Who Is Spanish Tony Sanchez?

February 27, 2013

Tony Sanchez

Who Is Spanish Tony Sanchez?

A Review Of Up And Down With The Rolling Stones


R.E. Prindle

Tony Sanchez

Tony Sanchez

Published In 1979 Spanish Tony Sanchez’ memoir is now thirty-four years old. Tony tanked it in the year 2000. Had he lived he might be surprised but gratified at the success his book is enjoying. According to reviews the book as been very well received by book buyers although there are dissident views by others finding the book unbelievable.

Keith Richards- Face Of The Stones

Keith Richards- Face Of The Stones

Part of the problem is that the book was co-written by a former journalist named John Blake who appears to detest Jagger, Richards and the whole scene they created. As a journalist he was privy to all the gossip about Jagger and Richards and so chips in with opinions of his own while also citing newspaper reports. Although written as a continuous narrative, with careful reading you can separate Blake from Sanchez.

After his journalistic career blew up Blake went on to publishing at which he has been successful. His collaboration with Sanchez was fruitful. The book is a great read anyway you look at it. The question is not what Sanchez tells us but what he doesn’t tell us.

Tony says that he was under he protection of a gang boss by the name of Albert Dimes who ran the West End apparently sharing Soho with the notorious Kray twins, Reggie and Ronnie and their brother Charlie. Sanchez then can be classed as a hoodlum. As Charlie Kray says his gang ran a bodyguard company it seems probable that Tony was employed by Keith in that function.

Brian Jones

Brian Jones

One of his chief functions for the Stones was as a drug supplier. Opening the book he says apropos of Brian Jones:

I’m not a pusher, but as a boy I’d worked in Soho, first as a night club bouncer, then as a croupier, so I know exactly where to go for anything from a lid of grass to a Thompson submachine gun. Consequently people in the rock world had come to me as a reluctant go-between in their flirtations with the London underworld.

That short paragraph says an awful lot. We know, according to Tony, that he was sufficiently well known in gangland to come under the protection of Albert Dimes, a gangster dating back to the early fifties. Tony says that he worked as a bouncer in gambling joints and that would require the attitude and the temper to use violence whether necessary or not.

And then he says he was a croupier. He later tells us that the games were rigged so that he was knowingly bilking his customers, a form of theft. He then tells us that he could get anything from a bag of grass to submachines guns. This would mean that he was very knowledgeable in criminal matters.

He repeatedly professes that he didn’t sell drugs for profit but apparently had access to commercial amounts. At the same time he is married with two children, dresses like a dandy and hangs out in pricey bars. At no time does he appear to be gainfully employed until for some reason Keith Richards puts him on the payroll at 16,000 pounds a year. Well in excess of the pay for a working stiff. Plus, as Tony never seems to visit the wife and kids, room and board. Kind of a dream deal, you might say. What’s up? We’ll have to guess because Tony and John kept it quiet.

So, how did Tony get so close to Keith? Well, this is fairly interesting stuff. The stuff Swinging London was made of. The story’s real beginning is on page 39 when Tony meets Groovy Bob Fraser who was his entrance to the rock world. Tony tells it like this:

Into this world of intrigue, sudden violence, and bitter feuds dropped Robert Fraser. We met as I sipped a solitary espresso at the Bar Italian in Soho’s Frith Street. It was afternoon and I was killing time before going to work at the club.

Robert sat next to me, and we fell into conversation. Robert mentioned that he had gone to college in Spain…I speak Spanish as fluently as I speak English. This excited Robert and he jumped at the chance to talk to me in his very erudite Spanish…

From there a friendship developed around Tony’s ability to score drugs. Fraser was a gambler who had lost 20K pounds to the Kray Twins and couldn’t pay. He asked and Tony offered to deal with the Krays. Tony approached Dimes who wasn’t willing to jeopardize his wicket for an impecunious gambler. Tony decided to approach the Krays on his own. Bold move. Now, two versions exist; the improbable one of the book and another version in what purports to be a chapter of the book deleted by the publishers that might be more accurate.

