Century Society Minutes 3/15/2023

March 16, 2023

From the minutes of the Century Society:

With a tip of the hat to the late great historian, Arnold Toynbee

The current problem in world affairs stems from the political and religious conditions of the conquest by the Roman Empire of the myriad populations surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. By consolidating the littoral and surrounding people the Romans unintentionally created a universal State.  Roman mores extended over this ancient world.

Each of these various nations  had their own chief god and other gods.  Thus, as examples,  Zeus and Yahwey; the former Greek and the latter Judaic.  The two gods were equal along with the Phoenician Baal, and the Egyptian Isis and Osiris among others. 

The political unification of the Mediterranean thus demanded an accompanying universal religion.  The people having the most qualified god to offer as this universal god were the Judaics.  They leaped to fill the void.  While other gods represented only their respective people, the Jews had fashioned their god as a universal god above all other gods.

The Jews themselves, seeking to impose their god on humanity, made the attempt by reproducing themselves at a fantastic rate.  ‘Go ye forth and multiply.’ their god told them.  Asymmetric warfare. With the admonition to bring all the other peoples to him alone.  Having followed their god’s desire the Jews had multiplied sending colonies out to all the cities of Rome including Rome itself.

Therefore by the year 0, Julian calendar, and at the cusp of the Age of Pisces according to the Zodiacal calendar the Jews having thoroughly infiltrated the Empire declared war on Rome much as they would do in Germany in the twentieth century.  It was their intent that the colonies in Roman cities would rise with them thus keeping Roman troops so dispersed that an easy conquest would ensue.  The colonies did not rise and the Roman legion smashed Jerusalem and Israel in 70 AD.  Jewish military hopes were shown to be impracticable. 

Realizing the futility of military means the Jews adopt a bore from within strategy by religious means.  Thus Paul began the process of converting the Jewish followers of Jesus of Nazareth to a universal god while admitting the goyim.  The goyim were unimpressed with circumcision and the peculiar dietary laws so that these were dropped as a condition of admittance.  At the same time the Greek avatar of the emerging Piscean Age, Dionysus was joined to Jesus under the title Jesus the Christ, or the anointed one.  Hence Christianity.  Then Christianity escaped them after the religion had been organized by them in Rome.  By another change of name Christianity became the Catholic or Universal Church.

From that point on the history of Europe evolved into the situation of today in which the Jews are claiming spiritual and temporal domination.

Dated this day: 3/15/2023.  Sec’y of the Century Society, R.E. Prindle

17 Responses to “Century Society Minutes 3/15/2023”

  1. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Good analysis. I have always deemed Christianity as nothing more than an offshoot cult of Judaism.
    Definition of a Christian? He’s a Jew for Jesus.

    • reprindle Says:

      The Jews were fortunate in being able to fasten their stupid bible on us. One is disgusted in reading Gregory of Tours in his silly clinging to the Jewish notion of the creation. Anyone should have been able to perceive that the planet was more than five thousand years old. More than half our current population has been so thoroughly indoctrinated that pounding sense into their heads is impossible. But, the war goes on. How are you doing?

  2. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    “More than half our current population has been so thoroughly indoctrinated that pounding sense into their heads is impossible.”


    I’d put the number at around 99% – and even that might be lowballing it.
    I read the comments section on many of the news networks; there is almost no one left who can recall a normal world where freedom and ordered liberty held sway.
    Their only frame of reference is their slavery; like all slaves; the main characteristic they manifest is a total lack of self-respect; so when their slavemaster; the government; inflicts some hideous abomination upon them; they do not react as if they have been genuinely wronged or ill-used; they fully accept their punishment and would never even consider holding their tormentor / slavemaster accountable.
    This is the same dynamic between the human “worshipper” and his or her “god”. When the god inflicts some punishment on them; they are not offended; like all slaves; they have been taught to believe that they “deserve” it.
    Human gullibility is trans-temporal; so it is little wonder that the same methodology found in 2023 was used by the ancients.
    I was deathly sick for about 9 months; from May 2021 – February 2022. By March 2022 I was 25% recovered; by April 2022; 50%; by May 2022; 75%; and by June 2022; 100%.
    My health has been excellent ever since.
    I still live in poverty in the little hotel room; but at least I have My health.
    I am trying to organize at present so My Queendom may come.
    I may have found somebody to work with; we will see.
    I am One Woman; I cannot take on the enemy alone; though I would be willing to walk through the Flames of Hell on thy behalf; to liberate the people from the chains that have bound them for so long.
    I hope all is well with you.


