by British governors.  The ancient kings of Uganda and Unyoro were no more.  As Van Dyke states, the Africans were held down by the few Europeans with an Iron Hand.  Ah, you say, the European Iron hand.  Abominable.  But when weren’t the African tribesmen held down by an Iron Hand.  But then it was Black or Moslem and not White.  The venerable ancient kings of Uganda wanted to hold a funeral for some distant relative during the time of Stanley so they selected a couple thousand Ugandans, slit their throats and dumped them in the grave as company for their dead relative.  The Ugandan king slaughtered a few of his own people in an attempt to amuse Stanley.  TV had not reached Uganda back then.

     King Mteses’ gangs roamed the countryside after dark murdering any citizens they met.  Well, that was normal.  Now White Bwanas arrested troublesome tribesmen and threw them in jail for a period rather than killing them.  That wasn’t normal.  Dead men file no complaints.

     So a benign rule in White hands was less desirable than a malign rule in Black hands.  Such is the way the human mind works.  In the African case the native king owns everything including oneself and that is acceptable.  In another invaders occupy a few thousand acres producing food that makes you better fed than ever you were on your own and that is bad.  Better savagery among equals than civilization as an inferior.

     Africa was not yet familiar with the wheel when a guy with the nickname ‘Woody’ shows up with nine-ton genearator trucks.  Sound trucks!  The talkies had been around only two years and they already had sound trucks.

     Van Dyke in his justification of himself to MGM in his Horning  Into Africa has this to say.  p. 212:

    On the screen we had over thirty-five varieties of African big game, with our actors working in the scenes with them.  We had the dances, the songs, the native life of over fifteen African tribes, and on our film was a thin dark strip running down the edge which constituted the sound they made in all their different activities.

     …on our film we had a thin dark strip running down the edge which constituted the sound they made in all their different activities….  Think of it.  Stone age Africans captured as stone age people by equipment of which the Africans could have no concept, no possible way of accounting for, let alone understanding it, that might have as well have been the work of aliens beamed down from outer space or one of Bertie Well’ visitors slipped through the plane of a parallel universe.  Was there any difference between Wells’ English visitors to his utopia of 1923 when he viewed the men of a parallel universe as gods and the Hollywood Mutia and Riano saw when transported from or ‘beamed’ down from Africa?  Not much I would say.

     If the Africans thought Henry Morton Stanley was supernatural what in the world did they think of Woody Van Dyke, his cameras and fleet of trucks.

     What did Van Dyke think about, talk about, such an excellent adventure?  p. 26:

     I did not realize what he meant by the adjective “amazing”.  It made me think of certain American film producers.  The only thing about it that had been amazing, to my mind, was its inception.  After all, for a Hollywood producer (Irving Thalberg) to conceive the idea of sending twenty-five or thirty Hollywood motion picture actors with ninety-two tons of equipment into the center of Africa, to go prancing around over the thorn bush terrain, considering the great cost in dollars and cents involved was a rather amazing idea.  Nobody but an adventurer would have thought of it, no one but a goof would have tried to do it, and no but a clown could have gotten away with it.

     Van Dyke considering the term ‘amazing’ further:

     Previous to our debut the largest safari to enter Africa had been that of Prince Edward, a stupendous undertaking with about a dozen whites, fifty blacks, ten or twelve cars, and possibly seven or eight tons of equipment.  His safari had not been underway many days when his Royal Highness was called home by the illness of his fathr, King George, but the fact that the white hunters had maneuvered such a large safari over several miles of Africa without a casualty and with no one dying from fever was considered remarkable.

     We had been in Africa more than seven months with thirty-five whites, one hundred ninety-two blacks, thirty-four cars, one generator truck and two sound wagons.  The speedometers on the cars showed that we had traveled over nine thousand miles of African soil, to say nothing of rail, lake and river travel and distances covered on foot, and we had brought everyone back- black and white.

     And furthermore they not only had it on a film strip, which was old technology by white standards but unimaginable by African standards and running down that strip of film was a thin black line indicating sound.  What would a stone age African think seeing and hearing himself on film going around and around on reels like wheels which in themselves had been but recently seen in Africa.  Jomo Kenyatta was at university in England.  They would have laughed at that Appalachian farm boy if he showed up for registration.

     So, MGM and Van Dyke provided ERB with a readymade story of epic proportions.

     We know he read the book.  The question is did Van Dyke regale him with other stories and details during ERB’s five week stint on the MGM lot, a little additional color not found in the book.

     Now we can turn to Burroughs’ story and align it with that of Van Dyke.  ERB is writing a novel so he doesn’t have to stay too close to the facts, he can play fast and loose with them.  Let’s see how he does.

     In the first place he converts the story from that of Trader Horn to Tarzan, The Ape Man.  Rather than filming Trader Horn they are filming the story of a feral boy who was raised among the lions.  p. 9

     “Joe’s written a great story- it’s going to be a knock-out.  You see this fellow’s born in the jungle and brought up by a lioness.  He pals around with the lions all his life- doesn’t know any other friends.  The lion is king of beasts; when the boy grows up he’s king of the lions; so he bosses the whole menagerie.  See?  Big shot of the jungle.”

     “Sounds familiar.”  Commented Orman.

     Yes, it does sound familiar, ERB says with tongue in cheek and a wink at we readers.  It sounds familiar to us too.  As the Lion Man the studio has picked Stanley Obroski, a giant cowardly fellow.

     As Harry Carey, a bete noire of ERB, played Trader Horn Burroughs may be projecting a little Carey into Obroski’s cowardice as vengeance although one assumes that Johnny Weissmuller is the model but Obroski isn’t that similar to him either.

     As a leading lady ERB creates Naomi Madison.  I’m sure there are a lot of insults and jokes about MGM in the book.  A lot or most of them may be lost on us today.  However Naomi may have been modeled on Irving Thalberg’s wife Norma Shearer.  Naomi=Norma.

     Some say Shearer made it on her own while there are those backbiters who say she got all those plum roles because she was married to the producer, Irving Thalberg.  I’m not too hep on early thirties films but it is possible a little favoritism may have been involved.  In the novel Burroughs casts Naomi in a rather unfavorable light as the lover of Director Orman.  Perhaps Thalberg saws such things in a negative light.

     It may be possible that Shearer was or was reported to be seeing someone on the side.  If so, ERB was taking some chances.

     He does have her down as having been a hash slinger before becoming The Madison.  There was a period in New York when the Shearer family was down at the heels when Norma was seeking theatrical work that she waited tables.  Bringing up that fact would not have endeared ERB to the Thalbergs or MGM.  Norma would probably have been more dangerous than Irving.

     The Thalbergs wouldn’t have mattered too much because Irving had a heart attack in 1933.  When he returned to work several months later Mayer had stripped him of his position.  He became just another producer for a couple years before he died in 1936.  Shearer got no more roles, plums or otherwise.  So as it turned out ERB wouldn’t have had to worry about either.

     ERB doubles Naomi with a stunt woman named Rhonda Terry.  As no comparable figure was on the safarie she must have been only necessary for the story.

     Van Dyke organized and led the expedition being the supreme authority, the actual Big Bwana.  As might be expected of a safari of this size and complexity there were numerous problems naturally occurrring while Van Dyke himself as a Hollywood director trying to realize his vision of the movie was rather cavalier with the landscape.  The native hierarchy was in disarray from the time of Stanley now having a Birtish hierarchy overlain on the native.  But the British had only been there for a couple decades while the native revolt led by Kenyatta and his Kikiyu was already underway.  As Burroughs indicates Leopard Men were roaming Africa while the Kikiyu would erupt as the Mau Mau only twenty years hence.

     The African chiefs considered every human, every animal, every stick or tree on their territory as their personal private property.  There hadn’t been enough time as yet for that understanding to die out.  And now we have a real muilti-cultural conflict brewing.  Van Dyke shows up with a fleet of cars and trucks such as was new to the sight of the Africans.  Van Dyke proceeds to drive these trucks all over Kenya, Uganda, the Congo and Tanganyika as they were then known.  Along the way he chops down trees that don’t belong to him, if you see what I mean, as though he was the sovereign of the land and not the chiefs.

     From the African point of view the man was contemptuous of Africans and disrespectful.  Van Dyke, in what we must assume was his innocence, was completely unaware of his desecrations.  His culture was not only White American, which would have been insult enough to the Africans, but he was of the fiilm capitol of the world, Hollywood, which respects no man or mountain in making a movie.  Van Dyke’s mind functioned on one premise alone- make this movie.

     At one point he wanted to shoot a scene near Lake Albert, probably didn’t even make the final cut.  At that point of the lake a volcanic dyke serveral feet high formed a barrier preventing access.  There was no way to get the trucks and equipment over the barrier.   The solution seemed rational to Van Dyke.  When no one was looking he got some dynamite and blew a big hole in this barrier.  Problem solved from Woody’s point of view.  I don’t know what the Africans thought about this desecration of the landscape but Van Dyke does report what seems to be a fair amount of unrest among the African bearers.

     In Burroughs’ story the movie company goes directly to the Ituri Rain Forest but Van Dyke began his filming at Murchison Falls where the  Nile flows from Lake Victoria.  After having brought his crew and equipment to the railhead at Jinja he crossed the lake to Kampala and Entebbe in Uganda.

     He wanted to film at Murchison Falls where, as he says, the entire flood of the Nile passing from Lake Victoria passes through a gorge only fifteen feet wide.  As he said a good broad jumper could leap the Nile at that point.  If he wanted to take the chance.

     Now, the British had determined the area at the foot of the falls to be so infested with the sleeping sickness bearing Tsetse flies that they had made it off limits to man and beast.  Well, Woody had a movie to make and wanted to make it in that exact spot.  In fact several scenes in Trader Horn are filmed there.

     Disregarding what we must assume were the real dangers of the place Van Dyke cajoled an exception for this safari taking his cast and bearers into this Tsetse infested area.  It will be remembered that Edwina Booth, the female star, was incapacitated for life because of diseases contracted in Africa.

     What seems normal to a movie maker may seem bizarre to a less interested observer.  Van Dyke wanted a crocodile scene involving an island.  There was no island where he wanted so he loaded the spot with fill until there was one.  Another neat job of problem solving.  Then he wanted a large nuber of crocodiles around the island so he slaughered game as lure for the crocs.  They came, they saw, the ate, but they wouldn’t spend the night as Woody wanted.

     So now Woody shoots some more wild life to lure the crocs to the island while he built a large barrier.  Once the crocs were within he closed the gate.  Well and good from Woody’s point of view but from the multi-cultural point of view of the crocs they either just broke through or climbed the six foot barrier.  Wasn’t high enough.

     W.S. Van Dyke was one determined guy.  He had a movie to make.  His next step was once the crocs got inside and they wanted out at, oh say, 2:00 AM, Woody got his whole crew of actors armed with torches and poles to place themselves between the crocs and freedom to force them to stay inside.  In a quite thrilling description he tells of stuffing burning torches down the throats of crocodiles.  When he said stay, he meant it.  Harry Carey, apparently some sort of testosterone driven madman, was a stalwart but Van Dyke even had Edwina Booth on the barrier torch in hand.  Van Dyke lauds his crew as well he should have but one is struck by a certain degree of lunacy.  Or, perhaps, Scotch.

     Burroughs draws inference away from Van Dyke by making Tom Orman a different physical type but as ERB was working from Van Dyke’s Horning Into Africa and possibly personal communication from Van Dyke, or members of his crew it is impossible for Orman not to reflect W.W. ‘One Shot’ Woody Van Dyke.

     Burroughs makes Orman a drunk or at least a real tyrant when he has been drinking.  Van Dyke records some heavy drinking of his own.  He slipped right into the colonial practice of’Sundowners’, that is when the sun went down the bottle came out.  There may be some factual basis then for Orman’s behavior.

     Orman heads for the Ituri through an area he has been warned not to go that would correspond to Van Dyke’s insistence on filming at the Murchison Falls where he ws forbidden to go but overcame the injunction.

     The attack of the Bansutos is ERB’s invention however there were a couple serious native disaffections in the safari.  Late in the expedition the Kikiyu show up, which I would think meant that they were unhappy with the expedition while Van Dyke describes them as a surly lot.

     In Burroughs’ story the safari falls apart after the Bansuto attack but then at the end of the story he reforms the safari at the Omwami Falls in the story or Murchison Falls in fact.  The party atmosphere at the Falls may reflect his impression of Van Dyke’s account.

     It was probably with a sigh of relief that the British bid farewell to this troublemaking Hollywood film crew.  Or perhaps, just perhaps, they wired MGM to get these people out of here.  I don’t know but I wouldn’t be surprised.

     So far as I know the only two accounts of Van Dyke’s excellent African adventure are his own and that of Burroughs.

     It is a pity MGM didn’t have the foresight to compile an extended account of the safari with hundreds of pictures.  In the liner notes to my VCR copy they say:

…director W.S. Van Dyke and his heroic cast and crew camped there for a year, hauling eighty tons of equipment through the equatorial jungle.  They battled disease and predators, to risk their lives to film this story of two men- legendary trader Alfred Aloysius Horn (Harry Carey) and his naive protoge Peru (Cisco Kid Duncan Renaldo)- and their struggle to reclaim a beautiful woman (Edwina Booth) who was lost in the jungle as a baby and raised by indigenous tribes.

