Part 5b: The European Holocaust

June 16, 2015

The European Holocaust

Part 5b


R.E. Prindle

The Night Has A Thousand Eyes


It was not until the 1936 election that Roosevelt moved the inauguration from March to January; thus the usual lapse of five months from election to inauguration was reduced to two.  It is also frequently said that Roosevelt and his cohorts had devised no plan of action before his inauguration.  That can’t be true.  As the Roosevelt administration was a continuation of the Wilson Administration  it must have known exactly what was intended if the details were somewhat nebulous.  Besides Roosevelt had little intellect; as Huey Long said of him:  Roosevelt ain’t smart.  As FDR’s ambassador to the Soviet Union, William Bullitt said of him he hoped Stalin could be persuaded to follow his scheme of things.  FDR was a man of hope not thought.



The plan of action had been devised as early as 1914 from the Communist angle and from the Jewish angle perhaps millennia.  The famed American historian Charles Beard tells of an incident that outlines the conspiracy dated from 1914 and then ridicules the investigator  and deriding his account in the usual fashion in his account of Roosevelt’s administration from 1933 to 1939, America In Mid-Passage.  The account is told from the typical Liberal point of view but, then, Beard was there so it is a firsthand account of how things appeared to him.  The story will be an adequate lead in to this period.

During the twenties the Republicans had pursued the notion of limiting naval armaments.  A number of treaties had been agreed upon between the naval powers to limit the size of fleets.  President Hoover carried this further.

Quotes from Beard’s America In Mid-Passage are in quotation marks, pp. 384-380:

‘…in 1929 President Hoover…sought to extend to naval auxiliaries the principle of limitation that had been applied to capital ships at the Washington conference.  Immediately large ship building interests were involved, and, if it had not been for a strange incident they might have successfully managed their lobbying behind the scenes.’

The shipbuilders had employed William Shearer to attend the Geneva conferences, to influence it in their wishes.  They failed, however in their payments to Shearer, who then sued for what he thought he had coming.  This brought his situation to the Congressmen who investigated the shipbuilders.

‘See a pamphlet bearing the title, The Cloak Of Benedict Arnold, Mr. Shearer had named names and classified advocates of peace and naval limitations.  He did not exactly call them “traitors” but the implication needed no comment.  Under Mr. Shearer’s philosophy “our country was betrayed by Charles Evans Hughes”;  and Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler and Secretary Frank Kellogg were almost as wicked.  Not all opponents, Mr. Shearer generously conceded were communists or traitors; some had been merely deluded or misinformed- victims of foreign propaganda.’

Thus from the other side of the debate which was shared by the way by that big Navy man, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  He reversed the policy upon election.  But, Shearer in his investigations discovered a conspiracy that Charles Beard seems to find preposterous but he reports it thusly:

‘According to the version of Mr. Shearer…at the very heart of the opposition to naval and merchant marine expansion was a deliberate conspiracy fomented by sinister foreign powers.

“From October 1914,” he declared, “the weight of internationalism and communism was developed, the members of which, pacifist, defeatist, radicals of many hues and foreign agents, communists, IWW, and socialists, included in the merger, and a dozen or more organizations with impressive names designed to fool patriotic Americans and lend aid to the enemy.  Associated with these agents and these organizations of these anti-American bodies were statesmen, Senators, bankers, lawyers, actors, directors, and writers, men and women of American birth who were used to fight the existing government of the United States….All names, records, checks from prominent people in this country, instructions from Moscow, speeches, theses, questionnaires, indeed the workings of the underground organizations, working through secret bodies in labor circles, in society, in professional groups, in the Army, the Navy, in Congress, in the schools and colleges of the country, in the banks business concerns, among the farmers, in the motion picture industry, in fact, in nearly every walk of life- this information and authentic documentary proof of a colossal conspiracy against the United States were seized by federal officers and are in the possession of the authorities.’

Shades of Joe McCarthy!  Could it be true nearly forty years before Big Joe revealed that colossal conspiracy?  Beard seems to find Shearer’s researches incredible, indeed, risible but could dozens of independent researchers coming to the same conclusions all be nuts, ‘conspiracy theorists’?  These researchers were at least as intelligent and objective as Beard and his fellows.  While it is possible, indeed probable, that one can’t see what is in front of one’s face, I know the shock of finding everything I had been taught to believe was less than the truth was a difficult adjustment to make for myself.  Apparently Beard was not prepared to make the leap.

