15. The View From Prindle’s Head

June 19, 2020

  1. The View From Prindle’s Head


R.E. Prindle


The period from 1492 to the career of Joseph Oppenheimer, known to history as the Jud Suss, or Jew Suss, in the middle of the eighteenth century was a terrible time for Jews. Either expelled from or unwelcome everywhere in Europe the tribe was truly wandering in the desert without an effective central authority or direction.

It was the time of the many messiahs as any Jew with the gall could present himself as the long awaited one. None got very far in their impersonation except one and that one was a man called Sabbatai Zevi. Zevi worked in the Ottoman Empire to which many Jews had migrated from Spain. This was during the seventeenth century c. 1650.

One should note the date because European society had been developing rapidly and freeing itself from the Judaeo-Catholic incubus. Entering a period called the Enlightenment. When the Turks captured Constantinople, now Istanbul, numerous Greek scholars fled West reinforcing Classical learning that strengthened scientific development among the Aryans and among the Aryans only. Early experimentation, the Alchemists, was deeply mixed with the supernatural but by the time of the Enlightenment taking form in the seventeenth century the European mind was rapidly developing a scientific consciousness.

The Jewish mind however was till immured in the supernatural and magical. Indeed, it has never left. Thus, while the Aryan mind became objective, looking outward from the mind, the Jewish mind remained subjective, as it is today, looking inwardly. Thus as late as the sixteenth century Rabbi Loewe is credited with creating the Golem. The Golem was a stone monster created to be an avenging angel of the Jews. In the time honored manner Rabbi Loewe gathered some mud together, muttered a magical formula, then himself being a master magician, breathed life into its nostrils and, voila!- The Golem.

Which is not to say that the supernatural had vacated the Aryan mind as yet, but that by the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the spectre of the supernatural had been brought under control and objectivity owned the field.

Thus, the messiah, Sabbatai Zevi conquered the Jewish mind establishing himself universally in Europe. The day of redemption then seemed at hand. The date fixed for the redemption was in the year 1666. One of the many, many dates over the centuries when the messiah was to appear. The year 1000 had also been a year of the Great Hope.

At any rate, the Jews armed for a repeat of the Roman Revolution of 70-135 AD. Many Jews sold all their goods and indulged themselves in various follies as no money would be needed in the after-redemption. Throughout Europe the Jews armed themselves in readiness to commit genocide on the Europeans. They awaited only the word from Zevi. Sabbatai wasn’t the soul of confidence while the Sultan having gotten word of Zevi’s pretensions sent him an invitation to attend him at the palace.

Of course Sabbatai obliged the Sultan. Then things began to sour. The Sultan having plumbed Zevi’s depth offered him a choice, death or conversion to Mohammedanism. What’s a boy to do in a situation like that? Sabbatai Zevi swallowed hard then asked in a quavering voice: Anybody have a spare turban?

Thus the word was out that Sabbatai had become a Moslem ending the threat of a holocaust of Europe. A Moslem Sultan had inadvertently saved Europe from potential extinction. But…note the pattern. Genocide is embedded in Jewish psychology. It would express itself after the redemption in Russia in 1917. While knowledge of it has been suppressed the Jews went on a murderous rampage in Russia, Hungary and Germany that was horrendous and disgusting, that being the reason it has been suppressed. However the Europeans in the West observed and did not forget. They just didn’t go around announcing: Never Again!

The failure of the proposed insurrection and Sabbatai’s conversion shattered the Jews. As is usual in such cases the trauma created new gods as the old ones had failed in their duty. It was thus that the Hasidic cult came into existence created by a man calling himself the Baal Shem Tov. He created, not usually is such a situation, an ecstatic religion with a lot howling and jumping around somewhat like the Holy Rollers of the United States. A scene in the German version of the movie Jud Suss depicts this. They created the Tzaddic, a man god whom they revered and taxed themselves to provide him with the most luxurious lifestyle.

The Hasids split the Jewish religion as they controlled the South of what would become the Pale of Settlement with the Rabbinic mainstream occupying the North. From this disaster a sort of messiah named Joseph Frank emerged initiating the Frankist cult to which the future Sigmund Freud adhered. Freud’s view of the unconscious is little more that Frankism dressed in pseudo-scientific language.

The Frankist ideology was that the redemption would never be realized until the Jews had gotten all the evil out of their system so he encouraged his followers to indulge all their evil impulses until the evil was purged. Thus Freud urged the removal of inhibitions.

