Hi.  I, Dynamo is my other blog that I use for non-fiction.  I put my novels and short fiction on R.E. Prindle DSC01836reprindle.wordpress.com. 

The stuff I post to I, Dynamo is history, psychology and literary criticism.  Before starting these blogs in 4/07 I was published on erbzine.com.  ERBzine is an Edgar Rice Burroughs studies site.  That’s primarily what I’ve been doing.  ERBzine is run by Bill Hillman.  It’s worth a look.  Most fantastic literary site on the http://www.  Massive.  I currently have 50 essays there.

I consider my field to be the study of Human Consciousness as developed by Jung.  I lean to the Freudian approach to personal psychology.  I consider myself a Depth Historian.  I try to get to motivations beneath the surface of history.  Love this stuff.  Work at it all the time.

Here’s a Table Of Contents for what is posted I’ll try to remember to keep it up.

A Mother’s Eyes

     Part I: The Remarkable Case Of Aldous Huxley’s Eyes.

     Part II: The Baby Marie

     Part III:  Cow Eyed Hera And Edgar Allan Poe

     Part IV:  The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

The Desconstruction Of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ America

     Parts I-V, Freud,  The Deconstruction  Of Edgar Rice Burroughs America.

     As of 5/21 I’m posting Part IV.  V will follow and the rest is up.

I’ve got a backlog as well as new work on Burroughs so I’ll be posting steadily.

Hope you are stimulated and enjoy.  There is nothing like the joy of discovery

                                 R.E. Prindle

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Jim ireland Says:

    Hello sir,

    I live in Ireland and I’m trying to trace links between 911, and UK art schools, and the music industry’s motivations. I’m still at early stages.

    If I was to post some questions here do you think you could consider them and fill in any blanks you might know?

    I discovered your essay on loog Oldham when trying to figure out why he hired Woolfson, of the Alan parsons project (who wrote alot of occult material, particularly eye in the sky). There seems to be a network, traceable back to a certain part of russia….I’m at very early stages though.

    Who was loog’s second father is my main current question?

    Many Thanks

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