     True enough as far as it goes.  Van Dyke’s obviously sanitized narrative takes it a little further, Burroughs’ fiction may reveal a little more, but Edwina Booth who was never able to work again adds another detail.  She petitioned MGM for compensation but MGM refused to consider it for this heroic, crocodile battling member of the cast who battled predators and disease and lost.

     What a fabulouss story.  ERB had a lot to work with and turned out a fabulous effort.

Next Part four of ten parts: The Safari To The Capture Of Stanley Obroski





Evolution, Genes, Psychology And History


 R. E. Prindle


R.E. Prindle

When Darwin introduced the idea of Evolution into society in 1859 he presented society with its thorniest problem.  Initially Evolution was considered a conflict between Science and Religion.  Recently with advances in science the idea has emerged as a racial threat to non-Whites.  They will be much more determined and active in the ideas rejection  than the religious people.  As William Saletan put it in his Slate ezine article:

(Evolution) is a threat to their whole value system.  As William Jennings Bryan put it during the Scopes trial, evolution meant elevating “supposedly superior intellect”, “eliminating the weak,” “paralyzing hope of reform,” “jeopardizing the doctrine of brotherhood,” and underming “the sympathetic activities of a civilized society.”

And, it can be added, with the testing of intelligence by more or less objective means, the IQ Test, the chaff could be separated from the weak confirming just who was inferior in intelligence.  No doubt, but change is change whether you choose to believe in it or not.  Bryan was right on the challenges to Liberal ideology but wrong on the results.  He was a little narrow in his evaluation of the Liberals and the colored peoples of the world who were not evolutionarily advanced.  There were unintended consequences that Bryan didn’t comprehend.

Since Darwin and Bryan Liberals have been fighting the mounting evidence that the thrust of evolution is toward greater intelligence of the brain while the genes carrying it seem to be a monopoly of the Aryan species.  The big problem for society is the inherent lack of mental capacity of the Africans.  Liberals have caused untold suffering to intelligent men and women who contradicted their ideology even through current research has now confirmed that the Liberals, as usual, were wrong and their opponents right.

In November of  ’07 the Liberals threw in the sponge on the African question. Scientific studies proved  insurmountable to their bigotry.  Liberals had to choose between becoming stultified or capitulating.  They chose to capitulate but they needed a scapegoat to cover their anguish.  He was found in the co-discoverer of DNA, James Watson.  DNA has provided the incontrovertible evidence of the inherent differences between the various human species.  He announced that there was bad news coming out of Africa and that news was that Africans were biologically afflicted with a low IQ average.

I have no proof but it seems probable that James Watson voluteered for the role of releasing the bad news.  At 90 he had nothing to lose so he became the dreaded messenger to deliver the inescapable truth.  They didn’t kill this messenger but he was forced to apologize for telling the truth while either being fired from a largely honorary job or resigning to humiliate himself so that the Liberals would have their sacrifice that somehow justified the abdication of their position.

Their ideology has not changed but will require a slight shift in tactics.  Mr. Saletan in his essay that appeared a couple weeks after Mr. Watson’s announcement of the scientific facts gives some indication of the nature or the shift of emphasis in their tactics.  No longer having the hope of ‘raising’ the Africans by education Mr. Saletan gave the direction a new thrust:

Bill Saletan

     Intermarriage is closing the gap.   To the extent that the difficulties (he prefers ‘human testing’ to scientific facts) are genetic the surest way to eliminate the gap is to reunite the human genome.  (That’s what he said, devolution) This is already happening including in my own family.  In 1970 1 percent of US marriages were between blacks and non-blacks.  By 1990 it was 4.5 percent.  It may the best punch line of the IQ debacle:  the more genetic the racial gap is, the faster we can eliminate it.

Mr. Saletan’s solution, as spokesperson for the Liberals is to negate evolution, creating devolution, and dumb down the human race to one stultified level.

While I disparage undue reliance on IQ testing which as a human device is much less reliable than the evidence of Nature which evidence has been recognized by the unprejudiced for centuries, Mr. Saletan and others do.  By their understanding of IQ scores Africans are the lowest with an average of 85.  ‘Whites’ next lowest at 100, Mongolids nearly atop the heap at 106 but then Mr. Saletan does a remarkable thing, he shifts the emphasis from species to what he calls ‘races’ to an individual religious group within a broader species.  He give the Jews a top score of 113, one suspects he’s Jewish, thus showing his lack of scientific acumen he mixes apples and oranges.  In Israel Jews without a history with the West score lower at 85.  So ‘Jews’ as a whole would average much lower.  At the same time Mr. Saletan should have stuck with species and included Jews in the Semitic species which has a much lower IQ.  So the apparent anomaly of the Western Jews requires explanation which I can’t go into here.

Regardless of any IQ scores it is obvious that global society has now organized around Aryan intelligence, including the Jews, and no other, so that may be another anomaly requiring explanation.

However, no matter with whom the Africans intermarry the result will be a reduction of the world’s intelligence or IQ.  This isn’t really the issue.  The issue is the genocide of ‘Whiteness’ as the coloreds put it or apparent superiority. The coloreds have no difficulty acknowledging that.  There can be no doubt this is the intent of the intermarriage that Mr. Saletan proposes.

As you may be aware a Harvard graduate and sometime Harvard professor, Mr. Noel Ignatiev (Jewish)  has called for the elimination of ‘Whites’ by ‘any means necessary.’  Recently a retired Black CNN newscaster ( I apologize for not remembering his name but I never watch CNN)  announced that the half billion White men in the world had better be alert because they are a mere island in a sea of coloreds.  Thus, as with Ignatiev, who by the way also has the entree of UC Berkelely and other prestigious universities, the threat is genocide of Aryan males.

Nicky Sarkozy

The women can be kept because women are, well, desirable, besides which once impregnated the child will be colored and Whiteness will automatically disappear.  Regardless of the increase in interracial marriages in the US noted by Mr. Saletan it is apparently not fast enough for more racially concerned societies.  The President of France, Nick Sarkozy, announced in the Spring of 2011 that he was seeking a law that compelled White women to marry Black men only.  White resistance must be a stubborn barrier to the emergence of the Golden Race.

In the US, television and movies hammer away at the elimination of racial differences as perceived by what passes for the Liberal mind.  Blacks are universally portrayed as geniuses while Whites are quarrelsome and dumb.  White women are always attracted to benevolent Black men while being sexually promiscuous.  This portrayal is called a ‘role model.’

So the shift in Liberal emphasis  will merely mean the further indoctrination and conditioning of Euroamerican women to accept Black men as lovers if not husbands.  Marriage isn’t necessary.

I don’t like to think it but Evolution in all probability will be negated, devolution is coming and that shortly.

Part II

Ivy League Prof. Noel Ignatiev

     In opposition to the obvious states of human differentiation there are those who argue that differences don’t matter.  At one and the same time they point out that Chimpanzees share 98% of human genes but fail to note the obvious and important differences between Chimps and and all human species.

Let us remember that life is a matter of chemistry, all living beings on the planet are composed from a certain group of elements, the most prominent being hydrogen and oxygen.  In that sense earthworms and humans are nearly identical in chemical composition.  All forms of life have DNA composed of chromosomes and genes..  So why isn’t there only one form of life?  Well, genes.  I haven’t checked but I’m sure that all mammals undoubtedly share 90-95% of the same genes, so the difference between an Ass and human must be negligible.

Since the decoding of the genome the emphasis has been on genes, but how genes function is not understood while the search is on for the genes that cause this and that, even for mental conditions that have no relationship to genes.  On the one hand the concentration on genes overlooks the chomosome and  or grouping of genes and their relationship to each other as well as the double helix whole while on the other hand the whole concept of Evolution is ignored and suppressed for social reasons.  The truth would destroy the basis for societal inner wishful thinking.  While the differences between the human species are controlled by the genes the genes are not static and unchangeable  but are agents of evolution.  The key is that the species are in the process of greater differentiation.

Evolution at this point seems to be occurring in the brain.  A change toward greater intelligence.

The African’s intelligence limited by evolution is limited because as the first evolved Homo Sapiens, of which all agree, these genes were as yet unevolved while as the first Homo Sapiens the African is completely evolved in his manifestation.  As the difference between the Last Hominid Predecessor and the African as first Homo Sapiens was not that large, perhaps merely a gene or two, the African must be the first step in the evolution of the genus Homo Sapiens.

The current feeling seems to be that if a certain quality is needed the human body will produce a gene for it. Thus Liberals believe that the African is Black because Blackness was needed as a protection from the tropical sun. This ignores the fact that gorillas are not only Black but have a heavy coat of hair which is even better protection from that devilish tropical sun. So the question would seem to be why the African either lost his coat of hair or failed to develop one which would have been even more advantageous than being merely black. Obviously the African would be in much better shape with a protective coat of hair. Thus Evolution instead of working to his advantage has actually worked against it.

What is more likely is that the African is Black for genetic reasons and genetic reasons alone. His color has nothing to do with the tropical sun.

In the Liberal collection of Just So stories then they say that Whites , who they believe are nothing but displaced Africans, developed a gene for Whiteness in response to Europe’s cold pale sun. This doesn’t explain why White people at the same time didn’t develop a fur coat that shed in the summer and increased for protection from the cold in winter, perhaps becoming protectively white to camouflage them in the snow. Nor do they deign to advise us how long it takes for the genes to recognize the need for Whiteness and begin adaptation.

Thus we are told that Homo Sapiens first evolved in Africa c. 150,000-200,000 years ago and that he was Black. While the other human species evolved from these first Black Homo Sapiens  they give us no hint as to when this happened. With absolutely no evidence to support their thesis they hypothesize that Africans as Black people migrated from Africa c. 100,000 to 50,000 years ago. One assumes that the process of genetic adaptation proceeded at a very rapid rate unlike in the historical past being accomplished within a few thousand years or so.

The problem with Europeans changing their spots in adaptation to the weather is that Europe was buried under hundreds of feet of ice during the last Ice Age when Africans are supposed to have left Africa. Northern Europe might not have been habitable and then only the Southern parts until 30,000 years ago. So as of 30K years ago the Black African emigrants could not have begun their genetic change to White.  While Neanderthal Man occupied Northern Europe at the same time we don’t have evidence as to whether they were Black or White.  If they were White but an earlier Hominid then how did that happen?

Further the current occupants of Europe weren’t even in Europe until very recent historical times. The Celts who came from the steppes of Asia entered Europe c.1000 B.C. the Goths followed on their heels. The first Mongolids to enter Europe were the Huns c. 500 B.C. Thus White Europeans developed on the steppes,  of Asia where the European climate couldn’t have affected their genetic makeup and yet they were White while they were living cheek by jowl with dark toned Mongolids. For some reason the Mongolids who must have been out on the steppes as long as the Whites didn’t develop a climatic White gene. Why not?

Further still, the most recent settlers of the Americas are said to be Asian immigrants. Yet according to Mr. Saletan the Asians register spectacular I.Q.s ranging over 110 while their American descendents register only 89 or so. Did the I. Q.s of the Asian immigrants sink for some weather related reason or have the East Asians artificially raised theirs by contact with a superior stock and manipulation of tests or test results? How do the Liberals intend to explain such disparities? They don’t. Obviously they just sweep them under the rug then pass laws to make questioning their conclusions illegal.

They refuse to consider the obvious explanation and that is Evolution.

Evolution occurs in small increments. As the first Homo Sapiens to evolve, the African is a rather primitive model. What is obvious is that Whites, Asians and Semites are all more highly evolved models. As late as the end of the nineteenth century Africans had progressed no further than a stone age life style. This is not their fault of course but it is nevertheless true. After having been in contact with  higher civilizations for several hundred years Africa is slipping back into a stone age existence as evidenced by Zimbabwe and South Africa and any number of former colonies of Europe instead of absorbing the higher cultures.

One can’t expect more as Nature cannot evolve higher models without leaving less evolved models behind. For instance it is ridiculous to believe Gorillas have always lived in the undesirable areas in which they have been found.  They must obviously have preferred the better areas but were driven into the wastes by the superior Africans.  This is so obvious it isn’t even worth mentioning but one must. This is just a fact; you can live with it or grouse.

The question then is are all Homo Sapiens species at the same stage of Evolution?

It doesn’t seem possible.

First let me state that I think it probable that there are two or possibly three species of Whites in existence.  The first evolved from the African settling in the Med Basis the water level then several hundred feet below its current level.  When the ice age ended this civilization was flooded out of the Basin with the bulk of the population settling on the shores of the Med, most notably Crete and Lower Egypt.  Their was probably diffusion throughout the rest of the world bringing advanced learning with it.

The succeeding two species are genetic improvements of the first White species.  As the former migrated from Central Asia it is probable that HSIII or the second White species were forced out of the Med as HS II had undoubtely been from Africa by HSI.  The origin of Neanderthals remains a mystery.