Professor Beard

Professor Beard

However Beard is writing in 1939 after six years of the Roosevelt administration.  The proof of Shearer’s accusations was made evident in 1933 when hundreds of these American conspirators followed FDR into Washington assuming important positions in his administration.  Shearer’s accusations were corroborated by numerous other researchers and even novelists of the period.  The proof that had been seized and was in the possession of the authorities was seized by none other than the much maligned Attorney General of Woodrow Wilson, A. Mitchell Palmer.  In the meantime J. Edgar Hoover investigating just these people had already amassed a huge number of files.

H.G. Wells had even written a book in which he describes the situation as The Open Conspiracy.  Open means everyone can see it unaided.  The only thing anyone failed to see was that nationalism was actually dead the war had shifted to one of ideology.  It was Communism vs. ‘Capitalism.’  All these people and organizations Mr. Shearer names opposing the US, that is Capitalism, were Communists, socialists, fellow travelers and what have you.  As Fellow Travelers, Parlor Pinks, Liberals et al., they had infiltrated every facet of America, indeed, Western life, where they remained disguised, dissembling because as yet the ‘Capitalists’ were the stronger party.  The American side of the revolution had been crushed in 1919, no reason to expose themselves to that humiliation again.  Had they exposed themselves they would have been immediately discredited, possibly losing their jobs, much as exposed ‘racists’ do today, now that the Reds are in power.  Of course, they lurked in the shadows defending borderline Reds with American virtues such as freedom of speech that they are doing their best to cancel today.

When Roosevelt entered DC with his big bass drum the legions he had been cultivating rushed into the New Altruria with him.  Louis Brandeis and his man Felix Frankfurter, Bernard Baruch, Sidney Hillman and a host of others experienced and very competent and they all wanted to exterminate the Germans.  Having gained experience in WWI they were prepared to more effectively use their experience in WWII and everybody knew war was coming and they may have known when if not the exact date.

Once in power Roosevelt behaved as a conqueror eager to punish the vanquished much as the North had triumphed over the South after the Civil War and as the Soviets and Americans would do in the wake of the German conquest.  Indeed, Roosevelt probably treated his potential sixteen or twenty years in power as a period of the Reconstruction of the United States along socialist lines.  Call the thing Collectivism.  Individualism was a thing of the past, now came a period the Collectivists called Co-operation.

During the entire period from 1914 to 1945 a state of war existed between the two states of mind.  The first few months of the Roosevelt administration were tumultuous beyond belief.  Roosevelt asked or demanded that Congress give him full dictatorial powers to deal with the ‘emergency.’  Thus there was little or no difference between himself, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini.

Indeed his 1936 inauguration was a full military review that had little or no difference between the great military parades and reviews of the other totalitarian powers.  It isn’t that it wasn’t seen for what it was but that Roosevelt as with Obama treated his opponents as ‘domestic terrorists.’  They were allowed no voice.  Thus he began an assault on his predecessors who he designated as ‘economic royalists’, that is, kings.  Of course the American Revolution was fought to remove kingship from Earth.  The English Revolution was fought against the absolutist Stuarts, Charles I, the subsequent Glorious Revolution removed the absolutist Stuart James II replacing him with a constitutional monarch.  The French Revolution gave the coup de grace to the absolutist Louis XVI so what Roosevelt was doing was identifying himself as a revolutionist against royal authority.

He, then, in the character of a Robespierre arraigned the ‘economic royalists; in a show trial, preceding Stalin, or a kangaroo court in which it was demanded that the victims confess their guilt and take their ‘well merited’ punishment.  Not unlike the Nazi war ‘criminals.’  Of course this was not the Soviet Union or Germany where a Hitler or Stalin while not having absolute power nevertheless could manipulate their constitutions and laws to do as they pleased.   They could use the governmental apparatus to kill whom they chose, imprisonment with no habeas corpus, or condemn their victims to certain death in prison camps.

Roosevelt did try to convict and imprison the Republican Secretary of the Treasury, Andrew Mellon who was in office during what Beard calls the Golden Glow period.  He viciously interrogated numerous ‘royalists’ before Congressional committees and even had the younger J.P. Morgan photographed with a dwarf sitting on his knee as some kind of weird humiliation.

Later in his administration attempts were made to financially destroy his adversaries such as Henry Ford and WR Hearst while a continuous vile character assassination was waged against ex-president Herbert Hoover.  Roosevelt was not a nice man.

