Men Like Gods

Tarzan Pays Homage To Heracles


R.E. Prindle

First published in the online Magazine: ERBzine

Cover of The Mighty Atom

Cover of The Mighty Atom


The Golden Age of Strongmen had captured the imagination of the world between 1890 and 1910….Into the 1920s the strongman continued as a living wonder and inspiring vision that could be had for the modest price of admission

-Ed Spielman: The Mighty Atom:

The Life And Times Of Joseph L. Greenstein


     When I was a child and youth in the 1940s and ’50s the legendary strongmen of the turn of the twentieth century were, if no longer living, living legends.  At least one, Bernarr Madfadden, the father of American bodybuilding, was still going strong.

     The most legendary of the strongmen was Frederick Mueller who was known professionally as the Great Sandow.

     In his heyday Sandow was so strong that he was capable of ‘exploding’ or breaking the ‘Test Your Strength’ machines in the arcades of Vienna, Austria.  There were so many broken machines that it was thought a vandal was destroying them but when apprehended it was discovered that Sandow was not only testing his own strength but the strength of the machines.  He flippantly suggested that they be made of better materials.

     On stage as Spielman relates, Sandow, who was trained as a turner, could do a back somersault over a chair with a thirty-five pound dumbbell in each hand.  He could do a one arm chin-up with the grip of any of his fingers of either hand, including his thumbs.

     He could…wait a minute!  I’ve heard something like that before.  Oh yea, I remember now.  In Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan And The Lion Man he has Tarzan leap up to seize stakes pointing down from a ten foot high wall, then draw himself straight up until his torso was above the stakes, then roll over the top defeating the purpose of the stakes.  Was he thinking of the Great Sandow when he wrote that?

     I think he was.

     Burroughs was a fan of boxing and a great admirer of the strongmen of the Golden Age, although he didn’t like the bulky physiques.  He repeatedly denounces the physical build of the Strongmen in preference for Tarzan’s ‘smooth rippling muscles.’  In my day the bodybuilders were ridiculed as being ‘muscle bound.’  But the ladies panted when they said it.  Tarzan is as strong or stronger than the strongmen but sleek.

     Next one asks is there any place that it can be shown that Burroughs ever saw Sandow?  yes, and where else?  The Chicago Columbian Exposition of 1893.  The Expo was a life changing experience for 17 year-old Ed Burroughs.  Bill Hillman of ERBzine has written a wonderful series on the influence of the Fair on young Burroughs.

     The influence of the Fair was as moving for the rest of America and the World as it was on Our Man.  There apparently has never been so influential a World’s Fair as that of Chicago of 1893.

     One of the best attended features of the Fair was put on by the Great Sandow.  Bodybuilding had already gotten started in England.  Sandow was a student of the innovative Professor Attila in London.  He came to the attention of Florenz Ziegfeld while performing in New York.  Ziegfeld brought him to Chicago for the Expo.  Sandow was a sensation.

The Great Sandow

The Great Sandow

     He created quite a stir at the fair.  Not only did Burroughs see him there but so did a man named Bernarr Macfadden.  At the time he was known as Bernard McFadden but he chose Bernarr because it sounded more like a lion’s roar and Macfadden because he thought it looked more distinguished in print.  As a result of seeing Sandow Macfadden became the father of bodybuilding and the health movement in the United States.  John Dos Passos spoofs him in Vol. III, The Big Money, of the his USA Trilogy.

     Macfadden was the discoverer of isometric exercises, which his student, Charles Atlas, renamed Dynamic Tension and made a fortune.

     Unless I’m mistaken Macfadden would cross ERB’s path sometime between 1908 to 1912.

     Sandow made bodybuilding a rage after the Fair while Macfadden organized the sport around his magazine ‘Physical Culture’ which he began publishing in the wake of the Fair.  Sandow also opened the way for a number of strongmen to build careers on their physiques.

     They all passed through Chicago.  How many of them ERB paid the modest price of admissio to see we can’t know, but as he always speaks of the strongmen in the plural one assumes that he saw several.

     Anyone who has watched the Strongest Men In The World competition on cable TV will understand how impressive both the feats and the physiques of these men were.

     In ERB’s day a man called Warren Travis Lincoln could lift a platform that held twenty-five men with his back.  That was a weight of about 4200 pounds.

     G.W. Rolandow could stack three decks of playing cards and tear them in two.  One assumes that was before they were plastic coated.

     Emil Knaucke who weighed in at five hundred pounds, a spectacle in itself, could hold a car above his head with one hand.  Spielman doesn’t specify make or model.

     Louis Cyr, one of the most famous strongmen, could restrain a team of horses on either side at the same time.  Really spectacular stuff.

Bent Press Arthur Saxon

Bent Press Arthur Saxon

     A man like Arthur Saxon of the Saxons was considered to be the strongest man in the world.  He could do a bent press of nearly five hundred pounds.  As in the photo, in the bent press a lifter raised a barbell above his head with one hand in a bent posture then raised another weight with his other hand.

     Eighteen ninety to nineteen-ten were formative years for ERB.  He would have from fifteen to thirty-five so that when he saw Sandow in ’93 at seventeen he was at a most impressionable age.

     ERB turned 40 in 1915 and 50 in 1925.

     By the twenties vitamins and food supplements had been discovered and were being developed for commercial use.  Vitamins were still novel when I was kid in the late forties.  Not everyone knew of their value as late as then.

     The Great Sandow, Louis Cyr, and a trio of German strongmen called the Saxons were all naturally strong but by the 20s it was possible to build muscular Adonae from the scratch of a 98 lb. weakling.  With vitamins, food supplements and a rigorous regimen for bodybuilding a normal body could be turned into as mammoth a specimen as Tarzan, as witness Arnold Schwarzenegger and his contemporaries who emerged from New York City gyms in the 1960s.

     In point of fact you didn’t even need all that gym equipment.  If you followed the body building plan of the most famous Adonis of the 40s and 50s, Charles Atlas, all you needed were your own opposed muscles.

