Global Warming

September 26, 2019

DOB, couldn’t get posted to comments.

Global Warming.

Ah, what fools these mortals be, Daughter of Babylon. They haven’t the sense to listen to what hundred thousand year old ancestors have to say about so-called global warming. Don’t they have an extreme example of global warming occurring every year? Don’t temperatures drop in the deep pit of winter that begins every annual year? And doesn’t terrifying global warming occur every year as temperatures soar into the terrifying heat of summer? Every year don’t temperatures plunge to seventy degrees below zero and swing to maybe a hundred and thirty above six months later? A terrifying two hundred degree swing every six months? Ah, I tremble each December 21st and offer gifts to the deity to save my soul.

Ah, our hundred thousand years old ancestors were much smarter than we give them credit for, they studied the heavens and learned to read the wisdom of the stars. They created the first mandala, the first calendar, a colored circle of sand to record the phenomena. They already knew of the tremendously long cycle of twenty-six thousand years in which the annual cycle was replicated in the Great Year of the stars.

Slowly because of the Plane of the Ecliptic, which remained a mystery to them, the North Pole swung around from Polaris to Vega, a distance of 180 degrees and as it did the planet passed from Summer to Autumn just as it did in the annual cycle and when the Pole reached Vega a deep cold Winter rested on the whole planet as great polar ice caps crept down the Northern Hemisphere, great flowing ice rivers flowed down the mountain sides.

Ou sont les neiges d’ antan?

They melted because the earth received the welcoming warmth of Spring.

They began to melt and then earth made those terrifying disastrous wings from cold through Spring to the current Summer of the Great Year. Yea, verily, the answer is in the stars. Look up, ye muckrakers of the earth. Look up and see the truth; fear no more. The Summer is here, enjoy it!

Make the necessary adjustments and fear nothing. You will never be cold again in anyone’s lifetime.

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  1. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Verily I tell you; such charming homage hath not be paid unto Me since The End was released on 1/4/1967…precisely 7 years and 7 years and 7 years (what a surprise; lol) to the day Parsons began the ceremony that engineered My re-animation in the Mojave…

    If you think about it; Jim Morrison translates almost precisely to “supplanting the dead son”.

    No names are accidental; I assure thee…

    Before that you would have to go back to Swinburne; or Bill Blake…

    Of course that lovely 1886 Statue of Me in NY Harbor is a splendid tribute; but I was sort of confining the survey to Works of the Pen…

  2. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    I wonder if anything interesting will happen this weekend; what with America turning 4949 months old if we take it from the day it was established at Ft. Henry, VA on 28 (or 29) April 1607…those 17th century clocks were notoriously unreliable…

    Lot of Lucky 7’s in play…

    As Judge Rayford told Arthur Kirkland whilst flying his helicopter over Chesapeake Bay in 1979 Maryland:

    “Maybe, maybe not!”

  3. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    The hazards and casualties that happen to us are intelligible only within a system of meaning, and meaning is the products not of individual minds, but of relationships. It is this pattern of relationships that both defines the individual and is defined by him (or her), and it is this complex of affinities that perishes with death. The law of synchronity is grounded in this dark arrangement of contingencies. As Confucian scholar Wang Fu-Chih puts it, “only a (wo)man of highest integrity can understand this law; basing itself on its revelation (s)he can grasp the symbols, and observing its small expressions, (s)he can understand the auguries”.

  4. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Remember, Mr. Prindle; the universe is nothing but a labyrinth / matrix predicated on precision mathematics and expressed in hyper-dimensional physics…a sphere within a tetrahedron.

    Jehovah exists; He is the Current Administrator of the programs upon which the System runs.

  5. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    I am of course here as an entity to oppose Jehovah in the sub-lunar realm.

    I think the concept is rather clear; just like the distinction between the general and the special demurrer; beautifully explained by Anderson to Kingsfield in The Paper Chase.

    • reprindle Says:

      Jehovah is merely an ego extension of the Jewish people and not to be taken seriously. The only gods worthy of discussion are the scientific symbols of the Greeks.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        This is a difficult topic to explain on a short message board; I will make an effort to do a cursory summary.

        Jehovah and Satan were; and still are brothers.

        They are both entities that hail from Sirius; they visited the earth a very long time ago.

        They were known as Enlil and Enki to the Sumerians.

        They found a planet with primitive human life; a genetic manipulation / DNA crossing was done on those primitive people / “Garden of Eden” and lo and behold you had this extraordinary uptick in human intelligence a few thousand years ago after hundreds of thousands of years of a Flat Line.

