Part VI: Henry Ford And The Aaron Sapiro Case

February 19, 2014

Henry Ford And The Aaron Sapiro Case

Part VI


R.E. Prindle

The Vampire Rises

J' accuse, J' accuse, J' accuse

J’ accuse, J’ accuse, J’ accuse

Woeste, Victoria Saker:  Henry Ford’s War On Jews And The Legal Battle Against Hate Speech, 2012, UStanford Press.

Let’s take a moment to look at the aftermath of this puzzle.  Miss Woeste in her polemic of the forged apology of Henry Ford and financial arrangements extorted from Ford in the amount of a couple million dollars by Louis Marshall, the AJC and Aaron Sapiro laughs off the cash as just a couple days income for Ford.  Trifling enough in Miss Woeste’s eyes but nothing compared to the hundreds of millions that followed in the thirties, forties and apparently up to the present.

The compensation the Jews extort for no injury whatsoever are drawn out to the farthest extreme.  A recent case in point is that of the designer John Galliano in France.  Galliano had jobs bringing in over a hundred millions of dollars over a ten year period.  This was enough to excite the cupidity of the Jews who believed that such a large amount of cash would be better in Jewish hands.  The question then was how to get Galliano fired and one of their own put in his place.

Not much of a problem, actually.  Ever heard of that cash cow called anti-Semitism?  In the US and Europe over the last few decades dozens of people have been fired whose future income was perhaps worth billions of dollars combined.  A mere comment that neither affected or damaged any one, possibly made in private,  has been enough to get individuals blacklisted forever, completely destroying their social standing and hence self-respect.  Cruel and unjust beyond belief.

Galliano who was addicted to stimulants while having private opinions to which everyone is entitled but which expressed in public can be used against you to deprive you of fabulous incomes was lured into a bar to have a few drinks to loosen his tongue.

While quietly conversing with his putative friend he was insulted by some Jewish patrons at an adjacent table.  Not coincidentally a photographer was handy to film the exchange as ‘proof.’  Even more oddly another photographer behind the first one was there to record the filming of the exchange.  At no time during the exchange were Galliano’s tormentors shown.

If the whole exchange was filmed the sequence was edited down to a few remarks none of which were particularly offensive even though elicited by his tormentors.  The tort delivered by the reviling Jews was retorted calmly and dismissively by Galliano.

The Jews then blew this setup into a casus bellus.  The reaction against Galliano was immediate, one almost might think planned ahead.  He was fired from all his jobs in the fashion industry and thrown into Coventry.  The last I read he was abasing himself before the Jews claiming he wanted to convert to Judaism.  Needless to say a Jew got his very lucrative employment.

Henry Ford was not such a pushover nor were the Jews so well organized.  During his lifetime Ford was unrepentant nor did he think he had anything to repent however his son Edsel and his grandson Henry II were pushovers.  I don’t know what pressures Henry II was subjected to but he was an absolute embarrassment.

Of course it is difficult to figure out what the Jews think Henry Ford did.  The restrictive anti-immigration laws were passed in 1921 to 1924 effectively eliminating further Jewish immigration.  Prior to the War the Jews had been poised to transfer the whole European Jewish population to the US through Galveston and New Orleans.  Those ports of entry were chosen to deflect from attention a massive importation through New York City.

The War aborted that plan in 1914.  However the plan was revived and in the last stages of organization when the 1921 immigration bill closed that down as immigration was severely restricted.

It is possible that the Jews blamed the Independent articles on turning attention to them and perhaps hastening the legislation through.  In that case by Jewish thinking Ford would have thwarted their plans subsequently being partially responsible for the Jewish holocaust as otherwise the whole tribe would have been safely out of the way of WWII.

Although the Jews believe the articles collected into the International Jew were responsible for the rise of anti-Semitism in Germany that is absolute nonsense.  Europeans needed no help from Ford on that score.  Hitler and the Nazis did not need Henry Ford to influence their thinking on the Jews.  Besides the articles which expose Jewish machinations in the US have little if any relevance to Europe.  No matter what any Nazi may have said I doubt if they could even understand the articles.  How many of them would even know who Benedict Arnold was and his relationship to eighteenth century Jews in the US.

In addition, in the United States according to the Jewish Year Book the thirties had very little ‘anti-Semitic’ incidences so whatever they may claim Ford’s articles influenced no one.

