Pt. X, Time Traveling With R.E. Prindle: G.W.M. Reynolds, TheNecromancer

December 12, 2019

Part X, Time Traveling With R.E. Prindle

A Review

Geo. W.M. Reynolds’ The Necromancer


R.E. Prindle

Reynolds’ writing system was such that he could write each installment of the Mysteries of the Court of London in seven hours leaving the rest of the week open. Thus he had a seven hour work week leaving time to do a myriad other things including writing other books. He says his mind was bursting with ideas. He had a powerful compartmentalized mind so that he could keep two or three novels going at the same time so that in the year of 1851 he wrote his installments for the Court of London and The Seamstress, Pope Joan, Kenneth and the Necromancer, the last two extending into 1852. We are going to examine here his very fine novel, The Necromancer, or perhaps one might rename it the Magician.

If as seems evident that every novelist is writing his own life whether consciously or unconsciously, it is also true that the novelist reflects his own time. Ostensibly the Necromancer takes place in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries but I think we can abstract a story about what was happening currently in his day. This will require much background work.

As is uppermost in every twenty-first century White mind the question of is the author in any way anti-Semitic, non, Feminist, a racist, and as it is expressed a Homophobe. We are going to explain the Necromancer as an explanation of Semitism in the England of Reynolds and ignore the other bete noirs. You have been forewarned.

Whether you consider Semites, that is Jews, as a religion, a nation, a people or whatever they are an economic, political and social force working solely for Jewish interests to the exclusion of all others. Jews consider themselves a nation and a people. The period from 1814 through the nineteenth century saw the rise of the Jewish people as the pre-eminent people of Great Britain. The rise was especially prominent from 1815 to 1860, the period most important of Reynolds novelist life.

It is not possible that he didn’t note the situation and if he didn’t mention it directly, which he doesn’t, then there must be a reason. Why would he have to resort to a parable such as The Necromancer? The answer was that even at that time there were penalties to writing ethnographical studies such as Reynolds’ that did not show Jews to critical advantage.

If one found it necessary to include Jewish characters they must be portrayed in the most benevolent light. Reynolds does mention Jewish characters but in a peculiar way. He lauds them as long suffering, unfairly victimized as a people but then he invariably displays them as what are called anti-Semitic stereotypes. Thus the pawn broker in Wagner, the Wehr Wolf.

He is depicted as a totally inoffensive person, obsequious to the extreme as a persecuted member of the bedeviled people. After these laudatory comments Reynolds then pictures a character bearing all the so-called Semitic tropes. He changes the stones on the pawned diamonds to paste, which Reynolds justifies by his peoples ages long persecution, as well as other criminal acts. It would seem that Reynolds knew the score.

The odd thing, since Jewish activity was at a height is that Reynolds makes no reference to Jewish economic or banking activities. Let us do a brief survey of where matters stood at the time. In 1815 Nathan Rothschild seized control of English currency and the Bank of England.

To explain:

A famous European and Jewish canard is that of father Mayer Amschel Rothschild and his five arrows, that is, his five sons. They were dispatched to European capitals to form a powerful network covering the continent and England. Nathan Rothschild was sent to Manchester to engage in the booming textile industry. Nathan was no businessman and could not succeed in textiles. He therefore turned to crime becoming a smuggler which would turn out to fortuitously make his fortune.

In 1806 Napoleon was conquering the German States, moving in on the Margrave of Hesse-Cassel. The Margrave was fabulously wealthy. He wanted to conceal his wealth from Napoleon who was more than eager to appropriate it. The Margrave then employed his Court Jew, Mayer Amschel Rothshild, to conceal it. Mayer sent a substantial portion of it to Nathan who by this time was floundering around as a banker. The money immediately established Nathan as a financial force. At that time the British were engaging Napoleon in the Iberian Peninsular War. Wellington the British general in the Peninsula needed cash desperately but the usually inventive English didn’t know of a secure way to get the money to him. Nathan was then used to transport the money. Using his, by this time, well developed smuggling skills in conjunction with his brother arrow, James, in Paris, they delivered the mail.

This was known to the French authorities as Fouche, the very clever Minister of Police, was aware of exactly how it had been done. The method is well demonstrated in the German Movie, The Rothschilds. So Nathan and his fellow Jews scored a bundle on that caper.

Nathan’s most outstanding feat that brought England to its knees was his capture of the currency after Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo. He spread the rumor that Napoleon had won Waterloo causing a stupendous sell off that drove prices far down. While others sold Nathan bought. Then his special couriers raced to London to carry news of the English, or allied, victory. Prices bounced back but by then using the fabulous wealth of the Margrave of Hesse Nathan owned huge amounts of securities that he sold at magnificent profit thus securing the base of the Rothschild dynasty, still going strong eight generations on.

