Pt. IV Lipstick Traces: Greil Marcus The Art Of Yesterday’s Crash

August 7, 2007

Lipstick Traces: Greil Marcus

A Review

Part IV

The Art Of Yesterday’s Crash

 by R.E. Prindle


     As I mentioned in Part II Mr. Marcus seems to consider himself first an Old Testament prophet prophesying fire and destruction for the United States.  Secondly he sees himself as a continuator of the Frankfurt School or New School Of Social Research and thirdly the spiritual successor to Guy Debord and perhaps the new leader of the Situationist International.

     In the situations under consideration he turns his New School For Social Research and SI sides up.

     Now as it happens that when I attended Cal State At Hayward one of the professors was a fellow named Theodore Roszak.  Mr Roszak wrote a volume called The Making Of A Counter Culture while teaching at Cal State; probably something called American Studies or some such, I can’t remember, which these Frankfurters always aim for and we’ll see why.

     We are now talking ’64-’65.  Sixty-five is probably best known for the Black rebellion in LA’s Watts district.  That kicked off the violent revolt of the Blacks which smolders on today flaring up here and there.  Thus in Mr. Marcus’ The Shape Of Things To Come he prophesys blood in the streets.

     It was also the beginning of the San Francisco Scene.  The San Francisco Mime Troop- a Communist outfit- had been active in street theatre for some little time.  Then Kesey organized the Merry Pranksters, Owsley entered the picture and the Acid Tests began.  I was invited to the Acid Test but declined to go.  Couldn’t see the social utility; it would have been interesting but I’m not sorry I missed it.

     Roszak.  So everybody assumed that this book he advertised he was writing called The Making Of A Counter Culture was about what Jack Kerouac called ‘The Rucksack Revolution.’  These were the post-British Invasion days so long hair was slowly making inroads into the East Bay.  I didn’t have long hair but I had a strange long ducktail from the fifties.  Cal State was on a windy plateau so everytime I went outside I looked like a hurricane walking around.  This was enough for the profs and administration who were terrified that the Free Speech Movement would edge up from Berkeley to classify me as a ‘radical.’

     I was sent to Roszak as he was presumably writing a book on the ‘counter culture’ which is what the hip movement was known as.  I found Roszak one guilty customer.  Dark mind too, repellent.  He thought I was sent as a spy.  That increased his guilty reaction.

     When his book came out it didn’t have anything to do with a Hippie counter culture.  It was all about the Frankfurt School, Marcuse et al.  The book was about the Jewish Revolution.  Roszak must have thought the ‘anti-Semites’ sent me.  So, now I understand Mr. Marcus; use of the term ‘Secret History.’  He doesn’t just mean obscure.  Roszak was part of history being made but it was unintelligible to the uninformed mind.  Even though the Frankfurt School was operating openly I don’t know if anyone knew that subterranean history was being lived in the open but there it was as plain as day.  Roszak was a continuator.  I don’t know if Mr. Marcus knows Mr. Roszak but it wouldn’t surprise me if he did, they are both Jews etc, but as a continuator of the Frankfurt School Mr. Marcus may be described as having the baton passed to him through Mr. Roszak.  Mr. Marcus is more prolific and effective while being more obscure and secretive than Mr. Roszak.  The reader, even the informed reader, probably doesn’t know he is being spoon fed Semitism.

     Mr. Marcus even allows himself to be called by the presumptuous title of The Holy Greil even further insulting his subordinate Euroamerican culture.  I don’t mind Mr. Marcus and others insulting the half-Jewish Jesus but I do want him to keep his hands off the essence of Euroamerican Culture.  I can accord Mr. Marcus neither Holiness nor any association with the Grail stories even though his style incomprehensible as it is is pretty entertaining.  Must have learned that from Old Bob.

     Mr. Marcus establishes himself as a continuator of the Frankfurt School and then says he is going to criticize the living crap out of everything.  Well, alright, OK!  I would like to point out however that criticism is not analysis.  Any fool can criticize but analysis requires a little science.  There’s a serious rub in Mr.  Marcus’ style, not science, all, well, not all, blather.

