Who Is Mick Jagger?

June 16, 2012

Who Is Mick Jagger?


R.E. Prindle


     In one’s reading one often comes across the odd fact that makes one pause.  Such a fact was when I read that Mick Jagger was in New York City in 1963 where he became the fast friend of Andy Warhol.  This was a friendship that was to last for Andy’s lifetime.  How odd, I thought, what can that mean?  A year or two later now, I think I’ve begun to make sense of it after rereading A. E. Hotchkins Blown Away:  The Rolling Stones And The Death Of The Sixties.

     I’ve always found the Stones repellant so while I’ve read the odd volume It’s always been with a certain amount of disdain; I don’t pay any real attention then toss the book aside.  But Mick keeps popping up in the odd places, mostly in conjunction with Andy.  Consider that Bianca was a member of his entourage.

     So, reading Hotchkins:  Nineteen sixty-three was the coldest winter in England in perhaps four hundred years.  That found Mick and Brian and Keith freezing because they couldn’t afford to buy heat and starving to death because they had no money for food.  Yet, later in the year Mick has flown a big 707 to New York while being able to afford the time he spent there.  How could that be?  Why was it important for Mick to be in New York at twenty years of age never having held a job and in 1963 with no real rock and roll prospects.  Certainly not a hope of becoming what they did.  One couldn’t be a bigger nobody and yet he and Andy became buds.

     As we are constantly reminded Mick attended the London School of Economics- the LSE.  So, while Brian and Keith sat facing each other over the dead heater playing their fingers off, developing that two guitar style that so distinguished them Mick was off warm and toasty at the LSE.  Probably a little better nourished too.  Mick always takes care of himself.

     The London School of Economics.  While I have never seen Mick’s curriculum or how many units he earned, from the name of the school it has always been assumed that Mick was taking business classes and accounting.  But is the LSE a business school?  No.  It isn’t.  It’s a socialist or Communist university that is more interested in political and social issues than accounting, although that discipline is offered.

     The London School Of Economics was founded by Beatrice and Sidney Webb.  At the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth they were the leaders of the Fabian Socialist Society.  That society whose most famous members were George Bernard Shaw and H.G. Wells.  One might expect the LSE to be utopian in outlook and surprise! it is.

     The school is a relatively select small one accepting only 1200 new entrants a year out 20,000 applicants. From all over the world, actually.  So one must obviously meet certain rigorous requirements.  I suspect grades are a very small part of this.  One’s political and social views are much more important.  In other words, if you’re of the British Nationalist Party it wouldn’t make any difference if you were a second Einstein, you won’t be accepted.  So we can safely assume that Mick was thoroughly vetted and thought to be safely socialist to be admitted.

     Mick attended classes through 1963 leaving only when the success of the Stones was assured.  As his subsequent career furthered the LSE agenda it would seem that the LSE or someone associated with it linked him up with Andy in New York.  In 1963 Andy had gained a degree of notoriety with his Soup Cans but was not yet the social force that he


would become.  However, it is fairly clear to me that he was active, had been active through the fifties, if not yet a force, in the Homosexual and Underman Revolutions.  He and Mick together would be very active and influential in the Sexual, Homosexual and Underman Revolutions.  There may then have been the purpose in linking Mick and Andy up.  Remember, these two were tight until Andy’s death.  Mick was the sole celebrity to attend Andy’s funeral and he had to fly to Pittsburgh to do it.

     Specifically who financed this meeting in 1963 isn’t clear but the faith placed in both men was astounding.

     Mick carried through for whoever placed this faith in him.  His stage persona promoted homosexuality specifically and sexual liberation in general moving those Revolutions forward.

     The Stones were also leaders in the Underman Revolution.  As events led up to the social Revolution of 1968 the Stones were in the forefront recognized as revolutionary leaders in both the US and Europe.  Of course when the dominoes began to fall- Hendrix, Morrison, and Janice Joplin et al. Mick beat a hasty retreat and turned from a Street Fighting Man into ‘just a singer in a rock and roll band.’  His stage persona turned even more femmy than ever.  No threat here, Mick telegraphed.

     Mick then lived out the socialist revolutionary agenda openly through the sixties accepting emasculation rather than death when the ‘establishment’ became aroused.

