Vol. I, Clip 4: The Vampyres Of New York

January 19, 2016



Vol. I

A Novel

The Vampyres Of New York

Clip 4


R.E. Prindle


Now, Gentlemen, to make myself intelligible I should clear up two things: one is the ages old conflict between the Aryans and the Semites that continues into the present, and second, the meaning of vampirism.

I find it necessary to set the stage for the first argument by a rather lengthy quote from the father of history, Herodotus. I use the Landmark Edition:


Herodotus of Hallicarnassus here presents his research so that human events do not fade with time. May the great and wonderful deeds- some brought forth by the Hellenes, others by the barbarians- not go unsung; as well as the causes that led them to make war on each other.

Persian authorities of the past claim that the Phoenicians were responsible for the dispute. This is because, after they had come to and settled the land which they still inhabit from what is now called the Erythraean Sea, they at once undertook long sea voyages and brought back cargo from Egypt, Assyria, and elsewhere, but more importantly came to Argos.

At this time in the land we now call Hellas, Argos surpassed other places in all things, and when the Phoenicians reached Argos they set out their cargo for sale. On the fifth or sixth day after their arrival, when they had sold almost everything, many women came down to the sea, in particular, the king’s daughter. Her name, according to what the Hellenes also say, was Io daughter of Inarchos. The women were standing by the stern of the ship intent upon their purchases when the Phoenicians, inciting each other, rushed upon them. The greater part made their escape, but some were seized and carried off. Io herself was among the captives. The Phoencians put the women on board their vessel and set sail for Egypt.

This is how Io came to Egypt according to the Persians (thought the Hellenes disagree), and this was the beginning of grievances.


Then much later Jason abducted Medea followed by the Trojan abduction of Helen and so over the millennia the war between the East and West has continued as it does today. Egypt was not part of Asia but of the West.

Alexander followed by the Romans conquered Asia and so it remained until the Semitic Arabs annexed North Africa, Spain and most of the Middle East, that is Asia.

The Jewish diaspora began in far distant time taking definite shape in Roman times when using the diaspora the Jews attempted to subvert and conquer the Roman Empire. When that attempt broke into open war in the first and second centuries AD the Jews were crushed but the Roman Empire had been undermined by the Jewish War.

The Jews as a hostile alien element in Europe lived what was considered a parasitic life on the Europeans but in our term might be described as vampiric.

So, now, what is meant by vampiric. I’m sure we all agree that true or blood sucking vampires do not exist nor have they ever existed. As George Sylvester Viereck, the early nineteenth century American writer, put it in his novelette, The House Of The Vampire: Our gods are ourselves raised to the highest power. So our gods and demons are merely projection of our desires. By their deeds shall you know them.

God the highest on one hand and Satan his diametrical opposite but both are the products of our imaginations. Who you going to follow, your best or your basest desires?

The human mind personates those desires and expresses them. Previous to the emergence of the creator god, that in itself says something about human desires, the Earth was enchanted, filled with imaginary beings that personated nearly everything. As it was thought that nature abhorred a vacuum the very air was filled with spirits, nixies, pixies, elves, elementals abounded without limit and this was very satisfying to the human intellect. Then as Europeans evolved and reason took over from superstition all these imaginary beings could no longer be justified and vanished.

But, as nature abhors a vacuum, humanity missed its imaginary beings so they were bodied forth in another way. The very person this literary group was named after was present at the death of the old world and the birth of the new. That is essentially the context of his stories.

Even as Hoffman was straddling the two periods a band of the younger generation was summering in Switzerland, Byron, Mary and Percy Shelley and Polidori. Is it an amazing coincidence that the party bodied out two of the great myths of the modern world, that is Frankenstein and the Vampyre as its author John Polidori styled it. Thus the new scientific world was given its key myths while the Vampyre gave a presence to a psychological type. These two would later by joined by the great myths of Jekyll and Hyde, The Phantom Of The Opera, and Tarzan Of The Apes. The whole space opera epic as well as Flying Saucers and many other myths that while imaginary filled the mythological needs after the downfall of Napoleon.

No myth has been more fully explored than that of the Vampyre. Dracula, the actual bloodsucker who appeared in Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel of the same name is the most famous although the psychic Vampyre is best portrayed in George Sylvester Viereck’s House Of The Vampire and is the type of Vampyre I’m concerned with in this essay.

