Part III: Mourning Becomes Yoko

April 3, 2010


Mourning Becomes Yoko Ono

The Passing Of John Lennon Part III


R.E. Prindle


Doppleganger #1

     When John Lennon met Yoko Ono he knew very little of art and nothing of the New York art scene.  His high school years had been spent in open and futile rebellion; the next few years had been spent only in the German underworld with no time for cultivation.  From there he went into the whirl of the Beatles years so one might say he had been in cultural suspended animation for all his adult life.

     Yoko Ono since 1960 had been engaged in the New York avant garde art scene.  She was au courant when she left for London in 1966.  Hooking up with Lennon she began to educate him according to her understanding of art.  By the time the Ono-Lennons arrived in New York in the late sixties that scene was dominated by the POP art of Andy Warhol while the world both she and Lennon knew in 1960 was unrecognizable.  Yoko wasted  no time in ingratiating herself with Andy but not the factory.  After he was shot in 1969 the old Factory disappeared and after his recovery Warhol began a new life.  It is possible that she tried to establish

Doppelganger #2

contact with him between ’64 and ’66.  She did know warhol’s associate, Sam Green, from her first days in the Village in 1960.

     By the time of her return to NYC Yoko had achieved world wide fame by using Lennon and his fame  in their charades for ‘Peace.’  Now she had the perfect entree to enter Warhol’s circle.  Warhol was a sucker for celebrities, he did Lennon’s portrait, so he was flattered when Yoko asked him to introduce she and John into society.  If Warhol could pester, Yoko was unstoppable.  While Andy wasn’t exactly persona gratis at that time he was thick with Sam Adams Green who did have entree to society.  Between the the two of them they set up a party to introduce the Ono-Lennons.

John was, of course, no Mick Jagger.  While Mick adapted himself quickly to the demands of his fame and moved easily in society, John was awkward being out of the element of his self-styled working class hero.  Yoko, too, was no mixer so at the party Yoko and John sat silently in a corner as though in one of Yoko’s bags watching the party goers.

Warhol Jagger 2

Warhol Jagger

     It might be apropos to point out that Jagger and Warhol were fairly close.  Jagger was one of the few people attending Warhol’s funeral in Pittsburgh while Bianca was in Warhol’s entourage in the eighties.  Warhol also painted a portfolio of Jagger pictures that today command healthy prices.


The Devil In Disguise

Witchy Woman and Warhol

  Yoko still persisted with Warhol but Andy having been disappointed once was not up for it twice.  He distanced himself from the pair describing them to Sam Green as boring.  An ultimate putdown.

     Initially the Lennons  lived in the Bohemian scene downtown.  Mickey Ruskin, the owner of Max’s Kansas City, described the Bohemian scene thusly:  the well-to-do Bohos, the middle and the lower class.  Those associated with the Kettle of Fish and its environs of which Dylan was a member were of the lower class while the Kettle of Fish itself was owned by the Mafia.  He believed Max’s was in the middle.  John and Yoko first lived in New York in the West Village at 105 Bank Street next door to Yoko’s her, John Cage.  They took over Joe Butler’s apartment, he formerly the drummer of Lovin’ Spoonful so Ruskin would have classed John and Yoko as haut ton beatniks.

     At any rate they soon left those environs to migrate to the Upper West Side where they secured apartments in the famous, or soon to be famous, Dakota.  It was then that their NYC life took its definitive form.

     I have been to NYC a few times so that I know the general layout and have some feel for the place but I have by no means an intimate knowledge so essentially I’m working from maps.  I know where MOMA and some few prominent art landmarks are from experience but not that many.

     At any rate the Dakota is a famous landmark..  Acceptance as a tenant is by committee approval.  John and Yoko were strenuously vetted but finally admitted.  They took over actor Robert Ryan’s apartment #72.  If you have seen the movie Rosemary’s Baby the camera pans past apartments 71 and 72.  No filming was allowed inside the Dakota so while the exterior shots are authentic the interiors were shot on sets.  Thus the apartment of the Satanists is a fictional 7E.  The apartment next to it  in which the young couple resided may have been number 72.  The man of the couple who was an actor sold his wife’s body to Satan as the carrier of his child for success in the theatre which he was granted.  Thus the Ono-Lennons moved into an apartment closely associated with devil worship, the occult and witchcraft..  This will become more important as Yoko associated herself with all three.  In fact, Yoko through John Green would have been familiar with the Yoruban Santeria religion that she in all likelihood would have reverenced.  The Spirit Foundation that she established is concerned with the preservation of just such tribal institutions. 


Dakota Entrance

  These are magnificent apartments that I presume Rosemary’s Baby duplicates.   Huge fifty foot long living rooms as part of a ten room apartment.  The Ono-Lennons would soon own both 71 and 72 lacking only the fictional 7E  while having a Studio apartment as well. 

     Being now permanently settled Yoko having access to John’s superb income began to spend it.  Of course, she virtually cleaned out department stores on her buying binges, any girl’s dream.  But, she also began to buy heavily into art and antiques as investments.  This brought Warhol’s friend Sam Adams Green into a close association with her.  Rich society women were Sam’s forte.  He has an interesting story.  He was actually descended from the second president of the United States, Samuel Adams.  He arrived in New york in 1960 about the same time Andy Warhol was trying to establish himself as a fine artist and Yoko the same.  Warhol of course began as a commercial artist doing shoe ads but in 1960 he changed the emphasis of his career.

     In the fine arts field one of the first gallery people Andy met was Sam Green of the Green Gallery.  Different Green, Sam only

The Dakota

worked there and shared the name.  He and Andy hit it off.  By 1965 Green was associated with the art department of UPennsylvania where he staged a Warhol exhibition in the same  year.  From there he gravitated bck to NYC where he began a career as art consultant to rich women on both continents.  They liked him.  Through the socialite Cecile Rothschild he was introduced to Greta Garbo with whom he was sort of a trusted companion for 15 years.

     He was very knowledgeable about art as an investment traveling between Euorpe and the US advising socialites on the most investment worthy art.  He apparently derived a more than comfortable  income from his efforts.  He was a trusted advisor of Yoko.  Some say that he and Yoko’s Tarot reader, John Green, who would enter John and Yoko’s life at about this time, combined to bilk Yoko for overpriced objects.  This presumes that both men were dishonest and that Yoko was a fool.  As Yoko’s investments have prospered I think we can dismiss the latter, although Yoko did take pride in being able to spend vast sums.  She would have taken pleasure in overpaying.