The story involves criminal attempts to take over the music business. Sanchez was in a criminal occupation within the underworld while he confesses to wanting to be a criminal. p. 37:

As a teenager my great passions were rock music and big-time villainy- roughly in that order. I had a cousin who had gone way, way off the rails and who had become deeply immersed in organized crime. While my parents complained about the shame he was bringing to our family, I could only look at his big car and beautiful women and pray to God he would show me how it was done.

So, his cousin got Tony a job as a croupier and Tony began to meet big time crooks like Albert Dimes.

Rock and Roll bands at that time played in clubs and clubs are almost universally under the control of the underworld. Thus band members of the Beatles and Rolling Stones are in much closer contact with the underworld than one might assume while that is very carefully obscured by their biographers.

The Beatles played for months in the red light district of Hamburg one of the toughest criminal areas in the world. They witnessed much crime and mayhem. They were no angels. Albert Grossman in his biography gives examples while Andrew Oldham in his latest effort, Stone Free, tells of the time John and Paul dressed as priests and while so posing anointed communicants with their own piss, for which Oldham says they were arrested. At any rate they were under the protection of the crime lord of all Europe. The Krays of England would have been old hat to them.

Tony’s relationship with Keith then is suspicious.

The Kray Twins, who were England’s most prominent villains, as the English say, had taken over a prominent West End gambling spot called Esmeralda’s Barn. Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein gambled here, losing heavily so that the enormous amounts of money the Beatles were generating came to the attention of the Krays. They also knew that Epstein was gay. As they had made the previous owner of the Barn the irrefusable offer they believed they could do the same with Epstein. This aspect of the story is detailed in Colin Fry’s book, The Krays: A Violent Business so the account is not dependent on the missing chapter.

The Krays arranged a meeting with Epstein in a homosexual bar. That it was a homosexual bar indicates nothing to me as gay bars aren’t in the habit of hanging signs out saying: Gay Bar. I have been in several gay venues without knowing where I was until I was being served. The question is, would one go back?

Epstein patiently explained that managing bands was not as easy and effortless as it looked. The Krays then consulted the alleged godfather of British crime Arthur Thompson of Glasgow who as Epstein pointed out indicated to the Krays that managing the Beatles would require sustained effort and concentration to which criminals are not accustomed. Fry says the Krays thought it over, deciding to blackmail Epstein instead which they did collecting a sum every month for years.

Now to the Antiphoney’s missing chapter. Tony says, if the chapter is authentic, that Robert Fraser owed the Krays 20K in unpaid gambling debts. Tony says in Up And Down he tried to arrange a deal in which Fraser paid 30% or less thus freeing him and making him grateful to Tony.

According to the missing chapter the Krays showed him a sheaf of bounced checks and suggested that perhaps Fraser could clear the debt by delivering the Beatles into their hands, apparently not having given up their desire for the Beatles. When Tony told Fraser the idea he says Fraser embraced it setting about to woo the group. Fraser was fairly tight with McCartney to whom he sold a lot of artwork but not so much with Lennon.

In order then to co-opt Lennon, this sounds like a stretcher, he enlisted the aid of Yoko Ono who had arrived from NYC. As an avant-garde personality cum artist she would have looked Fraser up on her arrival so it is at least probable that she knew him. Yoko according to this account had been hanging around Paul who was the Beatle she wanted. Whatever the intent she did besiege John relentlessly until she got her entry and then she seduced him baffling his mind with all that avant garde BS and heroin.

If Fraser had his agenda Yoko had her own. Having conquered John she used his fame to pull off the Performance Art project of the century when he and she staged the Bed-In For Peace.

While all this was going on the Guiness heir Tara Browne entered this scene when he and his friend, , opened a night club called Sybilla’s. George Harrison of the Beatles was a significant investor. You can’t operate a club without dealing with some Mob. Perhaps the Krays saw Sybilla’s as a chance to co-opt the Beatles. Although the story is not yet clear I imagine that the Krays put pressure on Kevin MacDonald and Browne to sell their interest thus giving them direct access to Harrison as a partner. The two apparently refused so MacDonald was thrown off a roof to his death which left Tara Browne to deal with.