At the same time as the Jews were resettling in England, France and Germany ‘modern’ Western Jews would emerge while the Eastern wing of the Pale of Settlement sunk into a sort of Medieval semi-barbarity from which Zionism and the future of Israel would emerge.

The big man for the reformation of the Western Jews lived and died in the German Duchy of Wurttemberg. He went by the title of the Jud Suss named Joseph Oppenheimer. His career occurred about seventy-five years after the failed insurrection and the apostasy of Sabbatai Zevi.


15 Responses to “15. The View From Prindle’s Head”

  1. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Nation looking great as we hit the halfway point of 2020; My advice to Americans; keep doing exactly what you have been doing; it has been working so splendidly hitherto….


    Lost in a Roman wilderness of pain
    And all the children are insane
    Waiting for the Summer rain
    ___Morrison ’67

  2. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    First they came for the statues; but I did nothing; as I was not a statue…

    In the old days we would say, “I asked for bread and you gave me a stone”. Today the government’s solution is to take away the people’s stone!

    The people who run your nation are such gutless worms; who lick the collective asses of looters and thugs; and that your people stand for it and “re-elect” (lolz) these slimy toads proves beyond a shadow of a doubt the central thesis I have been building since last autum:

    Your entire nation is collectively fucked in the head.

    • reprindle Says:

      Not the entire country. The Left has invented a new term called a ‘subset.’ Thus though who work with Trump and a ‘subset.’ The Left always outwits itself. Here they have defined the emergent problem. There can be no unity in the United States, nor a ‘united people’ that is composed of subsets. Thus Liberal Whites, Conservative Whites, Negroes, Jews, Moslems etc. are not units with no coherence to the to the people as a unit. The antagonisms are not open.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        The nation will fracture; just like in your short story “Vampires”…it will be for the best; as you cannot live in the same house with two conflicting personalities.
        That’s when I move in as Absolute Monarch and re-unify it as New Babylon.
        As it says in the Book of the Law: “divided for the sake of union”.
        As above; so below.

  3. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Instead of sitting on these domestic terrorists like anyone with a working brain would; why let us “negotiate” (lolz) with them and “compromise” and punish law enforcement for keeping the barbarians at the gate. I mean then the barbarians will like us and will burn down our cities at a slightly slower rate!
    All this from the most “conservative” (lolz) president since Hoover…well, it is a good thing we did not elect a liberal…

    • reprindle Says:

      Would that Trump had the courage of Harding who faced a similar situation in 1920. Harding had the courage to do what you and I want Trump to do but he too was undermined by the same type of people and had himself reversed. Unfortunately that type has to be suppressed and disenfranchised and I mean before they do it to us. There are people controlling Trump, probably led by China’s Xi.

  4. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Disenfranchised…lol…they should never have been given a franchise to begin with…and I mean Almost Everyone…I gave you excerpts from My Sacred Book here and the chapter castigating “democracy” as codified insanity…and the only thing that might save the nation would be a benevolent dictator / monarch.

    • reprindle Says:

      We are probably beyond that. The mélange is so extensive while the Moslems and Jews are the only one with the will and a cohesive mental approach. Unfortunately the approach is stultifying. I foresee a general collapse.

  5. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    10 July 2020: Trump commutes Roger Stone sentence…

    I think he did the right thing…he is an elderly and frail man who would probably die in prison for what is basically a victimless crime…so I agree with giving him a break.

    Moreover Stone kept his mouth shut at trial and did not rat out his friends to get the charges reduced nor did he make a deal to turn state’s evidence…that is what we call a stand up guy and a Man of Honor…not too many of them still around.

    May Mr Stone enjoy his remaining days in peace.

  6. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    I just read the CNN article castigating the commutation and the assertion that Stone did not get a fair trial…
    Their proof…the trial judge “ruled it was a fair trial”.

    Lolzzz…well, if she said it was a fair trial; well it sure must have been!

    What else is she going to say? Is she going to make a fool of herself and admit to errors she might have made or possible failures to rule properly on defense motions or objections?


  7. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    The real reason these state and local officials do not want federal intervention (which should be obvious to anyone with a working brain) is that once the Feds come in and start arresting these punks…what do you think is going to happen when they get them in the interrogation room?

    They are of course going to start naming names; and obviously this was not random but well organized at very high levels.

    Thus once they get the punks to roll over in exchange for reduced charges; those who resisted federal intervention will be looking at 20 to life for conspiracy (and plenty of other counts) and their cushy lives will be only a memory.

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