     Who is Mick Jagger? and where did he come from? and for what purpose?  As his career lines up perfectly with the agenda of the LSE what compact with that particular devil did he make?

     Of course the Stones were talented but doors could have been closed, half-open or wide open.  They were wide open so the Stones had somebody’s approval.  In the music business that would would be somebody from the Left/Socialist/Communist influence.

7/10/12 Update

Young David Bailey

      Jagger’s 1963 or ’64 trip to New York was in company with the photog of 60s Swinging London David Bailey the model for Antonioni’s movie Blow Up.  He presumably paid Mick’s way.  He and Mick considered themselves Mates.  Bailey was running with model Jean Shrimpton while Mick had picked up on her sister Chrissie.  Chrissie introduced Jean to Mick who then advised David that Mick was going to be bigger than the Beatles.  The two men hit it off, David describing Mick as his mate.

After 40 Miles Of Bad Road

Bailey apparently had a close or fairly close relationship with Andy Warhol thus in 1963 he flew Mick to New York introducing  Mick into Andy’s circle.  Mick and Andy remained close friends throughout Andy’s lifetime.  Bailey was hugely influenced by Andy’s art while both as portrait artists may have been in synch or influenced each other.

     Bailey as in these pictures seems to have been a wild man probably open to any thing in the sexual way.  Looks to have been a hard traveling man.  He was born in the 1938 the same year as myself.

After The Crash And Reconstruction

Update 7/12/12

On p. 548 of Stephen Davis’ biography of the Stones- Old Gods Almost Dead- I got the piece of evidence I most coveted in unequivocal terms.

On the Moscow date of the 1998 European tour Mick announced to his audience: ‘I was a Communist in college.’  That is at the London School Of Economics.

But then money being the magic solvent of politics, that it is, with a hundred million in the bank ‘…things tend to fall away, and you become more pragmatic.’  Perhaps in defense of those millions Mick would scream into the microphone some time later: God gave me what I have.  A startling defense coming from an avowed atheist, but then money can paint a color from black to white.

There you have it from the horse’s mouth.  The runways are now cleared; it’s time for lift off.  I don’t have to defend my studies; I can tell it like it is:  How the Stones corrupted the youth of the world in the name of Communism.


A Review

Famous Groupies Of The Sixties Series

Faithfull: An Autobiography


Marianne Faithfull


Marianne Faithfull


Review by R.E. Prindle

Season Of The Witch


All night, all day, Marianne

Down by the seaside sifting sand.

Even little children love Marianne,

Down by the seaside sifting sand.

-Terry Gilkyson And The Easy Riders

     Technically Marianne Faithfull wasn’t a groupie.  Her early years resembled one but in her later years she was sought after as a conquest by men of the groupie mentality.  I’m sure as everyone knows Marianne Faithfull began her career as a very successful pop singer.  Produced originally by Andrew Loog Oldham she was among the first of the new breed of Rock singers, as opposed to Rock n’ Roll.  She belongs to the new rather than the old school.

     Her first song was As Tears Go By.  Single and album were very successful, more or less establishing her reputation for all time- or at least until the generation passes away.

     My first knowledge of  Marianne Faithful was when the strains of As Tears Go By wafted into my study window.  They continued to waft all day long for weeks.  The girl in the apartment next door was fixated on the song.  A little fat girl.    So after the 7000th rendition  of As Tears Go By I had my first nervous breakdown.  Marianne Faithfull was a sour taste.



Mick Jagger

 Then as far as I’m concerned she dropped out of the pop scene.

     Her auto was first published in 1994, I just read the paperback the other day so the book is probably old hat to most of you but as I didn’t find any real reviews on the internet I decided to give it a try.  I don’t see any reason to do the whole book so I’ll concentrate on the three Bob Dylan incidents, aspects of her relationship with Mick Jagger and Donald Cammell and his movie, Performance.  The book is highly readable and entertaining until after her divorce form Jagger about two thirds of the way through the book when she falls into a drug stupor.  At that point it is necessary to avoid falling into Marianne’s own depression.  Too late for her to get over it now.