Sam Green- Current

    Rather I would say that Sam Green was a very knowledgeable expert whose task was to find art that would appreciate in value.  Thus the question is did he perform that function and the answer is, yes.  Yoko’s acquistions increased in value far above her purchase prices.  I think it is unfair then to say that the Greens bilked her.  Surely the laborer is worth his hire.


Warhol Portrait

  Now, Sam Green as her agent had to buy the items he acquired for her.  Being knowledgeable as to who in society wanted to sell what at distressed prices he may have made some excellent buys that he then tacked on his margin which of course meant that he sold to Yoko for ‘more than they were worth.’  But, heck, even Christie’s and Sotheby’s take twenty per cent each from the buyer and seller.  That’s a forty per cent surcharge.  However Sam served his function of providing investment pieces  so I see no evidence of bilking.

     Sam Green also formed a close, probably romantic, liaison with Yoko that persisted until after John’s death.  Another art dealser she became close to was a Sam Havadtoy with whom she subsequently lived for twenty years beginning immediately the day after John’s death.

     Now the men Yoko associated herself with were all effetes, that were either emasculated when she found them or who she emasculated.  Strangely Lennon was the strongest of the lot.  Both her first Japanese husband and Tony Cox appear to have been heterosexuals but both Sam Green and Sam Havadtoy were dependent homosexuals.  With Havadtoy Yoko may have had her ideal relationship.  He was thoroughly emasculated while with the fortune Yoko  inherited from Lennon he was totally dependent on her.  The classic toy boy a couple decades younger than herself.  He, by the way, after his twenty year stint as live-in retired to Hungary with an abundant palimony but he isn’t talking.

     In my reading of the situation then, a not particularly compliant John became somewhat of a liability to her, especially as he began to reassert himself with the return to the recording studio in 1980.  The problem has the surface appearance of separating the man form his money and discarding the man.

     Yoko began building her entourage, Sam Green, John Green, Sam Havadtoy and her various occult people with what appears to be an admiration for and some sort of connection with Andy Warhol.  Sam Green and Havadtoy would be a troublesome presence in Lennon’s life during the recording of Double Fantasy while he does not appear to have been enchanted with the Warhol connection

     As has been mentioned Yoko became involved in occult practices.  She did practice hypnotism on Lennon and was an adept at suggestion which is the essence of hypnotism.  Thus on the one hand she suggested forcefully to May Pang that she take up with Lennon while it is probable she hypnotized Lennon into taking up with May Pang.  Post hypnotic suggestion would give her a command over all Lennon’s actions.  Once implanted she would only have to say the word and Lennon would follow her suggestions.

     How complicit John Green would have been in this isn’t exactly clear but any of Yoko’s suggestions to John could have been complemented by a reading.  John Green was after all dependent on Yoko for a very generous income beyond whatever he may have scammed.

     John Green is another interesting case.  He was apparently successful as a Tarot reader before he met Yoko while he is reported to hae been a student of the African Yoruba religion called Santeria.  The Yoruba are a tribe in Nigeria, middle river, Western side.  He would have obtained much of the magic information he displayed in Cartagena, Columbia, SA from that source.  The sixties themselves  were the great period of the dissolution of the American mind and personality.  One of the key items in the disintegration was the 1962 movie, Mondo Cane. (It’s A Dog’s World).  It is difficult to assess the impact of this movie on the malleable college age mind of the times.

      I saw the movie then and while it passed out of my conscious mind it struck me most forcibly and lodged in my subconscious mind.  I, of course, reviewed the movie for this essay and while I at first remembered little gradually my conscious mind recovered the images so that I remember almost all.  The viewing at the time was very repulsive and unsettling to my mind as it was for everyone I talked to about it and every college kid saw it.  Still, consciously I missed the true import of the movie completely.

     The filmmakers equated some New Guinea stone age people with modern Whites and equated them- said both states of

Mondo Cane Poster

consciousness were the same-  and that there had been no advance between the primitive and modern.  Then they showed Whites at their goofiest and most ridiculous.  Drunks at a German Oktoberfest, aged tourists clumsily trying to do a hula.  The movie was a real exercise in moral relativity.  It was shortly after viewing the movie that I first remember hearing the phrase ‘Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so.’  I don’t want to philosophize on this but my thought was that  if I think something is bad therefore it must be because I think it and I can’t be wrong.

     The movie had a devastating effect on the attitude of the generation.  It was a form of hypnosis with a great deal of post-hypnotic suggestion.  Whether John Green saw the movie or not I can’t say but if he had it would have prepared him for accepting Yoruban Santeria.   In fact these primitive forms of religion and what not flourished in the wake of Mondo Cane.  At the same, as I indicated, Yoko would have been very open to Santeria.  I think there is little doubt that Green and she at least discussed the religion and its African tribal origin.  Especially as she established something she calls the Spirit Foundation.  In the online prospectus she describes the foundation thusly:

     The Spirit Foundation is…concerned with the protection and promotion of creative and cultural diversity amongst shamanic tribal communities worldwide.  Part of the foundations work is the International Shamanic Network which aims at promoting the ancient creative archetypes of man and their binding ecological realtionship to the world.

     Our emphasis is on education for action.

          As mentioned Yoko and Lennon moved into the suites used in Rosemary’s Baby with its Satanic overtones.  In the movie a young woman living with the Satanic couple either jumps or is pushed to her death not far from where Lennon was shot.  In this very location Yoko took up Satanism.  She decided she wanted to make a pact with the Devil to obtain her wishes.  The ubiquitous Sam Green knew of a witch who could serve as an intermediary between Yoko and Satan.  (Remember I am only retailing the story, I don’t believe Satan exists.)

     Sam Green who had prospered as an art consultant had used some of his earnings to purchase what he called a castle in Cartagena, Colombia.  He recommended his witch to Yoko who asked John Green to take her to the witch as he doubled as Tarot reader and Wizard.  John Green did so and the witch duly negotiated a deal between Yoko and the Lord of Fire.  When it came time to sign the pact Yoko asked Green to do it for her which he did.  She was aghast when he told her he didn’t sign his name but hers.  Yoko trying to cheat the devil.

      We don’t know what she asked Satan for but we are compelled to believe she got it.

Santeria Illustration

     As I believe she hypnotized Lennon into taking the Long Weekend I don’t know exactly why she wanted him out of the house.  She certainly closely monitored his activities while he was away both in NYC and LA.  During his absence  Yoko didn’t have a Power of Attorney so she was somewhat constrained as John had her on a 300K budget.  When he returned she quickly obtained his POA so that she had unlimited use of his money and, in fact, his identity.