Beyond the fact that Jews like no criticism only applause, I can’t understand why Ford’s articles disturbed them so.  Sapiro himself appeared to be into self-aggrandizement and looting the farmers.

Nevertheless the Jews never forgive or forget.  You could ask the Amalekites about that but unfortunately the Jews exterminated them root and branch.  So while Ford was attacked by Labor, the Communists and FDR in the thirties and WWII years they were unable to extract any more millions.  Ford died in 1947 leaving Henry II ready for fleecing.  The lamb delivered for the sacrifice and this time no god stayed the hand of Abraham.

With the coming of the Roosevelt administration the Jews came flooding back into DC which doubled or tripled their power including not only to bedevil Ford but to cause him real harm.  The Roosevelt administration was essentially a continuation of the Wilson government, which had been heavily influenced by Jewish participation if not dominated by it.

Both Franklin and Eleanor had close ties with the Jews dating back to pre-WWI years with heavy involvement in the settlement house period.  The Jews then were influential in labor legislation all of which enfranchised labor while hamstringing management.   Thus both laws and executive orders were used in the attempt to compel Ford to do the Jewish will.

By 1940 then the constant legal and extra-legal, that is criminal, pounding was beginning to wear Ford down.  Of course by 1940 Ford was 77 years old while having suffered two strokes, the second probably reducing his mental capacity significantly.  Even then outside pressures did not bring him down.  It brought Edsel and Henry II down but not Henry. It also brought Henry’s wife down.  Edsel caved while Henry’s wife threatened to leave him if he didn’t bow to the Jews’ will.  As Ford told Sorenson, his chief engineer:  What could I do?

Ford turned the company over to Henry II in 1943 while he died in 1947.  As Henry II learned to his dismay there was no penance that could satisfy the Jews.  Let us be clear, Henry Ford’s so called war on the Jews was in response to economic attack.  It was self-defense.  Henry Ford was a tough nut  impossible to crack; Henry Ford II was a rollover pansy who emasculated himself and handed his genitals over on a platter.  Brings tears to your eyes to record it.

Much of the following information is taken from David L. Lewis’ The Public Image of Henry Ford, pp.154-65 of the UWayne State Press paperback edition of 1988.

One of the little known stories of WWII was the Alien Properties division’s confiscation of German and Japanese properties.  The division was headed by the Jew David Bazelon.  People usually associate the confiscated properties with the Japanese as more sympathy can be generated for them than the Germans but Japanese holdings were miniscule compared to the immense riches taken from the German with no thought of compensation then or later.

These properties, probably worth trillions in today’s dollars were sold for a pittance, a fraction of a penny on the dollar.  David Bazelon was a member of what author Gus Russo calls the Chicago Supermob of criminals.  As a member of the Jewish and Sicilian Outfit he sold the Japanese assets to Sicilians and Jews while disposing of the really valuable German assets to his Jews making many a many fortune for them.

One asset that got away was the General Aniline and Film Corporation, GAF.  It would be a mistake to think that wise heads didn’t see what was coming with the war and plan to benefit from it.  Thus General Aniline was transferred to the Rockefeller’s covertly as the war began.  After the war when GAF was on the block for fourteen million or less Rockefeller laid claim as its own asset rescuing it from sale by Bazelon for a joke price.  Of course Rockefeller was then accused of ‘trading with the enemy.’

GAF was tied up in legislation while the ridiculous charges of trading with the enemy were fought by Rockefeller.  When the legal affairs were cleared up at the end of the fifties GAF was sold for a little less than 400 million 1950s dollars.  Forty billion or so today.

The interesting thing is that in 1940 Edsel Ford was a shareholder of considerable size in GAF.  In the contest between the detestable Walter Reuther and his fiefdom of the United Auto Workers Reuther insisted that Edsel resign his directorship of GAF and sell his shares.  A strange demand from a labor organization to an executive of a firm.  Edsel did sell at a heavy loss to himself.  Had he kept the shares and passed them to his son, Henry II,  the son would have realized many millions less than two decades later.

Just as the Rockefellers prepared by protecting GAF from disposal after the war so it is possible that the Jews realized the immense opportunity presenting itself tried and succeeded in removing the Fords from any post war claims.  Things really do get involved, don’t they?

After the War with Henry II in charge the Jews bled the Fords white like a giant vampire which they are continuing to this day.

