Making Facts Fit The Narrative

December 18, 2019

Making Facts Fit The Narrative

A Review of Fareed Zakaria In Foreign Affairs


R.E. Prindle

Zakaria, Fareed: The New China Scare, Foreign Affairs, Jan-Feb 2020

Mr. Zakaria subtitles his screed: Why America Shouldn’t Panic About Its Latest Challenger, that is, China. My objection to Foreign Affairs, Mr. Zakaria and the whole Leftist-Liberal Establishment is that while professing to be far in advance than the Conservatives they cling to the whole post-WWII fantasy of American hegemony or supremacy. That time is gone. We are now living in a new Global era which is inter-locked economically while national sovereignty is taking a much diminished role.

Because of the shifting of whole national populations into the United States it is no longer possible, if it ever was, to speak of a unit called America. America was a dream of the past. Because of the extreme diversity of the US there is not one but several ethnic Americas. The Chinese themselves already have a significant presence in the US and are inundating our neighbor to the North, Canada. These domestic Chinese identify more with China than the US so it is not appropriate to speak of a China while disregarding its ex-pats in the rest of the world. It is more or a Chinese diaspora and has to be dealt with as such.

Mr. Zakaria is himself a Moslem and in speaking of his ‘chosen’ country he speaks of it as an other and not as his own. Thus in his subtitle he speaks that ‘America shouldn’t Panic.’ We, who have been born here, perhaps several generations ago, don’t recognize the China problem as panic, we recognize China as a competitor on the world stage that is seeking world dominance or, put another way, it wants to be the Top Country. China being 90 some percent of the same ethnic group, Han Chinese doesn’t have the identity problem that the US does. China does not cater to its minority peoples they dominate and subordinate them as with the Uigurs on its Eastern frontier. Nor are they polite; they round the Uigurs up, put them in concentration camps and ‘indoctrinate’ them out of their ways, which are Moslem, into Chinese ways. If Europe or the US would attempt that the world, including the Chinese, would put up a howl. Yet if the West wants to maintain its culture it must ‘indoctrinate’ its minorities as the Chinese do. Even the Hindus of India have belatedly become aware that their culture is under threat from the Moslems and repressive measures are being taken.

Let us be clear there is no China Scare in the US contrary to Mr. Zakarias assertion. We are dealing with the new Global situation on a calm rational basis.

By a New China Scare Mr. Zakaria does not mean to refer to a second China scare, he is referencing the defensive measures taken against the Communist threat after WWI and WWII. By ‘scare’ he means an irrational response to an imaginary threat. Thus he tries to force the facts to fit his narrative.

In point of fact there was a Communist threat that had to be quelled. After WWI the alert and astute Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer rose to the occasion rounding the Communists up and actually deporting a few hundred to the Socialist Homeland, the Soviet Union. His efforts were compromised by the Domestic Reds in prominent positions.

After WWII HUAC rose to the occasion abetted by 1950 with the activities of the courageous Senator Joseph McCarthy who also were defeated by internal Communist forces, but the Communist momentum was derailed after both wars and forced to reorganize.

Now, Zakaria follows the official CIA line in which ignorant American fears dominate their actions. Thus they say that in both the aftermath of WWI and WWII there were no Communist threats and the effective responses to defuse those threats were merely panic attacks. While our great generals had won the wars and our brave American soldiers had outfought their terrible enemies immediately on arriving home they had panic attacks rather than recognizing enemy tactics. In WWI Mitchell Palmer who acted so magnificently has been defamed as a paranoid dodo.

After WWII Pres. Truman’s actions are characterized this way by Zakaria following the CFR playbook:

In February 1947, US President Harry Truman huddled with his most senior policy advisors, George Marshall, and Dean Acheson and a handful of Congressional leaders. The topic was the administration’s plan to aid the Greek government in the fight (scary response in Mr. Zakaria’s thought processes) against a Communist insurgency. Marshall and Acheson presented their case for the plan. Arthur Vandenberg, chair of the Senate Committee On Foreign Relations, listened closely and then offered his support with a caveat. “The only way you are going to get what you want,” he reportedly told the president, “is to make a speech and scare the hell out of the country.”