     Atlas took Macfadden’s isometric exercises and called them the more commercial sounding Dynamic Tension.  By pitting one muscle against its opposite fantastic results could be achieved.

     Charles Atlas, who changed his name from Angelo Siciliano, was voted the world’s most perfectly developed man in 1922 by his mentor, Macfadden and Physical Culture magazine.

     Angelo, born in 1894 in Acri, Sicily came to the US in 1904, thus he would have been 18 in 1922, 18 in 1912.

     Siciliano actually had been a 98 lb. weaking who had sand kicked in his face by a bully.  His girl friend actually did walk away from him.  Siciliano then built himself up into what I’ve always considered to be the image of Tarzan and changed his name to Charles Atlas.

    I was not as successful with the Dynamic Tension plan Chuck sold me in the 50s but then I didn’t try that hard and I couldn’t afford the food supplements which are indispensable.  Nevertheless it had become possible to turn out ‘Men Like Gods’ on an assembly line basis.

     It is more than likely that Burroughs was very familiar with the bodybuilding or fitness program of Macfadden.  That photo of him flexing his muscles on the dock at Coldwater is that of a man who has been working out.  I can’t beleive that a man who was interested in magazines as Burroughs was couldn’t be familiar with Physical Culture Magazine.  Not only would he have the living memory of the Great Sandow in his mind from the Expo but Bernarr Macfadden had moved his headquarters from Battle Creek to Chicago in 1908.  He had a very prosperous looking facility.

     During these years from 1899 when ERB was bashed in the head in Toronto to 1910 at least, he complainedof excruciating headaches that began when he got up in the morning and lasted through half the day.  These would have been very enervating affecting his ability to work.  In The Girl From Farris’s he has his hero Ogden Secor suffering from the same headaches going from doctor to doctor ‘tinkering with his skull’ in hopes of finding relief.  The doctors could do nothing for Secor so he undertook a fitness regime which eased his situation.  So must have ERB.

     Once again, the picture of ERB standing with his legs apart flexing his muscles on the dock at Coldwater in 1916 shows that he was either proud of a moderate physique or he was trying to develop those ‘rippling’ muscles like Tarzan and Charles Atlas.

     At fifty in 1925 ERB probably thought himself beyond the age when he could develop his physique into a semblance of his creation, Tarzan.  Ten or twenty years younger and you might have seen Burroughs as another Charles Atlas or Tarzan.

     There is every reason to believe that sometime between 1908 and 1912 he developed an interest in Macfadden’s program.

      When he sat down to begin his Tarzan series at the end of 1911, Burroughs’ mind must have been filled with the feats of Sandow and the other strongmen.  Anent this, Tarzan’s leopard skin loin cloth was borrowed from the strongmen.  Leopard skin shorts were de riguer for the bodybuilding crowd.

     Of course the role models for these strongmen were Samson and Heracles.  The latter is better known in his Roman usage as Hercules.  For the purposes of this essay I will refer to him as Heracles in hs Greek manifestation.

     Especially in his original manifestation Heracles was a Sun god as the companion of the Earth Mother, Hera.  When the Patriarchal system was imposed on the Matriarchy Hera was wed to Zeus while her former consort, Heracles- The Glory Of Hera- was demoted to the role of Holy Fool and the strngest man in the world.

     ERB often refers to Tarzan as a Jungle God and a latter day Hercules.  Burroughs had a good Greek and Latin education so one might asume that he had some familiarity with the cycle of myths devoted to the feats and tribulations of that ancient type of all strongmen, Heracles.

     In fact, without stretching the point unduly, one can posit a relationship between the Pelasgian Sun God, Heracles and the Flaming God of Opar and through them to Tarzan; they can be construed as one.

     Whether ERB was conscious of what he had done in conflating the three cannot be determined for sure but as he was manipulating valid historical data why shouldn’t he have been conscious of what he was doing?  The Aztec ritual of tearing the heart out to offer to the sun god is implicit in scenes where Tarzan lies across the sacrificial block, pardon me, altar.  The annual sacrifice of the queen’s consort is implicit once again as La raises the sacrificial knife.  A blatant resemblance to Cybele and Attis.

     While the subconsious is always important it is the conscious mind that organizes, plots and writes.  As a writer I may have subconscious motives which may emerge but assembling and organizing my material is a conscious intellectual act.  It is axiomatic that one cannot write what one does not know.

     One of the great mysteries of mythological studies has been the relationship of Heracles to his namesake the former Matriarchal Earth Goddess, Hera.    I noted just previously, during the matriarchy as the Sun, Heracles would have been appropriately called ‘The Glory Of Hera’ or of the Earth.  The same notion can be applied to Mesopotamian and Egyptian mythology.  For instance, as David Adams points out somewhere, the lion is a symbol of both the sun and the matriarchy.  It is a fact that the body of the Sphinx at Memphis is older than the head.  The head of the original has been replaced by that of a man.  It therefore follows that the Sphinx was carved during the Matriarchy having either a lion’s or a woman’s head.  After the succession of the Patriarchy the head was changed to reflect the New Order.

     In the Greek Oedipus myth the Theban Sphinx was still represented as the original matriarchal symbol of a lion with a woman’s head.  Woman-lion/sun/Heracles.  The answer to her riddle after which she committed suicide was ‘man’ which denied the Matriarchy, hence she had to kill herself as the Patriarchy thus symbolically replaced the Matriarchy.  Apply that to the Egyptian Sphinx and the change of heads.

Theban Sphinx

Theban Sphinx

     Now, the original Egyptian Sphinx was exactly the same as the Theban Sphinx: a woman’s head on a lion’s body.  the Sphinx is positioned to be looking due East at sunrise in the Age Of Leo.  Thus, perhap, the secret of the Sphinx is simply that as Mother Earth she sat waiting for her consort Heracles (or his Egypian counterpart) to appear on the horizon each morning.

     The notion has simplicity to recommend it.

