The Ancient Evil: Diana And The Goddess Tradition

November 29, 2022

The Ancient Evil:

Diana And The Goddess Tradition


R.E. Prindle

Part The First

Setting The Stage

In order to make sense of ancient history it is necessary to suppose a pre-history that makes history possible.  For instance it is said that Egyptian history burst in flower upon the world four thousand years B.C.  that is, in the Age of Gemini in the fourth Great Year.  A reader might say that any history before then can’t be proven.  Perhaps not but it can be proven that mankind didn’t burst from the forehead of a god as did the maiden Athena from the forehead of Zeus four thousand years ago.

As proof, on the one hand is that we have all those primitive female figurines and some arrow heads that show a primitive culture.  Yes, but all that evidence is received from a European backwater where evolution was not at its highest.  Various other specimens of humankind had existed for perhaps several hundred thousands of years as is said of the Neanderthals.  But if the Neanderthals had existed for that long still they must have evolved from a predecessor and so on.  We don’t know how many different human species existed and obviously more than one at the same time.

Nor does the planet configuration remain the same over each Great Year.   Each Great Year, like the annual year is composed of four seasons.  This is caused by different things.  The first to consider is the course around the sun of the planet.  The planet does not circle the sun but revolves in an ellipse.  That means that at the aphelion the planet is much further from the sun that at the perihelion, thus the winter, or ice age takes place at the aphelion which endure for two to three ages or six thousand plus terrestrial years while the summer when the planet is closer to the sun it takes place at the perihelion.  During the aphelion when the planet’s water is frozen in icecaps in the Western Hemisphere, the mountain ranges and high places, the water level of oceans drops, as much as five hundred feet or so.  During the perihelion, as the planet warms, the water is released and the oceans rise as they are today.  This is a natural process and cannot be obviated.  At the present time, the Age of Aquarius, the planet’s Great Year position is at about the annual year of August in its progress as it heads for the Autumn of the Great Year when the waters will begin to recede as the Winter of the Great Year approaches.  Then will be revealed the hidden ancestry of civilization.

While the nature of that ancestry is unknown it does exist in certain memory traces of mankind.  The chief of the memory traces is the existence of Atlantis.  Not everyone will agree, but I am convinced that the memory traces are accurate and that as something must have preceded the arrival of the refugees from the rising waters in Lower Egypt it must have been the destruction of Atlantis.  Of course, as that civilization broke apart and a long dark age ensued the cultural losses that had to be rebuilt would have been enormous.  A long dark age began so that the refugees retained that which they considered most valuable, that is language, the written means to express it.

Remember that the two Egypts are two different peoples.  Upper Egyptians were different racially than Lower Egyptians.  Thus a war raged over how long a period we don’t know until the Upper Egyptians were successful in conquering the Lower Egyptian who most probably were related to the Libyan people to their West.  Certainly there was no influx of unusual peoples from some unknown area.

The key point here is when did the waters rise and what was the configuration of the landmass at the time.  At the bottom of the ice age the sea level was five hundred feet lower.  The entire continental shelves would have been exposed on the both sides of the Atlantic while vast areas, say for instance the North Atlantic fishing grounds might have been exposed but if not they were very shallow waters. The ocean glaciers would have extended far out to sea so that the Atlantic would have been a fairly small and placid body of water.  Navigation would have been easy.

Both the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf would have been above water  and fertile.  The Tigris-Euphrates river and valley would have been extended to the Indian Ocean.  A civilization would have existed in the Persian Gulf.  It is said that as the Ice Age waned water would have seeped down into the ice cap creating a vast ocean within the ice.  The water eventually burst through the edges disgorging trillions of gallons of ice in torrents.  Evidence of this in the state of Washington demonstrates the violence of the outflow.

In the Atlantic the torrents would have created a gigantic tidal wave as they rushed southward inundating land as it went and perhaps completely washing away islands.  Any life on the exposed continental shelves would have been just swept away. The Northwest fisheries would have immediately been deepened to hundreds of feet.  If Atlantis was on a large island, now the Azore remnants, before the Straits of Gibraltar where the flow of water would have been compressed by the narrowing of the channel  at the same time rushing through the Straits of Gibraltar, the force would have been incredible, the strength of the flow might have been enough to erode a hundred feet or more.  The flow into the Mediterranean would have been very fast and without warning.

As mankind prefers to live by the sea and its naval infrastructure, all   would have been submerged within days or a couple weeks.  The flow would not only have been on the surface but extending down to the bottom of the ocean perhaps undermining the base of the island so that huge sections would have collapsed adding to the corrosion of the surface flow.  The Azores, place of Atlantis, rest on the volcanic Mid-Atlantic Ridge at the point that three faults are joined.

The release of the weight of the ice cap may have caused the area depressed by the weight of the cap to have set the faults in action thus adding to the mayhem.  In the rush to save their lives the culture of the Atlantis civilization would have been nearly extinguished.  Within the Straits of Gibraltar the carnage would have been tremendous as the Med Basin filled although the population would have had a better chance of saving their lives as they raced up the hills and highland to the rear of their settlements.  Thus a semblance of order would have disappeared within the Straits but Atlantis would have been a total loss except for the tops of the mountains and those were probably active volcanoes.  Atlantis became no more than a legend that survived among the Egyptian survivors.  My own thought is that there is no reason to doubt their memory.  Forget any supposed visitors from outer space.

We moderns tend to create an illusion as to the nature of the Atlantean civilization.  I can’t believe aliens from space imparted special knowledge to them, nor did they have exceptional scientific knowledge.  Egyptian knowledge, I believe that the remnant settled on the Nile Delta, very like at Memphis where the pyramids were built.  The ancient Lower Egyptians were undoubtedly Atlantean survivors.  The knowledge the Egyptianx had is probably representative of the knowledge of the Atlanteans and that is considerable.