There is always the question of how much his polio attack and subsequent recovery may have unbalanced his mind.  Certainly the contrast between his eminent position and incapacitated physique must have offended his amour propre.  According to ancient usage Roosevelt should never have been in authority.  From time immemorial no man with a physical defect of any kind could be king.  Even so much as a facial scar disqualified a man as ruler.  As a paraplegic without the use of his legs Roosevelt was definitely disqualified as he knew since he went to great lengths to conceal his defect.  There were apparently many voters who never knew of his paralyzed legs.

His defect did offend many who insisted on pointing out his infirmity because they didn’t want to be ruled by an imperfect ruler.  This attitude may seem rude but old traditions die hard.

FDR’s administration was a reincarnation of the Wilson administration with a great many of the Wilson men returning to power after the hateful twelve year hiatus of Beard’s Golden Glow.  The New Era, Coolidge Prosperity, Normalcy or anyone of the names this rich era of history was known by.  The governance by the ‘economic royalists.’

Bernard Baruch returned.  Brandeis with his acolyte Felix Frankfurter and his cadre of ‘Happy Hot Dogs’ returned.  Numerous Settlement House people including Harry Hopkins and Frances Perkins, the hatchet man Harold Ickes, whatever he was.

The people who helped Roosevelt to office were either driven away by these hardline Wilsonians or disappointed by Roosevelt they left embittered and reviling the man.

Perhaps one of the most telling incidents that revealed Roosevelt for who he thought he was is told by Charles Beard in his America In Mid-Passage.  His 1936 inauguration perhaps gave away his own imperial pretensions.  Beard pp. 339-34

Far more sublime were two features of the occasion which he arranged to express his own sense of proprieties.  Putting aside protests from citizens and associates pacifically inclined, he decided that a military parade not a civilian pageant, should celebrate his return to power.  And he also decided that he and his immediate entourage (read: thuggish henchmen) at the White House must review the marching men, with banners and martial music, from a replica of the Hermitage, the home of Andrew Jackson, the hero of New Orleans who had worn boots and spurs in war and politi

Perhaps this was an indirect reference to his incapacity while Hitler must have been justified in interpreting it as an indication of his warmongering of which he quite justly accused Roosevelt.  As the religious and war leader of the Internationalist brigade FDR was a crusader against the The Children Of Darkness, the ‘aggressor nations’.  Of course as a justified sinner along with his Jewish cohorts FDR was merely executing the will of God on Earth as it was in heaven.  God himself had kicked Lucifer out through the Pearly Gates.  The incredible genocide FDR unleashed on Germany required no qualms of conscience.  After all knowing the will of Our Father it was impossible for him to ever do wrong.  No matter how heinous his crimes they were the will of God in his mind.

Congress, well aware of his martial ambitions, had tried to rein him in by passing the strict neutrality act of 1935.  Only two years after his inauguration they realized the direction in which he was heading.  FDR would shred any such legislation in the next few years as he activated a propaganda machine meant to inspire We the People with martial ardor and the proper crusading spirit to lay down our son’s lives.

A lot of lessons had been learned in the decade or so from the end of the last war. The prospects of gaining absolute control through another war were enticing.  For instance the German properties that were confiscated during the late war were given back; in this new war well prepared with superb planning billions would be confiscated by the Alien Properties Agency and given away to his fellow Chicago Jews by the Alien Properties Custodian David Bazelon.  The theft from both Germany and the US conquerors was complete and nearly total.

Also under cover of the most destructive war in history Roosevelt would complete the League of Nations idea with his own concept of the United Nations.  This time there would be no debating, no argument.  The job was done by war’s end and presented as a fait accompli to the Congress and American people.  As much a fantasy as the League of Nations, actually more so, the United Nations has done nothing to end wars and establish peace.  It has merely destroyed the basis or Western Civilization.

Under the aegis of the UN the world has been at uninterrupted war for seventy years.  Nice job Frank.

By their own admission the administration was unable to relieve the Depression.

One of the architects of those failed policies, Roosevelt’s Treasury Secretary and close friend, the Jew Henry Morgenthau Jr., bemoaned the administrations futile attempts to fix the economy on May 9, 1939, when he offered this shockingly frank confession to a group of democrats from the House Ways and Means Committ

‘We have tried spending money.  We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it has not worked….We have never made good on our promises….I say after eight years of the this administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started….And an enormous debt to boot.’

