Part 3b: The Sixties And The Negro Revolution

April 20, 2014


The Sixties And The Negro Revolution

Part 3b


R.E. Prindle

Terraplaning Through The Ozone

What was known as an airhead.

What was known as an airhead.

The question to be asked was and is how solvable is the Negro problem? The answer is, I’m afraid, that a solution is not on the horizon. There is no question that there is racial aversion on both sides. For whatever reason Whites prefer not to address the problem from a historical or biological basis or, in fact, any reasonable basis.

The Downtown Man

The Downtown Man

In point of fact historically the Negro kills or absorbs any alien people as through interbreeding the Negro type ultimately prevails. In Africa where the Bantus and Nilotics moved South from the Sahel where they originated they drove out or exterminated the Bushmen. The last of the Bushmen took refuge in the Kalihari desert where they survived for several hundred years. The Bantu have now rounded up the Bushmen removing them from the Kalihari where the Bantus say that they are ‘a burden on the land.’ In other words the Bushmen are being exterminated.

As the Bushmen were being driven South, about the year 1000 the Malagsy from Borneo were being transported to South Africa and Madagascar by their enemies from Bali. That was just as the Bantu Shona people were arriving from the North. The two people met in what is now called Zimbabwe. The Malagasy founded the kingdom known as Monomotapa that extended down into the current State of South Africa. It was they who built the structures of Zimbabwe.

Warfare raged for hundreds of years until in the nineteenth century just before the Aryans arrived the last of the mainland Malagasy were stamped flat, in Zulu terminology, exterminated to a man, genocide as the West would say and their settlements razed.

About the year 1500 Europeans began to arrive and populate the area. They eventually built great modern cities that were foreign to the Zulu and Shona peoples mindset, like Salisbury and Johannesburg. In the last few decades the Bantu and Shona in Zimbabwe were given the ‘State’ by the Western powers. Whites were then killed or driven from the country according to Bantu custom so that today there are no longer White Zimbabweans. Salisbury like the structure of Zimbabwe itself is an empty deteriorating shell.

Further South in the State of South Africa Whites were compelled by their ignorant brethren in Europe and the US to surrender their country to the Bantus. Those who have not yet fled the area are being slowly exterminated while the cities and other infrastructure are turning into ruins.

In the US that country is being surrendered to the Negroes by the Whites. Already Detroit is not only in ruins but square miles have returned to the wild. Other major cities which were deeded over to the Negroes at no charge such as Philadelphia, Memphis, Newark, Birmingham, Baltimore and a host of others are sinking into ruins with only essential services maintained by Aryan personnel and money.

Comically the watching youth of Japan recognizing the transfer of power from the Aryans to the Negroes are now beginning to imitate the Negroes rather than the Whites.

The Negroes are establishing themselves as an elite group supported by the Aryans, slaves in all but name. If you can’t see this then you willfully refuse to.

What then did Supreme Court justice Earl Warren and his fellow judges see? On what basis did they make the decision of Brown vs. The Board of Education of Topeka? Don’t give me the Constitutional stuff; that’s just an excuse a justification. The same Constitution that required Dred Scott returned to his owner was used twenty years later to require him to be set free. Not exactly clear cut wouldn’t you say?

The law is of no relevance in the Brown decision, it was a decision made on the prejudices of the justices. Separate but Equal had previously been justified by the Supreme Court and now based on the same Constitution the decision was reversed.

What prejudices, rather than law, then motivated the justices of the Supreme Court?

His Honor

His Honor

The Chief Justice, Earl Warren, a former governor of California was an extreme leftist Liberal much despised in California notwithstanding that he was elected by a majority of the people. Still, his appointment to the Court was done over strenuous objections. The prevailing social opinion at the time was still what is called The Melting Pot. The concept of Multi-culturalism and Diversity would officially replace it following the 1965 immigration bill. Thus it was believed that the lack of Negro achievement was caused by discrimination. It was thought as a cause that per capita spending on Aryan students was greater than that for Negroes so the difference in intellect was just a few dollars and for a few dollars more excellence could be purchased.

The idea was that if Negroes went to White schools where the Big Money was being spent then the per capita expenditure would make them A students. Not that for the same money all White students were made A achievers.

By that line of reasoning then Separate but Equal was a misnomer. Never mind that the per capita spending for Aryan students in the nineteenth century was well below that spent on Negroes in the twentieth. Logic did not enter in.