     Lennon is criticized for being a recluse in the years between 1975-80.  He certainly wasn’t a recluse in that he withdrew from the world.  He merely limited his contacts with it.  It is said there was a fifteen month period when he was completely withdrawn.  While he was obviously suffering from a mental malise in my opinion the withdrawal was completely justified.  He had mental issues that had to be resolved.  He had the money and time to work at it as he did.

     He had a mother/father fixation he had to resolve.  he had the feeling that he had been either a genius or a lunatic from boyhood.  In a remarkable rant within the 1970 Rolling Stone interview he rants for pages because no one recognized him as a genius in his youth while he had now convinced himself that he was and had been a genius.  The fact that he never did his schoolwork doesn’t  seem to him that that may have a reason why people missed his genius and though him somewhat mad.  What would theyhave done if they had?  So he had to reconcile the issue in his mind.

     He seems to have made no advance past his school years except in music.  The years between leaving school and taking up with Yoko were completely wasted intellectually while the pressures of phenomenal success and wealth disoriented him completely not to mention the massive doses of drugs.  At some time then he had to come down and organize his mind and life.    From 1968 to let us say 1980 he was completely dependent on Yoko for his mental balance.  In NYC he went where she did and did what she did.  Hence the connection to Andy Warhol and Sam Green.

     There are numerous pictures of Yoko, Lennon and Warhol.  Yoko even patterned some of her work after Warhol’s style as in the ‘work’ below patterned after Warhol’s double Elvis.  Thus she associates herself and Lennon with Presley.

Yoko Goes Warhol, Imitation of Double Elvis

     As I mentioned before the social entree arranged by Warhol and Sam Green failed because of the social ineptness of the Ono-Lennons.

     While we have a full record of what Lennon was doing during his ‘Lost Weekend’ we have a less full account of what Yoko was doing.  She seems to have had romantic liaisons with at least three men- Sam Green, Sam Havadtoy and the guitarist David Spinozza.

Sam Havadtoy

     Perhaps she wanted to see how well she could do on her own as a musician, to see if her reputation as a performance artist and, in her mind, musician, was sufficient to maintain a career on her own without John.  If so, she was brutally disappointed as in her only solo performance she failed miserably.  Thus she realized that as of 1974 her reputation as well as her wealth depended on Lennon.

     It was during Lennon’s absence that John Green came into her life.  While John Green tells a fairly smooth story in his Dakota Years one has the feeling that he is being highly selective in what he tells while he slyly ridicules the Ono-Lennons as their superior.  The attitude easily leads to contempt and from contempt to abuse.  Of course he would have to dissimulate both the contempt and abuse as Ono would be reading the book.  As I imagine, a priest in the Santeria religion, he would have been in the company of  some shady characters.  I don’t know how many actual Yorubas were in NYC but I have met a couple elsewhere.

     One imagines most of the hierarchy Green came into contact with was African or American Blacks.  Santeria involves a deal of ritual sacrifice while money would be needed.  I suspect that John Green was involved in the extortion attempt on the Ono-Lennons.  This may have been Santeria related.  Thus a sort of Black Hand organization was created.  Rather than go for the big money that would have created a stir, the group settled for hitting up people with millions for a mere 200K each.  An unpleasant tax for being rich but one more conveniently paid than to die resisting.

      We have only Green’s version of the extortion and his relationship to it.  He paints himself in a relatively good light.  The Ono-Lennons did call in the FBI, they did give the extortionists newspaper rather than cash as the FBI advised.  But then things went wrong.  The FBI apparently had only one tail on the extortionist who came for the money rather than a series of back ups.  The agent inexplicably lost his man.  The Ono-Lennons never received another call but they had been warned that if they failed to pay Lennon would be killed whether it took one, two or more years.  In December of 1980 the bill fell due.  On December 8th he was shot.  December 7th is Pearl Harbor Day so there may be a Japanese connection.  Yoko Ono being Japanese, her numerologist and the assassin’s wife while Chapman missed the appointed day by one.

     The question then hangs on Mark David Chapman the shooter.  He is still alive and in prison.  He was an assassin as the classic lone nut like Lee Harvey Oswald and any number of assassins who pay the law for the crime while the organizers go free.  The technique has been well known to criminals for centuries.  Any time a lone nut assassinates someone you may be sure that they were a patsy as Oswald announced over TV he was.

     It seems likely that Chapman had been hypnotized.  Witnesses said Chapman acted as though in a trance and he himself said he heard a voice in his head saying:  Do it. Do it. Do it.  The problem would be how he was recruited.  I, of course, can say nothing for certain  while what I am saying now is merely an hypothesis or inquiry.  The main thing is that Chapman was supposed to be a lone nut.  Ridiculous.

     The most obvious recruitment method was the Santeria of which John Green was a member and to which Yoko Ono was

Mark Chapman

sympathetic.  There are some oddities in the Chapman story that have to be explained not least of which are the large sums of money expended by Chapman in relation to his income.  He was a married man therefore had a wife to support.  Yet in 1978 he was in Japan at the same time as the Ono-Lennons beginning an around the world flight.

     Perhaps Tokyo was the first stop of the trip around the world that then led to Seoul, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Delhi, Israel, Geneva, Paris, London, Dublin, Atlanta and back to Hawaii.  His travel agent was a Japanese woman, Gloria Abe, who he then courted and married.  She is reported to have been involved in occult circles.  She may have seen so involved that, through Takahashi Yoshikawa, Yoko’s numerologist she was brought in to arrange the trip.  Such an around the world trip in a Westerly direction- sundown to sunup- according to Yoshikawa’s numerology would be characteristic of Yoko Ono.  She and Lennon made a round the world trip for occult reasons as did both Lennon individually and John Green at her instance.  Green made his trip in 59 1/2 hours only leaving a plane once to change to another.  As the financing of Chapman’s trip is unknown I would suggest Yoko Ono.

      Two years after this very costly trip around the world Chapman flew from Hawaii to first Chicago, then Atlanta, then to New York where he landed a few days before the assassination.  Once again, well beyond his means.  It is said that he took paintings to Chicago that he sold.  Where he would have gotten the paintings isn’t known but once again Yoko is the obvious source.  She had an art gallery of valuable art work.

     While in Atlanta he contacted a former roommate, then a Deputy Sheriff, Gene Scott, who gave him the hollow point exploding

Santeria Priestess

bullets for a handgun.  One assumes such bullets couldn’t be bought over the counter.  One wonders why Scott didn’t ask what Chapman intended to do with them.  And if he did and Chapman told him Gene Scott is clearly an accomplice and should be questioned.