     Her career began when she was selected for her looks by Andrew Loog Oldham, producer of the Stones, who saw her at a party.  Asked if she could sing she said yes.  Next, there she was behind a microphone lisping As Tears Go By.  Thus she was an established big pop singer when she first met Dylan and later came under the thumb of Mick Jagger.  She brought something to the table, she didn’t come empty handed.  She was an equal.  To be treated as an appendage enraged her probably contributing to her drug addiction

     She met Dylan during his ’65 tour.  You can see her sitting in the corner in the movie Don’t Look Back.  She has some trenchant comments to make of the various prticipants in the Savoy Hotel debacle.  She’s very intelligent.  She was a young girl at the time, Dylan being five years older.  She was in awe of Dylan who she considered the hippest god on the planet.donovan05

     Dylan is supposed to be a master seducer.  It wasn’t that Marianne wasn’t ready and willing, she was.  In her mocking portrayal of the scene Dylan rather than complimenting her beauty and talent made an attempt to overawe she who was already overawed with his own wizardry.  In the process the seduction fell through.  Mazrianne skipped merrily away.

     Now, this is a girl who a year or two younger , while on tour with a review including Roy Orbison responded to him when he knocked on her door and said:  Hi.  I’m Roy Orbison.  I’m in room 602.  And Marianne skipped on down the hall.  How could Dylan have missed? 

     Later in the book, the year was 1979 when Dylan was going though his Jesus years, while Marianne had entered clinical depression doing heroin and sitting on her wall like Humpty-Dumpty all day, every day, Dylan arrived for another tour.   His dealer was a friend of Marianne’s and he asked if she knew where Marianne was.  Oh yes.  Demelza, the heroin dealer got Marianne to come over.  Dylan and Marianne’s second verse was worse than the first.  By this time depressed, enraged and seeking vengeance against the men in her life Marianne was far from compliant.  She had recently released Broken English, I’ve never heard the record so I can’t comment on the lyrics, so she mocked the Wise One by asking him if he understood her lyrics.  He couldn’t explain hers any better than she could his.  A little drip on the name of Bob, a little triumph for Marianne.  Dylan went away unfulfilled again.

     Oop, there is a third meeting.  Marianne now beyond depression walking down railway ties none of us will ever be able to see.   She overdosed on heroin, staggered and fell breaking her jaw.  Complications arose requiring serious surgery.  Pins were put in her jaw along with some contraption to hold the two parts together that apparently went

Keith Richards

Keith Richards

through her cheek sticking out like a water spigot.  Had to sleep on one side.

     While Dylan was playing in Boston she presented herself backstage in this grotesque appearance.  Too weird for Dylan.  Three strikes and he was out.  Never spoke to him again, she says.  (To 1994 when the book went to press.

     After the first meeting Marianne hooked up with Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones for whom we have to thank for As Tears Go By.

     In late 1966 the great Donovan included a song on Sunshine Superman called Season Of The Witch.  The song epitomized the era.  At the time the song made little sense to me but in reading Faithfull it all began to fall into place.  While the sixties were terrific they were also horrific.  Today the horrific impressions dominate my mind.  All standards, all morality disintegrated before our eyes.  It was the end of the world as it dissolved into stange and perplexing LSD fantasy.  Hell, I never even took LSD and I think I know the feeling perfectly.  I’m still getting flashbacks.

     Nothing was real, it was all an illusion.  You could turn yourself inside out right before everyone’s eyes and get no reaction.  Hey, everyone was living through their own movie.  Marianne captures this feeling perfectly in 300 pages but so did Donovan in three verses:

When I look out my window

Many sights to see.

When I look in my window

So many different people to be

That it’s strange, so strange,

Must be the season of the witch,

Must be the season of the witch.

     Marianne’s succession of people to be began in childhood.  She as well as all these musicians, singers and dancers came from humble backgrounds with low expectations  but grand hopes and dreams.  Picked for the size of her bust to be a rock star, piles of money were thrown at her.  Inevitably dissociation occurred as the possiblity to be anyone appeared possible only to be held back by that humble past of low expectations.  how to behave in these new circumstances, not so easy, not so easy.

The rabbits are running in the ditch

Beatniks are out to make it rich.

Sang Donovan.  Standards and barriers were down, libertines crawled out of the woodwork nd there stood Mick and Keith, two libertine beatniks who could actually wallow in money.