     I will give him credit for not beginning this Situation with the Armory Show.  My god and Jesus H. Christ we know how that changed America but, well, as an Israeli citizen and man of the world Mr. Marcus isn’t talking about America or anything as earth shaking as the Armory show.  No.  He’s talking about six inconsquential nerds pulling sophomoric stunts in Zurich in 1916 while there was a war going on.  All a bunch of draft dodgers too, except for the woman doing the splits with the madonna face  whatever one of those is.  I been looking but not finding.

     These six Mr. Marcus informs us created Da Da.  They gave their shenanigans a name that stuck.  While Mr. Marcus seems to revere their stuff I have to confess that it doesn’t seem much different than the shenanigans of any other generation.  Da Da is just a state of mind that certain people experience at a certain stage and condition of life. 

     If Mr. Marcus had looked around Berkeley and the Bay Area he would have seen plenty of evidence of the state of mind in the Mime Troupe, the whole San Francisco Sound was Da Da.  Kesey was Da Da, and everyone was pulling the same kind of stunts with the same results.  That trick with the splits and madonna face is so commonplace it doesn’t bear mentioning.  A guy playing an imaginary violin?  Whew!  Wow, who in the world could ever have thought that one up?

     The hell with this Da Da crap.  Real men dying in the trenches and these guys are scraping an imaginary violin?  Not too impressed, Mr. Marcus.  Let’s get on to the real stuff.  This gets passed over by The Holy Greil.  The foundation of the Frankfurt School c. 1923.  Here’s the real crux of Mr. Marcus; psychology, the culture wars between the Semitic intellect and the European intellect.  A lttle clash of loyalties here in that dual citizenship Mr. Marcus holds.

     While the clowns in Zurich, for that is what they were , were trying to live down their antics at the  Cabaret Voltaire the real revolution was forming in Frankfurt.  This the revolution of which Mr. Marcus is the continuator.  This is the real substance of Mr. Marcus’ work.  Nice work too, don’t get me wrong.

     I’ve done some work on this subject but I’m going to refer any possible readers to this web page for a quick history of the Frankfurt School:   The article was posted by Mr. Rob Fedders.  Bear in mind this analysis represents the foundation of Mr. Marcus thought, intellect and purpose.  His writing makes much more sense in this context.


     Before World War I, Marxist theory said that if Europe ever erupted in war, the working classes in every European country would rise in revolt overthrow their govenments and create a new Communist Europe, but when war broke out in the summer of 1914, that didn’t happen.  Instead the workers of every European country lined up by the millions to fight their country’s enemies….After World War I ended in 1918, Marxist theorists had to ask themselves a question:  What went wrong?…two leading Marxist intellectuals, Antonio Gramsci in Italy and George Lukacs in Hungary…independently came up with the same answer.  They said that Western culture and the Christian religion had so blinded the working class to its true, Marxist class interests, that a Communist revolution was impossible in the West, until both could be destroyed.  That objective, established as cultural Marxism’s goal right at the beginning, has never changed.


     There’s a little secret history for you.  The Frankfurt School employed the political theory of Marx, the psychological theory of Freud and the relativistic nonsense of Einstein to undermine Western culture backed up by the ever potent charge of ‘anti-Semitism.’  Their BS could easily have been resisted and rejected but for their alliance with Liberals.  To merely state that a critic was anti-Semitic was enough to set the conditioned Liberals on the accused and make him or her a non-person in society.  Thus without their Liberal slaves the Frankfurt School would not have been that effective.  Liberals are the true enemy. 

     Now, skipping the interim machinations, by the time of the Free Speech Movement the Jewish Revolution had been nearly completed.

     In addition to the music the introduction of hallucinigens made the capture of the whole generation child’s play.