     Chapman himself came from Atlanta where in his teen years he was known to ingest any and all drugs.  Atlanta was also a Santeria center with several weird Black cults.  Lennon’s death took place at the same time as the Atlanta child murders for which Wayne Williams was later convicted.  The Santeria religion has been suspected in these obvious sacrificial murders while John Green establishes a Santeria connection to the Ono-Lennons and Yoko in particular.

     Yoko was an excellent hypnotist who understood the use and power of suggestion.  The Santerists as Africans would be well versed in the use of suggestion and hypnotism.

     Chapman said he was possessed by the Devil while appearing to be in a hypnotic trance.  All this rather amusingly is taking place at the Dakota, the scene of the Devil’s birth in Rosemary’s Baby.  Indeed, the identical apartment.

     After Lennon’s death there was no period of mourning or sense of loss by Yoko.  All Lennon’s assets were in her control and name before his death.  The so-called will of Lennon is suspicious, although the will was unnecessary becaue I doubt if Lennon thought of a will while the will appointed the art dealer Sam Green as the gaurdian of son Sean in the event the Ono-Lennons perished together.  Lennon wasn’t that enamored of Sam Green.

     Within a few days Sam Havadtoy was installed as Yoko’s live-in where  he remained for twenty years.

     While Yoko’s success as an artist and rock n’ roller wasn’t affected by Lennon’s death she now had the money to pay to have her art exhibited.  Even then she found her reputation was indissolubly linked to her dead husband.  She has become a caretaker for the Lennon legend parceling out old recordings while humiliatingly Lennon’s artwork is more in demand than hers.

     She seems to have patterned her later career on that of Andy Warhol who as he acquired fame and fortune managed to insinutate himself into certain society circles.  So has Yoko.  Now, at 78, she has attained a certain status although still extremely self-centered while having an appearance of terminal aloneness.


Animus and Anima

50 Responses to “Part III: Mourning Becomes Yoko”

  1. Kristin Meyer Says:

    What makes you so sure John Green signed Yoko’s name on that pact with the devil (and not John’s)? After all, Mr. Green was on Yoko’s payroll, and she already had control of the finances. If all we have is Mr. Green’s word, I’m afraid that isn’t enough for me… He came across to me as every bit as self-serving (at anyone else’s expense) as Yoko Ono has, herself.

  2. reprindle Says:

    Well, Kristin, there is no real way of knowing. Green does give an ambiguous answer merely implying that he didn’t sign Yoko’s name. As an at least partial believer in witchcraft he probably didn’t sign his own. If he didn’t sign Yoko’s, which is possible, then unless the document is discovered we will never know for sure.

  3. michele Says:

    Very interesting and informative article. Well done! I never considered the Yoko-Chapman assassin theory, and while seemingly far-fetched, was presented in a compellingly lucid way. It’s strange because, without knowing about much of this, so many Lennon fans believe Yoko was to blame. Many like myself, just blame her for dragging him into Satanism, (and I believe Satan is real.) It’s with smug satisfaction that we can feel assured that Yoko is viewed as an odd associate with Lennon, and disregarded for her own work. When she tried to sing at Ringo’s birthday celebration, he had arranged for her microphone to be dead. Haha. She’s more of a joke than anything, but, it’s a shame if she was truly behind the destruction of such a sweet man. I met Lennon when I was younger, and he was unpretentious, kind and the antithesis of Yoko. No wonder she wanted him out of the way.

  4. reprindle Says:

    Michele: I think it’s a pretty sad story. I’ve done additional study and thinking and have added to the evidence.

    Of course, I don’t mean to assert positively that Yoko was involved but as they say on TV detective shows:Does that mean I’m a suspect? I think it does.

    Thanks for reading.

    • L A Hardeman Says:

      Hey, R.E. as you can see that one a year has gone by since you responded to my enquiry re: finding John Green. I rarely go on line and look at Mande Dahl stuff, although there seems to be more than ever and I am not the one posting it.

      What I am working on is a hard core anti war song “Afganistan” and I know if John Lennon was still alive, and daresay, John Green, who most likely is still kicking around somewhere, would wholly endorse the lyrics. Hoping to attract some new musicians to work with out here in the South Bay.

      Music and lyric writing is still deep in me. Most of all we need lyrics to hear and visions to see the view of the world’s need to live peacefully together . That’s what John Lennon was all about and I am especially humbled by the time I got to spend in New York and living in the Broome St. House.

      I know you have done an in depth study of John Lennon’s life and how Yoko played into it and over took it. She is a strong spirit in this world that is without a doubt.
      L A Hardeman

  5. linda hardeman Says:

    Hi All,
    I am mande dahl, punk rock singer of the mande dahl band. i live at 496 broome street (john and yoko’s soho house) with john green during the early 80’s, at the time of John Lennon’s assignation. I lost touch with john green when he moved to california.

    now i am back in california too, having a revival of sorts of all things mande dahl and would very much like to get in touch with john green. could you be so kind as to send him my email address and he may get in touch if he would like to catch up. i now live in hermosa beach, maybe he is not too far away.

    mande dahl

  6. reprindle Says:

    Linda: I don’t know John. I wish I knew where to contact him myself. I’d like to interview him. Sorry I can’t help. Would you be willing to give me some background on John?

  7. philip heathcote Says:

    hi Linda

    Are you the Linda Hardeman of california revival granola along with jeff Hunter

    Would live to speak to you again about the 70s

    • L A Hardeman Says:

      Hello Philip!

      Yes it is me. get in touch and give me a an email address and I will write you direct. Long time since the Braintree, Essex days…of crunchy granola…and this is pretty funny…as i write, I am in the midst of working passionately on cranking up a new set of Mande Dahl tunes …and am involved in starting up the California Revival Granola, back in Cali where it all started….Hope you are well Philip. Please let me hear from you.

      LA Hardeman

  8. reprindle Says:

    Linda: This is in response to your other post. For some reason when I approved it the post was put in as a quote to post 4 above.

    It sounds like you’re being pretty productive. Good to see that.

    Listen: I read some where that John Green is a pseudonym. Is that true? Still haven’t found anything on him.

  9. Michelle Says:

    I always thought it was weird that MDC wife was Japanese. I feel someone with the money and time should look into Yoko’s past.

  10. MJ Says:

    i heard Sean lives at Broome st now. Is it true?

