A Review: Part II The Myth Of The Twentieth Century by Alfred Rosenberg

November 3, 2008


A Review

Part II

The Myth Of The Twentiety Century


Alfred Rosenberg

Rosenberg, Alfred, The Myth Of The Twentieth Century, Noontide Press, 1982.


     It should be borne in mind that The Myth is subtitled:  An evaluation of the spiritual-intellectual confrontations of our age.  The book then is an attempt to objectively analyze the political situation in those terms.  While himself a Nazi this is not a Nazi tract while at the same time it is inevitable that Rosenberg ananlyze the situation from a Nordic or Aryan viewpoint.  If Nazi and Aryan are synonomous in your mind you should disassociate the terms.

     When Rosenberg says the conflict is one of differing values between Asiatics and Europeans it is necessary to know what he means as his basis of interpretation is accurate.  The conflict between Asia, which is to say the Middle East, began fifty-five hundred years ago on the plains of Mesopotamia, todays Iraq; and has slowly spread outward until today the Asiatics, or specifically, Semites, stand on the verge of worldwide victory.  Even though the Semites themselves are divided between Jews and Arabs, which is why the Jews support Arab Semites outside the Middle East, the Jewish segment is confident that they will be able to manage the Arab Moslems in the triumph.

     The major conflict then in Rosenberg’s mind was the prime conflict between Semitic values and Aryan values.  He considered the Roman Catholic Church as auxiliaries.  The Church may be said to be a third Semitic religion.

     The situation as Rosenberg perceived it, and he was a very perceptive man, was that the German people were surrounded on three sides by Semitic forces alien to Aryan ideals.

     He saw a Roman Catholic Semitic Church centered to the South of Germany that had also infiltrated and alienated a large part of his German people.

     To the East he saw the Semitized Soviet Empire looming as a threat.  He had no doubt, and sincerely believed that Communism was a Jewish political system managed according to Semitic ideology.

     Just as the behemoth to the East was controlled by Jews so with the ascension of Franklin D. Roosevelt was the behemoth of the West, the United States of America.  Of course, denial is the order of the day but denials are ridiculous in the face of facts.

     Just as Jews had managed the hyper inflation of German currency in 1923 so Jews had maneuvered the West into the Great Depression through their control and literal ownership of the Federal Reserve Banking System of the US.

     Through the manipulation of credit and currency in the years leading up to the Great Crash of 1929 the Fed, which is to say the Jews, created the speculative stock market bubble.  At the same time they created the unsound practice of holding companies  of holding companies.  Thus shares with no substance behind them collapsed entirely losing all value.  Between such failures as these and extended credit for margin speculation the stage was set, as in Germany, for the complete collapse of the US economic system.  This was no different than the real estate and credit bubble of today.

     While many many volumes on the crash have been written over the decades none of them would deal with the problem as it actually was for fear of being denounced as anti-Semites.

     You may be sure that Rosenberg, Hitler and the Nazi think tank understood the situation completely. The question is how the Nazi finance minister Hjalmar Schacht interrelates with his banking counterparts of the West.

     That the situation was created that ‘discredited’ the capitalist system, allowing a Judeo-Communist like FDR to assume the the reins of power you may be assured.  Roosevelt was a disciple of Woodrow Wilson.  Just as the Jews flooded into Washington  in 1913 managing Wilson’s presidency so in 1933 they returned to power with FDR.  You can see how urgent it was for Roosevelt to stay in office for as many terms as he lived.

     The situation of today is a replica of 1929-33 with the hope of putting Barry obama into the role of FDR.  Rosenberg and the Nazis predicted this scenario in the 1930s.  They also predicted the dissolution of the United States over racial problems.  This is bound to and must happen.

     In addition to the USSR and the USA the Jews were running France and directing England so that Rosenberg believed the Germans to be beleagured, which they were.

     The history of the entire period has been written by Liberals, Communists and Jews, hence you have been conditioned to see the issues soley from their point of view.

     If you were to view the times from a slightly different perspective a quite different picture would appear before your eyes as if by magic.

     It is true that the Nazis took a direct and brutal route to obtain their objectives.  They have been thoroughly castigated for this however they merely did what had already been done during and after the Great War in Russia and Hungary and what the Liberal/Jewish/Negro/Communist coalition is in process of doing today as regards the White species.  So in light of current deeds what makes the Nazis so evil?

     While we were all astonished in the fifties as the insanity of the Nazi attempt became real to us we should no less condemn the Liberal/Jewish/Negro/Communist coalition for their plan to exterminate the entire White species of a billion plus people.  This means you.

     I am sure that Rosenberg and Hitler are sitting up in Heaven looking down upon us with wry bemusement.

     So, this is the way in which Rosenberg perceived the racial aspect of the spiritual and intellectual confrontation of early twentieth century Europe.

     Rosenberg calls it the struggle for freedom rather than submission to a false god, which is to say Semitic intellectual belief systems.  He rightly says that the confrontation is between Asia and Europe going back fifty-five hundred years.  The Fascist States, that is to say Germany, Italy and Spain placed themselves in battle with the entire semiticized world.  The Semites themselves without military might did as the ancient Semite Cadmus did in ancient Boeotia of Greece when he incited the indigenous peoples into a ruinous civil war that allowed his Semitic invaders to take control.

     Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.

Part III will follow in another post.


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