Now, one might say that Pres. Truman, acting in his capacity and duty as the President, presented his speech to alert the country to the threat of World Communist domination which was real and imminent at the time having been encouraged by the Communist sympathizer former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who Vice President Truman succeeded after having been purposely kept ignorant of the world situation even though Roosevelt was obviously a sick and dying man.

Zakaria says that Pres. Truman was not rational but an irrational scare tactician manipulating the country to get what he wanted. Zakaria could have co-written Howard Zinn’s trashy history. This is the way that the Left discredits by insinuation and defamatory characterization ignoring the facts.

Mr. Zakaria continues:

Over the next few months, Truman did just that. He turned the civil war in Greece into a test of the United States ability to confront international communism.

You see how Zakaria turns the situation from an internationally communist backed insurgency into a civil war, and instead of an international defense against the spread of communism into an ego test of the United States ability to confront international communism. Obviously Truman and the US was at fault and not Joseph Stalin and international communism. Thus we go from a communist insurgency to a civil war, to a ‘test’ against international communism. This says something as to why the CFR would allow such trash in their magazine.

Quote: (note the language)

Reflecting on Truman’s expansive rhetoric about aiding democracies anywhere, anytime, Acheson confessed in his memoirs that the administration had made an argument “clearer than truth.” Something similar is happening today in the American debate about China.


Not the negative characterization of the phrase ‘Truman’s expansive rhetoric about aiding democracies anytime, anywhere’ and Acheson ‘confessed.’ Did he really confess or merely state what might have been an obvious truth to him. And his ‘clearer than truth’ may be meant positively rather than negatively. It can possibly be read both ways but Zakaria make Acheson ‘confess’ which is negative. This is the Leftist way.

Perhaps English is Mr. Zakaria’s second language while Arabic is his first. Oh, I know, I know, even though Mr. Zakaria is a Moslem he is as ‘American’ as apple pie. He may even have been born here, right?

Mr. Zakaria says that similar to the ‘Red Scares’ is happening today in the American debate about China. Not true, there is nothing similar at all. This is a different time, different circumstances and a different grope for power. What Americans should panic about is Mr. Zakaria’s being given space to spin his anti-American vitriol. Would it be out of line to ask from which university Mr. Zakaria received his degree in history?

93 Responses to “Making Facts Fit The Narrative”

  1. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    I fear nothing; for behold; it is written:

    Oh my dearest daughter, your heart is bleeding now on the white roses For you have become disappointed with many things that burden your soul
    Hush, my baby, let your Mother take care of it all For I am the meaning of ALL destinies pertaining to you And I protect you and crush the wicked with my tail.
    ___Liber Serpentis

    • reprindle Says:

      Bless you, my dear.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        I spend four months baring My Soul; writing over 1000 brilliantly incisive essays; and what do I get for all My Efforts?

        “Been there; done that”

        I am out of words.

        It is beyond unbelievable.

        It is a nightmare that will not end.

        • Daughter of Babylon Says:

          Why does the Goddess not lead Me to ONE person who has an ounce of appreciation for Me?

          Why I am constantly led to people who after having My Identity carefully explained to them; they nod their heads and agree and then proceed to act like I everything I say is an absurdity?


          WHAT DID I DO WRONG?


        • reprindle Says:

          Some times our paths diverge and then unite. You stray from my trajectory sometimes.

  2. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    It seemeth odd; how the last 1500 or so comments on this blog are only by two people; Pamela (The Daughter of Babylon) or Mr. Prindle (the keeper of the blog).

    It would seem that the readership is a bit lower than I originally estimated; or the readers are simply not predisposed to send forth comments.