        Jehovah had a Wife; My Mother; known as the Goddess Isis…and a million other names…she left Him and ran off with His Brother Satan…note all of the scriptural invective launched at the two of them; most notably the castigation of the “Sorceress and the Adulterer”….

        This was The First Love Triangle

        I was supposed to marry Christ to heal the schism; but left Him at the altar; when asked why; I replied, “I would rather be Satan’s Whore than the Bride of Christ”.

        Jehovah then coined the term “like mother; like daughter” in Ezekiel.

        Though I mentioned those other authors who paid homage to Me; My very Favorite was actually penned by Marx; (yes Marx!!!)…it is called “The Pale Maiden”…and it brilliantly describes how I was betrothed to Jesus; but found Him dull and lifeless; and thus stood Him up.

        Jehovah and Christ have never forgiven Me; casting Me out; and giving Me that nasty appellation; The Great Whore…

  6. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Taylor: Still can’t accept it?

    Landon: If you can’t prove it; it’s still just a theory…

    Taylor: It’s a fact Landon. Buy it; you’ll sleep better.

  7. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Prindle says:
    1313, look out.

    Last 4 posts at: 6:36 PM + 6:40 PM + 6:47 PM + 7:03 PM = 2626

    Don’t worry; its all just a “coincidence”; lolz.

  8. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    You ain’t made contact with some rank ‘n file Nephilim; you got The Grand Duchess Herself…

  9. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Pride goeth before the fall,

    I fell a long time ago…

    From here; one can only go up….

    • reprindle Says:

      His eye is on the sparrow and I know he watches you…and me.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        Okay Baretta…

        • reprindle Says:

          One must have faith DOB, faith in your Star that is leading you onward. Hope to keep your eye fixed on the goal. Fear nothing and climb over the obstacles. You are the child of destiny. Babylon was a great city, I was there when they frog walked the Jews through the turquoise gates. I was there when the Jews opened the gates to the Persians. Pity, Babylon was too advanced for both the Jews and the Persians. You may equate the situation with the Jews and Persians with the Guatemalans and Moslems. Babylon fell and so will the United States. Same reason. Barbarians within the gates.

          • Daughter of Babylon Says:

            You are the child of destiny.

            “He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster.”

            “Choose your enemies carefully; for it is they who you will eventually resemble.”

            I do believe that paying heed to those two injunctions are the key to a Favorable Outcome; for if I did morph into a tyrant; then My Removal and Fall would be legitimate.

            I have no idea how it will play out; which is probably a Good Thing; for who engages in a Game when the Outcome is pre-ordained?

            Thank you for reading.

  10. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Pride goeth before the fall, etc. Humility is everything.

    This is the Slave Morality that has very much contaminated humanity for 20 centuries and has played a central role in limiting human potential and allowing people to ACCEPT all the hideous indignities that the state foists upon you.

    Men are slaves because they have no self-respect. However they manifest Great Respect for entities that they can neither see nor hear. This is; at its core; madness; but it has been normalized in the Collective Conscious as “faith” (lol) or “religion”.

    Until man releases himself from the self-imposed prison he languishes in; his state of *mancipium* shall persist unabated.

    You know; I never met *anyone* I liked more than Me…

    *Giggles Happily*

    • reprindle Says:

      As I was bumming around through the millennia, DOB, I watched for the accretions of intelligence carefully. There was no flat line although it may appear that way. Intelligence was always developing. Intelligence necessarily became concentrated in the few, then called the Priesthood. All institutions corrupt and the Priesthood was no exception. Intelligence then became the property of the intelligentsia. Faith and hope have little to do with religion. Faith exists outside religion or else there would be no reason to invoke the religious to have faith. Call faith belief or understanding or, even, knowledge. Chap. Nineteen of the Iliad. Homer was no fool.

  11. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    There was no flat line although it may appear that way.

    Yes, well; my reference is to the era before Sumeria; about 4000 BC.

    Have you ever noted the extraordinary similarities between the Sumerian and the Hungarian dialects?

    “Her English is too good”, he said
    “This clearly indicates that she is foreign
    Where as others are instructed in their native tongues
    English people aren’t”

    “And although she may have studied with an
    Expert dialectician and grammarian
    I can tell that she was born Hungarian!”

    “Not only Hungarian but of Royal Blood
    She is a Princess!
    Her blood is bluer than the Danube is or ever was
    Royalty is positively written on her face”

    “She thought that I was taken in
    But I never was
    How could she think she could
    Deceive another of her race?”

