Ninth Note: G.W.M Reynolds And An Article In Early Victorian England

April 12, 2021

Note #9:  A Mention Of G.W.M. Reynolds In G.M. Young’s Compendium Earl Victorian England.


R.E. Prindle

I came across an interesting reference to Reynolds in a book titled Early Victorian England edited by G.M. Young, published by the Oxford Press in 1934.  The book is a compendium of essays covering different aspects of early Victorian England not unlike Charles Knight’s London.  The article in question is E.E. Kellett’s The Press

Each article is written by a different person and while not all are probably in their sixties and seventies most are so they were born possibly as early as 1855 while most must have been born in the 1860s and 70s so they have memories close to the period 1830-65, thus being more familiar with the way things were.

The article of interest to us is this essay on the press by Kellet.  Interestingly of all the authors he could have chosen to mention he has a page or two concerning Reynolds. 

In the quote Kellett’s discussion begins with the publisher of Penny Dreadfuls Edward Lloyd.  Here I quote pages 65, 66, 67, 68 in full and part of 69.  This is terrific background with an acknowledgement of Reynolds.  An excellent perspective.


Very different alike from Chambers, Eliza Cook, and Cleave was Edward Lloyd, the founder of the ‘Salisbury Square School of Fiction.’  Lloyd appealed to yet another class, and gave that class what it wanted, with but the pretence of a desire to elevate it in morals and in taste.  In September 1841 he started the People’s Police Gazette, a penny weekly consisting solely of what to-day are called ‘thrillers’, or narratives of some sensational crime of the day.  He did not touch on politics, and allowed no political cartoons, but made his stories still more horrible by ghastly illustrations.  The success of this paper was unprecedented, and Lloyd followed it up with another (1843).  The Weekly Penny Miscellany, sixteen closely-printed tales and novels, short or serial, saving space for these by omitting the illustrations.  This also was enormously popular.  There seemed indeed, to be no limit either to the fecundity of Lloyd’s press or to the willingness of his public to absorb its products.  In 1843, also, he brought out the Penny Atlas and Weekly Register of Novel Entertainment, while in an endless stream he poured forth penny novelettes, either selected from his magazines or quite new; not forgetting the serial, in which the ‘To be continued’ at an exciting point ensured the purchase of the next number.  The style of these works was what used to be called ‘elevated and impassioned’; and their general character may be gathered from such titles as Alice Horne, or the Revenge of the Blighted One, Ada the Betrayed.

What the refined classes thought of all this may be easily guessed.  In the Report of the Committee on Public Libraries, 1849, are many proofs of the anxiety caused by the popularity of this ‘Saturday trash.’  Lovett, who owned, however, that he had not himself read it, considered that, at least in the early stages, Lloyd’s publications were immoral and anti-social.  The evidence of George Dawson (a name well remembered in Birmingham) may carry still more weight.

‘We give the people an appetite to read, and supply them with nothing.  For the last many years, in England, everybody has been educating the people, but they have forgotten to find them any books.  In plain language, you have made them hungry, but you have given them nothing to eat; it is almost a misfortune to a man to have a great taste for reading, and not to have the power of satisfying it….The Penny stamp upon newspapers makes the cost of a good thing dear; and adds facility to the cheap people to circulate trash to an extent which is almost incredible:  the rubbish issued every Saturday is very great.’

Dawson, as we many believe, was overcolouring the picture; but it is not surprising that he spoke strongly.  Nor is it surprising that Charles Knight, who attributed the failure of the Penny Magazine to the competition of Lloyd’s papers, should have felt some indignation.  But Lloyd was quite unrepentant.  He noted with contempt, in the preface to the Miscellany (1846), the wailings of Knight; and he always insisted that his stories had an ‘elevating’ tendency.  Thus, in another of his prefaces, he declares:

‘It has ever been our aim, in the management of Lloyd’s Penny Atlas, to combine as much practical and real knowledge of human life as possible with the “’brain-woven’’ narratives, which from time to time appeared in our pages; for we hold an opinion, which in practice we have had frequent opportunities of verifying, the true morality, sound reasoning, and exalted sentiments may be more easily, more effectually, and more pleasantly conveyed to the mind through the medium of works of fiction than by any other means….We paint virtue oppressed and borne down by the wicked, and then we show the rebound of its energies: while the wild turbulence of vice has brought forth nothing but evil fruits and deep vexation of spirit.’

‘We lay before a large and intelligent circle of readers those same pleasures of the imagination which have hitherto, to a great extent, graced only the polished leisure of the wealthy.’

Nor was Lloyd without his defenders.  Thomas Frost, who made an attempt to earn the half-sovereign which Lloyd paid for each installment of his novels, considered that the Salisbury Square School, provided a useful connection link between the ballads, ‘last dying speeches’ of murderers, and terrific legends of diabolism, which had been the favourite literature of the 1790s, and the more wholesome reading of his own time.  The whole controversy was, in fact, another instance of the eternal quarrel between realism and idealism, with this curious difference, that Lloyd’s business-like realism induced him to supply his public with stronger doses of romanticism than the idealist could endure.

Lloyd had but one serious rival.  This was G.W.M. Reynolds, a strong Chartist, who thoroughly knew the taste of the people he met day by day.  As a novelist he challenged the supremacy of G.P.R. James, and was equally prolific.

[In a note Kellet adds:  Several of his novels, in double columns, paper bound, sixpenny form, were still circulating  in the present writer’s youth.]

In 1846 he started Reynold’s Newspaper, in which innumerable stories represented vice as a monster of frightful mien, yet, it is to feared, not in such a manner as to render it hateful.  There is the usual assemblage of bad baronets, designing marquises, and harassed maidens.  From time to time there are sheer horrors, outdoing Mrs. Radcliffe at her most horrible.  A typical specimen of Reynolds’s style is perhaps the following, from Ellen Percy, or the Memoirs of an actress (ii. 268):

‘ “Ah, is it so?”  I ejaculated’ and the next instant my hands were at the throat of Lady Lilla Essendene.

‘So sudden and so powerful was my attack, that she was completely overpowered in the twinkling of an eye; and she fell upon the floor.

‘ “ Let her go, Miss Percy! And don’t be a fool!” ejaculated Dame Betty.  “Those ruffians will come up and murder us.!”

‘ “Be quiet, dame!”  I said in a most peremptory manner.  “Listen!”

‘And we did listen, while my hands were still upon Lady Lilla’s throat,–my looks showing such stern determination that she evidently thought I should strangle her outright at the first indication of an attempt to cry or resist.  For several moments we listened, and still all was silent.

‘ “Now, I said, “you see Lady Lilla, that thus far the victory is my own, and the momentary conflict has not reached the ears of your myrmidons.  Answer me!—for you see I am desperate, in as much as my position was rendered desperate by your menaces.  Tell me in what part of the building is the young man confined, who was captured by your ruffians in the middle of the night?  Beware how you deceive me, for I must inform you this is not the first time I have been a prisoner in these ruins, and I am familiar with situations and details.”

‘ “That young man,” said Lady Lilla, who was just enabled to speak in a whisper as I loosed to the slightest degree the gripe which I had upon her throat,–“that young man is a certain William Lardner—”

‘ “Yes, yes, I know it,”  I ejaculated: “he is a sailor on board the yacht where you used to meet Edward St. Clair and plot your horrible schemes for my destruction.” ‘

It is clear that Reynolds’s readers would not only snatch a fearful joy out of his narratives, but also acquire some acquaintance with polysyllabic resources of the English language.  Not the least noteworthy characteristic of all the novels of the time is the way in which the heroes, at the most exciting moments, contrive to retain command of a Johnsonian vocabulary.