Remembering Henry Ford the Jews moved in to milk Henry II, Ford Motors and the fabulously endowed Ford Foundation.

To add a little substance to the Jewish relationship to the auto industry I am going to make a lengthy quote from Stephen Birmingham’s Our Crowd:  The Great Jewish Families Of New York, 1967, Harper & Row, pp. 379-380.

J&W Seligman & Company, though it had been first eclipsed by Kuhn, Loeb and next, by the Lehmans- to whom the Seligmans sold their building- still managed to produce moments of fiscal excitement.  In 1910 Joseph Seligman’s ancient rival, J.P. Morgan, was an old man who increasingly allowed others to make his decisions and handle his affairs, and one of those was George W. Perkins, who laughed out loud  when a “visionary nitwit” named Will Durant told him that there would one day be as many as fifty thousand automobiles on the roads of America.  Shouting “Impossible!” Perkins threw Durant out of the office.  This was too bad for Morgan because Durant lowered his sights and approached the Seligmans.

Durant’s burgeoning General Motors Corporation had already absorbed a number of individual companies- Buick, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, and some twenty others.  But even the Seligmans, perhaps because they knew they had a Morgan reject, were initially wary.  They agreed to take on Durant, but on staggeringly stiff terms.  In return for underwriting $15 million worth of Durant GM notes, the bankers demanded that Durant put up all his company’s assets as security, in addition to giving control of his board to the Seligman group.  Durant also wanted $2.5 million cash, and for this the Seligmans made him put up $4.5 million worth of stock as security and charged him 6% interest for five years.  As an indication of how shaky a venture Durant’s was considered to be, the lawyers who drew up the papers on the deal cut their normal fee to less than half, in order to get cash and not stock for their fee.

This was in 1910.  Three years later, Albert Strauss, who, with his brother Frederick had been one of the first non-family Seligman partners and who had gone on the board of General Motors, was offered $30 a share for his General Motors common stock.  Strauss declined to sell, and the Seligmans held on to theirs.  By the war’s end in 1919, the original GM common was selling for $850 a share.

The house of Morgan’s less than clairvoyant appraisal of the automobile industry is often given as the reason why the Ford Motor Company for so many years refused to go public.  Motor stocks of the period were considered so speculative that “Only Jewish banks will handle them,” and this would not have suited Henry Ford, Sr., a virulent anti-Semite.  Nevertheless, the leading gentile banker, Morgan, would not see Ford.  It was in the Dearborn, Michigan Independent, which Ford controlled, that he caused to be published for the first time in America the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the spurious document purportedly prepared by an international conference of Jews and Freemasons, outlining their plan to take over the world….As a result of this, it was many years before most Jews would buy a Ford car.

And yet, after Henry Ford’s death, it was a Jewish bank, Goldman, Sachs & Company, which first brought out Ford stock and under the guiding genius of Sidney Weinberg, devised the intricate construction of the Ford Foundation.  Today Weinberg is the chief financial advisor to Henry Ford II, and is on the board of the Ford Motor Company.  The ironies of high finance never cease.  Where great money is to be made, much can be forgiven.

Rather Birmingham should have said where the business could be easily misappropriated, the desire of vengeance could not be resisted.  Indeed, it was sought.  Goldman, Sachs took Ford public!  How many tens of millions was that worth that might have gone to a goy firm.  Forgiven my ass.

As can readily be seen shortly after Henry’s death the Jews were effectively in control of Ford Motors and the Ford Foundation the latter alone being worth three billion dollars in the sixties.  Henry Ford by his articles in the Dearborn Independent gave the Jews a gift that kept on giving.  Nor has the story yet been told.  Get ready.

It is difficult for me to understand the concern the Fords gave to the Jews.  Whatever harm they could have done to Ford was nothing compared to the harm Ford did himself by failing to keep abreast of development in automobiles so that by the time he shut down in 1927 to retool he sacrificed a half of 50% of the market during that period to reopen with a 50% loss of his previous share to about 25% slightly less actually which turned out to be the new Ford share through the fifties.

Ford stumbled badly through the thirties by once again taking too much time to adjust to changing conditions.  While it may be true that Jews refused to buy Fords they were 4% or less of the total market while Ford could have hoped for no better than 25% of the 4%.  When Mercedes began being sold in the US post-WWII Jews almost universally swore they would never buy a German car.  The didn’t stop Mercedes from becoming the best selling luxury car topping the GM Cadillac.