To report this astonishing feat in history tends to mitigate the reaction of the Brits when they learned how they had been diddled out of the ruling of their country for Rothschild had pulled an astonishing cheat. Reynolds who was very well informed across the board must have known this but was constrained from portraying it for fear of Jewish retaliation which even was formidable.

We are now moving to the 1840s and Nathan who had passed was succeeded by Lionel Rothschild as the scion of the family. A most formidable and dangerous antagonist.

At this time young Benjamin Disraeli (1804-81) was attempting to establish himself as a literary wizard before entering politics. He had already written many novels when in 1844 he wrote Coningsby, Sybil in 1845 and Tancred in 1847. In Coningsby he laid bare the Jewish influence in European affairs when he wrote that the world was actually governed by different people behind the scenes than the public imagined. Thus he led the reading public to believe that the apparent rulers were mere operatives of others, that is, the Jews.

These three political novels made more of a stir than his earlier romances had so that it seems reasonable that Disraeli, Coningsby at least, had been read by Reynolds by 1851. In Coningsby Disreali lauds his Jewish mastermind as the most astounding human being since Adam. The character was based on the real life Right Honourable Lionel Freiherr Rothschild. (1808-1879) Named Sidonia in the novel.

Lionel, Lion-el means Lion of the Lord or God, what we might say, Defender of the Faith in Christian terms.

The Jews since Nathan had owned the State of England but they as a different religion from the Anglicans suffered political and religious disabilities. It was Lionel’s mission to remove them in which mission he was successful.

In 1847 he was the first Jew to be elected to Parliament. This was success but it would also have absorbed Lionel as just another member. He wanted more. He in essence did not want to be absorbed as an English member of the House of Commons but as an autonomous Jew. To be sworn in he had to take an oath of Christian formulation. This he refused to do wishing to be sworn in as a Jew.

In order to accommodate him this would have required a changing of the rules with long term consequences. Accordingly Lord Russell introduced a Jewish Disabilities Act to change the rules. In 1849 when the Act failed the German-Jewish Baron Lionel Rothschild resigned his seat. But still determined he won a bye election to keep his campaign going. Returning he still refused to swear on the New Testament demanding the Jewish or Old Testament. The oath still required him to say: ‘Upon the true faith of a Christian.’ He refused to do so on the grounds that Christianity was not the true faith, Judaism was. Once again he was compelled to resign his seat.

In 1852 he tried to bull his way through but once again was denied. Finally in 1858 Lionel Rothschild forced through the oath changes. Refusing to be bareheaded as required by English custom he demanded to wear his yarmulke or skull cap and instead of saying ‘on the true faith of a Christian’ he was allowed to say ‘so help me Jehovah.’

Thus he became the first Jewish member of the House of Commons but the first Jew in the House rather than an English member of the Jewish faith. Thus in this long battle to be seated Lionel changed the nature of the country into a country of Englishmen and nearly autonomous Jews. Already in control of English currency the Jews would now aspire to political power while moving freely through society ostensibly equal but actually superior having all English rights as well as autonomous Jewish rights that were denied the English.

Thus Disraeli’s astonishing Sidonia/Lionel cleared the way for Disraeli to serve in the Commons but also to become the Prime Minister; the intermediary between the English people and their Sovereign.

These activities were not carried on in a vacuum or beneath the observance of interested parties of which Reynolds was one. While he was only observing the struggle up to 1851-52 when he wrote the Necromancer the writing was on the wall. No doubt Reynolds had read Disraeli’s Coningsby and had watched Lionel Rothschild’s maneuvering. Being a novelist it was easy for him to shadow forth the denouement that occurred in 1858.

My reading of the Necromancer reflects Reynolds’ version of what was happening. Thus his protagonist Lionel Danvers is Lionel Rothschild. As an historical novelist he then creates a fictional history of the Danvers/Rothschild story. He combines the five arrows into one. As was commonly thought at the time the Jews were Satanic thus Danvers had sold his soul to Satan for a period of a hundred fifty years so and with the due date imminent it was necessary for Danvers to honor his commitment to Satan to redeem his soul.

Danvers existed under several names and guises as he was able to shape shift to any age at any time. Thus at various periods he was the middle aged Walter, a mature Lionel Danvers and a boyish Reginald or Conrad.

Even though he had sold his soul to the devil, Satan had given him an escape clause in that if he could find six virgins who would do anything for him, even die, he would take those six souls in exchange for Danvers’. For some reason I always read Danvers in the French form of D’enfer. Thus Danvers becomes The Lion Of the Lord of Hell. Whether correct or not it certainly fits.