(Quoted from the Morgenthau diary of 5/8/38 by Fulton W. Folsom Jr through James Duffy: Lindbergh And Roosevelt, MJF Books, 2010, p. 12

So, as the war began in Europe Roosevelt had done nothing to successfully relieve the economic situation, in point of fact he had worsened it by incurring tens of billions of debt distributing it to CCC camps, Federal Arts projects and whatever to no effect.  What he had done, his real intent, was to strip Americans of their self-respect as they lived on a dole of one sort or another.

In 1932-33 Stalin had created an artificial famine in the Soviet Union that starved millions and millions of Ukrainians to death.  This was obviously Jewish vengeance for the Chielmiecke Massacres of the seventeenth century that were merely a part of the Ukrainian revolt against Poland and the crimes committed against them by their Jewish auxiliaries.

Now, Roosevelt claimed that under his administration one third of the US population was ill fed with many people apparently starving to death at the same time as the Ukrainian farmers.  The Depression was engineered by the same people who created the Ukrainian famine.  Is one to imagine this was a coincidence given the farm program Baruch and Sapiro were promoting that Henry Ford opposed?  I don’t think so.

The only thing Roosevelt achieved was a collectivist crusade against the individualism of the American Plan.  As he said, individualism is dead, this is the age of collectivism.  He might have succeeded completely except for the enormous resistance he initiated and perhaps a certain character failing.


Momentous changes in communications had occurred in the twenties.  Commercial radio had come into existence that by the thirties had become a part of American life.  Other than the auto, the radio was the most desired American possession.  Few homes were without one.  The second was the addition of sound to movies.  The silent era was over.  While it isn’t overly well known television transmission was also developed in the thirties but the commercial application was delayed until after WWII.

Thus these tremendous propaganda disseminators came into the service of the demagogues.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the Demagogue in Chief.  He either knew how to use these new technological wonders or someone showed him how to do it.  Actually as an interesting fact, Herbert Hoover had used the radio first during his administration.  The Republicans were responsible for creating the environment for radio.

Concurrent with the rise of radio and the talkies was the rise of the master propagandists who Beard points out were referred to as ‘Public Relations’ experts. A chief among these was the very Jewish Eddie Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud.  You may be sure that at least behind the scenes he was influential on the direction of Roosevelt’s Public Relations.

Roosevelt needed them because reaction to his efforts to reconstruct the US along socialist lines was fierce and enormous.  In upsetting the psychological balance of the country he released numerous advocates of phantasmic schemes and political notions as controversial as his own.

Roosevelt must have wowed them with his ’33 inaugural speech because certain powerful men in command of their own powerful propaganda tools were initially proponents of his presidency falling away rather rapidly.  Among these were Charles Coughlin the radio priest, W.R. Hearst the press magnate, and Huey Long of Louisiana and his Share The Wealth program.  All three backed Roosevelt’s election then disappointed by his programs bailed.

Roosevelt was never tolerant or forgiving so that as the virtual if not real dictator of the US, little different from Hitler and Stalin it was dangerous to oppose him.  Long met his death, Coughlin was silenced and Hearst was financially ruined through taxation.  Roosevelt was relentless in his hatreds.  While there was no reason for him to hate Ford, yet because of the Jewish hatred of Ford, FDR was directed to force Ford to the wall through legislation both before and during the war.  For all practical purposes Ford Motors was bankrupt by war’s end.

Of course, this aspect of Roosevelt’s methods and personality were concealed by the avuncular persona he perfected and projected over the radio in his ‘Fireside Chats.’  The Fireside chat was a brilliant public relations innovation.  Of course FDR did not write the chats, those were prepared for him by others while he merely mouthed the words.

Nor is it likely that he had much of a hand in their preparation.  While the general direction of his administration’s policies were set it would hardly have been possible for him even to take the time to make the broadcasts.  This stuff was carefully planned.  A president is a busy man with a world of cares so that focusing on ‘chats’, bringing your mind to bear on the propaganda is nearly impossible.

He was in the hands of his writers.  These writers were by and large Jewish therefore pushing a Jewish agenda.  The number one item on the Jewish agenda was winning their war with Germany and that could only be done with goi manpower.  Roosevelt had charged the war on Germany as the chief of the aggressor nations on his election.  He began preparing the US for war in 1933 on his election.  Without a doubt he was the aggressor constantly urging the country to accept his view of Germany.  This was very evident, so evident that Congress pushed through a strict neutrality act as early as 1935.  So evident that Hitler repeatedly referred to FDR as a warmonger unwilling to listen to peaceful overtures.