There were undoubtedly a significant number of goys out there willing to buy a Ford just to spite the Jews negating their influence.  When I was growing up in the forties and fifties I actually had no knowledge of Jews except that they existed and I never heard any reference to a Ford-Jew feud.  So, certainly post-WWII the issue had been forgotten except by the Fords and the Jews.

Nevertheless the Fords kept on paying and paying and paying while the Jews kept on collecting and collecting and collecting, forever with their hand out.  And we are talking hundreds and hundreds of millions of 1950 dollars, billions in today’s dollars.  One wonders where they all went.

Not counting Edsel’s strange GAF transaction Ford Motors spent hundreds of thousands of dollars during WWII when it had no cars to sell advertising, essentially funding, hundreds of Jewish publications across the country.  As Lewis says the publications were selected by Nathan Seidman of  Inter-Racial Press of America, Inc.

Ford II in 1951 gave $1,000,000 to the National Conference of Christians and Jews for a new building.

In 1956 Ford Motors appointed a Jew, Sidney Weinberg to the board of directors.

Even more astonishing, Lewis,   p. 155:

…the company retained a Jewish friend, Detroit attorney, Alfred A. May, a fellow alumnus of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, to advise the firm on its relations with the Jewish Community.  For three decades May’s recommendations have played an important part in many of Ford’s decisions affecting Jews- from lending courtesy cars to Jewish organizations, advertising in Jewish newspapers and banquet programs, and framing a reply to the charges that the company underemployed Jews to deciding how much money should be given to Jewish causes and determining the degree and kind of assistance to be extended to the State of Israel and Israeli institutions.  Most of May’s work has been conducted behind the scenes.  He advises, Ford acts.  Occasionally, however, May negotiates directly with Jewish organizations on Ford’s behalf.  But because many leading Jews have come to regard the attorney as an apologist for the Ford Company, his influence within the Jewish Community has declined over the years.  In the late 1940s, the Ford Companies also retained rabbis in Detroit, Chicago, New York, and other large centers of Jewish populations to assist in overcoming its reputation for anti-Semitism.

Sweet deal that.

The word retains means all these people were paid large sums for a sinecure, they had no duties or function.

Thus not only were the Jews bleeding Germany and the United States white, Ford spent huge in the hope of obtaining Jewish good will when none was forthcoming.   Would you have sacrificed easy money by extending good will?  I have my doubts.

I don’t know which to condemn more, the Jews for being vampire blood suckers or the Fords for offering their throat.  Remember the Amalekites; the Jews never forgive or forget even when they cause their own problem.

As further compensation the Fords are due to appoint a Jew as president of the company.  Good luck.

If you think the Fords were generous to include a foreign country Israel and its institutions when Israel didn’t even exist during the twenties, read this.

In an increasingly global marketplace in which Israel represents a miniscule percentage of Ford sales, Ford sacrificed the entire Middle East market of the Arab world to gratify Jewish vanity.  Per Lewis Israel was extorting funds from Ford for its Weizmann Institute of  Science, Hebrew University, Technion and Henry Ford’s personal gifts to the United Jewish Appeal.

The Arabs then extorted an equal sum for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees.  Not that the oil rich Arab League couldn’t have handled that situation for itself.

American Jews and Israeli’s were also demanding that Ford set up a dealer assembly plant for Israel.  The Arab League objected asking Ford not to do it unless they wanted their North African operation shut down.  The Jews counter demanded.  Ford was willing to sacrifice annual sales of from 20-22K units for less than 2000 sales in Israel which they did.

In addition Ford plants in North Africa worth 60 million dollars were shuttered as Ford was ejected from the market only to be replaced by General Motors.  Within three years the company sacrificed 200 million dollars and counting to appease the Jews.

Truly a case of the tail wagging the dog.  Israel wasn’t even a viable State existing only on the dole from Germany, the US and…Ford.

One imagines that Aaron Sapiro and Louis Marshall are laughing their asses off down there among the flames while Henry Ford can probably only manage a wry smile up there in the land beyond the sun.

The Jews have every right to consider Aaron Sapiro as St. Aaron Sapiro.  Who can be credited with doing more for The People than he?

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