Whatever may be said against the ‘Salisbury Square’ School, it was clean.

End of Quote.

That account quite nicely places Reynolds in the context of this time.  It also shows from whence he found the format for his own novels and magazines.  It is interesting that while Lloyd paid half a guinea, that is 126 pence for an installment Reynolds was paid a five pound note each Friday for his.  That would seem to indicate that Stiff and Vickers knew what they had and were willing to include Reynolds in the profits.  He would have been more of a partner in the enterprise. 

That might explain why they were so miffed when Reynolds chose to abandon them and struck out on his own.

That Reynolds’ story, The Mysteries of London, was doing so well in apparently heavy traffic indicates how well he was thought of by his readers.

Kellett’s article proves valuable to myself and us because it gives an accurate and detailed account of the press in which Reynolds was working.

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  1. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    16 April 2021: “Russian troops massed at the Ukraine border; invasion pending; WW 3 looms…”

    You know the US never keep their nose out of ANYTHING; so this could swiftly transform into global conflict…

    RE; I hope you are not between the age of 18 & 26…I would hate to see you get drafted…

    • reprindle Says:

      So many missed opportunities to heal old wounds and the wounds just irritated. I’m sure won’t mind our own business. As for me, I’ve already been in. Time I would rather blow my foot off. My being in the military didn’t change anything. Just an open are prison with privileges.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        Was that the Korean War you took part in?

        If you think about it; Korean War can be read “Kore Anwar”.

        Kore is of course Persephone; the Queen of Hell / Me; and Anwar is like Sadat from Egypt who succeeded Nasser.

        Now around 1990; they made a movie about Sadat; and the woman who played his wife was Madolyn Smith; who was of course the elegant and charming “Pamela” from the Urban Cowboy; who was romanced by John Tra-volt-a; famous Scientologist; the religion founded by L Ron Hubbard; who was Jack Parsons partner during the Babalon Working in 1946; the operation that re-animated Me.

        • Daughter of Babylon Says:

          Now of course in that film “Sadat” Anwar was played by Louis Gossett Jr.

          He had his most notable performance in 1982’s “An Officer and a Gentleman”.

          The film premiered on 28 July 1982.

          This is exactly 193 months (16 Years 1 month) after the due date of Rosemary’s Baby 28 June 1966.

          Pamela Tabitha Andrews = 193.

          P. A. are the 16th and 1st letters.

          Officer and Gentleman was directed by Taylor Hackford; who also directed The Devils Advocate…

          The lead character of O & G is Zack *Mayo* and another name for Isis is *Maya*; as She is the May Queen.

          I was of course conceived 11 April 1966.

          One day prior; on 10 April 1966; Evelyn Waugh did die; he wrote for Isis Magazine while at Oxford; and made a short film called The Scarlet Woman. In 1955 Waugh would pen a novel called “Officers and Gentlemen”.

          Like I told you; Once Very Large Simulation…

          • Daughter of Babylon Says:

            Now remember the name “Gossett”; which implies the gosling or goose.

            Geese & swan are very similar creatures; both hail from the family Anatidae and subfamily Anserinae; though there is a slight difference as we break it down further.

            *In hoc signo vinces* (In this *sign* thou shalt conquer) trumpeted the vision of Constantine; accompanied by an Egyptian ankh (crux ansata); not a Christian Cross (the two symbols are diametrically opposed one to the other).

            However Crowley’s *magnum opus* Moonchild; written in 1917; does a clever play on that; specifically trumpeting *In hoc cygno vinces* (In this *swan* thou shalt conquer).

            Since an anagram of “red swan” is “Andrews”…well; there you have it.

          • reprindle Says:

            I was in the “peacetime Navy.” Missed Korea by three years and got out a day or two before they extended everybody because of Lebanon. I was very, very happy to be cut loose. Of course trouble behind, trouble ahead.

            • Daughter of Babylon Says:

              Trouble in mind, i’m blue
              But i won’t be blue always,
              ’cause the sun’s gonna shine
              In my backdoor some day.

              I’m all alone at midnight
              And my lamp is burnin’ low
              Ain’t never had so much
              Trouble in my life before.

              Trouble in mind, that’s true
              I have almost lost my mind,
              Life ain’t worth livin,
              Sometimes i feel like dyin’.

              Goin’ down to the river
              Gonna take my ol’ rockin’ chair
              And if the blues don’t leave me
              I’ll rock away from there.

        • reprindle Says:

          If I had the time Hubbard might be an interesting study. The whole not around he and Parsons and what they were into is pretty amazing.

  2. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    April 19th marks 246 years since the shot heard round the world (not the one by Bobby Thompson off Branca at the Polo Grounds in {19}51).

    And 48 year since Soylent Green came out; 4/19/1973.

    Remember, Pamela = 48.

    Definitely one of the best movies ever.

    • reprindle Says:

      48 years since Soylent Green, seems like yesterday.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        If you think about it “Soylent Green”; when read as a amalgamation of the various Romance Languages can be read as:

        “I am lending you the truth”

        Soy = I am

        lent = lend

        green = verde / (truth is verdad)

        I see things humans would never see…

        • reprindle Says:

          You and me, kid. Charles Fort got nothing on me…or you.

          • Daughter of Babylon Says:

            You the original working title for The Book of the Damned was “The Pamela Andrews Story”?

            But Fort’s publisher made him change it at the last minute…

            • reprindle Says:

              Book of the Damned may have had more commercial appeal.

              • Daughter of Babylon Says:

                Maybe then; but not when I am a household name just down the road apiece!

                • reprindle Says:

                  Did you see the movie Children of the Damn or read it’s novel the Mydwich Cuckoos?

                  • Daughter of Babylon Says:

                    Maybe when I was very little (the film); My Father did mention it often.

                    All I recall is it had something to do with mind control / mass hypnosis.

                    Sounds like 2021 America!

                    • reprindle Says:

                      Sort of. The children were an advanced evolutionary race. The story is based on Wells’ novel The Food Of The Gods. They made regular humans look like apes so now sub-humans had to destroy them before their powers were fully developed. Their teacher carries a bomb to class to blow the school up. The children sense that something is wrong They fix their mind on his to read his thoughts. To prevent this he erects a brick wall in front of his mind that the children have to penetrate to read his mind. Just as they break down the wall the bomb goes off and one imagines evolution ends.

                      This was a very important movie for me because I used it, unconciously, to break through my childhood fixation and free myself. One of the more exciting and revealings in my dream life.

  3. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    April 19, 2021 is also exactly 1311 months and 11 days after the birth of Lawrence Walsh (January 8, 1912); the idiot judge whose mistakes at My Father’s Sentencing on 12/31/1954 changed all of history.

    1311 is 1:11 PM; and I was of course born on 1/11.

    Walsh was nominated by Eisenhower to the judgeship in the Southern District of NY on April 6, 1954.

    In was evicted and put out of My House on April 24, 2020.

    Between those dates is 66 years and 18 days; or 66 years and 6 + 6 + 6 days.

    Jeanne D Arc was born January 6, 1412…so Walsh was born within a few hours of exactly 500 years of the Maid of Orleans; and I was of course born 555 years and 5 days after Her…1/11/1967.

    • reprindle Says:

      You have such marvelous studies, Pamela.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        Eh; I know a little bit…


        Now I was just thinking; William Branham who foretold My Coming was also born on April 6th; 1909.

        So it was 111 years and 18 days (6 + 6 + 6) days between his birth and My Eviction on 4/24/2020.

        He had his vision of My Coming on June 11th, 1933.

        I would be born 403 months later to the day; 1/11/1967.