Peace to FDR meant acquiescence to his terms or war.  My way or the highway.  This was true both in the East as in the West.  It was so evident that the country repeatedly repudiated his efforts to lead the US into war.  The war fever of Washington was evident not just to a few but the many.  This was well before the war began.  Harold Ickes in his memoir says that war was decided on in 1933.  Thus the administration must have known the goal to which they were straining.  This includes General George Marshall.

Charles Beard writes of it as fact in his America In Mid-Passage.  Roosevelt even propagandized the war albeit in covert ways, or at least ways that he could distance himself from.   Technology had increased the ways this could be discretely done.  Print technology, books, magazines and newspapers were effective; radio, talkies and a new medium that came of age in 1938 with the introduction of Superman; comic books came of age with that super hero.  The psyche and mores of the US were thereby changed.  The comic books were almost entirely the production of the Jewish mind, not the American mind but, the Jewish mind.  Following on the heels of Superman came Batman and after the Caped Crusader (note the word) came the ultimate Jewish super hero, Captain America.  The first cover of Captain America published before the war showed Capt. America knocking Hitler for a loop.

After the war began a whole flotilla of comics with war heroes and themes were introduced.  The comic books were extremely effective propaganda tools then and they remain so now, still completely in Jewish hands.

While Roosevelt himself undoubtedly had nothing to do with comic book publishers, writers and artists it is equally certain that Jewish members of his administration did, so that print, radio, movies and comic books were undoubtedly coordinated.  Serials of many of the wartime super heroes can be rented over cable for viewing.

Roosevelt’s opponents immediately after his election were depicted as Fascists and tools of the Nazis.  This alone shows the overwhelming Jewish influence.  Roosevelt himself was obsessed with the notion of depicting his chief enemies Lindbergh and Ford as undoubted Nazis while a tremendous smear campaign, character assassination, was carried on against them.

It would have to be impossible that any government would not use the movies for propaganda purposes.  Indeed, the movies became an extension of government policies.  For the Roosevelt government and its defenders to deny that the movies were not used for propaganda purposes is an absurdity not worth considering.  Beard’s Mid-Passage published in 1939 before the war even began notes the manner in which Roosevelt subordinated the film industry to promote pro-war films in the effort to get America to endorse a war against Germany.

Roosevelt would have been only one party interested in using Hollywood for propaganda purposes.  You may be sure that Stalin through his agents were also using Hollywood to follow the Moscow line

Of course, at the time, and even now, any propaganda influence is denied.  Yet, per Charles Beard there were studies being conducted pre-war that showed the influence and its degree.  The influence was clear to Beard and I’m sure Hitler and Stalin had no difficulty seeing it.

The obfuscation of the Left denying propaganda in film can be lightly brushed aside.  It isn’t even worth discussing.

While Roosevelt was a dictator on a par with Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin the historical mores of the country limited his ability to exercise his mere will as did the mores of the other combatants control theirs.  Hitler and Mussolini simply removed the Jewish influence or ignored it while in the US and USSR Jewish influences were paramount.

The reaction to Roosevelt once his direction became clear was enormous.  The ‘economic royalists’ did not stand idly by but organized groups such as the Liberty League offered vocal but meager resistance.  Of course the Liberty League was led by a Jew.  A few such as Henry Ford who also had WWI experience simply refused to go along.  Rather than use overt force the administration employed slander and sabotage.

Another big weapon was expropriatory taxation.  Incensed that there were a few hundred or two hundred million dollar fortunes in the US the Liberal response was to steal it- that is tax it out of existence.  As this would have or did have no effect on the fortunes of the Common Man, there were no distributions, the only reason for stealing the money must have been envy.

Actually the history of the US has been one of unbearable stresses that were all psychologically difficult or impossible to bear.  To begin with the period from the Revolution to the Civil War was primarily an agricultural and trading society with few large fortunes, so there was a rough economic equality although, let us never forget, there is always someone at the bottom.  Equality doesn’t mean that there is no social scale.

Thus to all appearances under the cover of the Civil War in one jump the country went from Longfellow’s village smithy under his spreading chestnut tree to the sprawling steel mill of Homestead.  The economy went from no petroleum to the gigantic Standard Oil in just a few years after the Civil War.  At the war’s end it took months maybe a year or more to go round the horn to California or the long arduous trek across country through hostile Indian Territory.  Four years after the Civil War in 1869 the golden Spike was driven and you could travel to San Francisco with all your possessions in baggage, yourself and family seated comfortably with no cares.