     As with the so-called Free Speech Movement the problem was not one shared by society as a whole which was functioning quite nicely, thank-you, but a cultural problem within the Semitic species.  As always the inability of the Semites to compete effectively with the Indo-Europeans, or to be brief, Aryan species was the crux of the problem.  The Terachites challenged the Ur of the Chaldees.  In the ancient conflict between the Semites and the Aryan Sumerians the latter were centered about Ur while the Semites were centered further North.  So Abram as a Semite was challenging the Aryan Sumerians who had understood and developed Astronomy.  The Egyptians were an amalgam of the HSII Libyans and the Egyptians of the Upper Nile valley.  In my opinion the intellectual content of Egypt was injected by the Libyan refugees from the post-ice age flooding of the Mediterranean.

     The Semites then came into collision with the superior intellecual and scientific civilization of the Hellenes more especially in Greek Alexandria where Philo attempted to subvert Hellenic science in favor of ‘Talmudic’ mythology.  The Romans who created the most amazing empire the Mediterranean world had ever seen once again, as it were, illuminated the inferiority of the Semitic intellect.  The Jews set about to subvert and destroy the Roman Empire which, in my opinion they did both in the exhausting Roman-Jewish Wars and the succeeding Pauline Judeo-Christian subversion.  Matters were then stalemated for centuries until Aryan science finally pushed through the Judeo-Christian meshes in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

     Once again the inferiority of the Semitic intellect was displayed.  Marx, Freud and Einstein created the basic non-scientific means posing as science to subvert the Aryan scientific intellect.  The groundwork laid by the big three, the epigone went to work.  The nitwits of Da Da may be considered shock troops while the Frankfurt School- The Institute For Social Research- formed c. 1923 began the serious work of undermining Western Civilization.  Once again, Mr. Marcus seems to consider himself first a continuator of the Frankfurt School, a reincarnation of Guy Debord and then in The Shape Of Things To Come to graduate to the role of a Hebrew prophet.

     Now, in every instance in which the Jewish Semites have confronted the Aryans they have failed to excel them although taking advantage of the reluctance to face the problem directly on the part of the Aryans the Jewish Semites have been able without exception to destroy the Aryan achievement.

     The Jews also insist that they are the Chosen People of mankind just as the Arabs insist that they are The Central People.  Chosen, Central are the same things.  We are talking a characteristic of the Semitic species.  Yet evolutionarily they are constitutionally or genetically inferior to Aryans.  No matter what happens they will never be able to match or sustain Aryan achievements.

     What to do?  I know most readers have never delved deeply into this area of study so that the reader may be astonished by what is going on and find it unbelievable.  It isn’t.  Realizing that they can never excel the Aryans the Jewish Semites have resolved to exterminate- that is commit genocide- on the whole species.  They propose to and are fairly well advanced in their program to eliminate a species of over a billion people.

     Astounding and unbelievable isn’t it.  Well, while you were sleeping astounding developments were in progress.  It is time for the sleeper to awake.  Be patient with me and I’ll explain how it is being done and why Mr. Marcus may possibly see himself advance from Hebrew prophet to Judge-Penitent of the Aryan peoples.  (See my review of Albert Camus’ The Fall here on I, Dynamo.)

     The plan is available on line at a site run by a former Harvard professor, Noel Ignatiev called Race Traitor.  Mr. Ignatiev believes in races even though he is a Jew and the current Jewish line is that races do not exist.  The first stage of this program is part of psychological warfare based on the Freudian model.

     Mr. Ignatiev as spokesman for the Jewish culture asserts that all the evil in the world proceeds from the Aryan ‘races.’  It is true that the Jews argue in other situations that ‘race’ exists only as a social construct however as ‘race’ is useful in this instance the idea is reconstituted.  The approach is a key tenet of ‘critical theory’ in which the critical base point is one’s relative need at the moment.

     As all evil proceeds from the Aryan ‘race’ it follows that if the Aryan race is eliminated from the face of the earth by ‘any means necessary’ that evil will disappear from the world.  This notion is apparently a variation on the eighteenth century Jewish notion of Jacob Frank that Jews will only become good when they expend all the evil in their system.  Apparently at that time Jews were the evil ‘race’ but at some point between then and now they have expended all the evil in their system and have become ‘good’ along with the rest of the world.  All this stuff sounds good according to Jewish ‘critical theory’ but falls apart under ‘Aryan’ scientific analysis.

