WWII: The Greatest Crime Of The Ages

October 22, 2019

WWII: The Greatest Crime Of The Ages


R.E. Prindle

German Must Perish! and The War Goal of World Plutocracy by Theodore Kaufman and Wolfgang Dieverge, reprint of the two 1941 editions by Ostara Publications, no date.

The history of the Second World War of 1939-45 is not as the orthodox version describes. That history has been molded and shaped to conform with the desires of some interested parties. In other words, it has been falsified. The skewed history is more than merely one of interpretation. Whole swaths of incidents have been suppressed, obscured or forced into a false narrative. While your attention has been directed to a certain narrative, the real story lies exposed like geological strata.

I offer concrete undeniable facts to bring your attention to what was really going on. The demonstration will focus on a book published in 1941 by one Theodore Nathan Kaufman. Kaufman was an operative of the American Jewish Committee, the AJC. For those not familiar with the AJC it is the directing governmental body of Jews in the United States. It is essentially an espionage unit spying on the American people dedicated to rooting out what they are pleased to call ‘anti-Semites.’ They were also behind the effort to lead the United States into the war with Germany. Their whole goal was to destroy Germany physically and to commit the genocide of 80 million Germans.

I know you are shocked and in total belief that 80 million people could be murdered but you shouldn’t be. After all, the Chinese autocrat Mao Ze Dong murdered thirty million or more of his fellow Chinese and the world said nothing. Not that much of stretch from 30 to 80 million.

Consider the facts: In 1933 the AJC executive, lawyer Samuel Untermyer declared irrevocable hatred of the Germans and war on the Germans. Then began a whole series of boycotts and sanctions against Germany from the United States, a nominally neutral country by law. This was done by its newly elected Democratic president Franklin Delano Roosevelt, FDR. FDR as he is familiarly known was in the pocket of the Jewish governing body, the American Jewish Committee.

There were six key nations fighting this proposed war: England, Russia, France, Germany, the United States and the Jewish Nation, the last spread out through Europe and the Americas. The Jewish Nation was very carefully screened so that there would be minimal appearance of their maximum role. They made themselves appear innocent victims while they stoked the fires of war.

We should be clear: there was no chance that Germany could win the war and this was against the combined might of the Soviet Union in the East and the United States to Germany’s West. Zero chance and this was recognized by the warmakers at the time.

We now get to Theodore Kaufman. Remember as he was writing his screed it was acknowledged that Germany could not win the war. At the time Germany Must Perish, Kaufman’s book, was published England, France and the USSR were one block. Germany Must Perish was published in March of 1941 before Germany had invaded the USSR and nine months before the US declared war on Germany. So neither the US or USSR was at war with Germany of the time of publication. Yet Kaufman was calling for the extermination of the Germany. By whom then?

The agitation for US entry was conducted by England, Roosevelt and the American Jewish people. England because it could not defend itself after being the first people to declare war on Germany in 1939. England, because the country could not defend itself needed the US to fight the war for them. England had neither the men nor the resources to even think of getting into the war on its own.

The Jewish Nation because the Jews wanted the whole German nation exterminated. Kaufman explains:

Today’s war is not a war against Hitler. Nor is it a war against the Nazis. It is a war of peoples against peoples…. This war is being waged by the German people. It is they who are responsible. It is they who must be made to pay for the war.

Remember that in 1933 the Jews declared war on Germany with no response from Germany.

So then, who is this Theodore Nathan Kaufman?

He was an AJC operative. He is portrayed in the US as an insignificant shopkeeper from the Jewish colony of Newark, New Jersey. A mere voice in the wilderness, perhaps a crazy Jewish prophet. But, as a crazy Jewish prophet he publishes from the remote Newark Jewish colony a screed like Germany Must Perish calling for their total erasure from the Earth. This book was not ignored, instead it was given maximum countrywide attention. No such crank would have had access to the President of the United States but Kaufman did, no penniless shop keeper from Newark can launch a multi-million dollar campaign to publicize his book. That just doesn’t happen. He was a member of the AJC and the AJC was spending millions and millions on espionage, publishing books by the score while Jewish attorneys were filing lawsuits on every side.