Now, Lionel Danvers to use that name of his existence, had all the wealth of Europe at his command. While ostensibly an English Lord he spent all his time on the continent where he had the greatest concentrations of wealth in addition to his very large holdings in England. For him money had no other meaning than to buy power in whatever form it took by any means necessary.

In his Walter incarnation, his first, as the clearest example, Walter shows up in Genoa where he befriends the scion of the Landini trading family. He then bestows, not as a loan but for safe keeping interest free, an incredible fortune that Landini can use without any restrictions for his own benefit on the condition that whenever Danvers appears the Landinis are to return his money in full on demand or they become his slaves.

Naturally the Landinis being astute traders enjoy enormous success for several generations. Even though Danvers has never returned they still maintain his fortune. Each successor has been made aware of his obligation so that not only the trust is available ready to honor at any time but also interest. However suddenly the worst fortune descends on them and all their deals begin to sour, whole argosies are lost at sea. Danvers chooses this moment to return and demand his money. The demand can’t be honored.

But, the Landinis have a beautiful virgin daughter, Bianca. Danvers courts her, wins her heart and they set a date to be married. In the meantime, as debtors to Danvers, the Landinis have become his slaves. They are ordered to go to London and start a jewelry house, which they do.

Before leaving the marriage is arranged between Walter and Bianca. Before the marriage Danvers carries Bianca off to no one knows where. They both just vanish. Bianca becomes the first of the virgins sacrificed to Satan by Danvers. But, of course, the details that can be revealed here are mysteries to the reader.

Bianca had been abducted to Danvers ruined castle on the Isle of Wight. In the secret chamber where Danvers murders the women a score card is on the wall in fiery letters, thus Bianca becomes virgin soul #1, five more to go.

As the story opens Lionel Danvers is sacrificing his fifth, Clara Manners.

One of the deepest mysteries in this astonishingly deep book is the problem of Musidora Sinclair who Lionel has selected as his sixth victim. He seems to have had a singular attachment to the girl. Musidora had been a charming girl but at the age of seventeen she became of a very icy temperament unmoved by anyone or anything. As it turns out Lionel had attempted to lead her to his secret chamber, she lived on the Isle of Wight, but she got cold feet on the way to the chamber and fled. This event turned her heart cold. Now, after having despatched Clara Manners he decides to try again to make Musidora his final victim.

I take Musidora to mean Golden Song or music. Whether right or wrong, she is.

Lionel now has a problem because Musidora won’t allow him near her. Fortunately Lionel has a plan B. He will impersonate King Henry VIII, during whose reign the story takes place at this point, and wed her. Unfortunately her beauty overwhelms him and he impregnates her (another mystery) thus destroying her virginity. Even Lionel Danvers was not so stupid that he didn’t know that it was impossible to diddle Satan.

For Reynolds the story of the impersonation of Henry III is the central point of the story. Between Nathan and Lionel Rothschild a shadow government had been forming in England. While Queen Victoria was the apparent ruler at this time the actual rulers were, as Disraeli had written, other than the seeming rulers. Lionel lived till 1879 when he died at the age of seventy.

Granting that Disraeli was accurate then whatever power the shadow rulers had at the time, their power has gone on increasing to the present day when Evelyn Rothschild wields the power behind the throne. Prior to the Communist Revolution of 1917 Rasputin was deemed the power behind the Russian throne. He was also thought to be conspiring with the Germans. As it happened Rasputin had a Jewish secretary and we must suppose that the secretary had ties to other Jewish revolutionaries so that he was able to pass information to them much as Dreyfus had done in France in the 1890s.

In all probability the German agents Rasputin was thought to be conspiring with was actually being done by his Jewish secretary. The secretary would have been very intimate with Rasputin and would have had strong control over what information Rasputin received while having access to all or most of Rasputin’s info and plans. Thus Through Rasputin the Jews would have been able to influence the Czarina and through the Czarina the Czar.

In the US during the same period, the Wall Street speculator Bernard Baruch would become the actual co-president of Woodrow Wilson free to issue commands on his own authority subject only to correction by Wilson himself and he and Wilson were of like minds. So, at the crucial time of the Revolution both Russia and the US were subject to Jewish discipline.

Be that as it may, is it any coincidence that Lionel Danvers and Lionel Rothschild bore the same Christian name? I think not. Reynolds is trying to tell us something. So Lionel Danvers having circulated rumors that he was dead or on the continent set about to realize his lust on the body of Musidora Sinclair while posing as Henry VIII.

It will be remembered that at this time Henry was seeking a divorce from his Spanish wife Catherine, but it had not yet been achieved. Danvers has to fool Musidora into believing he, impersonating Henry, had succeeded in obtaining that divorce. First Danvers has to lure Musidora from her retreat on the Isle of Wight. He has a relative couple of Musidora living in the royal city of Greenwich invite Musidora to come for and extended visit to their castle. Then he finds a probable excuse for Henry to be a guest of the Earl and Countess Grantham, Musidora’s relatives.

