Hi.  I, Dynamo is my other blog that I use for non-fiction.  I put my novels and short fiction on R.E. Prindle DSC01836reprindle.wordpress.com. 

The stuff I post to I, Dynamo is history, psychology and literary criticism.  Before starting these blogs in 4/07 I was published on erbzine.com.  ERBzine is an Edgar Rice Burroughs studies site.  That’s primarily what I’ve been doing.  ERBzine is run by Bill Hillman.  It’s worth a look.  Most fantastic literary site on the http://www.  Massive.  I currently have 50 essays there.

I consider my field to be the study of Human Consciousness as developed by Jung.  I lean to the Freudian approach to personal psychology.  I consider myself a Depth Historian.  I try to get to motivations beneath the surface of history.  Love this stuff.  Work at it all the time.

Here’s a Table Of Contents for what is posted I’ll try to remember to keep it up.

A Mother’s Eyes

     Part I: The Remarkable Case Of Aldous Huxley’s Eyes.

     Part II: The Baby Marie

     Part III:  Cow Eyed Hera And Edgar Allan Poe

     Part IV:  The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

The Desconstruction Of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ America

     Parts I-V, Freud,  The Deconstruction  Of Edgar Rice Burroughs America.

     As of 5/21 I’m posting Part IV.  V will follow and the rest is up.

I’ve got a backlog as well as new work on Burroughs so I’ll be posting steadily.

Hope you are stimulated and enjoy.  There is nothing like the joy of discovery

                                 R.E. Prindle

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