The Sumerians of the Tigris-Euphrates valley have their legends about how the survivors of Persian Gulf taught them civilization but they needent concern us here.  All this happened during the Age of Leo.  We can’t know at what level the waters settled temporarily but as the Great Flood occurred twelve thousand years ago the continued warming and melting of ice fields and glaciers must have risen substantially over the Ages of Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries and Pisces and into the Age of Aquarius that we are entering now.  If you’re attentive you can scent the coming of Autumn now.

.Part the First, b.

As the great flood took place during Leo of the fourth Ice Age and it lived in legend through the Ages of Leo, Cancer, Gemini and Taurus, still a very important memory in Aries, as Aries was fifth king (read Age) from the flood it follows that people existed before Leo and they were intelligent.  The intelligent survivors preserved the memory of that truly memorable flood.  Of course there were the Neanderthals living in the least amenable areas in the frozen North.  Did they always live in the Nort?.  I doubt it.  They were probably dislocated form more amenable southern zones by further evolved species.  Not all human species are at the same stage of evolution.  Some are more advanced than others today as then.  During those Ages of Frost, Virgo and Libra and part of Scorpio. the best lands would have been closer to the equator and down by the sea.

Humans have always preferred to live by the sea.  Those people are always more sophisticated than those living in the hinterlands.  Therefore it means that the exposed continental shelves and any large islands were populated.  Those in the Western Mediterranean were more accomplished than those further East.  We can only infer what their understanding of the world, their imaginative life was like.  The main source for this inference is Egypt as Egypt, that is Lower Egypt which is where the main priestly body must have settled. 

We know that the Atlanteans must have been accomplished astronomers.  While many may dispute this it seems clear to me that the Zodiac is of extreme age.  It could only have been devised by long observation.  Who knows what the various ice ages and intermediate periods were like.  If the last Ice Age reshaped the configuration of the earth when did the previous two do?  There must have been intelligent life existing then.  Mesopotamian records, or myths, refer to hundreds of thousands of years in the past.  Of course moderns dismissed those figures, those legends or myths, as so much wild  imaginings of ignorant primitive peoples.  But do primitive ignorant peoples have those imaginings which even intelligent moderns dismissed?  I don’t think so.

One does not have to go wild in attributing knowledge superior to ours that has been lost but on the other hand intelligent ancients had nothing to do but study the stars, study plants for their properties and amuse themselves in speculations.  And that’s exactly what the ancient Egyptians knew and in a fairly scientific manner.  Look at the remains of their civilization preserved in stone and writing.  They did things that we moderns can’t explain.  The pyramids for instance.  No other of the ancients were comparable to them.  The Egyptians were miles ahead of them.  Nearing the end of the Age of Aries, Alexandria was still the leading intellectual center of the Roman Empire. And apart from the Asiatic influence still the most scientific in outlook.

There is another mystery indicating the presence of an anterior civilization such as Atlantis and one that may throw some light on their intellectual thought.  There must have been a settlement within the Straits of Gibraltar on the seashore below what would have been the Falls of the Rio Tinto.  The Tinto gets its name because the water flows through a large area of mineral beds, deposits of copper and other metals that have obviously been mined for thousands of years.  There are stairways leading into the sea and down the slopes of the ancient river bed.

Today, under Seville are the remains of an ancient temple of the Sun that were in existence at least during the Age of Taurus.  This was during the period of the Matriarchy.  A Heracles was the male consort of the Goddess.  Now, when the Hellenes entered Greece  Hera was the Goddess of Argos, the main city of the Argive, her consort was also named Heracles.  Thus Heracles was a god at the time.  When the Hellenes  entered Greece the Patriarchy challenged the Matriarchy for pre-eminence.  Thus Zeus, a Cretan god, was pitted against Heracles for the possession of Hera, a mainland goddess.  Heracles thus challenged was required to journey to Seville to acquire the Cattle of the Sun from the Sevillian Heracles to defeat Zeus.  The Greek Heracles did travel to Seville and was successful in acquiring the Cattle of the Sun.  However as he was driving the cattle back to Argos he was diverted in Italy to the arch of the boot where in some manner he lost the cattle to another deity.

Zeus then married Hera taking her to the central location of Olympus to become the universal goddess of the Helenes.  Heracles was reduced to a mere human and compelled to accept a number of tasks destroying the remains of the power of the Matriarchy.  When he died he was restored to semi-godhood and became the Gatekeeper of Olympus to be succeeded by St. Peter as the gatekeeper of Heaven.

The Age of Aries is very important in the development of human history.  The Aryans migrating out of Central Asia, probably from the Taklamakan Desert area, upturned  the Eastern Med.  Perhaps the most important event of Aries was the eruption of Mt. Thera at the entrance of the Aegean Sea.  The whole volcano was destroyed down to sea level and below.  The ash plume was huge while the eruption apparently went on for weeks terrifying the populace of the entire Easton Med.

People must have thought it was the end of the world.  Now, it was at this time c. -1600 and some odd that Egypt was invaded by Asiatics and the so-called Sea peoples.  As the ash is thought to have reached Egypt which is not improbable while blanketing the East Med littoral possibly causing the famine that sent the Hebrews scurrying to Egypt while causing terrified nations fleeing their homelands, or portions of the people.  Egypt, the Delta, was therefore deluged with migrants who took over the region causing a time of troubles for the Egyptians.  It was about -1600 that the proto-Jews settled in Goshen on the Delta where they remained for about four hundred years.  One gets settled in four hundred years.  During all that time the Egyptians were working to expel the migrants.  So from the eruption of Thera the whole history of Eastern Med was formed during the lower Arien Age.

At the other end of the Age of Aries and the beginning of Pisces we have another terrible war to begin the Age between Rome and Jerusalem that matches that of Cronus and the Titans.

Part the Second

Was Jesus A Historical Figure And Was He Jewish?