Perhaps the best example of this type of Vampyre is in the history of the Jews in Spain. Tax farming was the old style of collecting revenues. In this guise the kings, in this case in Spain, would lease out tax collecting. He would commit the tax farmers to return X amount of revenue and anything they could collect above that was theirs. This amounted to a license to steal.

Thus as the Spaniards forged their way from the French border to the Mediterranean against the Moors there was a constant need of revenues. Spanish citizens found it difficult to collect being one with the taxpayers so the Jews stepped forth and said that they could collect with no trouble as they were a different race.

And so a system of exploiting the Spanish that lasted for hundreds of years began. Every year at Harvest time the Jewish tax farmers descended on the Spanish farmers collecting not only the king’s quota but whatever they could extract leaving the Spanish near destitute.

As the farmers were now broke the Jews leant their own money to them against the next year’s crops thus insuring that the wealth of Spain should flow into their pockets, or purses as it was then.

This system was a great grievance to the Spaniards who would endure it as long as they could before attempting a revolt. Such revolts were styled anti-Semitism.

Now, as the Jews were properly resented they had to create fortified positions in which to remain unmolested. These were actual forts into which they retreated at night for their own safety. In later centuries these forts would be styled ghettoes in which Spaniards forced them to live.

When Spaniards assaulted these forts these assaults were naturally styled social disturbances. The Jews called on their employer the king to defend them. Spanish troops were then called out to disperse the Spanish ‘anti-Semites.’

This obnoxious system was ended by Ferdinand and Isabella in 1492 when the last Moorish enclave was expelled from Spain at which time the Jews (and Moors) were given the choice of being expelled or abandoning their Jewish identity and religion and ‘become’ Spaniards. Idle dream that.

As the Spanish method was characteristic of Jews everywhere they were nowhere welcome being expelled not only from Spain but from all other places.

It is impossible to act in their manner without being noticed and characterized. Before the rise of the Vampyre myth the Jews were called parasites as their wealth depended on exploiting others but after Emancipation by the French Revolution they were increasingly compared to Vampyres and the myth of the Vampyre become the dominant myth of Western civilization and that is how I will use the myth. It is real on the psychological level but not on the physical.

So, does that answer my use of the Vampyre figure?

Baron Cammell: I’m not familiar with your interpretation of the Jews in Spain. Do you have any authority for that?

Me: Ben-Zion Netanyahu tells the story in his History Of The Jews In Spain along with many other details.

Max Savings: Is Ben-Zion Netanyahu any relation to Bibi?

Me: Yes. He is Bibi’s father or was, he died about five years ago. Old man though, survived innumerable wars and death camps. Long winded book.

  1. If that’s it now that we have those two points cleared up let us advance.

As this is actually a brief history of the conflict between Jews and Europeans it is necessary to give some account of the period between the Spanish expulsion and the emancipation of the French Revolution. Contrary to current opinion that all people are one we are not all one. We do not all think alike, believe alike or act from the same motives seeking the same results nor is it likely we will in any conceivable future. Freud, who we will become very familiar with further along, posits the existence of group psychology. Group psychology posits that groups are at least subject to some motivation different from other groups. It is absolutely clear that Jews and Europeans have not and do not share the same motivations.

Nobody shares Jewish motivations hence they have been expelled from every society within whom they have settled. Hence they were expelled from England in 1290, France in 1307, various German States over the centuries and Russia. These expulsions completely exasperated the Jews instilling a deep and abiding hatred of Europeans to the point they wished to exterminate them. Remember the Amalekites.

The Catholic Church with whom the Jews were in competition kept them in check until the French Revolution and Emancipation. With Emancipation the woes of Europe began in earnest.

As an allegory of the situation the twentieth century US writer Charles Beaumont wrote a story entitled The Howling Man that was later used as an episode for The Twilight Zone. The story describes a monastery of monks that has captured Satan and imprisoned him. It is their duty to make sure he doesn’t escape to plague the world; hence they allow no one in the monastery. However a traveler having lost the way begs the monks to put him up for the night. There is a time for Christian charity and time for none. This was one of the latter times.

Over the night Satan howls and howls bringing the traveler to his prison door. Persuaded by Satan that he is being justly imprisoned the ignorant traveler releases him and Satan is once again loose on the world.