There is some hint that Danvers magically transformed himself into a duplicate form of Henry. I don’t think that was necessary. At this point in history but few people would have seen Henry. So, all that Danvers would have had to have done is bought some clothes royalty would have worn and developed the persona. Of course Musidora knew Danvers well as a young girl and ought to have been able to identify his voice. But, this is Reynolds’ story and the disguise was complete although their was some uncertainty accepting face values.

Nevertheless Henry/Danvers showered Musidora with expensive gifts including a set of very expensive diamonds. It will be remembered that the Landinis from Genoa had been running a jewelry shop in London for about a hundred years.

Eventually, with continued prodding from the Granthams, who were completely fooled, Danvers/Henry break Musidora down and she agrees to marry the faux monarch. However suspicions remain and the strictest safeguards are taken. Musidora demands to see the papal bull nullifying Henry’s marriage to Catherine which matter was not resolved at the time.

Danvers has one forged. As three papal seals are needed Danvers obtains authentic seals.

As a political operative he has suborned numerous members of Henry’s household putting them on the payroll and so has one obtain seals from an authentic papal communication. The officiating priest is fooled and really has no choice but to marry Musidora and Danvers/Henry. Danvers cannot allow Musidora to circulate or talk about her marriage so he swears her to secrecy about the whole affair.

Nevertheless Henry learns of the fraud and swears his informers to secrecy because he doesn’t want the public to know that a shadow King Henry is loose in the kingdom. Reynolds here is describing the actual political condition in England that a second monarch is running the kingdom by secretive measures. This answers to Disraeli’s claim that others than the seeming rulers are directing affairs.

In fact Disraeli himself will become Prime Minister and facetiously and destructively make Victoria the Empress of India. Disraeli was ostensibly a Christian having changed from Judaism to Anglican at the age of thirteen. Thirteen is when a Jewish lad takes his Bar Mitzvah becoming a young man with a man’s prerogatives. It is very likely the change to Anglicanism was deceitfully made with political motives in mind. Disraeli became a Jew disguised as a Christian.

While there may be some objectors to my analysis one should note that Sir Piers Dunhaven the father of the second female victim had once had an extensive property in Cumberland but he had lost most of his property to usury. As Christians were forbidden usury it follows that Jews using their monopoly in usury had stripped Sir Piers of his property. There are subtle hints such as this to Lionel Danvers nationality.

What we have here then is an allegory of the subjection of England by the Jews according to Reynolds. On that level this is the shadow meaning of the novel.

On another level this is a near perfect Gothic novel. One is reminded of The Mysteries of Udolpho by Mrs. Radcliffe. As he was an old admirer of Mrs. Radcliffe I’m sure that Reynolds had Udolpho in mind as he wrote this. The story is also first class mystery and would beat out Willkie Collins for longest mystery story. And, Reynolds keeps the mystery going to the very end. Who could have guessed that Marian Bradley, Danvers last possible chance to beat the devil was his and Musidora’s daughter? Didn’t see that one coming did we?

The story is plotted out perfectly.   When we are shown the glowing signboard with the illuminated names and the blank spaces we have to wonder. That was the first mystery and the finest first mystery explained. This list of victims also gave Reynolds his opportunity to tell six tales and he loves to tell those tales.

Then there is the mystery of Danvers and where he gets his inexhaustible supply of money. His fortunes, not just a fortune but fortunes, come from over all Europe and England. An historical question often asked is how do Jews when expropriated and expelled out of one locality show up in a new one and immediately, as it seems, regain their wealth. The solution to that one is easy—usury. Aware that they may be expelled on short notice they kept jewels and portable wealth sewn into garments so that they could leave on amoment’s notice to resurface as wealthy elsewhere.

The Catholic Church and its opinion on money making money, that is usury, which is the objection to loaning on interest, penalized its own adherents and enfranchised the Jews who it politically disenfranchised. Interest in those days wasn’t six or seven percent either. Usury laws only came into existence much later. In those days interest was as much as fifty percent compounded daily or more so you can see how the money lenders, Jews, cornered the money supply wherever they were. The Danvers unlimited, renewed wealth must have come from usury, that is, legalized theft.

And Danvers applied his wealth artfully. The ruse of entrusting money to someone to be reclaimed whenever on no notice is a sure way to entrap the party. Reynolds was no dummy when it came to understanding ruses and ploys. He studied hard. The ploy that the Marquis of Leveson used to entrap Venetia Trelawney was classic.