    • reprindle Says:

      I don’t get too many comments. Plus I spread myself across two blogsites plus Facebook. And I have a large body of articles on a site called ERBzine but I no longer write on Burroughs. My Blogger site produces large reads although sporadically and mostly European. I am banned in China although I was doing well there. And everything depends on topics. My rock and roll writing is the main staple on WordPress while my more thoughtful stuff does best on Blogger for some reason. Didn’t mean to disappoint.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        No one ever reads anything I write.

        The greatest ignominy of all is to be ignored.

        The fight is almost drained out of Me.

  3. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Mr. Zakaria subtitles his screed: Why America Shouldn’t Panic About Its Latest Challenger, that is, China.

    People need to remember that the American Press is entirely comprised of pathological liars; they lie as easily as they breathe.

    They despise America for no reason other than that they are *contrarians extraordinaire*; if America gave 100 million in aid to help disaster victims; Newsweek or Time would print an article castigating the “insufficient response”; as their innate contempt cannot be satisfied by something as simple as “good works”.

    Their cynicism is their only motivating force; as the thinking process has been entirely replaced by acerbity. When their dreams of the collapse of America are achieved; they will find something new to castigate by pen.

    Thus it comes as no surprise that the author in question tells America “not to worry”; for by lulling America to sleep with lullabies of Beijing’s benevolence; an effective American response is delayed; giving China the needed time to consolidate economic and military might on the road to global supremacy.

    As the missiles are headed inbound; the author will pen a final article urging Americans to remain “calm”; “go about business as usual” he will say; the radioactive fallout “won’t be that bad”….

    • reprindle Says:

      Yes. At the bottom is slavery then Wilson’s disappointed dream of a League of Nations. The rhythm picked up the pace in 1958 when Burdick published The Ugly American. For some reasons Americans embraced the notion.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        It is not entirely untrue.

        The American is the most despised tourist in every other country on the planet; not without some justification.

        He throws his money around; he acts with great arrogance; he is disrespectful and a know it all; and he is often ill mannered with women; treating them with disrespect and thinking that he can buy them with a few pesos.

        • Daughter of Babylon Says:

          People need to remember that the American Press is entirely comprised of pathological liars; they lie as easily as they breathe.

          I like how Greta Thurnberg (sp?) is the “Time Person of the Year”.

          She has no scientific accomplishments or discoveries or inventions.

          She has written no learned dissertations on climatology or weather.

          She has yelled into a (highly visible) microphone about a subject she knows almost nothing about.

          This “qualifies” her for the “honor”.

          When the unaccomplished are venerated and the meritorious are shunned; you know your society is now completely inverted.

          What sane person would attempt to even participate in such an Upside Down world?

          Where the outcome is rigged?

          • Daughter of Babylon Says:

            But is any of this a surprise?

            A nation that obsesses over which thug the Kardashians are giving a blow job to this week is a Sick Nation; one where right will be regarded as wrong; left as right; up as down; freedom as slavery; and war as peace.

            The sickness is not going to suddenly go away; it must be overtly dispatched.

            • Daughter of Babylon Says:

              It is not as if I care who anyone has sex with; in fact that is the core of my concern; why would ANYONE care?

              Via the anesthetic of reality tv and professional sports; the brainwashed masses have no time to ponder the Royal Screwing the government and the banks are giving them; and thus the iniquity remains firmly entrenched with no fear of reprisal for their thefts.

            • reprindle Says:

              Rebuilding will be a long and difficult process while the human material may have deteriorated beyond repair.

          • Daughter of Babylon Says:

            I am sure there were thousands of scientists and researchers and doctors around the globe who did great work in 2019; making profound discoveries or conclusions that will ultimately benefit humanity.

            By giving an award to an accomplishment-free brat; what are they saying to all those diligent hard working thinkers?

            Here is what they are saying:

            Fuck you!

            I’m sure they will all be motivated to be screwed over again in 2020.

          • reprindle Says:

            That person would be ‘The Conqueror. Will he arrive in time or does it matter?.

        • reprindle Says:

          So do they all, so do they all. Been there and done that.