This is symbolic of the situation between the Jews, the Church and the Revolution. Within a little over a hundred years after Emancipation the European Holocaust of 1914-1950 began and European civilization was damaged beyond recovery.

While at the time of the Spanish expulsion society was considered static by the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries it became dynamic. That is the European mind evolved and from that evolution a scientific understanding of the world at last arrived.

Contrary to what everyone has been told the Jewish mind remained static. Over the centuries the majority of Jews occupied that stretch of land from Baltic to the Black Seas between Eastern Poland and Russia. That land became known as the Pale of Settlement. Its culture created by the Jews is the true face of Judaism. It was based on the Talmud and its commentaries hence it was essentially superstition unaffected by Western science.

In the West the English expulsion was rescinded during the time of Cromwell while the European emancipation began in France and spread East from there over the nineteenth century.

When Napoleon attacked Germany in 1806 the Landgrave of Hesse-Cassell gave the Jews an incomprehensible break when he entrusted his fortune to them rather than be looted by Napoleon. This was an immense fortune. The Landgrave had been renting out his male subjects as mercenaries, hence the Hessians of the American revolution.

He had converted these revenues into loans and mortgages on vast numbers of properties throughout Europe. The Landgrave entrusted this incredible fortune to the court jeweler Meyer Rothschild. Rothschild had five sons among which he distributed this fortune sending Nathan to England, James to France and the others to Berlin, Vienna and Naples. Situations were not so propitious for the others or they were not as capable but James and Nathan were able financiers who became preeminent in their countries while making the Rothschilds the richest family in the world. We no longer hear of the Landgrave of Hesse.

Remarkably within just a few years the Rothschilds had an organization that could manipulate the affairs of Europe. This would imply a preexisting organization. During the Peninsular War in Spain Wellington might have been defeated by Napoleon’s armies for the lack of money to carry on. Nathan whose immense fortune was then unaccounted for volunteered to loan the English government the gold and deliver it to Wellington in Spain.

This was done by smuggling the gold into France and transporting and delivering it overland to Wellington in Spain under the nose, as they say, of Napoleon.

No mean feat. How did they do it? Obviously in possession of the Landgrave’s wealth they were able to use a preexisting covert Jewish network.

Thus also after the Battle of Waterloo when the outcome was unknown in England Jewish couriers got the news of victory to Rothschild quicker than the authorities got it allowing him to speculate on securities and augment his fortune considerably. Thus the Jews became an autonomous, or nearly so, nation within the various European States.

With the rise of the Jews came the rise of the myth of the Vampyre. As noted Polidori’s story appeared in 1816. It was not long before vampire stories began to flood the market. Aiding the Vampyre idea was the discovery of hypnotism by the Viennese doctor or proto-scientist Anton Mesmer. Once that cat was let out of the bag the way was clear for the means to control whole societies and even civilizations. This fact has been insufficiently realized but it has been the main tool of Vampyres.

Once in the money led by the Rothschilds the Jews were able to control almost all the commodities while becoming important in railroading both in Europe and North America. They sent a very effective agent named August Belmont (assumed name) to manage their affairs in the US.

With emancipation and the vast wealth created by emerging technologies and the rise of modern financial institutions of course, what Jews call anti-Semitism arose in reaction to what Europeans called blood-sucking. Thus the Jews were perceived as sucking away the very vitality of Europe and Europeans.

It was necessary for the Jews to conceal what their intentions were which were, indeed, the destruction of Europe and ‘Christianity’ their term, or Europeans in ours. The hatred generated over the centuries only increased in virulence as, indeed, the Jews sank allegorical fangs into the neck of Europe.

As I said, the Jews were divided between the East and the West. Those of England, France and Germany were bowled over by the rise of Science. Scientific thinking invalidated all Jewish claims to supremacy over Christianity. Religion became irrelevant. It no longer served Jewish interests.

Long had Jews considered their vision of God, that is, themselves magnified to the highest power, as supreme while denigrating Europeans as Christians whose religion was grafted onto the main root of Judaism, following Ben Zion Netanyahu’s explication of the two peoples. Now, in one fell swoop those claims were negated to nothing while European Science stood incontrovertibly towering over Talmudic superstition. Yes, the Talmud, the rock of Judaism, was reduced to no more than possibly amusing nonsense.

The Eastern Jews sunk into barbaric forms of antiquated Jewish fictions was nearly oblivious to the rise of Science in the West and would remain so until those Jews in their millions emigrated to the United States.