Now, these deeds, these books, these acts have at the very least been disregarded or obscured, if it were possible to erase such a public campaign all evidence would have been scrubbed. But, Kaufman and his book are inescapable evidence, not only fact, but concrete evidence of the activities of this Jewish Nation to draw the US and its resources into their, not the US’s, but their fight against the German people. The war was between the Jewish Nation and the German Nation with the Jews as the aggressors.

The American People had no dog in this war but the Jewish People as Kaufman said, did. What dog did Roosevelt have in the fight? Why was he anxious to sacrifice the lives of tens of thousands of men in the prime of their lives? Why was he so willing to strip America of its tremendous resources to badger a country that was no threat to the US? Forget all that today Europe, tomorrow the world stuff. Even if the Germans fancied it, had they conquered the whole of Europe including the Soviet Union, they would have been exhausted and unable to keep what they had. That’s right, the Germans would never have been a threat to the US.

The Soviet Union unaided and without immense US supplies would have defeated Germany, it might have taken longer but as Stalin knew when he declared: God is on the side of the big battalions. Germany could not have won the war. FDR certainly knew this. Why was he subservient to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics? No contradiction there. Because he was a socialist if not a Communist. His old World War I master, Woodrow Wilson was a socialist. FDR’s administration was a continuation of Wilson’s. FDR even faked the League of Nation under the name of the United Nations through thus completing Wilson’s heritage.

Ah, I hear voices saying, you can’t genocide eighty million people. The AJC and Kaufman thought you could. It was simple. You’ve heard of Eugenics haven’t you? Of course you have. Kaufman’s plan was simple. You simply sterilize all Germans of child bearing age and children. As Kaufman said, who was probably frightened by the word castration, sterilization doesn’t mean castration. Sterilization for men is a simple operation, a little more complex for women. I see no reason to examine the techniques of such a plan but if you have seen pictures of Germany bombed flat, Germans carving dwellings out the ruins, ‘honorable allied soldiers’, American soldiers, turning German women into prostitutes with Hershey bars, you will realize how easy it would have been. The plan only lacked will and it became within an ace of happening. By Americans.

The Jews of course were ready. The hitch came when Americans, less the Jews, were horrified at the notion. The plan had the tentative backing of FDR and it was only his death on the eve of the end of the war that blocked the plan.

If we remember Kaufman’s book was published in 1941 before Germany had invaded the Soviet Union or the US had entered the war. Kaufman’s was a pre-emptive plan. Thus the representatives of the Jewish Nation had the system of genocide in place, Total War, before the Final Solution of the German Jewish problem was put into effect.

The Germans naturally were aware of Kaufman’s book shortly after publication, so it follows that the Final Solution was a variant of what Kaufman called the Total Solution of the Jewish Nation’s German problem. Therefore, much of the Final Solution is mitigated by the Total Solution.

As to whether the whole Jewish People was responsible, Kaufman said that this was a war between peoples—the Jewish Nation versus the German Nation. The Jews initiated its Total War, the desired end of which would be the total extermination, genocide, of the German People, that is a holocaust. So, how can the German People be found guilty of attempting the genocide of the Jewish People except as an act of self-defense? The slaughter was of course terrible, but so was the murderous war against Germany. And that war was conducted with the full overwhelming power of the USSR and the USA against them. Fleets of nightly bombers from the West and relentless artillery barrages from the East. Germany had no chance of winning such a war; its doom was clear.

In March-April of 1941, then, the Germans learned of the Jewish menace. They were horrified. Copyright laws prevented the book from being published in Germany. For whatever reason the law abiding Germans honored the copyright law. The Germans were sticklers for the law and thus observed it refusing to print the book and alerting the German People of this threat from the Jewish People. This side of story has never been told.

However, the Germans did print reviews of the book using extensive quotations which were ‘legal’ under copyright laws. A pamphlet was published by the German government titled The War Goal of World Plutocracy by one Wolfgang Diewerge.

What Dieverge called the World Plutocracy meant the Jewish led coalition against Germany. The title failed to indicate the urgency of the real issue, that of the declared war of the Jewish Nation against the German Nation. Perhaps the Germans meant to implicate England, the US and Russia as well as the Jews which was a mistake. Four nations were involved but only three countries.