        4/03 was the day Christ was crucified in 33 AD.

        I had My First contact with the supernatural on 4/3/1988.

        And I had My eviction trial on 4/3/2020; vacating exactly 3 weeks later on 4/24/2020.

        • reprindle Says:

          Epiphany or what?

          • Daughter of Babylon Says:

            Branham definitely had a hand in My Epiphany…

            I was like sooo totally insulted when he felt the need to wash it…

        • Daughter of Babylon Says:

          Walter Mondale checks out on 19 April 2021.

          Of course in Minneapolis / Twins / Gemini / Duality.

          On the 119th day of the year; and George Floyd = 119.

          He was born in Ceylon, Minnesota; Ceylon was the name Portugal gave what is now Sri Lanka; a place with more serpents per acre than anywhere on earth; and probably more deaths from the bite of the snakes per capita than anywhere else.

          Mondale born 1/5/1928…almost precisely *516* years after Jeanne D’Arc on 1/5/1412…and I died for the 2nd time on *5/16*/1990.

          Mondale left office (vice president) on January 20, 1981.

          He thus died 40 years and 3 months later; to the day.

          There is that *403* again.

          • Daughter of Babylon Says:

            Mondale born 1/5/1928…almost precisely *516* years after Jeanne D’Arc on 1/5/1412…and I died for the 2nd time on *5/16*/1990.

            Jeanne D’Arc born 1/6/1412…not 1/5/1412. So off by 24 hours; but the point stands.

            • Daughter of Babylon Says:

              On the 119th day of the year; and George Floyd = 119.

              Pamela screwed up!

              April 19th is the 109th day of the year; not the 119th!

              I did not want you to think I was perfect!

              • Daughter of Babylon Says:

                The name Mondale can be read “one falls or descends”.

                Today marks 132 years since Schicklgruber checked in; and 132 is Liber Apotheosis; Man Becoming God.

                • reprindle Says:

                  How can convict a man for three different kinds of homocide? You see how they cheated. First degree was out of the question, so was second degree but they want to get murder in there but then to insert manslaughter in there as a safeguard? What criminal assholes. Which was it?

            • reprindle Says:

              The Great Historical Bum has been heading down the road for 100k years.

  4. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    You know Ron; all those “peaceful protests” don’t look quite so peaceful when I watch them on the computer…

    Hey, I have a great idea!

    Why don’t you keep empowering these lovely citizens a little more?

    Apparently looting; rioting; and arson are all rites of passage for “young social activists”!

    Keep doing EXACTLY what you have been doing America!

    250 years is roughly the length of time most empires endure; and your expiration date appears to be right on schedule!

    Good luck; y’all are going to need it!

    • reprindle Says:

      The Satanic forces not only dumbed down White kid with a stupid education but they seem to have been able to put White Folks on the defensive. They actually don’t know that superiority is a gift of evolution. If you have evovled that’s good luck; if you haven’t back under your rock. Anglo-Saxons have always been too eclectic for their own good.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        All I see is devolution wherever I look…

        Music; art ; literature; language (that is the normalization of vulgarity and coarseness); violence; greed; break down in literacy; people dress like they just come out of the Bowery…I am no formalist; but be a little presentable…narcotics; alcohol; criminality; mass ignorance….it is a DECAYING CIVILIZATION; no two ways about it.

        However, maybe that likewise works to My Advantage.

        In the Land of the Blind; the One Eyed Woman is Queen.

        And of Course; Pammy Has Three Eyes…

        • reprindle Says:

          Communism rampant. Compare the dress requirements that Wilson wanted to impose to make everyone equal with the voluntary wearing of rags today to see how far Communism has been imposed. Whites have been cut off from their heritage by the Cultural Revolution and no longer have a past and what their is has been phonied up to please the losers.

          • Daughter of Babylon Says:

            All this stuff is way; way beyond correcting through the legislative process.

            It will be corrected through the collapse of the system and the nation itself.

            The Soviet Union collapsed out of the blue in 1989; and I think a similar fate awaits the people here in the states.

            Nothing goes on forever; nothing but Me of course.

            • Daughter of Babylon Says:

              Spengler did some good essays on this stuff.

              He had quite a bit of insight.

              He knew empires and nations had cyclical histories; rise; apex; decadence; collapse; all within fairly consistent time frames.

              Man’s nature is an Absolute Constant; so it is pretty easy to predict how things will go for him based on what HE ALWAYS DOES AND THE MISTAKES HE ALWAYS REPEATS.

              • Daughter of Babylon Says:


                You are not going to vote your way out of this.

                You need a dictator / queen / king / absolute monarch.

                Expecting the masses to correct it by themselves is expecting a bear to shit in a toilet.

                • reprindle Says:

                  I think a bear could be easily trained whereas humans can’t. The world is too mixed up right now and can’t be righted soon. The final solution is the only real solution and where would you begin?

              • reprindle Says:

                Learning is a steep curve and one always goes back to the beginning. One is born, hopefully educated if you have a good minds but the biological animal has to be overcome and if achieved it will be always late in life hence failure is built into the system. And look at the stoops mankind always votes for.

            • reprindle Says:

              Maybe if you glowed in the dark

  5. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    “Our politically correct Supreme Court will get what they deserve — an unconstitutionally elected group of Radical Left Democrats who are destroying our Country… If and when this happens, I hope the Justices remember the day they didn’t have the courage to do what they should have done for America.”
    ___Donald Trump / April 2021



    Uh, who appointed those fake ‘conservative’ justices?

    As that lovely Carole King song circa 1970 exclaims:

    “Its too late baby!”

    You had your chance and you blew it.

    The damage is done the milk hath been spilt.

    Go sell some property or something. A lot of good you did for those loyal to you.

    • reprindle Says:

      Painful, painful, painful. he just wouldn’t do what he had to do.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        I think he was a deep state puppet; or simply controlled opposition.

        Very important; to give the masses a “sense of choice”; if their was an appearance that things were absolutely homogeneous; you would have a stronger chance of Actual Revolt.

        The appearance of choice is sedative to the masses.

        The people who run things are many things; but dumb is not amongst them.

        • Daughter of Babylon Says:

          Trump was a TV star; so he knows how to act…

          • reprindle Says:

            I wobbled but powered by hope I thought he could do it. That most bizarre election told you everything though. He wants to start a social platform for the internet. He’s got to be joking.

            • Daughter of Babylon Says:

              “Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane.”
              ___Ellis Boyd Redding / Shawshank Redemption

              He was in office for years.

              He had a very good chance to change things; if he really wanted to.

              And he didn’t; save for some cosmetic changes.

              Now that he has been removed; he is an absolute nobody; as powerless as Tom Thumb.

              Like I wrote; a non entity.

              How can he expect to “make change” from position of powerlessness when HE COULD NOT MAKE CHANGE FROM A POSITION OF GENUINE POWER?

              It is so absurd it is obscene.

        • reprindle Says:

          He came from out of the blue. I think the story of his life. He was trained to fail but fought for his god given rights. As an actual member of the club but suffered only as a clown you can imagine, no need, their rage he snatched the golden ring they thought was theirs. He really did disrupt the system but didn’t have the gonads to wish for the right thing. Could have been his.

          • Daughter of Babylon Says:

            Family man. All married men are for the status quo because they must worry about what their enemies will do to their kin after they are dead. Thus the state loves marriage; and that is why a bachelor is never elected; they would be free to do what they want.

    • Daughter of Babylon Says:

      20 April 2021: “Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett gets $2 million advance for a book deal focus on how judges compartmentalize personal feelings in rulings

      [link to (secure)]

      Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett has secured a $2 million book advance.