    • reprindle Says:

      I had to pick a figure. What you say is true. I’m alright. As you can see I’m trying a different slant. The futility depresses me somewhat, Good to hear your health is good. Did you ever try temporary work?

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        My job is to conquer; not to be a wage slave.
        For the wage slave finances his or her own slavery through the vehicle of taxation.
        When Schicklgruber was a vagrant in Vienna; he never lowered himself to do common labor; even then he knew he was a king.
        Then; in 1919; he walked into a back room debating society with 5 members in a tavern in Herrenstrasse and the rest is history.
        What Queen supplicates before a “boss”?

        • Daughter of Babylon Says:

          I always wanted you to be and saw you as My Dietrich Eckart; teaching Me; and refining me; and in some ways you have been; in all the things that you have written over the last 4 years since I have been here.

          Thank you.

          • reprindle Says:

            Four years? Why, it seems like yesterday. So hard to believe. I’ll have to check images and see whether you’ve aged. Well, you know, a real live goddess. Been enlightening. You’ve sharpened my tools somewhat. So, mutually beneficial.

            • Daughter of Babylon Says:

              I think my first post was 27 August 2019.


              So just short of 4 years.

              Well; you know how it is – to the Holy Daughter of Babylon; a day is as a thousand years; and a thousand years is as a single day.

              Empires rise; and empires fall; but She goes on forever.

              That story “Vampires of New York” was what caught My interest initially. Very entertaining. I wish I could house-sit a multi million dollar apartment.

              But as I think I once told you before; I actually came upon this site by accident; I was looking for a site run by a man called “Little Dynamo”; and since you and he share several opinions in common; I first thought that he was you. But of course; that is not the case.

              So it was a happy & fortuitous accident.

  3. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Now who is the “enemy”?

    The so-called “Western Goldsack”; the moneyed interests; the people in charge of the banking and corporate monoliths.

    Beneath them are their stooges; the people who run the American and most of the western governments; the Bush Crime Family being perhaps the most prominent in the Western Hemisphere.

    The politicians are all your enemies.

    The Democrats are up front about their plans to destroy you; the Republicans are controlled opposition who give you the illusion of choice; but they are likewise the enemies of the people. It is a Uniparty.

    The entire superstructure of American society is completely infiltrated and corrupted by agents of the Goldsack; they have left no area uncontaminated by their operatives.

    Why has whitey been targeted for destruction since 1945? For the most obvious of reasons.

    Whitey is the only demographic that poses any actual threat to those moneyed interests; the notion of freedom and ordered liberty and government for the people is a localized concept known only to Cromwell in England; Marat & Co. in France; and of the course the Founders here in America.

    The only frame of reference the darker demographics have is their slavery from their nations of origin; the immigrant from Ghana or Guyana has no conception of ordered liberty or the Jeffersonian Persuasion; he will be happy to do exactly as he is told as long as he is fed.

    The other day Biden nominated one such person for a seat on the federal bench who did not even know what Article 2 of the Constitution was about. Such people are legion who were carefully placed at all levels of the superstructure of society to rule over you.

    But whitey desires (or at least once desired; I’m not sure about those under 50) something beyond being a well fed slave; and this is intolerable to the Goldsack; who at this moment are making a brazen attempt to obtain total control over all public and private capital on the face of the planet; which of course will result in absolute slavery and death for the people.

    You will never vote your way out of this; so the only solution is for a Great Leader – a Caesar or Semiramis; that is; to arise from the masses and seize power; and dissolve the Congress and; if they reisist; have them placed in Leavenworth pending trial for treason and other assorted crimes against the people.

    This would be a Great Man or Woman who is a practitioner of Master Morality in a Nietzschean sense; who would have no moral delusions about the needs for mass deportations and executions; and a willingness to quickly confiscate the oligarchs assets.

    • reprindle Says:

      Well, Pamela, sometime back I read a Jewish spokeswoman’s comment that makes you wonder. She said that they came to America to escape oppression overseas. She said: ‘You gave us your freedom and we gave you our Jewishness.’

      Now, read that carefully. As I read it, it says we took possession of your freedom in exchange we gave you our Jewishness. What is Jewishness but a form of moral degradation and powerless submission to our masters. Freedom is the ability to suppress as, in this case, Jews.