As the Western Jews thrashed around trying to devise a religious answer to Science whole thousands abandoned the faith of their fathers for the rational West. The West made giant strides in the understanding of the world. What were the Jews to do? If Science couldn’t be overmatched, and it couldn’t, then it would have to be subordinated first to a level with ‘Jewish knowledge’, that is the Talmud, and then below. How was that to be done?

Here we have a first glimmer of the theory of relativity.

All systems would become relatively equal in value. Nothing would be better or worse, just different. It would be proposed that Jewish knowledge was equal to European knowledge; they would both stand on pedestals of equal height. Thus the Talmud was disguised as ‘Jewish knowledge.’ A mighty task to realize but the Jews have been equal to the task. How did they achieve it against seemingly impossible odds?

Baron Cammell: I’ve never heard anything like this. Do you have anything to substantiate your views?

Me: Baron! I thought this was a group brought together for discussion of lesser known issues, backstories. That’s what I am providing.

Here I had to suppress any reference to Cammell’s ridiculous co-called unified field of knowledge. I almost gagged when he’d mentioned it but in the spirit of fellowship I passed over it.

Baron: Well, yes, but all this conspiracy twaddle about the Jews! Come, come, haven’t these people suffered enough?

Lessing: The fellowship, Baron, the fellowship. Moderate your discussion.

Me: Thank you Lessing. Baron, do you deny that the Jews function as an autonomous people or, at least, a self-interested group?

Baron: I think that diversity is a key virtue of the American system. That’s the kind of people we are.

Me: That, in itself implies a distinct identity within a plurality, does it not?

Baron: Perhaps so, but…

Me: Then so. In the Freudian sense they are a cohesive group and can be examined as such and that is what I’m doing. On the other hand I’m dealing with what Freud would perhaps call meta-psychology. The creation of mental archetypes or myths, if you will, so how the human mind deals with ill understood or unpleasant ideas or those realities that can only be discussed allegorically and hence in mythological figures such as Vampyres. At this point in history that is the Mauve Nineties. This period, as you are aware I’m sure, was a very critical period in European history not least because it was a period of intense reaction to the disenchantment of society by Science as well as the rising threat of Semitism.

Baron: That’s what I mean! Is it necessary to consider the Jews a threat.

Me: Necessary or not, the Jews were considered a threat. Need I remind you that the intensely nationalistic creed of Zionism conquered the minds of the East Jews at this time. The Englishman George Du Maurier wrote his magnificent allegory of Trilby exposing it at this precise time.

The reaction to Science was also intense. All kinds of fantastic notions were relaeased. The esoteric ferment was expressed in the rise of the cult of the Golden Dawn that was taken over by the notorious Aleister Crowley that continues as a significant influence in Satanic thought to this day.

The Englishman George Du Maurier wrote his magnificent allegory Trilby at this precise time creating the menacing figure of Svengali who is still today nearly a household name. He is secondary perhaps to Dracula but on the same level. Indeed Svengali was a type of psychic Vampyre who is portrayed as Jewish and representing the Jewish people.

I don’t know how many of the fellowship have read Trilby but it is quite a landmark in literature.

Max Savings: I read your review of the book on your website and found it quite interesting. Lessing has also, haven’t you Lessing?

Me: Thank you for your reading. I feel compelled to go on. I don’t think Baron has and probably not Marc. Has anybody read Du Maurier or Trilby? No? Hmm.

Du Maurier wrote three books all in the nineties. Trilby is the most famous but his superb Peter Ibbotson is almost as well known as Trilby while his last The Martian may be unknown to most although I have more reads of my review of it than I imagined I would.

As you probably know the artist Whistler was caricatured by Du Maurier in Trilby who knew him during their Bohemian days in Paris. Whistler forced the excision of the caricature from the book version so most copies lack that literary portrayal however WH Allen issued a complete edition in 1983 including the excised parts under the title Svengali. I might add that the back cover blurb describes the book as ‘one of the great myths of fiction so, Baron, I am not alone in crediting these ideas to mythology.

Now, Du Maurier is clearly in reaction to the feared takeover of European civilization by the Jews. Remember the Dreyfus brouhaha was raging in France at the time and the result of the Dreyfus incident was the breakdown of French resistance to Semitism. Once again the rise of the Zionism that produced as its textbook The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion was written at or near 1900.

