The Light Of The World

August 20, 2021

The Light Of The World


Dr. Anton Polarion

Been reading some silly stuff about the Bible by some silly people.  A corrective necessary.  Let’s start from before the beginning.  There was only God, a universal god not a Jewish god.  God was universal and created all the peoples of the world.  Then, for some inexplicable reason he chose the Jews for his favorite people.  There must have been many peoples to choose from or he couldn’t have chosen the Jews.

This was the Old Dispensation and it went on for a while.  Then God got tired of having singled out the Jews as he now wanted to include all the peoples of the world for his subjects.

How to go about it?  I have it, he said, I will send a replica of myself, a son, to tell the Jews that they’re no longer special.  This raises the question:  was that son a Jew?   The question must be answered in the negative; he wasn’t a Jew.  Why not?  Because he was the son of God and God wasn’t a Jew.  God sent his Holy Spirit to implant his replica, his son, in the womb of the Virgin Mary.  God can do things like that so it’s not impossible.  Right? 

Mary delivered God’s son named Jesus.  Jesus was on his own.  No identifying marks, no passport, nothing.  He had to convince the Jews when the time came that he was divine.  The Jews when the time came would find this laughable.

First Jesus had to be prepared to have at least a half way convincing argument.  What did Mary do?  She didn’t turn him over to the Rabbis for educating, no, she sent him to Egypt to be educated and trained.  Thus, not only is Jesus not Jewish he wasn’t even educated in Jewish ideology.  Egypt was the Light of the World, the home of all wisdom.

If you’ll note Israel’s great teacher was the Egyptian Moses.  Moses did a lousy job, even gave them a cardboard god named Yahweh.  Separated them from the real God.  Probably why the Jews didn’t recognize Jesus.  Different image.  Jesus then was trained in Egypt, inculcated with the New Dispensation.  Enough of the old, new is the way.

And the New Dispensation?  For God so loved the WORLD that he sent his son to tell the Jews that he no longer wanted a special people so they were just like everyone else now.

Well, you know, that’s a tough message to take.  What do you do when you don’t like the message?  You kill the messenger and that is just what they did do.  So it is clear that God wasn’t Jewish and neither was The Light of the World, his son. Just like it says right there in the Bible if you read it right.

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