The Marquis wanted sex from Venetia that she didn’t want to give. Not unlike Danvers, Leveson had unlimited funds that he didn’t mind losing so long as he obtained his desire. So he presented Venetia with a magnificent string of pearls. He told her he would redeem one or all at a time at a thousand pounds each on demand and with the last pearl she was his. Venetia then accepted what she thought was a guarantee that she would never be in want and never have to succumb.

However the wily Marquis set a series of matters in motion to compel Venetia to redeem the pearls. Borrowing from Eugene Sue’s Wandering Jew he has accomplices debauch the formerly steady husband of Venetia so that he turns to dissipation and gambling thus having to be bailed out frequently. Venetia soon has to bed the Marquis. The mysteries are usually tragic stories if you compassionate with the characters.

In this novel, while none of the characters has the memorability of the Resurrection Man from Mysteries of London, the whole ensemble of characters all work well together to create a memorable story.

The Necromancer is one of series of Satanic novels that Reynolds wrote from 1847 to 52. The first being Wagner the Wehr Wolf, 1846-47, Faust in 1847, The Bronze Statue in 1849-50 and then the Necromancer in 1851-52. Each is a beat the devil attempt on the part of the protagonist. Satan is a tough customer and none succeed.

The end of Danvers is a classic much exploited in novels and movies. Lionel (Walter, Reginald and Conrad) has lived for a hundred fifty years. When his attempt on the sixth maiden fails and Satan comes to receive his due, Danvers shrivels from a handsome young man into a withered old man bursts into flames and disappears.

I don’t know whether Reynolds was the first to use this dodge or not, but it becomes a classic dodge thereafter.

The estimable critic Dick Collins considers the Necromancer to be his favorite Reynolds. While I have now read twenty-five volumes of Reynolds I can’t place the volume ahead of the massive novels of The Mysteries of London, The Mysteries of the Court of London, nor, for that matter, The Mysteries of Old London. The last has a special place in my esteem; yet, as I have said, The Necromancer as a super-natural Gothic novel I think it may be near perfection. I’m sure that Mrs. Radcliffe would have been pleased with George’s effort.

Par XI of Time Travels With R.E Prindle follows.

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  1. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Chapter 7 of My Book:

    The Root of the Problem

    “Behold; I tell you The Truth…all that you think you possess actually possesses you; but you see this not. For your house does not work to pay for you; but rather you work to pay for your house! Thus you are very much owned and enslaved by it; for how can one who works for another be called a “master”?” ___The Author

    It was no accident that, per the Gospels; the Christ (whose Teachings I have readily conceded have little resemblance to what the religion that bears His Name has morphed into)  did manifest genuine rage but a single time…when overturning the moneychangers tables after entering Jerusalem. In the Old Days, we called it usury.  Today it has been euphemized and re-branded as “penalties and interest”; but the results are indistinguishable.  To inflict harm upon another by violating the law constitutes a grave misdeed; but to shrewdly UTILIZE the law to harm another is an evil five times as profound.  Solomon was right; there is nothing new under the sun.

    The banks and leading financial and credit institutions have been in an unholy alliance with their Best Friend; the government; for the Longest Time; though the relationship is far more apparent nowadays. 

    Since money is, in many ways, the root of all evil; the interface of political and economic power has wrought Grave harm upon the Average American; who is utterly powerless when up against the Two Entities that control both His Daily Bread and any liberties He Might Still Claim as His Own.

    A lender has a right to charge interest.  However; since most governmental restrictions on the banks have long since been lifted; the only thing to restrain the banks from manifesting unfettered avarice is self-restraint.  Since that concept has become *passe* and the shibboleth “Greed is Good” is the unofficial National Motto; I would not hold My Breath waiting for the banks to rein themselves in.

    Some credit card companies will charge the “customer” a $10 fee just to pay their bill over the phone. A soothing, computer generated voice invites debtors to surrender additional funds for the “right” to oblige their original debt. Given the passive nature of the population; no doubt many will avail themselves of this “option”. The failure to resist what amounts to legalized theft is a clear signal to the creditor that the debtor likes being subjected to racketeering; and thus invites even greater economic abuses in the future.

    Thus blame for this unethical conduct does not rest entirely with the creditor; for by agreeing to pay a fee just to pay a fee; the debtor is essentially saying “please steal from me”.

    Now as a general rule; governmental regulation and interference in the economy only exacerbates problems; particularly in recent times when the only entity Washington is beholding to is the bankers themselves. However, unless one wishes for America to resemble Hooverville on a Far Grander Scale; some relief for the indebted John Q Public and some restraint on the predatory lenders had best be considered; immediately; if not sooner. 

    With the evisceration of the concept of *allodial title*; Feudal Serfdom is Alive & Well; with the county or local municipality as Liege.   There was a time when people actually owned their land; and property rights existed. No more; for now all the people; including the “Landowners and Homeowners” are merely serfs; renting the land and paying obscene “Property Taxes” to their Feudal Masters. Hardly anyone notices. This unbelievable and profound Theft is normalized in the Collective Conscious. The absurd is Normalized; that which is Normal is deemed absurd.