  4. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Nor are they polite; they round the Uigurs up, put them in concentration camps and ‘indoctrinate’ them out of their ways, which are Moslem, into Chinese ways. If Europe or the US would attempt that the world, including the Chinese, would put up a howl.

    Again; the manifestation of selective outrage.

    The leaders of many African nations practice atrocities against their people on a regular basis; all such dispatches are carefully expunged from the evening news.

    The Caste System of India is at least as brutal a manifestation of state sponsored segregation as the apartheid in South Africa; but nary a negative word is spoken of it in the Western Press.

    People sometimes forget why Nelson Mandela was in prison; I am old enough to remember the trial quite well.

    I remember the judge (they had bench trials there); I think his name was Mr. Justice Devett (sp?); at sentencing (and this is from memory; it was back in the 60’s) he said something to the effect of:

    “The crime of which the defendant has been convicted is in fact one of high treason. The state has chosen not to charge him with that crime and thus the supreme penalty cannot be imposed”.

    Mandela was found with enough explosives to blow Cape Town to kingdom come; and plenty of correspondence demonstrating that he intended to go through with it.

    So he was no “political prisoner”; but a terrorist of the first order.

    He may well have renounced those dispositions later in life; but back in the 1960’s Pretoria had no choice but to incarcerate him.

    If someone in America was found similarly plotting here in 2019; should the Attorney General just smile and dismiss all charges?

    I think not.

    He would removed from office in three seconds and rightly so.

    • reprindle Says:

      The Uigurs are Aryans and part of the remnant that didn’t leave their homeland. The Germans were looking in the wrong place in Tibet. About two thousand BC when the Aryans began moving, the Aryan diaspora. A large portion entered China from the West where they raised havoc and took the Chinese probably a century or four to defeat and absorb them. The attack on the Uigurs is revenge.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        I am fairly certain that Ashur; son of Shem; married one of Japheth’s daughters (Shem & Japheth both sons of Noah) was the founder of the Assyrian Empire.

        Ashur was wounded in battle with the Armenians around 2000 BC; but survived; saw that Europe was sparsely populated; and removed himself to the North; where he founded and ruled over ancient Germany.

        Ashur is the Father of Germany.

        • Daughter of Babylon Says:

          This is paying no homage to the Jews; there was no Israel and no Judaism immediately after the Flood; there were 8 people left on earth; Moses and the concept of a nation of Israel would not spring up for another 500 years.

          • Daughter of Babylon Says:

            Ashur was actually a great friend of his second cousin Nimrod; Nimrod the Greatest Enemy of the Judeo-Christian God and builder of the ill-fated Tower of Babel.

            Ashur and Nimrod did much to advance civilization on Ancient Babylon & Assyria.

            They were both Great Pagans.

            • reprindle Says:

              Prior to the collapse of the Ice Age the whole of the Middle East was above water. The Tigris and Euphrates ran through a long valley. The waters rose to their present levels eliminating that valley, now the Persian Gulf. Do you have the earlier Mesopotamian legends?

            • Daughter of Babylon Says:

              Most of the opposition to Jehovah after the Flood had its Genesis in One Woman: Naamah.

              Naamah was the Daughter of Lamech and the wife of Ham; one of the Lucky 8 on the Ark.

              Lamech of course the son of Methushael (not the famous old guy but someone else).

              She remembered the world before the Flood; and how her family dominated the world with Lamech; her father as the great Patriarch.

              Naamah was the one who turned Ham away from Jehovah; she hated his guts for killing everyone with the deluge; she had a son Cush (Mercury / Hermes); and the grandson Nimrod.

              It was Naamah who trained her daughter in law Semiramis / Isis (Cush’s wife) on all the ancient mysteries that Jehovah prohibited.

              She was the First Great Queen of the Witches!

              Hail Naamah!