I’ll answer my own question straight out, probably not on either count, doubtful.  Let us consider the Jesus story from a point of view of the Zodiac and the developing imaginative concept of Man’s place on the planet.  I would say universe but I’m not sure people were comprehending such a thing as yet.

It is necessary to compare the accounts of Cronus, Zeus, Dionysus and Jesus.  These four gods are the male archetypes of the Ages of Aries and Pisces.  The Ancients thought in these terms and not in modern lithographic terms.  To understand the period one must think in Zodiacal terms.  These avatars.  These avatars of the two Ages also represent the clash of the Hellenic Greek cultures and that of the Jews as represented by the Judahites.

Now, at the end of the Age of Taurus (c. 2000 BC) The avatar of the Age of Taurus Cronus, had been advised that he would be replaced by one of his children.  To insure he wouldn’t be he ate all of them one by one as they were born, that is, he tucked them away where they couldn’t do him harm.  In cannibalistic terms he put them in the prison of his stomach.  However, when his son, the anointed one, Zeus, was about to be born, certain goddesses conspired to preserve the sweet baby Zeus, sound familiar?  Using female wiles they secreted him in a cave on Mount Ida of Crete, the lad survived to challenge Cronus and his Titams and assumed his role as the avatar of Aries.

Now let us shoot ahead two thousand years to the dawning of the Age of Pisces.  The new Age required a new male archetype.  Two thousand years have passed since Zeus’ ascension so baby eating gods were simple unbelievable.  Human understanding had evolved.  Something new had to be used.  Thus the notion was devised of a god descending to produce a god baby through a human female.

This is and was believable as hundreds of millions believe to this very day.  As a god couldn’t have messy intercourse with a human lady an immaculate conception had to be devised.  Thus the god descends on a woman and impregnates her through her ear.  That’s pretty wild.

In the previous two thousand years that the Patriarchy was busy displacing the Matriarchy so that men no longer believed that the female was responsible for conception butthat was the role of the male; the female was only a passive incubator of the male’s child.  Thus no human was involved in the conception of the man god, Jesus.  Jesus was, pure and simple, a god; the word made flesh  Word.  Made flesh, ponder that a little.  The baby was the Savior.

Just as the transition to the Age of Aries was a time of troubles between the old and the new ages so was Pisces.  Now the baby also was not Jewish in that no Jews had part of the insemination, God inseminated Mary, nor in its education.  It is not impossible that the birth of the baby ended the story of the birth of the god and there was no human baby. The avatar was a god.  However, in the creation of the Age of Pisces a propagator of the New Age philosophy was still needed.  In fact several propagators for the different peoples was needed.  Remember Jesus the man was sent to be the apostle to the Jews and teach them the New Era.  One can’t be sure and there may or may not be any proof but since the baby Jesus was sent to Egypt immediately in order to prevent his murder by King Herod (read Cronus) perhaps as a fictional transition to associate him with Egypt.  In Alexandria there was an academy perhaps of a dozen or two young males being indoctrinated and trained in the New Dispensation to be sent out to preach the new gospel to various parts of the world.  If that were true then Jesus could have been parented by any nationality or combination of two nationalities, given to the academy, and brought up as a Man of the World rather than any nationality.  It is not necessary for him to have been born in Judea.

So, at the age of thirty or so, having traveled world to study the variation of religions,  Jesus shows up in Israel to preach the new One World, One People doctrine.  ‘For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son.’  Thus this strange man with no Jewish customs or upbringing strode revolutionizing into Judea.  No wonder he was killed.  That’s the fate of such a person.

Just as Cronus ingested his offspring, as in heaven, so on earth, Jesus the god was on earth to reconcile the Romans and the Jews and just like Zeus his arrival was a threat to the established order.

When the news reached Herod, King of the Jews, according to legend he issued a ukase to find this baby and kill it, and further, kill all new born male babies to insure his rival was eliminated.  Thus the baby Jesus was hustled away to Egypt, in legend, to be brought up there and like Zeus emerge in manhood to begin his reign. 

Thus, between Zeus of -2000 and Jesus of year #1 with a couple thousand to go are identical Astrological tales.  The time of Jesus is now over and the search for his successor for the Age of Aries is underway.

At this point then there was no historical Jesus and the historical Jesus was neither Jew nor any other nationality.  He was the Age of Pisces incarnate.

In the Tibetan religion when the Grand Lama dies it is said that his soul migrates to a new baby and the search for that baby begins.  He is found and removed from his parents to be indoctrinated and conditioned to be the Grand Lama.  He has no other past hence is unaffected by any other influences.  So with Jesus. A child was found and brought up in Egypt to play the role of the Redeemer.  Here than we have the possibility that a historical Jesus existed.  He was indoctrinated in his role as the Son of Man, the soul of the world.  However this was not -2000 BC. What worked then didn’t work in the Age of Pisces.  Jesus tried to overturn the established government but failed and was executed.  The Jewish-Roman war then broke out continuing for a hundred years until they were nearly exterminated in Judea by the Romans. The Mesopatian, Egyptan and diaspora Jews were not affected.

Jesus is not the whole story of the times and must be integrated into the story of the Romans and Alexandrines of Egypt.  When the Hellenes or Greeks as they are popularly known conquered Asia under Alexander the Great a whole new idea of civilization arrived for the Asiatics and the Greek civilization was far superior to those of Asia.  Asia was not only militarily conquered but also ‘spiritually’.  Even Judea, or Israel, was half conquered as the Sadducees accepted the new situation as a great new thing, but the reactionary or conservative Pharisees did not.