Nor was it taken into account that Negroes did no better in the integrated Aryan schools of the North and West than they did in the South which was the only place in the country that segregated schools were.

So the Warren Court that was after all composed solely of exceedingly well off lawyers with little or no anthropological or sociological training was deemed competent to judge the relative merits of the two species or races, if you will. The Courts judgment was based entirely on emotion and their particular interpretation of the Constitution at that particular moment in time. There can be no doubt that fifty years earlier that would have decided for Separate but Equal as, indeed, their counterparts of the time did.

The question then really was whose rights take precedence over the other. The Court’s decision that favored Negro rights while suppressing those of the Aryans was put into effect by military force. This was also done solely from the point of view of the then White government without considering the Negro point of view. They were just onlookers, no Negro was ever consulted, White Man’s law was just imposed and that law being Liberal law, that of a very small part of the White population.

As we will see, by 1966 in NYC Negroes were actually defying the Court decision demanding Separate but Equal under the rubric of Community Control. Nothing is as it seems.


The demographics of New York City have been undergoing a rapid transformation since 1946. About a million and a half Whites had moved out of the city who were replaced by a million and half or so of Negros and Puerto Ricans. At the same time to total population remained the same. Also at the same time industry was vacating NYC. All through the sixties and seventies major companies were fleeing the city while manufacturing had collapsed.

Thus one had this very strange phenomenon where huge swaths of the city were vacant buildings while the changing demographics created huge slums while changing the racial composition of Bronx and Brooklyn while buildings were stripped of plumbing and wiring and set on fire leaving burned out hulks that made the metropolis of the US look like Dresden after the carpet bombing and fire storm.

For a graphic representation check out the movie Midnight Cowboy in which the locations are actual NYC. It was because of the abandoned buildings adjacent to the Village that lofts, that is entire floors of these buildings, could be rented for as little as fifty dollars a month. In California I was paying 125.00 a month for four hundred square feet or less. How I could have lived it up with 3000 sq. ft. or more for 75.00 less.

Huge tracts of NYC had then changed hands from an educated sophisticated class of Whites to uneducated Southern and Caribbean Negroes and Puerto Ricans who were unfamiliar with any of the trappings of big city civilization. Race or color has little relevance at this level of sophistication as how quickly could raw humanity adapt to the bright lights and big city. I mean, you know, it wasn’t all that easy for White farm boys, hoosiers or by whatever name they were known, fit it. At this moment in time large numbers of hill people were coming down to NYC, Chicago, Detroit and places where they too were treated as human garbage while struggling to find a place for themselves, any place. My own people came down from the Kentucky hills via Bowling Green to Michigan where the local clowns thought they might be superior to us.

The Negroes had an actual advantage, such as it was, as Whites considered them uninhibited exotics, free living savages without White hangups. Indeed, the Sixties were to be a golden age of the Magic Negro. Superspade in San Francisco and who knows what other names they went by elsewhere. Young girls and not so young girls threw their bodies beneath them. Nigger Heaven as it were. Of course, as a Negro you had to be quick on the uptake to collect your booty.

And, perhaps not so quick. Norman Mailer and his ilk loved the idea of Negro men screwing White women, so did Hollywood. Mailer actually had roles in his amateur movie for Black male, White female couplings.

In the Seventies and Eighties when White Libertines brought young girls to Studio 54 they got the young girls addicted to heroin and then forced them to go to Harlem to buy it. The Sixties were and the following decades were nasty times.

Whites really expected miracles from Negroes who they believed lived lives untrammeled by civilization. Instinctual, completely free from Freud’s inhibitions. They represented the White unconscious hence White infatuation with them. E. Michael Jones in his Libido Dominandi quotes Hannah Tillich, the theologian’s wife, concerning her and his trips up to Harlem where they enjoyed going native. P. 431:

We felt relaxed at Small’s [in Harlem] and returned there with our friends, grateful voyeurs, taking in the primeval charm of the hearty men and swaying women. We considered it an authentic show. We did not think at all in economic, political, or social terms.

Once we dared to go to a show in a basement where there were mostly Negroes. In the dancing space at the center of the room occasional performances were given. A nude Negress, painted gold, having danced with a Negro twice her size, leaned her body against a post and masturbated with violent snake like movements, while her former partner and another girl unmistakably performed the act of intimate sex. It did not seem vulgar or fleshy. It was filled with the natural vivacity of these beautiful black people.