There is more than one legal system with its laws and customs involved here. On has the English and American variations of the Common Law, Soviet law, German law and Jewish law. Today all countries are using a variant of Jewish law. Under Jewish law the defendant is considered guilty and can only mitigate the charges. Thus we have the situation in the US today of the Judeo-Liberal party that alleges that the accused is guilty, or he or she wouldn’t be accused would they? Thus, the crime can only be resolved by accepting the guilt of being ‘wrong’ and accepting the judgment of the Party. Bear in mind that in this so-called democracy the Jewish-Liberal party isn’t even the majority. They are a minority that has appropriated the government regardless of who is president. Thus, it is false to think we live in a democracy when we live in a Jewish flavored theocracy.


Given that the Jews can manage the writing of history and the dissemination on knowledge and control discussion of the narrative it should come as no surprise that the German side of the story is suppressed. The narrative is cast in the form of The Children Of Light vs. The Children Of Darkness. All right then resides with the former and all fault with the latter.

As it is clear that the Jews first broached the notion of genocide when they were managing the overwhelming power of the US and USSR it follows that to avoid a German holocaust that the Germans were justified in a pre-emptive Jewish holocaust. Both holocausts were to be managed in a scientific manner. Thus, the Germans have no more cause for guilt than the Jews.

As might be supposed, since the plan for German genocide was trumpeted loudly throughout America, free copies were sent to influential people, Time-Magazine gave an approving review, newspapers nationwide disseminated the plan in an approving manner. It should have been one of those things read with incredulity.

At the time the America First Committee was lobbying very actively, very actively, to prevent the US from entering another European war. The American public was decidedly against any involvement in the war. In March of ’41 a war with Japan seemed a remote possibility. Roosevelt touted democracy and freedom yet he disregarded the vast majority and put US soldiers on the front lines both in the Pacific and the Atlantic.

And then we have a Jewish appeal for a German holocaust. Without the US having yet no sinews of war, no will to war, what were the Jews thinking in making such a strange proclamation? As Charles Lindbergh pointed out in his Des Moines speech, the Jews were finagling the US into a criminal war against Germany. Forget any notion of a good war.

The Germans quickly obtained copies of the book or pamphlet that had been distributed to millions in the US with a copy sent free to every influential American. The Germans were aghast. Had the death of eighty million people ever been proclaimed before? By a nation that refused to call itself that publicly? Pretending to be Englishmen, Frenchmen, Russians, Americans, whatever. The disguise was total and the danger was real.

The Jewish government presented Kaufman as an anonymous loner, something like Lee Harvey Oswald who may have fired at President Kennedy. But was he? He was no fanatic rejected by World Jewry, no insane creature, but rather a leading and widely known Jewish figure in the United States.

The Germans published their answer to Kaufman in a pamphlet by Wolfgang Diewerge titled The War Goal of World Plutocracy. He did a little research and came up with this:

The Jewish president Kaufman is no anonymous loner, no fanatic rejected by World Jewry, no insane creature but rather a leader and widely-known Jewish figure in the United States.

Diewerge then says that Kaufman was a member of Roosevelt’s Brain Trust. I’ve never read that before but then one can’t be sure that orthodox histories are ‘definitive.’ Diewerge goes on:

He belongs to Roosevelt’s so-called “Brain Trust”, the staff of intellectuals and political advisors to the American President. This circle provides the material for the hateful speeches against National Socialist Germany that President Roosevelt like to give…

The half-Jewish mayor (mother was Jewish) of New York, La Guardia, along with Roosevelt’s close confidante and friend, Bernard Baruch (“the unofficial president of the USA) also belongs to this group, which maintains closest ties to the leading men of the Soviet Union.

Baruch wasn’t so much a confidante and friend of FDR as a Grey Eminence giving direction to FDR. As the war progressed and Kaufman’s proposal was tentatively accepted by Roosevelt, Kaufman’s plan was adapted by Secretary of the Treasury, the Jew Henry Morgenthau Jr. who did bill himself co-president with FDR. Thus while Baruch was actually co-president with Woodrow Wilson during WWI, Morgenthau filled that role with Roosevelt.

Diewerge goes on:

The book Germany Must Perish is the background music to the major policy deception that the leaders of the world plutocracy, President Roosevelt and his business partner in international warmongering, Winston Churchill, have launched to support their ally, Stalin.

That was an accurate description. Stalin, by the way, was the brilliant mastermind pulling the strings of Churchill, Roosevelt and, actually, Hitler. All three were duped by Stalin.

