3. The View From Prindle’s Head

March 24, 2020

  1. The View From Prindle’s Head


R.E. Prindle

Acquiring The Right Tools For The Job


In 1921 the decision was made to dishonorably and criminally manage the minds of the people of the United States while deceiving the electorate of their intentions. This would have been a formidable task with the psychological tools available to them. Prior to 1920 the only effective tool was print culture, books, magazines and most importantly newspapers. These were firmly under the control of the immigrant group of Jews. Thus they had control of the only tool in the toolbox. Control was not total but it was ruin to cross them.

Print is a relatively ineffective medium, it requires effort and the ability to read. While complete illiteracy was becoming rare, functional illiteracy was and is today commonplace. Fortunately for the conspirators, for there is no other name for them, a perfect storm of media was forming. Forms that required only hearing and seeing thus open to all.

Silent movies and phonograph records, as they were called at the time, to that point were in development hence imperfectly deployed while the culture reflected the early English settlers. However the twenties would introduce radio with its tremendous aural influence. When soundtracks were applied to movies the two media, radio and film, made propaganda a cinch; especially as methods were learned to coordinate the two. Competition between the media and the print culture was intense but print could not compete with sight and sound.

President Wilson under cover of the Great War had conditioned the populace to robot like obedience and would have gone further had not peace ensued. An unrelenting propaganda campaign, inform on your neighbor, even you family, readily molded the public mind. The old pre-immigration America was dead and gone.

America, formerly the land of plenty, was put on an artificial scarcity that made food supplies limited. While many of the restrictions were lifted after the war, peace did not follow. The Communist revolution of 1917 was directed to US shores where a large percentage of the immigrants were either Communists or Socialists with many, many of the old stock sympathetic if not active. Moscow immediately became the sentimental capital of their world. Loyalty was to the ideology and not the country. The populace was thus divided between Communist/Socialists and what they designated Capitalists. The division wasn’t that clean.

The Revolution then was activated in the US creating what the Reds, to use a single term, called The Great Red Scare. This was imagined to be an irresponsible resistance to the Revolution hence the Old Guard were what Hillary Clinton in the 2010s designated the Deplorables. As the twenties turned into the thirties the opposition was termed either Fascists or Nazis.

During the Red Scare the anti-Reds acted promptly and effectively to squelch the revolution. A. Mitchell Palmer, the Attorney General rounded up thousands and sent hundreds back to the now Soviet Union on what was called the Soviet Ark. His character has been assassinated by historians.

The famous bombing of Wall Street in 1919, when the Stock Exchange was nearly blown to bits could not have been the work of one man. A revolution had been brewing since the conspirators arrived on US shores in 1848. Thus the twenties ushered in an entirely new United States of America with the Reds contesting the Whites for control of the country. The turmoil rose to a nerve blasting level as planes, trains and autos altered the landscape of the country beyond recognition. And that was only the beginning. The American psyche was unsettled.

Television was functional in 1927 and was ready to go commercial by the end of the thirties, delayed by what became now the Second World War, it was commercially launched only after the war. The physical tools were thus in place and functioning, if not fully coordinated, and operating by 1950 when the big push became possible. At that time all the media were firmly under Jewish control.

Tools are only objects without means to use them, direct them to their purpose. Fortunately for the revolutionists, the conspirators, by the beginning of the 1920s the development of psychology had reached a highly effective state. The psychological tools were provided by the great steps discovered in the nineteenth century Europeans, then funneled through the mind of Sigmund Freud, the great synthesizer, in the twentieth century. He selected what he needed to achieve his goals.

His great synthesis was condensed in his essay Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego. By the twenties Freud had perfected his vision of hypnosis including mass hypnosis. At the same time drugs that would become popular after 1960 were discovered and perfected. I’m thinking mainly of Amphetamines here. A perfect vehicle, or hypnotic media, to reduce resistance to propaganda.

Hypnosis is not be taken lightly, it and memory are the basis of mind. Group psychology in Freud’s hands was essentially mass hypnosis by which is meant whole nations. He had worked out techniques to control entire populations. Usually Freud concealed his sources but for some reason he acknowledged his debt to the Frenchman Gustave Le Bon, an important figure at the time. As a great tribute he even reproduced long quotes. Very strange for Freud. Le Bon had written a book at the turn of the century entitled: The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind. Freud incorporated it into his Group Psychology in toto.

Public relations which arose as an industry in the nineteen teens came into its own post-war. Men like Ivy Lee and Edward Bernays took psychological findings and incorporated them into the field of advertising. Improved printing of colors made their refined methods exceptionally effective backed by radio and later television. Various magazines such as Life and Look consisted entirely of pictures.

Print combined with the new electronic media seized the mind of America. By the thirties and the advent of Roosevelt methods were refined that came to near perfection by 1960.



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