Following Standard Oil’s example Trusts of all kinds of products sprang up like mushrooms.  It was the economic wild west with no holds barred.  Magnificent fortunes could be had for the taking, mines, land, whole forests and mountains.  Not a lot of skill, really, was necessary, just a whole lot of bravado.  For a certain type of person for a brief period it was his day.  By 1900 that day had passed and that type of man was passé but he had left his mark on the imagination of another type of man whose day was in the offing.

The times were changing as the latter type of man began to come into his day with the election of the socialist Woodrow Wilson.  The type of men they were was made clear during the war tyranny of 1917-18.

A socialism that would have made the Stalin gulp was clamped on the unsuspecting people of the United States.  You wonder why Henry Ford and the Dodges resisted strongly Bernard Baruch’s dictatorship at the War Industries Board?  This was very serious stuff.

If the Armistice had been declared, according to Baruch himself they would have regimented the American people as none other had been regimented before.  This was evil as only Americans could do it. You may imagine the rage with which the Wilsonians greeted the election results of 1920 as the Republicans tried to restore the pre-Wilson America.  This was the Normalcy period from 1920 to 1932 that Charles Beard refers to as the Golden Glow.

FDR was in the Wilson government from start to finish so that he and a whole cadre of Wilsonians stewed and plotted until they were able to continue their nefarious course after 1932.  Their memories then were centered on the disappeared world of the Gilded Age and its Golden Glow.  They really were men and women of the nineteenth century still under the thrall of the Village Smithy and his chestnut tree not really dealing with the present as the path to the future.  Their minds were filled with vengeance.

Now, in that leap from an agricultural past to the industrial present from the small artisan to the giant corporation people’s minds were seized with terror by bigness.  There was nothing to fear but small minds.  Looking back they fondly remembered a time that scarcely resembled their memory but was small and compact and seemingly unthreatening although they should have read Poe’s Diddling As A Fine Art more carefully.

Had they been able to see ahead they would have realized that the small semi-isolated communities were a thing of the past while in the coming gigantic global economy a giant size would be necessary to succeed as the global economy grew and other peoples began to participate in what was really a Euroamerican monopoly.  Standard Oil would have to be big to compete with the monstrously sized Chinese demand.  Today President Obama is busy cutting it down to an uncompetitive size.

Rockefeller was a great mind that perhaps gazed into the future.  The times called for a great people to seize the future but the transition from the Village Smithy to Homestead had been too quick; the times were big but the people were small.  In their fear and trepidation they smashed the bigness and thus while not apparent at the time, condemned America to second or third rate status.  The men of Roosevelt’s administration were of that small minded kind.  They didn’t understand, hence unknowingly worked to enthrone the Chinese.  They were natural born slaves if there ever were any.

The second problem and perhaps the most infuriating for Roosevelt and his ilk was the great wealth accumulated by the magnates of the Gilded Age, for big money goes with big business.  Currency and specie had always been a problem in the early stages of settlement.  There just wasn’t enough money to go around so the people of Roosevelt’s school conceived of the money supply as essentially a round pie of which the Golden Agers were hogging all but a few small thin slices.  Hence you have the repeated notion that, say, twenty percent of the rich owned eighty percent of the pie leaving only twenty percent of pie for the remaining eighty percent of people.  Theirs was a small static world.

Conceiving the notion that this eighty percent of the pie was stolen thus forcing the eighty percent who thought poor to live in what was really astounding luxury it seemed right for the eighty percent to steal the money back- in theory.

America had never developed a realistic understanding of monetary matters so there was no understanding of the creation of wealth, still isn’t.  In point of fact if the Age had depended on existing currency there would never have been a Union Pacific, Carnegie Steel or Standard Oil.  There was not enough money so that the builders had to find ways and in creating value the money supply expanded, or was allowed to expand to include the newly created wealth.  Things were getting bigger.

Prior to 1865 there were very few millionaires, the number increased dramatically after 1865 and by the time of the New Deal there were thousands of millionaires.  Even during the depression the US was richer than it had ever been.  A mere thirty or forty years after the New Deal millionaires  would be a dime a dozen.  In our time nearly anyone who owns a house is a millionaire.