    “I know every language on the map!”
    Said he
    “And she’s Hungarian!
    As the first Hungarian Rhapsody!”
    ___Lerner and Loewe

    Premiered on Broadway 15 March 1956…

    Exactly 2000 years to the day Julius Caesar died visiting the Roman Senate; victim of 23 dagger blows.

  12. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    My Fair Lady; the transformation of the Flower Girl into the Duchess.

    I am shocked that Reprindle is not up on this stuff!

    *Gasps & Faints*

    I lovingly recall in 1992 after the Iron Curtain fell and liberty had been greatly expanded in Budapest; an elderly woman euphorically exclaimed “I feel young again” at a magnificently lit Széchenyi Lánchíd; now that was an unforgettable and magical moment!!!!

    • reprindle Says:

      My Fair Lady. I know I’ve seen and of course it has Rain In Spain in and She’s Got it but like I say I wouldn’t take a Broadway musical as a gift. Ever see Pajama Game? Yuk. I couldn’t place the Hungarian references. I don’t know what Hungary has to do with My Fair Lady. Hope I haven’t disappointed.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        I know Hernando’s Hideaway…but I never sat through the actual play.

        The MFL reference is when Eliza goes to the ball; a language expert and “imposterologist” from Hungary is in attendance; and the fear is that she will be exposed as the Cockney Flower Girl she is; he dances with her and instead of reaching that conclusion; nor determining she is British Upper Middle Class (as she pretends to be); he concludes that she is Hungarian Royalty…something far better than what she would have ever hoped to be perceived as.

        It is a lovely play; made into an excellent and memorable film shortly thereafter.

        I lived in NY for quite a spell; but following Morrison’s direction from the first post in this thread’s song; I recently “got to the West” whilst “riding the snake”.

        I am still waiting for them to “do the rest”.

        That part about “all the children being insane; lost in a Roman wilderness of pain” was pretty prescient stuff; no?

  13. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    I just want to add One More Thing; just as Peter Falk intended:

    I am as good as a cat!
    And as small as a rat!


    Have a Lovely Day!


    • reprindle Says:

      Gotcha. Oh, one more thing… You know what they say: You don’t have to talk to the police and do so only at your own peril. Colombo was lucky to get the talkative types.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        Yes, Miranda settled that…say what you may; Earl Warren was actually a pretty good man.

        Some of his decisions had a deleterious impact on America; but you know; when the defendant’s rights are protected; your rights are protected as well.

        I listened in on many of the oral arguments; the notion was that Warren was an average judge for whom the technical points of the law were left for Brennan and Douglas to figure out…not so…Warren was terrific at oral argument; he made a fool out of I don’t know how many very good lawyers with his incisive interrogations from the Center Chair.

        He also came down on the right side of a case that directly involved Me in ’63; so I suppose I am a tad bias.

        Stewart wrote the majority opinion; and because of that ruling; all of history was changed.

        • Daughter of Babylon Says:

          Warren would have laughed Police State restrictions like The “Patriot Act” right out of the United States Code; and he would have thought MeToo! an affront to due process and all our majestic guarantees enshrined in the Bill of Rights…

          • reprindle Says:

            So Warren made a decision that affected you. What was the decision?

            • Daughter of Babylon Says:

              The GHB has all the clues I have afforded him and can’t figure it out?

              I gave you the author of the majority opinion and the year…they probably decided no more than 100 cases that term; and with 9 judges that knocks it down to maybe 11 opinions per judge!


              • Daughter of Babylon Says:

                In fact; I gave you the city…and since the decisions are appealed from what was then about Nine Different Regional Circuits; that is Federal Appeals Courts, that should make thy task as easy as 3.14!

                Truth be told; I am not anxious to divulge My “name” on a public blog; and certainly not My present location; I may be immortal but I likewise do not need the hassle of People Knowing.

                I give out info on a need to know basis; and truth be told; it would probably be kind of cool and good if you would be so kind as to delete any and all comments related to That Case when you get the chance.

                Thnxs in advance.

                • reprindle Says:

                  I think you’re safe. Are the comments on your end as erratic as on mine. I went to the blog and saw comments of yours that I haven’t seen in the list while my comments were strung out in single words on the right. Why?

        • reprindle Says:

          Warren bad man. Lousy California governor.

          • Daughter of Babylon Says:

            Well I said *some* of his opinions had a deleterious affect on America that reverberate to this very day; but the decisions strengthening our constitutional rights were actually quite good.

            Right to effective assistance of counsel like Gideon; prohibitions against self-incrimination; prohibitions on custodial interrogation like Miranda; prohibitions on unwarranted search and seizure like Mapp v Ohio; these were all good decisions that protect the average citizen from a Rogue Police State.