While Roosevelt preached Total War against the ‘aggressor nations’, unconditional surrender, while the US was neutral after a fashion, Diewerge gives the German side of who the aggressors were:

A digression is in order here. Who declared war on 3 September 1939? England and France used the local conflict over Dantzig and the Corridor, where justice was indisputedly on the side of Germany, to declare war on Germany and thus cause a world conflagration.

This was true. Germany saw itself as rectifying the injuries it endured by the one-sided Treaty of Versailles. It was also true as Diewerge was right when he next records:

And the United States has been trying to “get into the business” for months with repeated provocations. It prays daily for another “Lusitania” and regrets the case of the “Athenia” German attentiveness ruined their finely spun plans.

So, who were the aggressor nations? First in order is the Jewish Nation with its proclaimed war of peoples. Second was Stalin and the Third International, then Churchill and England and tied with Churchill was Roosevelt. The Versailles Treaty that was designed by England and France in 1918 guaranteed another war in twenty years as was recognized at the time and as it happened.

Now, as to the Jewish desire to exterminate the Germans, consider how the war was fought: there were actually two operations going on at the same time. One was the war of land battles fought with armies and one was merely a series of bombing raids to destroy German cities, that is Germany, bomb it out of existence and bombing civilians to kill racial Germans. In other words, aerial genocide.

During the war only the Anglo-American group had heavy bombers; the others had only tactical support bombers to support the ground troops. The English developed the Landcaster with the capability of carrying twenty-thousand pound bombs along with incendiaries. The Americans provided huge fleets of the smaller B-17s and then the bigger B-29s. In a one of a kind situation that won’t be seen again the huge flotillas of these behemoths dropping long strings of bombs, you’ve seen this in movies, with no other purpose than killing civilian Germans and destroying Germany.

The crowning achievement was Churchill’s decision to bomb the city of Dresden which at that time was packed with German people, women and children, displaced by the war. Purely murderous. There was no war industry there and not a single anti-aircraft gun. Flotillas of bombers flying over low unloading everything from ten ton blockbusters to scads of incendiaries creating a fire storm. This was purely a raid against unarmed civilians. A holocaust pure and simple. And if one horror wasn’t enough, they came back the next day to bomb the ruins.

As will be remembered, Kaufman and the AJC said that this was a war against a people- the Jews vs. the Germans. Certainly the terrific bombing campaigns leveling German cities and killing millions was no less a crime than the Germans killing their avowed Jewish enemies in extermination camps like Auschwitz. One might say tit for tat. Also remember that the English was the aggressor, declaring war first. Also, the bombing began long before the death camps were put into operation so one cannot say that the camps were not retaliatory.

Dresden was not like the end of horrors for the Germans but merely the beginning. While the English and Americas were bombing the hell out of the civilians, the Eastern front against the Germans had been collapsing in an orderly fashion but tens of thousands of German troops had been captured and were never seen alive again. They died in the Gulags where the camp commandants were with one exception were Jewish.

Once again, the fate of the German immigrants in Russia had little or nothing to do with the war. Prior to the unification of the Germans under Bismarck, the Russian Czars had invited German colonists to settle in the Ukraine and the Volga Delta. Always orderly and industrious the Germans prospered farming the Ukraine making that underpopulated desert bloom. The contrast between the Jewish, the Russian and the German farmers was sharp and distinct. Germans quickly moved to prominence in the government.

Then, when Germany consolidated all the petty principalities that the West found amusing, into a unified State, and began functioning on modern Western methods they became a threat being more capable than the English and French, while the Czars began to view their German citizens although thoroughly Russified as a potential Fifth Column and persecuted them. Thus German hatred began to grow. Disabilities were placed on the Ukrainian and Volga Germans. They were discriminated against. When the Soviets replaced the Russians and Stalin replaced Lenin, the former minister of minorities collected the Volga Germans en masse and sent them to Siberia for extermination. Thus, combined against the Germans in WWII were the Soviets in the East and Americans in the West and the Jewish Nation distributed throughout in influential, directing positions. If you think the Germans could not see what was going on you should question your analytical abilities. Actually, Germany was fighting for survival.

As the Soviet armies breached the German border, the ever clever Stalin who had thought this moment out thoroughly drove the civilian German population before him. This horrific rout is described as a population transfer by orthodox historians. One must question their analytical abilities. The East Germans then murdered and raped by the advance troops were driven pell mell westward in the depths of winter.

