In Response To Comments by ‘Oh Mercy’

December 28, 2007

In Response To Comments By ‘Oh Mercy’


     Obviously ‘Oh Mercy’ is a one off moniker for these comments.  Your style reminds me of someone who made an equally violent comment some time ago.  He went by the moniker ‘Winky, The Psychoanalytical Clown.’  Perhaps you’re the same.

     Your comments are merely defamatory, Winky.  Whatever your objection to my content may be you seem incapable of making yourself clear.  You merely go into an ad hominem rant.

     My sources are qite clear.  I list the four Dylan biographies I am relying on at the top of the first essay.  I refer to the specific biographer I am using an an authority in the text.  I supply hyperlinks when quoting an online source.

     I see no reason to employ academic citation style.  It does not lend itself to online writing.  It  merely looks stupid.  So, you want to check my sources they are clearly listed in text.  Interpretations are of course my own.

     Further I consider myself a scholar rather than a researcher.  If a fact appears in four or five books I see no reason to attribute it to anyone.  At that point it becomes general knowledge.  If you have ‘researched’ one book each fact is unique to you so you might as well attribute it.  I stopped buying current books because they are all written by researchers without backgrounds.  A history of codfishing by a guy who has never been on a fishing boat and probably even never eaten a codfish carries what authority?  Who would read such crap?

     I supplement my study in the case of Dylan by my own experience.  In one form or another I was there.  I lived the folk era.  I was there at the creation of rock.  I bought Presley 45s new.

     If you don’t think you can take me seriously then don’t.  I can assure you I don’t take Greil Marcus seriously but he is amusing. Perhaps you’d like to be amused?

     So, if you wish to actually comment or question something I said I’ll be happy to elucidate any point you bring up.

     But as for my being insane because you disagree with me- see you in Charenton, Winky.

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