Bearing in mind that Paul had been under the protection of the European crime lord and one doesn’t receive favors without returning them, for that or some other reason Paul was probably compelled to lure Browne to his death. It is said, perhaps conjectured, that on that night Paul challenged Tara to a high speed auto race through London. The object being to draw Tara to a certain intersection where he could be caused to crash his car, a little flimsy Lotus. The crash ruse succeeded and Browne was killed although his supposed passenger, Suzy Poitier survived in a demolished car without a scratch sans seat belt or air bag. Doesn’t seem likely.

Browne’s death left Harrison as the sole surviving investor. I have no information as to his reaction but the club was closed and Harrison went his way. Harrison and Browne had been enough of an attraction to make Sybilla’s a hot spot with the In Crowd. That kind of lightning can strike many times.

Subsequently then, Tony, so he says, conceived the notion of opening his own club that he called Vesuvio. As he seemed to be very tight with the Stones and the Beatles he was able to feature them as attractions for his grand opening that was attended by them and the Rock establishment including Eric Clapton who was also a habitué at the Krays’ gambling club, The Barn. According to Tony the club was a stellar success but then he discovered he wasn’t the type to enjoy sustained business activity so his partner, the one who fronted the money took over management putting him on a stipend. Sanchez doesn’t say who his partner was but it surely must have been either Albert Dimes, or…the Krays.

Whatever, but Fraser was still not delivering and the Krays were getting pushy. Here comes a real leap of belief. Fraser could deliver neither the Beatles nor the money owed so, says Tony, he conceived the notion of going to prison to escape the Krays. An odd choice as the Krays had as many men on the inside as on the outside. But if you’ve snorted, puffed dropped and shot enough stuff I’m sure anything can seem like a reasonable plan.

Thus Tony says in the deleted chapter it was he, Fraser, who tipped the News Of The World to the Redlands bust which sent him to prison for six months. During that time the Krays murdered Jack McVitie, for which crime they were finally nailed. They went in as Fraser came out thus freeing him of the threat although Tony says prison was a life changing experience for Bob who became a less groovy Bob.

Alright. That makes a good story, doesn’t it?


Nor was the above the only contact of the Krays with show biz and Rock

It may be time to give a little perspective to the arch-criminals, The Krays, for those who may be unfamiliar with them, at least in the US, the English underworld reformed after WWII, a whole new cast of characters emerged formed by the wartime experience. The Kray twins were born in 1933 while their brother Charlie was a few years older. Ronnie and Reggie, the twins, began to emerge after 1954 becoming powers as the sixties began.

Perhaps their main racket was Protection of which providing bodyguards was a sub-division.

As the sixties progressed and their fame grew the Sicilian Mafia of the US began to take notice of them. The Mafia had always had a stable of singers, actors and performers they controlled for their nightclubs, such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Judy Garland et al. They suggested the Krays do the same.

In that manner the Krays provided bodyguards for visiting Mafia acts in England. When gambling became legal in England during the early sixties the US Mafia opened casinos installing such as the ex-actor George Raft as front men. The Krays were flattered by the attention showered on them by Raft.

Thus the Krays moved in on the Beatles, the Stones, the Kinks and others. While the Beatles Brian Epstein was paying large monthly there was probably a connection to group members also. If McCartney was used to lure Tara Browne to his death, and maybe it was only intended as a scare and a few bruises, then there was mob influence at the personal level.

As I have implied if not stated, Spanish Tony was foisted on Keith as a bodyguard and minder.

The Krays also made a move to co-opt the Kinks but that deal is said to have fallen through. Ronnie Kray as part of the deal wanted to date Kink drummer, Mick Avery.  Very flattering to Mick, I’m sure.

Later, when the Sicilian US Mafia wanted to launder money they offered the Krays 2,000,000 dollars to set up a label. The Krays went about it signing a few acts including Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas. Kramer was spared further indignities when the money was withdrawn and the deal fell through.

And then in Prison after 1968 Reggie Kray decided he wanted to be a songwriter so his songs were foisted on groups who were required to record them.