As Evolution is continuing it can only be doing so in the second White species and not there if a third White species is in existence.  That means that as the African is fully evolved with no futher improvement possible so is HSII or the first White species and possibly the second or nearly so.  Now the range of IQ scores in Whites ranges from say 85 to 160 or possibly beyond.  The range of Africans is much lower.  It is not unreasonable then to hypothesize that HSII may have a range of from 85 to 110 or so, while HSIII may range from, say, 100 to 130 and HSIV above that.  In addition as the scientific mentality is nearly always White male that implies special genetic organization that may or may not be reflected in IQ.  Given the enormous IQ range of Whites I think it more than probable that one is dealing with two or three species.  Differences will show up in physical manifestations if you look for them and are willing to see them for what they are.

The above means that the Semites and Mongols are sterile species who have also realized their full potential.  That there may be deed end Homo Sapiens species should surprise no one.  After all Neanderthal man among others was an evolutionary dead end.

I put little faith in IQ test per se that are human contrivances and as such will be made to produce results that gratify human expectations but in the mass they offer a general guide.

If one looks at the result of human development at the present time all of the other species are living according to the results of White intellectual development.  All societies on earth today are organized along White lines with the possible exception of the primitive African who seems to sliding back to his traditional stone age  organization.  This should be indicative of White intelligence.

The colored are keenly aware of this and find it acutely embarrassing hence the Get Whitey scenario announced by the Semite Noel Ignatiev of Harvard University and Barack Obama and his attorney general Eric Holder.

In conjunction with this intellectual and emotional problem a second and even more important one has evolved as was predicted by Charles Darwin and with predictable results.

Part III.

If you can accommodate your mind to the notion that Evolution has created a hierarchy of Human Species it is not necessary that you accept my understanding of the hierarchy, I’m sure you can work out your own vision.

The emergence of the scientific method in the nineteenth century resulting in a rapid unfolding of the human intellect was a test and trial for mankind as every conceived notion came under examination being radically revised or discarded.  The world of religion and magic disolved before one’s eyes.  That which was abstract displaced that which was concrete; the evidence of the imagination challenged the evidence of the senses.  One couldn’t see atoms but they were there.

With the unfolding of intelligence investigations were carried on in areas thought impenetrable to the human mind or just taken for granted.  The realm of human psychology was quickly laid bare.  Perhaps one of the most significant discoveries was contained in Sigmund Freud’s The Interpretation Of Dreams.  At last the dream mechanism if not perfectly explained was put on a sound path of discovery.  More important than one might think.

Along with the discovery of the mind went this development of  psychological  and intelligence measurement.  Led by Francis Galton and quickly developed by Binet and others it was possible to determine an approximation of an individual’s capacity for abstract thought.  Thus humans could be classified by physical strength which could be irrefutably confirmed by observation and by abstract intelligence.  The strong man who could rule by brute force now found himself displaced and diminished by wimps with more powerful brains.  A true class system to which there was no appeal was thus created.

Nor, as Darwin was to show the way, was the ability for abstract thinking evenly distributed through out the human species.  The ability belonged to one species only, the Aryan or White and as I have tentatively determined only a portion of that.

Science was very hard on the conceived notions of mankind.  Darwin’s theories not only undermined religion which was immediately obvious but the human species of the world  slowly came to realize that scientific advances condemned them to a perpetual inferiority from which again there was no appeal.

At the same time scientific advances in agriculture and medicine disturbed the balance of births and deaths that had depressed population growth so that in the nineteenth century the populations of Africa and the Orient began to explode.  The Aryan or White population was 20% of the world total in the nineteenth century but has now fallen to under 10%.

Thus all the human species no longer had room to move and began to uncomfortably jostle each other.  Thus five human species are fighting to occupy the same economic niche.  In his Origin Of Species Darwin explained the inevitable biological consequences from which, once again, there is no appeal.  If you don’t choose to accept the reality, too bad for you.  I quote:

     As species of the same genus have usually, though by no means invariably, some similarities in habits and constitution, and always in structure, the struggle will generally be more severe between species of the same genus, when they come into competition with each other, than between species of distinct genera.  We see this in the recent extension in parts of the United States of one species of swallow having caused the decrease of another species.  The recent increase of the missal-thrush in parts of Scotland has caused the decrease of the song thrush.  How frequently we hear of one species of rat taking the place of another species under the most different climates!  In Russia the small Asiatic cockroach has everywhere driven before it its great congenor.  One species of charlock will supplant another and so in other cases.  We can dimly see why the competition should be most severe between allied forms, which fill nearly the same place in the economy of nature; but probably in no one case  could we precisely say why one species has been victorious over another in the battle of life.

Nature decrees that when two or more species occupy the same economic niche the most advantaged will eliminate the others.  Now, Darwin did not make this rule up out of his head; he merely recognized and articulated what his study of Nature revealed.  Darwin has no personal responsibility.

Nature does not make exceptions to its general rules.  What is true with birds, rats and cockroaches and any other species is true of Homo Sapiens.

African Invaders On Way To Europe

One doesn’t have to seach far for examples of this.  Neanderthal man is no longer with us.  The Bushmen and Whites of South Africa are being systematically exterminated by various African tribes.  The Caribs have been history for some time not to mention the Tasmanians who were hunted down and killed to the man.  A fine example of a human species causing the decrease of another and displacing it is the European invasion of America.  In that invasion a program of extermination of the native Asiatics was commenced but not completed.  The remainder were collected and placed in circumscribed areas.  The European species took possession of the land.

This was a natural result of the competition between species within a genus filling the same economic niche.  Was it brutal?  You bet it was.  Was it wrong?  That all depends on which  side you were on as we’ll see in current exterminations which are being carried on no less brutally.  When grazing land is needed for species preferred by Homo Sapiens all other ruminants, such as the buffalo, are destroyed or driven into waste spaces.  These are natural consequences of population growth.

When one realizes the natural process then the understanding of current natural migrations becomes understandable but no less hazardous to one side or the other.  The Asiatic migrations into the same North America in which Europeans formerly displaced Asiatics is now occurring in reverse.  Asiatics from Mexico and points South and Asiatics from China and elsewhere, Viet Nam, India, the Philippines etc. are now displacing Europeans.  Do they feel guilt or embarrassment?  Not at all.  Their invasions are totally justified in their own minds.  Only Aryans feel guilty.

Southern California is now majority Mexican; the complacent Aryans, who have it in their ability to kill tens of millions of Mexicans without firing a shot,  are now a minority while being ethnically cleansed.  The city of San Francisco is today one third Chinese; again the Aryans are being ethnically cleansed.  Within a matter of a few years the Aryans will have been displaced, ethinically cleansed, by both Chinese and Mexicans and then the conflict will change to between Mexicans and Chinese of which the winner will be the Chinese I have no doubt.  Once again the Chinese are completely in the hand of the Aryans who will not utilize their means.

Unlike the Asiatics displaced by the Europeans who put up a stiff resistance the current European population is not only passive, putting up no resistance at all, but are actively encouraging the whole world to come to America and displace them.  They hold the door open for the invaders, an unprecedented situation.

The same is true in the Aryan European homeland where major invasions of Semites, Africans and Asiatics are occurring with no resistance but full complicity.  As unbelievable as it may seem the President of France, Nick Sarkozy, is calling for a  law to compel Aryan women to mate with Africans only thus completely violating any civil rights enjoyed by the women while essentially legalizing their slavery.  If this had been suggested by anyone fifty years ago they would have been declared insane, and yet….

That Darwinian principles are involved is evident from the stated intentions of Semites, Africans and Asiatics to exterminate the indigenous population of Aryans.  The colored populations of the world have temporarily united to wipe what they call ‘whiteness’ from the face of the earth.  The process is far along while resistance is not only feeble but non-existent; the result is virtually certain is not a virtual actuality.

Once the Euroamericans are exterminated it seems reasonably certain that the Chinese who are currently in the process of occupying Africa will exterminate the most primitive of the Homo Sapiens species.  From that point on is anybody’s guess.  While a few years back I would have hesitated to express such a prophecy things are now so far advanced that if you can’t see it the onus is on you.

Part IV.

If you can accept the concept of Evolution and the progression of the species as well as the inevitable conflict of the species when they come in contact we can briefly examine the nature and progress of those contacts.

It follows that as the first evolved Homo Sapiens species the African realized their full potential rather quickly entering into a relatively stable stone age life style that remained unchanged until they came into contact with Semites and Europeans.

Although Africans had contact with Europeans in the persons of Ancient Greeks and sustained contacts with the Roman Empire they seemed to have learned little from them.

The Semites with whom the Africans had sustained contact from at least 700 AD  merely extracted Africans as slaves or assimilated themselves changing color while retaining Arab culture. The Semites themselves had realized their own fulfillment at least by the beginning of the nineteenth century.

The fulfilled Semitic culture is represented by the Middle East c. 1800. Whatever technological developments the Semites employed were purchased or taken from the West. As the Ugandan chief Mtese was to say, he noticed that all the goods the Arabs brought to trade were manufactured in Europe.

C. 1500 when Europe began its invasion of the world then, Africans and Semites had realized their full potential as human species as had the Mongolids of East Asia and the Indians of the subcontinent. All were stagnant societies that would have remained unchanged forever without the introduction of the European yeast.

As I stated before the main stem of active evolution progresses from Africans who may be styled H.S I (Homo Sapiens One) to the Whites who did not begin in Europe. HS II which must have evolved from HS I during the last Ice Age  undoubtedly settled in the exposed Mediterranean Valley. They apparently developed the first civilization. When the ice melted and the waters rose they were flushed out of the Med Valley around its shores thus civilization as we date it began.

In so far as HS II occupied Spain , Crete, Greece and Italy these must have been the first Europeans. In all probability HS II has also realized its full potential but even so is more highly evolved than Africans. Semites and Mongolids.

Here comes the part that’s going to stick in your craw. In the steppes of Asia the second ‘European’ or Aryan people began to realize its destiny.  They must have evolved from HSII and been forced out of the Med Basin migrating to Central Asia.  As Aryans they then either migrated from or were driven out of Asia by the Mongolids. Over the centuries they settled in India, the Middle East and the northern latitudes of Europe. They were the last to begin to realize their potential. That potential may now be fully realized while HS IV s either have evolved in small numbers or ready to be evolved.

So, as of c. 1500 all species of Homo Sapiens seemed to be at the same level of development. It would have taken a sharp eye to notice the differences although as Tennyson was to say: Better fifty years of Europe than a cycle of Cathay.

From c. 1500 to 1900 the Europeans went through an amazing stage of development rapidly developing technology in unheard of directions while beginning scientific researches that have now decoded the genetic structure of not only the human but various other genomes.

This knowledge was gained as Europe successfully but briefly obtained hegemony of the world.

Now, I am not going to appeal to anything so questionable as I.Q. tests but the actual results of the societies and civilizations the various human species have organized.

Thus when Europeans began their invasion of the world c. 1500 all societies were more or less equally evolved, but only the Europeans had not realized the full potential of their Homo Sapiens species. While the other species remained static the Europeans rapidly surpassed them.

By 1800 Europeans were clearly superior on the basis of their accomplishments while by 1900 they had lapped the field. However in their intellectual development they became more far seeing, sensitive to the effect they were having on the other species, while having what all other species lacked as a result, a conscience.

As conquerors the Western invasion was a new departure from that of all previous conquerors. The West brought benefits to the conquered peoples rather than just subjugating and looting them.

Rather than going into Africa and stamping the Africans flat they tried to do the impossible or elevate them beyond the limits of the species. For one hundred fifty thousand years the Africans had been exterminating each other in the literal sense of the term or driving the defeated tribes onto the least desirable land where the defeated either perished or were vastly reduced in numbers thus posing no further threat.

This is what the Europeans should have done to the Africans rather than encourage them. Instead today Euroamericans are on the brink of being exterminated by the Africans in their turn. The Africans have merely returned to their ancestral stone age ways except with machine guns that since they haven’t the knowhow to manufacture are supplied by the Whites of the West for the extermination of their own people. I ask you, what does a high I.Q. mean?

One fatal mistake Euroamericans made was to share hygienic and medical advances with the other species. Thus instead of natural means such as famine and disease controlling their populations the populations of all these peoples skyrocketed.

The Chinese went from 300 million to a billion and a half, the Indians from 250 million to one billion plus while the Africans shot up from 150 million to well over a billion. During that same time Euroamericans increased only marginally dropping from a 20% share of world population to less than 10%.

When the conquered peoples taught and armed by the Europeans, instructed in modern civilization by them, began to assert themselves the Europeans retreated back into their original territories thus sealing their doom. The only Euroamerican choice once the invasion of the world had begun was conquer or die.

Having now lost the will to win which was quickly apprehended by the formerly conquered people they in their turn began to invade Europe and America where they have met no or at best, feeble resistance. Indeed Euroamericans seem to welcome and encourage their own conquest and extermination. They pass laws making it a crime for their own people to resist.

Whether this is unprecedented is difficult to say. Certainly the Sumerians allowed themselves to be infiltrated and submerged by the surrounding Semites. Possibly the Aryan Indic civilization did the same in their area. Indeed, such a lack of sustained effort may be a shortcoming of the Aryan peoples. If so they are only getting what they’ve got coming to them.