      Barrett will reportedly focus on how judges compartmentalize their personal feelings in rulings.

      The $2 million figure is also reportedly the highest for a sitting justice.”


      It is like clockwork; and as predictable as menses.

      I’ve seen whores; and I’ve seen whores; but this is just hilarious.

      Rubber stamps a corrupt election process.

      Betrays the man who put here there; cashes in a few weeks later for millions.

      This is what is wrong with your nation.

      More than anything else.

      Expedience and greed trumping truth.

  6. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    20 April 2021: “Former President George Bush calls modern GOP ‘isolationist, protectionist and to a certain extent nativist'”


    And I call him a genocidal maniac and mass murder who should have been tried as a war criminal for Crimes Against Humanity in Iraq…along with Cheney; Rumsfeld; Condoleeza (sp?); et al.

    The guy ranks with Idi Amin & Pol Pot in the Pantheon of Human Abominations.

    • reprindle Says:

      You’re right about Bush. Let us hope the Republican Party stands for White people if it stands for anything. It’s all racial now, there is no united state.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        I do not think anyone desires a “race war”; that has the real potential for unbelievable ugliness and great bloodshed and loss of life and property.

        As I said in My Sacred Book:

        “Always remember that no person is; at their core; your enemy. Rather it is the beliefs and convictions that they serve; that they are living vehicles for…it is that which is the enemy.  Disarm them of their convictions; and you have thus disarmed them of their hate.”

        If people could put away some of their uglier traits (and this applies to EVERYONE); you might have the potential for a decent and relatively peaceful society.

        Cruelty and nastiness and greed are learned behaviors to some extent and they can be unlearned at least to some extent.

        You will never have a utopia; but you can make it a good deal less ugly if people are raised with some better values; values quite at odds with the horse manure they are indoctrinated with today. What you have now only breeds resentment; hatred; and endless strife.

        • reprindle Says:

          The only reparations possible to remove Negro resentment is for Whites to be enslaved to them which is what seems to be the direction we’re taking. Only absolute abasement is required along with absolute Negro Supremacy. Why do you think there is a war against White Supremacy going on. A race war is inevitable. Forget that Utopian stuff.

          • Daughter of Babylon Says:

            I think anything is possible and the notion that the races are destined to be at war with another can be avoided and that this enmity between the races does not have to exist; and that much of it is fomented by government; and the press and the global masters; who want the people to be in a state of conflict and agitation and fear and restlessness BECAUSE THEY PROFIT ENORMOUSLY FROM THOSE CONDITIONS.

            Keep your enemies fighting amongst themselves; and this keeps their eyes off of YOU.

            Divide & conquer; as old a strategy as time itself.

            Most people; I do believe; black and white; just wish to be left alone and make a few dollars to support their families and live a quiet life.

            But the Al Sharpton’s; the Jesse Jackson’s and the other extortionists and evil doers MAKE THEIR LIVINGS off the spread of hatred and strife.

            That is your real problem; most souls just want to be left to their own devices.

            • reprindle Says:

              Most of the people always sit on their asses, as I do, while the worst try to manipulate society to their advantage.

              • Daughter of Babylon Says:

                “The best lack all conviction, while the worst
                Are full of passionate intensity.”
                ___WB Yeats

                • Daughter of Babylon Says:

                  “And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
                  Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?”

                  So not true. I am as soft as a kitten! Meow!

          • Daughter of Babylon Says:

            They make up 13% of the population; so the idea that that demographic can reign supreme is a little far fetched.

            It would be almost impossible to enforce.

            • reprindle Says:

              Well, they’re already halfway there. If you look at it right all these black shootings are just mordern lynch mobs replicating the few black ones in the South. They howl and sob and George’s family gets a couple million for their ‘dear son.’ This happens so consistently you have to think something is up. Don Imus, of whom I was no fan, says ‘ho’ and loses an income of tens of millions of dollars. Talk about cruel and unusual punishments. Dear child, fear of offending Negroes is halfway into the halter. Who thought the Jews could get other whites to slaughter Germans and Europeans in two world wars. Come on, Man as Joe Biden would say.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        There is no “Republican Party”; they are controlled opposition.

  7. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    I still recall an interview with James Baker when Baker looked into the camera and said (with a straight face!):

    “One of the reasons America is a force for good and peace and stability is because America is the ONLY NATION in the world that can responsibly and effectively project power for the purpose of good!”

    A lie told enough times becomes the truth.

    The bigger the lie; the more likely the people are to believe it.

    Mr Goebbles smiles from Hell…

    • reprindle Says:

      The New Atlantis by Francis Bacon. The New World was a new hope for a Continent which was discouraged because the new perfected man didn’t appear. Today we imagine that space men have perfected the life. The Kind of People We Are in ‘America’ we imagine is that perfected human. Hey, people that can’t get along elsewhere come to Magic America and we have a harmonious nation. You have to really squint your eyes to see that America but the majority think they do.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        Francis Bacon was a great man with a great vision of Bensalem.

        He did worship the Goddess / Me; and it is that book you cite that was the VERY BASIS for the colonization and development of America.

        That was the “Secret Destiny” (to borrow Manly Hall’s phrase) of America; a beautiful homeland FOR THE GODDESS; and to have the wicked Judeo Christian God supplanted in the minds of the people.

        Most of the people in charge of the American Revolution concurred.

        But it was Bacon and also the great cartographer and mathematician John Dee who HAD THE VISION OF A LAND DEVOTED TO THE GODDESS; A NEW LAND OF SHINAR / SEMIRAMIS / ISIS; THE VERY ROOT OF ZECHARIAH VERSES 9 THROUGH 11.

        9 Then lifted I up mine eyes, and looked, and, behold, there came out two women, and the wind was in their wings; for they had wings like the wings of a stork: and they lifted up the ephah between the earth and the heaven.
        10 Then said I to the angel that talked with me, Whither do these bear the ephah?
        11 And he said unto me, To build it a house in the land of Shinar: and it shall be established, and set there upon her own base.
        ___Zechariah 5 / Verses 9 – 11

  8. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Jim Steinman (born 11/1; when else) checks out. Wrote that 80’s hit Total Eclipse of the Heart…what is the most famous line in the song?

    “Forever’s gonna start tonight!”.


    “Turn around Bright Eyes!” OK Zira. Song came out 2/11/1983…a Great Blizzard that day; and I turned EXACTLY 193 months old that day; and of course My Name adds to 193.

    • reprindle Says:

      It was the night they drove old Dixie down…are you from Dixie?

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        I wish I was in the land of cotton,
        Old times dar am not forgotten,
        Look away! Look away! Look away! Dixie Land.


        Though I prefer:

        I’m a good old rebel
        Now that’s just what I am
        For this fair land of “freedom”
        I do no give a damn

        I hates the Yankee nation
        And everything they do
        I hates the declaration
        Of independence too

        Three hundred thousand Yankees
        Lie stiff in southern dust
        We got three hundred thousand
        Before they conquered us

        They died of southern fever
        And southern steel and shot
        I wish we got three million
        Instead of what we got


        Actually the Declaration of Independence is pretty good stuff; it is what the nation has devolved into over the last hundred years that irks Me.

        • reprindle Says:

          1776 was preindustrial and the South had superior agriculture hence more prosperous. Then the industrial revolution occurred and the North was competing for markets worldwide while needing high tariffs to develop. The South suddenly became secondary having to pay more for everything because of protective tariffs. There was no reconciling the two needs so separation, the final solution, was inevitable.

          • Daughter of Babylon Says:

            The notion that the Civil War was about slavery has been banged into the Collective Conscious this last century and a half.

