Part XIa: Time Traveling With R.E. Prindle

February 29, 2020

Part XIa

Time Traveling With R.E. Prindle


I have been having trouble finding a way into this chapter. Three efforts have been thrown aside; perhaps the fourth will succeed. I have been successful in finding a copy of The Youthful Impostor and added Vo. I of The Modern Literature of France. The latter is available under the title Georges Sand. A couple of quotes from those may possibly be a good lead in.

A preliminary quote is from David De Leon’s introduction to his translation of volume fifteen of Mystere’s du Peuple, Eugene Sue’s The Executioner’s Knife or Joan of Arc: A Tale of the Inquisition. De Leon:

Whether one will be satisfied with nothing but a scientific diagnosis in psychology, or a less ponderous and infinitely more lyric presentation of certain mental phenomena will do for him, whether the credit of history insists on strict chronology or whether he prizes in matters canonical the rigid presentation of dogma or a whether the tragic fruits of theocracy offer a more attractive starting point for his contemplation- whichever case may be (the career and novels of George Reynolds…) will gratify his intellectual cravings on all three heads.

Of course I have substituted Reynolds for De Leon’s quote of Sue. He pretty well covers the approach I am taking. The smooth or turbulent waters of a rolling river are what is meant by canonical waters, while the real history lies beneath the shining or muddy waters in the hidden river bed. With Reynolds it is necessary to penetrate the river’s surface and search beneath to understand the depth of Reynold’s thought.

Up to this time Reynolds has escaped the biographer’s pen. Fortunately for us Reynolds has left some pretty transparent clues in his writing making them fairly accessible auto-biography, more especially in the novels of his apprenticeship before embarking mid-stream as he began the fullness of his career with The Mysteries Of London. Two novels stand out in auto-biographical detail. The first is The Youthful Impostor first composed when he was eighteen in 1832 and edited before publication in 1835. The completely rewritten version of 1847 retitled The Parricide bears small relation to the first published version. The second work is his Modern Literature of France published in 1839 when he was twenty-five. The latter is non-fiction. In it he says in the introduction speaking directly to the reader p. XVII

The literature of France previous to the Revolution of 1830 resembled that of England at the present day; inasmuch as a moral lesson were taught through the medium of almost impossible fiction. Now the French author paints the truth in all its nudity; and this development of the secrets of Nature shocks the English reader, because he is not yet accustomed to so novel a style. To depict truth, in all its bearings, consistently with nature, is a difficult task; and he who attempts it muse occasionally exhibit deformities which disgust the timid mind. A glance at life in all its phases, cannot be attended with very satisfactory results; and while the age surveys much to please, it must also be prepared to view much that will be abhorrent to the virtuous imagination. The strict conventual usages of English society prevent the introduction of highly coloured pictures into works of fiction; and thus, in an English book which professes to be a history of man or of the world, the narrative is but half told. In France the whole tale is given at once; and the young men, and young females do not there enter upon life with minds so circumscribed and narrow that the work of initiation becomes an expensive and ruinous task. We do not become robbers because we read of thefts; nor does a female prove incontinent on account of her knowledge that such a failing exists. The pilot should be made aware of rocks and quicksands, that he may know how to avoid them; it is ridiculous to suffer him to roam on a vast ocean without having previously consulted the maps and charts which can alone warn him of peril. Such is the reasoning of French writers, who moreover carry their system to such a an extent, that they cannot hesitate to represent vice triumphant, and virtue leveled with the dust, for they assert that the former incredibly prospers, and the other languishes without support; whereas the English author points to a difficult moral in his fiction.

One might say that Reynolds plan of literature was formed in France while his five years there were the most significant and formative in his life. Whether he witnessed the three important days of the July Revolution that unseated Charles X is not important, what is important is that their import coalesced his own political outlook. Thus when he returned to England in 1836 it was in full revolutionary mode and remained so promoting the Revolution of 1848 by any and all means at his disposal. He directed his revolutionary effort toward ’48 by his involvement in the Chartist Movement in which he was ultimately successful. Coming from France where he believed that the July Revolution swept away ancient ways be violence, belief in violence offended the English agitators who believe evolutionary tactics the better approach. They belittled his contributions and diminished him personally. Notwithstanding his vision of Chartism triumphed changing English society and he should be rehabilitated and acknowledged as such.

Secondly the quote displays perfectly Reynolds’ literary ideals to present reality starkly as he saw it. I do not agree with many of his conclusions and in observing his usages do not necessarily endorse them in their entirety. Time has proven many of his observations fatuous and against human nature. To ignore them is to misunderstand his import. He is almost always going against the grain. Especially compared to Dickens and Ainsworth.

The French literature he discusses was prior to the effusion of the Forties, which was astonishing. In his critique he is referring to the theatrical or poetic works of Dumas and Victor Hugo. He apparently was an ardent theatre goer.

The tremendous events of the fifty years preceding 1830 were brought to a head in the July Revolution of France and the Reform Act of 1832 in England. The political and belated explosion in France in 1789 was only less significant compared to the Industrial Revolution of England and the subsequent economic reorganization. When the Napoleonic era ended modern society had been reorganized emerged complete.

Once again, Reynolds was keenly aware of changing customs and mores. This vision was held up starkly to him when he set foot in France shortly after the July Revolution. One should also note this was after the cholera epidemic of the same year. To quote him again: The +*-Modern Literature of France pp. XIII-XIV:

The literature of France since the July Revolution of 1830 is quite distinct from that under the fallen dynasty. A sudden impulse was given to the minds of men by the successful struggle for freedom which hurled the improvident Charles from his royal seat; and all aims—all views—and all interests underwent a vast change. Ages of progressive but peaceful reform couldn’t have accomplished so much, in reference to the opinions and tastes of a mighty nation, as those three days of revolution and civil war. The march of civilization was hurried over centuries; and as if France had suddenly leapt from an old into a new epoch without passing through the minutes, the hours, and the days which mark the lapse of time, she divested herself of the grotesque and gothic apparel, and assumed an attire which at first astounded and awed herself. And then men began to congratulate each other upon the change of garb; and now that they are accustomed to see and admire it, they look upon their rejected garments as characteristic of antiquity, and not as things that were in vogue only a few years since.

As a Chartist, other Chartists who were more evolutionarily minded disliked Reynolds because he was known for wanting drastic results by violent revolutionary means Reynolds retorts, p. XVI:

It is a matter of speculation whether the Reform Act (of 1832 in England) would have been even now (1839) conceded to the people of this country, if it had not been found necessary to keep pace as much as possible with the giant strides made by the French. Certainly a change has taken place in the literature of England since the passing of the Reform itself as well as that of France since the three days of July.

The change in literature in England was led by Edward Bulwer Lytton, William Harrison Ainsley, perhaps Charles Dickens, by Reynolds himself and quite probably writers like Pierce Egan and the Penny Blood and Dreadful writers as developments in printing and paper made ever cheaper editions possible making books of all qualities affordable to the rising literacy among the underclasses. Indeed by the 1850s, John Dicks, Reynolds printer and partner, would make available the complete Shakespeare for pennies. Of course, the type was so small they are virtually unreadable except to the most dedicated.

All of these writers were reformers, writing especially about the harsh penal laws.

The core attitudes of Reynolds remained unchanged from his introduction into France. It was in France that a very young eighteen year old wrote his first book, The Youthful Impostor.


Reynolds incorporates his entire life into his novels so this might be the right time to assemble a chronology of his life. For those who may have read my earlier chapters this account may seem familiar but it incorporates much new material, better organization and deeper thinking. Or so I think.

While George’s first novel, The Young Impostor was first composed in 1832 when he was eighteen the book was not to published until 1835 when he was twenty-one. There was some touching up for the 1835 version as he includes a chapter head quote from W. Harrison Ainsworth’s Rookwood that was only published in 1832 and couldn’t have been read for his original manuscript. He also chapter headed a quote from Bulwer-Lytton’s 1830 novel Paul Clifford. That novel was definitely an influence on The Youthful Impostor. The Youthful Impostor is highly autobiographical so we can form an almost biographical account of his early years. By the way the 1847 rewrite of the Impostor, The Parricide, bears almost no resemblance to the earlier version. It can read as an independent novel and not his best.

George was born July 20, 1814. His father, a naval post-Captain commanded a cruiser during the Napoleonic wars. Born in Sandwich, Kent of the Cinq Ports, the family was moved to the island of Guernsey when George was two. Six years later the family returned to Kent and its capital Canterbury. Reynolds has indelible memories of all this so references to his early life crop up frequently in his works.

Returning to 1822, at the age of eight he was saddened by the death of his father thus making him an orphan. Orphans figure prominently in his works. His mother died eight years later depriving him of both parents leaving him on his own at fifteen under the guardianship of his father’s best friend Duncan McArthur, hence George’s third name. He passed under that man’s guardianship after his father’s death. His mother was not his guardian.

His relationship with McArthur, if we judge from his writing, was not a happy one. There are other references but in 1854 writing in his novel, The Rye House Plot, which by the way is a superb novel, George had this to say about his guardian: Rye House Plot, p. 63,

This guardian of mine was a man of stern disposition; and I loved him not.

I think we can apply the quote to Duncan McArthur. He, himself, was an old Navy man, a surgeon. From the age of eight to sometime at the age of thirteen George attended a school in Ashford, a few miles from Canterbury which were happy years for him as he idolized his schoolmaster. Then, as George styles it, at the tender age of thirteen he

was placed in the Sandhurst Military Academy in Berkshire. Thirteen would indeed had been tender to have been thrown in with older boys of sixteen or eighteen and even young men heading into their twenties. Tom Brown’s School Days at Rugby by Thomas Hughes at roughly this time shows how difficult George’s situation probably was. He was impoverished while probably the majority of the cadets were from titled families having plenty of money. So from thirteen to sixteen when George was either removed or removed himself the years must have been unpleasant. The Youthful Impostor covers those years.

George’s mother died in March of 1830 when he was fifteen. He left the academy shortly after his sixteenth birthday in September. He left for France at the end of 1830, a greenhorn of sixteen. A sitting duck for sharpers one might say.

The question then is how much money did he have. Dick Collins think nothing but I think he had to have much more so I accept his statement to the adjudicator at his 1848 bankruptcy hearing when George told him that he had had seven thousand pounds. Where did they come from?