Less intellectually developed than the Indo Europeans lacking a conscience the other species have already planned and are in process of exterminating the Euroamericans. I refer you once again to the plan put into execution under the name of Noel Ignatiev.


     If one looks at how ancient patterns are being worked out today I hope I won’t shock by the following comments.  In Africa today when Robert Mugabe was installed in Zimbabwe at the insistance of Liberal Euroamericans who forced the White government to abdicate the first thing Mugabe did as Shona tribal chief was to begin an extermination of the competing tribe of Matabele Zulu thus renewing a war begun a hundred years or more years previously.  At the same time he bnegan the dispossession and driving out of Whites.

     In America the Blacks seething in resentment because of slavery which was abolished a hundred fifty years ago expanded their own war on Whites as Liberals had given them the power by installing the Negro Barack Obama as President of the United States.  It began as Blacks attacking lone Whites on buses and subways.  Gaining courage by White inaction the Blacks escalated to raving gangs attacking Whites on the streets after dark.  With still no response so-called ‘flash mobs’ are being organized to plunder and trash White shops, most notably on Chicago’s vaunted Miracle Mile.  The Attorney General, the Negro Eric Holder, has openly stated that he will not prosecute ‘his people’ who he believes justified by past events.  His position is backed by Negro President Obama.  With the laws preventing Whites from defending themselves it is only a matter of time until Blacks become embolded to escalate into wholesale assaults with WMD.

     Semites in America with Noel Ignatiev as their spokesperson openly call for the extermination of a billion Whites ‘by any means necessary.’  One might be justified in believing America was Nazi German with Jews in the role of Nazis.   These are shocking happenings in both Africa and Euroamerica in what are supposed to be enlightened times.  But enlightment is only shared by Euroamericans which Semitic and African activities  around the world show.  So in reality Europeans should have acted toward Africans in the time honored traditions of exterminating them or driving them into the deserts and waste spaces to survive or perish as they would.  It would seem by Ignatiev’s actions that Hitler merely anticipated the Jewish Semites by a few years.

     As in Darwinian terms when two or more species of the same genus occupying the same economic niche come into conflict one must, I repeat, must, eliminate the others.  In this context Whites have willingly surrendered and are patiently waiting to be eliminated.

      The Africans, Darwinian illiterates, are foolishly inviting the Chinese into the continent.  The Chinese like the even more primitive Africans have no developed conscience and will have no compunction in either exterminating the Africans or driving them into wast lands just as the Africans drove Gorillas and Apes into waste spaces before them.  Gnash your teeth and lament if you like but nature will out.

     The Europeans missed their opportunity.   They foolishly permitted, even encouraged, the colored populations of the planet to explode while at the same time limiting their own population growth.  As the colored populations have spiraled out of control Euroamericans have become an ever diminishing percentage of humanity.  While with decreasing numbers they have foolishly squandered their technological superiority.

     In addition the colored populations are enraged by the undeniable evolutionary superiority of the Whites.  Nothing hurts more than to realize one’s inherent inferiority.  When the Whites retreated within the borders of their homelands the Africans, Semites and Mongolids then began the invasion of Euroamerica with the full, even openly, acknowledged intent of eliminating and replacing Whites.  Following ancient tradition they will kill the men and keep the women.

     Now, this invasion would have been difficult or impossible without Fifth Columns inside the two continents.  The West was emasculated by the White Liberals on the hand and more improbably by a splinter group of Semites, the Jews, on the other.  Historically the West must be thought of as encompassing Europe and West Asia, otherwise known as the Middle East including African Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula.  At the beginning of history a conflict arose between the two species occupying the Eastern Mediterranean.  The Semites on one hand and the Aryans or Europeans on the other.  Over time the Moslemized Turks would appropriate Anatolia, now Turkey, while the Persian Aryans retained Persia, now Iran.  Both groups have been Semitized by religion and hence stultified into ineffectiveness while subordinated to the Semites.

     The nature of the conflict was explained by the Greek historian Herodotus but his explanation has never been taken seriously.  His story explained the age old conflict as between ‘Asia’ and ‘Europe.’  By those terms is meant the conflict between Semites and Aryans.  In the conflict the Aryans were usually the military victors.  The Semite Cadmus established a foothold in Boeotia of Ancient Greece but was beaten down and driven out by the Aryans of Sparta.  The Romans later eliminated the Semitic Carthaginians from the Western Med.  Alexander had appeared somewhat before to crush the Semites of the East Med.

     Amid these activities the Semitic Jews came into existence after their deportation to Babylon in -586 and then created a Trojan Horse to defang the militarily superior Aryans without resort to war.  Paul of Tarsus used the Jewish sect of Christians to inject an enervating religious creed into the Aryans.  A sort of bacillus.  Unable to defeat Aryans in the field Christianity taught Aryans to turn the other cheek.  The notion of the ‘brotherhood of man’ was given them.  While ‘brotherhood’ has been abjured by Mongolids, Semites and Africans, Europeans were taught to place the interests of others before their own.  More specifically they were taught to put the interests of the Jews as ‘little brothers’ before theirs.

     Thus the Jewish Bible was made the holy book of the Aryans.  At that time Northern Europe was outside the civilized pale so that Christianity took more effective hold on Romanized Europe.  As the Jews express it they are the trunk of the tree to which the Aryans have grafted as a branch.

     Christianity and the Bible was then injected maliciously on Northern Europeans once the Frankish king Charlemagne was converted to Catholicism.  The North resent the imposition of Christianityh having since thrown off the yoke.

     By the end of the French Revolution Liberalism became the dominant outlook.  Thus the apparent willingness of today’s Liberals  to subordinate their manhood to the colored peoples of the world probably arose from this history.  As religionists the Liberals adopted the Holier Than Thou attitude characteristic of them while the Euroamericans who cast off the Biblical or Jewish yoke became second  class citizens outside the pale.

     In both Europe and the United States Liberals took up the cause of the colored majority functioning as a colored Fifth Column. They constantly hamstrung and sabotaged all efforts to hold the place that had been won in the world. Liberals have always been pro-African, pro-Semite and pro-Mongolid. Historically they cheer every European defeat and deplore every European victory.

Liberals have invited the colored peoples of the world and the Moslems who one and all resent their former subjugation to Europeans and consequently hate White people. Liberals have even made a gift of the West’s economies to the Chinese. There can be nothing more false than that the Chinese have the highest I.Q. in the world. Historical evidence is against any such notion. Euroamericans have simply set them up in business.

Now, as Darwin pointed out the competition between species is always the most vicious as, indeed, are civil wars. The economy we have enjoyed for the last hundred years or so has been based on abundant resources. Those resources are not unlimited but are actually exhausted. Without abundance of resources not only cannot the world economy be supported but not even one national economy such as China or the United States can be supported. The critical resources at present of course are oil and water.

As the Liberal credo has always been that no one can be prosperous if all are not prosperous they have naturally transferred the prosperity of the West to the East. There’s nothing that can be done with the Africans. Thus with oil supplies declining rapidly while oil use in the East is increasing dramatically not only will there not be enough to go around but because of the Jewish direction of North America’s foreign affairs such deep resentments have been created at all levels of the Middle East that all of those supplies will go East.

The West impoverished by the East and invaded or emasculated by immigrants however you choose from every direction will thus be eliminated from the face of the earth.

There is absolutely no informed person who cannot see this. Conservatives lament but meekly consent although some few do complain. The Liberals on the other hand applaud and forward the result because of Biblical indoctrination and conditioning of one world, people, one hell hole.

The question is then will it come to pass or is rejection possible?


No one can positively say what will happen or how soon but there are factors militating against the realization of Liberal desires. It should be clear by now that Liberals are the prime enemy. They must be disabled first. Anyone not willing to take up that fight should quietly submit and stop irritating us with complaints.

Along with tight resources the burgeoning global population now approaching seven billion is already too much for the planet to sustain. Malthusian limits have already been reached and passed. Water and oil are the keys. The level of the Great Lakes in North America are already receding steadily from over consumption. A conspiracy to bring Africa and Asia to North America is adding millions of new water consumers per year. One can drain the Great Lakes, for instance, only once. After that the well has run dry.

With another million people or so added to the Statein Georgia’s current drought that State would be dry in more ways than one. The same is true all over the world. Everyone, I repeat, everyone already knows this but they still persist in what can only be considered an insane enterprise.

Further Liberals know that it is an insane enterprise because they pass laws forbidding anyone to say it is an insane enterprise.

At any rate it is very probable that population pressures on resources will disrupt all plans in progress. When that happens the very hostile populations within regions will begin wars of extermination on each other so that the pressures on Euroamericans will be disrupted and distributed over a wide area. Blacks and Whites will not only be at war but Blacks vs. Mexicans, Mexicans vs. Chinese and all against each other. This may happen within ten years or so. It is best then to be prepared. These will be wars of extermination. Ruthless. One must be mentally prepared to kill.

In all probability regions will find it difficult to impossible to invade other regions so all the warfare will probably be intra-regional.

As the colored peoples have already gotten their Liberal handlers to pass laws forbidding Whites to combine those laws will have to be disregarded. It would be best to organize now and repeal them but that seems scarcely likely. So far Conservatives just talk.

So if Evolution is to be allowed to run its course the gene pool of HS III and possibly IV must be kept intact. A viable psychological approach must be devised and propagated. Psychological training is a first priority. That means a rejection of the Biblical ethos. The way is clear. This is no longer a nation of two approaches but a region of several potential warring populations. The first enemy is the Liberal faction. While nothing can be obtained by palavers it is still best to keep up the appearance of a dialogue but know that nothing can come of it so that military preparations continue. Organize.

Prindle Of The Apes

June 7, 2007

Prindle Of The Apes


R.E. Prindle


This is a snapshot of the world as it appeared to one man c. 1960.  This was all before the technological advances of the late 70s wiped the old world off the map.

If the reader was born after 1955  it may seem that I am describing a foreign country which in many ways I am.

But, as the wise man said, an unexamined life is not worth living.  I hope you like my little memoir such as it is.

Prindle Of The Apes


…he dreams of the sight

of Zulu impis

breaking on their foes

like surf upon the rocks

and his heart rises in rebellion

against the strict limits

of the civilized life.

H. Rider Haggard

from  Allan Quatermain

It was the Big Bwana.

Tarzan And The Ant Men

      The layers of Prindle’s education as he began his adult life were many.  As with no other earlier generation his nervous system had to be organized to differentiate many different forms of experience.  Primal of course was the living of his own life:  what may be called objective reality.  Mixing with his real live memories into a subjective reality in a manner in which they had to be compartmentalized were many forms of pseudo-experience.  There was radio which in Prindle’s  early life in the forties and fifties was composed of real life news and current events, fictional radio dramas by night, soap operas by day and the fantasy world of pop music.  After the advent of  Top 40 music radio his listening world converted to the psycho-sexual wailings  of the psychologically wounded who made pop music.

     The fiction of movies, animated films and the real life portrayals of the news reels entered his mind where they had to be stored and differentiated from his real life experiences as well as categorized as truth or fiction or a combination of the two.

     Television added another several dimensions of experience to his young mind.  For the first time he could watch actual events as they happened in far off locations like New York or Washington and after the introduction of the coaxial cable about 1950 he could watch or listen to real time events on the West Coast a full three times zones away.  What was happening in daylight on the West Coast was relayed to the nighttime Eastern Standard Time.

     Thus he could watch an LA Rams game live or view the Kefauver organized crime investigations and the demise of the demigod, Joe McCarthy in the Army hearings.

     He watched the Bill Paley/Edward R. Murrow character assassination of McCarthy from which Big Joe had no defense or recourse.

     And then there was the printed word.  Newspapers and magazines poured out an endless stream of matter of which so much seemed of such timeless quality that he swore he would never forget it.  He read the daily poem of Edgar A. Guest which entranced him by the seeming facility of composition while he was disgusted by the maudlin content.  Yet day after day, month after month, year after year a new poem of creditable quality appeared.

 page 2.

     There were the comic strips of the papers and the comic books of super heroes that stood in large stacks until his mother threw them away.  What did any mother ever know?  He didn’t understand why but then how much ephemera can one boy, let alone a family, accumulate.

     And then there was that great body of literature called Juvenilia.  Some was truly drivel like the beloved Hardy Boys written as mere enterainment for immature minds.  Yet much of it was great literature which had been degraded over the decades to be considered suitable for juveniles.  Not least of these were Dumas’ Three Musketeers and Scott’s Ivanhoe both among the greatest creations of literature.  Not that Prindle understood these complex works except on the action level but he was to return to them more than once in the succeeding years.

     He read the pulps regularly, magazines printed on the cheapest pulp paper.  He read them all:  Westerns, Science Fiction (lots and lots of Science Fiction), Detective and True Romance as well as Argosy and True Magazines.  His mind was well stocked with the incredible and fantastic yet he never confused fiction with reality.  His intellectual life was a feast.  The wonder of it all.