Much has been made of the homosexual Communist MP Tom Driberg trying to lure Mick into politics. In point of fact Driberg was well connected with Ronnie Kray and part of ring that borrowed boys from an orphanage for their sexual deviance.

This then is quite involved and while Mick was probably not lured into this pervert scene with the Krays it would seem that there was some attempt to draw him in thus co-opting him into the underworld. The scene and Redlands situation needs a little in depth investigation to clear up details of what might have been going on behind the scene of the Bust.


And then there was Tony’s ongoing relationship with Marianne Faithfull. No one associated with the Stones has anything positive to say about Tony. But, listen to Marianne, autobiography, p. 162:


…(Tony) was a dreadful person. You only had to see him eat to know how loathsome he was. He was a lowlife, a small-time spiv, but a weakling at the same time. He was as enchained as anyone else, completely hung up on his particular sickness.


And yet,


…I was getting deeper and deeper into drugs…I was also getting involved in a long affair with Tony Sanchez, dealer by appointment to the Stones. I can’t believe I did that! I didn’t get enough pocket money fom Mick and I didn’t have any money of my own, so how else would I have been able to get my own drugs?


There’s a problem. And then:


It’s odd to realize that the person you’re sleeping with is there only because you’re Mick Jagger’s girl friend. Or were.


This was as Marianne moved into her lost years during the seventies. During this period she makes it sound as though she were sitting on her wall over the bomb site beyond the ken of the world. It makes a good story and it drew me in. But, she says she never resorted to prostitution. Well, maybe.

While in France with Keith Tony met a woman named Madeleine D’Arcy for whom he fell hard, ditching the wife and kids. Love of his life, he said. She returned to England with Tony where Marianne apparently fell for her as hard as Tony. Sanchez came home one day to find Madeleine and Marianne getting it on. He blamed Marianne.

As all three were heroin addicts with pretty good habits; one wonders where Tony got the money if he wasn’t dealing. He was not closely associated with Keith after Keith fled the Riviera a step or to ahead of the cops so Tony may then have been off the payroll.
He would have had to be hustling something.

Madeleine was hooking. Marianne pp.225-26:


I hadn’t heard from Madeleine for several days. Her phone was off the hook and I suspected the worst. I had a feeling she’d OD’d, and I might have to smash down her door, so when I went over to the flat in Maida Vale I took with me as muscle a burly Maltese drug dealer and a lowlife friend…Eventually the boys broke down the door and in the bedroom we found Madeleine lying fully clothed in a long gown on the bed. She was obviously dead and looked bruised and bloody…By the time of her death, she had gone back to turning tricks at Brighton for fifteen pounds a night.


The Maltese gangs in London were known both for drug dealing and running prostitution. That Marianne contacted a Maltese and ‘a lowlife friend’ might point to prostitution. I saw a clip on the internet in which the photographer was hidden in a sort of alcove shooting through an opening. Marianne walked in front of the camera obviously dressed as a hooker but very classy in her mini skirt and jacket. She spotted the camera, looked alarmed, and quickly ducked around a corner looking back to ascertain what was going on.

There are numerous pictures of her during her lost years so that when the record producers went looking for her she wouldn’t have been as hard to find as she says.

And then, this: p.221:


I was constantly reminded during these years of my parasitic status in the pop world. I remember once going out dancing to a club and Rod Stewart came home with me. He thought I was just one of those girls that sort of floated around pop stars and tried to put the whole thing across like that… (Pop stars) are looking for their particular type, a girly sort of woman with pretty underwear and frocks and the whole female fantasy….I laughed and threw him out.


Sort of a hard Marianne. The other side of the Faerie Queen.

In 1976 Tony was cut loose by Jagger and Richards for good. I presume he passed out of Marianne’s life at that time. In any event she met her second husband, Ben Brierly, in 1976 and began a different, if not a new, life.


Tony’s primary job after securing drugs was to look after Keith. Keith needed some serious looking after. As Keith says Tony’s facts are straight then the only disagreement would be that Tony mentioned things Keith preferred not be mentioned. Indeed, when a London newspaper was going to publish an excerpt concerning Marianne she got an injunction to prevent it.