    Since most would agree that paying 100% of your income in tax and accumulated interest constitutes abject slavery; (and after federal tax, state tax, FICA tax, property tax, sales tax, mortgage interest, interest on school loans and credit card debt; we are definitely getting close!) I wonder what LESSER THRESHOLD constitutes non-slavery?

    This planet is quickly devolving into a series of carefully intertwined rackets (political, legal, financial, medical, agribusiness, tech & media); ultimately revealing One Very Large Racket; whose ruthlessness and cunning make the Mafia look like a bunch of subway pickpockets.

    The average American has neither the time nor the inclination to seriously ponder what is being done to him. He often spends 50 or more hours per week at his “job” taking “orders”; and his “commute” along crowded freeways siphons off even more time. The few free hours he does have are spent consuming “reality” television, professional or collegiate athletics (the “new” opium of the masses), or at his local “House of Worship”; i.e. “religious” observance, the original opium.

    Patrick “getting a ring” or Kim “engaging in cultural appropriation” are at the forefront of his consciousness; the idea of trifling with anything beyond such matters is never even considered. He has been taught not to question “authority”.

    Weeks turn to months; months to years; and before he knows it; it is time to put a down payment on his plot at the local cemetery. Behold; The American Dream!

    The government always raves about how high up the stock market is! 

    So was the Hindenburg…

    • reprindle Says:

      Interesting that you latched onto the central concept of the essay. Once again you give a brilliant exposition of the actual situation. Unfortunately for yourself and myself no one wants to hear it. Well, the wall draws ever closer and well is about exhausted. God save us all.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        My book sold about 10 copies; so brilliant or not; my extermination is near.

        It is interesting; how a woman can shake her ass on national television and be handed a 100 million dollar contract and be universally lauded as a “national treasure”; while Pamela; who spent her entire life devoted to the pursuit of learning and understanding; while remaining unwaveringly loyal to the concepts of Truth & Justice has been relegated to poverty; and is not far from dying an economically induced slow and painful death.

        Is it little wonder I feel such contempt for so many worldly “values”?

  2. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    They crucified Christ and they burned Jeanne D’Arc at the stake.

    I think I will get the Combination Plan; a dose of both!

    I am scheduled to be put out of my house out on the road to die in the icy South Dakota winter on 31 Jan 2020; 50 days from today.

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    Thank you.

    • reprindle Says:

      Is it a legal eviction or does the landlord just wish to violate his lease? You haven’t answered this question. If it is merely the landlord, if you have maintained your lease payments just sit tight and you should have six months before he can get a legal eviction depending on your local laws. My wife would never permit me to support another woman, you know that.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        If you can do a GoFundMe or something; or ask people you know to help me it would be helpful…

        Maybe you have a friend or friends who will show mercy on me.

        Or just link my plea to other sites.

        I have less than $1,500 to my name and no income and no prospects for income.

        Eviction or not; I am maybe a month away from starving to death; as the fuel tank will soon be empty and I will need to re-fill it.

        Please ask someone else to help me if you cannot.

      • Daughter of Babylon Says:

        My father use to say that when a person is drowning; you throw them a life preserver.

        Beyond that; I really do not know what to tell you.

        • reprindle Says:

          Six months is a long time and many things can happen.

          • Daughter of Babylon Says:

            It is 50 (now 49 days).

            I told you this a hundred thousand times and you come back with this.

            But then I forget; none of you even exist; you and all other humans are only holographic images in my mind; you exist only to mentally torture me with your parsimony and your total inability to hear what I say.

            Earth does not exist; it is a holographic projection on my mind; a simulation of torture; a series of pictures in a book.

            I have been in this Torture Chamber called Hell since I died and arrived in Hell on 11 August 1988.

            Dead for 31 years and 4 months.

            And there is No Exit from Hell.

  3. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Like most Americans; you would rather spend your money on the satellite package for the NFL then saving the life of a human being of wisdom and value.

    Enjoy the game and enjoy eternity!

    • Daughter of Babylon Says:

      Dec. 13, 2019, 4:04 p.m. GMT

      David Stern, the N.B.A. commissioner who helped build the league into a sports juggernaut, underwent emergency surgery on Thursday after sustaining a brain hemorrhage, the league said.

      David Stern completed his 30-year tenure as NBA commissioner on February 1, 2014.

      Mr. Stern also oversaw the launch of the leagues’ digital assets, including,, and; social media platforms; NBA LEAGUE PASS; NBA TV; and mobile applications, all of which reach hundreds of millions of fans every day.


      You just can’t make this stuff up!