     The greatest of all his early reading was the stuff that was the staple of B movies.  L. Frank Baum, Conan Doyle’s great detective hero Sherlock Holmes who actually exists in most people’s minds on the cusp between fiction and reality.  And of course, the one, the only, the most incredible hero of all times:  Tarzan Of The Apes.

page 3.

     Around the figure of Tarzan formed the immense and important psychological complex of the Dark Continent.  The very heart of darkness, the Africa of both fact and fiction.

     He imbibed the mystery of Africa that was no longer believable after the watershed year of 1960 when what was over ended and what would be began.  A whole aspect of the education of Prindle became obsolete and slid to the ground like one of the towers of the World Trade Center.  There was no better obituary for the European past in Africa than Alan Moorehead’s fine recapitulation issued in that year under the title of ‘The White Nile.’

     One associates the history of White rule in Africa as being several hundreds of years in duration so Prindle was astonished to learn that central Africa only came under European dominion between 1860 and 1900.  The Scramble For Africa.  In fact two life spans of sixty years each bridged the entire era.  The whole period could be encompassed by the memories passed down to no more than three generations.  In 1960 one man could have remembered the whole history of European discovery and annexation from the Scramble till then.

     One of the natives standing in one of those National Geographic photos of 1920 could tell the whole story.  At least from his point of view.  He would be unable to tell of the impact of Africa on the White Man.

page 4.

     The Heart Of Darkness.

     The savage primitiveness of Africa and its art made a deep impression on the European psyche ripping asunder several layers of civilized overburden to reveal the primitive origins of its naked self.  At the time this was called ‘the thin veneer of civilization.’  The primal call of the wild beckoned to White men with irresistibility.

     The bizarre untutored art of African tribes invaded the European subconscious to call forth wondrous responses.  The crude wooden images, the strong primal masks, the scrawled designs all roused the subliminal imagination of Europeans.

     About 1960 a recording of a mass by Blacks titled: The Missa Luba, performed by the Luba people of the Lower Congo took White Bohemia by storm.  The combination of the primitive Luba recitation and the sophistication of the Catholic Mass was a stunning performance that seemed to unite the subconscious mind of Africa with the conscious mind of the White man.  The power of the Missa Luba is undeniable. It is as moving today as it was in 1960.

     Beginning in 1959 the Nigerian Ibo writer, Chinua Achebe, writing from the African point of view describes the designs drawn on the bodies of women as beautiful.  To a Western eye they merely appear as rude but interesting squiggles.  Go through some Geographics of the twenties.

     The great explorers wrote the books describing the discovery or rediscovery of the source of the White Nile from which Moorehead drew his account.  the great books by Burton, Speke and H.M. Stanley had appealed strongly to an earlier generation of writers.  At the fount of imaginative novels of the mysteries of the Dark Continent stood the fantastic H. Rider Haggard.  Himself a onetime resident of Natal, South Africa  for several years, Haggard’s triumverate of African novels, King Solomon’s Mines, She and Allan Quatermain set the trend of an Africa full of undiscovered valleys, deserts and moutain ranges that could only be reached, even if only in your imagination, by the most intrepid or desperate of travelers.  Strange places that time forgot still lived according to the ways of some distant epoch often prehistoric.

page 5.

     Africa was still mysterious and unknown when Haggard began to write in 1885.  Central Africa had not yet been explored.  General Gordon was making his last stand at Khartoum.  Explorers outfitted themselves for treks into Africa at the then legendary Abercrombie and Fitch store in New York City as they sat around explorer’s clubs just before setting out.  After his terms as President ending in 1908 Teddy Roosevelt trekked across Africa shooting at anything that moved, big game or small.

     I don’t know whether his trek fired the imagination of the greatest of the novelists of Africa but in 1912 Edgar Rice Burroughs began the series chronicling the adventures of the Big Bwana himself, Tarzan Of The Apes.

     Tarzan Of The Apes found a place in the imagination of every American male from the series’ inception to the watershed year of 1960 when he was replaced by the Lord Of The Flies.  That was a significant transition from what was to what was to be.

page 6.

     Burroughs himself has never had his place in American literature and psychology recognized.  From 1912 to his death in 1950 thirty-eight years later Burroughs turned out a total of 22 Tarzan books as well as dozens of other titles.

     His creation Tarzan created a life for Burroughs as incredible as the Big Bwana’s.  Tarzan’s success  in books and movies was such a bonanza for Burroughs that he was able to found a city named after his hero in the San Fernando Valley of California named Tarzana.

     In the light of racial events after 1960 the name is ironic, for Tarzan in Burroughs’ invented lingo means White from Tar and skin from from Zan.  Must be a joke in Tar meaning White.  Tarzan is named White Skin while Tarzana would therefore mean White Skin City.  An amusing fact.

     Burroughs was very fortunate to begin writing just as the movies came into prominence.  Tarzan was a natural for the screen.  Many silent movies featuring various Tarzans were made.

     The movies incidentally rescued Rider Haggard who had fallen on hard times of destitution.

     Burroughs had a marvelous facility for incorporating current developments into his novels.  While Rider Haggard relied on time worn themes of Esoterica for his stories Burroughs was very up to date on the latest scientific discoveries.  This was sometimes woven into the story completely unawares to the reader such as his answer to the Freudian interpretation of dreams in 1919’s Jungle Tales Of Tarzan.  Only after finishing the passage does one realize what one has just read.

     This was often done in fantastic juxtapositions.  In Tarzan Lord Of The Jungle of 1928 Jim Blake a contemporary New york executive on a photo shoot safari gets lost somewhere North of Victoria Falls where he enters a hidden valley populated by descendants of the Third Crusade of Richard I who became lost ending up in this hidden valley.  Finding them dressed in Templar chain mail Blake asks them to lead him to their Director.  He has confused an authentic seven hundred year old Knight Templar society with extras from a movie set.

page 7.

     Of course by 1928 Burroughs was very familiar with movie sets of Tarzan.  With the advent of sound in 1927 the Tarzan that Prindle’s generation knew was about to hit the screen.  The great Olympic swimmer Johnny Weissmuller assumed the role as sound came into existence.  This truly Tarzanic figure epitomized the great Tarmangani.  Mangani- ape in Burroughs’ talk, Tar= White, Tarmangani, white ape.  The role was adapted to feature Weissmuller’s swimming acrobatics.  Crocodile fights became much more common.

     Weissmuller perfected the triumphant victory cry of the Great Bull Ape which every boy tried to emulate and perfect. Even today the icon of victory is that the victor puts his right foot on the body of his dead victim, beats his breasts with both fists and yodels out the cry of the great bull ape.  The jungle was relatively quiet until Tarzan arrived.

     Many hours were spent in basements and attics as boys practiced the famous yell.  Many were the discussions and arguments over who had mastered it and who hadn’t.

     Even movie heroes grow old so it became necessary for Weissmuller to retire.  The fierce competition for the job went to a guy named Lex Barker who nobody had ever heard of.  Most of us turned our backs on Barker.  His own successors in the fifties never had a chance.  I didn’t even know there were successors at the time.  The role is still assumed but it is just not the same.

page 8.

     The age of exploration was over; social conditions prevented the notion of the Great White Ape ruling over a Black Africa and living on.  Dracula, Frankenstein, the Phantom Of The Opera and Sherlock Holmes had long successful careers before them but the Great White Ape vanished like the legendary Africa of old. (Revived on Broadway since I wrote this essay.)

     Still, Edgar Rice Burroughs succeeded in creating a mythic character who could take his place alongside the timeless emanations of the subconscious.  Few creations have.  Homer hit the groove sharp as a knife in the Iliad.  The knights of Arthur’s Round Table fill the need.  Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes gratifies the itch in spades.  Frankenstein, Dracula, the Wolf Man and The Mummy rank with H.G. Wells’ The Invisible Man.  They fill specific but limited areas of the subconscious but Tarzan Of The Apes encapsulates the psychic needs of the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth.  A new or improved expositor of the faith is needed now.

     No matter that so much of Tarzan is implausible not counting finding Crusaders in contemporary Africa.  If one looks closely at Tarzan swinging through ‘the middle terraces’ of the trees of the jungle faster than you and I can sprint a hundred one wonders why no branches impede his swings on his trusty grass rope.  While monkeys chatter in the ‘upper terraces’ Tarzan swings through the ‘middle terraces’ to escape an arboreal panther.

page 9.

     But to examine the problem of ‘the middle terraces’ is to miss the point.  It is like searching for the historical Arthur and the locations of his twelve battles or trying to find Sherlock Holmes address at 221B Baker Street.

     Perhaps Arthur and his twelve battles did exist but they have no bearing on the story.  Prindle has  stood across the street from the approximate address of Holmes on Baker Street but the reality bears no relationship to the fiction.  Prindle looked at the windows across the street for Dr. Moriarty and his air gun but could find no evidence the arch villain had ever been there.

     So Prindle disregarded the difficulties of the middle terrace and all other difficulties.  He just allowed Burroughs to amaze him.  Prindle only read seven of the earliest novels.  Over the years the stories and plot lines faded from his mind.  He remembered only a few details of the stories and often those inaccurately.

     What did stick with him was a vision of Africa.  What affected him although the notions had slipped through his conscious mind into the subconscious were the beliefs and ideals of Burroughs as placed in the Tarzan stories.

     Tarzan was a very scrupulous man of high ideals.  While others might stoop to skullduggery to achieve their ends Tarzan never did.  He faced every problem squarely, solved it and acted on the highest principles.

     Prindle ‘remembered’ many maxims which he was able to repeat verbatim although he had no idea not only where he got them but that they weren’t his own original thoughts.  There were half a dozen from Sherlock Holmes that were actual guidelines for his life.  Chief among them was Holmes dictum that whenever you eliminate the impossible whatever remains must be the truth no matter how improbable.  Prindle repeated the dictum constantly as his own not knowing where it came from.  In rereading Holmes in later life he was startled to come across these dicta word for word.

page 10.

     One of the most astonishing remembrances not from Tarzan but from the movie ‘The Incredible Shrinking Man’ which he saw in 1957 almost shattered him.  Prindle had had a dream in which a spectacular image had occurred to him which seemed so original that he was amazed at himself.  In the dream the detail was that he was standing before two men holding up a huge Gordian Knot on a large dowel.  Standing in front of them Prindle’s only way to cut the knot was to manipulate a huge pair of scissors.  The scissors were so large that he could barely raise the handles from the ground let alone open them to cut the knot.

     He asked for help from the two men but all they did was hold the knot higher and shake it.  Dream Prindle put the scissors under his right arm and leaned on them like a crutch.

     This unusual image struck him as something entirely original of which he was very proud.  However on reviewing the Incredible Shrinking Man he came across a scene in which The Shrinking Man is battling a spider.  The Man is of the size where a needle is an appropriately sized means of defense.  On the table beside him is a spool of thread and a pair of small child’s scissors.  He drops the needle off the edge dangling from the string.  He then tries to use these now huge scissors to cut the string which he cannot do.

page 11.

     Thus this image worked away in Trueman’s subconscious to emerge transformed as an impossible solution to his own psychological problem twenty-five years later.  Prindle was forced to ask himself;  Is anything truly of one’s own making?

page 12.

     Tarzan in any size, and in Tarzan And The Ant Men he was shrunk to minature, or situation would have been superior to anyone and ever triumphant.  He was always magnanimous.  Having experienced the entire range of existence from beast to civilized man he never ill treated the African natives or even the prehistoric men and women he met along the way.  The Blacks or Gomangani (Go = Black, Mangani = apes) may have been primitive savages but they were worthy of respect as men in every way.  The same attitude was true of Rider Haggard.  Neither he himself nor his heroes ever referred to Blacks as Niggers.

     Haggard’s hero, Henry Curtis, in King Soloman’s Mines even goes native in battle donning the Black’s headdress and gear to take his place in the Black army’s ranks where of course he proved that with or without the veneer of civilization the Englishman was best of all warriors.

     The Blacks may have been almost another species but they were always thought of and treated as men among men.  This was quite in contrast to Joseph Conrad’s Heart Of Darkness in which the Blacks were seen as sub-human.

     In Burroughs’ fantastic Africa the Black natives were only one of many species of hominids.  Burroughs himself was very widely read, educated on the up to the minute scientific theories.  He was well versed in evolution.  He seemed to intuit that there were many vanished varieties of hominids and he peopled his Africa with them back in those hidden valleys.

     In Tarzan The Terrible Burroughs has a cave man riding a Tricertops like Alley Oop of the Funnies plus two varieties of tailed monkey-like hominids that undoubtedly came before the cave man  but were more highly developed.  Of course there is the crown of creation Tarzan himself.  As is habitual with Burroughs he introduces the present into the prehistoric past bringing World War I into it  with a struggle between a German officer and Tarzan for Jane.  Son Jack and his rifle are also on the way.  All this going on in a land that time not only forgot but never imagined.

page 13.

     Prindle recalled none of these details but they prepared his mind to deal with scientific realities when it became necessary for him to resolve the issues in his own mind.

     The balance tipped in the watershed year of 1960.