If the incidents are true as Keith attests then the evidence is that Keith was, at the very least, off the rails, carefree and reckless. He seemed to be conducting a vendetta against society attempting to see how many rules and laws he could break with impunity not unlike the Droogs of A Clockwork Orange.

Unable to pass the driver’s license test Keith had someone else take the test for him. Although, test or no test, practice should have made perfect. Keith was a slow learner cracking up  car after car. As he was usually carrying, he grabbed the dope then ran off leaving Tony to deal with the police. Rather annoying from Tony’s point of view who must have been on the police radar himself.

I’m sure that Tony considered himself more than a minder or drug procurer, thinking of himself as more of a member of the group, especially as he was a friend of Robert Fraser’s before linking up with Keith.

The Redlands drug bust is far from cleared up. There is no certainty as to who alerted the News Of The World paper that drugs would be at the party and where the party was. The drug dealer Schneiderman may have been the one. His presence is certainly suspicious. I am going to suggest another possibility, admittedly a conjecture, that Tony himself might be the culprit. Sanchez ran a lot of risks for Jagger and Keith while being included in most things. Then, he wasn’t invited to the Redlands party at which he knew the regulars well. To be excluded is often considered an insult for hangers on for which vengeance is due. It is possible, then, that to wipe the perceived insult Tony himself alerted the News Of The World. It would certainly have avenged a number of indignities he had suffered at the hands of Keith.

It might have been Fraser who alerted the News as the missing chapter asserts, it might have been Schneiderman or, perhaps, it was Tony himself.

At any rate it appears that Tony was tolerated by Keith but not really welcome. As he was linked to London’s underworld it is possible if not probable that there was some link between it and Keith and Mick. When the Krays were sent up for thirty years in 1968, probably freeing Mick and Keith from their influence Tony’s days were probably numbered.

He was still useful in France but when Keith overplayed his hand finding it necessary to leave France and unable to return to England, he became a man without a country of sorts, the connection with Tony was broken, it being only necessary to sever the relationship.

Tony tells it in the brief epilogue to his book:


I had been running from death too long, knew that I could not live this life much longer. But I wasn’t ready to draw completely away. Keith still called me occasionally asking me to get drugs for him, and usually I would cooperate. It had become my way of life. It was on August 21, 1976, that the Stones were playing an outdoor concert at Knebworth House in Hertfordshire, and Keith and Mick asked me to bring some cocaine to the dressing room for them. I was given the wrong type pass, however, and in the midst of a wrangle with a security man I suddenly realized it was all over. I turned on my heel, walked away and the next day reserved a room at Bowden House for a cure.


And so Tony was eased out. I have found nothing that mentions his last twenty-five years. However he died in the year 2000 short after Charlie, Ronnie and Reggie Kray had all passed away. It may have been coincidence or as some suggest…

24 Responses to “Who Is Spanish Tony Sanchez?”

  1. T Says:

    I know it says in the end of his book “I Was Keith Richards’ Drug Dealer” that he died in 2000, but do you really think Tony is dead? Keith was very concerned about the release of this book, and asked Tony not to do it. I recall the ending of this book having two of Keith’s goons mess Tony up during a visit to Keith’s hotel room, and something about Keith flashing guns to Tony asking him which one he wanted. Personally, I think Tony collected his royalties and vanished. Think about it… Tony’s main connections in the criminal underworld died before he “died”. His only protection at that point was to take the money and run. He is/was a slippery guy with far more street smarts than anyone who befriended him. I wouldn’t put anything past him.

  2. reprindle Says:

    I have no positive information on Tony although I read that he spent his advance in fine style and went bust which I think likely as he was a dopehead.

    He did lose his protection when the Krays peeled off by 2000 so it’s possible that at that point Keith may not only have threatened him but did him. I’m not sure I’ve got an adequate notion of what dying peacefully is but a hot shot would do that.

    If Tony’s still hanging in there he’s seventy which isn’t that old. I wouldn’t put it past him. If he is alive time for volume II.

