Locating The Garden Of Eden

May 27, 2021

Locating The Garden Of Eden


R.E. Prindle

Now comes a knotty problem  that I have to deal with, that of the mythical Garden of Eden.  The Garden is a problem propounded by the Jews in the first book of their mythology, Genesis.  The Jews threw all Western civilization askew when they succeeded in making the mythology a ‘historical’ standard that has survived for well over two thousand years.  Today in the United States well over half the population believes the Garden of Eden myth history.

I think it likely that the notion of an early paradise was based on fact by the Sumerians who passed the quasi-historical story on to the invading Semites who adopted Sumerian myth and history as their own as they had none.

While we were all led to believe that prior to what we call recorded history all mankind was dumb and stupid while the early historians were thick and didn’t have any idea of what they were talking about this isn’t so.  History began, according to textbooks, in about 3500 BC in either Egypt or Mesopotamia, that is with the Sumerians who occupied lower Mesopotamia, that is at the then mouth of the Tigris-Euphrates rivers.  Mesopotamia means- between two rivers.  The two rivers will be important in my conjecture.

In point of fact the Egyptians and Mesopotamians had memories that went back hundreds of thousands of years.  They were aware of the Great Year.  The Great Year has a cycle of about 2600 years.  Thus, when  the North Pole aligns with the star Polaris the summer of the Great Year is in progress and will remain so for about four thousand years.  We are currently one degree beyond Polaris so the Great Year summer is just beginning and will last 4000 years.

Thirteen thousand years from now when the North Pole aligns with the star Vega, the depths of Winter will be on the planet thus, an Ice Age.  There have been at least three interglacial summers.  These long cycles are caused by the Plane of the Ecliptic, that is, the planet is not upright in its relation to the Sun but tips over at an angle of about 23 degrees.  Thus, the Sun is vertical at the equator one day of the year further West each year. That is called the Precession of the Equinoxes.

Our Ancient ancestors observed and recognized this and as the Solar Year follows the exact same process and was divided into twelve months so the Great Year was divided into Ages of about 2100 years each.  This calendar was named the Zodiac.  It was a celestial calendar.  We know, therefore, that there is nothing to fear from so-called Global Warming.  It is a natural process and cannot be stopped.  The Earth has been warming since the North Pole passed the star Vega thirteen thousand years ago.  Mankind has survived at least three or four inter-glacial summers and the consequent winters.  It’s all good.

As the Earth cools in the winter of the great Year as in the Solar Year water freezes and snow falls.  A great snow cap forms in the Northern Hemisphere thousands of feet thick.  Great glaciers cover the mountain peaks and highlands.  Instead of rising the ocean levels fall, perhaps from 300 to 500 feet.  At that point land that is now under water was above water.

Mesopotamia that is currently situated at sea level at the mouth of the Twin Rivers was once hundreds of miles from the sea and a rural backwater of civilization.  What is now known as the Persian Gulf was exposed and a terrestrial paradise.  The Tigris and Euphrates formed one river filled summer and winter in a temperate climate providing an unending source of water for the peoples who inhabited the Valley of the Gulf.  The waters of the Two Rivers passed through the Straits of Hormuz and cascaded out into the sea.

Rainfall was plentiful, thus a great civilization grew up in the Valley and the Arabian uplands, which is now one of the driest areas on Earth was then well watered.  Legend has it and I view the legends as memory traces, a number of civilizations that grew up during this winter of the Great Year,  Atlantis, Shambala, Mu and the Ethiopia of the River Valley of the Twin Rivers.  All these memory traces would be enshrined in mythology.

According to the Sumerians, supported by the Egyptians, the Great Flood occurred during the Age of Leo of the Great Year.  Thus semi-recorded history began in the Ages of Taurus and Aries.  The period of these ancient civilizations then must have been in the Ages of Virgo and Libra.  Earlier than that is anybody’s guess although we know that the Earth has been occupied by so-called Homo Sapiens for a couple hundred thousand years while here is no accurate accounting for those earlier years, all is speculation, nothing is known for certain.  The Neanderthals were discovered only in mid-nineteenth century.

We do know that civilizations rise and fall followed by dark ages when all knowledge disappears existing only as memory traces.