     Whites and Blacks presented an insoluble problem to any thinking person coming of age in 1960.  That there was and had been racial inequality was an undeniable fact.  Prior to 1960 however the general consensus was and had been that racial equality was based on fact and not prejudice.  Tarzan had, of course, treated all people of good will well regardless of race as deserving of respect.  Underlying his feelings as well as those of American society was the notion that White people were the crown of creation while the yellow and Black peoples, poor fellows, were in fact evolutionarily inferior.  The Whites were Bwanas to the lower races and Tarzan in Burroughs’ words was the Big Bwana.

     Not their fault so no reason to condemn them but rather to pity them.  They were, in fact, ‘the White Man’s burden.’

     Prindle never took anyone’s word for anything so he neither sided with those who said all men were in fact created equal or those who said White men were created superior.  The question was one to be decided at some future time.  The two avenues open to him were personal observation and experience and study.

page 14.

     Of the Negroes with which he came into contact he saw that they were quick at learning manual skills like football and basketball but when it came to perceiving general principles and applying them there seemed to be something lacking in their minds that prevented them from making connections.  Not that Blacks couldn’t take an item and perceive different uses for it than that for which it was intended but they failed to understand the underlying principle.

     This was true in all fields of endeavor, they seemed unable to move from the specific to the general on their own initiative.

     When, looking at Blacks in their home environment of Africa it was obvious that from the moment Homo Sapiens evolved from the Last Hominid Predecessor to the beginning of the nineteenth century when Africa fell under the White Man’s dominion that Blacks had made no advances from the Stone Age.  They had merely matured as Stone Age peoples.

     They had never discovered the wheel, they had no writing, they had no metallurgy, no plow had broken the African plain, they had nothing but the most primitive social organization.  They were in fact untutored savages.

     This fact was somewhat puzzling to Prindle as everwhere else in the world with the exception of the aborigines of Australia and the various tribes in backward areas every people had advanced up the ladder of civilization.  In fact the most advanced was the White civilization of Euroamerica; regretable to many but undeniable to all.

     Whether White guilt prevented acknowledging the fact or not, it was so.  The Peace Corps of 1961 created by Kennedy tacitly observed that truth.  White superiority was so in every field of endeavor from art and literature to science and mathematics.  There was no other people that competed with the White race most especially they of Africa.

     Prindle could offer no explanation in 1960 at the age of twenty-two so we will have to use the year 1960 as a fulcrum balancing the past with the future.

     A Nigerian Ibo writer began his literary career in 1959 when he published a book entitled ‘Things Fall Apart.’  Chinua Achebe began to explain the Black point of view of what happened when Black and White culture collided in his part of Africa.  He directed his polemics at the West as he was from Southern Christian Nigeria and not the Moslem North.

     He is not very explicit as to time, dates and location but it gradually emerges from his corpus that his home was on the coast in Eastern Nigeria.  The times he describes seem to be between 1910 and 1930.  As was Prindle’s experiences with the American Blacks Achebe doesn’t seem to be able to relate the specific to the general; in other words, he has no science.  He has a wealth of carefully selected detail but no penetration.

     Insofar as the details he does use they appear to be the same as those noted by White observers but seen from the other side.  The photos of Africa taken in the 1920s and 1930s which portray a completely primitive people with bizarre body piercing, strange ornaments and squiggly designs on their bodies, strange scars and tattoos  are seen as beautiful and exquisite by Achebe.  Truly, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

page 16.

     While reading Achebe late in life Prindle’s ideas

formed in his early life were merely reinforced.  He could see no reason to change opinions of Africans so eloquently expressed in Mooerhead’s White Nile.  Those opinions were edited out in later editions to conform to subsequent notions.  Nevertheless subsequent events in Zimbabwe, South Africa and elsewhere merely reconfirmed Prindle’s earlier opinions.

     Nor were contacts with Europeans of the nineteenth century the first outside contacts Africans had made.  As Moorehead pointed out a map prepared by the Greek geographer Ptolemy in 150 AD clearly and with very reasonable accuracy depicted sub-Saharan Africa from West Africa to Central and East Africa.  The course of the Niger in West Africa was accurately shown minus the effluent which remained a mystery until the nineteenth century when the Niger was related to the Oil Rivers at the Bight of Benin.  The true course of the White Nile was also depicted although the strong arrogance of academic European scholars forbade their acknowledging the accuracy of any of the ancient writers.

     Ptolemy’s information came from  Greek traders who penetrated Central Africa from the area of future Zanzibar so we may assume that ancient intercourse with Central Africa had been going on for centuries. Yet African developed little or technology.

     The same is true with West Africa for Herodotus records a Libyan expedition which occurred well before his time of c. 450 BC.

     The Romans built roads across the Sahara that were well trafficked.

     After the ancients the Arab slave traders made descents on Africa continually for perhaps two thousand years or more.  Black slaves are common in the Arabian Nights depicting a time of 700-800 AD.  By the time Europeans came into conflict with the Arab slavers in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the slavers were all Moslems.

page 18.

     This fact gave Trueman matter to wrestle with as American Blacks decried the slave trade as something peculiarly American.  In fact slavery had been endemic to Africa from time immemorial.  In Chinua Achebe’s story ‘Things Fall Apart’ he makes no mention of Moslem slavers or indigenous slavery dealing only with European slavers.

     Yet from c1500 to 1830 African slave raiders abducted untold numbers of Europeans from Mediterranean shores who disappeared into the Dark Continent never to be seen again.

     The European slave trade was in existence only a couple hundred years after which shame made them abandon the trade.  By the time Europeans came into contact with Moslems in Africa they had abolished the slave trade amongst themselves now taking what must have appeared as a hypocritical stance to Moslems in attempting to force them to desist from slaving.

     As inhumane as the European slave trade may have been it was peanuts compared to the inhuman attitude of the Moslems.  Anyone who has read The Arabian Nights must be struck by the contemptuous attitude of the Moslems toward Blacks.  This was certainly reflected in their methods of capture and transportation.

     Moorehead quotes Stanley’s account of the great slave roundup he witnessed after he met Livingstone.  The Moslem slavers opened fire on the Blacks like Teddy Roosevelt opening fire on the fauna of Africa slaughtering many while dozens of others who took to the river to escape drowned.  Once captured the Blacks were marched yoked together hands tied behind their backs for a thousand miles to the coast.

page 18.

     Once there they were packed into decks only eighteen inches apart for the long torrid voyage to Arabia, Persia and India.  The torture of being unable to roll over or change your position must have been exquisite not to mention the stench and filth.  If it doesn’t kill you as they say it makes you stronger.

     There was nothing in the Koran to forbid such practices although there was in the Christian bible.  However the very humanity of the New Testament may have placed Christianity at a disadvantage compared to Moslemism.

     Moslemism did not call for any changes in social conduct or the organization of society.  The introduction of Moslemism left the African social structure intact calling only for a belief in Allah and his prophet Muhammed.  Slavery was already endemic to African society so that, strangely, while the Arab slavers annually corralled tens of thousands of Black Africans into slavery or death there was an acceptance rather than a rejection of Arab religion.

     Christianity clashed with nearly every tenet of African religion including slavery, polygamy, native medicine men and nearly the whole fabric of African society.  Therefore while Moslemism shared most native beliefs the issue of slavery was a man to man thing and not a moral problem.

     The European invaders placed themselves in opposition to both.  The enslaved Blacks and the enslaving Moslems.  While Europeans were successful in eliminating the Moslem slave trade centered from Zanzibar  they were never successful in eliminating the slave trade above Victoria Falls.  Even today the slavers are active in the Sudan and the Horn of Africa.

page 19.

     At the present time several thousand Somalian female slaves and their masters are transported to Portland, Oregon every year as immigrants to the United States.  It is indeed a strange world.

     Christianity also tended to destroy the social order of African tribes.  The tribes were all small organizations  located in specific geographical locales.  There was no such thing as nations or countries such as Kenya or what was then Tanganyika now Tanzania.  These agglomerations were artificial administrative units set up for the convenience of Europeans.

     Thus the natives no longer were able to look to their old center for the resolution of their problems but to White men located in an administrative center far from their own tribal boundaries.

     As Christianity made no allowance for native customs the established order had no incentive to adopt the religion unlike Moslemism which required no change of conduct.  The appeal of Christianity and the White Man’s Power then was to the disenfranchised and outcast classes.  As Achebe’s Thing Fall Apart clearly shows the ‘untouchables’ were the first to respond.  Christianity in which all men are equal then made the ‘untouchables’ discard the trapping of their class making them visual equals of the ‘big men’ of their tribes.

     As the representatives of the White Christians these native outcasts became the political superiors of the former upper classes.  That was the meaning of Achebe’s title:  Things Fall Apart.

page 20.

     While the Moslem areas of Black Africa were relatively complacent a huge antagonistic split existed in the Christian areas.  The antagonism did not take long to surface.  Within less than sixty years from their actual annexation the Central and West Africans had thrown off their White colonial rulers.

     The French and English had no real liking for West Africa with its oppressive heat and humidity but the English were more desirous of holding on to the more equable Central and Southern Africa.  While it can’t be said that civilian English settlers moved into West Africa they did in Central and Southern Africa.  In these areas the Whites resisted Black independence movements more staunchly.

     The Europeans bequeathed a national state to men like Kenya’s Jomo Kenyatta who was himself merely a member of a small tribe.  He now posed as a national ruler over both diverse Black tribesmen and a unified civilized English population.

     The fearsome Mau Mau, a group of natives straight out of Tarzan erupted on the world consciousness in the early fifties as they terrorized and murdered the English settlers in the most primitive manner.

     Alan Moorehead didn’t concentrate on the Mau Mau which he obviously found distasteful but the Mau Mau showed the obvious difference between Europeans and Black Africans.

     Fifty or sixty years is a very short time to convert stone age peoples to a level of civilization that took many thousands of years to achieve even if the two peoples had been of equal mental abilities.

page 21.

     Edgar Rice Burroughs who was a fairly astute student of evolution seems to have captured the general feel of the evolutionary process.  He has his hero Tarzan experience each level of development from animal to Homo Sapiens.  Thus Tarzan on one level is a pure beast raised among the great apes of Africa in the tribe of Kerchak by Kala his ape mother.  Following Freudian theory Tarzan kills his father Kerchak although he mourns his mother’s death rather than following in his father’s wake.

     At the age of twenty he leaves Africa for Europe and America where within the short space of two years he takes on the ‘thin veneer of civilization.’  Well, it was thin, you know.

     Returning to the jungle he becomes the chief of a Black African tribe named the Waziri.  While for Burroughs the Black Africans are by no means despicable they nevertheless appear to be an evolutionary way station between the pure beasts and the civilized Whites.

     Tarzan, of course, inherits the English title Viscount Lord Greystoke so as John Clayton he stands at the apex of civilization as well as evolution as an English gentleman entitled to sit in the House of Lords.

     Although the current genetic information wasn’t available to him Burroughs intuited, or accepted, the obvious evolution of the hominid from beast to Homo Sapiens.

     While it may be controversial to place the White species at the top of the evolutionary scale there is evidence that such may be actually so.  All men may not, in fact, be created equal.  Perhaps an unpleasant fact but then nature is not concerned with pleasantness.

page 22.

     It is generally assumed by scientists that because 97% of Homo Sapiens genes are shared by the Great Mountain Ape while the Chimpanzee shares 98% that those two species of anthropoids are evolutionary predecessors of Homo Sapiens.  In other words that the earliest hominid predecessor of Homo Sapiens mutated from the Chimpanzee.   I don’t know what the actual percentage is but I am sure that fifty percent or more of the genes of the fruit fly are shared by Homo Sapiens.  All species most likely utilize fifty percent or more of the same genes as why not if evolution is indeed a fact.Are all the product of evolution?  You bet.  So what are you going to make of that?

     One may assume that if evolution is progressing from the less intelligent to the more intelligent that the process need not necessarily stop at the apex of Homo Sapiens.  In fact, there are three obvious main species of Homo Sapiens as well as two or more at the upper end of the scale not so obvious and a couple at the lower end of the scale also going unnoticed.

     In coventional parlance if race is admitted as a fact those three divisions are known as races although they may be differentiating species.  Scientists tell us that there is only four tenths of one percent genetic difference between the races as though a mere four tenths disproves something.  Recent genetic discoveries indicate that genetic mutation is still occurring so that differences are accruing rather than remaining static or decreasing.

     If we are going to accept and apply scientific evidence this then raises the issue of which race or sub-species in actuality is the most evolved and bears the evolutionarily active gene line.

     It is assumed that the first hominid came into existence in Africa somewhere about two million years ago because the earliest traces of hominids yet found have been found there.  Many unwarranted assumptions based on this notion have been made for racist reasons.  For instance, because only Blacks were found in modern sub-Saharan Africa it is assumed that this early hominid was also Black or Negro as though there were some distinction in being  possibly the same color as the Last Hominid predecessor.  In fact no one knows what color the Last Hominid Predecessor was nor is there any way of ascertaining the fact.

page 23.