    • T Says:

      I find it peculiar that some rock-and-roll historian hasn’t at least found Tony’s death certificate (to the best of my knowledge). Although he wasn’t a Rolling Stone, he was a major part of their history, and is responsible for popularizing their personal life. He is, in fact, a part of rock-and-roll history. One could argue that saying Tony “passed peacefully away” may be more metaphorical than literal (i.e. the Tony Sanchez that we knew, was at that point, “dead”).

      There is a guy floating around on the internet named Nick Dominguez who claims to be Tony’s great grandson or grandson (not sure which). He claims to have a vast number of never before seen pictures carried through the family. Of course, anyone could say such a thing, but anything is possible I suppose. In any event, Nick confirmed in several posts on other website(s) that Tony is in fact dead.

      On the other side of the coin, Tony WAS sexually involved with an exotic dancer/prostitute who was an injection drug user, was quite the opportunist when it came to females with drug debts, and also became an injection user himself. All of this was going on in the early to mid 1970’s when everyone was still blind to “safe practices”. Who knows what health issues he may have developed from this. Like you say, rumor has it that he blew his book royalties on drugs which may also have contributed to his “death”.

      • reprindle Says:

        I agree that it’s time for some serious research to be undertaken, especially with so many still alive. There is no reason to speculate on Tony’s death when a certificate must be available…somewhere.

        Tony’s wife may still be alive to be interviewed with her view of things. Her and his children are most likely living while if his grandson has scads of pictures, post a few on the internet as a teaser and if nothing else put together a three or four hundred pager with an on demand publisher like Blurb and make some money.

        If you know Nick’s websites pass them on, I haven’t found access yet.

        We weren’t blind to ‘safe practices’, we didn’t need them until the Magic Dick airline steward got back from Africa and spread AIDS all over San Francisco. Even then you had to be a fairie, straights didn’t get AIDS.

        So as Tony appears to have been straight no worries that anti-biotics wouldn’t have resolved.

        A lot more work on Tony, Bob Fraser, Chris Gibbs, the Crowley crowd, and Tara Browne among other peripheral players is much needed. The main problem is some might get their feelings hurt, so for those who dally, if you did it, you did it. Walk like a man my son.

      • T Says:

        I guess I should have been a little clearer about the 1970’s and “safe practices”. I was more implying that heroin addicts probably wouldn’t be in the state of mind to do anything safely. There are plenty of things that can go undetected for years and cause serious complications. Also, there is medical evidence suggesting that people had contracted HIV well before it became a “well known” problem. Anything is possible really.

        People have suggested to Nick Dominguez that he make a website with these never before seen pictures, but he was hesitant from what I recall. He has since deleted his YouTube channel so contacting him would be hard. He could have just made the whole thing up, which wouldn’t surprise me really.

        I have both of Tony’s books. I will glance through them again and see if I can find any information which may be relevant to finding out who his wife and/or relatives are.

        What would really be useful is if someone compiled all known information about Tony and started a Wikipedia page.

  3. reprindle Says:

    What’s the other Sanchez book?

    • T Says:

      The first one was “Up and Down With The Rolling Stones” and the second one was “I Was Keith Richards’ Drug Dealer”.

      The second is basically a re-hash of the first, with the addition of some previously untold stories and maybe some pictures not included in the first.

      • reprindle Says:

        Oh, Keith’s Dealer. That was published in 2003 by Blake three years after Tony’s alleged death. Assuming the death report accurate that means Blake was just exploiting the situation to sell a few extra copies.

        Any changes would have been made by him at his discretion and thus suspect. As Tony would have had noting to do with the edition no weight can be given it.

      • T Says:

        It could have been re-worked by Tony in the years before his death. For argument sake, lets say this book was actually finished up shortly before his death. After he died, the publishing company likely had to work out various legalities with Tony’s estate before releasing it, which could have taken several years to do.

  4. reprindle Says:

    Sure, it’s all speculation without any additional information. Something tells me though that Blake didn’t worry a lot about Tony’s estate. There’s something though. Did he have any assets when he died and did he even have a will.