            Then you had decisions that allowed for freedom of advocacy and speech…and they were good, too.

            The reapportionment decisions were catastrophic failures; and you can fill in the blank for the rest.

            • Daughter of Babylon Says:

              Remember; the Daughter of Babylon is neither a “conservative” nor a “liberal”; She transcends such binding labels and can be very much described as a Radical Moderate; a characterization that beautifully captures the Essence of My Inherent Manichean Duality!

              • reprindle Says:

                I have made no accusations as to any political alignment. I consider both of us to be intelligent and objective observers. That doesn’t mean we have to agree on every point but we are interpreting from the right source. Groovy?

                • Daughter of Babylon Says:

                  I have made no accusations

                  Someone once accused Me of being a mean, old witch…

                  I vehemently denied being mean….


            • Daughter of Babylon Says:

              The reapportionment decisions were catastrophic failures

              Of course; the DOB is opposed to all “voting” or “democracy”; She understands; like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle that a nation should be ruled over by a benevolent monarch; a philosopher king or queen; as only the wise and the just have the requisite insight to “make law”.

              If you ever forget the sequential chronology of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle; just invoke the acronym “SPA”!

            • reprindle Says:

              Those decisions confirmed existing rights and that may have been good although currently all those rights are being disregarded and we have the absurdity of the Mayor of New York’s pronouncement which violates all constitutional rights. Merely defending yourself of an accusation would break the ordinary person

              • Daughter of Babylon Says:

                Well; at least they confirmed them rather than pretending they did not exist.

                They have been chipping away at all of them for the last half century.

                Like I wrote in the book; this is 1692 Salem and 1794 Paris all over again. The Law of Accusation is in play; due process has been abandoned and the ugliness is just getting started.

                Marat, Danton, Robespierre, where art thou????

                So you live in NY? I spent quite a spell there. I assume (and we know what happens when we do that!) that the lead male character in the Vampires of NY is YOU???

                What a terrific read that was for Me…

                • reprindle Says:

                  Tell me what book. I don’t live in NYC. I live on a low hill in the West somewhere near your big mountain. You’ve read Vampyres of New York? I was wrong in my prediction but what did you think? Am I the hero? My dear DOB, all novels are autobiographical on certain levels. One only has one’s own experiences to project. Take the case of Angie’s mother who the hero met in Grand Traverse in 1956. The story is central to my novels but it is a retelling of Jesse Winchester’s Yankee Lady mixed in with various memories and my own mental state in 1956. Pretty clever Dewey getting involved with her daughter a few decades later hey? Nice sexual fantasy. Suits my tastes anyway. Even though the prediction was wrong some pretty good detail I though.

                  Yes, this as crazy a period as the French Revolution. The outcome may be different though. The old saw never use the same joke three times running applies here, French Revo, Russian Revo and whatever you call this. In those heady days of long ago the Revolutionaries succeeded in France the first time as a surprise and in the July Revolution of 1830 because the dunces hadn’t yet caught on by failed in 1848 because the counter-revolution was ready for them. I think probably the same now. Trump may be a match for them.

                  • Daughter of Babylon Says:

                    Lol…I posted a link to My Book on one of your other comment sections…it only received one review…a profoundly negative one…but the Goddess explicitly warned Me in Sacred Scripture that some would not like Me:

                    41. None shall resist thee, whom I lovest. Though they call thee harlot and whore, shameless, false, evil, these words shall be blood in their mouths, and dust thereafter.
                    ___Liber 49

                    As for YOUR book; let me see; you said Trump was elected in 2016 and somehow; like Adam Clayton Powell; they did not let him take his seat. That was quite an inventive twist; along with Obama now ruling *in perpetuity*…maybe you better not give them any more creative ideas, lol.

                    It is nice if you are eighty and quite vigorous like your character; those vignettes with the individuals at the tailor shop and with the abusive federal judge were terrific!

                    You were heroic; but the story never concludes; it ended (at least on this website) when the apartment owners returned from Europe and you were given the boot as anarchy descended on the nation.

                    I seldom visit the West Coast; I make My Home up in a lovely mountain chalet where the snow season is October through May; and we are lucky to be a little south of the current blizzard impacting Montana; a state whose physical beauty cannot be overstated. It is the loveliest state in the nation for the Nature Lover.