In The Rye House plot he discusses such an issue like this. His character General Oliphant is speaking. “Eighteen years ago, when I was a youth under twenty, I embarked with my uncle, Mr. Oliphant, on board a vessel bound for a Spanish port where he had some mercantile business to transact, he being engaged in commercial enterprises. Mr. Oliphant was my +

guardian, my parents having died when I was very young. I must observe that Mr. Oliphant being a man of reserved and stern disposition had kept me in the most perfect state of ignorance as to my own affairs; and although I had reason to believe that my parents had left some little property, which I should inherit on obtaining my majority, I had not the smallest conception of what amount or value it might be or what nature it was nor where situated or deposited.

As it turned out the inheritance was a couple thousand pounds payable at twenty-one. This coincides with Dick Collins researches in George’s finances. So, I think we can believe that George is describing his own situation in the above quote. While it is generally thought that George inherited twelve thousand pounds when his mother died, we can I think dismiss the account. Where, then, did George get seven thousand pounds. If The Young Impostor is as autobiographical as I think it is then George was involved in a substantial swindle and fled England in somewhat of a hurry at the end of 1830.

George does not often write about his military life but he does in YI and the Rye House Plot. The cadets were given a fair amount of liberty and traveled from the barracks to London frequently. This was George’s first acquaintance with London and it was overwhelming.

In Chapter VI of the Parricide a rewrite of The YI Reynolds quotes this verse:

Houses, churches, mix’d together

Streets unpleasant in all weather,

Prisons, palaces contiguous,

Gaudy things enough to tempt you

Showy outsides, insides empty,

Baubles, trades, mechanic arts,

Coaches, wheelbarrows, and carts,

-This is London! How do ye like it?

Sometime then at thirteen and fourteen he had his first introduction to the Big City in company with other cadets on the town. Breathtaking and terrifying. And that was my impression of London too. I’m sure he was stunned by his first vision as I was a hundred seventy years later.

He frequently mentions the Hounslow barracks. Highwaymen infested the highways from Hounslow to London and also in the vicinity of Bagshot.

Reynolds with little money in his pocket traveled from Sandhurst to London and back many times apparently following at times through Bagshot and Hounslow.

Now, as a young cadet, he has himself returning from London late one night when he is accosted by two highwaymen. Naturally he had little money and was being harassed accordingly when a third party appeared who dispersed the robbers and rescued him. It would seem apparent that as the robbers worked in parties of three that the third party also a robber who intervened for another reason. Reynolds names him as Arnold. Having read the story and reviewing it, it should be apparent that Arnold thought he had found a use for the young cadet and he and, actually the other two, were contemplating some large scale swindle but needed a naïve young man to complete the ensemble as bait. George may very probably have been that young man.

Reynolds has James, his character, and Arnold dupe a Jewish usurer named Mr. Nathanial. The amount George mentions was seven thousand pounds. This may be a coincidence or it may be where his seven thousand pounds came from when he absconded to France at the end of 1830.

It may have been at this time that Long’s Hotel became familiar to the young orphan. Long’s was apparently London’s most luxurious hotel at the time. Reynolds is almost breathless when he mentions the name. Long’s figures prominently in his pre 1844 works. Most often with criminal acts. And indeed, Reynold’s is familiar with endless hotel scams.

According to Collins there is some question as to young George’s integrity and George himself from time to time mentions that he has redeemed his youthful crimes, while swindles are frequently performed in his novels. That’s not proof of course but such a swindle would have provided the seven thousand pounds he said he had plus an incentive to leave England just ahead of the Bow Street Runners. At any rate we know that he showed up in France at the end of 1830 and we’ll take his word that he had seven thousand pounds.

If George was associated with this ‘Arnold’ who was part of the criminal underworld he must have been inducted into that society in some capacity. In that capacity he would have learned something of criminal ways of which he seems to be fairly familiar and according to Collins he did do some prison time while he went through a bankruptcy just before returning to England from France.

If I am correct, then George benefited by his and ‘Arnold’s’ swindle and absconded to France. Collins also records that he was arrested in Calais for playing with loaded dice. In Mysteries of London, first series, George gives a detailed description with diagrams of how to load dice. Of course, that may have been taken from a manual.

So, at the beginning of 1831 George landed in France where he would remain until 1836. From Calais he went straight to Paris where he remained either residing at Meurice’s Hotel or hanging around the

environs as may be indicated by his book of Pickwick Abroad. When he married he resided in different places as Collins’ research accords.

Evidence indicates that he did explore areas of France. At one point he laments never have been to Belgium, the closest he came was four miles from the border. Since one can only write about what is stored in one’s mind and one’s experience it follows that Reynolds must have been at the places he writes about or had read about them. As he frequently writes about Italy one does question his presence there. In his book Wagner, the Wehr Wolf his descriptions of Florence don’t seem to ring true so he may be working from from written accounts or pure imagination although his descriptions do resonate with the Italian period in Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo. Otherwise he may have traveled about quite a bit.

As a green, but initiated, sixteen year old in 1831, perhaps with money, he would have been prey to various spongers and swindlers. It is difficult to envision a sixteen year old boy brazening his way through a foreign capital but he very obviously did for five years. One imagines his first six months must have been intense orientation. Yet he says that he completed The YI in 1832 and had been able to obtain a copy of Bulwer-Lytton’s Paul Clifford, read it and incorporated it in his first novel. We’re talking of a bit of a phenom here. He must have gravitated into journalistic and literary circles, possible theatrical, very quickly in his career, and he is merely a boy not attaining his majority until the year before he left France. I find this fairly astonishing.

He says he wrote The Young Impostor in 1832 so he must have been considering the story from his very landing in France if not before. As an eighteen year old It could only portray his experience up to that year. The novel itself in excellent and precocious for an eighteen year old; nor was it ignored. The copy I have is a reprint of an 1836 US edition published by E. L. Cary and A. Hart of Philadelphia. Thus within a year of its French publication it was published across the Atlantic. Why a Philadelphia company would appropriate an unproven title by an unknown author isn’t clear to me.

According to Collins within these two years he also met, courted and married his wife Susannah Pierson. (Collins say that Pierson is the correct spelling not Pearson.) She was apparently moving in literary circles as Collins describes her as a writer. She would later, in the 1850s, write a novel titled Gretna, which is available. Gretna refers to Gretna Green across the Scottish border where those wishing to elope repaired to. In 1745 a law was passed forbidding underage couples to marry without parental permission so that couples flew to Gretna Green for their nuptials. I was something like going to Las Vegas. It’s a good story.

In The YI A Pearson who was unmarried, while having a fairy like persona, not unlike Huon of Bordeaux, took him under his wing and instructed him in seedy practice. Whether he was related to Susannah isn’t known. So, by eighteen George was married and remained so until his wife died in 1854. He apparently never remarried.

According to all the references to books George makes in his writing he was reading voraciously. Here may be an appropriate time to discuss aspects of the literary situation in England and France during the thirties and forties.

The base for the writers in both England and France was the novels of Walter Scott and the Gothic novelists along with Byron. I would say that all the English and French writers were inspired by Scott. Scott died in 1832 at the young age of 61 thus missing the joy of seeing his influence on succeeding authors, except for William Harrison Ainsworth. Ainsworth who published his Rookwood in 1832. That book is almost an homage to Scott but lacks Scotts consummate style, complexity and depth. Ainsworth followed that up in 1835 with Crichton and then began an outburst of historical novels from 1839 with Jack Sheppard and a dozen more in quick succession through about 1845. At that time Reynolds was quiescent but he read all the titles and they influenced him greatly.

Of course Charles Dickens began his career in the late thirties and turned out a few titles in the forties. Dickens wasn’t that prolific but he made the most lasting impression of the novelists of the era. It is needless to say that he made his impression on Reynolds. George despised Dickens as a lightweight, and Dickens novels are lightweights. For me they are unreadable.

Lastly comes Edward Bulwer-Lytton. He was an important writer for his period and has survived into the present as an occultist. His novel The Coming Race is a must read for any esotericist. The idea of it seized H.G. Wells mind and he used it for his excellent novel The Food of the Gods. Bulwers’ Rienzi and The Last Days Of Pompei may still have a readership. He’s not a particularly good writer however. His opening line for Paul Clifford ‘It was a dark and stormy night’ for some reason is found hilarious by a certain type of reader. A contest is held each year to see if anyone can match this imagined terrible sentence. Reynolds uses it occasionally in his books. Bulwer maintained a fair reputation at least up to the 1950s while Reynolds was heavily influenced by him. And of course Byron. George even attempted ‘A Sequel To Don Juan’ but he was no Byron. He did get it published and it did find readers. Fortunately Byron was dead by that time and unable to the show the umbrage that Dickens did.

And then there are the magnificent French writers of the Forties and into the Fifties. The incomparable Alexander Dumas, pere inspired by Walter Scott began turning out his French historical novels in machine gun style, writing so fast that he had multiple serialized novels being published at one time. And what novels! Few novels can compare to The Three Musketeers or The Count of Monte Cristo. And, of course, Dumas is popular to this day.

At the same time Honore de Balzac was publishing his Human Comedy collection of novels. Strangely compelling, Balzac’s brain had an odd construction. Love him but I always wonder: Why am I reading this? Balzac too is read widely today. My favorite story in the novella The Girl With The Golden Eyes.

Victor Hugo, also widely read today, is not a favorite of mind. I will concede that Notre Dame de Paris – The Hunchback of Notre Dame in the US, is compelling and could possibly be a great book. The US title switches the focus of the book from the architectural edifice of Notre Dame to the character of Quasimodo, the Hunchback. The movies were essential to changing the emphasis from the edifice to the Hunchback. Les Miserables is an OK read but doesn’t impress me. Hugo was a Communist and in his novel 1793 actually advocates murdering all the Royalists because they would never accept the New Order. Don’t go away because you read that; it’s just my opinion.

And then we come to the incredible Eugene Sue. Not quite as prolific as Dumas but a non-stop writer. Not quite as concentrated as Dumas, his style is more diffuse but always interesting. His two key works, neither widely read today are The Mysteries of Paris and the Wandering Jew. Both are terrific books and very long. Both books were models for Reynolds Mysteries of Paris. The Wandering Jew may have resonated especially with him because it takes place in 1830, the year of the July Revolution and the cholera epidemic.