It was also true that fortunes didn’t last.  What one generation accumulated subsequent generations dissipated.  It was sure as clockwork.  There was no entail or primogeniture so that as subsequent generations multiplied the number of inheritors grew with it.

A leading expositor of the narrow minded economic view was the very small minded Jewish writer Gustavus Myers  whose most influential book was The History Of The Great American Fortunes.  As may be expected Myers roundly condemned the Gilded Age and The Golden Glow, the latter also known as Normalcy, the New Era, the Coolidge Prosperity and the Republican Interregnum.

Myers wrote several other books condemning American mores and finances.  For those interested I have discussed his writing in my post Chumps Playing Stud.  Myers went as far as calling for legislation to prevent future accumulations of great fortunes.  As he said his school had their man in place with FDR.

Myers was not complaining about great fortunes in general.  The key phrase in his history of American fortunes is American Fortunes, that is, Anglo-Saxon fortunes.  If one reads his book one will find almost no reference to Jews or Jewish fortunes.  It is as if there were no Jews in the US, and Myers obviously was a Jew.  The Jewish scalawags, the Seligman’s who reaped an immense fortune in government securities during the Civil War are no where mentioned nor the fact that they snared great fortunes by taking General Motors from Billy Durant.  The even greater Guggenheim fortune acquired from appropriating the metal resources of the country also receive no mention.  Kuhn-Loeb was apparently unknown to Myers.

Thus the Roosevelt administration used the taxing authority of the government to expropriate the Anglo-Saxon fortunes, destroying the heritage of the Gilded Age the members of which they considered actual enemies of the people.

Thus the small minded people destroyed the ability of the US to compete on the world stage.  Today the US has slipped behind China as the most successful country while India is panting close behind.

And then, a strange thing happened.  Of course after the Nazis assuming control in Germany in 1933 the Gilded Age people were grouped together as Fascists since in self-defense they opposed the so-called New Deal, called the Raw Deal by some.

However if the Gilded Agers weren’t responsible for the magnificent entity that the US had become, who was?  Why, who else but the Jews?

As the thirties came to an end and opposition to the US entry in the European war jelled it became necessary for Roosevelt to destroy the opposition much as Stalin had destroyed his because the US was going to war no matter who dissented.  The Great Crusade against the ‘aggressor nations’ was on.  In such a situation it was necessary to designate the chief spokesman of the enemy and discredit him.  Hoover was out of reach, Hearst had already been destroyed, Ford was quiescent but stepping into the breach was an old bete noir of Roosevelt’s, Charles A. Lindbergh.

This is a strange story.

FDR seems to have had a strong aversion to Lindbergh dating back possibly to 1927 but that is speculative.  Of more recent occurrence was the issue of the air mail service cancellation of 1933.  At that time the Roosevelt was convinced that the civilian air mail contracts had been fraudulently obtained.  It is also true that Hoover developed the air mail program as Secretary of Commerce under Coolidge so there may have been envy over that in Roosevelt’s tiny mind.  At any rate he cancelled the ‘sacred’ contracts and ordered Army pilots to fly the mail.  A pilot is a pilot is a pilot, right?

Flying at that time was much more hazardous so that the Army pilots who had no experience in flying at night or in inclement weather were not successful.  The Army was botching the job while a significant number of pilots died in crashes.  As you read American history life was really cheap back then, thousands and thousands of people were killed every year.  Nobody seemed to care.

Lindbergh took it upon himself to write an open letter to FDR imploring him to reinstate civilian delivery.  Roosevelt was forced to back down while being reported to have said:  We’ll get that fair haired boy.  That threat implies resentment of Lindbergh going way back to his trans-Atlantic solo flight of ’27.

So, when Lindbergh came out condemning any attempt to get the US into another European war thus frustrating FDR’s attempt to do just that FDR decided to destroy him.  What else would he do in the environment he was creating but call him a Nazi.  Thus the major defamation campaign was on.

Strangely this played into Jewish hands.  At the risk of repetition let me point out again that the Jews operated as an independent semi-autonomous people.  They used the US government in an attempt to realize their independent agenda that was completely different than that of Americans.

Events in Germany had alarmed the Jews although there could have been no premonition of the course events would take while as Americans they should have had little interest in Europeans.  However perhaps as Ford insisted Jews were natural born internationalists.  Rather than attribute the German events to their own actions it was thought that non-Jews left to their own devices were irrational and always a potential threat.