     The distance between this early hominid who must have been much more closely related to the Chimpanzee following the logic is unknown.  Perhaps it was merely half of one percent genetic difference.  Perhaps the visual relationship between this hominid and the Chimp and Ape was approximately that as now exists between the Homo-Sapiens sub-species.  No one knows.

     Homo Sapiens is said to have appeared in sub-Saharan Africa only one hundred fifty thousand years ago.

     So far as I know there are no remains existing of the hominid from which Homo Sapiens evolved.  Nor is there much of a record for extinct hominids between the remains found in Olduvai Gorge and the evolution of Homo Sapiens.  All earlier forms have disappeared.  The various forms of another anthropoid, Homo Erectus, all existed alongside Homo Sapiens.  Whether they preceded him is not clear but that they became extinct possibly with the passing of the last ice age.

     Everyone agrees that the sub-Saharan Homo Sapiens was in fact Black and that the Whites and Mongolids evolved from this Black predecessor.  This may be proven true if it is allowed to examine genetics objectively rather than impose subjective hopes on the facts.

     However objectivity may be denied because reason suggests that the first species evolved from the Last Hominid Predecessor is probably the least evolved Homo Sapiens intellectually.  It is possible that the first evolved Homo Sapiens is physically superior in the animal sense to subsequent mutations.

page 24.

     There may be some physical law that a sub-species once manifested is no longer capable of further evololution.  Thus the Great Mountain Ape probably is little different than its two million year old predecessor.  The same would apply to the Chimp.  Once having attained perfection for its specific limitations a species is as it were fossilized in form.  Thus the Black as the earliest Homo Sapiens sub-species is probably as developed intellectually as it was, is and ever will be.  Further Homo Sapiens evolution will be carried to conclusion by the Whites.  Each step in the evolutionary scale however leaves the others behind as the Chimp left the ape behind and Homo Sapiens left the Chimp behind. Whatever color predecessors may be they must become predecessors and hence less evolved.  This is a fact that if you can’t accept then you merely refuse to accept it for ideological reasons and your reasoning is invalid.

     One must assume that at some point another evolutionary step will occur creating an entire new species leaving Homo Sapiens behind in the same relation to it as the Chimp is to Homo Sapiens.  You must be able to grasp this point.

     Politically and socially this conclusion must be unpopular but one either adheres to scientific truth no matter how unpopular or falsehood is allowed to reign.

     If one goes from mere appearances it would seem that a hierarchy of intellectual ability leads upwards from the Blacks to the Mongolids to the Whites.

     While all scientific achievement may not be attributable to Whites yet all scientific achievment is based on methods introduced by Whites.  In an age where all scientific information is shared almost instantaneously  Black and Mongolid contributions are miniscule compare to that of Whites.  Further no people in the world have made scientific contributions which were not based on White science.  Nothing has come from the Orient, nothing has come from the Semitic lands and nothing has come from Africa.

page 25.

     While today Joseph Conrad’s Heart Of Darkness is dismissed for racial and political reasons yet the novel has its basis in fact.  The contrast between the European invaders and native Blacks throughout Africa was too pronounced to dismiss.  Nor was the difference merely quantative but qualitative too. 

     There is an ancientness to the Africans.  There is the sense that they were and are incapable of rising above the stone age mental processes that characterize them.  The Africans seem to have developed stone age thinking to a logical and stultifying conclusion by the time the Whites arrived.

     The Uganda described by the earliest explorers was organized in such a sophisticated stone age way that terrifying customs abandoned by Europeans over two thousand years before had fossilized into a permanent and unchangeable way of looking at things.

     When Moorehead describes the king of Uganda killing thirty people for the entertainment of a visiting dignitary one has to recoil in horror.  Yet in one form or another such was the case throughout Africa.

     The delicacy of Europeans prevents their acknowledging certain facts primarily because if they did they would have to accept the truth.  Cannibalism was a norm nor did the Africans give up such customs.  In addition to the Mau Mau Leopard Men in Kenya in the fifties Moorehead reluctantly concedes that medicine men still donned the skins of the great cats to ritually murder infants at the time of his writing in 1960.  Chinua Achebe admits that humans were still sacrificed in times of great need in Nigeria in his time.

page 26.

     Sekou Toure who was the Prime Minister of Guinea after 1960 famed as a poet in France still kept human flesh in his refrigerator like the American madman Jeffrey Dahmer.  He explained that there were certain things White Men couldn’t understand.  Well, apparently Dahmer could.  With that explanation the ‘poet’ was excused while Jeffrey Dahmer who wrote no poetry was sentenced to life imprisonment.

     In general the Black nations of Africa have rejected an uplifting Christianity which would force them to change their ways for a more tolerant Moslemism which makes no such demands on them.

     Thus the Africa of Tarzan, the National Geographic and the Explorers Clubs passed away by 1960.  Moorehead’s interesting book was the epitaph of the period.

     Not all Blacks remained in Africa.  The forced diaspora of the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries had spread the species throughout the New World from Brazil through the Caribbean to the United States.

     The predominant slave populations of the Caribbean quickly politically dominated their areas reducing the White population to an ancillary status without any real rights.  Whites lived apologetically on the islands barely tolerated by the Blacks.

page 27.

     There even after extended contact with Whites and White science the Blacks made no advances over their Black brethren in Africa.  They remained on the same intellectual level.  Anyone who would deny that would deny the Holocaust.

     In the United States the story was no different.  It is true that from the seventeenth century to emanicipation in 1863 the Blacks were slaves.  Still, there were ‘house niggers’ and ‘field niggers’.  If the field Black was given no opportunities for education this could not have been true of the household help.  Yet by 1960 as Prindle was entering young manhood there was no indication to him that Blacks had made any intellectual advance.

     The Black situation was not a small problem to him while as the Black rebellion then in progress developed the problem became of the first magnitude.

     The practical effect was a barbarian assault on the institutions of the United States hitorically unparalleled since the incursion of the Roman Empire by the German barbarians which culminated in the fifth century AD.

     The result of the invasions in both cases will be the same although the Germans bearing the higher genetic development were able to develop civilization over time.  The same will not be true of the Blacks who can only bring civilization down to their stone age level.  Sad but true.

     Were the Germans capable of intellectual development while Blacks are not?  This was a burning question of Prindle’s youth.  Were Blacks genetically inferior to Whites or was it merely a question of educational opportunities?

page 28.

     At the time the only means of determining racial intellectual abilities was testing.  This was in the form of the IQ test.  Whites invariably scored higher on the average than Blacks and not just by a point or two either but the gap ws significant enough to raise wonder.

     The Blacks countered that the tests were racially weighted in favor of the Whites.  It was suggested that if tests were written in Black patois Whites wouldn’t do quite so well.


      But classes were not taught in either Black or White patois but in a good clean English which was the language of the people, land and literature.  People from educated families probably had a few points advantage over those from families where intellectual prowess was not quite so demanded but such a fact could not be avoided.

     Barring these natural variations in opportunity the playing field was level for all.  The Blacks also advanced the notion that more money was spent per White student than for a Black student.  While well received and even believed against clearly visible evidence to the contrary by Whites this argument too proved fallacious.

     By 1970 every school district in America was fully integrated.  Those in the North and West had been for decades.  In fact the same amount of money was spent on every student White or Black.  While this fact should have been clear yet Whites and Blacks advanced the opposite notion as fact.

page 29.

     It was also true that all White schools had a better record than integrated schools where the levels were brought down by the Blacks.

     Prindle was an independent thinker.  He looked beyond the rhetoric at the true facts of education.  Beyond education he drew from his personal experience.  He noted that no matter how clever or how adaptive a Black might be his intelligence seemed to stop at the training level.  They seemed to lack the ability to associate ideas and take the next step forward.  This fact was noted by even such a sympathetic observor as Rider Haggard.

     There were many, although out of favor and ostracized, who believed that Blacks inherently lacked intellectual ability.  Prindle silently concurred with them yet he thought there was insufficient proof to commit himself one way or the other.

     Edgar Rice Burroughs had come to definite conclusions as early as 1919.  Burroughs was very well read while being absolutely up to date.  Most of what he believed was still being put forth by Time/Life books in their series on prehistory although recent advances have invalidated some of Burroughs’ thought while  he would have been eager in updating himself.

     As Burroughs named it in 1919 the quality to be sought was ‘imagination.’  As he noted the beasts had none at all.  He attributed to Blacks a modicum.  He thought that only Whites were capable of imaginative flights and this as he judged it was only one in a hundred thousand.  That would have been more or less evolutionarily correct.

     Since Burroughs time and especially since 1950 the bounds of human knowledge have been moved forward incredibly in all areas.  Most importantly for my argument in the field of genetics.  With the discovery of DNA in the forties science has progressed to the point where the ‘human’ genome can be read entirely.  All twenty-three chromosomes have been completely mapped or soon will be.

     The mechanism of mutation or evolution can be understood.  And evolution is going on constantly; a mutation that seems to leading to a species of astounding ‘imagination’ or intelligence.

     Genetic findings allowed Prindle to put his mind at rest concerning the relative abilities of the three sub-species.  It was clear to him that as the first species of Homo Sapiens to evolve from the Last Hominid Predecessor, the Black species stagnated while the Mongolids and Whites contintued to mutate adding intellectual capabilities to their Homo Sapiens shells.

     Whatever the genetic difference between Whites and Blacks that difference was expressed in scientific intelligence in Whites while Blacks remained metally lethargic.

      It does no good to say that many Whites are mentally lethargic while some Blacks seem to express scientific aptitude.  Even if true on an individual basis that has no effect on the general proposition.  As of this writing nearly all scientific advancement is coming from Whites.  Contributions by Chinese and Japanese are slight involving mainly improvements to existing models and not leaps forward.

     The Black species is notably absent in the ranks of scientists.

End of Essay








Springtime For Edgar Rice Burroughs

Part II


R.E. Prindle

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Civilization And Its Discontents.

     The period of Burroughs’ life was one of those great pivotal times of civilization.  Civilization was in the midst of one of its great metamorphoses, scientific, political and intellectual.  Changes which had been building up the last few centuries could no longer be absorbed by the existing religious structure.  That structure was no longer viable.  Its bursting mode was not only for the new Scientific Consciousness  but the increasing scientific examination of the past opened the way for the revival of forgotten forms such as the Matriarchy.  Thus along with the inevitable Patriarchal religious  reaction the Matriarchy  as well as suppressed occult religions forced their way through.

The reaction from contacts between civilizations sent various alien religions and ideologies into the Western leaven.

Confused with these intellectual challenges the agricultural basis of civilization evolved into a technological one.  In the mid-teens for the first time in the United States there were more urban residents than there were rural residents.

New demands were placed on consciousness as more precision was required of the human mind.  Man had had little difficulty adapting his methods to cycles of the seasons but the adaptation tothe rigors of the assembly line caused him problems.

That there was a backlash from this tremendous succession of changes should take no one by surprise.  Adjustments were difficult and critical.  In 1930 the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, published what may be his most famous title:  Civilization And Its Discontents in response to this challenge.  His notion of who the discontents were and of what they were discontented about is vague, indeed undecipherable.

In my estimation he doesn’t deal with the malaise at all.

On the other hand Edgar Rice Burroughs not only dealt with the malaise but offered a reasonable, if difficult to apply, solution to the problem.

page 1.

The malaise found many expressions.  On the political front the socialists, Communists and anarchists were the most prominent reactionaries.  Their activities reached a fever pitch in the first two decades of the Twentieth Century resulting in the two phases of the Russian Revolution of 1905 and ’17.  The institutionalized discontents had their homeland after the latter date.

While Freud’s discussion of Discontents sounds generalized by the way he writes he is actually talkiking about himself and the members of his own Jewish culture and their problems with Western Civilization.

Thus Freud’s notion of Discontents falls somewhere between a general malaise and the discontent of the Communists.

The Religious Conciousness of course faced a problem that could only be resolved by surrender or reaction.  There was no middle way.  The evolution into Scientific Consciousness completely invalidated the religious approach.  All religions are based on a false premise and Science exposed that falsity.

The transition to the Scientific Consciousness must be difficult and demanding as so few attain it.  In my opinion this is because of the ongoing evolution of the brain.  The Scientific Consciousness can apparently only be grasped by the further evolved.  This doesn’t mean that those of a Religious Consciousness can’t work with scientific knowledge which requires only basic intelligence and a scientific environment provided by others but they are unable to envision advances.

Thus they find themselves left behind intellectually.  It is the same as the difference between high and low IQ.  Nothing can be done about that.  However the Religious reaction is to attack those of the Scientific Consciousness to lower them to their own level.

page 2.

The problem was especially acute with Freud and his culture as Science per se invalidated all Semitic religious pretensions.  This means all Semites and not just Jews.  Neverthless as Jews were embedded in Western Civilization at that time and other Semites weren’t the Jewish culture was ‘discontented’ and was forced to negate science and the Scientific Consciousness.

Led by the Semitic surge of both Judiaism and Moslemism the very serious attempt to bury the Scientific Consciousness through genocide might just succeed.