Trilby, or Svengali, then expresses a deep anxiety.

Du Maurier himself is a very interesting person. The end of the century was a period of the Neo-Romantics or a re-enchantment of Europe of which Du Maurier was central. He was a man who loved his life, every scrap of it. He was born in Paris in 1834, dying in 1896. Thus he became aware in France at the tail end of the Romantic period but its literature would have been and was a powerful influence on his intellectual development. Crucial to his development was his French and English experience that appears in all three of his books. He was destined by his father to be a chemist who set him up in business in London. At his father’s death he threw over chemistry returning to France to study art and living the Bohemian life as depicted by Henri Murger in his memoir of that golden age of Parisian Bohemia.

He eventually returned to England where he became an illustrator ultimately finding a place at Punch Magazine where he would become celebrated. He in turn celebrated the social milieu around him. The times where a high point, perhaps the high point, in English culture and Du Maurier loved it, as why not. In retrospect it looks like a wonderful period. He seemed to know how magical the period was and he gloried in being part of it. Sort of like our Sixties actually.

As the old guard at Punch shuffled off George was passed over for the editorship he thought he deserved and so he bid adieu to the magazine. While always comfortable, enjoying a genteel Bohemian existence. He was not rich but that would change in the last few years of his life when he found terrific success as a novelist, Trilby being the key to his financial success.

When he took up his pen he romanticized not only his own life but the whole history of his times from the Romantic period to the New Romantics of which he was a leading example. If the Enlightenment disenchanted Europe Du Maurier worked hard to reenchant it. He was in sync with the New Romantics.

Trilby was a rewrite of two Romantic novels. The first was the charming novelette by the French Romantic Charles Nodier also named Trilby and the second the Bohemian novel of Henri Murger. I find Nodier’s Trilby OK but it obviously entranced Du Maurier. In Nodier’s version Trilby is a Scot fairy just past the edge of belief in the Little People. He nevertheless appears to the heroine, a girl named Jeannie.

Jeannie mistakenly talks about Trilby who only she can see so that the more enlightened post-Romantics are alarmed. She is subjected to ‘re-education’ in the process losing her zest for life.

Du Maurier in emulation of Nodier takes the same story transposing it into post-Romantic terms. He transposes the sexes making Trilby female and Jeannie male. Thus the heroine Trilby O’Farrell is a sort of free spirit in the Bohemia of Paris. She is really sort of transvestite frequently appearing in men’s clothes while the hero ‘Little Billie’ is a fairly effeminate sort although with no taint of Homosexuality. He is the same character as William Makepeace Thackeray’s poem Little Billie. Du Maurier took him whole. Billie is pretty close with his two roommates while falling in love with Trilby.

As George’s story opens Billie and his two friends are a sort of Three Musketeers with Trilby being a sort of D’Artagnon. This is sort of relevant in explaining Du Maurier: He loved his memories and couldn’t believe that such wonderful memories disappeared after death. In a wonderful way he incorporates literary tribute memories in his work. He even mentions works by name that had a major influence on him.

Into this mix comes the arch villain the evil Jew, Svengali. He might be based on Lady of The Three Musketeers. DuMaurier doesn’t go into a lot of detail concerning Svengali’s background but he was an Eastern Jew, a wandering Jewish type known as a Schnorrer, that is an impoverished ne’er do well not too dissimilar from the American hobo of the period. You didn’t really want to see him coming. Svengali has all the arrogance of the Schnorrer. Even though penniless he arrogates the attitude of the Prince to himself. Chutzpah on a stick.

He himself is an accomplished musician familiar with qualities that could make a great vocalist. Prying Trilby’s jaws apart he examines Trilby’s oral cavity making the determination that the configuration of the cavity was the needful for a great vocalist. Unfortunately Trilby can’t find notes or melodies although she does render Sweet Alice, Ben Bolt for the amusement of the boys. Svengali is not to be deterred as we will learn.

Trilby and Little Billie hit it off so that he proposed marriage to her. However Trilby is an artist’s model and models were notoriously sexually lax even being thought of as a prototype of prostitute. Billie is of a higher social status so when his mother visits she is horrified at the prospect of the union drawing Billie back to England scotching the marriage. This might be compared to Jeannie’s reeducation in Nodier’s version.