People at the seminary did not think our adventures such a good idea….

I should think not. Fucking in public was not vulgar when done by blacks. That was just natural vivacity to these holidaying voyeurs. Paul and Hannah would obviously consider a French peep show flick pornography but beautiful exotic Negro women masturbating and a beautiful black couple fucking in the middle of the dance floor was not vulgar or fleshy. That was ‘natural vivacity.’ Perspective it’s all perspective. When is it legal to free a slave and when is it legal to keep him? A difference of twenty years.

At the same time Whites considered Jack Benny’s Negro servant Rochester, or Fetchin Stepit or Uncle Remus other sides of the natural Negro. Harmless, happy go lucky primitives. Nobody asked the Negroes what they thought of this. But the happy go lucky Shine was about to tell them.

Thus, as the Negro Revolution was shaping up in Bull Conner’s Alabam’ the Jewish Folk Scene in NYC was taking notice. Soon these Jews would arrive in the South to begin agitating with the Negroes. Let my people go… They were about ready to drive the wedge through the log splitting the US into warring factions.

Thus everyone’s attention was diverted toward the South where Bull and his dogs and fire hoses ruled, Mississippi where the callow youth Bob Dylan was advised to leave the State for reasons of health. He hit the ground running.

The North has been overlooked. Home base for the Jewish so-called Freedom Riders was Greenwich Village and its grubby streets and rundown buildings. The Negroes may have had it better down in Dixie. Somebody once said NYC may have been a nice place to live but it was one hell of a place to visit. To that I can concur.

The Village had always been home to US homosexuals and the off scourings of the streets of Europe. From afar the Bohemian life was attractive, perhaps for the same reasons the ‘beautiful Negro’ was to the Tillichs but the closer you got the worse it looked.  In the early sixties drugs were rampant mostly pot and amphetamines but the ever present cocaine had its place along with heroin while Technicolor LSD was making its move. The folk scene that was mostly Jewish was in full swing.

The traditionalist folk singers and groups were a stone bore. Who, and I mean, Who could listen to the New Lost City Ramblers? Huddie ‘Leadbelly’ Ledbettor was big, well, within a small group, but all the guy did was pillage Carl Sandburg’s American Song Book while his grunt was unintelligible. That boy cleaned up though.

Then into this fetid mix stepped Bob Dylan who said: I always knew folk music was a shuck, so he slipped out of political protest into personal protest music as Andy Warhol interpreted it and all of a sudden all those impoverished folkies were rolling in money. Some of them were halfway good, too. Not many people prefer to listen to the Holy Modal Rounders or the Fugs but I like them. The best of the lot, The Lovin’ Spoonful, were stone great. If any group epitomizes the Sixties for me it is John Sebastian and the Spoonful. Peter, Paul and Mary were, of course, a smash in a forties kind of way along with those twits Simon and Garfunkel.

So anyway, into this happening scene the newly arriving Negroes and Puerto Ricans injected themselves and in a violent way. Crime and destruction on every side. The Aryans were unprepared. Up to the Sixties the US had been a violent, gang infested place. I mean you had to be alert during the fifties to avoid a beating and I’m talking from Whites not Negroes. They were called kicks by some, a hospital stay for others. It was a cranky country.

Then during the Sixties the Love Generation came in for a while there as the Chambers Bros. sang of Love, Peace and Happiness. You actually didn’t have to watch your back for a while. Those tough old gangbangers didn’t know what to do with themselves. It was kind of fun watching them trying to fit into the LPH mode. You could see them wandering around mouthing ‘What the fuck?’

It was better on the West Coast but even NYC colored a little bit, not much though.

So, there were a lot of zoned out Hippies wandering the streets of the Village. For some reason during the Sixties every kid who was ever going to run away from home did it at the same time. There were tens of thousands of thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen year olds loose on the land like locusts. Most of them girls who didn’t appear to have a clue and would drop and spread at the drop of a joint, a tab of LSD. Ask Charlie Manson. Where would he have been without the Haight. Of course he did make his name in LA but he got the Family together in the Haight. Ah, those runaway girls.

Just as an example I’m going to relate he story of a double murder in the Village when a gang of Negroes took out a couple of zippy, dippy Hippies. This is a tragic Sixties story that represents the era.


