Henry Ford And The Jews 2

July 30, 2014




Henry Ford And The Jews 2


R.E. Prindle




Breitman, Richard- Lichtman, Allan J.: FDR And The Jews, 2013, Belknap Harvard


Ford’s warning of Jewish activities in the twenties had gone unheeded while with the inauguration of Roosevelt in 1933 Jewish attempts at manipulation of US politics exploded. As Breitman and Lichtman, two Jews, indicate, FDR became their tool failing them only in not declaring war on Germany in 1933 as they had already done.


Among the machinations of the late thirties to advance the Jewish cause Roosevelt sent his ambassador to talk to Mussolini about Hitler, p 143:


On January 4, 1939, Ambassador William Phillips personally delivered to Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, a letter from President Roosevelt asking the Duce to persuade Hitler…


Unpersuaded, Mussolini made an interesting observation.


Phillips limited himself to presenting American criticism of Nazi Germany’s methods of dealing with the Jews. However, Mussolini would have none of this.


“The Duce interrupted me by recounting the iniquities of the German Jews and of Jews in general, their lack of loyalty to the country of their residence, their intrigues, and the fact that they never assimilated with any other race….He told me of the financial frauds which were being practiced by the Jews and showed me a little book in German containing photographs of counterfeit bills for huge amounts of German marks. I was impressed by his apparently genuine antagonism to the Jews. He went on to say that, in his opinion, there should not be one Jew left in Germany, and that other European countries- and he mentioned in particular Rumania and Hungary- were confronted with the same problem and were finding it necessary to rid themselves of their Jewish elements. There was no room for Jews in Europe…”


Europeans had had two thousand years of conflict with the Jews. Can their conclusions really be dismissed as canards, as the Jews say? One would have to be a bigot to think so. No, the opinions of Mussolini as a European could be documented in hundreds of cases, have been so documented as any casual perusal of European history shows.


And now, safe in the US as Brightman and Lichtman abundantly show, nearly in charge of Roosevelt’s mind if not government they were urging their puppet to declare war on Germany while their fellow international Jews, in Ford’s term, were busy sabotaging Germany from safe havens both East and West and the US.


After the Great War triumphant Jews in Russia and Central Europe had murdered tens, even hundreds of thousands of Hungarian and Russians. Do you suppose that Europeans had forgotten? Even as Phillips and Mussolini talked an artificial famine in Russia was killing millions upon millions. Did the Jews think the world was blind? What now did they expect in return?


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