Building on psychological discoveries of the nineteenth century then, current understanding of psychological processes were much advanced.  The brutal manipulation of the American psyche by George Creel’s Committee of Public Information of WWI had shown how far and how easily the mass psyche could be pushed.

Subsequent developments in propaganda by the Public Relations experts had shown how far clever manipulation of symbols could go.  Thus, as Eddie Bernays the leading Jewish Public Relations propagandist explained it a superior elite had to take it upon themselves to guide public sentiment in the direction to take  to make sure there were no ‘irrational’ outbreaks such as those in Germany.  There was always an acute danger it could happen here unless the elite, that is the Jews, managed the national psyche.

Bernays was a nephew of Sigmund Freud who had spent time with that master propagandist and was in as close contact with him as circumstances allowed.  Thus Bernays and his fellow Jews began to develop propaganda techniques accordingly.

Seizing upon Roosevelt’s hatred of Lindbergh they began to arouse fears of a Nazi takeover of the US.  Now, the thirties according to the Jewish yearbook had the least ‘anti-Semitic’ activity of any decade in US history.  This seems odd as the Jews place such emphasis on Henry Ford’s writing all through the twenties.  Apparantly his studies had no effect.  Nevertheless the Jews attempted to impress on the US that it could, indeed, it was happening here.

The activities of certain cranks who posed no threat were give exaggerated publicity.  One such was William Dudley Pelley and his Silver Shirts an outfit that was so small and disorganized that he and it posed no threat.  Another absurdity given undue attention was a man called, if you can believe this, James True and his ‘kike killer.’  He turned out to be a ‘lone wolf’ sitting around his office giving out interviews while flashing his ‘kike killer’ that turned out to be an ordinary black jack.  Probably a Jewish stooge and if so a good joke.

No one was going to get far with a couple of acts like that as a real star was needed.  Lindbergh was it.  Talk about star quality. He was a household name and while an American champion, with the right defamatory propaganda, he could be made the butt of a defamatory campaign.  He was quickly built up to an insane Isolationist who was not only sympathetic to the Nazis but a Nazi stooge.  The connections were developed into the idea that he was a Nazi satrap who was going to run for President and once in was going to turn the country over to Hitler.  The idea itself was crazy but how’s that for a fearsome prospect.  Like Roosevelt said, we have nothing to fear but fear itself.  I suppose that meant we were supposed to go looking for it.

I don’t know how seriously this absurd scenario was taken but a movie called Keeper Of The Flame based on the notion was made, so, Roosevelt was seriously using films to press his agenda.  The notion was so important to Jews that in The Plot Against America Philip Roth published a semi-autobiographical novel of his youth in the Jewish colony of Newark based on this premise.

Very strange.  The idea needs a little further examination.

Roosevelt and Hitler assumed their reins of power almost simultaneously.  As I have pointed out German hatred was long standing while the Nazi’s and Jews qua Communists had been engaged in street warfare for over a decade.  Hitler thus squashed the Judeo Communists beginning in 1933 while the Jews declared a worldwide war on Germany at the same time.

The Nazis or Fascists were quickly equated to the Republicans and Roosevelt’s opposition thus FDR’s opposition all became Fascists in Jewish and FDR minds- i.e. The Children of Darkness, Satan’s henchmen, whatever.  Thus the idea formed in Jewish minds that they were the true Americans responsible for creating the beautiful American Dream.

FDR’s opponents were Fascists operating behind enemy lines.  There had to be an arch demon leading them so Lindbergh was selected.  All hatred could be focused on him and if he were defeated the cause was won.

This is all perversely explained by Philip Roth in his novel The Plot Against America.

In reality it was the Jews plotting against America but as the nineteenth century novelist Paul Feval explains in his Black Coats series a professional criminal in planning a crime first selects a scapegoat to bear the guilt.  Once the crime is committed the evidence points to the victim.  Once he is arrested and convicted the case is closed.  There is no need to look further.   As the criminals express it, the law has been paid and victim pays it.

Thus Lindbergh was the scapegoat who was to pay the law for the Jewish plot against America depicted by Roth.  Seventy-five years later it was still thought necessary to deflect suspicion from themselves.  Or was the story resurrected to direct attention from current Jewish operations?

Back in 1940 as US involvement in the European war seemed more likely the drum beat began for the extermination of the Germans.  The war would be a genocidal war and the horrific European Holocaust began to be tapped out.

Part Six:  The Holocaust begins follows.

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