For the purposes of this article we must not confuse the Zodiac with Astrology; they are two different things although Astrology, or the worship of stars, probably arose from the Zodiac or was joined to it.  The Zodiac existed and exists independently of Astrology.  Concerning Astrology:  While predicting future events is impossible, Astrology nevertheless was a phase passed through by the human mind while having an influence on men’s thinking and actions down to our own times.  The subject merits historical attention.

Thus during the four thousand years of Virgo and Libra the sea levels were still falling  and mankind of the four mentioned civilizations prospered.  The back country folk remained primitive compared to the four civilizations which the memory traces depict as great miraculous prosperous wise civilizations.

Then as the Age of Leo warmed the Earth, Spring and Summer approached as one would expect.

As some point a great sound as of celestial thunder boomed as winter released its hold and the balmy days of Spring and Summer were on the horizon.  The waters rose, very quickly as the ice cap collapsed and the glaciers shrank.  The seas began flooding the lands.  The Valley of the Two Rivers which is very shallow, three hundred feet deep, or less, at the present time rose over the civilization submerging it completely and the Spring heat began to dry up the lands of Arabia while the jet stream and weather patterns adjusted to the new conditions.  The Lost Quarter of Arabia sank into oblivion no longer able to support life.  Today it is the driest of lands.  The Twin Rivers began shrinking and the Gulf waters lapped Sumerian shores gradually depositing silt extending into the Gulf.

In legend the flooded valley that disappeared in the Great Flood became an idyllic place, a paradise.  The Great civilization of Atlantis was remembered and revered by the Lower Egyptians who escaped the waters.

The Ages of Leo and Cancer passed. Some memories of the Age of Gemini exist while the Age of Taurus began the return of civilization that exploded in the Ages of Aries and Pisces and into the Age of Aquarius that we are now entering.

The Sumerians remembered being uncivilized rough savages until a fish man name Oannes (John in today’s parlance) appeared from the sea, that is the Persian Gulf, and instructed them in the ways of civilization.  Of course, there was no fish man but Ethiopian survivors seeking higher ground just as the Libyans who fled the rising Mediterranean lowlands occupied Lower Egypt, the Delta of the Nile, thus bringing civilization to the Upper Egyptians who were in the same position as the Sumerians.

All events occur organically, there is no Magic.  A mystery is nothing more than an unexplained situation.  All mysteries can be explained simply with adequate knowledge.  The above account is how things must have happened.  Naturally, no Magic, no mysteries.  No men from outer space, no Jewish vision of the Garden of Eden.

Now, the Jews are not an ancient people.  According to their own records they came into existence at the cusp of the Age of Aries from Taurus.  They refused to accept the change from Taurus into Aries clinging to the beliefs of Taurus.  They claimed that Saturn the male avatar of the Age of Taurus was an eternal, unchanging God.  This created conflict in the Civilization and the Jews began a revolt that resulted in their ejection from Mesopotamia.

As they were a splinter of the Semitic Mesopotamians  all they could do then to distinguish themselves was to recreate, rearrange existing legends into their own narratives.  Thus they denied the long age of the Earth and said that the Earth was created at the beginning of Taurus whose god was the eternal Saturn thus sealing off future change in Aries and Pisces.  There’s the problem.

The Age of the Flood and the disappearance of Paradise were turned into supernatural events. Magic.  Judaism is rooted in Magic.  Of course, as no one could have knowledge of actual causes there was a mystery that can only now be explained.  Nevertheless, the Jews- or proto-Jews-  created the story of Adam and Eve who then had to have existed at the beginning of the Age of Taurus when the Jews theorized that God, that is, Saturn created the Earth. 

The Garden of Eden was thought to have existed somewhere to the East, that is in the submerged valley.  The name Ethiopians would later be given to the peoples of the Upper Nile although the Greeks referred to the Ethiopians as being to the East who were very wise.

The first couple chapters of Genesis then were converted from the records of the Sumerians, the Semites being later invaders who displaced the Sumerians but retained their priestly knowledge, the Jews splitting off from their fellow Semites circa 2000 BC.

Thus the Garden of Eden is located and explained.

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