Ed Sanders Today

Ed Sanders Today

Groovy And Linda, The Uptown Girl And The Downtown Boy


Uptown Girl,

She’s been living in her white bread world

I bet she never had a back street guy

I bet her mama never told her why

I’m gonna try for an uptown girl

She’s been living in her white bred world

As long as anyone with hot blood can

And now she’s looking for a downtown man

That’s what I am

–Billy Joel


This was a sensational story in 1967 when it happened, even receiving some national exposure. Billed as trouble in hippieland it can be seen as premonition of the Manson affair in ’69.

Linda Fitzpatrick was a quintessential uptown girl. Her father, Irving Fitzpatrick, was a spice importer, tea- the regular kind of tea. His daughter Linda, definitely privileged, had turned eighteen, graduated from private schools and was expected to go to university but she didn’t want to. She wanted to be an artist. (Yawn) Wanting to be an artist leads to Greenwich Village.

The Fitzpatricks had a home overlooking Washington Square in Greenwich Village as well as a more palatial home in Greenwich, Connecticut. What drew her to the poverty and perversity of the East Side was a mental state peculiar to the Sixties. Perhaps she was made to feel guilty about her privilege that rich kid activists at Berkeley’s Free Speech Movement complained about or the battle at Columbia.

In rejection of their privilege that sort all wore torn levis and weird clothes dug out of the Goodwill bins. They put on Bohemian airs.

There is no surprise that Linda picked up some rags, and I mean rags, and started to patrol the streets of Greenwich Village also picking up the odd stray downtown man. One of the strays she picked up was a guy named James ‘Groovy’ Hutchinson. Or perhaps Groovy learning that she was the true uptown girl slumming it realized his dreams by zeroing in on her.

In the spirit of the times the only name he needed was Groovy. He in turn hung out with a guy who adopted the name of Galahad. It was a stretch perhaps but maybe a lot of the kids hadn’t heard of the real Galahad yet.

These two perps were quintessential downtown slags. The type you did your best to avoid whether they were man or woman. Groovy was an illiterate, which doesn’t plumb the bottom, but in the spirit of the times illiteracy was considered a wisdom unobtainable, accurately enough, from books. No, this was the real wisdom. It was believed there was wisdom in the weed; if you smoked enough you would acquire not only wisdom but knowledge. You would even be able to tell a nuclear physicist a thing or two about nuclear physics. Heck, Einstein’s brain would shrink to the size of a pea before yours. ‘Words mean what I say they mean.’ Know what I mean? How could you fail?

As Donovan says it was the season of the witch, the day of the geek. All these characters just came out of the woodwork like a dormant seed in the desert the day after a freak rainstorm. Truly it was their day. There were thousands of teenage runaways coursing through the streets of the Village. A pervert’s paradise. Galahad and Groovy were in seventh heaven.

They ran crashpads which is to say they rounded up underage girls and took them to their pad at night. A perfect setup.   Then that summer of love, ’67, when Linda showed up on the streets with abundant money for drugs or whatever she was easy pickings. They sold her acid and speed at exorbitant prices, sometime it was baking soda, why waste good drugs? Why not make it all profit? Even though nineteen, not exactly the age of reason but old enough, Linda didn’t care. She came from privilege so she gave away the expensive drugs to the poor kids who didn’t have any. Groovy noticed this White Bread girl looking for a downtown man and like the song he said ‘That’s what I am.’ They hooked up. Hippie star and society chick. Galahad knew Linda too. She thought the two just wanted to help poor wayward runaways. Boy, there was a mantra of the time: I just want to help people. That line was a bona fide that would open many a door

Even an old hand about the Village like Ed Sanders of the Fugs fell for it. Either Ed was naïve or he’s covering for something. Ed’s autobiography Fug You is where I first heard of this story.   Yeah, ‘Fug You’. That’s how Ed titled his life. The subtitle is: An Informal History of the Peace Eye Bookstore, the Fuck You Press, The Fugs, And Counterculture In The Lower East Side. That’s what they used to call it: The Counter Culture. It was worth bucks to write about. Just let me say that Ed knows what he’s talking about. He was a major player.

For those who may be unaware of who Ed was he was the founder of the recording group, The Fugs, definitely a product of the Lower East Side while being more or less confined to those of a Bohemian twist of mind. Ed was a Catholic boy evidently trying to free himself from Catholic sexual repression and doing a pretty damn good job of it too.