When the Romans succeeded the Hellenes that only exacerbated the problem.   While Jesus the God is not a historical figure who was?  We can’t know.  What we do know is that he came out of Egypt.  If there was no baby in the manger who was spirited out of Judea to Alexandria, because the manger scene is obviously mythological, then he was adopted by New Dispensationists in Egypt as explained above and his parentage isn’t known.  Then he must have been groomed in Egypt for his role as a savior.  Alexandria is the place to look for the nature of Jesus.  It is the teaching there that formed him.

Alexandria was founded by Alexander the Great three hundred and some years before the Age of Pisces.  It became the greatest city of the Mediterranean world surpassing even Rome or Jerusalem.  If Rome was the governing capital Alexandria was the intellectual capital, a true university city.  The Library of Alexandria was the center of learning and intellectual activity, founded on Greek philosophy and learning.  It was the genius that Jerusalem could not surpass or even meet.

Now, this learning was secular on a proto-scientific basis, objective as opposed to the subjective Jewish theorizing.  Apart from the Judea-Roman political conflict there was also the problem of reconciling the Greek/Judean intellectual conflict.  This is where Jesus of Nazareth comes in.  (The Son of Man.)

The leading Jewish scholar, based in Alexandra,  was Philo Judaeus, whose life span is guessed at 20Bc to about 40 AD, so he would have been instrumental  in working with the Alexandrian scholars to fashion the New Dispensation of a universal god rather than the parochial national god of the Jews.  However that national god was useful because he was not anthropomorphic but invisible.  As invisible he could be worshipped by all people, without national characteristics interfering..

When Jesus of Nazareth, or someone just like him,, was schooled and prepared in Alexandria he was sent to Judea to propagate the New Dispensation to the Jews of a universal god.  The implication here is that there was a cadre of groomed students sent into other posts in the Empire.  This is not too different from the activities of Louis Brandeis and Felix Frankfurter in the US of the twentieth century.  They groomed cadres of students in the law school of Harvard University to rush into Washington to seize the government and turn it socialist which is what occurred when their figure head Franklin Delano Roosevelt was installed as president in 1932.  It’s the same thing.

Now we have three distinct identities of Jesus.  Jeus the Zodiac God,  Jesus of Nazareth   and Jesus the Christ, or Jesus Christ.  Jesus there fore is a syncretistic religious figure designed to unite the world under one god.

If there was an historic Jesus, then he came from the New School at Alexandria.  Only later some decades after his death did he become Jesus Christ thus uniting the Jewish and Greek sides as the Christ, or expected one,  a term of the Greek religion.

During the latter years of the Age of Aries the Greek god Dionysus was being groomed as the successor to Zeus in the Piscean Age.  Thus the apparent Jewishness of Jesus was diluted while giving him a place in the New Age of Pisces while making Jesus more accessible to the Gentiles.

B.R. Taylor in his volume, The Metaphysics of WWII has this interpretation to which I owe much, although I deny that Jesus was a Jew or that he was familiar with Judea until he arrived for his mission.

P. 108:  (Jesus was a Jew who was at the forefront of the new Age of Pisces, teaching the world about the optimistic energies associated with Jupiter/Zeus.  He transformed himself from a Saturnite Jew into a Jupitarian Christian, essentially going from Jew to Zeus, hence the name Jewzeus. 


B. R. Talyor doesn’t question how or why Jesus learned those unJudaic ideas but he has the Judaic-Greek  conflict right, along with the ingrained Saturnite ideology of the Age of Taurus in which the Jewish mind was formed.  In any event, you can clearly see why Jesus failed and why he was executed for his crime.

Part The Third

We aren’t finished with the Piscean Age yet though.  It gets more interesting.  The Swiss psychologist C.G. Jung in his very interesting discussion of the sign of the two fishes as it evolved.  In its present form it is one of two fishes swimming in opposite directions connected by an umbilical cord.  Just as a sign has its male avatar it also has its female avatar, Zeus and Hera in Aries and in Pisces a sort of Mary/Isis but then a funny thing happens at mid-Age.  The female avatar becomes dominant reducing Jesus to a subordinate role. In the Catholic South of Europe the Virgin Mary becomes dominant shedding her association with Isis; in the North, less affected by the whole biblical apparatus, Diana becomes the female avatar without displacing God or Jesus.  Further Diana comes from Greco-Roman mythology while the Virgin Mary is biblical, thus distancing the North from the South.  The Age began with the Patriarchy in firm control, comes mid-Age and the Matriarchy begins to resume its dominance until today the Matriarchy has returned in full force.  This is also the end of Pisces and we are into the Age of Aquarius where new avatars will have to be assumed. 

If we follow the Greek form the avatar should be the other half of Dionysus, the Green Man.  However the Jews have very nearly reversed the Roman/Jewish power structure of Aries to one of Jewish/Roman or the West.  It’s a new world  and a new sky.

A perplexing problem is the evolution of man’s imagination during the Age.  I intend to examine certain aspects of  its evolution.  A problem that has been perplexing me for some time is the role of the goddess Diana as the female archetype for the last half of the Age of Pisces in the North.

 The adoption of the goddess Diana or Artemis as she was known in Greece signifies a resurgence of the Matriarchy.  This is a rather remarkable comeback as the Matriarchy was virtually unknown in the nineteenth century, all but forgotten, the memory actually only really emerged after 1950 but the Diana cult has survived all along underground..

I’m sure the interpretation of Diana’s history and her relationship to the Zodiac will be met with some dismay as these subjects are not properly understood.  Essentially the problem is one of memory; in this case historical and racial memory.  Memory on one level is a desire to retain and understand the past whether on a personal and/or historical basis.  From the past the future may be predicted.  What has once happened before will likely happen again although is a different configuration.  It was this knowledge that made the calendar a necessity.  It had to be invented.

If one has a starting point, such as the shortest day of the year, the return of flora and fauna may be fairly accurately predicted. 

