Debunking The Biblical Creation Myth

July 4, 2021

Debunking The Biblical Creation Myth:

Water Vs. Dirt


R.E. Prindle

One of the great conflicts in the course of the development of the human intellect is that of science vs. religion.  The conflict should not be confused with Evolution that relates to physical changes, while science and religion are mental approaches.  Both science and religion have existed through out history.  As science requires physical confirmation and religion doesn’t science has developed more slowly.

Again science requires confirmation while religion is ‘revealed.’  Thus the Asiatics of the East End of the Mediterranean tended to be religious while the Egyptian and the Greeks tended toward the scientific, as primitive as it might appear.

Somewhen in the Pisces  side of twelve hundred BC the notion of what the religionists are pleased to call monotheism was determined, which was supposed to invalidate polytheism, was adopted as the official stance of the Jews, or Hebrews and succeeded as the official stance in subsequent Western history.

Polytheism is actually primitive science with each god representing a facet of reality.  Naturally rather than disappearing polytheism was transmogrified into the Godhead and the ten emanations or Sephiroth.  Thus the Gods and Goddesses coursed through history gradually becoming what is called collectively Science instead of the Godhead while the various scientific disciplines replace the Emanations or Sephiroth.

Zeus, for instance became the Godhead transmogified and the minor gods and goddesses became the Emanations.  Fundamental actually.

A major problem to the human intellect is the problem of life and that involves the elementals-earth, water, air and fire.  The Greek Pre-Socratics wrestled mightily with this problem while the discussion was universal which also involved the Jews.  In their mythical history they opted for earth as the primary material of life as they saw dirt and humans as solids.  This was a serious error in science, but no problem in religion, as human life is actually based in water being something like 98% with the other 2% composed of atomic elements.

Jewish theory was hobbled by their religious belief that the earth and universe was created at the beginning of the Age of Taurus.  Ludicrous on the face of it.  Thus all of existence had a very short period for development or evolution.

The Jews, or their Hebrew Semitic ancestors, splintered off from the Semitic main body in Mesopotamia at the cusp of Taurus and Aries while retaining the beliefs current of Taurus.  The main body that retained the science of the Sumerians who they replaced in Mesopotamia, were aware that civilization went back a hundred thousand years and before that the age of the Earth was indeterminant.

Circumstances shackled the mind of Western man to the Jewish version of creation, that is of the years of the Taurian Age. ‘God’, that is the Jewish version of ‘God’, said the Jews, came into existence at the same time and he created Man by picking up a clod of dirt and sculpting an image of himself breathing life into it.  So I look like God, you look like God, right?, unless you’re a woman and then you are a clone of the first man fashioned from the material of his rib right?

As I say, circumstances foisted this ridiculous nonsense onto the mind of Western man universally as fact until some time in the eighteenth century of  Pisces  when the science of geology demonstrated the impossibility of the planet being only four thousand years old at that time.

Subsequently we have come to accept, based on scientific rather than religious grounds that the planet may be four and a half BILLION years old.  Thus the Semitic religions fall to pieces.

Here’s a problem that worries lots of people:  where did water come from?  The prevailing ‘scientific;’ explanation is that water came from outer space.  Comets dropped it off.  This raises the problem of why are oceans of water floating around in outer space looking for planets to make a real splash down on?

Personally, I accept the science that water is made right here on this planet.  Space cats are going to have to come up with real proof.  The fact is that the giant iron core of the planet rotates at a different speed than the outer layers.  The outer layers are unstable slipping around the core at a lower speed.  The friction between the core and the slipping outer layers.  The slipping creates a magnetic field called gravity.

The heat and pressure generate chemical changes while the outer layers transmute the different elements into different substances.  Hydrogen and oxygen being the two elements that combine to make water.  The water, then, is extruded onto the surface.  Even today great subaqueous springs continuously extrude to refresh and replenish the water supply.  The low lying lands slowly filled with water to create the oceans.  The water evaporated, as water will do, and various gases including oxygen constitute air.  In the process the elevated part of the planet came to know fresh water.

Here is an astounding fact:  In one billion years, prepare now, the Sun will be 10% brighter making it hot enough for Earth to lose enough hydrogen to space to cause the planet to lose all its water. (Fact taken from Wikipedia.)  Thus while oxygen may remain there won’t be enough hydrogen to form H2O.

There is no need to look to outer space to know where water comes from; it is a natural process of the planet.

Thus the oceans were formed.  In the process of extrusion the various elements (iron, copper etc.) were dissolved in the water.  Therefore water (hydrogen and oxygen) has many trace elements of which about eighteen are used to create life.  This can only happen in water.

Rabbi Loewe, a fifteenth century European Rabbi formed the monster called the Golem, whose role was to kill anti-Semites, out of dirt that he breathed air into its nostrils and brought it to life.  This is magic of the highest order.  Neither ‘God’ or Rabbi Loewe ever created life that way.

So, all of these elements were floating around in the primordial soup, that is to say oceans, where they bumped into each other forming various combinations that bonded into primitive one celled organisms that began to mutate and change into various forms.  Life began in the oceans.  There originally was not much oxygen in the atmosphere  but when it reached about 21% life became possible.  How long ago that was isn’t known.  We know it was when the atmosphere became 21% because that is the percentage needed today to sustain life.  If the oxygen were reduced sufficiently the various forms of life would become sluggish and inefficient; if the oxygen content rose life forms would burn oxygen more brightly and expire.

Thus, humankind evolved in water and assumed the appearance of solidity.  As Isaac Asimov (who was Jewish by the way) said:  Humans are just big bags of water.  No dirt involved.  Another Jewish myth debunked.

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