And now I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that another key influence might have been the American Edgar Allen Poe. While Poe didn’t have that many pages to his credit, he was a prolific writer of short stories and the short stories are amazing. Mind boggling. Inventive. Concentrated. They would be very difficult to top. They crossed the Atlantic quickly and were received with open arms in France and England. I may be reaching but I find evidences of Poe in his story of Grand Manoir in his Master Timothy’s Bookcase and we are going to look more closely at that shortly.

And, of course his mind is obsessed with the works of the Marquis de Sade. He must have read De Sade’s two great studies Justine and Juliette shortly after arriving in Paris. De Sade believed that following virtue would lead to an unhappy life while pursuing vice would lead to worldly success. The contrast of vice and virtue then informs almost all his works, but he wishes to reverse De Sade’s conclusions.

To really understand Reynold’s, one must be familiar with these authors. But he was so influenced by his wide reading that I’m sure these authors are just the tip of the iceberg.

In Pickwick Abroad George is familiar with all the sights of Paris. He must have at least visited all the prisons and insane asylums both in France and England. We get tours of many. Of course George was very interested in psychology. While Phrenology and Physiognomy may not be considered psychology, they are. Phrenology, an idea of the German, Franz Gall, was a crude attempt at brain anatomy and if risible today it was more because of the misuse by ununderstanding users than Gall’s idea itself that led to its discreditization. The notion was made on the right idea, different areas of the brain control different functions, it’s a moot point today but Gall deserves more credit that he gets, Reynolds entertains an interest in both ideas, especially physiognomy He was apparently a great reader of facial expressions.

Apropos of that, a very interesting novel is the novel Master Timothy’s bookcase published in 1840.


Master Timothy’s Bookcase is very serious and it is a major book. Interestingly the book begins in Kent, then follows Reynold’s career to Berkshire and London and then to France while ending with his return to England ending in the shire of Kent.

As Reynolds was only twenty-six in 1840 his mental acuity is actually astonishing. He had what one might call a four octave mind. Reynolds quite often resorts to supernatural or, perhaps, proto-scientific elements. In this book the hero Edmund Mortimer is the seventh son so-to-speak of a family founded six generation earlier. The ‘genius’ of the family appears to each member and offers them the approach to life that they think will make them contented and happy. They choose wealth, success et al. and all end up unhappy. Edmund Mortimer chooses Universal Knowledge. This choice, of course, reflects Reynolds ruling passion. George, himself, seeks Universal Knowledge and does a good job of it. However, even he at only twenty-six, he realizes that universal knowledge does not lead to happiness as knowing all displays mankind at its worst.

The more Mortimer, and we may assume Reynolds, learns about human nature, the more disgusted he becomes and regrets his choice. His peregrinations take him through several adventures and episodes.

The ‘Genius’ then gives Mortimer a supernatural bookcase that only he can see and is always with him. Whenever Mortimer is perplexed by a situation concerning the motivations or activities of the participants he he turns to the bookcase that provides him with a manuscript that explains the true situation all its manifestations he has only to ask. However, his bookcase cannot predict the future.

Mortimer’s uncanny ability to know the complete past history of people he has only just met will have consequences because he can produce no evidence as to how he acquired the knowledge. This becomes clear in the episode of the Marquis Delaroche. Without going into inessential details in this very clever story the Marquis neglects the wife of his dead brother whose fortune had been entrusted to him. Mortimer becomes acquainted with Athalie d’Estival, her name and confronts the Marquis Delaroche, to whom he is a complete stranger, attempting to shame him into supporting his sister-in-law.

The Marquis is old and the epitome of deviousness. When Mortimer butts into the Marquis’ life and proves to him that he has misappropriated his brother’s inheritance the Marquis sets Mortimer up. He opens his safe, leaving the door open, and gives Mortimer a casket containing his wealth refusing to give a proper written authorization for Mortimer to be in possession of the casket and expels Mortimer from his house. Immediately then, with his safe left open the Marquis commits suicide by slashing his throat. His servant accosts Mortimer leaving the house with the casket under his cloak and assumes the Mortimer stole it. The dead body is then discovered and circumstantial evidence indicates Mortimer to be both a murderer and thief.

Reynolds thoroughly dislikes the authority of circumstantial evidence, and with good reason, so this story gives him an opportunity to display its fallaciousness.

Because of his ability to know personal details of other people’s lives Mortimer’s friends consider him not only eccentric but insane. This is confirmed to the judge when he interrogates Mortimer. I will quote a passage because it indicates Reynolds brilliance and knowledge of psychology at only twenty-six years of age.

The Judge of Instruction commenced the usual system of catechizing; and for some time our hero replied with calmness and precision to the various question put to him. But at length, as those questions gradually touched more nearly on the dread event itself, he became confused- his ideas were no longer defined and distributed in their proper cells in his imagination, but were collected into one heterogeneous and unintelligible mass; and, yielding to the impulse of those sentiments which were uppermost in his mind, he commenced a long exculpatory harangue, the principle subject of which was his race. The Judge listened patiently for some time, and at length shrugged up his shoulders to imply his utter ignorance of the meaning of the prisoner’s speech. At length, exhausted by the long flow of verbiage in which he had indulged, Sir Edmund sank upon a seat, almost unconscious of what he had been saying and where he was.

That’s a pretty acute description of a state of mind. Reynolds was deeply interested in psychological studies. One must bear in mind that this period was the beginning of the great opening of the European mind. I doubt if there were many who could have reproduced that analysis. The description of the whole interview is masterful and that at only twenty-six.

In any event Mortimer was convicted of murder, declared insane, and committed to the Bicetre insanity wing. George was familiar with, at least, the outside of the building, this massive Bicetre structure housing criminals, the insane and others.

It seems obvious that George toured all these insane asylums and prisons. He was up on recent developments of the treatment of the insane. He was aware of Dr. Phillippe Pinel who had very recently begun the humane treatment of the mentally afflicted.

The people of the time were placed under unbearable distress and hardship, especially women. One reads of the women that Dr. Jean Martin Charcot at the Salpetriere of Paris in the 1860s, 70s and 80s treated and their mental sufferings were appalling. Their history of abuse was incredible. Nor were all asylums as enlightened as those of Drs. Pinel and Charcot and, remember, these were pioneers.

Whether George’s description of the Bicetre is accurate is beyond me to determine, he does however tell an interesting story of one of the inmates. The story sounds like it may have been true, but, read on: Mortimer has been declared guilty but insane. Committed to the Bicetre insane wing he domiciled with three other monomaniacs. The three stories are actual psychological evaluations of the inmates. The one the interests us most is the first. The story is a Frankenstein type.

The first was an old man of sixty-five with long grey hair flowing from the back part of his head, the crown and regions of the temples being completely bald. He was short in stature, stooping in gait, and possessed of a countenance eminently calculated to afford a high opinion of his intellectual powers, he was however a monomaniac of no uncommon description. Bred to the medical profession, he had given, when at an early age, the most unequivocal proofs of a vigorous and fertile imagination. He first obtained attention towards the singularity of his conceptions by disputing the rights of the Englishman, Dr. Harvey, to the honour of having first discovered the circulation of the blood. He maintained that Harvey merely revived the doctrine, and that it was known to the ancients. This opinion he founded upon the following passage in Plato: – “The heart is the centre or knot of the blood vessels, the spring or fountain of the blood, which is carried impetuously round; the blood is the food of the flesh; and for the process of nourishment the body is laid out in canals, which is like those drawn down through gardens, that the blood may be conveyed as from a fountain, to every part of the previous system.”

William Harvey published his treatise on the circulation of the blood in Frankfurt Germany in 1628. He did not come out of the blue as others were working on the same problem. Even he was assailed by skeptics and for a time lost reputation. I have no doubt that Harvey had read Plato and unless his memory was defective he probably retained an impression of Plato’s statements.

But to the point, Plato’s description is prescient. He understood the matter which he explained in literary, not scientific, terms so the imprisoned doctor was essentially right that Harvey could not claim to be the first to understand the role of the heart in the circulation of the blood. He was the first known physician to describe the issue completely in scientific detail or nearly completely.

The young physician was laughed at for venturing to contradict a popular belief, and was assailed by the English press for attempting to deprive an Englishman of the initiative honour of the discovery. He was looked upon as an enthusiast, and lost all the patronage he had first obtained by his abilities. Being possessed of a competency, he did not regret this circumstance in a pecuniary point of view; but his pride was deeply wounded, and he resolved to accomplish some great feat which should compel the world to accord him those laurels which had hitherto been refused. He was deeply skilled in the science of anatomy; and his intimate acquaintance with the human frame led him to fashion two beautiful anatomical bodies in wax. The one was a perfect representation of the form of man, with all the muscles and nerves laid bare; and the second; which took to pieces, was the image of a female in the last stages of gestation. These models were applauded as specimens of art, but obtained no praise as evidences of Anatomical skill. Again disappointed and disgusted at the coldness of a world that knew not how to appreciate the merits of his labours, the physician urged by the perpetual contemplation of his wax models and considering himself to be sufficiently practiced in the minutiae of the human frame by the manufacture of these representations of life, resolved in attempting a more sublime task. His elevated imagination aimed at nothing less than the fabrication of an animate being! For weeks- for months- for years in the solemn silence of a chamber fitted up for the purpose, and into which he never permitted a soul to enter, did the enthusiast study his project, without being fully aware of the way in which he should commence it. At length his intellect became so far affected by his strange meditations, that he felt convinced in his own mind that his experience could never be sufficient to encompass his lofty aim, unless he examined the fountains of life in the bosom of an expiring human being. Dead to all other feeling save the morbid one which urged him on to this study, he calmly resolved to choose some victim as a model for his projected work. He one night issued forth into the streets of Paris, in the midst of a horrible winter and accosted a young man whom, by his condition he supposed to be homeless and starving. He was right in his conjecture, and with kind words he enticed the unsuspecting mendicant home. He gave him food, and then caused him to imbibe a cup of generous wine, in which he had previously infused a powerful narcotic. The mendicant fell into a deep stupor; and the physician without a single sentiment of compunction hastened to perform his diabolical operation upon the lethargic victim. He bled him in the jugular vein; and, while the poor young man’s life was ebbing away, the anatomical speculator proceeded to hack away, with his unsparing knife, at those parts which he wished to lay open and examine at his own brutal leisure. In his hurry to accomplish his mysterious designs, he had forgotten to make fast the door to his study; and the curiosity of his old housekeeper led to the detection of his crime. The woman excited an alarm in the house; and his atrocious deed, with all its circumstances, was exposed. He was tried for the murder, and was condemned as a monomaniac to perpetual imprisonment in the Bicetre. At that time Mortimer became acquainted with this singular individual, he had been an inmate of the prison for upwards of thirty years, and never lost an opportunity of declaring that, if he were provided with the proper implements and materials, he would form a human being, far more complete, and less liable to organic derangement than man.