     As we all know, Oparians were a group of Atlanteans isolated from the main body when mythical Atlantis broke apart and sank beneath the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.  The worship of the Flaming God was inherited from the parent civilization by Opar.

     Thus whether Burroughs knew what he was doing or not he always gets the sequence of events right.

     Without getting into any discussion of if, where or when Atlantis may have existed, let me say, neverttheless, that all the evidence points to a predecessor civilization anterior to Crete, Pelasgian Greece, Egypt and Mesopotamia in much the same way Atlantis preceded Opar.

     The predecessor civilization must have existed in the Mediterranean Basin during the last ice age when ocean levels, scientists tell us, were several hundred feet lower than they are today.  There are evidences of quarrying several hundred feet below sea level on the flanks of the island of Malta for instance.  Given this as a fact, then when the ice melted and the waters rose during the Great Flood to their present levels any society or civilization that existed in the Mediterranean Basin was forced to move to higher ground which is to say above the present sea level.

     One thing is certain, if the Basin was habitable it was inhabited.

     The disruption caused a long dark age from which mankind only slowly recovered.  At the same time these relatively highly developed people moving into less developed savage societies had a fertilizing influence introducing more sophisticated ideas and methods such as agriculture.

     Lower Egypt, one of Two Lands, was obviously settled by the displaced Libyan dynasty.  After centuries of warfare the Upper Egyptians succeeded in conquering Lower Egypt uniting the Two Lands.  The Third Dynasty was a Libyan Dynasty so that the warfare was translated from an external one to an internal one in which the Libyans defeated the Upper Egyptians.  During the Libyan Dynasty the great pyramids were built reflecting in some way the the flooded predecessor civilization.

     So Crete and Pelasgian Greece received survivors also.  The Sumerians of Mesopotamia attribute their civilization to the advice of Oannes, John in English, who came from the sea.

     Often ignored by classical scholars but obviously part of this great Mediterranean culture is ancient Spain.  Now, Spain has one of the great traditions of the worship of Heracles as a Sun god.  This tradition preceded and was uninfluenced by any Patriarchal tradition from Greece.  In point of fact the Patriarchal Heracles went West to annex the Spanish traditions to the Patriarchal cause.  In the process he rounded up the cattle of the Sun i.e. the Matriarachal Heracles to bring back to Greece.  Throughout history, including modern Africa, lifting another man’s cattle transferred his authority to oneself.  See the great cattle raid of Cooley in Irish mythology.  It therefore follows that the Greek Patriarchal myths of Heracles are built on an earlier Matriarchal mythological cycle while being perverted or converted to Patriarchal needs.

     Heracles was originally a sun god.  He was the original of the Flaming God.  I can’t say Burroughs knew this either consciously or subconsciously, however as we will see there is substantial evidence to indicate that he was consciously manipulating the material.

     The city of Seville in Spain is built over a Sun Temple in which Heracles was the sun deity.  This site beneath Seville can still be vistited today.  Assuming that the history of the Spanish Heracles developed independently of the Greek Heracles which after all is a Greek interpretation of a Pelasgian god then it follows that the two traditions must have come from a common source.  That source cannot have been other than the ante-deluvian civilization of the Mediterranean Basin.

     It follows then that whatever names they were known by in this anterior civilization Hera was the Great Mother Goddess while her ‘Glory’ Heracles must be no other than the Flaming God, the Sun.  What else could the ‘Glory’ of the Earth Mother be?

     Thus when the Great Flood, which must be the same as that spoken of by the Sumerians who would have gotten the story from Oannes, destroyed the civilization of the Mediterranean Basin the inhabitants fled to the former highlands surrounding them taking their traditions with them.  The Spanish Heracles was yet identical to the Pelasgian and Cretan models which later became variant.

     When the Greeks entered Pelasgia at the beginning of the Arien Age, the Zodiac dates back to the anterior civilization, they found this remnant of the ante-deluvian civilization with immemorial religious traditions occupying the land.  As the Arien Age began a great shift in the mental and social organization of man progressed in its evoltuion.  The shift was from a Matriarchal consciousness to a Patriarchal consciousness.  In other words, the God replaced the Goddess as the most important sex.  Fecundation became more important than actual reproduction.

     This meant that all the divine myths had to have all the sexual relationships reversed so that the God took precedence over the goddess.  Hera could no longer be allowed to have a male god as her subordinate ‘Glory’, the roles had to be reversed. Hera would have to become the dependent of Zeus.

     Homer’s Iliad is one key in the story of this reversal.

     As Hera was unwillingly made subordinate to her Lord and Master, Zeus, Heracles had to be appropriated by the God.  The Patriarchy then turned Heracles into a scourge of Hera and she his enemy in ridicule of the previous dispensation.  Kind of a Burroughsian style sly joke.

     The meaning of the name Heracles as the glory of Hera was thus lost.  Heracles lost his identification with the Sun becoming a buffoon as the greatest of men; a physical giant of somewhat dim intelligence.  Hera’s glory was turned into a laughing stock but still a good sort of fellow who could aspire to godhood at death.

     In the Patriarchal myths Heracles destroyed various Matriarchal cult centers such as the Hydra at Lerna, the Stymphalian Swamps, the Stag of Artemis, the Nemean Lion and others.  His cycle of adventures was involved in replacing the Matriarchal with the Patriarchal sarcastic ‘Glory’ of Hera.

     To make a feeble Patriarchal attempt at accounting for the meaning of Heracles’ name Homer tells the following story in book XIX of the Iliad.  Zeus, influenced by the goddess Folly, announced to the assembled Gods on Olympus that before the day was out a descendant of his lineage would be born to a mortal woman who would be the greatest man in the world.

     Hera, who hated the infidelities of Zeus, heard his proclamation with scorn.  She knew her husband but too well.  She knew he referred to Alcmene who was bearing Heracles but she also knew that a son was to be born to the wife of Sthenelus who was only seven months pregnant.  Sthenelus was of the lineage of Zeus.