              • reprindle Says:

                The Ice Age disintegrated during the Age of Leo. The idea of the Mesopotamian Fifth King, that is the Age of Aires originated from that memory. The Jews, or Hebrews, formed between the Ages of Taurus and Aires, that is four thousand years ago. The Jews claim to have been in existence four thousand years. They have no memory of any flood. They inherited the story from the Mesopotamians. The whole of Genesis is fabricated from other peoples legends. When the Hebrews left for Egypt their last words in the Bible was the El was the Jewish god. Moses displaced El with Yahweh. Refer to A Tale of Two Cultures. The celestial calendar of the Zodiac has been in existence for a hundred thousand years. The time line begins there.

          • reprindle Says:

            Dear Daughter of Babylon. Love ya , but the Bible is a bunch of fantasies built on the Sumerian epics.

        • reprindle Says:

          Don’t know about Ashur but Noah is a myth. The Aryans entered Europe in waves beginning during he Age of Taurus and then came in waves thereafter. The Germans were the most recent in habitants of Germany and they hadn’t been there for long.

          • Daughter of Babylon Says:

            That must have been something.

            A planet that did not have a single person who knew how to make a fire suddenly laying all the foundations for science; mathematics; agriculture and everything else; just out of the blue.

            Darwin once said that evolution does not occur in jumps…

            For once I agree…

  5. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    I think his name was Mr. Justice Devett (sp?);

    Turns out his name was actually Quartus de Wet….

    Very similar sound to it…

    And more eerie symmetry; he died 29 years ago today; 18 Dec 1980.

  6. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Typo…make that 39…

  7. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Now do not fall under the misapprehension that I was some big fan of the Afrikaners…

    Truth be told; I consider DUTCH-ANGLO USURY the greatest scourge of the planet and the root cause of the universal enslavement that binds the people of the earth.

    But if someone is trying to blow up a city; you had better have your police force arrest them immediately; if not sooner.

  8. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Truth be told; I consider DUTCH-ANGLO USURY the greatest scourge of the planet and the root cause of the universal enslavement that binds the people of the earth.

    Always remember that the underlying rational for this; *laissez faire*; is nothing but a physiocratic delusion….

    • reprindle Says:

      The notion runs counter to the basic human emotion. It only worked in the early and middle nineteenth century in England because scientific advances blew society apart.

  9. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Always remember that the underlying rational for this; *laissez faire*; is nothing but a physiocratic delusion….

    Since Adam Smith was often seen talking to himself while walking the streets of London; it is abundantly clear that the man had not all his marbles…

  10. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    During a daylong debate before the vote, Nancy Pelosi read the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance and said: “We are here to defend democracy for the people.”

    “If we do not act now, we would be derelict in our duty. It is tragic that the president’s reckless actions make impeachment necessary,” Pelosi said.

    A senile old hag who knows as much about American government as she does the Urdu language rules over you.

    The entire Universe laughs at America.

    • reprindle Says:

      This is a tragic moment in the history of the US and the world. Pelosi is vacant. If you watched Stiff at his town hall when he was booed and berated mercilessly he stood gazing vacantly like he was watching TV. Swear to God these Dems are automatons sent by aliens to allow them to inherit the Earth.

  11. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    I watched “Maxine Waters” give her speech calling for Trump to be impeached.

    She said she “called for him to be impeached early in his presidency”.

    Thus before any evidence of “wrongdoing” (lolz) was “established” (lolz); she wanted him out; violation of law or no violation of law.

    This is “democracy”; the most absurd form of government ever to coalesce in the minds of men.

    Democracy in nothing more than inmates running the asylum; because; as I have said time w/o number; the majority of the people are not qualified to rule themselves.

    • reprindle Says:

      It all began with H.L. Mencken.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        He was anti-democratic; IIRC…

        He might have some liberal social views; but he was an opponent of democracy.

        “In the face of this singular passion for conformity, this dread of novelty and originality, it is obvious that the man of vigorous mind and stout convictions is gradually shouldered out of public life. Such tests arise inevitably out of democracy – the domination of unreflective and timorous men, moved in vast herds by mob emotions. In private life no man of sense would think of applying them.”
        ____HL Mencken

  12. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Democracy in nothing more than inmates running the asylum; because; as I have said time w/o number; the majority of the people are not qualified to rule themselves.