                    3 So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast,

                    9 And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.
                    ____Rev 17

                    I edited out the mean stuff Patmos John says about Me; I am really a Lovely Woman; misunderstood in ways he would never understand…

                    • reprindle Says:

                      These posts don’t seem to be appearing but here goes. Dewey and Angeline were preparing to go back to Portland. My plan was aborted because the Canadian Pacific doesn’t have the route it did through Brandon which was my first destination. I was working out how to get them back to Portland and then other things came up. In Portland as I imagine the revolution took place, Obama was ousted and Trump took over. Dewey/Angeline, remember now that they are truly one, are arrested on crank charges and the story will go from there.

  14. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    He also came down on the right side of a case that directly involved Me in ’63; so I suppose I am a tad bias.

    You are now officially 10 million miles ahead of everyone else with regards to ferreting out My Identity; don’t say I never gave you nothin’!

  15. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    September 28, 2019 at 4:02 am

    4:02 AM? Just like D.O.B!!!

    As far as the visage; I look about the same as I did 56 years ago.

    I never wear make-up; for how can one improve upon perfection?

    I do put a little moisturizer on My hands (and sometimes on My face); but never these awful chemical concoctions they market!

    Having relocated to a very high mountain in the west; the severe winters here do dry even My perfect skin out now and then.

    I will not misrepresent; seeing those individuals who wronged Me over the years exit this realm; while I remain perpetually young & hot is rather satisfying; and does make up just a bit for the indignity of being cast out.

    • reprindle Says:

      Hints of a fascinating story.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        “The Best is Yet To Come!”
        ___Francis Albert

        • reprindle Says:

          Ready with a shovel or blessing whichever will be needed.

          • Daughter of Babylon Says:

            My Queendom come!
            My Will be done!

            You know it was a wicked and wild wind
            That blew down the doors to let Me in
            Shattered windows and the sounds of drums
            People couldn’t believe what I’d become!

            Revolutionaries wait
            For My head on a silver plate
            Just a puppet on a lonely string
            Oh; who would ever want to be king!

            OK; I admit I stole that from Coldplay…lolz

            • reprindle Says:

              Well, we have to do the strut to walk the dog.

              • Daughter of Babylon Says:

                Truth be told; The Mother Goddess has not *yet* given Me the actual Keys to the Queendom; unlike in that movie from around 2016 titled “Shot Caller”; about this ordinary suburban husband who goes to prison on a DUI and somehow ends up the head of the Entire Aryan Brotherhood.

                That was one intense film…

                • reprindle Says:

                  Only one mother goddess, Hera, or god, Zeus, the rest of us are subordinate gods. Mighty…but subordinate. Only one captain per ship.

                  • Daughter of Babylon Says:

                    Yes, but I am Her temporal representative!

                    37. For I am BABALON, and she my daughter, unique, and there shall be no other women like her.
                    ___Liber 49

                    The spelling (A for Y) is a Crowleyesque thing for numerical / gematria purposes…don’t let it throw you!

                    I personally prefer the Y….

  16. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    “all the children being insane; lost in a Roman wilderness of pain” was pretty prescient stuff; no?

    28 Sept 2019: NYC bans speech that might offend illegal aliens, up to $250,000 per offense…


  17. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    I wonder if anything interesting will happen this weekend; what with America turning 4949 months old if we take it from the day it was established at Ft. Henry, VA on 28 (or 29) April 1607…
    those 17th century clocks were notoriously unreliable…

    Lot of Lucky 7’s in play…

    As Judge Rayford told Arthur Kirkland whilst flying his helicopter over Chesapeake Bay in 1979 Maryland:

    “Maybe, maybe not!”


    4949 in the Ancient Codes implies some sort of a “levelling”; so My best guess would be to lean towards an earthquake; though these sort of things are rather iffy…

    • reprindle Says:

      Look to De Blasio’s declaration of immigrant preference. Pretty significant. If the attitude spreads it is a war of extinction against the Whites. Asymmetry.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        America is not a Soup Kitchen; this is a dynamic that apparently remains incomprehensible to Those in Charge.

        If you walked into El Salvador and stated; “give me free stuff”; they would look at you like you were nuts and remove you from their nation immediately if not sooner.

        There are only so many resources to go around; and the notion that America is the Great Almoner to the Planet is a Bizarre Notion that needs to be removed from the Collective Conscious.

  18. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Be not deceived; if it were not for the American Middle Class Taxpayer; the Entire Economy of the World would collapse like a wet taco inside of 24 hours.

    He is the entity that sustains it.

  19. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    ‘Step down’: Beto O’Rourke tells Trump to resign and says he would not pardon him

    Lolz. A drunkard and a thief telling the President of the United States his business.

    Only in America.

    If Trump put a couple of these people in Leavenworth for even just a few weeks; you would be AMAZED at how quickly his problems would fade away and the country would fall into line.