The entire East German population of twelve to fifteen million people were displaced in a moment, driven West. Such intense and concentrated suffering had never been seen in the world and this includes the child’s play of Auschwitz.

The Soviet armies consisted of primitives who had never seen a wrist watch before and were entranced. They had never tasted real wine. They had never had their way with beautiful White women. Now they tortured and raped to their hearts’ content. Women were gang raped like the flotillas that bombed Dresden. You have to be heartless not to understand and sympathize. Auschwitz? Phooey!

In the dead of winter, ill clad and ill fed, at risk every moment these millions upon millions of wretched people fled just in advance of the total destruction of their destination. They arrived in Berlin just in time for the most fearful artillery bombardment ever. The Soviets made up for their lack of bombers with terrific and devastating artillery bombardments. Now remember, the Soviets had only been enabled with these abilities because Roosevelt stripped America of its resources and was supplying Russia with the sinews of war. Thus the Americans. In effect, were giving it to the Germans both East and West, materially.

Berlin was completely destroyed blown into bits of rubble. That anyone survived this terrible onslaught both from the air and from the land is a miracle

Now, I was brought up to believe that American soldiers where saints who though brave were never brutal. And I believed what I had been told. I didn’t question the propaganda. And then, my elders made a mistake- they taught me how to read. And I resent how terribly I was misled.

The Americans were hardly less brutal than the Soviets under the direction of Dwight David Eisenhower.

Kaufman said that the war had nothing to do with Hitler but that it was a war between the Jewish and German peoples. As such the shooting war ended in 1945; the war of the Jewish people on the German people didn’t.

The Americans and Soviets drove the Germans down but now the Jewish people wanted to finish the job, enforce their plan. As the Anglo-American and Soviet troops entered Germany for the Jews then, don’t forget Dresden, the horrible truth of the extermination camps was revealed. The Jews were appalled and now in power over the Germans could get on with exterminating them. But there was a hitch, Roosevelt died.

In the US the Kaufman Plan had morphed into the Morgenthau Plan of the Secretary of State, Henry Morgenthau Jr. Roosevelt would have carried out the plan except that he passed in April of ’45 a month before the shooting war ended. His replacement, Vice President Harry S. Truman was completely ignorant of the plans of the FDR cabal. Truman entered office with no knowledge of the State of the Union. Even though FDR was sitting with his feet dangling in the grave he didn’t think it expedient to inform his obvious successor of the state of affairs. Did he think that his cabal was so evil that Truman would be repulsed? Let me put it this way, Truman was repulsed when he learned what was going on. Among other things on his mind was his discovery of the Manhattan Project and its Atom Bomb. Blindsided by Rooseveltian politics.

However Truman was not so sympathetic to Jewish machinations as FDR had been. Thus their power was broken. As members of what might be called FDR’s shadow government they faded away. Samuel Rosenman, perhaps the closest to FDR no longer had any place in DC. Sidney Hillman was gone. Henry Morgenthau himself tendered his resignation unable to work with Truman. Truman gladly accepted it. The tyranny of FDR fairly quickly evaporated. A weight was lifted from the American people. Don’t think there wasn’t rejoicing either.

While Truman was being quickly briefed on the actual state of affairs, the mopping up operations in German continued more or less according to the Kaufman/Morgenthau Plan. The Supreme Commander in Europe was Dwight D. Eisenhower. His advisor and confidant was Bernard Baruch, a man who wanted to be the greatest Jew of all time, and who was, indeed, a very large ranking member of the Jewish World Government.

As mentioned, he had actually been co-president with Woodrow Wilson during what could now be called WWI. He had meddled with Republican politics during the interim of 1921-33 and came into power again with the Roosevelt Administration in 1933. Diewerge described him as co-president with FDR which is not exactly true but may have seemed so to outside observers. The relationship was more adversarial, but face to face Baruch was able to intimidate FDR.

Dwight Eisenhower had been disciple of Baruch’s for twenty-five years. Eisenhower considered him the wisest man alive. There was a tremendous furor at the time as to how to treat the Germans. The Jewish faction wanted to dismember the German State completely parceling out the German territories to the surrounding countries. The dividing of Germany into Allied administrative units perpetually occupied was decided upon. The German people were to be kept impoverished and starved to death with no relief.