  11. Lillian Says:

    Have you ever though of the Lennon/McCartney connection or as I call it the doomed love affair of the century. John was in love with Paul and could never have him for fear of (mostly Paul’s side) the scandal it would bring The Beatles. Yoko knew about John’s love of Paul. No wonder she hated him, Paul was the EX.

  12. Piety Says:

    Do we know, if Yoko at least got back half of what she gave John? That would settle some scores for John. If one believes in occult, then one has to believe in Karma.
    I am an avid biography reader. Reading all the information available on John, I feel people have often misinterpreted things. John was one unlucky man, right from his childhood, although highly talented, and definitely, easily loved by his warm, yet sometimes complex, nature. Aunt Mimi grabbed him without love, and in today’s times no one would accord it right to take a child away from his mother, on the reasons Mimi quoted.
    He definitely found his best relationship with Cynthia, who loved him back unconditionally without any malice.John’s typed letter to Cynthia in late 70s, clearly shows his affection for her. I do believe John and Cynthia loved each other for quite a while, unlike what some Lennonists state.
    Most rock stars take drugs, but Yoko probably fed drugs, and hypnotism to enamor him, and then of course his life was miserable, trying to maintain an image that just was a sham. He is probably more peaceful, wherever he is now.

  13. reprindle Says:

    Piety: A most interesting response. I don’t know if I can do justice to all the points you’ve raised but here are a couple thoughts.

    My view of both John and Yoko is that they had seriously damaged psyches. John had enough self control to get to the top of the pops but had no direction from there while having so little self esteem that he couldn’t wear the mantle of stardom.

    Yoko was seriously deranged by the effect of the fire bombing of Tokyo becoming quite delusive. She saw John’s psychological quandary and moved in on him. As she thought she was a great artist while being a superior musician to John because of her association with John Cage she attempted vampire like to displace John in the Beatles.

    Failing that she plundered John for both his material and spiritual assets. Having secured his material assets before 1980 she seriously believed she had displaced his spirituality on his last record, Double Fantasy. I’m sure you will agree that that’s a telling title.

    There may not be irrefutable evidence that she was involved with Chapman in his murder of John but it is a peculiar coincidence that no sooner was Double Fantasy and her imagined need of John completed giving her his material and spiritual assets that he was disposed of.

    She had prepared by having all his material assets placed in her name while even having his successor, Sam Havadtoy, in house. Impeccable planning except that she had deluded herself into thinking that with John dead his musical success would accrue to herself. You can imagine her bitter disappointment when the record buying public rejected her.

    At that point then she had to revert back from being John to being his grieving widow and the executor of his legacy.

    So, no, what little she gave to John was returned without measure. On the other hand by replacing his ego to some extent she preserved his shattered identity long enough for him to regain his balance by 1980.

    Whatever was, was and can’t be changed.

    Yoko probably served the same function for John as his Aunt Mimi. While John nursed a romanticized vision of his wastrel mother his Aunt Mimi gave him enough stability to make it through until Epstein put him and the Beatles on their feet. Epstein may be seen as a bridge between John’s Aunt Mimi and Yoko.

  14. Nancy-Sue Rose Says:

    I want to thank you for your articles about Lennon. Thru my studies of Beatles, and particularly of John, that I did in the late eighties, and have resumed now, I surmised what your research led you to. Having in the meantime studied mind control, Zionists, CIA, etc, etc…, all of this info in your articles fits… I did not know about the coincidental time that both Chapman and Yoko were in Japan.

  15. dizzydezy Says:

    I always found it curious that Sam Green allegedly secured an Egyptian sarcophagus for Ono that remains in the Dakota to this day. Supposedly the remains of the mummy princess are still inside. That’s just a bit weird… but mummys have for a long time been known for their “magical healing properties” so who knows??
    I just can’t help but think of that story anytime Sam Green’s name is mentioned. Any progress on interviewing him? I would love to read that! Thanks for the info… interesting stuff indeed.

  16. reprindle Says:

    Hi. I checked out your site and was quite impressed. I couldn’t find any way to comment.

    Wherever Green is if he’s still alive he doesn’t want to be reached. I think it would be an interesting interview.

    I haven’t sorted through your essays yet, fairly complex, but would like to maintain to contact to discuss things. Let me know.

  17. reprindle Says:

    Diz: I don’t really know where to begin but see what you think of this.

    Your analysis of the Sgt. Pepper’s cover is amazing. My understanding is that it probably reflects the interests of the group of artists centered on the salon of Robert Fraser- Groovy Bob- and Christopher Gibbs. Once the Beatles essentially created the worldwide notion of Swinging London the Fraser group caught their coattails, especially McCartney, the Stones and eventually the most significant groups injecting Crowley and Satanism into the whole lot. The Stones and Marianne Faithfull especially.

    Then you have the involvement of the Process Church, Kenneth Anger, Donald Cammell and the circle is complete.

    Possibly the cover reflects the interests or Weltanschauung of this whole group focused through the Beatles’ fame.

    Connected also may be David Bailey’s portfolio of the leading lights of the period that included the Kray Brothers. The Krays were muscling into the music scene trying to coopt the groups. Tony Sanchez, I believe through them, was connected to Richards and was probably their agent while their attempt to strip Epstein of the Beatles may have resulted in his death.

    The details you have amassed concerning the Sgt. Pepper’s cover are certainly deep and amazing. They are definitely probably a record of the fixations of the period. Leaves me breathless.

    • dizzydezy Says:

      I think you may have summed it up pretty well. There are definitely some interesting things involved around this time in the Beatles camp. The Indica Gallery crowd has always made me raise an eyebrow or two- and the fact that it has been mentioned in passing that Yoko and Paul had net prior to the infamous meeting of John and Yoko. That opens up a whole new can of worms.

      As far as the Crowley influence, I am not so sure that this influence was not there prior to 1966… The symbolism involved in the Beatles works in my opinion, has always had a bit of an occult influence. Even as far back as the Cavern Club… perhaps before that with their rendezvous in Germany. But NO DOUBT we are beginning to see the huge impact that Crowley has had on pop culture.

      I have just started looking into the Kray brother’s shenanigans myself. In fact, that’s where I found your blog! I was looking for more information regarding the “lost chapter” from Spanish Tony’s “Up and Down With the Rolling Stones” and happened upon your wonderful blog! Do you have any further information on that “lost chapter”? Can we be sure it is really from Tony Sanchez’s book? For me, those few pages sums up and confirms nearly EVERYTHING I have been researching for years now. I am currently writing a blog about it now.

      I really enjoy your blog… let’s please keep in touch.