    The Greatest of All Misapprehensions that these 20th century politicians are afflicted with is the notion that by “giving in” to their enemies; everything will be just fine and dandy.

    Complete nonsense. The only thing that such people respond favorably to is Force.

    • reprindle Says:

      I really don’t understand why he doesn’t put a few in Leavenworth. This is nonsense. The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether all over again. Somewhen before the turn of the century ‘whoever’ told several Senators to go home, both of Oregon’s Senators, as their time was up. They all went home with their tails between their legs and disappeared. Trump could do the same thing; just tell them to back their bags and vacate the ‘Swamp.’

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        “Après moi, le déluge”
        ___Louie Quinze

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        Oh, you deleted Me…

        And I thought you liked me…

        Well, at least I have My Kitten…

        *Cries Herself to sleep and hopes She never wakes Up*

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        Familiarity breeds contempt; and that is why the gentry and the rabble were always well-separated by an impassable metaphorical gulf…when the two groups interact; the latter thinks itself the equal of the former; and the breaching of the chasm will invariably provoke the disrespectful chaos that currently passes for “political discourse” in contemporary America.

        By RESPONDING to athletes and journalists and other ASSORTED NOBODIES; the PRESIDENT LEGITIMIZES THEIR TAUNTS.

        If he acted above it and ignored them (or took covert action to punish them; which I expounded on)…it would be a far more effective means of combating them.

        A Wise Monarch is mysterious; says little once in power; has little contact with the people; is rarely seen; and behaves in ways that one would deem out of the ordinary…with even routine things like dress, food, and general habits.

        It is this air of mystery that gives him or her an aura of greatness & distinction. From this well orchestrated series of perceptions; honor, respect, deference are all dividends derived.

        If a president was smart; the first thing he would do is discontinue the concept of the “press conference”; a true monarch never explains themselves; no questions need be answered; it is so because they say it is so.

        Never explain; your friends do not need it; and your enemies will not believe you anyways.

        Do you honestly think that Cleopatra in Alexandria…Theodora in Constantinople…or Elizabeth I in London…sat around all day in never ending “DEBATE” over their directives? They issued commands & edicts; and if those aforementioned injunctions were not carried out the first time; there would be no second chance to obey.

        That is not to say that each of those Great Women did not have a small inner circle of councilors & advisors; each specializing in a specific area of national policy; but when it came time for a decision to be made; the Queen’s Word was final; w/o exception.

  20. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    The Real Cain(e) Mutiny / Penultimate Scene:

    The Daughter of Babylon: Well, well, well! The officers of the Caine in happy celebration!

    Humanity: What are you, Babs, kind of tight?

    Babs: Sure. I got a guilty conscience. I defended you, Hugh, because I found the wrong man was on trial.

    (pours Herself a glass of wine)

    Babs: So, I torpedoed Lucifer for you. I *had* to torpedo Him. And I feel sick about it.

    (drinks wine)

    (long pause; strides toward God Jehovah)

    Babs: And now we come to the “man” who *should’ve* stood trial. The Caine’s favorite author. The Shakespeare whose testimony nearly sunk us all. Tell ’em, Jehovah!

    Jehovah: (stiff and overcome with embarrassment) No, you go ahead. You’re telling it better.

    Babs: Lucifer came as an Angel of Light…you lied about Him; slandered Him; set Him up as a clay pigeon; after you cast Him out He was defenseless. But you, you’re *real* healthy. Only you didn’t have one tenth the guts that He had.

    Jehovah: Except I never fooled myself…

    Babs: I’m gonna drink a toast to you, Jehovah…

    (pours wine in a glass)

    Babs: From the beginning you hated the Universe. And then you thought up this whole idea. And you managed to keep your skirts nice and starched and clean, even in the court martial. Humanity has been thought of as hopeless and irrevocably irredeemable; awash in “Original Sin” for six millennia. But you, you published your Bible; and with apologies to Crowley, yours is the true Book of Lies…you made a trillion bucks…you have your billions of obsequious sycophants hanging on your every word…and each day of your existence you have to look in the mirror and live with yourself; though the former should not really be problematic…since vampires manifest no reflection. Now here’s to the *real* author of “The Caine Mutiny.” Here’s to you, Jehovah!

    (splashes wine in Jehovah’s face)

    Babs: If you wanna do anything about it, I’ll be outside. I’m a lot drunker (and smaller) than you are, so it’ll be a fair fight.