I consider that quote quite astounding writing and the template for numerous horror films in the twentieth century. One wonders if Reynolds had experienced this situation while he could not possibly have. His residence in France doesn’t leave time, however this story must be based on real events that he either read about or was told. Throughout his way to 1851 which is all I can attest to at this time Reynolds returns frequently to stories of physicians of which he seems to have intimate knowledge of his various descriptions. Of course, his namesake, Duncan McArthur was a physician and if Dick Collins was right did operate on cadavers as fresh as he could get. It is a small step from that to imagine a doctor working on live specimens but still the psychological description of the man in Bicetre is so complete and convincing that Reynolds was a very accomplished at the age of twenty-six.

He wrote circles around Bulwer-Lytton, Ainsworth and Dickens, his contemporaries while being far more accomplished than writers who followed him like Trollope and Willkie Collins as accomplished as these writers and their fellows were. They all must have been influenced by him to some degree.

Certainly Dickens and Ainsworth were, as he by them, but the quality of his mind is much deeper and more highly developed. Ainsworth who began an amazing sequence of historical novels in the early forties when Reynolds was quiescent tried to explore historical topics in a deep way but his mind was a little light, he takes a more academic style. A comparison between the two can be found in Reynolds 1854 novel The Rye House Plot.

Both Ainsworth and Dickens gravitated toward George’s style in their later works. Reading Ainsworth’s South Sea Bubble written in the 1860s is very close to his style.

George, of course was influenced by all three writers, among many, Bulwer-Lytton, Ainsworth and Dickens. Ainsworth who had a literary salon in the late forties and through the fifties excluded Reynolds from his coterie. He and Dickens were tight and getting Dickens and Reynolds into the same room would have been hazardous.

While Ainsworth’s Rookwood and Jack Sheppard were favorites of George and Dickens interestingly all three were in decline. The social conditions that had produced them had disappeared and a new crop of writers responding to new conditions replaced them. For my own tastes I prefer these Late Georgian to early Victorian authors to what followed.

There is a charm in the three and the sporting novels of R.S Surtees and Captain Marryat and the rest, William Makepeace Thackery, who can forget him, that is lacking as the epoch changed. Still we see a certain loss of innocence as advancing knowledge turned the world more serious and complex. The greatest of historians and histories, Edward Gibbons and the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire couldn’t have been written in the same way after Darwin’s Origin of Species. Maybe the big change occurred even earlier in Prince Albert’s Crystal Palace Exhibition of 1851. The exhibition of all those machines and advance screamed: Hello to the Brave New World, as brave or maybe even braver than Aldous Huxley’s. Exhibitions became the rage until the great Columbian Expo of Chicago crowned the whole movement. What could ever top that? Nothing. Fade to modernity.

To return to George Reynolds. As I say, it was almost a tragedy that Reynold’s titled Master Timothy’s Bookcase after Dickens’ Master Humphrey’s Clock. The Magic Lantern Of The World, the subtitle, would have been much better. The Bookcase is very readable both as a novel and as a collection of stories with a great deal of philosophical matter pertinent to understanding the mind of Reynolds himself. As Dick Collins say, there is much autobiographical material in the novels and Bookcase is full of it.

End of Part XIa, Part XIb follows.

156 Responses to “Part XIa: Time Traveling With R.E. Prindle”

  1. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Not everyone is coming to the future
    Not everyone is coming from the past
    Not everyone can come into the future
    Not everyone that’s here is gonna last
    ___Madonna MMXIX

    You know it is sad; that the leaders of your nation; Left, Right, and Center and their servants; the media; are Pathological Liars…

    I told all who have ears over a month ago in January that this “coronavirus” would reduce the world’s population by 1/4th to 1/3rd.

    This is long before anyone even mentioned it.

    That is 1.5 billion to 2 billion dead.

    I used the metaphor the provost tells people on the first day of college:

    “Look to your left; look to your right; look at yourself; one of the three will not be here in 4 years”

    Just knock it down to 120 days for this disease.

    This thing has already killed millions in China; whatever number they are giving; multiply it by about 2500 and you will get the reality.

    The crematoriums there cannot keep up; satellite imagery over places like Wuhan, China show such incredible levels of sulfur dioxide; absolutely unheard of levels; 2000 micrograms per cubic meter.

    This chemical in the atmosphere is commensurate with burning of organic matter.

    It cannot be contained; the spread that is; it is like trying to stop a bullet with crepe paper.

    Next; it is not a virus from bats or snakes; it is a biological weapon that (probably accidentally) escaped from a bio-weapons lab right next to the so-called “fish market” in Wuhan China.

    Viruses have DNA markers or signatures; just like human cells; they have matched the coronavirus sequences to a patented bio-weapon right down to the penny, pound & deutschmark.

    If you saw the early videos of people dropping dead in the streets; it was not so much respiratory shut down (though that is an element in the equation); but an attack on their neurological systems; that is they are neuro-toxins; thus they shudder uncontrollably as they lapse into death; almost Parkinson’s like.

    The engineered bio-weapon has two incredibly evil elements sewn into it: The venom of the black mamba serpent and the venom of the scorpion. The sting and bite of either attack the neurological system of humans; ultimately shutting it down.

    Catching the coronavirus is not as bad as being bitten by either of those two animals; as it is not as if you have actually been injected with the venom itself; but it is an underlying element in the disease’s delivered package.

    Biological warfare has never been abandoned; it is alive and well.

    I think it was accidentally released only because as evil as the people who run China are; they would not seek the destruction of their own nation and people; and they themselves are certainly not immune; nor their families or loved ones; who are just as vulnerable as the average citizen. They are not suicidal nor do they have a death wish.

    With good hospital care (America has the best in the world) one can recover; but there are only 2.4 hospital beds for every 1000 Americans; so the hospitals will quickly become overwhelmed; and even worse; most of the medical personnel will likely take ill.

    South Dakota; oddly enough has the best ratio; twice the national average; 4.8 beds for every 1000 citizens; probably due to its very low population.

    My advice; get your medicines for at least 90 days from the pharmacy; as almost all meds in America are made in China; and the global supply chain is already breaking down.

    Get as much non perishable food as you can; and maybe even seeds; as you might need to grow crops on your property come spring.

    That is the best I can tell you for now.

  2. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Kore of course Persephone…
    “Ona” of course “She” in Czechoslovakian.
    She’s Kore!

  3. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    “The great plague of the maritime city will not cease until there be avenged the death of the just blood, condemned for a price without crime, of the Great Lady outraged by pretense.”
    ___Century II / Quatrain 53.

  4. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    The arrogant Wall Street crowd; “how it might cause the sale price of luxury goods to go down half a point”.

    As if they are immune; not only above death; but even above the inconvenience of not having their asses kissed on a daily basis by the rest of the world…

    Again; Nostradamus noted “outraged by pretense”.

    Pretense approximates pretend; which is a synonym for lie….and is there anything more wretched than the liar?

    And pretense is also a root of pretentiousness; that is; the arrogant; or those who do not have proper respect for that which is greater than themselves…such as Nature or the Pantheon.

  5. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Verily, I tell you; I have existed from the Morning of the World; and shall exist when the Last Star falleth from the Night…

  6. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Apple CEO Tim Cook goes to Alabama with an “education initiative”….I remember when the Czech Comenius had his own initiative; ONE set of books and truths for EVERYONE. “Comenius”; lol; no names are accidental; dedicated to destroying the individual.

    When I had an I-Pad; every goddamn time I tried to use it; I got “you need to login in to the APPLE STORE”. That tells Me all I need to know; a greedy monster whose only concern is MERCHANDISING.

  7. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Here is a newsflash for a corrupt; malignant; avaricious; and enslaving planet.

    The only authority The Daughter of Babylon recognizes is Her Own.

    Any individual or group who attempts to tell Me “what I need to do” can take their admonition and stick it up their Collective Ass…

  8. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    “Augustus Sol Invictus” arrested and denied bail on domestic violence and other charges; says he is innocent; has been held since 1/1/20.”

    His Two Best Friends & Underlings were the ones who savaged My Holy Book on Amazon; writing lying and slanderous reviews; which led to Me not selling a single copy hitherto.

    The Goddess punishes all who bring harm upon Her Only Living Daughter.

    I do not need to a thing.

  9. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    A.P. 3 March 2020: “MLK III pleads with governor to stop execution of man convicted in killing of 3 cops”

    Sounds like a plan.

    And why stop there?

    Besides clemency; we should give him a lifetime annuity; the Congressional Medal of Honor; and maybe even erect a monument to him that would make The Father of Our Country’s pale in comparison.

    When America gets out from under its Collective Lobotomy; let Me know.

    An insane nation.

  10. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    My; I wish *someone* “pleaded” for Me at some point in My lifetime during My endless travails; and I never even so much as spit on the sidewalk in the last half century or so.

    But again; I need to remember that I live on Upside Down Planet; where right is wrong; war is peace; freedom is slavery; left is right; and two plus two make five.

    Thus I need to adjust My perceptions accordingly.

  11. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Jeff Bezos says he’s giving $10 billion to fight climate change — about 7.7% of his net worth

    Sounds like a plan! People starving to death and dying of disease; but let us fight “climate change”!

    Good to see a planet that prioritizes!

    Maybe he can give me 1/1000000 of one percent of it; I have been saving up for a second pair of shoes at Payless….

  12. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Stacy Abrams “wants” to be president in 2020; but will “accept” the VP job.