Eisenhower had under his control several German armies. Although the shooting war was over and there was absolutely no chance of Germany conducting any resistance these men were not released nor, were they treated humanely according the Geneva conventions. Eisenhower mean to destroy as many as he could. Remember that Bernard Baruch had direct connections to him and wanted to further the murder of the Germans. Hence Eisenhower unilaterally declassified them as soldiers and reclassified them as enemy combatants who were not covered by the Geneva Conventions. The men were crowded together in open fields with no covering and no amenities, ill clothed and ill fed. Civilians were forbidden on pain of death for comforting them in anyway. Women trying to pass food through the barbed wire were shot down without compunction.

Nor did this criminal conduct end quickly but was continued until 1950 when the Americans, England and France realized that they needed a buffer state between themselves and the Soviet Union. And so, the war in the West came to its grudging end. The Soviets were much more brutal, so much so that there was a continuing drain from the East German Sector of the USSR as Germans fled to the West necessitating the building of the Berlin wall.

As may easily be seen the orthodox version, the academic version, of the period is so distorted as to be a fantasy of the reality. The root of the war as per Kaufman’s plan was the Jewish Nation’s hatred of the German Nation. That hatred went back many centuries and was fully developed. Having essentially captured the US, England and USSR governments the Jewish Nation was able to direct their energies toward a Total Solution of their German Problem which was the total genocide of the German people. WWII was the greatest crime ever perpetrated.

All this has been obscured and ignored and hidden if not nearly erased. The world is so conditioned to view the period from the Jewish point of view that they find the truth incomprehensible. To expose that truth is to expose one’s self to many hazards. Many such people now have permanent homes in prisons. Laws in nearly all countries have been passed to make even the objective discussion of the period a criminal offence, France and Germany being the worst offenders with England close behind. They must protect their narrative at all costs.

And so, nearly a hundred years after the war goes on unabated. Circumstances have changed but the situation hasn’t.

72 Responses to “WWII: The Greatest Crime Of The Ages”

  1. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    We should be clear: there was no chance that Germany could win the war and this was against the combined might of the Soviet Union in the East and the United States to Germany’s West.

    The exact same thought went through My Mind.

    And assuming *arguendo* that they somehow DID; how the heck could that little country of modest population EXPECT TO MAINTAIN control over the Soviet Union; Europe AND The Americas?


    Yes; I’m sure Berlin could keep a tight rein on the Goings On in Great Falls, Montana!

    Even with 2019 technology that would be physically impossible.


    You note the demonization of Lindbergh; and of course one cannot forget the similar invective Henry Ford and William Randolph Hearst were subjected to for their predisposition towards “isolationism”; I recall reading your commentary about the humiliation of Hearst through the treatment of one of his girlfriends at MGM (?)

    I remember what I read!


    I also remember you writing how Bismarck erred in 1871 when he should have annexed all of France instead of just Allsac-Lorraine (sp?).

    Had that proponent of Blood & Iron done the right thing then; there would have been no World Wars in the 20th century.

    A great tactical blunder.


    However Truman was not so sympathetic to Jewish machinations as FDR had been.


    It was quite extraordinary how Truman got the nod at the Dem convention in Chicago in ’44; as all thought internationalist Henry Wallace would be the VP. There were some real Byzantine machinations at the Convention; and because of them; all of history was changed.

    • reprindle Says:

      It is amazing that anyone ever suggested that a smallish country would not have been exhausted after conquering Europe and been able to contain a host of guerilla movements. Either they’re stupid or they think I am.

  2. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Stalin, by the way, was the brilliant mastermind pulling the strings of Churchill, Roosevelt and, actually, Hitler. All three were duped by Stalin.

    Stalin was exceptionally bright; he was taught at a seminary and was head & shoulders above his colleagues subordinates / in post-War Russia; who could not even begin to grasp some of his intellectual ramblings.

    In the early 50’s shortly before his death; he published a long and (to everyone else) abstruse article in Pravda about the concept about language as part of the super-structure of society vis a vis the super-structure of language as an inherent component of the Society At Large.

    He argued in Marxist terms how there would be NO international language that superseded all the current languages; the world language of the future would be Russian.

    Mussolini was likewise quite the intellectual; he had numerous philosophical / political epiphanies during the course of his life before settling on his guiding one.