     Mick took a fancy to Marianne and moved her in.  Married in heart if not in law, but she was to lose her independence.   There was Swinging London or the tail end of it and swinging is what Mick and Marianne did.  However Marianne did not come to Mick as a nameless groupie.  She was a somebody that the fans admired and wanted to get close to also.  Marianne Faithfull, all in capitals.  All that was submerged into the personality of Mick Jagger.  At first her own money was coming in allowing her independence but as her catalog grew old her money had to come from Mick.  Her lost independence  made it impossible to function as a wife and expect a joint account where she didn’t have to ask for money, it was hers by right.  A conflict and contest arose.

When I look over my shoulder

What do you think I see?

Some other cat looking over

His shoulder at me.

And he’s strange, sure he’s strange.

Oh no, must be the season of the witch.

     And the witching got serious.  All kinds of users, abusers and losers followed the libertines out of the woodwork, masters of manipulation they knew how to easily hypnotize whacked out marijuana smokers, cokeheads and general druggies to get them to do various things, sex things, criminal acts, whatever to gratify their evil schemes.  People did things they never thought they would do and fortunately some or a lot them couldn’t remember doing them.  Such a character was waiting in the ether to snare Mick and Marianne.  The movies, ah, the movies, what a way to snare unwary souls.  Everyone wants to be a movie star.

     Donald Cammell, one such, had his nose to the wind and the wind brought the sexual antics of Mick and Marianne wafting his way.  Truly, it was the season of  the witch.

     Cammell had a novie he wanted to make;  Mick and Marianne and assorted friends were just the libertines to bring Performance to life.  Oh no, oh no, must be, must be the season of the witch.

     According to Marianne, Cammell replicated the sex scene the set had had as though he had been there. Uncanny?  Maybe or maybe it was such a far out thing participants talked and word got around and Cammell’s imagination was inflamed.

     According to Marianne the filming brought disaster into  the actor’s lives.  Cammell, the manipulator escaped, of course, as his kind always does.  The pleasure was all his, you may be sure.

     The filmwas a turning point in the relationship of Marianne and Mick.  Perhaps the film stirred memories of when she had been The  Marianne Faithfull, since submergeed into Mick’s identity.  She had been unable to adjust to the new circumstances.  Pentulantly she just walked away.  Immersed in drugs the downslide slow and pleasant became precipitous until she could be found sitting on her wall of the bombed out building not rebuilt as yet.

     Could it be that the remaining wall of that Marianne Faithfull of low expectations was bombed out by the force of a success undreamt of in her pleasant teenage dreaming?  Was that the fascination that kept her glued to the wall in pleasant heroin dreams?  Would Humpty Dumpty fall into the abyss or not?

     This was now the seventies.  Hard realities existed on every side.  It was’t fun anymore either.  The actual season of the witch had passed over.  This was hell.

     After Marianne left Mick drugs are the topic of her converstation.  What is more boring than a junkie talking drugs.  Shoot up and shut up.  Who wants to hear?

     But she did regain her identity,  she had shed Marianne of the little m and was Marianne Faithfull again.  Men sought her out.  Producers came around again, there was still money in that drug wracked carcassof Marianne.

When she walks along the shore,

People pause to greet,

While little birds fly round her,

Little fish come to her feet…Marianne.

     Somehow from that drug drenched state Marianne was able to cobble together enough strength and concentration to begin doing a Mick and Keith.  Maybe her time had not been wasted by the proximity to Mick and Keith.  While still with Mick she had written Siser Morphine, later recorded by the Stones.  She got no writing credit because of old contractual problems with discarded agents but she did receive a third of the royalities which were considerable. 

     And now she began to string words together to make songs.  The stuff was nothing I would ever listen to.  I mean, choice lyrics like ‘Every time I see your dick I imagine her cunt in my bed.’  Maybe that’s  why Dylan couldn’t understand the lyics.  I’m not going to try.  It worked for Marianne though.  Today she’s proudly known as the Edith Piaf of her generation.  I’m happy for her that things worked out for her after a fashion.  Her smile still photographs well but I’m not going to buy her records, CDs, whatever they’re called nowadays.  Time has gone by and I can’t get As Tears Go By out of my head. I’ll carry that tune to my grave.

All night, all day, Marianne,

Down by the seaside sifting sand.

Even little children love Marianne,

Down by the seaside sifting sand.





Bob Dylan