    That is just so magnanimous of her!

    I am sure all of America cannot wait to be ruled over by her; as she is clearly the smartest person in America…and best qualified too!

    Last week she said she wanted to be prez by 2040 IIRC; probably next week it be by 1984.

    Keep up the Good Work America!

  13. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    HB 238, filed by Rep. Rolanda Hollis, D-Birmingham, would require a man to undergo a vasectomy after the birth of his third biological child or within one month of his 50th birthday. The bill also says the procedure would be done at the man’s own expense. “Under existing law, there are no restrictions on the reproductive rights of men,” according to the text of the bill.

    I am sure she will be re-elected; the American people are very smart and elect only the best people.

    Democracy…The Rule of the Retard.

  14. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Wall Street Journal says that the “Mormon Church” has amassed a stockpile of 100 billion dollars.

    Good to see they have taken a vow of Christian poverty!

    Probably the first “church” where I will see to it the top 20 directors or “elders” (lolz) are indicted on racketeering and sentenced to 20 to life.

    All assets seized and redistributed to those who need it.

    And that is just my opening salvo…

  15. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Much credit to the government and media for hitherto the greatest coverup in history; 99% of the Sheeple have no conception of what has happened or what is coming…

    Of course; even with moderators (lolz) and censors; it eventually becomes rather difficult to sweep 100 million dead bodies under the rug…

  16. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    “When we think about the relative danger of this new coronavirus and influenza, there’s just no comparison,” said Dr. William Schaffner, a professor of preventive medicine and health policy at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. “Coronavirus will be a blip on the horizon in comparison. The risk is trivial.”
    ____USA TODAY / January 2020 and the “top” (lolz) choice when I googled coronavirus…

    Good to see the “news media” and their mouthpieces (I mean “doctors”; lolz) spreading the truth!

    Goebbels was an amateur.

    As I said time without number; almost everything you humans say is a lie; and the news media are the biggest liars of them all; running one / two / three with the government and the ecclesiastical class.

  17. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Did y’all really think that Those Above would allow you to remain on the Bat Shit Crazy course you were on indefinitely?

    As the saying goes:

    Her Judgement Cometh…and Right Soon.

  18. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    When America gets out from under its Collective Lobotomy; let Me know.

    An insane nation.

    Case in point. I was thinking back this afternoon about that very horrific incident at the US Capitol back on 3/1/1954; when a group of Puerto Rican Terrorists; demanding “independence” for their island; opened fire in Congress; with five members wounded by the terrorists.

    The ringleader Lolita Lebron; and her co-conspirators got long sentences; though they were stupidly pardoned by Carter in 1979; after doing about 25 years.

    Almost EVERY contemporary article I read about the original “Lolita” contains overflowing praise for this “freedom fighter”; how “wonderful” she was…she apparently died in 2010.

    A woman guilty of 5 attempted murders is canonized by a Sick Nation.

    You are all fucked in the head.

  19. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    One another note…the events took place just 92 days before Puerto Rican Justice Sonia Sotomayor was born on June 25th, 1954.

    Lolita’s birth name was Dolores Lebrón Sotomayor; so there is probably a fair chance the two are related; though I do not know this for a fact.

    It is no crime; by any means to be related to a terrorist; but I thought it an interesting potential connection.

  20. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    The strange thing is that the incident; huge news in 1954; HAS BEEN ALMOST COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN AND EXPUNGED FROM THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUS in the last 50 years or so.

    Ask anyone on the street about it today; I doubt 1 in 1000 recall it or know anything about it.

    Amazing and mind-boggling.

  21. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    And in all these gushing articles about Lebron; where she is regarded as a combination of Mother Theresa & Joan of Arc; they always make the comment that Miss Lebron “did not see herself as a terrorist”.

    Well there you have it!

    If she did not consider herself one; I guess she cannot be deemed one.

    Sort of like Ted Bundy saying he wasn’t really a serial killer.

    Though all the victims of these monsters likely feel differently.

  22. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    The point I am making; there were probably millions of Americans in the last 66 years who lived honest and honorable lives; obeyed the laws of the nation; earned honest livings; treated their neighbors with kindness and respect and love; and THEY ARE SPIT ON OR FORGOTTEN BY THE PRESS AND THE HISTORY BOOKS; WHILE THE AFOREMENTIONED P.O.S. IS “REMEMBERED” AS SOME KIND OF “HERO” BY LYING ACADEMIA AND A LYING, MALIGNANT PRESS.

  23. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Updated: Mar 05, 2020 11:16 AM MST
    ‘New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has just confirmed the new statewide number of confirmed coronavirus cases is at least 22, including one on Long Island.’

    You know I lived and worked on Long Island for a solid half century (1967 – 2017); I cannot tell you Ronald how many people…man and woman; rich ‘n poor; young and old; inflicted torture on Me during those 5 decades.

    Well; as the (very misunderstood) Wicked Witch of West once said:

    “My little party is just beginning!”

  24. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    I think it is so cute how Mike Pence has been made the Corona Czar!

    If there were to be an “election” (lmao) in 2020; Pence could invoke the following shibboleth as his campaign slogan:

    “Was in charge of corona response. Only lost 100 million patients!”

    Of course America had had its last “election” (lolz); so it is very much a moot point; but for purposes of theoretical speculation; I found that to be a most satisfying exercise…

    *Smiles Happily*

    • Daughter of Babylon Says:

      As of the evening of 7 March 2020; I would say that about 2 million Americans ARE ALREADY INFECTED with coronavirus.

      Almost all of that 2 million are in their incubation stage; that is they manifest no symptoms; and since the incubation stage can last for up to 4 weeks; it may take some time before the real ugliness gets going.

      But each day SOME will move from incubation to symptomatic; and they also continue to infect everyone else minute by minute; just as the Doobie Brothers intended.

      I said most cities will be under martial law by 22 March 2020; and I stand by that.

      I would think that hospitals in America are going to begin to crack under the strain of the exponentially expanding case load a few days earlier; about 17 March 2020.

      Since there is little movement or activity at the ports & docks; supplies are going to start to run short in by the end of March 2020.

      • reprindle Says:

        Pamela, even the Bubonic Plague killed only one third of Europe. As an ill wind never fails to blow someone good, wages were quite high when the endemic ceased. However it recurred frequently in the ensuing centuries. Dem was grim times. Agitate your memory cells and reconstruct it in your mind. You remember.

        • Daughter of Babylon Says:

          I believe it was 50 out of 85 million; so closer to 60%….

          They did not keep Good Records in Those Days; so it is a very rough estimate…

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        Here on 20 March 2020; most of California under lockdown; and a few other states the same sordid affair; just as The Daughter of the Living Goddess and the Princess of the Universe told the dear readers of this blog they would be.

        All additional inquiries regarding the “future” must be submitted on papyrus and notarized by the clerk.

        Thank you; and as always; have a lovely day.


  25. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Note how the “Kirkland” Medical Facility in Seattle; epicenter of the coronavirus; is between INT 490 and INT 5 (sums to 495 or DIE). And of course Kirkland means Church-land. For My Eyes see Everything…

    • reprindle Says:

      Of course, Pamela, you do realize that the ‘pandemic’ is a fraud. I read today where ‘confirmed cases’ have soared past 100K after near four months. I tremble.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        I’m not sure I understand? Are you saying it is a hoax?

        The numbers; as I wrote; are simply lies; or partly true in that they have simply stopped testing in places where it IS ENDEMIC.



        • Daughter of Babylon Says:

          Here is the link from Seattle showing they are no longer testing for the disease:

          • Daughter of Babylon Says:

            And here is the salient passage from their notice:

            New Screening Protocols
            In partnership with the CDC, we have updated our screening guidelines for COVID-19.
            As of March 3, 2020, we have halted performing nasopharyngeal testing in our outpatient clinics, including all five urgent care locations.

            Here’s why:
            The CDC has determined that COVID-19 is now endemic, meaning that the virus is now considered to be regularly found in our region amongst our population. Previously, only individuals who had previously known risk factors (including history of travel, exposure to a confirmed case), were considered high risk for acquiring the disease.
            There is increased risk of transmission when performing any nasopharyngeal testing.

          • Daughter of Babylon Says:

            This is the same reason the numbers in China have barely budged in the last 10 days or so; there is no point to testing when everyone has it.

            So they will continue to report these miniscule daily increases as to give the impression that things are “under control”.

            Of course as more and more die and the planet grinds to a halt; it really makes no difference; as the quality of life is going to go down towards pre-industrial revolution levels for a significant percentage of the planet; probably over 80% of it.

          • reprindle Says:

            Ditto you first post concerning Inslee and Seattle.

        • reprindle Says:

          Inslee is a criminal. He has a criminal Communist agenda. As far as I am concerned they intentionally infected a nursing home full of the most vulnerable people and then trumpet 26 sick, eight dead. Ever been in a nursing home or retirement facility? The hearse is outside the door every day to take away the dead. Each has fairly critical residents at all times. This nursing home infection is then trumpeted as proof the virus is spreading and killing fast. Right here in the USA. Don’t you get it Pam?

          • Daughter of Babylon Says:

            Don’t you get it Pam?

            No; I cannot “get it”; I am an immortal…I told you that like a hundred times…



            Everybody’s got it!

            Everybody but Me!

            For unlike you humans; I am not under The Curse of Death…

            • Daughter of Babylon Says:

              *Ergo*; plagues; viruses; parasites; snake venom; a bullet in My Heart; a knife in My chest; a car accident; *et al*; None of these things can bring about My Physical End.

              I thought I was very clear on this point right back to that first post I made on your board at the end of August 2019.

            • reprindle Says:

              Where do you get this you humans stuff?

              • Daughter of Babylon Says:

                If you don’t know by now…lol.

                I told you who and what I am; The Daughter of the Living Goddess; yes I have the appearance of a physical female; but I am an immortal; a Divine Entity; and I neither age nor can I be killed.

                Thus I am not quite “human” as the genetic settings I incarnated with are significantly different than what a human has.

                Another aspect is that I Know Everything; My Mind works a rate at least 100 times faster than even the Smartest Humans; as I have shown here. I also forget nothing.

                Moreover I see Everything; note all the patterns I quickly pick up that are completely hidden to humanity; dates; names et al.