    Hitler was mostly self-taught; he spent much time in the Vienna libraries during his two extended stays there.

    It is my understanding that neither FDR or Churchill were particularly gifted academically; this sort of started the Anglo-American tradition of caretaker presidents; non-philosophers in power; Gerald Fords; although; truth be told; this dynamic had really been in place in America since about Rutherford B Hayes.

  3. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    WWII: The Greatest Crime Of The Ages

    Here is a Better Crime:

    The lawful president of the United States is a victim of a treasonous plot to remove him from office. This has been ongoing for almost 3 years. What is his reaction?

    File a series of “lawsuits” and cry about it like a 3 year old on Twitter!

    Your men are such frightened little gerbils that I am genuinely embarrassed for them as adults.

    Nancy Pelosi; a dementia plagued hag; is ruling over you.

    What is your reaction?

    Have Maureen Dowd and Bob Woodward shit out a series of articles praising the “courage” of the conspirators.

    Every other (sane) country on the planet is laughing at you.

    Good job Trump! When the history books are written; Neville Chamberlain shall look like Genghis Khan when compared to you!

    • reprindle Says:

      Trump is proving something of a disappointment. He doesn’t seem to have the courage to out democrat the democrats. Since he doesn’t address the street level politics I have been wondering for some time now.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        Trump is appealing to the “courts” so they do not release his financial records.

        It is like a school child begging the teacher not to make him stay for detention.

        It is so beyond embarrassing that reading about it is intolerable.


        Until this fact is understood; nothing will be understood and absolutely nothing will change.

        Since Trump is not up to the task; the next president must immediately dismiss the Congress and inform the courts to mind their business regarding the actions of the Executive.

        Since the president has the army; obtaining compliance should not be difficult.

        I am sure a generous early retirement package for the 535 will be far more agreeable than an extended stay at Pelican Bay!

  4. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Just short of 3 years in; EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO SHOULD BE IN JAIL SUCH AS COMEY, ET AL….walk around laughing their asses off…going on book tours; shitting out “opinions” and “op-eds” in the Washington Post; claiming “moral authority” (lol).

    As they all crap in Trump’s face; he smiles and calls it ice cream; for when no punishment is forthcoming; this is a tacit invitation to have additional mendacities visited upon him.

    Since his term is nearly up and he clearly is not up to the task of dealing with his enemies; he shall go down in history with a degree of ignominy unmatched since the founding of the Republic.

    You Americans should have elected Hillary. At least then you would have been spared the false hope that there might be a scintilla of justice dispensed against those who profit immeasurably off the rackets of the District of Columbia.

  5. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Trump’s failure to take decisive action against the lawless conspirators is in fact a profoundly dishonorable act in and of itself. It reeks of a cowardice so profound that words cannot adequately capture the feeling of revulsion conjured up in My Soul.

    When there are no consequences for wickedness; you no longer have a nation; you have mob “rule”.

    An Honorable President with a Devotion to Properly Dispensing Justice would have afforded all who might trespass against him One Warning.

    Should that warning go unheeded there would be No Second Warning.

  6. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    22 Oct 2019: “Freshman Dem Katie Hill denies improper relationship with aide”
    “Freshman Democratic Rep. Katie Hill (Calif.) is denying allegations that she had an improper relationship with a congressional staffer, and blamed the controversy on an “abusive husband” that she is in the midst of divorcing.”


    One of the Most Important Things to remember when interacting with humans is that almost everything they say is false.

    Secondly; whenever they get caught in a lie or a series of lies; the responsibility is NEVER their own; it was someone else who MADE them do it.

    In particular; the female of the species falls back on this tactic 99.9% of the time; with great success.

    Only a fool interacts with humans; they are born liars whose avarice knows no bounds.

    One would be far better served to sleep in a Den of Cobras then attempt to “interact” with them

    A generation of vipers indeed!

    • reprindle Says:

      Who cares who she slept with, Who cares what word anyone uses. A whole series of non events.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        I do not care at all; the intrusion into private matters is an abomination.

        What does disturb Me is the overarching need to lie and blame another.

        If someone caught Me in a consensual sex act with another; and they protested; I would tell them to “go back to sleep; for do I meddle in your business?”

        This is the problem with Puritan America. If someone just told the press or the moral police to mind their own business; there would be no problems.

        That sex is inherently evil is a sick delusion that America is under.