            Of course it was not; as you adroitly note; but little things like truth should never get in the way of a good story.

            • reprindle Says:

              There were many other reasons also. As J.P Morgan told an applicant there are two reasons for everything: the good reason and the real reason. Now, what is your real reason?

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        No I’m from Sumer…it is between the Tigris & Euphrates.

  9. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    where would you begin?

    I think I have told you.

    Dissolve Congress.

    Tell the courts that anything I do is none of their business.

    Start by bringing the criminals (politicians, banksters, religious hucksters; every other racketeer…and they are ALL racketeers…everywhere you look) to trial for their misdeeds.

    Restore due process; and the Bill of Rights; which have been completely ignored for decades.

    Insure that are relationships with other nations are person to person; and get our nose out of other nation’s business.

    Establish Thelema as the State religion.

    Tax the church; they have quite a bit of money to pay back for their last 2000 years of extortions.

    Create in the Collective Conscious a notion that greed is not an admirable trait; nor theft; nor LYING; and that kindness is something to aspire towards.

    There is much much more; it is all in the book; those are just starting points.

  10. Daughter of Babylon Says:


    (S)he’s in the mirror!

    You know history better than any man Ronald.

    Let me ask you.

    All these centuries; 3500 years of dictators and democracies and every other -ism under the sun “promising” happiness and harmony.

    Does it ever ACTUALLY COME TO PASS?


    I laugh at Both Sides – Left and Right – Secular and Religious – who tell the world – and think to themselves – that once “their enemy” has been vanquished – it will be all PEACE & LOVE – forever and ever.

    Complete nonsense.

    The fact of the matter is that after you have successfully destroyed your enemies; the psychological sugar bomb in your bloodstreams; building up deliciously to a spectacular crescendo as the process of destruction is underway – suddenly falls flat once your goals are achieved and you have actually vanquished your foe. 


    Hence the never ending cycle of conflict and violence that hath plagued this world for time immemorial. In other words; after you have gotten what you wanted; you realize that getting it was not nearly as perpetually satisfying as you thought it would be; and you return to your (Normal) Miserable State.

    Getting there isn’t half the fun; its all the fun!

    Man’s natural state is one of perpetual dissatisfaction. He longs for tranquility while embroiled in war; yet schemes to foment conflict when peace prevails.

    Satisfy all of man’s obvious material needs…food, shelter, clothing…and he will still be utterly hollow inside.  Only by satiating his lust for power; specifically power over others; can that emptiness be temporarily filled. 

    Of course, that lust is likewise boundless; and must be continuously nourished; until the entire universe lies subserviently at his feet; and even then, more will be demanded.

    Almost all revolutions are pointless and just a re-shuffling of the hierarchy. All noble intentions eventually devolve into self-aggrandizement because ego and selfishness will almost always overpower an affinity for the Greater Good; unless the Person in Charge is of the highest integrity; a rare historical circumstance, indeed.

    That is where I come in; because as you well know; I am MADE OF HONOR.

    That is why they sent Me to America.

    • reprindle Says:

      Failure is built in. Ultimately we will render life unflivable and billions will die relatively quickly. As brilliant as part of mankind is he remains infantile in his emotional responses while he always remains a psychological cripple. On the positive side the US and Europe did pretty well under adverse circumstance.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        “His wisdom walks hand in hand with his idiocy”
        ___Dr. Zaius / Minister of Science and Chief Defender of the Faith / on a beach somewhere near what was once NYC / 3974 AD.

  11. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    where would you begin?

    And of course end usury.

    That is what is really binding the people; at least in a material sense.

  12. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Let Me say this; the creation of “laws” and more laws is at its core a meaningless and pointless endeavor.

    Plato once said something to the effect that all laws are pointless; because the honest man does what is right law or no law; and the dishonest man will find a way to circumvent the law anyway.

    If a nation is made up of rotten, dishonest, and greedy souls; all the laws in the world will not transform it into an ethical nation.

    The thing that must be transformed is the people themselves; they must understand right from wrong; and likewise know that responsible conduct is the *sine qua non* of the exercise of liberty.

    Toqueville once said something to the effect of “America is great because is America is good; and when America ceases to be good; America will cease to be great.”

    It is the character and ethos of the people that determine a nation’s destiny and whether or not it is a good place to spend one’s life.

    And all tyrannies exist with the consent of the tyrannized; as the tyrant is just a refracted carbon copy of his subjects.

    The people must embrace humanity; and decency; and honest dealings with their neighbor.

    If not; they will self destruct.

    And not a single angel shall lament their demise.

    • reprindle Says:

      Quite simply democracy can be captured and used for the purposes of the capturer. The lowest propagates faster than the higher and must seize control of the government as it now has. One vote, one man or person is a farce. Why should a school drop out of limited intelligence have an equal vote with the educated? It is rediculous that 18 year olds have the vote. No one under thirty should be able to vote. Democracy has to be brought under constrol.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        I think I copied and pasted My thorough deconstruction of the insanity that is “democracy” from My Book several months ago onto one of your articles.

        Ain’t gonna be no more votin’ when the DOB takes power though! FOR ANYONE.

        So you got that to look forward to…which is nice.

  13. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    One of the most important thing to remember is that here in 2021; MOST Americans are born slaves who are absolutely in love with their slavery and will fight to the death to defend it.

    Greed, cowardice, and willful ignorance; and love of lies and liars; that is the big problem with the people.

  14. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    where would you begin?

    Reduce the role of the government in people’s lives by at least 90%.

    This is minarchy; this is Articles of Confederation type stuff; this is benevolent monarchy; controlled anarchy.

    • reprindle Says:

      Segregate the schools according to race and teach to their capacities.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        The Old Dominion punishes the intelligent:

        22 April 2021:
        “Virginia moving to eliminate all accelerated math courses before 11th grade as part of equity-focused plan.

        The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) is moving to eliminate all accelerated math options prior to 11th grade, effectively keeping higher-achieving students from advancing as they usually would in the school system.”

        You combine all the school missed these last couple of years with the “lockdown” (lol) and the dumbed down curriculum; and some really bad teachers and I sincerely believe that LITERACY WILL BE LIMITED TO MAYBE 40 TO 50 PERCENT OF THE POPULATION IN JUST 10 TO 15 YEARS.

        • Daughter of Babylon Says:

          Once they have your guns; it is katy bar the door.

          That is the ONLY thing that restrains them from putting you all in actual physical chains.

        • reprindle Says:

          That’s what’s called equality. It was 1954 and Brown vs. The Board of Education and at that time I knew the country was doomed. There was no way to bring the Negro up without bringing Whites down. I would have been stoned if I had said and since I did say that I nearly was. Now nearly the whole country is functionally illiterate. No words over four letters allowed with any dependent clauses in the sentences.

  15. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    RE says:
    How can convict a man for three different kinds of homocide?

    I have no absolutely NO idea; I never heard of such a weird verdict.

    It should be either one or the other; assuming a single victim.

  16. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    The country is coming apart; but as far as the fine details and exact dates; your guess is as good as mine.

    Much will depend on if the vaccine actually is a “depopulation” scheme.

    If millions start dropping dead over the next 6 months; then obviously you are talking utter chaos.

    This I do not know.

    Now there is one caveat. In the Great Prophecy; it says:

    38. In My Name shall she have all power, and all men and excel- lent things, and kings and captains and the secret ones at her command.
    39. The first servants are chosen in secret, by my force in her–a captain, a lawyer, an agitator, a rebel–I shall provide.
    ___Liber 49


    Probably if I am going to get a “lawyer” as it says; there will likely STILL be some fair semblance of “law and order” at the time of My Rise.