To make the year more manageable it was divided into seasons and months to mark more easily the passage of the days of the year.  This knowledge led to a whole cycle of gods, goddesses and myths.  Thus a terrestrial zodiac was derived denoted by symbols appropriate to the seasons.  As it was assumed that what happened on earth was a reflection of what happened in the skies, the terrestrial zodiac was translated to stars in twelve constellations; thus we have the Astrological Zodiac in which the twelve signs reflect the weather patterns on earth.

Just as there were twelve months in the year so the skies were divided into twelve portions called Ages.  The length of the Ages was determined by the Great Year that was of some twenty-six thousand years duration   A year is the time that the earth rotates around the sun;  the Great Year is the time that accomplishes a complete ellipse around the sun.  The orbit is not round but elliptical.

The Great Year was marked by the rotation of the earth on its axis as evidenced by the pole stars Polaris at the perihelion of the ellipse and the aphelion at Vega. Each Age has its male and female archetypes.  In Greece the Age of Aries was presided over by Zeus and Hera. Thus each set of archetypes has a lifetime of two thousand years plus and then they make the long slide to Far Tartary and back again.

The Piscean Age which has become universal began with the male archetype of Jesus of Nazareth which was a Jewish identity that combined with the Christ that reestablished the Greek association, while in mid-Age the archetypes were transferred to the female side- Diana in the North of Europe and Mary, the mother of Jesus, or God as she is sometimes fancied, in the South of Europe.  While the mechanism used to achieve this is fairly clear the exact process can only be surmised.

While it may be difficult to believe, the Astrological Zodiac must have begun development about a hundred thousand years ago being  in the fourth cycle at the time of the dawn of the Age of Pisces.  Thus as a method of timekeeping the Zodiac has a long history.

One may question the hundred thousand years and yet the Mesopotamian myths mention a past at least that long.  The ancients haven’t been given the credit of knowing what they’re talking about, they, in fact, knew a great deal more than moderns give them credit for.  Consciousness has developed for hundreds of thousands of years, moderns didn’t just discover it.

For much of thar hundred thousand years during the long ice ages the level of the Mediterranean was much lower probably being a long valley with a succession of large lakes fed by the Nile and the Propontis while the outflow was at the Pillars of Hercules,  As the Med Valley was habitable it must have been inhabited.  Undoubtedly a civilization developed that was fairly sophisticated.  One needn’t look for extraterrestrials for human development.  Now, since there have been at least four cycles there must be four ice ages and four interglacial ages meaning that the waters of the earth have been imprisoned in ice and melted back into the ocean several times.

Thus, when the last Ice Age ended returning the accumulated waters to the oceans the waters rose forcing low lying settlements to seek higher ground until the sea level became almost static.  While denizens fled to all sides of the Med the civilization bearers from Atlantis occupied lower Egypt, the emerging Nile Delta.  A second area in which civilization in some form must have survived is the island of Crete and mainland Greece .  In Greece Heracles and Hera ruled during the Age of Taurus in Argos, Heracles displaced by Zeus of Aries who then married Hera.

It was on this island that the religious formula that became a basis of Europe was formed.  The next step was provided by the Hellenic Greek tribes that began their invasion of the Greek peninsula c. -2000-1700, or even earlier.

The Greek peninsula was occupied by an ancient people called Pelasgians.  They like the Cretans were descendants of the Med Valley peoples as were the people of lower Egypt.  The Pelasgian religion closely resembled that of the Cretans.  The conquering Hellenes imposed thier Greek language on them while setting about solving the religious differences into one unified religion.  This was done following the usual pattern.

The Hellenes followed an Aryan Patriarchal model while the Pelasgians and Cretans followed a Matriarchal type.

How much religious development took place between the Age of Leo about eight thousand years ago when the waters rose and 2000BC when things had settled must have been very large.  An important thing to remember is that the human mind is continually handling and digesting new information.  Problems of memory storage have been continually remedied with new storage technologies.  They have been continually developed to today’s immense ability to be able to very nearly store entire reality.  Every phone call in the world, 24/7 can be stored and retrieved at will so that totally inconsequential information is on record but will never be read.

The time lapse between improvements in storage and retrieval  was immense in the early days, increasing exponentially until the present.  The earliest known city, the remains of which date not coincidentally to c.8000 BC is located at Catal Huyuk in Anatolia which would have been a rural backwater to the Med civilization but a high degree of communal organization is evident.  One imagines the Cretan civilization was similar but more highly developed.  There is every evidence that the Great Mother religion was  highly developed  at the time the waters rose.

The Cretans certainly  brought the religion to a degree of perfection.  Obviously there is no agreement as to the degree while the substance of religion can be only guessed at.  Presently the Goddess advocates picture the Matriarchy as some kind of golden age of love, peace and happiness.  This is not the case.  The Matriarchate lived in a period of very primitive consciousness.  Nor is the female of the species any less bloody minded than the male.  The memory of the matriarchate was still strong enough for later males to characterize it as a condition that was very hard on men.  Indeed, if one bears in mind that the sacrificial bulls were substitutes for men and that Bulls often were sacrificed in holocausts which means a hundred bulls or more then it follows that at one time a hundred men or more at a time were sacrificed to the Great Mother.  Obviously  this would leave rueful memories in the minds of men.

This memory may have been played out in the tale of Iphigenia at Aulus.

Shall we examine the participants in this drama, Agamemnon, Clytemnestra, Iphigenia and Diana?

Zeus in the apparition of a swan had intercourse with Leda who then lay two eggs.  Both bore twins.  From one egg Castor and Pollux emerged.  These two represent the solstices: Castor, Winter and Pollux, Summer.  From the other egg Helen and Clytemnestra emerged.  One might compare Helen to the Cretan Loving Goddess with the erect snakes held hip high and Clytemnestra with the Angry Goddess brandishing the two writhing snakes held over her head.   Helen also represents the Spring Equinox and Clytemnestra the Autumn Equinox balancing out Castor and Pollux, the four cardinal points of the compass.