        • reprindle Says:

          Well, it is a great instigator of murder isn’t it?

          • Daughter of Babylon Says:

            Because the people are under the delusion that “marriage” is sacred and adultery is wicked; both Christian absurdities.

            Monogamy is the most unnatural sexual deviation of them all; for all people seek out more than one love interest over the course of their lives.

            “Love is a disease; curable by marriage.”
            ___Ambrose Bierce

            “My husband and I were happy for twenty years; then we met.”

  7. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Now remember; Katie Hill is a DIRECT MANIFESTATION OF DEMOCRACY.

    There are 434 others JUST LIKE HER.

    These are the people who rule over you.

    America deserves her leaders; and she deserves all the awful outcomes that have come to pass in recent years.

    For when you allow “the people” to “make law”; you CANNOT HELP but end up with the all the abominations that have been indelibly etched into the history books for more years than I care to recall.

  8. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    You see; since the people are; for the most part; coarse; vulgar, base and ignorant; it is no accident that their “representatives” very much embody those traits; they are nothing more than refracted images of their constituents.

    Katie Hill and her 434 colleagues were not products of random chance; their elections were; as Mr. Andrews said when asked of the chances of the Titanic sinking, “a mathematical certainty”.

  9. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    The notion that the extension of perpetual “mercy” to the wicked is the apex of noble; indeed heavenly values…an extension completely negative-consequence free…is one of the Great Normalized Absurdities.

    When we allow wickedness w/o consequences; or pardon it; WE ONLY INVITE ADDITIONAL WICKEDNESS.

    When we pardon the murderer; and he murders again; the mercy is the root cause of the 2nd murder.

    But no one mentions that!

    It is swept under the rug!

    Since the Nature of Man is a constant (a liar; a cheat; a greedy bastard who will kill for an acre of land); the notion that he can be perfected by “forgiveness” is insanity.

    “Forgive thy brother seven times if he trespasses against you!” saith the Christ.

    That might prove quite an arithmetic conundrum; if the knife he put in your back the first time successfully completed the attempt at homicide!

    That is not to say all transgressions are worthy of the gallows; or harshness is the ONLY solution…most items need to be evaluated on a case by case basis.

    But “civilizing” punishment does not civilize; it does quite the opposite; if the inverse relationship between the murder rate and the decline in hangings is to be taken literally.

  10. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    I wonder where Kind Mr. Prindle is?

    He use to answer all My lovely comments one by one..

    I hope everything is ok…

    He has been such a nice friend to me; bringing a little happiness into my dark and lonely life…

    He has been the only person who has treated Me kindly since My father passed away…

    A gentleman and a scholar; he is…

    • reprindle Says:

      And a busy man. I do not neglect you Pam.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        I know.

        I hope I am able to achieve My goals; and make the difference the world needs.

        I still think I can pull this off.

        Father said that one must always try; and I have no intention of disappointing that wonderful man.

        • reprindle Says:

          I want to too but I’ll die trying I’m sure.

          • Daughter of Babylon Says:

            No one really dies; the body dies and the spirit returns to the spirit realm; and sometimes has another go at it by inhabiting a new body; there is some truth to the reincarnation myth; though you will remember nothing.

            You may have lived several previous lives w/o recollecting them

  11. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and render unto God what is God’s!” saith the Christ…

    I will update that with:

    “Tell those two money grubbing bastards to keep their mittens off that which is not theirs to begin with; and keep everything you legitimately earn for yourself.”

    J.C. was always a sycophant and a coward; I did not leave Him at the altar *only* because He had a face like a horse’s ass…


  12. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    To exist for a diuturnity; to experience everything that life has to offer…and yet reach one inescapable conclusion…the utter worthlessness of them all…that is The Tragedy of Pamela; one so profound that it makes Lear look like a veritable exercise in mirth.

  13. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Fuck philosophy.

    “You can’t fuck philosophy; philosophy fucks you.”

    (Variation on the commentary by the paint shop owner to his employee Tony Manero in that 1977 film “Saturday Night Fever”.)

  14. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    This scene; set at the San Francisco Hyatt; exactly 40 years ago this coming Tuesday (5 Nov 1979); is all the proof one needs that you live in a rapidly devolving society; a civilization in decay.

    The assertions made by David Warner (the larger, flaxen haired actor) are incontrovertible:

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