Greil Marcus The Shape Of Things To Come

July 14, 2007

Notes To A Review Of

Greil Marcus’

The Shape Of Things To Come


R.E. Prindle

Marcus, Greil, The Shape Of Things To Come, 2006, New York.


     ‘The Shape Of Things To Come’ a title borrowed from the mentor of today’s left, H.G. Wells, is Greil Marcus latest attempt at a prophecy of blood, guts and the doom of the United States.  The price of Black slavery he prophesies will be blood flowing in the streets.  ‘Trouble coming every day.’  as Frank Zappa put it.  As to that point I am compelled to agree with him although to understand the reason why doesn’t require the religious ecstasy or possession he seems to believe he has.

     I have already examined this problem in my essay The Deconstruction Of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ America that appeared on and in this blog in which without the rather specious gift of prophecy from De Lawd I projected by scientific reasoning that a Negro reaction to slavery is unavoidable.

     I fear that the bloodshed Mr. Marcus prophesies may be upon us by the next Presidential election if there is one.  I fear that there is a chance that President Bush may cancel the election continuing in power.  Barring that possibility I fear days of bloodshed will arrive with the election of Barack Obama.

     Thanks to a very large extent to the efforts of Mr. Marcus’ Jewish culture the American electorate has been debased to the point where it seems to be unable to deliberate on such matters of vital importance with any degree of intelligence.

     In the first place the Black people have been in open rebellion since at least the 1965 Watts revolt, or riots as it is presently known.

     The opening volley was undoubtedly the Supreme Court Brown decision of 1954 that slowly built into the violent eruption of 1965-69.  Since then the direction has changed into a series of escalating acts of violence against individual Whites of which the recent sadistic violence against a White man and woman in Tennessee is the most detestable example.  The Cutts murder in Ohio is another.  Both murders have been passed over in silence by the Liberal confederates of the Blacks in the media.

     The time is now ripe for the election of a Black President while Barack Obama who is totally unqualified appers as a bland and innocuous Black candidate.  Personally as attractive as a Black Jack Kennedy and twice as dangerous and that saying a whole bunch.  I fear that he will be nominated and elected out of White guilt for the slavery Greil Marcus loves to dwell on.

     To this point I have heard no one inquire as to who might be Mr. Obama’s appointees to his Cabinet.  Key posts such as Secretary Of State or Attorney General.  After the slate of incompetent non-entities of the Bush administration I think the public has a right to know exactly who the friends of Mr. Obama or any other candidate for that matter are.  In my opinion they are running as a slate of candidates.

     Will we, for instance, have the Reverend Jesse Jackson fulminating from the pulpit of the Department of State?  The Reverend Al Sharpton as Attorney General?  Just who is going to serve with Mr. Obama?  He is certainly going to have to satisfy his Black constituency at the expense of the White majority.

     Can such a state of affairs be tolerated?  Mr.  Marcus obviously thinks not.  As he prophesies the Black rebellion will break open and the streets will run red with blood.

     Already in the State of Mississippi where in certain districts Blacks have seized the government they have denied Whites their Constitutional rights which has required Federal intervention to redress the situation.  Whether the situation will be redressed without violence remains to be seen.  With the possible or probable election of Mr. Obama I see the situation spreading from Mississippi throughout the South and unltimately the nation.  The only possible result as Mr. Marcus foresees is civil war.

     Any open warfare between Blacks and Whites will quickly inflame Mexican and Moslem passions so that within say four years the whole United States will be in flames. 

     Thus Mr. Marcus and his Jewish culture will once again have destroyed another civilization, culture and people.  As if the Amalekites weren’t enough the Jewish culture disrupted Spain culminating in their expulsion in 1492.  Attacking the whole of Europe that civilization was reduced to rubble between 1914 and 1945.

     The Jews then moved on the Middle East where that area has been in turmoil since their arrival in 1948 and is now being reduced to rubble by them and on their behalf.  That leaves only the United States which I fear will soon be their next victim to be reduced to rubble.

     Even a casual reading of Greil Marcus’ Shape Of Things To Come will indicate that such destruction is something he and one presumes his culture gleefully anticipate.

     With the election of Mr. Barack Obama I have no doupt Mr. Marcus’ hopes, dreams and wishes are in the bag.

End Of Review



2 Responses to “Greil Marcus The Shape Of Things To Come”

  1. D. Adams Says:

    Well, we will see won’t we? Even another attack on the U.S. would not be enough of a reason to keep Bush in office. If he tried to stop the elections in 2008, there would be an open rebellion. As for the black scare. Hummm. Hillary will be hard to beat, and given that “this is a racist country” it is unlikely that Obama will get to be the Dem candidate. It seems more likely that the coming majority of Hispanics will cause more social unrest in this country than blacks. Of course, we are both guessing at this point, and given the change in the country since 2001 I believe that anything could happen. The spin seems definitely downward no matter what either of us imagine.

  2. reprindle Says:

    Prophesying is a difficult business. No one can take into account the possible variations of the future. I do think Marcus is safe in prophesying difficulties based on the slavery issue. When or how as Marcus points out is soothsaying and an even more difficult art than prophesying.

    That this is a ‘racist country’ is a reason for Obama’s possible success. In order to prove they are not ‘racists’ Whites often feel obliged to vote Black, Chinese or whatever.

    In Chicago, which I consider the political capital or bellwether city of the Republic a Black spokesman recently said that the country could have peace only by giving Blacks ‘reparations’ or presumably have war if not. I see no reason not to take him at his word. But, as you say David, we will see.

    As for the cancellation of elections I see no difficulty and no fear of rebellion. On the immigration issue alone 80 or 90 percent of the country is for manning the borders but who cares? Nothing is done about it while the President and his Liberal cronies put forward yet new proposals for amnesty.

    This while the number of jobs ‘Americans’ won’t do seems to be growing exponentially. First it was gardening and now construction. I see whole construction crews manned by illegals. Every worker in my neighborhood now with the exception of a very few supervisors is an illegal.

    As the electorate has been told to stuff it while showing no signs of unrest I don’t see that they would do anything if elections were suspended. I anticipate no reaction other than grumbling and references to the Constitution.

    On that score that is only my opinion while as I say the possiblity is only a fear. But you know ‘they’ someone picked up the whole US economy and shipped it to China without any protest.

    They are apparently going ahead with building this superhighway from Mexico to Canada over universal protests including my own so who’s going to stop the suspension of elections?

    I certainly agree with you that the spin seems definitely downward in ways none of us can imagine, prophets or seers.

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