Thus the two goddesses  are representatives of Diana, or the Greek Artemis.

Now, Agamemnon was punished by Diana for killing a deer and then boasting that he was a better hunter than she.  Agamemnon and Greeks were assembled at Aulis but unable to sail for lack of wind.  A sacrifice was deemed necessary to allay the winds.  Ordinarily a male would have been the sacrifice to Diana.  Instead Agamemnon sacrificed his and Clytemnestra’s daughter probably in vengeance for his punishment by Diana and the slaughter of all those males during the Matriarchy.

Clytemnestra herself was the harsh representative of the Matriarchy and the coming of winter; Helen was the easy loving woman of the Matriarchy and the soft western Zephyr.

While my interpretation might be controversial I think it clear that the Cretan goddess became Artemis/Diana.  At any rate it was the Argive (from Argos) mainland goddess Hera who would be chosen the wife of Zeus.  Therefore the Cretan goddess would have lost her consort and been a loose cannon.

Zeus himself was of Cretan origin probably intended to be the annual consort of the Goddess, but in the change from the Matriarchy to the Patriarchy he remained for more than one season while becoming the master of the goddess.  As religion evolved the characters of the gods and goddesses changed  so that while there is continuity  the attributes and characters change enough so that the religious figures have to be located in time and place.

When the Hellenes, or Greeks, began to arrive sometime after the beginning of the Age of Aries the Cretans had already created a political organization known as a thalassocracy, a sea based empire, perhaps based on that of Atlantis.  The islands and at least the coasts from the Aegean to Italy were under Cretan rule.  The Greeks then challenged the power of the Cretans as well as seeking to impose Patriarchy on the Matriarchy.

The method of taking control was the same as that of all religions replacing another.  As in such situations the overcome religion submits to greater power but continues a more or less clandestine existence.  Thus the Aryan Greeks converted the religious sites such as Delphi to Patriarchal shrines.  Where the necessity existed in Matriarchal strongholds they apparently attempted to exterminate the Matriarchates.  Persecute them out of existence.

In this case, Perseus’ assault on the Gorgon Medusa could have signified an all out assault on the Matriarchal stronghold as was the story of the Iliad in which the Patriarchal Greeks waged a ten year war to exterminate Matriarchal Troy.  Whether factual or not it is true that when the post-Trojan war ended the Greeks were in possession of the Anatolian littoral and the Trojans were dispersed throughout the Mediterranean and possibly  as far as Paris, France.

Of course the preferred method was by stealth and intermarriage.  Intermarriage may have required the extermination  of the males to acquire the women which was commonly done.  Thus, Zeus’ frequent rapes of women may commemorate such takeovers.

As the assimilated gods appear to have been indigenous the Greeks must have taken over the pre-existing gods while changing them to Patriarchal from Matriarchal.  Thus wile Zeus is clearly a Cretan god, probably annual consort to the Great Mother, he was transported to mainland Argos where as a woodpecker he raped the Argive goddess Hera becoming her Lord and Master, or her husband.

The consort of Hera had been Heracles, a Sun god.  When Zeus took Hera from him as his wife this left Heracles at loose ends without a purpose.  The Greeks gave him a new lineage and the role of the champion of the Patriarchy and punisher of Matriarchy.

In this case Zeus seduces Alcmene in the disguise of her husband Amphitryon impregnating her with Heracles.  Just as Heracles was a loose cannon after the marriage of Zeus and Hera the Cretan Great Goddess was without consort when Zeus left Crete.  The problem is what identity was she assigned?  When Heracles was born two snakes were sent by the Matriarchy to kill him.  The baby Heracles strangled both, one in each hand.  Symbolically then the Cretan religion was imagined to be destroyed and possibly its Great Mother murdered.

A great problem hidden from me is the origin of the Peloponnesian Lady of the Lake.  As the Cretan Great Mother was also he Mistress of the Animals it is quite possible that she was taken to the mainland from Crete where she became the virgin goddess Artemis and possibly the Lady of the Lake but still without a consort.

At some later time the Cretan priesthood would be carried from Crete and installed as the priesthood of Apollo at the premier Greek shrine of Delphi.  So, how much of the Greek religion was of Aryan origin and how much of the ancient Med Valley religion through its Cretan development isn’t clear but the two must have been extensively  intermingled making the Cretan Great Mother a probable Artemis/Diana and the Arthurian Lady of the Lake, Vivien.

I have found no references in Greek mythology to the Lady of the Lake but she is referred to in Medieval texts.  The Lady as Vivian turns up in the Arthurian epics of +1000-1300 when they were formulated.  In those she is referred back to ancient Peloponnesian times.  I haven’t found the sources of the Medieval writers but they must have been in possession of some mythological  sources that may no longer exist.

I would now like to examine the transition from the male archetype of Jesus in mid-Piscean Age to Diana in Northern Europe and Mary, the Mother of God in the South.

Before leaving the ancients however let me say that having organized a pantheon the Greeks then removed the various gods from their home locales and established their residence on Mt. Olympus centrally  in the more dense Aryan populations of the North of Greece.

.Part 3b.

The religion of one Age is secure but the looming transition to the next Age is always hinted at.  Just as Zeus had replaced Cronus of the Taurean Age, that is four thousand years ago,  so the Greek male archetype of the Piscean Age, Dionysus, was maturing as Zeus’ replacement.

However, in the long war between Europe and Asia the balance of power was to shift toward the Asians.  Dionysus was discarded to be replaced by the seeming Jewish archetype, Jesus of Nazareth.  The Jews had been quietly infiltrating European society while actually contending for preeminence in Asia and Egypt.  This would erupt into the Roman-Jewish wars of the first two centuries AD.  This is not unlike the Jewish-European thirty years war of 1914-1945.