     Hera rushed off to visit Eileithyia, the goddess of childbirth, to ask her to hasten the birth of Eurytheus while delaying that of Heracles.  The former having been born first became the greatest monarch of the age after the Patriarchal fashion but by Matriarchal means.

     Hastening back to Alcmene Eileithyia uncrossed her legs allowing Heracles to be the younger son of Zeus born on that day.  While Heracles was the bravest and strongest of men he was nevertheless compelled by Hera’s resourcefulness and prompt action to be subservient to Eurystheus.  Thus the will of Zeus which could not be averted was perverted by Hera to thwart the Big Guy’s will.

     Heracles was still the strongest man alive but he was subordinate to the will of Hera through Eurystheus, portrayed as one of th weakest and most cowardly men of his time hiding behind his mother’s skirts but by the grace of Hera and the matriarchy, the greatest ruler.

     Zeus, appalled by his lapse of judgment threw Folly off Olympus from which she is still banned.

     In that sardonic manner Homer explained the meaning of Heracles as the glory of Hera.  She had used him to Ace Zeus.  Heracles had been stripped of his role as the glorious Sun companion of Hera.  He comes down to us as the strongest man who ever lived.  In the Roman nomenclature of Hercules he became the role model of every strong man who ever lifted a dumbbell.  Yet they all wore leopard skin shorts, the leopard being a symbol of the Matriarchy.  You can’t fool Mother Nature.

     To Burroughs who was a student of Greek mythology the great strongmen of the Golden Age must have appeared as men like gods.  Their feats of strength, their marvelous physiques, were so far beyond the abilities of ordinary men that they must have seemed to be in a class by themselves far above mortal men.

     In that sense Tarzan is the greatest of the strongmen, above Sandow, Arthur Saxon and even Heracles.

     Heracles himself had been demoted to a mere mortal although his legend was so great that he was allowed immortality by the Patriarchy after his mortal death.  Unwilling to grant him too much credit he was allowed to be the doorman of Olympus.  He held this position throughout the Arien Age being replaced by St. Peter in the New Dispensation of the Piscean Age.

     Burroughs, familiar with the mythic cycle of Heracles, however he understood it, plays with both identities of Heracles in the person of Tarzan at Opar.  He also brings in a number of elements from H. Rider Haggard’s novel She.  There can be no doubt of the influence of Haggard.  Burroughs even names his heroine La which is what ‘She’ is designated as in French translations of Haggard’s novel.  The palance of Opar is also based to some extent on the labyrinthine caves of She.

     There are many literary influences for the creation of Tarzan not least of which are the real life H.M. Stanley and Haggard’s fictional heroes Sir Henry Curtis and Allan Quatermain.  I would now like to direct attention to a third, that of the heor of She, Leo Vincey.

     If one closely examines Vincey it will be discovered that he too was a Sun King whose death had been caused in an earlier incarnation by She.  The cartouche which contains the name of Leo’s distant Egyptian ancestor was translated as ‘The Royal Son Of Ra’ or son of the Sun as in Egyptian mythology Ra is the sun.

     Leo also translates from the Latin as Lion so we have the Son of the Sun who also is a Lion Man which is how Burroughs refers to Tarzan in ‘The Invincible’ and undoubtedly as how he always thought of his creation.

     Haggard translates Vincey as the Avenger.  Tarzan is the ‘Avenger’ or guard of Africa.  Haggard describes Vincey as almost inhumanly beautiful while Tarzan is the most handsome man in the world not unlike Charles Atlas.

     Haggard’s She is indescribably old kept forever youthful by having bathed in the fire of eternal youth.  Hera was also eternally youthful and a virgin queen.  She restored her youth and virginity by bathing annually in a holy spring.  Hera’s bath obviously refers to the Spring rains which inundated Mother Earth just prior to vegetation springing forth in virgin birth.  After the summer heat the vegetation dies down and Earthy Hera becomes barren once more to await her bath and return to virginity.

Mr. Dynamic Tension- Charles Atlas

Mr. Dynamic Tension- Charles Atlas

     So a connection can be made between Sun>Heracles>Vincey>Tarzan and Mother Nature>Hera>She>La.

     Burroughs La was neither ancient nor immortal in the personal sense although she was the latest in an immortal line of Priestesses.  She is a priestess of the Sun or Ra, The Flaming God.

     Haggard’s Leo Vincey was the direct descendant of Kallikrates She’s great love of two millennia past.  She, or Alyesha, to use her name, had killed Kallicrates in a rage.  Kallikrate’s descendants were sworn to avenge the murder.  Thus Vincey travels from England to far off Africa to locate this fabulous woman.

     Kallikrates was the love of Alyesha’s very long life.  When she recognizes Leo Vincey as her lost lost love she saves his life while offering him eternal youth if he will only bathe in the flames of eternal life.  He hesitates to do so.  To encourage him Alyesha steps once again into the flames which was a serious miscalculation.  She crumbled to dust.  Thus while Leo Vincey doesn’t actually avenge the death of Kallikrates she is nevertheless his victim.

     Tarzan while actually born in Africa was conceived in England so he made the trip to Opar from England although he is ignorant of La.  When Tarzan is captured in Opar he is laid on the altar of the Flaming God, La with the sacrifical knife raised, looks down on this Jungle God, this man like a god, and falls in love.  Thus we have a replay of the She-Kallikrates situation.

     Unable to take Tarzan’s life, La releases him begging him for his love.  Alyesha’s full title was She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed in the Matriarchal sense.  The old conflict arises, Tarzan is more on the Patriarchal side, he has his moly in the waistband of his loin cloth, monagamous we are led to believe, happily married, so the Lion Man Sun King declines the honor of being mated to La>Hera.  He asserts his Patriarchal prerogative to disobey although he always has a soft spot in his heart for La.

     In a fairly masterful way ERB conflates the legend of Heracles, the fiction of H. Rider Haggard and the incredible strongmen of the Golden Age and his own little bit to write a charming and beautiful story which is fairly simple on the surface but one which becomes immensely rich with a deeper understanding of the sources.