    Any idea where he died. Every once in a while I come across some English movie where English criminals move to Spain and track each other down. Great scenery. I didn’t understand what the situation was until I read up on the Krays and then it all came clear.

    What do you know about the London criminal scene? Anything?

    • T Says:

      Everything is speculation, no doubt. Even if Tony didn’t have a will or anything to his name, there is no doubt that his surviving family members might have surfaced for a cut of the pie from his new book, since someone would have had to collect his royalties. And, if Tony did die intestate, things would be further complicated for them from a legal standpoint, which might explain the delay of the book until almost three years after Tony’s alleged death.

      No idea where he died.

      Interesting fact: It was either in his second book, or in Keith’s new book, that Tony’s father owned an Italian restaurant in England somewhere. I wonder if it still exists…

      As for what I know of the criminal scene in London, I’m not an expert, but I have knowledge of it. Feel free to pass along any suggested reading.

  5. Nick Dominguez Says:

    Spanish Tony is My grandad, i have stuff left over from him, would hope i can find some sort of rolling stones memorabilia site i can try to see if stuff is worth anything! And he has died about 10 years ago. I do love how so many people are interested and hes seems so mysterious

  6. reprindle Says:

    Hi Nick. As you can see you were discussed by the previous correspondent. Has anything happened with you since the discussion?

    Other than pictures what sort things do you have? Any diaries or other writings? Probably the best way to realize money is to put together a book or two. A coffee table volume might go over fairly well. If you’re in England check with John Blake and see if he’s interested in publishing. It’s quite possible he has unused material from his collaboration with Tony and if not as a journalist he could certainly add text.

    Any signed things Tony had might get a price. You know, like Keith touched this.

    Can you advise where Tony died and how? Anything to clear up some of the mysteries?

    Thanks for contacting.

  7. Veronica Says:

    This is not to say that Fraser or Tony couldn’t have tipped off the News of the World, but David Schneidermann later changed his name to David Jove and created New Wave Theatre, the groundbreaking L.A. punk TV show. He confessed at one point that he was in London working for the cops because of a possession bust, and said that it was he who contacted the newspaper.

  8. reprindle Says:

    Thanks for the comment Veronica. Since the cops didn’t press to see his briefcase it is quite possible Schneiderman was on parole. It would be interesting to know where he was convicted and why released in the US and sent to England to set up busts of English rockers.. Assuming the name Jove gives definite indication of delusions of grandeur. I wouldn’t trust his word although it does sound possible or probable.

    I was basing my speculation on the fact that when Litvinov and Tony beat the crap out of Nicky Kramer Tony expressed regret for the beating. He probably knew the kid was innocent for the reason of my suspicions but had to go through with it because he couldn’t admit to what he may have done. Just a possibility.

    Bad form on Mick’s part to order it done.

  9. Ive been doing some reading and interested in the story’s of my grandad. I never knew him well, just left with a few interesting things and lots to read about. I would like to get in touch with people he knew if they are still around. I would like to talk to anyone interested because they are likely to help me understand as im only young. anyone interested contact me nick.dominguez56@gmail.com I was surprised to see my name mentioned in a comment above but I can easily prove my relation to Tony.


  10. Nick Dominguez Says:

    There was a few things like concert schedules, appointment times ect. Some letters from Blake publishing to Tony. Receipts of sale to the auctioneer Christies for cloths worn by the rolling stones. One of my favourites is a envelope sized ticket to a grand prix in Monaco I believe with Keith Richards name crossed out and Tony Sanchez written instead.

  11. Paul Spendel Says:

    I wrote a book about the death of Brian Jones. You find it on Amazon titled ‘Brian Jones. The final truth’. Nicky Kramer is still alive, living on the South Coast. His surname is not Kramer. I am now researching for a book about the notorious Sixties London drugs squad. And that’s where Tony comes in….

  12. Paul Spendel Says:

    this is up for sale, from the estate of Tony Sanchez


  13. reprindle Says:

    The drug squad story sounds interesting.

  14. Paul Spendel Says:

    Hi reprindle, Norman Pilcher will publish his memoires next week:

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