14. The View From Prindle’s Head

June 4, 2020

  1. The View From Prindle’s Head
  2. Unintended Consequences
  3. Battleground Europe


R.E. Prindle


The period after the fall of the Western Roman Empire was one of perpetual slow motion chaos. From the fall of the Western Empire to the time of Charlemagne was roughly four hundred years. Any periods of security were short lived as the German tribes were in constant motion. Hordes roved about throughout the remains of the Empire. England was vacated fairly early by the Romans so that waves of Germans passed over Great Britain until the Normans established a more settled kingdom after 1066.

The Romano-Celts occupied France and were subdued early on by the Franks thus constituting two cultures and peoples although the Celts were originally an Aryan tribe from Central Asia. The Celts were thoroughly Romanized hence in the thrall of the Catholic Church.

In addition to giving the Jews a monopoly on usury the Catholic Church made the Jewish bible its Holy Scriptures thus impressing the minds of Catholics with ancient Jewish mores. Illiteracy was the norm except for the Churchmen who had to be able to use the Latin language. The priesthood fully believed the fables of the Jewish bible as God’s own truth. Hence society was thrown back by a thousand years or more into the ignorance of those fables. At that time according to Jewish scriptures the earth would only have been about three thousand years old and that was believed literally against impossible odds to the contrary. The old Mesopotamian cultures with their knowledge which ran against Jewish fables had disappeared beneath the sands without a trace. The Assyrians were known only from biblical lore. The Egyptians existed only in Jewish legend.

World Jewry became concentrated in Spain and were engulfed by the Moors as Spain was ripped from the possession of the Visigoths in 700. The Reconquest of Spain by the Visigothic Spaniards driven into the North West corner of the peninsula would take seven hundred years! One must dwell on the length of that time to appreciate the duration of seven hundred years of warfare.

Gradually the Jews dispersed throughout Europe as the war continued on the Iberian peninsula, that is Spain. The Moors and Spanish were fighting all through the Middle Ages until Columbus sailed West to the New World inaugurating the beginning of modern times. One speaks of Moors, Spaniards, Germans, the English as nationalities. The Jews too are a nationality but as they possessed no territory of their own when they entered another nation they came as invaders no different than Goths who invaded Italy and conquered it Thus, whether in England, France or Germany they thought to possess it. Not coming with an army they were instead armed with usury. Rather than conventional weapons they armed with themselves with money. They always maintained their Jewish identity and never amalgamated with the locals. In this respect they were no different than the Aryans who, whether in India or elsewhere attempted to maintain the color line. There is no difference between the two attitudes.

Indeed the Franks and Roman-Celts in what became France maintained their characteristics and remained distinguishable until the various wars, the leaders of which preferred tall Germans to smaller Celts, eliminated the tall warriors. One should not be surprised that a determined people such as the Jews maintain their Jewish identity although they assume the native appearance to avoid discovery.

By 1290 in England Jewish usury had made them a danger to the State so that they were expelled and not allowed to officially return until about 1655. Of course they were always a disguised presence in any country. In 1307 some seventeen years after the English expulsion the French king, Philip LeBel expelled them from France for the same reason.

The Jews then began their migration East into the no-mans land of the steppes between Russia and Poland. A huge expanse of land that was to be called The Pale of Settlement after the Russians annexed Poland in the Eighteenth Century.

As an alien, actually nomad, nation without a territory of its own, the Poles at the time claimed the future Pale as its own, the Jews were in perpetual conflict with their neighbors. As the Poles were dominant at the time the Jews assumed the position of middle men between the rulers and the people as in Visigothic Spain. Such was the invasive technique. The so-called holocaust or Final Solution ended that particular pattern of their history. The very name Final Solution indicates the nature of their residence in Europe all other solutions, such as expulsion, having failed to resolve the problem.

Having been expelled from most of the States of Europe from 1290 on, as a result of the triumph of the Spanish Reconquista in 1492, the Jews and Moors were required to either accept Christianity or leave Spain. Many did and many didn’t, but from that moment the Jews declared a war to the knife in Europe. This was no joke. While the so-called holocaust was the European solution to the Jewish problem, the Second Thirty Years War, bookended by the two world wars was the Jewish solution to their European Problem and in 1945 the whole of Europe lay in ruins. Was that a fair exchange?

The future of Europe was very black indeed and would have endured hundreds of years of misery had not the US stepped in to restore European Civilization. The vital center, Germany, was a total ruin. It had been bombed flat enveloped by an intense anti-German hatred from both the East and West and, needless to say, world Jewry.

Fortunately Jewish hatred was baffled by more level heads in the US but that is not at our place in our history. The future situation should still be borne in mind as our history is told.

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