     The problem is the obvious Aryan superior intelligence so that Mr. Ignatiev invents the concept of  ‘White Skin Privilege.’  Using critical theory the only reason Aryans or Whites, to which term I will revert, have obtained the prominent position among the ‘races’ is because Aryans have White Skin.  Real Tarzans if you know what I mean.  Thus the superiority is based on cosmetics.   Change the cosmetics and the superiority will go away.  Not bad reasoning really.  It therefor follows that if Whites can be persuaded to give up their ‘White Skin Privilege’ why, the Utopia will become a reality and evil will disappear from the world.  I’m not making this up.

     Therefore from sheer shame Whites should voluntarily abandon ‘Whiteness.’  Remember this line of reasoning comes from a Harvard graduate and a Harvard professor.  I would have been laughed out of a ‘third rate’ college like Cal State for proposing such nonsense.  To my knowledge neither the Jewish culture or Harvard University have ever publicly repudiated Mr. Ignatiev so one must assume he speaks with the full approval of both.

     Mr. Ignatiev also calls his program the New Abolitionism calling for the abolition of the White ‘race.’

     The easiest course, or least painful, for Whites to abolish themselves, actually, is to marry Black people.  Any resulting offspring will be non-White so that if all Whites could be persuaded to do this ‘Whiteness’ would disappear within, well, a generation.

     Realistically this isn’t going to happen although historically conquerors have killed the men and kept the women.  Without White men White women will have to produce colored children.  This was actually done during the Haitian revolution from France.  The men were killed and the White women were told that they could live only if they served as wives to Black men.  Most of them did.  Thus we have the result of Haitians being the most beautiful people in the world while having constructed the most successful and glorious society not to mention culture.

     Now, if you follow what’s happening in education, kindergartners are being taught to be homosexuals.  Is it necessary to say that homosexuals cannot reproduce themselves?  It therefor follows that if White boys are raised as homosexuals White women will have to turn to Black men while if such a program is successful White men will diminish say by a half life a generation.  Thus another method to eliminate Whites.  And White people are dumb enough to go for it.  Can’t ask for more than that, can one?

     And then for the remainder of hard cases there are always industrial means to eliminate them.  Gas chambers or whatever means necessary, who cares?

     So as you can see Mr. Ignatiev is not theorizing but helping to implement a program that is well advanced.

     Now then, the strength of the US economy and well being of Whites as a result is a standing rebuke to the other ‘races’ of the world and a cause of the most destructive envy.  We don’t want to look at Zimbabwe and South Africa do we?  Naw.  How’s that going to prove anything?  Thus jobs were exported out of the country to everywhere.  The US economy as a whole was picked up and moved to China which for all practical purposes is run with the lowest cost slave labor possible.

     The unions have been broken and the well being of the working man has been destroyed by unrestricted Mexican immigration which is lower cost.  Technical jobs have been given to lower cost immigrant labor via the worker visa program.

     Back in the eighties the savings and Loan industry was savagely looted.  One of the beneficiaries of that theft was the family of the current President of the United States.  The housing debacle which will be a blow from which the US economy will not recover was engineered from the start to impending finish with the full knowledge of that President.

     It only remains to gut the savings of the older generation.  At the appropriate time this will be done by inflation.  At that point the United States and the West will be defenseless.  One can’t imagine what the Liberals have to gain from this.

     So, within the matter of a few decades ‘White Skin Privilege’ will be just a memory.  Of course other ‘situations’ may enter in to redirect the course of history.  No one can accurately prophesy including Mr. Marcus.

     Thus if Mr. Marcus lives long enough he may finish his life as a ‘Judge Penitent’ choosing who may live and who not.

     I will end this Part here and meld the end of The Art Of Yesterday’s Crash with the next situation The Crash Of Yesterday’s Art.

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