  18. reprindle Says:

    Diz: I hesitate to venture too far without some familiarity of what you’ve read. For instance you mention Spanish Tony’s book. The most common one is Up And Down With The Rolling Stones. Then there is the 2003 edition of I Was Keith Richard’s Drug Dealer.

    Are you familiar with my essay Who Is Spanish Tony Sanchez?
    Someone calling himself Spanish Tony was commenting on it. The 2003 volume has some additional text not in the first volume as was pointed out by ‘Spanish Tony.’

    You would have to read the exchange between he and I to see who you think he may have been. I think it’s possible it was Spanish Tony and he didn’t die in 2003. At any rate he backed off when I tried to really question him.

    So we have to explore each other’s minds a little to see the extent and type of knowledge we have if you follow me.

    Check out my essay to see what you think. I’m also really interested in your interpretation of he content of the Sgt. Pepper’s cover. Robert Fraser was fully conversant with Crowley before the Beatles and Stones burst onto the scene. When they arrived he had to coopt them which he did.

    I’m sure you’re familiar with Lewisohn’s The Beatle’s Tune In.
    Give me some idea of your library and I can send mine.

    • dizzydezy Says:

      I read your essay on Spanish Tony! Great information. Like I said, that is what brought me to your site. He has just come into my radar very recently, I have just started to familiarize myself with that story. The “lost chapter” I was referring to I happened upon just last week. I was not familiar with its existence prior. Here is where I read it. Are you able to verify its authenticity? I have just run into so many “hoaxes” and misinformation pertaining to these subjects- I try to cross reference wherever I go.
      Look at it, and tell me what you think. Here is the link:
      I will be reading more of your essays in the coming days! You have piqued my interest!! Thank you for all your hard work.
      I would also invite you to read some of my own blogs on my site- to get to know my work a bit better. Particularly my Flaming Pye in the Sky Series.
      I am very glad we connected.

      • dizzydezy Says:

        Also, I just want to add, I am very familiar with Robert Frasier and his influences on the boys (particularly Paul)- and I am well acquainted with his fascination with Crowley. I believe he did initiate Paul into the OTO organization (maybe John too??), and you can see evidence of this on the Sgt. Pepper album cover. However- I am also finding these influences much earlier than the Sgt. Pepper era- just not as prominent. Some of my blog articles deal with these references specifically, but there is so much more to write about that I haven’t yet.
        Again, I would ask you to look around and read some of the work I have already done to understand where I am coming from.

  19. reprindle Says:

    Diz: Yes, I’m familiar with the missing chapter but I reviewed it again. My take on it is this: Everything checks out. John Blake was the publisher and he co-wrote with Tony. He was a journalist before a publisher who had a lot of inside information. Sometimes rather than just co-write he writes a section where he thinks he knows more than Tony.

    In reading through The Missing Chapter, his style seems to predominate. I don’t think it is a hoax. I think the information is authentic and accurate within one man’s point of view. Tony wasn’t present at the Browne accident so obviously he’s collating other people’s stories. Actually so far as we know no one was a witness so it’s all more or less guess work.

    I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures of the more than totaled car. Not only am I surprised that Suki survived if she was in the passenger seat but able to walk away into the night. It would seem that somebody gave her a ride home. Who that someone was may never be known. It does seem that she had to have a ride though.

    If McCartney was somehow at the scene perhaps he scooped her up and drove her away in his car. Some stories say he and Browne were racing.

    The information on the interaction between the Krays and Epstein and Fraser seems to be accurate so I see no reason to doubt the chapter was deleted from the book. In my estimation no hoax.

    I have read through your site. Great beginning.

    You’re US right? What are you working on now?

    • dizzydezy Says:

      I am really pleased with your positive confirmation of Tony’s lost chapter. I have been working with this specific period in Beatles history, and had come to most of the same conclusions. When I happened upon that lost chapter last week, I was floored because it had confirmed so many things that I had been suspecting for so long. It is nearly “too perfect” and hence, it raised a bit of caution on my end. Absolutely amazing! Thank you for your feedback.

      The Beatles seem to be this group of men so high up on a pedestal that no one can say anything negative in any way about them without backlash or harsh criticism. They were larger than life and seemingly above the law in some ways. It’s no wonder that chapter was omitted from Tony’s book. I love the Beatles, I really do- but I think it is time to start re-thinking them.

      Currently, I am working on 3 drafts of blog articles simultaneously. The lost chapter is one, pattie Boyd and her sister Jenny is another, and the Beatles strange rendezvous in Greece. It may take some time due to time constraints at the moment, but writing and the Beatles combines two of my deepest passions. So it shouldn’t be TOO long. I look forward to reading more of your work as well, what have you got coming out in the future?

      I hope my blogs don’t scare you too much… Haha. I have some pretty far out articles. The Beatles have taken me on some wild journeys, I love following them down the strange rabbit hole adventures they lead me.

      Another blog article of mine you might find interesting is “kaleidoscope eyes, Crowley and the symbolic pyramid.” Check it out if you get the chance. I would love your honest feedback and criticism.

  20. reprindle Says:

    I already read that. Found it very interesting. I have a fair background in the occult but it is taking me time to absorb things, put them in a mental order.

    Rethinking is OK but the adventure of the Beatles, the first world band of the lot, is a very extraordinary thing. I’m no Beatles fan per se but the rocket blast from leather punks to whatever they became, the theft of 95% or so what they earned and then the aftermath is so incredible that it is almost impossible to be told.

    Tell me, Diz, have you read the Andrew Look Oldham autobiographies yet? Incredible stuff, it all meshes into what was the adventure of the Sixties. A lot of positive stuff and a shitload of negative stuff. Well, accentuate the positive and keep the negative in perspective.

    I’ll go over the Crowley article, it is involved, so it will take some time.

    • dizzydezy Says:

      thank you for the recommendation. I have not read that yet! Sounds fabulous. I will put that on my “to read” list.
      And I completely agree with the Beatles incredible tale. It is amazing. Always promote what you love. The Beatles were a phenomenon this world had never witnessed before- and probably will never witness again. I think they were geniuses- musically and otherwise, but sadly taken advantage of by the many cockroaches that crawled out of the woodwork during their success.
      Thanks again for your insight. I do appreciate you taking the time out to chat with me a bit.

  21. reprindle Says:

    Diz: Some questions.
    Why did you connect the Masonic tracing board with the album cover?

    Have you read Manly Hall.

    What did McCartny have to do with Urban Spaceman. That’s one of my favorite songs.

    Are you a Mason?