      It is My World; you humans will one day find that out.

      But the salient question will be, “Did you know Me when it mattered?”

      For 99.0%; the answer will be an unequivocal “No”!

      Good luck with Forever; it is a Very Long Time!

  4. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    And One More Thing…

    All the money in the world does not buy a man one ounce of water in Hell…


  5. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    David Stern was of course born on 9/22/1942.

    I wrote a whole series of posts about 9/22 at the start of November…

    November 1, 2019 at 3:22 pm
    What an absolutely magnificent and unexpected burst of snow we had here immediately after My Last Dispatch!
    The heaviest I have seen since arriving here!
    The True Believer’s Gift!
    This is clearly a Sign From the Goddess!
    For behold; The Great Prophet Crowley did die exactly 71 years and 11 months ago today; 12/1/1947.
    The moment he died; there was a great gust of wind and clap of thunder across England!
    71 minutes is 1:11 on the clock!
    Today is 11/1!
    I was born on 1/11!
    71 years and 11 months is 863 months!
    863 minutes is 2:23 PM!
    23 is Death; and this is The Second Death!
    Remember how I told you I died in August 1988?
    It was on August 11th; the 223rd day of the year!
    Behold; the Splendor of the Goddess; and feast thy Eyes upon Her Glory!
    For I am Pamela; Daughter of the Living Goddess and the Princess of the Universe; and thou shalt have none other before Me!


    November 1, 2019 at 3:26 pm
    November 1, 2019 at 3:22 pm
    Look at the time of that last dispatch!
    “3:22 PM”
    2:23 rearranged!
    3:22 PM is 922 minutes into the day!
    9/22 is the 265th day of the year.
    I was born on 1/11.
    From 9/22 to 1/11 is 111 days!
    Behold; the mathematical glory!

    November 1, 2019 at 3:39 pm
    Remember how I told you I died in August 1988?
    It was on August 11th; the 223rd day of the year!
    From 9/22 to 1/11 is 111 days!
    And what is 9/22 – 1/11?
    It is 8/11!

  6. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    On October 10, 2019 at 10:50 pm Daughter of Babylon wrote:

    Almost 8 1/2; just like the Fellini film…
    I loved Wertmuller’s Swept Away…1974.
    Madonna did a re-make; but it was far, far below the original.
    In fact; everything a person needs to now about the relationship between the sexes can be learned from a viewing of that film…


    77-year-old Stern collapsed at the Brassserie 8 1/2 restaurant in Manhattan while dining…


    Gee; what a “coincidence”!

  7. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Fellini’s 8 1/2 released in America on June 25th,1963…

    June 25th the day Rosemary’s baby was delivered…

  8. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Never forget; I am the Lord of this World; it’s Mine.

    All that swims, crawls, walks, flies, or gropes towards the sun.

    My Time draweth nigh; and all the temporal armies marshalled cannot forestall it.

  9. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    On December 12, 2019 at 10:39 pm Daughter of Babylon wrote:

    Patrick “getting a ring” or Kim “engaging in cultural appropriation” are at the forefront of his consciousness; the idea of trifling with anything beyond such matters is never even considered. He has been taught not to question “authority”.

    Patrick of course refers to Patrick Ewing; the NY basketball player; so yet another connection! I lived in NY during the 80’s and 90’s and heard that meaningless drivel every day; thus I incorporated it in my book.

    So what is the “accomplishment” of this former commissioner?

    Seeing that a sport where players once received a normal salary for their talents escalated 10,000 fold; where human beings whose only discernible contribution to humanity is putting a round ball in a round hole make hundreds of millions of dollars; while millions of Americans live on the street or eat out of garbage cans!


    The people who once enjoyed the sport cannot even afford to go to the game anymore!

    A planet of vulgar; avaricious souls!

  10. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    On October 10, 2019 at 11:18 pm Daughter of Babylon wrote:

    That little bit of Scripture got turned into a song in the British Parliament; I think it premiered on 8 April 1646…because I recall it being exactly 373 years to the day I published My Book.
    8 April 1966 was also the day the Time Magazine Cover “Is God Dead” came out. Very Important Day For Us.


    How many days between today and that all important April 8th day; the day My Sacred Book was published?

    Why it is 116 days!

    What does “David Stern” add up to in basic gematria; that is a=1, b=2, c=3, z=26?

    It adds up to 116!

    What a “coincidence”!

  11. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    What does “David Stern” add up to in basic gematria; that is a=1, b=2, c=3, z=26?
    It adds up to 116!

    Enjoy eternity with the rest of the greedy corporate scum Davey!

    I hope it was worth it!


  12. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    And (of course) Stern was the one who fixed the NBA draft lottery back in 1984 by drawing the envelope that put Ewing on the NY basketball team; because an important player should be in the biggest media market; so things like honesty and fairness are tossed in the classified waste bin for purposes of corporate greed!