     Ernest Hemmingway once said that before one sat down to write one should have ten time the information in your possession as you put on paper else the story will seem shallow and contrived.  It would seem that the sources upon which Burroughs was drawing, from the bodybuilding strongmen of his day to the legendary cycle of Heracles to the adventures of H.M. Stanley and the fiction of H. Rider Haggard might well fulfill Hemingway’s dictum.

     When one searches for the sources of Burroughs one finds layer after layer of golden riches while discovering that in fact ERB did indeed create a man like a god- Tarzan The Magnificent.


      This is a quote taken from Bonzo Dog’s song Mr. Apollo.  I don’t know whether the reader is familiar with the Bonzos but they were one of my favorites.  Several glorious LPs.  Neil Innes came from them as well as the great but tragic Viv Stanshall.  Leave those drugs alone, boys.

Follow Mr. Apollo,

Everybody knows a healthy body

Makes a healthy mind.

Follow Mr. Apollo,

He’s the strongest man the world has ever seen.

If you take his courses

He’ll make you big and rough.

And you can kick the sand right back in their faces.



A few years ago I was a four stone apology-

Today, I am two separate…Gorillas.

Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band

Long may they wave.

Something Of Value

Book II-2


R.E. Prindle

Edgar Rice Burroughs, Evolution And Religion

Your world is out of step in the planetary procession.

– Book Of Urantia

     The melting of the ice caps threw the evolutionary world out of equilibrium.  As the peoples fled, who can now be called Libyans, they bumped into populations settled in what were formerly the highlands.  In Egypt this caused a confrontation with the Upper Egyptians that may have lasted a couple millennia or more until the Libyans of Lower Egypt were conquered by the Upper Egyptians uniting the Two Lands.

     No one knows what took place on Crete which may already have been part of the Basin civilization while it is possible that the Cretans spread the Basin civilization to Pelasgia on the mainland.

     Probably North Africa including Egypt and Crete received the bulk of the emigrants.  Smaller numbers unable to hold their own obviously settled in the Levant and adjacent areas.  The wonderful temples of Catul Huyuk dated to 6500 B.C. must have been built by the fleeing Libyans.  These settlements may have later been overwhelmed by their savage neighbors.  A group may have reached present day Hungary since this area seems to have been a hotbed of intelligence.  Laurence Gardner in his interesting series of books believes writing originated there from whence migrants carried the knowledge to Sumer about- -4000.  Might be true, timeframe is possible.

     We tend to see such occurrences as History outside Darwinian evolution.  Viewed from a perspective of Darwinian evolution what we have here is a clash of sub-species.  Darwin poses this problem in his ‘Origin of Species.’

         As the species of the same genus usually have, but by no means invariably, much similarity in habits and constitution, and always in structure, the struggle will generally be more severe between them, if they come into competition with each other, than between species of distant genera.  We see this in the recent extension over parts of the United States of one species of swallow having caused the decrease of another species.  The recent increase of the missal-thrush in parts of Scotland has caused the decrease of the song-thrush.  How frequently we hear of one species of rat taking the place of another species under the most different climates.  In Russia the small Asiatic cockroach has everywhere driven before it its great congener.  In Australia the imported hive bee is rapidly exterminating the small, stingless native bee.  One species of charlock has been known to supplant another species; and so in other cases.  We can dimly see why the competition should be most severe between allied forms, which fill nearly the same place in the economy of nature; but probably in no one case could we precisely say why one species has been victorious over another in the great battle of life.

          With Homo Sapiens we will be able to see precisely why.  The discussion I make will not be based on morality but on the exigencies of the battle of life.  The sub-species of Homo Sapiens are part of the natural order engaged in the struggle for survival and not outside it.  Altruistic ideas about the brotherhood of man are all very well but such ideas can be interpreted in different ways.  For instance one might argue that we will all be brothers when all are Moslems; or, we will all be brothers when under Chinese hegemony.  But it is doubtful that very many but the totally naive believe we are all brothers as things stand.

     Many peoples who have existed no longer have an existence and it is certain that in the not too distant future many others are going to become as extinct as the legendary Dodo bird.  That’s why people talk about being dumb as a Dodo, you Dodo, etc.  So no sentimentality here.

     The initial clash came between the Semites and the Sumerians.  While the origin of the Sumerians is in doubt, as they had a proto-scientific civilization they were not Semites.  However as they built up their civilization creating something from, as it were, nothing, envy will draw attention.  The Semites of the desert attracted by this glittering something which far exceeded their own thinking began to infiltrate Sumeria.

     As Darwin put it:  How frequently we hear of one species of rat taking the place of another…  The Sumerians chose to be tolerant with a people who are by nature intolerant.  By the year -2000 or the beginning of the Age Of Aries the Semites had overrun and displaced the Sumerians.  Sumerian institutions which had great allure for the Semites were not abandoned or destroyed but the Semites gutted the forms of their scientific content replacing it with their own brand of stasis.

     At the Dawning of Aries according to Genesis a conflict arose between the Terachites and the Mesopotamians over the nature of God.  It will be remembered that the transition of the Ages between Taurus and Aries in Greece saw the replacement of Cronus by Zeus.  In Greek mythology this was represented as the battle between Zeus and the Titans.  In Sumerian mythology it was represented by the killing of the Bull of Heaven by Gilgamesh and Enkidu.  Having succeeded in their heroic task the haunch of Taurus was made a constellation over the North Pole.  In other words a remnant of the previous Age.

     The Lugal Banda assumed the reins from the fourth king after the Flood.  Now, we are led to believe that the Terachites under their Astrological genius Abram objected to the notion of Ages.  Abram insisted that there was one god who was eternal.  As the Old Order would not give on this point we are told that the overriding genius Abram and the Terachites were caused to flee for their lives.  They wisely did, however they kept this idea alive for two thousand years becoming an ever greater cause of disturbance during the transit from Aries to Pisces.

     Thus, one may say the battle was joined between the Astrological Religion and Semitic religious ideas.  This battle is central to understanding world history.  We will see a refinement of the Jewish position when Mohammed formulated his own even sillier religion.