    • dizzydezy Says:

      The tracing board was just inspired if my own merit. I was researching Marlene Dietrich from the Sgt pepper cover, and quickly realized she had a very interesting background. Realizing her born name had major significance, and “Magdalene” means tower in Hebrew, I just decided to see what would happen if I aligned her with the beauty pillar from the 1st degree tracing board- and some interesting things lined up.
      I have read manly hall.
      McCartney helped produce ” I’m the urban spaceman” with bonzo doo da band. Under the psynonym “Apollo c vermouth”. McCartney has actually used a lot of aliases and assumed names throughout his career. Bonzo doo dah band also has a cameo performance in the Beatles “magical mystery tour” film, and can be heard singing “death cab for cutie” in the film. Some people think that McCartney is actually playing Vivian stanshall in that performance in the film.
      I am not a mason, nor am I affiliated with any occult, hermetic, or esoteric order or secret society or even any religious organization. The subject matter simply fascinates me, and I try to learn all I can.

      • dizzydezy Says:

        I edited my comment on my own blog- so here is the remainder of the edit- just so we are on the same page here.

        I could be completely interpreting the symbolism incorrectly- it is all just speculation really, on my part. But with that said- the symbolism- if not intended per se is quite interesting in its own right. It is also quite possible that the Beatles had little to do with the encodings on the cover (if that is indeed what was intended) and instead was influenced by Peter Blake and Robert Frasier. However, I have to disagree that McCartney did not have any input in that because it seems to have his “name” all over it.

        • reprindle Says:

          You know more about the cover than I do Diz. I’ve never really examined it as you have. I agree that McCartney was much more social than the other Beatles and generally more expansive and curious.

          However much input he had though I think the artists were in competition with the recording artists and out to get their own back. That may be the reason the Beatles generally has very interesting covers.

  22. dizzydezy Says:

    Reprindle- Have you read or reviewed the work done by Dave McGowan regarding Laurel Canyon in Southern California? If you are not familiar, I think you would really enjoy his book: “Weird Scenes inside the Canyon”
    Here is an interview with Dave, the author of that book for a bit of background information if you are not already familiar.
    I would love to pick your brain a bit about it. By the looks of your large collection of essays, you have a very well rounded and experienced viewpoint that I admire very much. Thank you again for all of your time and efforts.

  23. reprindle Says:

    Diz: Yes I have read McGowan. I think I have all his books but you never know there’s always one or two that slip through. I hope he’s still alive but the last I read cancer had him down.

    Actually he has a more interesting rendering of the music scene on a series of the Internet. Can’t remember exactly what it’s called but lots of great pictures and really interesting details.

    Thanks for the interview reference I haven’t seen that yet.

    Weird Scenes did has some interesting details though.

  24. reprindle Says:

    A side note: I was in the record business at the time and was around LA a fair amount. I knew some people on the flat end of Laurel Canyon but I was never up the hill.

    • dizzydezy Says:

      Dave McGowan passed on in November of last year. November 22nd actually (same date as JFK).
      What is your opinion of the conclusions Dave has made in his laurel canyon book?
      I usually remain skeptical about most things, I tend to question everything I am told, until I can verify certain things for myself, and even then I usually question them! Haha.
      With that said, most of the information in mcgowan’s book does seem to check out- but one topic he never touches upon is the issue of the “British Invasion” in the 60s and what role that may have had on the supposed “counter culture” IN the US.
      That aspect has been one of my main lines of research on this topic, but continue to hit brick walls.

  25. reprindle Says:

    Diz: What do I think of McGowan’s scholarship? I love the guy, of course, we went to different schools together, but then I love anybody that keeps me amused. As a conspiracy theorist, I don’t know. It certainly is amazing how many sons of the intelligence community got into music and came West. What is even more astounding is that such a high percentage not only had talent but mega talent.

    But, do you really believe that because Jim Morrison was the son of an admiral that made him an undercover agent? What did the CIA do, hand him his notebook full of great songs and say Go West Young Man and propagandize anti-war songs? Did they then steal the notebook back when the were through with him? Couldn’t the CIA have helped their boy out in Miami when he flashed his dick? How hard would that have been? Flashing your dick isn’t as bad as, oh say, the Tate-La Bianca murders is it?

    Jorma Kaukonen and Marty Balin were DC sons of intelligence parents. But Kaukonen is an astonishing good musician and great guitarist; Marty Balin is accomplished: They created the Jefferson Airplane whose name is a drug reference. If they were agents where did they get their talent? You can hire people to write songs for you but you can’t put a guitar in some yo-yo’s hands and say Play like a master.

    So, I like McGowan’s observations but I’m leery of his conclusions. However the presence of Manson and his people where the action was is comprehensible. But, those people looked like trouble from a bow shot away, there were lots of that kind in those days. One would go a long ways to avoid them. They may have been around but how welcome were they?

    Dave’s stuff takes a lot of corroboration. Your instincts are good.

    Not only would you avoid people like Manson’s but I’d even go out my way to avoid Frank Zappa.

    I read Dave’s stuff and enjoy it, I know he’s sincere but he avoids convincing conclusions. Don’t quote him.

    • dizzydezy Says:

      It seems to me that for centuries now there has been an inner-war between secret societies. A feud of sorts- which is being played out right before our eyes.

      I like McGowan’s work, and it opened a whole new paradigm for me, but I admit there are some holes in his “theory” that need proper explanation. For example, these mega-idol musicians with military backgrounds were singing about revolution and going against the grain of society. Wouldn’t they be more likely to sing about “love your government, never question anything” if they indeed were “working for the “man”? It just seems odd that this was the course they decided to take with their music. On the other hand, fear is a powerful emotion- divide and conquer right? If the intention was to prop these “pop stars” up to such dizzying heights that the younger generation would abide by all they said/did- you would think they would have had a better message to control the various uprisings within the US at the time. But I suppose the promotion of LSD did the job accordingly….
      As far as the mega-talent that you were referring to- if this was indeed a “planned” psy-op or whatever you want to call it- there is a good chance that these musicians were trained from a very early age to be musicians. Plopped a guitar and a microphone in front of them at age two, and payed for the finest musical training money could buy. It is an interesting notion, and no doubt completely possible.
      One thing that I always try to keep in perspective is the amount of funding it requires to promote an up-and-coming musician. Someone had to print all those records that were sold right? Someone had to give the newest single to all the major radio stations to play over and over and over and over again right? I can not say with confidence that the music that is “chosen” for the top 40 of any given week was not hand-picked by their own investors. A guarantee of success if you will. Does that even make sense?