As the early Christians ne Minians were a purely Jewish sect it is no wonder that when Paul of Tarsus turned the Jewish cult into a universal religion, following New Age protocols, that that religion reflected Judaism to a large extent.  Judaism being an intolerant religion that intolerance was replicated in the Roman Catholic and the Greek Orthodox Churches.  The result was that any competing religious views were  viciously suppressed.  After the fourth century the old Greco-Cretan religion was anathematized on pain of death.

As would happen in the fifteenth century when the Ottoman Moslems conquered Constantinople and the Greek scholars fled to India and West to the Roman successor States numbers of the Olympian  priesthood undoubtedly fled into the German lands to the North.  Just as the Arian priests fled North to escape Catholic oppression where they converted the German tribes so the Olympian priests sowed their beliefs among the Germans.  That’s one reason so many Olympian beliefs are found in German folk tales as collected by the Grimms.

As the Lady of the Lake is a Matriarchal myth it follows that the Cretan priesthood of Delphi sowed Matriarchal ideas among the Hellenes   It can be little wonder that Vivian/Diana, The Lady of the Lake, appeared in French chivalric myths created from the eleventh through fourteenth centuries.

Not only that but Vivian represents the Matriarchal resurgence against Catholic Patriarchalism.  Vivan of course was none other than Artemis/Diana.  It was thus that Diana became the female archetype of Northern Europe in the second half of the Piscean Age.

It would be a mistake to suppose that the Olympian gods died quiet deaths or deaths at all.  It is one thing to outlaw a belief system and another to erase it from the memories of those who had used that belief system for two thousand years or more.  The Christians were at best a conquering horde no different from the Patriarchal Greeks who attempted to destroy the Cretan religion.  Just as the Greeks had to accommodate the Cretans by installing them at Delphi so the Catholic Church had to accommodate the Olympians while the struggle has never ceased.

Just as the Iliad was part of an immense mythological cycle detailing the struggle between the Matriarchy and Patriarchy so the Arthurian epics detailing the religious clash between the Catholics, Pagan Europeans and the Faerie religions was even more immense and sprawling.  The huge corpus of the Vulgate-Lancelot may just be the largest literary work in the world while being only part of the story.

So, Arthur being installed at Camelot as the wise and benevolent Patriarchal monarch, Vivian had her home beneath a northern French lake.  The problem for her was how to subvert Camelot and restore both the Matriarchy and the Land of Faerie.  After all the court of Arthur was guided by and protected by the magic of the great magician Merlin.  So long as Merlin was on the job Arthur was invulnerable.  Vivian’s first task was to eliminate Merlin.

Bear in mind that an ages old system that these participants can have no knowledge of is being satisfactorily worked out according to the principles of the system.  One can understand how active minds could penetrate this arcane system but the miracle is that naïve minds could understand what was intended and how to further it.  But then I am participating here in furthering events into the Aquarian Age and am no member of any priesthood.  I was just a guy standing on the corner watching the girls go by while reading the odd volume.  Do I know what I say I know?  I can’t even guess but at the same time I can’t keep from writing as though I do.  Blame it on the muse.

Vivian was a cute girl; Merlin was a half-daft old man susceptible to a young beauty’s charms even though he knew better.  Vivian smiled at him and the wisest dope in the world fell for it.  But, isn’t that the way the sisterhood works.  If you’ve got a job to do, keep it zipped up.

Enamored of Vivian Merlin took her into his confidence, he was reluctant to share his magic with her but she coaxed and he caved.  Once the wiliest of womanhood had obtained the old wizard’s knowledge she turned on him entombing him in the Matriarchal symbol, Mother Earth, where he remains today muttering useless spells in an effort to roll away the stone.  At that moment the ruling archetype of Pisces became a fenale.

Part one of her effort was now achieved.  Arthur was unprotected and vulnerable.  It was only necessary to find the means and the agent.  Vivian already knew the means.  Arthur would marry the beautiful but flighty Guinevere, a copy of Helen. Arthur was an old sober sides as he had a kingdom to rule so Guinevere was on the lookout for the dark romantic lead.  It just so happened that Vivian had a boy in training who was now about to emerge into lusty young manhood.  He was the most perfect knight save one, who was yet unborn and to be his son, born out of wedlock to Elaine.

When this lad was a young boy Vivian had lured him down to the lake from whose shores she abducted him to her submarine palace for training.  Lancelot became a fairy prince.  Now, this is important:  Vivian although a virgin was an alpha mother.  All those bundles of genes out there who yell and thrash around thinking that makes them alpha males, aren’t.  It’s not in the genes, it’s in the mothering.  Look for the alpha female.  So, Lancelot was the alphaest of all living males.

As an emblem of authority Vivan dressed Lancelot as well as the horse he rode in on in shining white velvet.  Guinevere’s prince had come.

This Dandy, Lancelot, then went to Camelot and was deputized by Arthur to fetch his bride from her father and thus began a liaison with the Queen that would disrupt the famous Round Table resulting in a war between Patriarchal Arthur and Matriarchal Lancelot that brought the Faerie kingdom to its knees.

Arthur’s original sword drawn from the stone had been stolen and was replaced by Excalibur by Vivian, the Lady of the Lake.  Remember that the Lady of the Lake existed in Ancient Greece and therefore can be traced back to Crete, if not before, and hence Artemis/Diana.  Thus Arthur originally armed by the Patriarchy  was now defended by the power of the Matriarchy ruled by Vivian/Diana.  When Arthur died the sword was returned to the Lady of the Lake and Arthur was taken to her bourne. Avalon, to be tended by Faerie maidens.  Symbolically England had passed from the Patriarchy to Matriarchy: what began two thousand years earlier between the Cretans and the Hellenes was now resolved in England in favor of the Matriarchy.  England belongs to Diana.  Reynolds captured the spirit in his characters Meagles and Lady Lade.