    I will give you an example:

    When Bill Cosby was convicted of sexual assault last year; I read multiple tweets condemning the “short” sentence the judge gave him.

    “He raped 70 women!” they all screamed on Twitter.

    The fact that that he was indicted and on trial for a single assault; not 70; was a universe that the Tweeters could not comprehend.

    These are they type of people who make your “laws” (lolz).

    • reprindle Says:

      Lawyer are almost as dumb as criminals and twice as dishonest. I have spoken to a few criminals who were perfectly blunt about their lives. I have never known an attorney who didn’t mean opposite of what he said. This excludes you Pamela if you have a law degree.
      I have long said that the inmates have seized the asylum but that happened long ago. Remember Poe’s System of Dr. Tarr and Prefessor Fether.

  13. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Dear Daughter of Babylon. Love ya , but the Bible is a bunch of fantasies built on the Sumerian epics.

    What makes you think it is myth?

    Why would people write such marvelously detailed histories?

    There was no money to be made for writing fiction back then.

    This stuff was carved into stone; not printed out with Microsoft Word.

    Why would such writing be authorized by the Ancient Kings if there were not Truth to it?

    It is only deemed “myth” by contemporary man because it does not fit his narrative; the one he desperately wants to believe; for The Truth is incredibly unpalatable; and is thus best relegated to “pseudo-history”.

    • reprindle Says:

      Writing was invented by the Egyptians and seconded by the Mesopotamians and it took Zodiacal cycles to learn that.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        The people learned how to write because Enki and Company taught them…

        Enki of course better known as “Satan”.

        Man is not as smart as he thinks he is and he has “evolved” hardly at all.

        His upgrade in Understanding was the product of a DNA manipulation by Ancient Astronauts; and then they taught him the rest.

        A grunting half man half ape could never learn to “write” on his own.

        • reprindle Says:

          Of course not. The grunting half ape continued to evolve and then became fully human. Humans continued to evolve. First phase, second phase, third phase. Slowly knowledge and self conscious grew. Grunts changed in sound and atone into a primitive spoken language that was half intelligible and half sign language. The Egyptians had language in the Age of Virgo in not earlier. Then in Leo and the end of the ice age and the great flood they washed up at the mouth and Nile and rebuilt civilization. Aliens were not involved, except for me, the Great Historical Bum. I was there.

  14. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    It is only deemed “myth” by contemporary man because it does not fit his narrative; the one he desperately wants to believe; for The Truth is incredibly unpalatable; and is thus best relegated to “pseudo-history”.

    Here is the Truth; live and in color:

    The human race is nothing but a slave species genetically engineered by ancient astronauts called the Anunnaki; they arrived on earth a very long time ago; they did a DNA manipulation on homo erectus because they needed a primitive worker to mine gold for them; and later they created another strain of humans by interbreeding with their new creation; and THAT IS THE ORIGIN OF THE HUMAN RACE.

    Those ancient astronauts were AND ARE the Gods.

    Humans were created as a slave species for the Gods.

    End of story.

    You must accept it.

    • reprindle Says:

      Have you read the Betelgeuse Bridge by William Tenn? There’s a space fantasy for you.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        No but I’ve spent some time orbiting it…about 100 light years away I think. In Orion.

        It is really red and really big…out passed the orbit of Mars if placed where Our Sun is.

        • Daughter of Babylon Says:

          The Giza Pyramids were built by Ra (Marduk) to line up with Orion’s Belt.

          Those 300 ton stones were not lifted by Neolithic Technology…

        • reprindle Says:

          Well, the BGs decided that they wanted to extract all the resource of Earth since their so exhausted. They weren’t too interested in gold. So they built the Betelgeuse Bridge from there to here. A conveyer belt. I have ridden the conveyers belt. It is a little known fact that there is no Time in space. There is no continuum of Time and Space. Space is not curved as if it had the problems of building a straight bridge in curved space would have been insuperable. As there is no Time in space I was able to travel the bridge and then reenter Earth at the time I left. Oh the stories I could tell about that.