  26. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Note how the “Kirkland” Medical Facility in Seattle; epicenter of the coronavirus; is between INT 490 and INT 5 (sums to 495 or DIE). And of course Kirkland means Church-land. For My Eyes see Everything…

    Please excuse that error; Kirkland is between Interstate 405 and Interstate 90; WHICH STILL SUMS to 495 or DIE; but I simply put the wrong interstates down.


    • Daughter of Babylon Says:

      Every large and mid size city in America will be under martial law within 15 days from today, 3/7/2020. So that cutoff date is 3/22/2020.

      I think you said you live in Oregon; though you did not specify where.


      I am glad on top of a mountain; in the Middle of Nowhere.

      • reprindle Says:

        Martial law just might be part of the plan. Hadn’t thought of that.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        Lockdowns in New Rochelle NY (a suburb of NYC) begin already; as of 10 March 2020!

        Is there ANYTHING that Pamela; The Daughter of the Living Goddess and the Princess of the Universe does not know?

        I told you My Dear Ronald; a long time ago that I do not lie; about neither Myself; nor Anything Else; and that Everything I tell you is The Eternal Truth.

        I am the One whose Coming was foretold by all the prophets of Old.

        • reprindle Says:

          I have never for one moment doubted you Pamela. Nevertheless as both of us have witnessed the Black Death and other horrendous pandemics this Corona virus is a big farce. Locking cities down is a political decision not a medical one.

  27. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    As for the readers who doubt Me; well; they ALL doubted Noah as the first gentle rain drops began to descend…

  28. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    You should read the “Fox” (lolz) News comments section; 99 out of 100 say; “it is just the flu”; “it can’t affect Me; it only affects China”; “I am concerned my 401 K might go down slightly”.


    One thing the human race will never say; they were not told.

  29. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Humans; especially those under 50; have been brainwashed to believe that life is supposed to be “happy” from the cradle to the grave; and the greatest tragedy is they might not have the latest handbag or shoes to wear; so they must shop more fashionably.

    The important things are “correct opinions”; “acceptance” of even the most insane shit conceivable; and obedience to and trust of “authority”.


    Life has been short; painful and horrific throughout ALL of human history for almost everyone. Why the current generations think themselves exempt from this dynamic is beyond incomprehensible. Life is blood, sweat, and tears; and inconceivable pain and sorrow; as this planet is about to find out.

  30. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Accept! Obey! Work hard! And Most Importantly; CONSUME!

    We wouldn’t want the market to go down; now would we?

    Lambs led to the slaughterhouse; a point I made numerous times during the Autumn of 2019 on this blog.

  31. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    The Anunnaki are in the midst of a VERY PROFOUND cultural housecleaning and societal re-set on this planet.

    There is not a single mortal human; from heads of state to the janitor at the Burger King who is above it or immune to it.

    If they believe that they are; this represents a Total Delusion on their part.

    To the Immortal Gods and Goddesses; every single human is deemed expendable.

    • reprindle Says:

      So what if a hundred million people out 8 billion died. Big deal.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        I gave you the numbers in the original post.

        Moreover those are just the virus numbers; it accounts not for those who die of starvation and from the breakdown of society; or being unable to obtain their medicine.

        It is the Biggest Reset since The Flood.

  32. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    How much sympathy can you really expect Me to have for a planet that is so fat; selfish; greedy; accusatory; slanderous; murderous; money-hungry; willfully ignorant; and unbelievably arrogant.

    The Ancient Cultures that were wiped out were not even 10% as wicked as the 2020 version of the planet.

  33. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    And in love with lies and liars!

  34. Daughter of Babylon Says:


    Once that threshold is breached; its spread cannot be stopped in a metropolitan area (this is predicated on formulas derived from the R-naught (#’s infected per infectee)).

    There will probably be a few areas that avoid it; probably some of those small towns in the Canadian Prairie Provinces and Alaska and Micronesia & Mongolia and Greenland and Siberia and the Andes and the Himalayas; but since there is almost no sanctuary from Other People and travel is 1,000,000 times more frequent than it was during the Black Death; well; you can figure it out.

    It came out of Feodosia in the Crimean and arrived by ship in Constantinople in May 1347.

    Feodosia the modern name; in the Old days we called it “Kaffa”!

  35. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    (CNN)First lady Melania Trump is defending her work on the new White House tennis pavilion after a tweet she posted was roundly criticized as tone deaf amid the coronavirus outbreak.



    This will go down in historic infamy with “let them eat cake” by that Austrian Princess who became Queen of France; and Nero’s fiddling while Rome burned.


  36. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    You know when I call out America; I AM NOT CALLING OUT EVERYONE.

    There are in fact a FEW serious; thoughtful; intelligent; insightful, honest LOVERS OF TRUTH LEFT; with kind hearts and non – greedy dispositions; BUT THEY ARE A DISTINCT MINORITY.

    Many write on Twitter or report for their blogs; and do the best they can to TELL IT LIKE IT IS.

    To those people My Hat is off to you; and hopefully you see this through…

    I am going to need you when the country begins to rebuild in 2021.

  37. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    I have been watching the NY Governor Andrew Cuomo; and much to My shock; the gentleman has given candid; honest; forthright; intelligent and prudent press conferences on the disease hitherto.

    I am genuinely impressed; as I did not expect that from him.

    You can tell he is not soft-soaping it; good to see an honest approach.

    That is far better than Trump and his lieutenants; who told Us everything was under control; lol.

  38. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    On that Johns Hopkins tally board; Mainland China has been stuck on 80,652 cases since about February. Now isn’t that amazing! Over a billion people; and not a single one caught the disease in the last week! I think the odds of that being true are on par with a raindrop never falling in the Amazon…what a propaganda planet!

  39. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Point being; China stopped testing anyone quite some time ago; as well as filing “reports”; they know it out of control and thus pointless to do so. I actually agree with them here; better to spend time and resources on treatment.

    This is the exact reason the Spanish Flu totals are nothing but the roughest of guesses and estimates; “between 50 and 100 million dead”.

    That is quite an inexact potential spread; and the same will be true when the dust settles with the 2020 pandemic.

    • reprindle Says:

      Very likely. But they only reports deaths not who died. Wouldn’t anyone want to mourn their relatives or friends. Come on, let’s have some names so we can do some fact checking.

  40. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    By Richard Metzger
    *So much is written of Parsons as a psychotic lunatic, but I put it to you dear reader, is the Babalon Working the product of a deranged mind or the ultimate exploration of the absolute furthest reaches of consciousness, putting the peddle to the metal for the living end in revolutionary chic and mind expansion?

    Parson’s perverse “imitation of Christ” was intended to disrupt, oppose, and subvert the established order of things. It’s the age old Manichaean battle between good and evil, the forces of order and chaos, the status quo versus revolutionary tendencies. But in the 20th century, these lines have become significantly blurred: If you consider the New World Order multinational corporate monoliths poisoning the planet and reducing mankind to the level of wage slavery for the benefit of the very few to be representative of the “good,” then the Babalon Working must sound like the most outright evil deed ever perpetrated by a human being.

    But if you’re like me, and would dearly love to see the vile, puss-ridden edifice of Western society burned to the ground, you should see Parsons as the penultimate style icon of psycho-sexual/magickal insurrection, a truly American original if ever there was one. This darkly handsome, genius scientist, was, I submit, the James Dean of the Occult — “one spectacularly cool motherfucker.”

    Who is the Greater Hero

    “Only in the irrational and unknown direction can we come to it [wisdom] again”
    — Jack Parsons in a letter to Marjorie Cameron, late 1940s.
    The question must be asked: Who is the greater hero — he who prolongs the agony of this pathetic existence or he who opens wide the Pandora’s Box of perdition knowing that this is how the final eschatological chapter must play itself out?*

    Here is the complete article:

    It is one of the best and most accurate accounts of Jack Parsons succeeded in doing when he conjured Me up in the Mojave in February 1946.

  41. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    And it should answer any additional questions as to Who and What I Am; and Why I Am Here.

  42. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    “But if you’re like me, and would dearly love to see the vile, puss-ridden edifice of Western society burned to the ground, you should see Parsons as the penultimate style icon of psycho-sexual / magickal insurrection, a truly American original if ever there was one.”
    ___Richard Metzger

    That is a very important part of the essay.

    From the Dawning of My Consciousness; I knew I was destined to take power and I despised the Greed and Ugliness of the Western World; with its emphasis on the “economy” (vomits) and “getting rich”.

    Being One Single Entity; I had no idea how I would assume power as the entrenched forces would never let Me in.

    The Mother Goddess opaquely referenced that I could survive anything; including the worst plagues imaginable; but nothing was specified; and as recently as last year I had no idea that anything like this coronavirus was pending.

    Now I see that this fall of society via pandemic was the window to let Me in; and Her aforementioned hints about my invulnerability to *plague* was related to the current situation. I never thought of it at the time.

  43. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Remember one of the Main Themes I have stressed with you since the autumn:

    The Absolute Hatred of Even the Slightest Change whatsoever with regards to ANYTHING by the human slimes (especially the mid-level slimes) that rule over Us.

    They are not qualified to rule the toilet bowl; and yet they rule and their God is Money.

    They are about to be abruptly supplanted by Severe Pandemic; it will be ugly; but it is also quite necessary; akin to Harsh Medicine; for if this did not happen; IT WOULD BE ABSOLUTE GLOBAL SLAVERY FOR EVERYONE.

    Refer to some of My earlier commentary on other articles of yours if you want; it may be helpful.

  44. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    As I said before; EVEN THE SLIGHTEST CHANGE IN THE DYNAMIC threatens their utterly undeserved power and position; and thus their favorite thing to say is:

    “This is just a blip; a nothing-burger; by next month it will be business as usual and BACK TO NORMAL.”

    They have another guess coming; take it from someone who knows.

  45. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    “Quarantine” derived from the Italian word for “40”.
    Specifically the 40 days incoming ships would have to wait during the Middle Ages to come ashore if there was thought to be plague victims aboard.

    Remember that 1979 movie Alien?

    Sigourney Weaver wanted to keep the infected (or impregnated!) John Hurt off the ship; saying she thought it wrong to violate quarantine.