As I point out in Part VII of The Deconstruction Of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ America the Jewish campaign to ‘abolish the White ‘race’ should be taken very seriously.  Just because it sounds preposterous doesn’t mean it’s a joke.  A segment of Whites is the bearer of the evolved gene or genes or combination of genes so that if this advance species were destroyed the wild religious reaction would succeed.  Sounds just like some science fiction movie doesn’t it?  Well, it isn’t.

The Scientific Consciousness created its own malaise in the newly evolving species.  As literary and artistic types are always the monitors who pick up these trends first, if they don’t necessarily understand them, we shouldn’t be surprised to find a number of literateurs immersing themselves in the problem.  One of the big texts is H.G. Wells important but neglected novel:  The Food Of The Gods.  In this novel Wells postulates that the emerging scientific Consciousness is a new species of human being.  As with the real religious reaction Wells’ predecessor people wish to kill the new species.  In earlier times when the world was less populated new or different species of human beings could move away from the old species.  Now, the question is what makes Homo Sapiens Homo Sapiens and makes it different from the Last Hominid Predecessor?  It is assumed by our scientific community that the Negro is the first Homo Sapiens species having evolved in Africa.  This means that the Negro evolved from some sub-human Homo Sapiens predecessor.  It’s easy, it has to be.  So far no one has been able to produce an example of the Last Hominid Predecessor.

Now, the Negro was not the only, how shall we say, hominid species in Africa.  The Negro apparently orginated in West Africa.  The rest of Africa was inhabited by other species such as the Bushmen and Hottentots.  These peoples are not Negroes and originated in Africa so the question is are they predecessors of the Negroes who we are told are the first Homo Sapiens or are they Homo Sapiens who precede or follow the Negro in evolution.  Or, are they a separate non-Homo Sapiens species or are they  perhaps the Last Hominid Predecessor.  They are not Negroes so a place has to be found for them.

In any event the Negro and Arab combined to produce a new race or sub-species known as the Bantu peoples.  The Bantus then invaded the territories of the Bushmen and Hottentots who ranged all of Africa South of the bulge, so we are told, driving the Bushmen before them.  As I understand it the Hottentots are now extinct while Bantu pressure on the Bushmen is driving them toward extinction.

At the same time a newer hybrid of Black and Semite is driving the Bantu before it from its base in the Northeast corner of Africa known as the Horn.

So, Wells novelistic problem was that there was no longer a place on Earth for his new species to isolate itself.  He was presented with the choice of his new species either displacing or killing off the anterior species or being eliminated itself much as the Hottentots and Bushman have been eliminated by the Bantu and as the Bantu and Negroes are being displaced and elminated by the new Black and Semitic Hybrid.

page 4.

So this was the problem c. 1900.  This solution was repulsive to the existing Religious Consciousness that was psychologically unequipped to deal with this impasse.

As can be seen the Semitic special consciousness does not fear the problem  In Africa in Darfur and the South of the Sudan they are actively pursuing genocide.  In Euroamerica the Jewish Semitic culture is pursuing or advocating the same resolution of their problem with the White Euroamerican population.  Following Semitic actions in Africa it should be clear to American Blacks what is in store for them.

So, Wells dealt with the problem in its political aspect.  The internal aspect, the split in consciousness between the old and new was ably handled by a number of writers.

For a good introduction to the contrast between the Scientific Consciousness compare Holmes and Watson in Conan Doyle’s stories.  In this essay I will concentrate on three others as well as Freud- H. Rider Haggard, Joseph Conrad and Edgar Rice Burroughs.  Not coincidentally, I think, all three writers place their most important work in Africa.  Haggard as the earlier writer rising to fame in Burroughs’ youth  quite naturally had a great influence on the younger man, although I think Burroughs would have written of Tarzan and Africa with or without Haggard’s influence.  The appeal of Africa is the contrast between the civilized White and the primitive Black.  The two aspects of White consciousness.  I hope to tackle this problem in more detail in my next essay, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Sigmund Freud And The Holy Grail.

There was nothing clearer to the English explorers, as well one might note as to the Southern planters of the US, than that there was a gulf between the intellect of the African and that of the White man.

Haggard expressed this difference in his novel Allan Quatermain. I’ve used the quote before but I will include it again here to keep the problem clear before us:


All this civilization what does it come to?  Full forty years and more I spent among the savages, and studied them and their ways, and now for several years I have lived here in England, and in my own stupid manner have done my best to learn the ways of the children of light, and what do I find?  A great gulf fixed?  No, only a very little one, that a plain man’s thought may spring across.  I say that as the savage is, so is the white man, only the latter is more inventive and possesses a faculty of combination; save and except also the savage as I have known him, is to a large extent free from the greed of moey, which eats like a cancer in the heart of the white man.  It is a depressing conclusion, but in all essentials the savage and the child of civilization are identical.

          The great Liberal H.G. Wells was also clear on this difference.  The nature of the gulf was the Scientific intellect of the White and the non-Scientific intellect of the Black.  The question is how large did these nineteenth century men perceived the gap to be.  Haggard in his Allan Quaterman, quoted above perceived the gap to be small while if one is to judge by the distance between Tarzan and the Africans Burroughs perceived it be not only large but insurmountable.  Haggard thought the gap easily bridged while judging from Tarzan Burroughs thought it unbridgeable.

page 5.

It should be noted that Haggard was of the Old Religious Consciousness while Burroughs was of the advanced Scientific Consciousness.  Of the two men Haggard writes from the experience of having viewed Africa or at least South Africa first hand.  Everyone talks of Africa as though it were a county in Kansas whereas it is a huge continent of many diverse cultures.  But, perhaps as the cultures seem to share the same level of consciousness perhaps that is the justification for speaking of Africa and Africans as a single unit.

Haggard lived in South Africa for several years as a young man while he was an astute historian and anthropologist.  As a mythologist he was of the most gifted.  His understanding is astonishing.  He was quite familiar with all the Black peoples from the Zulus, Swazis and Basutos tothe Hottentots, Bushemen and Griquas.  His judgements of the various intellects seems quite reliable.  His writing is of most interest for the current rage of Zulu interest.  His actual story telling ability is beyond compare.

Now, this is difficult to speak of because of the ideological stance of the Liberals and their Religious Consciousness that take the procrustean stance of trying to fit facts and reality into ideology whether they can be conveniently forced or not.  They are currently anti-White and pro-African even going so far as to call for the genocide of the White species as I pointed out in the Deconstruction Of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ America.  This is more than evidenced in their support of the genocide being executed in South Africa by the Shona chief robert Mugabe and the Bantu peoples of the Union of South Africa.

page 6.

There’s not much evidence that Haggard was interested or even aware of the theories of evolution which, if I may be so daring, it seems clear that Burroughs either was at the beginning of his career or became so as he aged aware of all the various strands of evolutionary theory.  Thus Haggard comes across as more humane while Burroughs is more accurate.

A third opinion on the nature of the situation was provided by Joseph Conrad in his novelette: The Heart Of Darkness.  One can’t be sure how much contact Conrad had with the situation he describes, but the influence of the primitive African mentality had the effect of dragging down the White intellect.  As the advance in intellect was not so pronounced as Haggard noted the attraction of the primitive was so strong that many Whites retrogressed.  Conrad’s hero Kurtz was an ivory buyer in the heart of the Congo.  Through fraternization with the African he indeed loses his ‘thin veneer of civilization’ going native.  On his death bed in viewing his period in the interior he exclaims ‘The horror, the horror’ and then ‘Exterminate the brutes.’

In point of fact if, as we are told, Homo Sapiens originated in Africa and the Negro is the departure point from the Last Hominid Predecessor which may be the Bushman or Hottentot then if this departure occurred  c. 150,000 years ago, at the time the African came into contact with Whites he had made no move toward becoming civilized.  Nor was he inclined to when given the example.

When H.M. Stanley interviewed the Uganda chief Mtese, that chief was incapable of visualizing anything other than trading.  As he said he noticed that goods traded by the Arabs, who were first in the area, all came from Europe so he assumed that Europeans were more clever than the Arabs however he had no inclination to acquire the knowledge or skills.  Nor have Africans attempted it to this day.

page 7.

As unpleasant as it may be to deal with facts or accept the science of the matter it is nevertheless necessary to consider that in the course of evolution the African brain has evolved to a certain level and stopped much as all the Hominid Predecessors did.  Although Bruce Lahn of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute has been silenced his researches made it clear that the human brain was still evolving but not in all human species, only one.

It should be clear to even the most prejudiced observor that Robert Mugabe the Shona leader of Zimbabwe is in way over his head while as savage in his methods as any character Joseph Conrad could create.  Nor is the reason  unclear to certain Africans.

Writing in the Kampala Monitor of February 7, 2007 in an article entitled  Uganda:  Why Black People Have Remained Backward by Elias Biryabarema the author examines the problem:

     Uganda has been fairly stable long enough.  The conditions for an economic takeoff have been there for 20 years.  Mr. Musevini has enjoyed generous goodwill from nearly all the world’s rich governments.  Their largesse has poured in ceaselessly and in hefty amounts.

Uganda should have taken off.  We haven’t.  We’re stuck.  And so is Tanzania, Sudan, Ethiopia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Eretria, Malawi, Congo Republic and pretty much all of Black Africa, excluding the regions sole economic power, South Africa.  This led me to pose a question to myself:  Can Black people build prosperous societies?

Just about every reason- from slavery, colonialism, neo-colonialism to inequitable world trade rules- cited for the backwardness of Black African nations has been so debunked that it has now become necessary to look beyond the realm of such contemporary explanations.’


Mr. Biryabarema concludes that Africans ‘only rise and touch a low ceiling.’  A disheartening realization but a cruel fact of nature because of the progression of evolution.

page 8.

So Africa came to represent an attractive past to Whites while the psychical split caused by the evolving brain caused them discomfort too.  The brain had not evolved far enough to make a clean break with the animal past.  What was Man, all species to do?  Haggard relapsed into nostalgia.  A longing to go back while nevertheless retaining his cranial development.  His hero, Allan Quatermain while retaining his intellectual superiority to the Africans attempts to establish his kinship with his ‘Black brothers.’  Thus he takes a ‘Liberal’ attitude toward African/White relations that while seemingly humane has resulted in the atrocities against Whites being perpetrated by the likes of Mugabe and the South African leaders.

One shudders at Conrad’s Kurtz’s exclamation to ‘exterminate the brutes’ and yet the choice has turned out to be exterminate or be exterminated,  while Africans have inexplicably opted for the latter.  What can one say?

Burroughs on the other hand working from a philosophical point of view came up with a different solution.  Nor is it entirely impracticable on the intellectual level.  Both he and Freud begin from the same base.  Both are reacting to the inhibitions and repressions placed on Man by civilization.

Burroughs seems willing to accept the ‘thin veneer of civilization’ in certain places and under certain conditions but he demands the right to be able to move freely from the primitive to the civilized state.  Thus when Tarzan takes off his clothes he also removes the ‘thin veneer of civilization.’

page 9.

The basic problem for Haggard, Conrad, Freud and Burroughs is that they wish to retain the advantages of the intellectual aspects of civilization; none of them wish to opt for the ‘low ceiling’ of the primitive.   They all wish to retain their advantages while indulging their primitive ‘natures.’  In some way each has to remain superior to the primitive state.

One can contrast this attitude with Mugabe of Zimbabwe and the ANC of South Africa who seem to be edging in the direction of removing all vestiges of the civilized state.  They seem to be opting for a nostalgic return to the their savage past.  They must have some understanding of the results of their destructive acts against civilization but choose to ignor them.

Conrad says simply- exterminate the brutes.  Haggard adopts an avuncular attitude toward perpetual children.  Burroughs assumes the role of…well…a god.  Freud wishes to assume the role of plantation owner.  The problem is insoluble except by the Shona method of  ‘exterminating the arrogant bastards.’

For Burroughs as well as for Freud sex seems to be the key.  Burroughs position is difficult to fathom.  In all his cultures, societies and civilizations, and he creates a great many, nudity or near nudity is the ideal although as he is writing for popular consumption his characters  remain sexually unexited and incredibly chaste under the most provocative conditions.  Freud of course had everybody going at it like bunnies.

In Cave Girl Burroughs’ hero, Waldo Emerson Smith-Jones is the example of the over intellectualized man of extreme and enervating culture.  Quite the opposite of Burrughs who obviously feels he has reached an ideal balance between the intellectual and the physical.

Waldo is meager then and consumptive when he lands on the island.  He is obligatorily cowardly.  He will find his Anima ideal in Nadara who is the antithesis of the civilized Jane being both nude and perhaps the most obviously sexually unihibited of any of ERB’s female characters.  Burroughs contrasts her natural uninhibited sexuality with the inhibited sexuality of Waldo.  There is a nice comparison with Freud possible here.  Also with the Burroughs corpus there is room for an analysis of Nadara, La, and Balza.

During the course of his stay on the island , the natural primitive life will flesh Waldo out, build him up, give him conficence and make him courageous as well as curing his TB.  Of course he never loses his intellectual attainments while using them to better his opponents and improve his situation.  Thus neither Haggard, Conrad, Freud or Burroughs  is able to resolve the conflicts of the discontents caused by civilization.  As attractive as the primitive is it must remain an intellectual ideal.

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