     Let us take a moment to examine the Semitic position.  The question is not one of Jews and Arabs as the two are parts of the same stock, but that of Semites.  The religions of Judaism and the Moslemism that Mohammed formulated are quite close.  They both give their people preeminence amongst the peoples of the world and they both take an adamant position against change.  The Jews wish to make their god sole and eternal while the Moslems hope to stop time and change by declaring Mohammed the last prophet and his word the last word.  Vain hopes!

     Now, in the seventh century the Moslems burst from the desert overrunning large areas of North Africa and Asia forcing their religion on the subject peoples.  Some people, Bernard Lewis for one, fancy that this rule was liberal but that something went wrong a couple centuries later.  Nothing went wrong from the Semitic point of view, everything went right.  It merely took them that long to suppress the scientific and intellectual vitality of the subject peoples.  The story was the same as in Sumer.  Once in control they suppressed science and knowledge in favor of their projection of Allah or his early formulation as the god of stasis.

     Edgar Rice Burroughs recognized this in a passage of Tarzan Of The Apes that has not gotten the attention it deserves.  Archimedes Q. Porter and Mr. Philander are walking down the beach apparently discussing the Alhambra and the Moors in Spain.  Philander’s was a stock argument still current in my childhood and apparently still current with scholars of the stripe of Bernard Lewis.

     Samuel T. Philander is speaking:

          ‘But, my dear professor,’ he was saying, ‘I still maintain that but for the victories of Ferdinand and Isabella over the fifteenth century Moors in Spain the world would be to-day a thousand years in advance of where we now find ourselves.’

     ‘The Moors were essentially a tolerant, broad minded, liberal race of agriculturists, artisans and merchants- the very type of people that has made possible such civilization as we find in America and Europe- while the Spaniards-‘

     ‘Tut, tut, Mr. Philander,’ interrupted Professor Porter, ‘their religion positively precluded the possibilities you suggest.  Moslemism was, is, and always will be a blight on that scientific progress which has marked…

         Before 9/11 a reader might have skimmed over that passage without a remark but the Twin Towers have given it a new significance.  Burroughs presciently put his finger on the Moslem problem that is its antipathy to science; to that knowledge that contradicts the word of Allah as imparted to Mohammed sitting on a rock baking in the hot desert sun.

     Mr. Philander voices the received wisdom of society as it existed down to my childhood while if Mr. Bernard Lewis and  his ‘something went wrong’ is representative of the present is still current today.

     Burroughs through the mouth of Professor Porter boldly contradicts the almost universal opinion.  Furthermore he is right as events have amply proven.  ‘Moslemism was, is and always will be a blight on…scientific progress.’

     Moslemism per se is a tool of the Semites in their bid for universal dominion as per Darwin.  The Semite ever was and always will be opposed to any science that denies him that role.  The Science of Bruce Lahn and genetics have driven that last nail in the Semitic coffin.

     The Semite then as now seeks to arrest the development of knowledge and intelligence keeping things perpetually in stasis.

     When Sigmund Freud gave us  Group Psychology And The Analysis Of The Ego the  coupling of the two states means that there is a group ego and that it can be analyzed.  A group, any group, has its objectives and goals for which it creates an agenda it follows.  The Semites as a whole, both Jews, Arabs and others form a psychological group with objectives and goals.  Therefore their group psychology can be analyzed.

     Their methods and ways and means can be analyzed.  As Freud indicates, such an analysis does not constitute bigotry or ‘hate.’  It is just scholarship.  I didn’t mean to interrupt my narrative but I felt it was time to clear the air on that issue especially in light of what is happening to Mr. Le Pen in France.

     Now, the Semite has a fear of being overwhelmed by numbers and being relegated to the dust bin of history.  They wish preeminence.  They realize wishful thinking won’t obtain it for them.  It takes action.  The year -2000 is when that action began in earnest.

     First the Semites overran Sumer subordinating the people and its culture to Semitic ideals of Stasis.

     I personally do not believe the Jewish account in Genesis.  I believe that the Hebrews, as their Northwest Semitic dialect indicates, were located far to the West and North before they descended on Palestine.  The whole of the first eleven books of Genesis must have been concocted from Mesopotamian records studied during the captivity after -586.

     So I will not consider a Jewish influence before the final invasion of Palestine c. -1200.

     After the investing of Sumer and the acquisition of Mesopotamia conflicts between the sub-species became more frequent.  In the Darwinian sense the sub-special  contest  for dominance had begun.  As Darwin stated:  ‘We can see…why competition should be most severe between allied forms, which fill nearly the same place in the economy of nature…’

     First Pharaoh toured the East disturbing the peoples, then the Hittites and Greeks entered civilization.  The Asians countered by invading the Delta which was a long occupation before they were driven out.

     The contest between the Semites and Egyptians was between HSII and the Semites.  That of the Hittites was between the Semites and HS III.  That of the Greeks between HSII  and HS III and then as the Greeks and Semites clashed moving in the opposite direction between HS III and Semites.

     As Greek legend tells it, the Semitic king, Agenor, had three sons (read surplus population)  which he sent to populate new areas.  One went to Cilicia in Asia Minor, another went to Crete while the third, Cadmus settled at Thebes in mainland Greece.  This provoked a major war to eject them.  Just before the assault on Troy the Argives waged a two generation war to eject the Semites, or sub-species competitors, that was commemorated in the legend of the Seven Against Thebes.  Sarpedon, the son of Agenor, was also expelled from Crete returning to the mainland.

     Subsequent to Troy the Greeks invaded and occupied the Anatolian littoral also occupying Crete and Cypress.  The Aegean became an HSIII lake.  

     The Semites meanwhile threw out colonies from Phoenicia from whence came Agenor.  The most famous was the Semitic power of Carthage which was to come into conflict with both Greeks and HSII Romans.  The Semitic Assyrians who had become the paramount power in Asia found the strength to smash Egypt which terminated that ancient HSII nation as a power.  The Assyrians and  Babylonians were in their turn brought low by the HSIII Persians who seemed to have been or were assimilated by the Semitic culture.