    And the other key word is “Rebel”; which implies rebellion against whatever government or authority is still entrenched at that time.

    So the notion of a full scale collapse seems quite unlikely per a careful reading of the Words of the Goddess.

    But I do expect SOME significant breakdown in society.

  17. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    “And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?”

    So not true. I am as soft as a kitten! Meow!


    And Daddy was born in Bethlehem 1115 months ago today; May 22, 1928!

    Bethlehem, Pennsylvania that is…right next to Allentown in the Lehigh Valley.

  18. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    RE says:
    Well, they’re already halfway there. If you look at it right all these black shootings are just mordern lynch mobs replicating the few black ones in the South. They howl and sob and George’s family gets a couple million for their ‘dear son.’ This happens so consistently you have to think something is up. Don Imus, of whom I was no fan, says ‘ho’ and loses an income of tens of millions of dollars. Talk about cruel and unusual punishments. Dear child, fear of offending Negroes is halfway into the halter. Who thought the Jews could get other whites to slaughter Germans and Europeans in two world wars. Come on, Man as Joe Biden would say.

    Well the thing of it is is that it is not just one group.

    You have a victimhood sweepstakes in this country.

    And do you know where it started?

    With the WOMEN!

    The first one I recall like it was yesterday; 1970’s NYC:

    There was an elderly weatherman in NY; well respected; named Tex Antoine; who made a somewhat inelegant statement on air about a sex assault; and no doubt it was a little classless and not tactful.

    N.O.W. went after him like crazy and got him fired and he died shortly thereafter.

    Emboldened by their success; this became modus operandi for ALL these groups.

    Who are these groups? EVERYONE in America except the straight white male; who it is of course open season on; though no one will admit it.

    • reprindle Says:

      Helen of Troy and that idiot Paris. But what was he to do? He was only seventeen. As I have said this not not a democracy it is a minocracy. One stupid low level judge can negate any law or act. He has no executive powers to back up his mouth but every yo yo in America says: Well, that’s that.

  19. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Remember; the female values SAFETY & SECURITY above all other things; and the male values FREEDOM.

    So the locked police state you now live in is without a doubt a product of the 19th Amendment.

  20. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    37. For I am BABALON, and she my daughter, unique, and there shall be NO OTHER WOMEN LIKE HER.
    ___Liber 49

    Damn straight Mom.

  21. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    If you really want to understand; and I really think this point is missed by most Americans; ESPECIALLY MEN; WHO DO NOT WANT TO FACE THE FACTS:


    Most of your legislators may be male; but they serve the interests of the female in EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of life.

    Tell Me; in your “patriarchy”; which is nothing more than a covert matriarchy; please name for Me a single law passed in the last 50 years solely for the benefit of the male?

    There have probably been thousands of laws passed to benefit the female and to harm the male on the state and local and national level during that period.

    But the men will not acknowledge this; and more importantly; THEY CANNOT SAY NO TO THEIR WOMEN ON ANYTHING.

    So as they say the floggings will continue until morale improves!

  22. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    One of the most important thing to remember is that here in 2021; MOST Americans are born slaves who are absolutely in love with their slavery and will fight to the death to defend it.

    And the American male embodies this better than anyone.

    How many times do you hear a married man say “I have to check with the boss” (his wife) to do ANYTHING; even spending 5 bucks of the money he earned for a personal item.

    This is not done in jest; but a quite literal statement regarding the need to get permission from his ruler.

    If that is not being under another’s thumb; well; I don’t know what is.

    • reprindle Says:

      My wife and I worked this stuff out long ago.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        I consider marriage an insane proposition because IT CAN ONLY YIELD ONE OF THESE TWO RESULTS:

        1/ Never-ending conflict and strife; because two people cooped up together are not going to be in agreement on hardly anything.

        2/ Either the husband or the wife dominating (that is subordinating) his or her partner. Thus one of the two’s humanity’s will be severely compromised by the arrangement.

        • reprindle Says:

          Never ending strife Pamela? Welcome to life kid. If there were not mutual benefits to marriage there would be no marriages. It ain’t easy but as they say it’s the best form of companionship going. And if you want to have kids, that only valid way.

  23. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    These are two of the best books ever written on the dynamic I am articulating:

    Click to access The_manipulated_man.pdf

    Click to access AFP.pdf

    You want to read two good online books; read these above.

  24. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    They were written between 30 and 50 years ago; well before Collective Feminine Power crested as it is now.

    In 2021; a woman just has to say “he sexually assaulted me” (fill in the blank number of decades ago) and he has an excellent chance of spending much of the rest of his life being gang banged in the shower in the state penitentiary.

    If he is LUCKY only his reputation will be destroyed and his career and his penalty will only be financial.

    Believe all women!

  25. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    I think the old saying, “If you live to see the dawn; it is only because SHE ALLOWS IT” can be applied to almost every male in America.

    You all live under the threat of her accusation; and really; with these decade old cases; and very low burdens of proof now required – her “word” carrying the most weight at trial…well; you empowered them…good luck American men…you’re gonna need it!

  26. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Now I am not going to say that some of the cases brought are not legitimate; men are a long way from perfect themselves and there are most certainly exists a small percentage of men who are sexually depraved.

    But these foolish slogans “1 in 3” implying 1 out every 3 men is a violent rapist who belongs in Attica are without a doubt not grounded in fact. They are gross exaggerations.

  27. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    “The tyranny of Women is really the worst tyranny of them all; for it is the tyranny of the weak over the strong; and it is the only tyranny that endures forever.”
    ___Oscar Wilde / A Woman of No Importance

    • Daughter of Babylon Says:

      There was a book written around 2007; called “Legalizing Misandry”.

      It made the following claim; supported by endless stats and other assorted documentation:

      “When comparing the status of the female to the male in 2007; a very close parallel can be drawn regarding the status of the white person to the black person in the South around the time of the segregation decision in 1954. The only difference being; blacks were on their way up in 1954; men continue to fall precipitously here in in 2007.”

      • reprindle Says:

        Women should never whine. God forbid that anyone should ever have to go to court but once a woman accuses a man that man is automatically guilty not only in the eyes of the law but society itself. Chronic wife beaters not yet accused will shun an accused wife. If you looking for justice on planet earth you will look in vain. The most honest person in the world can lose his or her reputational from one vicious accusation by the lowest person in the world.

    • reprindle Says:

      Success comes from being the victim, however the worst tyranny of all is that of the terminally stupid.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        Many people think I am stupid; but I actually have the smarts real good!

        I hope I get to show them off some day…and show them up for their disrespect.

        • reprindle Says:

          They can’t understand you because they’re not that intelligent. All your references probably go over their head. I have learned to disregard them and go ahead with my studies. This stuff is pretty recondite. As the mathemetician said: There’s only one other person on the planet to understands this and he’s not talking.

          • Daughter of Babylon Says:

            Speaking of math; today marks exactly one year / 365 days Pammy has been a homeless person; having been forced to vacate the house I was living in on April 24, 2020.
            I’m living in a hotel at present; and truth be told; it fairly salubrious conditions here.

            For an old woman like Me to survive homelessness for an entire year…pretty impressive stuff.

            • reprindle Says:

              I’ll say. Great skills. You haven’t mentioned whether you’ve received your virus relief checks. I hope you have. If you haven’t check into it.

              • Daughter of Babylon Says:

                You haven’t mentioned whether you’ve received your virus *relief* checks.

                I was relieved of command of the planet when the Judeo Christian religion supplanted Me.

                Have been trying to regain it since around the time Constantine Christianized Rome and that black vermin of Hell called the Church spread through Russia & Scandinavia.