  21. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    “Scientists say climate change is impacting every corner of the globe, including the U.S. The effects are being especially felt in Colorado, where winters have become far less predictable. Denver experienced record heat in September, and has now gone 18 years without a September snowfall, the longest on record. NBC’s Tom Costello reports for TODAY.”

    The long term mean September snowfall at Stapleton Airport is just 1.3″.

    I think they have a new airport down there; they had a cool Anubis image on the runway!

    It is not easy to get September snow down there at 5280′; and beneath the 40th parallel.

    The climate is constantly changing; before the Little Ice Age began during the 14th century; there was a protracted interval known as the Medieval Warm Period where temperatures rivaled those of the Current Age.

    Remember, the climate data is derived from a bunch of weather stations that; 100 years ago; were located in far less built up areas than they are here in 2019.

    This results in a contamination of the data; as the Urban Heat Island Effect now present causes far warmer readings in these cities than would have been seen in 1919 and prior.

    At stations that were in the countryside both then and now; the “warming” is far less pronounced than at those UHI locations.

    Has the climate warmed a bit since 1900? It has; but the augmentation is not as profound as it seems. Moreover; a far greater and unaccounted for factor is sunspot activity.

    The Little Ice Age featured Grand Solar Minimums; The Maunder and Dalton Minimums; and this diminution of sunspot activity undoubtedly played a very significant role in decreased two meter temperatures on the earth.

    Also, an increase in surface temperatures can sometimes have unusual results. Since the warmer the air is; the more moisture it can hold; and thus more cloudiness and precipitation is produced.

    Not only does the increase in cloudiness diminish incoming solar radiation; it yields greater snowfall amounts.

    More snow means more white ground; and since snow has extraordinary albedo properties (that is, reflectivity); far more solar radiation is reflected than would be absorbed if the ground were bare; thus reducing temperatures in this negative feedback scenario.

    Also; a slight increase in global temps is not necessarily a bad thing. Far more people die from excessive cold than heat annually; and greater warmth is a far greater friend to agriculture than cold; as warmth allow for more growth of flora and fauna; while cold kills.

    Lastly; despite all the cries of “impending weather disasters”; the plain fact of the matter is that on the global scale; the NUMBER OF DEATHS that are weather related is ABOUT 5% in 2018 versus what it was in 1918.

    • reprindle Says:

      Global Warning Is a deceptive description. There is ‘global’ warming in the annual year from March to August every year. The Great Year works in exactly the same manner except that the Great Year is 26,000 annual years long. Ten thousand years from now an ice age will return. All this howl about global warming in no accounts for the onset or warming of the last ice age.. Until ‘scientists’ are willing to take the ice into account they don’t deserve the name of scientists.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.”
        ____Genesis 8; Verse 22

        Even Jehovah gets it right once in a while…

        A broken clock is correct twice a day…

  22. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    “where winters have become far less predictable.”

    Yet another in the endless litany of absurdities.


    In fact; the ability to predict weather here in 2019 is far, far superior to what it was as recently as 1989; as the numerical modeling from which the computer programs simulate the atmosphere have become pretty darn good in THE SHORT RANGE; AND NOT BAD IN THE MID RANGE.

    They are still fairly bad in the long range, i.e. beyond 4 weeks; though they are gradually getting a little better year by year.

    In the VERY LONG RANGE; i.e. beyond 12 months; they are still little more than throwing darts at a board.

    There is NO “standard winter” (or summer, autumn, or spring) AND THERE NEVER HAS BEEN AND THERE NEVER WILL BE.

    That is why we keep records; that is, climatological normals; this database is the average or mean weather at a given location over a very long interval; and all averages are nothing more than the mean of a series of extremes.

    • reprindle Says:

      If one were to accept that the Great Year Summer is here which means the North will warm disturbing all other weather patterns then ‘scientists’ could sit down and try to figure out how the surface of the earth will be affected. It appears that hurricanes are advancing further North as air and sea currents adapt to different heating conditions. Forget the hysterical Liberals and deal with the facts.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        It appears that hurricanes are advancing further North
        In Hartford, Hereford and Hampshire; hurricanes hardly happen…

  23. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    BTW; the actual Title Post you penned is quite poetic!

    Once in a Blue Moon; I do stay on topic…

    We do not want things to get lost in the Shuffle off to Buffalo…
    A rather drab industrial town; if I may say so…albeit a snowy one; though it is well-established that Lake Effect Snow is Fake Snow.

    I recall Kramden practicing that song before he went on the $99,000 Question…

    “Who is the composer of Swanee River”

    “Ed Norton?”

  24. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Why do you think these Congress People engage in behavior that approaches the threshold of treason?