     Then the Macedonians organized a terrific military campaign under Alexander and his HSIII Greeks and Macedonians overran the entire Eastern Mediterranean.  Alexander died at the end of the conquest which broke theEast into three Hellenic kingdoms.  A Macedonian, a Greek kingdom, the kingdom of the Seleucids in Asia and the kingdom of Ptolemy in Egypt.  For the moment than the HSIII were dominant.

     The Hellenic culture was so attractive that the majority had no problem adapting to it.  The Semites seemed pleased to act HSIII.  Then, as Bernard Lewis might say, ‘Something went wrong.’  As might be expected there were Semitic dissenters.

     Chief among these were the Jews.  The Jews since their alleged expulsion from Ur had been active.  Colonies of Jews had been established in all the major cities which transferred the struggle from the military to the religious sphere.  Unlike today, at that time the Jews were active proselytizers.

     They set themselves up as a quasi-empire in Jerusalem not unlike the later Roman Catholic Church based in Rome, in fact as the Roman Catholic Church is quasi-Semitic, Jerusalem probably served as the model.  Tithes flowed from every part of the Mediterranean into the coffers at Jerusalem just as they later would to Medieval Rome.

     The Jews fought the Seleucids to a standstill but then the really Big Boys entered the picture.  The Romans had already disposed of the Semitic Carthaginians but now the Semitic Jews established colonies everywhere in the Empire including Rome itself.  The chief authority for this period is the Jewish traitor Josephus.  Burroughs had a copy of the works in his library.

     So as the Age of Aries drew to a close the Mediterranean was under the military domination of the HSII Romans while the cultural  and religious sphere was dominated by HSIII Greeks and Semitic Jews.

     Just as the transition from the Taurean Age to the Arien Age was fraught with wars so now the transition from Aries to Pisces was blighted by a major conflict between HSII, HSIII and the Semites.  As you may note the transition between Pisces and Aquarius is being fraught with a major war between the Semites and the rest of the world.

     Much of the nonsense of the Jewish War can be explained by the notion that the Astrological Age change was the literal end of the world.  When Jesus spoke of the end times he wasn’t being vague, he meant right then.  The Jews on Masada could never have killed themselves if they hadn’t believed that they were going to rise up within the next few days and come into their inheritance.  Poor deluded people, their successors probably won’t make that mistake again.

     The terrific war with unbelievable bloodshed continued from 66 BC to 135 AD when with the defeat of Bar Kochba the Jews threw in the towel.  Peace is just war conducted by other means as the famous General said.


     The Semitic Jews were defeated decisively in 135 AD.  However the Kingdom of Heaven remained unconquered.  The Jews had been proselytizing the Mediterranean world for centuries and not without success but it was slow work while having its limits.  For too many people circumcision and the absurd dietary laws were an insuperable obstacle.  Enter Saul/Paul to the rescue.  There is no reason to take any of the legend of Paul too seriously.  Stories like his are mere hagiography.

     Suffice it to say that he discovered a way to turn the discredited Jewish messiah to account.  Rather than making him the savior of the Jews he made him the savior of the world discarding the objectionable circumcision and the laughable dietary laws.  Paul may have been a bigot but he wasn’t stupid.

     What the Jews couldn’t accomplish on their own the hybrid Gentile-Jewish religion of Christianity did.  The Semitic mentality was grafted unto the Gentile.  Christianity was therefore repressive and bigoted.  It is no accident that Freud made repression a centerpiece of his dogma.

     Within only a couple centuries ‘something went wrong’ as Bernard Lewis would put it.  Absolute Catholic orthodoxy was imposed which allowed for no further discussion or speculation.  Anyone who questioned the central authority was run to earth and murdered, ‘exposed’ as a heretic and discountenanced in every way.  It is interesting that Hitler is condemned for bookburning when these Semito-Catholics destroyed the greatest repository of ancient learning in a magnificent bonfire at the library in Alexandria.  I doubt if any greater crime has ever been committed and that includes the so-called holocaust.

     Thus just as in Sumer, when learning was crushed, everything was going right for the Semites.  If Bernard Lewis weren’t a Semite he might see things somewhat differently.

     The Semito-Catholics were still wrestling with stubborn dissidents when the ‘last of the prophets’ sat down on his rock amidst the burning sands to dictate his little notes and thoughts.  Mohammed could neither read nor write.  He still thought he could talk to God.  God most have thought it was an amusing conversation.  He’s probably still laughing.

     The ‘brotherhood of man’ sure as heck isn’t.

     I’m sure that Mohammed surveyed the scene, listened to the talk in the cafes, Semites complaining of how the nasty Gentiles prevented them from realizing the sovereignty of the world and how they had almost captured the whole ball of wax when by some dirty tricks they were defeated by the Romans.  With a level playing field, you know, they would have won.

     Undoubtedly they laughed because the stupid goyim were actually practicing Semitic religion and didn’t know it.

     Judging from the results Mohammed thought that what the Jews lacked to realize the Semitic dream was a sufficient military arm to convert the goyim by force.  The man did create an ideological force that when joined to the Arab military force was able to overrun North Africa, Persia and the Asian interior as well as parts of Asian Byzantium.  By the end of the  +eighth century the Moorish auxiliaries of the Arabs occupied Spain.  So as this period ended the Semite sub-species in the Darwinian sense had imposed themselves on much of HSII, part of HSIII and large goegraphic areas controlled by the Mongolids.  They were doing as well as those swallows would in the United States.


 Brief Interlude

      …presumptuous attempts to conquer the outer world of appearances by the inner world of wishful thinking.

-S. Freud.  Letter to Arnold Zweig 5/8/32 as quoted by Max Schur:  Freud:  Living and Dying.