                So we are talking 1708 years / since 313 Anno Domini.

                Interesting…the 1708 can be read 17:08 and Jack Parsons blew up in that chemical explosion in California @ 5:08 PM which is 17:08 hours in June 1952.

                And “313” well that is 193 minutes and of course My Name adds to 193.

                You know the world started in 4112 BC; so if you think about it My Father’s robbery…the catalyst for My Return…took place in 1954 AD…so 6066 years later.

                You cannot make this stuff up, Ronald.

                I hope you believe in Me…that would be nice.

  28. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Good short summary article:

    • Daughter of Babylon Says:

      Good short summary article:

      Women as the New Nobility

      Jul 4, 2016 Source:

      I came to this discipline precisely on January 1 1990. My mentality at the time was naive: I believed that, if I possessed enough facts and could verbalize them in a rational order, I would not only win the debate but eventually, convert my opponent. I assumed, in other words, that people care about the truth. I no longer hold to that view: people demand to hear what serves their interest. Generally speaking, the honest portrayal of truth will, at some point, have you assaulted in public.

      One of the county bar associations in Pennsylvania asked me to write a summary and analysis of major recent cases on “Protection From Abuse” orders and the means whereby these orders are signed by defendants. They were concerned that almost 97% of these were signed by the defendant without a hearing even though it means the loss of his home, children and most of his income. It is often treated as a criminal conviction though it is only a civil case. I was shocked by not only the laws and case law concerning these orders, but the tricks that are used to force men, especially the poor, to sign them without argument.

      This assignment required me to interview men at these hearings and ask them about their motivations. In late 2015, I went to the county courthouse and asked the defendants their story. They were overjoyed that finally, someone was willing to listen to them. They were almost all very poor males and none had lawyers defending them. I was surprised that they didn’t know the difference between civil and criminal law or that judicial proceedings were public. They were not guaranteed a lawyer because these are civil cases, but they were all convinced regardless that it is a criminal trial.

      On the other hand, the women are granted a free lawyer (on permanent retainer for life) and are actually dressed up by the feminist group supplying them. They are given lines to memorize and all are told to cry on the stand. However, it is very rare that they ever get that far. Many defense attorneys are loathe to challenge the local feminists.

      I struck up a conversation with a very young-looking man, poorly dressed, wearing a terrified, pale expression. He looked like he was about to vomit. He was all alone and seemed younger than 18. He must have just come from his shop because he was wearing greasy work clothes and he had clearly made no preparations of any kind for his court date.

      I approached him and asked if he was OK. He told me that he and his girlfriend just had a baby. Tiring of him, she issued a PFA against him without cause, warning or warrant. No evidence is required for these in the state of Pennsylvania. The day after it was issued, her new boyfriend moved in to his house. The restraining order forced him to pay $750 each month in child support or face prison. His ex quit her job and now both partners live off his forced support. When I asked what he makes here in a month, he say “about $850 or so before taxes.”

      Worse, his ex-girlfriend now gets a free lawyer, free and unobstructed access to all social services (she cannot be turned down for welfare programs), and free weekly counseling. If his ex had any moral qualms about what she had done, there are a battery of counselors there to justify it and give their official sanction to her “act of self defense.” This young man was too small to be a threat to anyone but the most anorexic. I refused to believe he had done anything wrong, especially when he told me there was no criminal case concurrent to this.

      I discovered that when a woman claims she was assaulted by her mate, police are constrained to arrest regardless of probable cause. The condition of bail is always that he cannot return to his home and he cannot have any contact with the “victim.” He is presumed guilty. The question arose: if this is the condition of bail, why use the PFA? If this woman had been assaulted, why not get him arrested? The answer was clear: that the young man never hurt a soul. A criminal case requires evidence, unlike a PFA. A criminal case will at lest guarantee him a minimum of state-sponsored legal assistance. Furthermore, a PFA can contain a support order as well, meaning that a woman can pad her income merely by making this claim without evidence. Worse, her victim must pay all court costs and no cost can accrue to the claimant by law. Almost always, she never needs to testify or face cross-examination.

      All manner of trickery is used to get the ignorant victim, usually a man never before in trouble, to sign and accept his fate. In Indiana County PA, it is common, for example, for the local feminist “victim advocacy” organization to use blackmail. They tell the terrified man that they will not leak this case to his employer if he just signs the PFA without a hearing. Elsewhere, he’s told that he can sign it “without admission of guilt,” implying that a PFA is tantamount to a criminal conviction. Of course, no guilt is assumed regardless, as this is a civil matter and has no (official) punitive purpose. It is a rhetorical trick to ensure their client never needs to testify. Quite literally, the woman does not need to spend a penny or life a finger to destroy her mate’s life, assure herself an income, receive endless sympathy and control the behavior of her ex. She becomes a member of a noble class that has immediate access to all social welfare, highly motivated and specialized legal representation and weekly free counseling that exists solely to justify her actions.

      It is men who pass these laws and it is men who justify them. This proves that women rule absolutely. When men pass these laws even they realize that they might well be the victim of them, female rule is complete and without historical precedent. A man is not secure in his home or in his property if a women is living with him. Muscular, powerful women, when attacked by weaker men, are seen as helpless victims.

      This is just one example of not merely female dominance, but their utter irresponsible totalitarian domination of men. Women live almost a decade longer than men. They control almost all personal (that is, disposable) wealth, and are now almost 60% of all college graduates. Even wealthy women are automatically promoted and hired through affirmative action. Women suffer about 5% of all work related fatalities or accidents. They are victims of only 30% of all violent crimes. Men are sentences far more harshly then women for the same crime in the justice system at all levels. Two-thirds of all health care dollars are spent on women. Men, unsurprisingly, almost all white, commit 90% of all suicides.

      Feminism as an ideology does not demand power, it is a manifestation of power long institutionalized. It is a means to maintain power. The question here is why did feminism emerge when it did as a dominant ideological force unchallenged in academia. Female academics are often absurdly ignorant. This is not because they are inherently idiots, but because they have no need or incentive to study. The better looking the woman, the more privilege she receives. She can walk into any cocktail party, sit down, cross her legs and hold court: dozens of men will be there fighting one another to give her money and jobs.

      We don’t see feminism in the Roman Empire, Egypt or Ming China. Why did feminism develop? The reason is that capitalism required wages to fall. Feminism came into existence at the same time as immigration laws were relaxed. This was also the height of union power and the zenith of male wages in the US. American males, from the capitalist point of view, were doing too well. Capitalism created feminism, “anti-racism” and mass immigration. It served their interest in obvious ways, but the clearest and most fundamental way was to lower labor costs and discourage cooperation.

      The example of the Pennsylvania “Domestic Violence” laws above is considered mild by national standards. It is proof beyond doubt that the US is a violent gynocracy. It is proof that women, especially if they are attractive and not too obese, are an aristocracy with more power than any that ever existed. The question, however, is where did it come from? How did such an absurd view get the support of all elites and both parties?

      Feminists Teresa Amott and Hester Eisenstein, writing separate studies, both came to the conclusion that feminism is largely a means for corporate America to “remain competitive” by lowering labor costs. Further, Eisenstein adds that the weakening of unions was a part of this. Male-dominated unions both kept wages high and controlled the labor pool for an industry. Breaking the unions meant that more part-time and new female workers (let alone immigrants) can move into an industry, drastically cutting labor costs. It was a diabolically brilliant idea that was based on crass self-interest while able to pose as the most selfless of idealisms.