Trilby suffers tribulations, just as Jeannie did, finally ending up on Svengali’s doorstep. He takes her in because of her marvelous oral cavity.

The pair disappear into the wilds of the East. Svengali is not only a great musician but an unscrupulous first rate hypnotist. Hypnotism was a hot topic at the end of the century. Du Maurier and a friend actually practiced the art on girls back in the 1850s.

There is no hope of teaching Trilby to sing in her natural state but Svengali discovers that he can, as it were, project his musical knowledge into Trilby while she is in a hypnotic state. Hypnotized she made Jenny Lind sound like an amateur. The only problem was that she could only sing when Svengali was making direct eye contact with her. Apparently George is indicating the supposed Mesmeric magnetic fluid of the hypnotist flowing to the hypnotized.

Having organized his repertoire Svengali creates a magnificent career for himself and Trilby taking Europe by storm. Thus we have an allegory of the Jewish exploitation of Europe while Svengali functions as a psychic Vampyre. While not drawing blood he usurps Trilby’s life force as we will see when she is in her death throes.

Svengali arrives in London for shows where Billie and his friends will see her. Svengali hates Billie with more than passion. Conducting Trilby he glances up to see Billie thus breaking eye contact while dying from an apoplectic fit. Trilby’s career is ended.

Svengali dead, Trilby who had been under total hypnosis for years can no long survive on her own. Thus while Little Billie sought to fill Svengali’s shoes he fails miserably; Trilby’s dying words are Svengali, Svengali, Svengali.

In this unassuming but amazing novel Du Maurier demonstrates Europe’s relationship with the Jews since Emancipation. He demonstrates perfectly psychic vampirism whereas others used terms to describe the Jews as bloodsuckers or parasites.

It is significant that DuMaurier uses the metaphor of hypnosis. Even as Trilby was taking the world by storm, it is described as the first modern bestseller, the ultimate Jewish Vampyre, the Great Satan himself was finding his future career in Vienna, Sigmund Freud. Freud was the West’s real Svengali.

After Anton Mesmer unleashed Mesmerism, also known as Animal Magnetism (meaning humans as magnets as opposed to iron) certain disciples improved on the principles while developing them into a system. As a new phenomenon Mesmerism was rejected by the academy. Hypnotism became a stage attraction used to amuse an audience. But then one of the first great psychiatrists, a Frenchman by the name of Jean Martin Charcot who presided at the Salpetriere women’s asylum in Paris associated hypnotism with hysteria in women and began using it thus legitimizing it.

About the time Du Maurier was putting Trilby in order Freud was visiting Charcot in France. Freud had begun as a research biologist. He was consumed by the ambition to be a great man; he soon learned there was no future for him in biology or medicine so he thrashed around to find a field more open to manipulation. He teamed up with a physician who dabbled in psychology, hysteria in female patients, Joseph Breuer from whom he saw the possibilities in the field that was in a nascent state thus being open to seizure. He made his pact with Satan.

Satan was of course a pre-enlightenment mythical figure like God and actually, the Vampyre. Unlike the God principle that sought the best in mankind Satanism indulged the worst passions. As Freud was as consumed with hatred of the European as his fellow Jews he set out to exalt the Jews and demean and destroy Europeans.

Freud made few if any original contributions purloining from Charcot and Charcot’s great student Pierre Janet among others. Guilty of what amounts to theft or psychic vampirism Freud then had to destroy Janet’s et al. reputation and bring them down and bury them which he did. He, for instance talks about his discovery of the unconscious. In a masterful way he hypnotized the world into believing that he had discovered the unconscious whereas Mesmer had exposed the concept and others had worked to develop it over the nineteenth century. Freud merely developed a pernicious version of the unconscious and managed to impose that version on the world.

Now, the Jews had been busy seeking to undermine Science in an effort to lower the value to that of the Talmud- what Barbara Spectre calls Jewish knowledge- to make Jewish phantasies equal to Aryan thought. Darwin’s concept of Evolution had been the intellectual Atom Bomb of the nineteenth century. Few ideas have been so stoutly resisted as that of Evolution. An Earth millions, even billions of years old, completely discredited the supposed creation of the universe less than six thousand years ago by the Jews. If science was right then the Jews were fantastics living a lie or at least fictional view of history. It is easy to understand their need to overturn Science.