  15. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    It is a very long book; it is not a one sitting read.

    He has some liberal social views that you can gloss over; but the main point thing to take away are his chapters on the origins of the human race; mostly the latter chapters; but there is some good insight on biology & genetic mysteries in the early chapters also.

  16. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    The thing of it is; the Pagan; the Witch; the Satanist; the Thelemite have far more in common with the Christian and the Jew than we sometimes care to admit; and not very much in common with the atheist and agnostic.

    As I said a few months ago; Satan & God have likewise much in common.

    They were and are brothers.

    Estranged brothers.

    The Pagan knows full well that the Christian God exists; just as the (true) Christian & Jew know that Satan & Isis exist. There are very few of those Christians and Jews around though; most are “reformed” (lolz) and their religion is little more than a social club; with no faith and certainly no actual power.

    We are ignored or hated by society because Darwin freed man from religion and they incorrectly believe that the Pagan (indirectly) threatens to enslave him with it again.

    This is not the case; but we do acknowledge The Past; and that there were and are living entities out there that make man look like a grasshopper in comparison.

    This is the Unpalatable Truth I spoke of earlier.

    • reprindle Says:

      Somebody is trashing my comments and removing them. The censors are busy and incapable of minding their own business. They apparently think that some one other than you and I are reading this stuff. Or is it you?.

  17. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    The celestial calendar of the Zodiac has been in existence for a hundred thousand years. The time line begins there.

    Perhaps, but where does “Time” begin…or end?

    Moreover, calendars…or clocks DO NOT MEASURE TIME; THEY MEASURE THEMSELVES.

    That is because the objective reference point for a clock or calendar is another clock or calendar.

  18. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    “Trump is impeached by the House, creating an indelible mark on his presidency”
    ___The Washington Post

    Perhaps the most incontrovertible and irrefutable proof that he is doing Something Right…

    • Daughter of Babylon Says:

      Translation: A majority of the 435 Criminals see him as a threat to the continuation of their lucrative criminal careers and have sought out the remedy of “impeachment” to stop him and save themselves.

    • reprindle Says:

      Have no idea what the censorious moron trashed my amusing fantasies for. The dumb shits probably believed I had revealed the cosmic truth that they are totally stupid.

  19. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Instead of putting every one of these conspirators in jail; Trump “writes a letter” saying he feels “assaulted”; like one of those “MeToo!” women…

    And this is the most “forceful” leader America has seen in decades!

    It is too embarrassing to even ponder; and I weep for your nation.

  20. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    I was given very specific instructions by the Great Goddess for how to deal with My Enemies after I take power:

    “Dwell equally in the Palace of Mercy as in the Palace of Severity.”

    If they tried to do to Me what they are doing this current president; I would dwell 99% in the latter.

  21. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    The Instruction Section; *this is a Direct Quote from Her*:

    “Never forget that you are Light and you are Love, and there is nothing sentimental, sappy, simpering, sedate, or pseudo in what you are. Never forget that what comes against you is not as it claims to be – for it essays to claim to be what YOU are – but is, instead, that emptiness of lies, shallow, petty folly, ignorance, which is threatened by the Light of your Cup, your Sword, and your Crux Ansata.

    Against its illusions and delusions, which are many, and which overtake the sleepwalking masses unawares, hold forth your Light: your passion, your oceanic depths of feeling, your razor-honed sharpness of penetrating insight, your piercing intellect, your Indomitable Will, and the Truth and Sovereignty of your mobile domain.”

    So at least She has faith in Me…

    It is coming up on 74 years since that conjuring in the Mojave in January & February 1946…

    1/9th of 666.

    Or .111 of 666

    Well; I was born on 1/11…

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