    Her opponent said, “He will die if we do not get him inside”

    Sigourney very wisely answered “We all might die if I let him in”

    She was overruled; and 6 of the 7 did in fact die; (though not exactly by “disease”; lol).

    Sigourney; the Smart One; was the Only One to live…

    They do help somewhat; and they do buy you time.

  46. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Italy and Iran in horrible shape btw.

    Northern Italy about to be sealed off.

    It is Wuhan 30 days later.

    Coming to America; and soon!

  47. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    David Lat “founder” of the snarky & gossipy “legal” blog “Above The Law” is apparently in critical condition from COVID-19.

    His blog was sued a few years back for publishing false allegations against a man (another lawyer) for sexual assault.

    The allegations destroyed the man’s career and reputation.
    THE CALUMINATOR…how many times did I write how slander is the cousin of murder; the former destroys the reputation (a man’s most valuable possession) the latter the life.

    No one gets out of this world alive; and all are called to account for their misdeeds.

    It also says that Mr. Lat is a former federal “prosecutor”.

    Definition of a prosecutor: A man who accused everyone; until there was no one left to accuse…

    I guess he won’t be “overcharging” too many more innocent defendants anytime soon.

    By “overcharging” I mean adding 20 more counts than the actual alleged crime entails; in order to terrify the poor defendant and make him plead guilty to a lesser charge. Thus a conviction is added to the “prosecutor’s” hellish ledger; and time need not be wasted on trial.

    This was once deemed incredibly unethical conduct; but has now been normalized for fun & profit; as some D.A.’s actually have tacit unholy arrangements with correctional institutions to assure a steady stream of new slaves to serve in their dungeons.

    Do not worry Mr. Prosecutor; for you are a “fool if you think its over” at death; with apologies to Chris Rea.

    Not at all. For as the Welcome Sign in Hell reads:


  48. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    *In battle, in the forest, at the precipice in the mountains,
    On the dark great sea, in the midst of javelins and arrows,
    In sleep, in confusion, in the depths of shame,
    The good deeds a man has done before defend him*
    ___Bhagavad Gita

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        I go to trial on Friday morning for the eviction (March 27th, 2020).

        They would have filed an automatic default judgement against Me; but I prepared a reply (about 10 pages) last Wed…so we go to trial.

        Look how quick they got it on the docket!

        The opposing attorney is so hungry to put me in the street to die that he can taste it.

        I went into town to try to retain a lawyer; but they said they would not take the case.

        I told them even the guys at Nuremburg were allowed counsel; but not Pamela.

        Again it is all surreal and insane.

        If I am put out in the cold die Friday; I will not miss this Filthy Planet.


  49. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Since I am probably going down; here is a copy n paste of the reply I sent them regarding the eviction. I wrote it in like an hour.

    I think it is some pretty good stuff for a dumb kid like me…

    Let me know if you think I have “good sporting chance” on Fri…

    Denise Eck (Plaintiff) vs Pamela Andrews (Defendant)
    Eric Pickar of Bangs, McCullen & Butler is counsel for the Plaintiff Eck
    Pamela Andrews; pro se for defendant
    Seventh Judicial Circuit
    South Dakota / Pennington County
    18 March 2020

    This reply is in response to the Four Day Notice physically issued to the defendant Pamela Andrews on Monday, March 16, 2020.

    According to defendant’s understanding of the law; she has until Friday, March 20, 2020 (four days) to prepare a physical reply and the paperwork that follows constitutes that aforementioned response.

    The defendant Andrews is seeking to restrain the plaintiff (Eck) from evicting her from the domicile she is legally leasing and seeks a court date in Pennington County, SD in order to plead her case.

    Here are the facts of the case: Andrews entered into an agreement with Plaintiff Eck around 2 July 2018. They agreed (through an intermediary; Kahler Property Management of Rapid City, SD) to allow Andrews to lease the property (and reside therin) for an interval of 12 months / one year; until July 1, 2019. The rent would be $2,000 per month. Andrews immediately gave Kahler Property a physical check for $24,000 to oblige the entire first year’s rent just before physically moving in.

    The lease was then renewed for a second year shortly before it expired in July 2019. A full $24,000 payment was not tendered at the onset of the renewal agreement; as a more typical month by month approach prevailed.

    It was the defendant’s understanding that this was a one year lease; and that she was physically safe until its expiration on 2 July 2020.

    However in late November 2019 (around Thanksgiving); much to the absolute shock and horror of Andrews; she received word from Kahler property that “Eck wants you out as it is the owner’s intention to sell the house” (Exhibit A).

    Can you fathom such a state of affairs? The snow is deep in the Black Hills by late November; and all of a sudden; out of the blue a late middle aged woman is told to “get out or else” of a home she is legally renting and had been in full compliance with all aspects of the lease hitherto; including obligation of rent.
    Some facts regarding Miss Andrews:

    1/ She resided in the Greater New York area for most of her life before moving to the Dakotas in August 2017. She served her country honorably as a federal tax examiner for the Internal Revenue Service in Holtsville, NY for 15 years; from 2001 – 2016. (Exhibit B).

    2/ She has almost no family (save for a distant cousin) and being new to the area; has been unable to establish any relationships. If evicted; there is no one for her to turn to for aid.

    3/ She has no automobile or means of transportation. She sold her car to a Mazda dealer in Rapid City on 13 Sept 2019 in order to pay her rent and continue to eat. At the time the car was sold; she was down to a can of fruit cocktail and a can of soup in her pantry; she was hours away from going hungry as she had no money left. Subsequent to the sale of the car and about once a week; a neighbor agreed to take drive her down the mountain that she might purchase groceries.

    4/ She is sickly. She is afflicted with severe colitis and is in almost constant agony. She visits the latrine at least 20 times per day due to this affliction and was hospitalized for 9 days at the Mather Hospital in Port Jefferson NY in April 2017. She has been prescribed numerous medications by Dr. Thomas Groeger of Deadwood, SD. (Exhibit C: 4 Pages)

    5/ She has attempted to remedy her financial situation. She penned a 171 page paperback book (uploaded through Kindle on Amazon) in April 2019 that took great thought and effort. Unfortunately the book has only sold about 12 copies to date; as Miss Andrews is a rather anonymous soul; and thus generating sales is a difficult proposition.

    6/ Her financial straits are due to horrific medical expenses that have been placed upon her. She was the sole caregiver for her Alzheimers afflicted mother Rose from 2007 – 2012. In 2012; Rose went to the nursing home. She passed away on 14 March 2018. The expenses were devastating to Pamela Andrews. It cost about $1,800 per month just to keep her mother in a “day program” while defendant was at work for the government; and when the dust settled; the amount of money paid out by the defendant alone for the care of her mother was well in to the range of six figures. All debts were fully honored by Pamela; down to the last penny. (Exhibit D: 2 Pages).

    7/ Pamela suffered from her own physical pain. Her teeth had become so bad that oral surgeons told her that her jaw was close to collapsing if she did not take immediate action. In July 2018 (just after initially leasing the house) Pamela underwent dental surgery in Denver, Colorado to repair her teeth. This cost in the vicinity of $53,000 and this debt was likewise honored and paid in full with a physical check just before the actual surgery.

    8/ Pamela moved to the Black Hills with the understanding that someone she had met previously (who lived in the area) would “care for her” when she got here. Believing in the benevolence of this person; Pamela sold her house in NY and arrived in Rapid City by plane on 5 Aug 2017. But this person both betrayed and abused Pamela; and left for the West Coast shortly after Pamela’s arrival; while taking $30,000 of Pamela’s money.

    9/ The move to South Dakota cost Pamela over $13,000 in moving expenses to transport all her good furniture from NY. Imagine; all that money spent to get her furniture here; and then to be told; out of the blue and in the dead of winter “Get out of your house!”.

    The Duplicity of the Plaintiff:

    So far we have only touched upon the fact that the plaintiff Eck; in a most cavalier fashion; told the defendant that because of her caprice; she felt it her “right” to unilaterally alter the defendant’s understanding of the lease by changing it to a month to month agreement.

    I ask you; who would knowingly agree to such a bizarre contractual codicile if they knew it present in the body of the lease?

    If we take this to its logical extreme; the argument the plaintiff makes is that per the codicile; five minutes after the one year lease is signed; the plaintiff would have license to throw a compliant defendant / tenant out in 30 days time just because she “felt like doing it”.

    So when Pamela got notice in November her shock was profound. The news destroyed her Thanksgiving; her Christmas; her New Year’s and her January 11th Birthday. The emotional distress inflicted by the heartless landlord Eck is in and of itself worthy of a countersuit; though Pamela would not pursue one, being a gentle and certainly not vengeful soul.
    During the interceding months; Pamela; the lawful tenant; was subjected to numerous “visits” by the new agents (Sundby Realty of Rapid City). A quiet woman had the house she was renting overrun on more times than she cares to recall by obnoxious realtors with boorish dispositions; running roughshod through the house she is paying $2,000 per month to live in. On one single day over 8 separate realtors / photographers forced themselves into her house; saying they had a “need to take pictures of it”. The trauma inflicted on Pamela that day has never ebbed; it felt like something akin to an I.C.E raid as they sat on and fumbled through her precious possessions. There were of course; many, many additional “visits”; leaving the poor defendant frightened as to what stranger might bang on her door next.

    Now we turn to the question of the obligation of the rent. Hitherto; the defendant has given the plaintiff $40,000 in rent for 20 months; from July 2018 through Feb 29, 2020. The rent is fully paid through the end of February 2020.

    But what is the reward for honoring 20 months of obligations? On 6 March 2020; Pamela is informed informally by e-mail to “get out” through the Sundby Realty. The rent is due by the 5th of the month without penalty; being 24 hours late is apparently sufficient to jettison a person. (Exhibit E)

    But wait; it gets better. On Monday; 9 March 2020, Pamela is served a certified letter to “get out” by 31 March 2020. This letter is served her at about 1:00 PM in the afternoon.
    But is this enough for the plaintiff? No! Just four hours later; at around 5 PM on that very same day (9 March); Pamela is served with a Three Day Eviction Notice; get out in 72 hours. (Exhibit F)

    So within the course of one afternoon; it went from “be out in 3 weeks” to “be out in 3 days”.