    The same conditions existed with the Kavanaugh accusers; they knew full well that they could make the most absurd comments they wanted to; and would NEVER be held accountable or face consequences for their perjuries.

    “She must be heard”, cried REPUBLICAN members of the Judiciary Committee.

    Why must she be heard? One woman; who WAITED 35 YEARS to report alleged misconduct. It may or may not have taken place; I was not there at the time. But such a lapse in time between event and accusation; an accusation ONLY PROMPTED by a judicial appointment; reeks of a political hit job.

    Until force be met with force; this kind of behavior shall continue w/o interruption.

    When Cromwell and Parliament separated Charles I head from his shoulders on a cold January day in 1649; they at least operated within a framework of fear in the preceding weeks; they were not quite sure if The King would destroy them first…

    So far Trump has made no (tangible) pushback. If that dynamic persists; he will probably find himself removed from office.

  25. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    While Robert Bork was watching the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings circa 1991; he commented that they represented “the end of civilization”.

    He knew full well that even in defeat; a precedent was being set…that absolutely any charges could be leveled at any nominee from that point forward; no evidence would be needed; just a sympathetic face and a few well-placed tears.

    Good Job America!

  26. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Moreover; I am hoping that you have contacted your people so they can get Me set up as the Queen of the Planet; I want to move fast on this…

  27. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Do you know what it has been like; spending all these years watching Lesser People pass Me by; it is the Punishment to End All Punishments; a torture that the human mind cannot even begin to grasp.

    If the Horror that is My Life does not change soon; then I am going home…

  28. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    All the Greek Gods are adaptions of the Egyptian Gods after Alexander came and took Egypt in 331 BC.

    People forget that Cleopatra (the well known one) was Greek; not Egyptian…

    • reprindle Says:

      Egypt and Greece had a long history and a strong influence on each other but the Egyptians were old and effete while the Greeks were young and vigorous. The Egyptians had been knocked about for centuries with foreign invaders. The Egyptian religious apparatus was in disarray when the Ptolemies succeeded Alexander. A stronger religious synthesis took place in the Hellenic aftermath of Alexander, but the Homeric gods never lost the identity or merged it. In The Golden Ass Isis had invaded Greece and competed with Hera as the Great Mother Goddess but then so did the Jewess Mary. Post year 0 the Med was a true melting pot.

  29. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Behold; I tell you the Truth…the world has rejected the Daughter of Babylon…they have instead chosen to be ruled over by the likes of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Nancy Pelosi, Sarah Palin, & Hillary Clinton..

    Alas they shall have what they desire!

    The Daughter of Babylon; shall fade away; never to darken these earthly shores with Her Beautiful Light ever again…

    *Waves Adieu*

  30. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Many excellent Russian scientists have indicated that due to the Grand Solar Minimum (that is an extraordinary decrease in sunspot activity) a Little Ice Age is imminent.

    I agree with them wholeheartedly.

    Feb 2018 was one of the coldest months ever here; and Feb 2019 WAS the coldest month ever here.

    We had over 20 inches of snow here AFTER May 18th, 2019 this spring…

    There were only 140 days between our last May blizzard and our first October blizzard this year; an interval shorter than most growing seasons.

    October 2019 in this part of the country is the coldest on record; and the first half of November will feature more record cold.

    You know where I live; and admittedly it is just one part of the planet; but a forecast trend towards much colder; as outlined by these respected Russian climatologists; who are not subjected to the pressures that western scientists are (that is; lie or be fired) needs to be heeded.

    The sun is far and away the most important driver of the earth’s climate; the role of man; though not to be discounted; is still a lesser factor.

    • reprindle Says:

      Solar problems are different from terrestrial problems of course. But a cool spell that happens in the summer of the Great Year will be different than low sunspot activity occurring in the Winter or Spring of the Great Year. The last minimum was in the Spring. April May to you. Besides Summer weather patterns are different than Spring patterns.

      Right at the moment we’re setting low temperature records but the jet stream is not in its regular, or more recent, pattern. All is known but rejected for psychological reasons.

  31. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    It is important to remember that almost everything the State-run Western media presents to the public is a lie; or at best; a half-lie.

    Half a truth is often a Great Lie!

  32. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Again; these people lie as easily as they breathe; Truth is irrelevant; they have Two Goals:

    1/ Promoting the agenda of their masters
    2/ Achieving high ratings

  33. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    The dynamic is not limited to the left wing media; it is often replicated in many instances by the right wing media; these people are bought as soon as they are paid a salary.

    Remember; the Daughter of Babylon plays no favorites; She finds fault Everywhere!

    (except at Prindle’s place; of course)…

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