Quite simply Jewish views were exploded. A tedious Jew by the name of Henri Bergson sought to inject creationism into Darwin’s biology. While this effort has never been an unqualified success it has strengthened the religious argument thus undermining science.

While Einstien’s reputation has been pumped up into amazing proportions his physics seem to have come from the back of his neck. Nevertheless he has confused the discipline while as a sainted Jew few wish to challenge his ‘thought experiments’. You all know that one about the elevator in space.

So Franz Boaz attacked the discipline of Anthropology injecting religion into it. To attack this notion could discredit one as an anti-Semite while losing your credibility and job. Blacklisted, as it were. And the keystone of the Jewish attack on Aryan Science has been Freud’s theories of psycho-analysis.

Freud was said to have abandoned the use of hypnosis very early by the year of 1900 presumably because he was an inept hypnotist. This is really throwing dust in our eyes. Freud abandoned the hocus-pocus of hypnotism because he found it wasn’t needed. He understood more perfectly the role of suggestion in influencing behavior. Thus it was possible to hypnotize whole crowds, even peoples, by suggestion, then indoctrination and finally conditioning. By 1915 he had his system worked out and from that date on was busy putting it into effect.

Part of his success was effected through the disorientation of Europeans through constant innovation and change. So-called common sense had been proven ridiculous by the overturning of not only long held beliefs but seemingly incontrovertible beliefs. The very notion of the Eternal God of Jewish legend had been proven false for those with eyes to see. Nothing challenged the notion of the Eternal God more than the theory of Evolution. Old beliefs die stubbornly and none more stubbornly than that of God the Father and Creator. Not surprisingly the search for proof of life after death, the most cherished of all beliefs, became of central importance. Those who could tolerate the absence of God also refuse to give up the belief in eternal life after death. Du Maurier was representative in supposing that his works proved life after death. With his ‘proofs’ he was content to die and disappear into the sun. That’s how The Martian ends.

Doubts about God gave impetus to other suppressed religious beliefs such as the occult science and Satanism. When God ‘died’ in our Sixties the son of Satan was born in the movie Rosemary’s Baby. It is not coincidental that Satanism after having been suppressed for millennia began its rise toward its current status of primary belief of today. Nor is it coincidence that Freud and his Jews would be primary propagators.

Equally unsettling to the psyche and as I believe as the importance of Evolution was the Wright brothers discovery of how to keep a heavier than air plane afloat in the ether. The achievement overturned all beliefs making anything believable. If men could fly than nothing was impossible or maybe even improbable.

And for the Jews their discovery of a New World in the nineteenth century was fortuitous indeed. Apart from a few Portuguese Jews in the seventeenth century the vanguard of the Jewish invasion arrived in the wake of the failed revolution of 1848. This contingent rapidly established itself quickly acclimating and taking advantage of all the fabulous technological achievements of nineteenth century Aryans while being aided by European Jewish fortunes.

Prior to the nineteenth century people’s clothes were hand made. Aided by the sewing machine and the development of cities a whole new industry of the needle trades developed. When Eastern Jewish immigration began in the 1870s the needle trades were appropriated by the Jews while large numbers of Eastern Jews were directed to this industry.

Thus the Eastern Jews found a relatively easy access to American life. There was no resistance to speak of in the United States while to the enterprising person opportunity to acquire wealth was nearly unbounded.

As most of the Jews chose to remain in New York City, then the commercial capital of the US, and as Jews comprised twenty-five to thirty percent of its population and therefore of the labor pool obviously Jewish infiltration of the cultural life of the US was immediate and pervasive.

New York City then became the Jewish capital of the US and, indeed, the world. New York City became a competitor of Washington DC as a governing body. The US was a safe haven from which Jews could direct the subjugation of Europe. Jewish hatred of the Russian Czars that led directly to WWI was managed from the US. Jewish machinations caused the diplomatic break with Russia. The idea was apparently to draw Germany into a war with Russia in an effort to destroy the Czar. Thus was achieved by the assassination of the Austrian Grand Duke at Sarajevo.

Research indicates that the assassination was planned and directed from the Grand Masonic Lodge in Paris which means the Jews.

Perhaps the War in the West was not in the planning but an inevitable result once the war began. In any event the Jewish hatred of Europeans resulted in the Great European Holocaust or what some call the Second Thirty Years War.


Continuation in Clip 5 continues.

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