Another Side Of White Supremacy

April 25, 2021

Another Side Of White Supremacy


R.E. Prindle

As we all know there is a tremendous reaction to White Supremacy.  All the sub-races are calling for an end to White Supremacy in which case  we can be sure that there is White Supremacy.  We’re dealing with facts here.  True Science.

Look at the clothes.  Do you see anyone walking around in Aztec dress? No?

Look at China.  Mao’s Cultural Revolution was a success.  Traditional Chinese dress has disappeared from the face of the Earth.  Replaced by…clothes that White people designed.  The whole world dresses like White People.  T-shirts with slogans on them.

Look at the cities of Asia—China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar for Christ’s sake, India, the Arab States, Israel, what do you see?  Skyscrapers.  Skyscrapers, the iconic structure of the United States.  Made the Arabs so jealous they knocked a couple of ours down and then built one much taller than ours ever were.  Half a mile high.  Skyscrapers!  Born in Chicago before the Negroes arrived.

See anybody riding horses?  Driving ox-carts?  No?  Automobiles, trucks, trains, planes, Electric Cars.  Motor City redux.  It’s all White.  Everything.  Whites have white washed the world.  There is nothing so evident of White Supremacy than how the Rest look, act and live.

What is more ubiquitous evidence ow White Supremacy than the cell phone, created in a garage in the United States.  Took over the world in a decade..  Look at the photos, everyone walks around with a cell phone in their hand.  Push a button and you’re face to face with your friend.  Science fiction right?  Came from right here in the land of White Supremacy.

Phones, TVs, computers, the Internet, movies you name it.  White Supremacy makes the rest feel inadequate.  They’re embarrassed by it. Better to get rid of the Whites but keep the Whiteness.  Whiteness good, Whites bad.  Hey?

Even the Jews sing:  We’re not White we’re Jewish.  Sure.  The horror of living off the bennies of the US!  US monetary support ends, Israel disappears.  They’re not White but they want the Green.  Need it.  To Survive.   They won’t let you on the bus without the fare.  ‘Smartest people on the Earth’ but living off the US dole.

Suppose the Rest do remove Whiteness from the World.  What happens then?  The life goes out of the world.  The nineteenth and eighteenth centuries return.  Famines, diseases, parasites and not Paradise.  You can count the ticks of the clock while everything runs down.

Africans can’t offer any contribution.  Before the West sent them a shipment of sun glasses they were plagued with eye diseases.  Then they pleaded:  We don’t want you to send us shoes; we want you to send us people to show us how to make them.  No hope there.  They were static before the White Man arrived to pick up the burden.

The Chinese advanced a little further up the evolutionary scale but their society had always been in a condition of stasis until some Western Whites showed up and asked them :  Can you guys make this crap cheaper?  Western business practices were grafted onto Chinese stock and lo! The Chinese desert bloomed.  Without Whiteness China sinks back into apathy.

Japan! Now there was a dynamic response to the Western Challenge.  But they will get gulped down by the Chinese Godzilla.

No, People of the Rest.  Like it or not White people are your saviors.  Whiteness is the Path.  You all want to come to the US for a better life?  No room but we will be happy to export Whiteness to you and you can stay where you are and use Whiteness to make your lives better.  Try it.  You’ll like it.

One Response to “Another Side Of White Supremacy”

  1. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    I’m for the Supremacy of Pamela…

    Pamela uber alles!


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