     Time now for a little recapitulation, reflection and analysis.  Regardless of that endlessly repeated dogma that no system of thought is better than another, everything is relative; noting is good or bad but thinking makes it so, etc. there are some signal differences between the Astrological Religion and the Semitic Religion; the latter stultifies while the former liberates into a glorious freedom.  Which would you rather be, a stupid slave or an intelligent free man?  Judging from all the chat about freedom we hear I’m going to assume your answer rather than wait for it.  Free and intelligent, right?

     Freud hit the nail on the head in the above quote.  The Astrological Religion accepts the world of appearances and attempts to adjust to them, hence it has a scientific outlook.  Astrology is based on a mistaken apprehension of reality which is why on the intellectual level it is no longer taken seriously.  However the Astrolgical theory is based on a great many correct astronomical facts.  Astro in both words refers to the stars.  I’m sure the ancients would have expressed their hard won knowledge differently if they had had more accurate facts.  It is all very well to sneer at Astrology as stupid but Astrology is not stupid.  It is merely mistaken.  Determining the Great Year is a tremendous discovery made by people who couldn’t read while having mastered the barest rudiments of language.  Do not sneer at your ancestors; they can still tell you a thing or two.

     Furthermore by dividing the Great Year into Ages they left room for the evolution of intelligence.  If you study the transits carefully you will see that at each transit a revolution was necessary for the new age to come into existence.  Thus our genius ancestors made certain that mankind would never stultify itself by being unable to grow.

     Now compare this freedom loving program with that of the Semites with whom we are now contending for supremacy or, in Darwinian terms, survival as a species.

     Beginning with the failed Semito-Jewish revolt at the beginning of the Age of Aries the Semitic doctrine has been opposed to any change.  Their god is ‘eternal’ and unchanging.  The Jews created a psychological projection based on their ‘inner world of wishful thinking’ as defined by their compatriot Sigmund Freud.  Thus the Semitic religion is closed to innovation.   There is no consideration of the world of appearances.  The Jewish god, Yahvey must be offensive to any thinking person.  Nor can the Jews dismiss criticism as ‘oh, that’s anti-Semitism.’  That’s one interpretation, another is why should anyone be stultified by a religion that promises nothing to anyone who is not by blood a Semite?

     Think that over now, fellas.

     The same is true of the Arab god, Allah.  Allah is not even a projection of the Arab people being only the psychological projection of the inner world of wishful thinking of a demented Mohammed.

      My god, man.

     As with the Jews and their Eternal Yahvey Mohammed creates his own eternal god to supplant that of the Jews and then declares himself the final prophet beyond whom no further speculation is permitted.  Mohammed wants to stop history in its tracks.  Mohammed had probably never heard of science.  As Edgar Rice Burroughs pointed out science never shows up in Mohammed’s doctrine.

     Mohammed was able to stultify his own people and a very large percentage of mankind.  Bernard Lewis is mystified about ‘what went wrong?’  I’m mystified by Bernard Lewis.

     Religious speculation did go on in the West while Moslem children bobbed and weaved ‘studying’ the worthless psychological projecton of Mohammed’s called the Koran.  Here’s a guy who learned to fool all the people all the time.

     The West produced a wonderful succession of speculators working against the ever vigilant Semito-Catholic Church.  Paracelsus, Meister Eckehardt, Jacob Boehm, Emmanuel Swedenborg, the nineteenth century Spiritualists including the incredible Madame Helena Blavatsky.  Arising from all these is an astounding organization dating from 1955 in Chicago called Urantia.

     Check this out:  The Book Of Urantia claims his paper was presented by:

          …a divine counselor, a member of the group of celestial personalities assigned by the Ancient of Days on Uversa, the headquarters of the seventh superuniverse, to supervise those portions of these forthcoming revelations which have to do with affairs beyond the borders of the local universe of Nebadon.  I am commissioned to announce these papers portraying the nature and attributes of God because I represent the highest source of information available for such a purpose on any inhabited world.  I have served as a Divine Counselor in all seven of the superuniverses and have long resided at the Paradise center of all things.  Many times have I enjoyed the supreme pleasure of a sojourn in the immediate personal presence of the Universal Father.  I portray the reality and truth of the Father’s nature and attributes with unchallengable authority;  I know whereof I speak.

          The writer wisely pefers anonymity to revealing his ‘earthly’ identity.  Makes you smile doesn’t it?  Yet that writer in his Book of Urantia is intelligent and well read.  Much more so than Moses or Mohammed but you refuse to believe his claims and rightly so.  But then why do you give credence to the equally laughable Moses and Mohammed.  Just because they lived a couple thousand years ago?

     How can you accept the psychological projections of Yahveh and Allah as ‘real’ when you would laugh at anyone who believed Bran Stoker’s psychological projection  of Dracula was real.  Or, if you think Yahveh and Allah are real why should you not think that Edgar Rice Burroughs’ psychological projection of Tarzan the Jungle God is not real?

     Tarzan has as much reason to claim to be an extension of Dionysus as Jesus of nazareth.  Now that the Age of Aquarius is dawning why shouldn’t this exemplar of Dionysus be the religious archetype of the Age of Aquarius and Edgar Rice Burroughs his prophet?

     Tarzan’s world is based on scientific conceptions and their developments thus there is room to grow.  Rather than being reserved for the so-called elect of God which excludes those of us who are not Semites any of us can aspire to be as Tarzan- a healthy mind in a healthy body.  If you want to be a hulk, with application you can turn yourself into one.  We can be men like gods if we elect or we can be stultified cretins if we follow the Semitic path.

     The Age of Aquarius will be ruled by the more free masculine side of Dionysus as the Age of Pisces was ruled by the gentle, loving feminine side of Dionysus.  Tarzan as a psychological projection for us all is a perfect specimen; he is master of both his conscious and sub-conscious minds as well as master of his environment.  Thus he moves freely in the world of  appearances while being in control of his inner world of wishful thinking.

     Tarzan is God and Edgar Rice Burroughs is his prophet.  Move over Mohammed.

     Is that any less believable than Allah is God and Mohammed is his prophet?

     Think about it.

     The next section should take us to the marriage of Burroughs and Emma.