from the minutes of the Century Society, 3/17/2023

March 18, 2023

From the minutes of the Century Society, 3/17/2023

Today we look at the consequences of the Roman deportation of the Jews from Palestine to Spain.  One must know that there were already Jewish colonies in Spain as there were in every other part of the Empire.  The stress from this total warfare with the Jews had helped to breakdown the integrity of the Empire.  Admisistrative controls were seriously damaged.

With the breakdown of the Empire, the peoples of the pale outside the Roman borders, taking advantage of Roman weakness, the decay of the central authority, began to take advantage crossing the border into the Roman provinces.

This may be compared to the US today when the central authority has deteriorated so that the ‘barbarians’ to the South of the US are flooding in without opposition.

In Spain the Vandals first and then the Visigoths succeeding took possession of Spain.  One must remember that by human conceptions of time the period of the Vandal and Visigoth possession was a matter of hundreds of years, to get the feel that’s like 1600 to the present. Before the invasion of the Moors in 711  brought across the straits  by the Jews who threw open the gates of the cities.  The Visigoths were driven out and the period known as the three religions began.

The Jews had a ‘sweet deal’ with the Visigoths as one member put it.  What he meant was that the Visigothic kings were having difficulties collecting taxes by their own countrymen.  The Jews stepped up saying ‘Tell us how much you need and we’ll get for you pronto and keep anything over your needs.’ 

That solved the Monarch’s problem but destroyed the lives of his subjects.   Given a license to steal you can believe the Jews made use of it.

Backed by the authority of the crown they descended on the subjects like the locusts of legend.  They took everything the people had down to the seeds required for the next crop.

When planting time came up the tax collectors sold their seed back to them along with the confiscated equipment charging the subjects exorbitant rates of interest.  Thus the Visigoth subjects were enslaved by the Jews.  Over time the subjects rebelled and attacked the Jew who retreated into their enclaves and demanded protection from the King.  The kink took their side and attacked his own subjects.

The method had been used by Joseph in Egypt during the seven fat and lean years.  The Egyptian people were free and prosperous before the Jews and slaves after.  Compare that to the period of the Jud Suss, Joseph Oppenheimer,  in Germany.  As the viceroy of Duke Alexander of the German State of Wurttemburg in the eighteenth century  the Wurttemburgers were free and prosperous but while the Duke was defending the State against the French, Suss, using his powers as the viceroy destroyed the freedom of the people reducing them to the equivalent of slaves.

The US was free and prosperous before the Jewish colonists arrived in the nineteenth century  while today through usurious interest collected from credit cards half the country is in debt slavery while freedom is eroded more every day.

Thus over millennia  the Jewish method remains the same.  Any setback is only temporary, they only come back stronger than ever.

Just as the Romans tried to solve the problem by dispersing the Jews (and these were only the Palestinian Jews, not the colonies or Mesopotamia) and forbidding them to occupy Palestine.

In the crucial years of 290 to say 1492 the Europeans tried to solve the problem by expelling the Jews for their lands.  Finally, under the threat of extermination by the Jews themselves, the Germans responded by trying to exterminate their professed enemies.

Our next meeting will backtrack a little again.

Minutes of the Oxford Society 3/17/2023. R.E. Prinde Sec’y.

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