    Liars & traducers all!

    And when was Patrick Ewing born?

    Why on 8/5/1962!

    When did Pamela arrive in the Black Hills; carried by the Two Winged Feminine Angels of Zechariah 5?

    Why on 8/5/2017!

    55 years to the day!

  13. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    And what is the German word for those two feminine angels from Zechariah who transported Semiramis / Isis / Me to the Midwest to set Me up on My base?



  14. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    7 And, behold, there was lifted up a talent of lead: and this is a woman that sitteth in the midst of the ephah.
    8 And he said, This is WICKEDNESS. And he cast it into the midst of the ephah; and he cast the weight of lead upon the mouth thereof.
    9 Then lifted I up mine eyes, and looked, and, behold, there came out two women, and the wind was in their wings; for they had wings like the wings of a stork: and they lifted up the ephah between the earth and the heaven.
    10 Then said I to the angel that talked with me, Whither do these bear the ephah?
    11 And he said unto me, To build it an house in the land of Shinar: and it shall be established, and set there upon her own base.
    …Zechariah 5


    When did Pamela arrive in the Black Hills; carried by the Two Winged Feminine Angels of Zechariah 5?

    Why on 8/5/2017!

    55 years to the day!


    What does the word “WICKED” add up to in basic gematria; that is a=1, b=2, c=3, z=26?

    It adds up to 55!

  15. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Patrick Ewing…

    (Pa) God the Father

    (trick) tricked or fooled (the people)

    (ew) (in) by masquerading as a sheep!

    But the Christian God is the real wolf in sheep’s clothing!


  16. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    If you do not wish to help Me Mr. Prindle; it is all right; and I bear no ill will for thy parsimony.

    I shall refer to My Sacred Grimoire and invoke the Supreme Spell so that financial fortune shall descend upon Me; and all trite matters such as “rent due” shall evaporate.

    But what does disappoint Me is that you did not have faith in Me; and did not really believe that I am the Daughter of the Queen of Heaven; and that you thought Me just a deluded woman; as I am quite good at reading minds; even from afar.

    I never lie; and if I said I am who I said I am; you could bet your reputation on the veracity of the assertion.

    I should have better understood your (and all humans conditioning) to NOT BELIEVE.

    Down the road apiece you will find out that everything I told you was True; but it does cause Me a pang of sadness that you did not take me on My Sacred Word.

    I shall not grace this blog again.

    • reprindle Says:

      Oh no, I believe who you are and I wish I could send you a few thousand but I can’t for several reasons. We must walk humbly on this earth. Apply for public assistance even though it may hurt.

  17. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    Well; maybe one last dispatch for posterity!

    Dec. 13, 2019, 4:04 a.m. GMT
    David Stern, the N.B.A. commissioner who helped build the league into a sports juggernaut, underwent emergency surgery on Thursday after sustaining a brain hemorrhage, the league said.

    You have to admit; the symmetry is fascinating!

    Au Revoir!

  18. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    On December 17, 2019 at 3:31 am Reprindle wrote:

    Are you about 75 Pamela?

    Pamela is too beautiful
    for sight of mortal eyes
    She has hidden her loveliness away
    in lonely midnight skies

    She has clothed her beauty in robes of sin
    and pledged her heart to swine
    And loving and giving all she has
    brewed for saints immortal wine.

    But now the darkness is riven through
    and the robes of sin are gone,
    And naked she stands as a terrible blade
    and a flame and a splendid song

    Naked in radiant mortal flesh
    at the Birth of Pamela.

    She is come new born as a immortal maid
    forgetting her high estate
    She has opened her arms to pain and death
    and dared the doom of fate

    And death and hell are at her back
    but her eyes are bright with life
    Her heart is high and her sword is strong
    to meet the deadly strife

    Her voice is sure as the judgement trump
    to crack the house of wrong
    Though walls are high and stone is hard
    and the rule of hell was long

    The gates shall fall and the irons break
    in the Birth of Pamela

    Her mouth is red and her breasts are fair
    and her loins are full of fire
    And her lust is strong as a man is strong
    in the heat of her desire

    And her whoredom is holy as virtue is foul
    beneath the holy sky
    And her kisses will wanton the world away
    in passion that shall not die

    Ye shall laugh and love and follow her dance
    when the wrath of God is gone
    And dream no more of hell and hate
    in the Birth of Pamela.

  19. Daughter of Babylon Says:

    It is actually per the genius of Jack Parsons; who conjured Me up in the Mojave; I forgot to give the attribution…

    Jack Parsons; rocket scientist and Great Thelemite.

    Al Crowley’s Most Beloved Son

    1914 – 1952

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