      Teresa Amott notes:

      Hiring women was a central part of the corporate strategy to restore profitability because women were not only cheaper than men, but were also less likely to be organized into unions and more willing to accept temporary work and no benefits This led to what has been previously been held only by men and as jobs that were already predominantly female became even more so (Amott 1993, 50).

      The fact that feminist ideology developed precisely at the very height of male wage grown and unionization in the late 1960s is not a coincidence. This is also the beginnings of rapid globalization and when the recovery of Japan and Germany began to challenge American dominance.

      Although I am obviously not arguing for a return to dependence on men and marriage as the only options for women, I think it necessary to acknowledge that the independence won in the 1970s and 1980s came at a high price: the abolition of the family wage, both as a reigning ideology and as a reality at least for high-paid male workers, and an extended period of wage stagnation for all workers. Even though the family wage concept may have been patriarchal, it was a wage norm that acknowledged the need to support “dependents.” In the low-wage economy that replaced it, no such concept remained (Eisenstein, 2009: 117).

      She never tells us what she is arguing for. The American economy permitted a single blue-collar job to support a family, even in urban areas, up until 1970. This was intolerable to the Anglo-Jewish elite. In the early 1970s, profits could only be increased by lowering labor costs and increasing labor productivity. Rises in technology were augmented with bringing in millions of women and immigrants (of all backgrounds) into the labor force. Only recently has it occurred to the feminist movement that when one increases the supply of an x, the price of that x will go down. The articles cited in this paper are an admission of an obvious reality 30 years too late.

      Feminists have been forced to grasp the truth that they are a cynical capitalist creation to lower costs. Absurdly illogical arguments were made in the late 1960s such that women’s family life was “oppressive” while entering the workforce meant “liberation.” Women were considered “oppressed” as they sent men off to prison on a whim. The man in his cell would fully agree and speak of the terrible treatment of the female race.

      Men, fearful of female disapproval, hid from the discussion or overcompensated, accepting these irrational arguments. All the major movements of the era: civil rights, feminism and immigration, all had the strange consequence of increasing the number of both workers and consumers. Wages began to stagnate and then, in real terms, fall. When interest, debt service and taxes are considered, wages plummeted. That’s not a coincidence. Feminism is a mystification.

      The admission of these facts destroys the 40 year old narrative of these movements. The “family wage” was that wage that a single, blue-collar male could make to support a family. Health care was a fringe benefit and most companies had on-site doctors. Ruth Milkman notes that the family wage was intolerable from the capitalist point of view. It was slowly destroyed after the expansion of the female labor force had exhausted the supply of single, divorced, and widowed women, so that married women and even mothers were incorporated into the labor force in large numbers. . . In the inflationary 1960s and 1970s. . . the expanded demand ‘pulling women into the labor market came to be supplemented by a new family economics ‘pushing women out of the home.’ The resurgence of feminism in the 1960s and its increasing popularity in the 1970s created “a new egalitarian ideology… proclaiming womens’ right to equal treatment in the labor market (Milkman 1987, 121).

      Men fear women. With a few exceptions, puberty is a time when all movements of a male brain are dedicated to impressing this aristocracy: the goddess gynocracy. The alternative is social isolation and crushing self-hate. Attractive women have money (almost literally) thrown at them on a daily basis. They are sentenced for crimes far lower than men and a movement exists to stop charging women for criminal activity altogether. There is no rule of law concerning domestic violence and restraining orders destroy men’ lives without proof or evidence. These laws are passed by men knowing that it might be turned on them. They respond by demanding stricter punishments. Such power is unknown in history.

      One example is the false claim that “women make less than men.” Despite this being disproved over and over, corporate media, highly concentrated in a few firms, maintains this without deviation. Why? The truth is easily available:

      Among college-educated, never-married individuals with no children who worked full-time and were from 40 to 64 years old— that is, beyond the child-bearing years— men averaged $40,000 a year in income, while women averaged $47,000. But, despite the fact that women in this category earned more than men in the same category, gross income differences in favor of men continue to reflect differences in work patterns between the sexes, so that women and men are not in the same categories to the same extent (Farrell, 2005: 16-17).

      There, like in all other areas, women are a privileged caste. Once all relevant variables are taken into consideration, women make far more than men. Once hired, men live in fear of them. One, solitary complaint that might be overheard by an authority figure can paralyze the institution. Not only can the state then take action against the firm, but more commonly, corporate-funded groups like the ACLU or the local feminist advocacy group can also provide the legal help to destroy her male rivals. This is defended by the corporate elite.

      Barabra Reskin makes the startling claim:

      Corporations were now free to substitute female for male labor wherever they saw fit. The national press in the 1980s celebrated the unprecedented entrance of women into a range of formerly male-dominated jobs, from executive and lawyer to pharmacist, bartender, bus driver, and baker. But a careful examination of these changes showed that in nearly every case of such “breakthroughs,” the switch from male to female labor was a decision by management responding to pressures to become more competitive (Reskin and Roos, 1990: 40).

      American capitalists were boosting profits in several ways. First, technology was making American workers highly productive while there was no concomitant decrease in hours worked. A “labor saving” device did not shorten the work day, but just increased the demands a boss can make on a worker in a eight hour period.

      Second, globalization permitted firms to set up manufacturing in the third world, so both technology and production could be outsources for a fraction of its former costs. Third, in outsourcing, unionization was destroyed, since the threat of moving the company overseas was always present. Labor ceased making any real demands.

      Third, feminism was created to lower labor costs at home. Susan Thistle writes:

      Economists have long recognized that the development of new regions and the conversion of nonwage workers into wage workers can create great profits, leading corporations to set up factories overseas. To understand the gains of the past forty years, we must realize that a similar lucrative process was happening within the United States itself, in the very center of American homes. As the market reached into kitchens and bedrooms, turning many household tasks into work for pay, and as women themselves applied labor freed from domestic chores in research labs, hospital’s, factories, and fast food restaurants, productivity rose greatly and a large new pool of income was created. (Thistle 2006: 112).

      Fourth, immigration of both high and low wage labor would increase downward pressure on wages and, like globalization, make unionization a thing of the past. Put crudely: it was all a scam. Issues were invented, groups financed and media consolidated. A single mantra was promoted that, in consequence, led to a massive increase in the labor pool available to companies.

      Fifth, immigration has the consequence of diluting the unity of its target country. A deeply divided country is easy to control, since one group can be mobilized against another. Workers can be mixed and matched so they will not cooperate with one anther. Media will invent, exaggerate and lie about racial incidents to maintain a constant sense of tension and white insecurity so as to prevent any demand son their part for better treatment.

      Immigration works on the same principle. In truth, the US would not be harmed in the least if not a single new immigrant was ever admitted, ever. This has been true for 100 years at least. However, mass immigration has been instigated and defended by both major parties and all segments of the elite. The Republican party is willing to throw the 2016 election in order to maintain their support for unlimited mass immigration. Since this is not a daily occurrence, it shows that the forces operating on these characters is overwhelming.

      There is no labor shortage in the US. Males alone can do all the necessary work, but that would lead to such a massive spike in wages that the leftist regime is taken as permanent. This is proof that the US is totalitarian, where every single word or gesture must be monitored. The accusation of wrongdoing is sufficient to establish guilt in the popular mind and that alone will destroy a life (and lead to suicide, a pandemic among white males).

      This paper has shown that the left is a corporate creation designed to suppress wages. While focused on feminism, immigration was briefly mentioned as well to show the systematic nature of the problem. However, the feminist issue is far more powerful because immigrants do not hold the self-esteem of males in the palm of their hand. This adolescent fear of humiliation means that male lawmakers and elites – even apart from financial concerns – will never challenge the gynocracy and will happily go off to prison rather than reject the official narrative.

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