      Freedom on the other hand is to be the upper dog and master of the lower dog. As I interpret her statement the Jews now consider themselves the free and we, who have accepted their Jewishness are the despised and suppressed.
      So, now who is the enemy of whom? This is not a bargain I made and I reject their gift of their Jewishness.

  4. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    I don’t think the situation is quite as cut & dry as that. Not every Jew is a master; not every non-Jew is a slave.
    I am not saying the general thrust of your argument is not on point; but if we confine the problem to strictly Jew vs Gentile; we might be missing the target just a bit.
    The Bush Crime Family is made up of Gentiles; they fried 4000 New Yorkers; and that is not even 1% of their misdeeds.

    • reprindle Says:

      Of course, money makes you independent but still subject to lash of the ‘dominant class.’ my 3/17 entry speaks of the Visigoths in Spain. The court of Spain employed the Jews as tax collection and settled for a mllion in cash while the Jewish tax collector enslaved the population to themselves by collecting all the good and money in Spain. When the debt ridden slaves petitioned the court for relief the King ignored them. When the slaves grabbed their pitchforks to relieve themselves of the burden of the Jews, they appealed to the court for protection and the king fired on his own subjects. Maddening wouldn’t be? Expect an alternate logic. I may be generalizing a point too far but the ultimate beneficiaries of people like the Bushes would be the Jews

      If you remember it was reported that Mossad wariors roared and cheered as the buildings went down. Why would they do that and if they advanced knowledge and hadn’t benefitted by the destruction of the Towers why wouldn’t they have advised Bush and why wouldn’t Bush have acted to prevent the crime. That crime involved dozens or scores of people including people like Dylan, Greil Marcus and Bomber Billy Ayers. Unraveling the Towers would reveal a lot but other than an intellectual exercise what would it matter?

  5. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    You have a point well-taken.
    As a child My Father told Me; “Everyone is your enemy”; that admonition has never been lost on Me.
    I am at war with the whole world; am I not?
    Everyone but you; of course…

    • reprindle Says:

      Let’s just say that everyone is out for themself. Some play by the rules most don’t. Equality really is the issue because the dumber you are the odds are stacked against you.. Look right, then left and then do it again.

  6. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    It seems there are 42 year cycles; Crowley received the Book of the Law in 1904; Parsons Liber 49 in 1946; I went mad and died in 1988; each 42 years apart; so the next substantial break would be around 2030.

    Now this Biblical philosopher who I read regularly has designated the (final) Laodicea Church era from 1882 – 2026. This may not be a bad guess. He had Philadelphia (the preceding era) from 1522 – 1882; Luther came to prominence in 1517 IIRC; so he may be on to something.

    If we take the 1882 – 2026 at face value we see that 1954; the year of My Father’s robbery and (errant) sentence is exactly at the halfway point / 72 years in.

    Now the Goddess told Parsons in 1946 “it is the 11th hour”.

    God did say 1000 years is as a day and a day is as a thousand years.

    One hour is 1/24th of a day; and 1/24th of a thousand years is 41.67 years.

    So perhaps we can consider an “hour” about 42 years.

    42 years from that 1946 “11th hour” was 1988; and 1988 was really when the clock struck 12 on me – my final moment when I died in a Long Island hospital (8/11/1988).

    But remember I was born at 12:54 – back in ’67.

    So 54 minutes after 12 (from 1988) would be an additional 37.5 years.

    37.5 years from August 1988 would take us to about February 2026!

    There is that 2026 – the same as his projected end of the Final Church Age!

    We are getting closer to the point in time when the Holy Daughter of Babylon has Her Place in The Sun.

  7. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Ronald; My Life was the equivalent of being raped; beaten and sadistically tortured 500 trillion times over.
    If tomorrow someone gave Me a billion dollars; it would not make up for one trillonth of one percent of what was done to Me in this lifetime.
    I cannot understand it; how a decent and gentle person who minded their own business and loved truth and honorable behavior could be so maniacally mocked by the Universe.

    • reprindle Says:

      I’m sure that everything you say is true. I was born to an evil mother, certainly not insane to the untrained eye but absolutely diabolical to her son. It took me decades to chip away at the detritus under which I was buried. Her worst crime was that she somehow marked me so that others would fulfil her wishes.

      If you have an idle moment to while away I have put my childhood up to the seventh grade in a fine novel titled Far Gresham Vol. I. It’s on the internet. Did you ever receive the copy of The Sonderman Constellation that I sent you. Haven’t had any response from you on that.
      Yes, the world also owes me a debt that can never be repaid.

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