  26. reprindle Says:

    Record promotion is very easily misunderstood. If it ain’t in the grooves it ain’t going to go. Harold Parson’s All American Boy was a natural out of the box but rather than take chances they payolaed with an open hand almost destroying his career. Fortunately he had another name in his wallet and started using Bobby Bare where Harold’s success continued as before because he had ‘it’ and knew how to get it in the grooves. Can’t be done any other way.

    Buffalo Springfield didn’t make it for any other reason that it wasn’t in the grooves no how big a cult following they may have had.

    Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Cassidy’s records are great for those that like them like me but the hit is not in the grooves and no amount of promotion with make them a hit.

    On the other hand when Stills, Crosby & Nash teamed up they were overflowing with ‘it’ and the public intuited it. CSN was presold. I could and did order a hundred before release with the complete assurance that they would just be the first order.

    Consider that the Kingston Trio had two intelligence sons as a folk group in the fifties and they had overflowing it and talent. Why weren’t my parents in intelligence? I want my money back.

    • dizzydezy Says:

      Very interesting. It all boils down to charisma or the “it” I suppose. Thank you for your perspective. It is good to be able to consider multiple angles of any story for further clarity and understanding.

  27. reprindle Says:

    Star quality, Diz. Being photogenic. As in writing you have to write with a passion that your audience can sympathize with. Some writers can put you to sleep with killer material and others can make dud stuff exciting. If you’re really lucky you’ve got star quality and dynamite material…and riding the crest of the wave.

    • dizzydezy Says:

      Thanks reprindle. Hopefully my material doesn’t put you to sleep! Haha.
      I read the Iliad years and years ago.. Perhaps it is time to revisit. I love mythology, and the greater mysteries, secret societies, etc. To me, these are all branches of the same tree. I can’t claim to be an expert in anything really (except maybe Beatles history) but I love to learn. It’s a good day anytime I learn something new. And there is ALWAYS more to learn.

      • reprindle Says:

        Learning is a bottomless pit. The more you learn the more ignorant you realize you are. Nobody is qualified to write on anything because we haven’t learned all there is. So, I don’t worry, I try to be circumspect and avoid major gaffes. You’re doing great. The important thing is that we don’t get hung up on our pet theories and stop actually learning.

        Yeah I read the Iliad decades ago too and didn’t understand much. Maybe three decades back I picked it up and read it again. At that point I figured that there was something going on here but I didn’t know what it was.

        Then I read it three, four, five, six, seven times and finally, I think, have got the scheme figured out. But it is a deep book, the bible of the Greeks. Homer had an incredible mind.

        If your writing bored me I wouldn’t be reading it. I assume you find mine interesting or you wouldn’t be reading it.

  28. reprindle Says:

    It appears that you have a good founding in Greek mythology Diz. I think the secret society thing is based on the fact that maybe the earliest societies were communistic and matriarchical. Then individualism came to the fore and the war between the Patriarchy and Matriarchy began.

    Being an individual and patriarch as they developed were probably secret societies in commune and matriarchy. Reversed today. It was a long conflict but Greek mythology is largely a record of those two conflicts. Zeus made all those women his and thus subordinated them to the Patriarchy.

    Try the Iliad which is on one level a war between Zeus and Hera, that is the Matriarchy and the Patriarchy. The Iliad is one terrific book when you get into it.

    I’m glad to see you’re a mythologist anyway.

    • dizzydezy Says:

      One side note in regards to your original comments: the infiltration of satanic influences upon the music industry (namely the Beatles and the Stones) although personally, I can see this influence long prior to Frasier’s introduction- most likely occurred in 1966.
      Any correlation in your opinion to the many gifted musicians we have lost this past year? It has been precisely 50 years since 1966. Perhaps some kind of a contract has come to term? I dunno, just a thought I have had rattling around in my head as of late.

  29. reprindle Says:

    Diz; I’ve got a lot of stuff on the internet. I work with these problems. The Satanists can probably be traced back to God’s ejection of Lucifer from heaven. God won that one but Satan was merely ejected not destroyed.

    The current Satanic dispensation came into focus in 1966 when Time Magazine had its Is God Dead cover. So we are in agreement on the time frame. Nothing appears from nowhere. it was just unnoticed in developmental stages.

    As to the falling stars, they’re all in their seventies for crying out loud. People start kicking off in numbers from their sixties on. I’m seventy-eight and more or less waiting for the appearance of the Reaper. For me the old country song went: I’m going to live, live, live until I die.

    As Tennyson wrote: Let their be no moaning at the bar when I put out to sea. I’m sure their won’t be.

  30. reprindle Says:

    Diz: You make an interesting observation on the covers of the Beatles records. It led me to reassess the two covers of Yesterday and Today. The title also is indicative of their attempt to shuck the Mop Top image of their careers.

    Suddenly the puzzle of the First State cover became clear. the First State as you know (other readers might not, these comments are always addressed o readers in addition to yourself) was of the meat hanging and broken up body parts of dolls. We were all either confused or enraged by it. But now I think the Beatles were trying to express their confusion and dismay at their success.

    Their bodies and minds, represented by the doll parts had been blown apart while the hanging meat represented that they were treated as a commercial commodity.

    The reaction against the cover was so strong Capitol recalled the records to paste the Second State cover over the First. The Second State showed them pushed back into the Mop Top box. They are sitting around on boxes, luggage representing touring, while McCartney, I believe, was sitting in front of an open trunk.

    An interesting possible solution. As McCartney seems to be central to these situations perhaps more attention should be paid specifically to him. I’m now purely rambling: Perhaps he was actually so troublesome that it was thought necessary to replace him or contain him (the trunk) hence the Paul is dead controversy.

  31. reprindle Says:

    Diz: Follow this argument. In 1963 McCartney met Jane Asher. They became close and McCartney moved into the Asher mansion.
    Jane Asher began her film career as child actress and by 1963 had an actual career.

    Jane and her family were artistic. I imagine the old manse had a lot of esoteric books. This would all have been new to Paul but he was taken by it. How well and how fast he absorbed enough to employ the symbolism on the covers is conjectural but the time frame is right as the couple split in 1968,

    Dylan coming from the boondocks to NYC was also artistically illiterate when he hit NYC. He quickly linked up with Suze Rotolo who performed the same function for him taking him into the avant garde, museums etc. So that in songs he was able to sound like he had an incredible education that was virtually a put on.

    Perhaps McCartney’s situation is similar. Your theory is more or less intact. Great show.

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