2. The View From Prindle’s Head

March 21, 2020

  1. The View From Prindle’s Head


R.E. Prindle

How We Got From There To Here


It was a little over a hundred years ago that the America of today was born. Our father was a man called Woodrow Wilson. A neurotic who should never have been president. He was rather shallow but with firmly held opinions. A Liberal. He established wartime Socialism in the United States during the Great War, otherwise christened WWI 30 years later after WWII was created.

As a Socialist he fixated on creating the League of Nations—EuroAmerican nations. He nearly killed himself trying to get the US involved in his fantasy. It was important because anytime individuals or organizations, such as countries, combine those with an agenda, will, and superior organization will dominate and succeed. Communist/Socialists were and are committed and organized and the rest aren’t, or, haven’t been to this time. So, in order to subvert American individualism and replace it with Socialist collectivism it was necessary for the US to join the League of Nations. Wilson found able and organized opposition in the Senate which was determined to thwart Wilson. They successfully did. Wilson had a disabling stroke and the League was discarded.

Socialists didn’t give up, they never do. They hoped to win the 1920 election and further Wilson’s campaign. They failed to do so. Their agenda was delayed for twelve years. To the Socialist mind the election of 1920 proved that the Common Man, the electorate, couldn’t be counted on to do ‘the right thing.’ The Socialist’s will, thus it had to be managed, controlled and molded to do their will.

Consequently in 1921, in the wake of their electoral loss they formed the Council On Foreign Relations. Not the Council To Realize The League Of Nations, as that wouldn’t pass muster, so Foreign Relations. Same thing. Twenty years or so later after another World War they created out of that panic a new League of Nations now called the United Nations, the UN. Sounds good like the US, doesn’t it? The United Nations was brought into existence unconstitutionally by fiat, this time there would be no debate, no vote. The will of the people was bypassed and we were saddled by the misguided monstrosity called the UN.

Now, people believe Wall Street is anti-Socialism. This is not true although you will not believe it. Wall Street rejects the economics of Socialism but loves the political organization. The ideal of the industrialists is the China of today where a very docile population, up to now anyway, where workers can be compelled to work non-stop making goods for the world without organizing into unions. Neither US or European workers would stand for this, always striking, sabotaging, or interfering with the production process. The Common Man couldn’t be counted on ‘to do the right thing.’ And assume the position.

So the Plutocrats, as they were called, J.P. Morgan, played both ends to reward their middle. They financed both attitudes trying to get Euroamerican workers to behave as Chinese workers. Finally they gave up, exported industry and manufacturing to China where Chinese laborers do not resist the right thing. They shut up and manufacture the goods. You will notice that there have never been labor interruptions in China.

However as China prospered and huge numbers became rich beyond any expectations the attitude began to change. Chinese workers became rebellious and wanted the freedoms Westerners appeared to have. China started to come apart. Drastic measures were required to bring them back under control. That meant essentially house arrest. Thus an artificial disaster called the Coronavirus was created. It worked so well in China—the trial run—that it has been exported to the US where after a few thousand cases and a mere several deaths, first staged in a large nursing home filled with sick old people with compromised immunity systems where, for all we know, seven or eight people die every month from age and disease anyway. Total panic ensued. The country was locked down. Every citizen was placed under, essentially, house arrest. No leg bracelets though.


Americans can now be counted on ‘doing the right thing.’ Or else be placed under house arrest. Collectivism triumphant and individualism destroyed. Took a while, but patience was needed. The US now the perfect Prison Nation. Everybody is in jail, prisons are superfluous and they are releasing all the cons. May not be the perfect system but there’s none better.

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