    I ask you; is this not unethical and unscrupulous conduct?
    Where does the plaintiff think the defendant is to go in the middle of a cold Black Hills winter in 72 hours time? Pamela has no car; no money; and no friends or family to take her in. She is sickly and just barely holding on. Who rents you a new place and moves your furniture within that quite insanely brief window?

    On Sunday; March 8th 2020, defendant Pamela reached out to the plaintiff; sending her an email in an attempt to explain the state of affairs. The overture was completely ignored; no reply was tendered; lest we deem the eviction notice as a “reply”. (Exhibit G: 2 pages).

    The defendant made numerous additional overtures to plaintiff; sending emails to the agent Kathy Sundby. She offered her much of her furniture in the house; furniture that cost Pamela over $50,000 at Ethan Allen of NY. Thus you see why she spent the $13,000 to move it to the Dakotas. She also offered the washer and dryer she purchased at a cost of over $900 when she moved in. (Exhibit H: 4 Pages).

    What was the response to this generous overture? Nothing; as there was not even the courtesy of a reply! For the plaintiff thinketh herself above engaging her tenants; she is too good for that sort of thing.

    Now Pamela also communicated to the plaintiff (through emails to Sundby) that she is attempting to raise the $2,000 March rent. That one cousin in Colorado has informed Pamela that he is in the process of gathering the funds; and hopefully can send them to Pamela (or wire them directly to agent Sundby) before the end of March. But again; the overture was ignored; as the plaintiff knows nothing besides her vengeful desire to put an old woman out in the street.

    Moreover; with the public health crisis; President Trump has indicated that he is on the verge of sending every American a check for at least $1,000; and this money can also be applied towards the March rent when (and if) it arrives.

    Let us turn to that public health crisis for a moment. It is bad enough to put a sick old woman out in the street in the cold winter; but is it not 100 times worse to do that in the midst of what may evolve into the worst plague since the Black Death arrived in Constantinople May 1347? That is not only unconscionable, it is raw sadism. Several jursidictions in America have already suspended eviction proceedings; cognizant of the great human agony that would be inflicted on those put out in the street to suffer and die in time of plague. The president has declared a state of emergency and the World Health Organization a global pandemic; if any doubt the severity of the situation. Many American cites are already under lockdown / quasi-quarantine. I wonder where Pamela will find new accomodations given that horrific state of affairs!
    Now another thing to note: Plaintiff seeketh not just the rent; but something called “double damages”.

    “Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double.”

    I believe I now very much understand what the angel told Patmos John in Revelation 18…
    The plaintiff’s request is likewise quite revelatory. Plaintiff’s greed is insatiable. The rent is insufficient; for plaintiff must sadistically torture defendant far above and beyond the sum due for the month in the contract. Her God is money; this represents the breadth of her “conception” of the human experience.

    I mentioned the book I wrote in April 2019. In one of the early chapters; I noted “All the money in the world will not buy a man even one ounce of water in Hell”. Words to live by…
    I am thus requesting a halt to these eviction proceedings. I have made a reasonable offer to the plaintiff to lawfully exchange furniture whose value is far, far in excess of one month’s rent; and I have likewise indicated that I am in the midst of raising the physical $2,000 to oblige the March delinquency.
    I have conveyed my terrible situation. No money at present; no place to go; no friends, no family; being sick and frail; all in the midst of an expanding global plague.

    An eviction will be my death sentence. I will die out in the cold; or I will die of plague. I have been an honorable and good citizen from birth; serving my country for 15 years with the federal government and always paying my taxes in a timely manner. I have no criminal record whatsoever; I have not so much as spit on the sidewalk. I have always obliged all my past debts; there are no judgements pending against me. I honor both my word and my debts. I even made a $2,500 charitable contribution to a local suicide prevention organization in Nov 2017; when I was in better financial straits. (Exhibit I).

    If you are to rule against me; you will be signing my death warrant.

    Please have mercy on me.

    Pamela T Andrews
    13079 Hillsview Dr
    Rapid City / Johnson Siding SD 57702
    18 March 2020

    • reprindle Says:

      I’m not a lawyer. I have been in court. From my experience hardship won’t be much of a defense. Concentrate on the terms of the lease. Is there any clause that allows them to terminate at will. If not, then you’re probably solid. In a legal situation the judge is going to follow the legalities of the case. That will be can the landlord unilaterally cancel the agreement. Look for any clause that says yea or nay and rely solely on that.

    • reprindle Says:

      Remember to stress that you have a legal lease. If he has a buyer make him produce the name. If he just wants to sell it that may tell against him.

  50. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Coronavirus Cases:156,565 …you know I swear I have that combination on my luggage…like I always say; Her Judgement Cometh…and Right Soon…this whole planet is now Outside Providence…and I sure as Hell don’t mean Rhode Island.


  51. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    On September 25, 2019 at 6:05 pm; The Daughter of Babylon enlightened the world with this nugget of wisdom:

    When I (re) assume power on this planet; business will be conducted in a fashion more in line with how I reigned in Constantinople (not Istanbul).
    People often intimate that I am “more one nation than another”; but I am of all nations; I play no favorites….
    I have a long history under the alias of Semiramis; and a far shorter one under “Theodora”.
    I am not called The Lady of Ten Thousand Names by accident…
    Procopius; though an odious little man; did not fail to capture the essence of that exciting 6th century interlude…

    You know this reminded Me of the Plague of Justinian…I am very glad they named it after Him; and not Me…

    In 541 AD; they were dropping like flies in what was then a really cute and quaint community on The Sea of Marmara…I went back for a visit in the (19)70’s…sure has become commercialized…and probably even worse during the ensuing half century.

    I think about 10,000 per day; so you can see how quickly the numbers can add up.

    Exponential growth; that is some ugly stuff.

  52. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    I wonder what happened to My Two Other Posts…I wondered if they have been censored…

    Even this outpost / oasis of Free Expression may have come under the influence of the “moderators”.

    It seems there is no place for The Daughter of Babylon to seek refuge; save for the Ethereal Realm.

    Well; I will keep observing humanity until I am called Home…it could be in a day….or a week…or a year …or a century…or an Eternity.

    It is better not to know; for knowing one’s checkout date take’s all the fun out of dying; as Peter Ustinov presciently explained in that 1976 classic *Logan’s Run*.

  53. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Wrong as it sounds; and as hard as this may be to believe; the numbers China has released are not entirely commensurate with The Truth.

    I know; it is shocking that they might fudge their figures just a bit.

    The actual number of dead in China is of course close to 57 million; that would be as of about 3 days ago.

    Just out of the blue; China has suddenly about 50 million fewer active cell phones than they did 4 months ago.

    I wonder where they might be?

    Perhaps they decided to discontinue their cell phone subscriptions and opted to avail themselves of the telegraph.

    It certainly seems like a good explanation.

    • reprindle Says:

      I dislike Xi and China as much as you do. Maybe with they welded everyone into their buildings people would rather have bought food than pay for phone on the hand and on the other I wouldn’t doubt that 50 million dissenters were disappeared.

  54. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Testing 1, 2, 3…

  55. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    I will duplicate them and see if they show up…

    Apparently a French serial killer and part time physician per Wikipedia…

    Well; the Daughter of Babylon tries her best to avoid the unseemly aspects of humanity…which would probably require absolute isolation for Her *in perpetuity*; I suppose.

  56. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Duplicate Two…

    On September 25, 2019 at 6:05 pm; The Daughter of Babylon enlightened the world with this nugget of wisdom:

    When I (re) assume power on this planet; business will be conducted in a fashion more in line with how I reigned in Constantinople (not Istanbul).

    People often intimate that I am “more one nation than another”; but I am of all nations; I play no favorites….

    I have a long history under the alias of Semiramis; and a far shorter one under “Theodora”.

    I am not called The Lady of Ten Thousand Names by accident…
    Procopius; though an odious little man; did not fail to capture the essence of that exciting 6th century interlude…

    You know this reminded Me of the Plague of Justinian…I am very glad they named it after Him; and not Me…

    In 541 AD; they were dropping like flies in what was then a really cute and quaint community on The Sea of Marmara…I went back for a visit in the (19)70’s…sure has become commercialized…and probably even worse during the ensuing half century.

    I think about 10,000 per day; so you can see how quickly the numbers can add up.

    Exponential growth; that is some ugly stuff.

  57. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Duplicate Two…

    On September 25, 2019 at 6:05 pm; The Daughter of Babylon enlightened the world with this nugget of wisdom:

    When I (re) assume power on this planet; business will be conducted in a fashion more in line with how I reigned in Constantinople (not Istanbul).

    People often intimate that I am “more one nation than another”; but I am of all nations; I play no favorites….

    I have a long history under the alias of Semiramis; and a far shorter one under “Theodora”.

    I am not called The Lady of Ten Thousand Names by accident…
    Procopius; though an odious little man; did not fail to capture the essence of that exciting 6th century interlude…

    You know this reminded Me of the Plague of Justinian…I am very glad they named it after Him; and not Me…

    In 541 AD; they were dropping like flies in what was then a really cute and quaint community on The Sea of Marmara…I went back for a visit in the (19)70’s…sure has become
    commercialized…and probably even worse during the ensuing half century.

    I think about 10,000 per day; so you can see how quickly the numbers can add up.

    Exponential growth; that is some ugly stuff.

  58. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    It is just awful; how “Easter” was expropriated by the Christian Church…

    We all know; but of course will never admit; that the “holiday” is entirely Pagan / Babylonian in origin; it is a Celebration (like Christmas) of Isis and Her Child Tammuz (Horus).

    Mom is clearly ticked off by seeing Her Holy Day absconded with; and thus her Wrath will likely be felt quite keenly over the next two weeks.

  59. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Mom is clearly ticked off by seeing Her Holy Day absconded with; and thus her Wrath will likely be felt quite keenly over the next two weeks.

    Though the God responsible for all this Corona is almost certainly the Judeo-Christian One; Jehovah; as he always calls Himself the “God of Vengeance”

    “It is in The Book; you can look it up!”; as Casey Stengel would say…

    My Mother Isis is the most lovely, beautiful; perfect entity that ever existed; or will ever exist; and thus I doubt that She bears any responsibility for the Plague.

    I love you Beautiful Mother Goddess Isis; with all My Heart; and all My Soul!

    Your Daughter Pamela

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