In the South of Europe the female archetype of the Piscean Age was Mary who delivered to the world Jesus in Virgin birth somewhat like Vivian abducting Lancelot and being his virgin mother.  At the same time that Diana assumed authority in the North Mary began to be worshipped in a form known as Matriolatry in the South and assumed pre-eminence over Jesus, the male.  The contest then shifted to one between the Dianites of the North and the Marionites of the South.

If one assumes that the sexual battle was over by 1300, then the battle of the female archetypes began.  That began to resolve itself when Henry VIII separated England from the Papacy rejecting Mary, the Mother of God.  Luther did the same for the German people.  This conflict resulted in the horrific Thirty Years War that nearly destroyed the German people.  At war’s end the Protestants, that is the Dianites, were in control of the North and the Marionites held the South.

Dissension in the North and South was still rife until the Enlightenment broke the power of the Church releasing all kinds of repressed religious views of which the Faerie religion of Diana was one.  One wonders how much of the women’s movement of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries was influenced by the concept of Diana.  The movement today is heavily influenced  by a goddess cult, not Mary, but Diana and probably the Egyptian Isis.  One imagines that there must be some continuity.

The interest in both Greek mythology and the Arthurian epics did not wane during the nineteenth century, if anything, increasing.  Tennyson’s Idylls of the King was a major retelling of the story while the quest for the Holy Grail is an ongoing theme.

The Matriarchy was all but forgotten in the conscious memory of Europe that was dominated by the Patriarchy on the surface.  In mid-century against stiff resistance the Swiss mythologist, J.J. Bachofen uncovered the Matriarchy reintroducing it into intellectual history.  The concept was stoutly resisted but a reevaluation of the evidence over the succeeding hundred years has reestablished the knowledge of its existence.

On the popular level the great English novelist H. Rider Haggard toyed with the idea in several  significant, even great, novels that have been slighted through a lack of understanding.  The most significant of that set of novels, the She saga has become one of the world’s great classics.

She, or Ayesha, her actual name means Life, was definitely not a mother goddess.  As far as we know she was chaste for two thousand years or more. Life might be interpreted in the sense of Mistress Of The Animals, so it wouldn’t be unfair to associate Ayesha with Diana.  Haggard was no mean mythologist.

He associated with the well know mythologist Andrew Lang with whom he also collaborated on novel The World’s Desire.  Haggard was very well read in mythology, Greek, Egyptian and Israelite.  The year after Haggard wrote She in 1888 he followed up with Cleopatra a very good Egyptian novel.  He followed up that with the astonishing interpretation of the Helen myth in The World’s Desire of 1890.  Within the compass of these three novels he unraveled the meaning of the Hermes/Mercury staff- the Caduceus.

In She, Ayesha wore a golden belt composed of two snakes whose heads opposed each on her waist.  They represented the combat between good and evil in Ayesha’s mind.  Both natures of the Cretan Goddess were united in Ayesha.

By the time Haggard wrote The World’s Desire, two years later he had separated the two impulses into two persons.  The evil aspect of the goddess was the ruling aspect of the Egyptian princess Meiamun while the pure loving aspect of the goddess belonged to the spirt of Helen whose character was the world’s desire.

Thus the rod of Mercury staff represents the spine while the two snakes entwining the rod represent the good and evil impulses who are at war with each other.  In modern psychological terms it could be said the snakes represent the Anima and Animus- the left and right halves of the brain, or in other words, the ovate strand of DNA and the spermatic strand.  The wings mean that the whole apparatus is sheltered under the wings of the goddess.  It is also quite probable that the points of the chakras are intended by the twining.  See my full explication here:

Hermes/Mercury was one of the old Matriarchal gods who was reborn as a Patriarchal god so that the Patriarchal Mercury bears the Matriarchal emblem of the Caduceus before him thus representing both religious outlooks.

Haggard was the rock on which his near disciple, Edgar Rice Burroughs, built his church.  Without saying that Burroughs was an expert Greco-Roman mythologist he began reading mythology at a very early age while his Junior High years were spent at the Harvard Latin school of Chicago where he was placed under a heavily classical regimen.  He also continued to read Greek mythology throughout his life while also being interested in anthropology.  Thus, while he might not have had the scholarly background of Haggard he must have known enough  to follow Haggard’s argument, if not consciously at least in his subconscious memory.

When Burroughs created his fantasy lost city of Opar its goddess, or high priestess, was even named La which is French for She.  Whether he was aware he was working with a vision of Diana isn’t relevant as the notion She/Diana was engraved in what Jung would call the collective unconscious and hence his own.

Ever the Patriarch Burroughs would turn the tables on the Diana/Vivian/Merlin story and make La submissive to Tarzan while Tarzan was unmoved by either her beauty or her love.

A sort of version was also told by the very good but now nearly forgotten novelist Robert Hichens in his novel of 1905, The Garden of Allah.  This story in turn influenced Burroughs as well as the much more conscious mythologist Edith Maude Hull who wrote The Sheik in 1921.  Today Mrs. Hulls reputation, such as it is, rests on The Sheik and The Sheik’s reputation on the movie representation of Rudolph Valentino.  In point of fact Mrs. Hull’s novel was a study of Diana, the name of her heroine, that follows to some extent the version of Burroughs.  (See my full review of the Sheik here: 

That Mrs. Hull was a part of some sort of Diana cultish interest is evidenced by this 1920s photo of a woman posing as Diana.  The collective memory and/or unconscious has kept the vision of Diana alive for a minimum of three thousand years.  The Ancient Evil has been transmuted into Freudian psychology.

Today the worship of the goddess has been revived in the Feminist Movement and is thriving.  Indeed, a Matriarchal Revolution  has been in progress since perhaps the 1850s and now seems to be rapidly approaching fruition, at least among the Aryans of Europe and America.

Time will tell whether the Ancient Evil will triumph.

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