Ed’s Peace Eye book store was his answer to San Francisco’s City Lights Bookstore run by Lawrence Ferlinghetti. His Fuck You Press published his own and the poetry of Bohemian poets such as Allen Ginsberg and a whole host of people you’ve never heard of. Poetry, so-called, was an essential means of expression for the Beats and their epigone. You can actually call up a You Tube video of Ed performing at a poetry reading that is pretty interesting. Gives you a little flavor of the times. If you really work at it on the web you can almost reconstruct the era. As a starter I recommend the site Ephemeral New York if you’re not familiar with that. Be sure to read the comments, it appears that all the commenters were there.

Ed ran a pretty loose ship at a time when loose ships were de rigeur. In 1967 Ed and his Fugs (originally accurately called the the Village Fugs) were at the crest of their success. They ran a cabaret show for a couple or three years that was very successful making them the toast of the Village if not the town or at least it’s more Libertine portion at least.

Ed ran out of time to run his book store so he turned it over to Groovy who he thought was ‘helping’ a lot of runaways with his crash pad.   Groovy had no ideas what books were for being an illiterate so he chucked them and drew groovy pictures on the walls. Unless you were attuned to this sort of thing and thought it normal these were horror stories. I mean I was in the middle of this stuff trying to keep the horror at bay while trying to live in if not a white bread world at least one of cracked wheat.

Did I mention Groovy was illiterate? Imagine turning a book store over to an illiterate. Books. Oh, oh I’ve already said this. Well, it was just too astonishing for words.

Selling drugs made more sense to Groovy and those runaway young girls!

Anyway, Ed thought Linda and Groovy were prototypical Hippie lovers. He was rather astonished when he heard that bricks had been used to pulverize their heads in a dirty boiler room basement. It was worse even than that.

Linda had been reared in a proper environment. Yet, for some reason she had a cognitive disconnect, and she is representative. A switch went off in her brain and she had begun this dual life. Her parents had no idea or, so they said. Quite possibly her other life would have been impossible for them to imagine. She had taken a room in a transient hotel where she was living an abandoned sexual life. She told her parents she was rooming with a friend named Paula when it was a transient named Paul- and his friend.

Apparently the room was used as a crash pad or for orgies, same thing, because she had checked out first before her murder. When the manager went up to check the room he found it full of men and women doing drugs and sex.

On this particular night on the corner she boasted to an acquaintance that she was high on 1 ½ grains of amphetamines that she had paid the enormous sum of 10.00 for. She and Groovy continued down the street where they were accosted by four Negroes who either lured or hustled them into the boiler room.

Linda was screwed at least four times, once each, then she and Groovy had their heads smashed flat with bricks.

Possibly in 1963-64 it would have been safe to buzz around streets high on this or that. But, this was 1967, the age of innocence had passed. The character of the Village had been changing rapidly for a decade. The demographic mix had changed in the Village as it had in the city. Whites had vanished to be replaced by Negroes and Puerto Ricans. And these were angry Negroes with attitudes changed by the Civil Rights Movement. They were filled with hatred for the Whites. Nineteen sixty-seven was the Summer of Love for the White breads but the Long Hot Summer for the Negroes. Sixty-seven was the year they burned the US down. So imagine Detroit and New Jersey in flames as these four Negroes watched Linda and Groovy coming down the street. Philly in ’63 was the first great Negro insurrection I have heard of followed by NYC in ’64, Ocean Hill Brownsville in ’66 and ’67, LA in ’65 and a plague of insurrection in ’67 and ’68.

In the aftermath Detroit would disappear, square miles of smoldering ruins and the Renaissance Center with the sculpture of Joe Louis’ fist all that remained. In terms of square miles in total in that destruction of the infra-structure of the US it was probably more than half of any in the United Nations.

Did we care? Hell, no. I wasn’t even aware of the extent of the damage and I was a grad student at UOregon. I never even heard anyone mention it. It simply was not a topic of discussion and if it had been everyone but me would have been cheering for the Negroes.

In NYC the temperature had been rising since Suze and Bob strolled down Fourth St. Suze had introduced Bob to the plays and poetry of the very angry Leroy Jones, one of those ‘by any means’ Negroes who was advocating the murder of White America. The Negro boys took him up on it is ’67.

In 1966 began the Ocean Hill- Brownsville school riots. It seems as the Negroes had not been consulted on the Separate but Equal issue they were now making their wishes known. They wanted Separate but Equal schools and they didn’t want White teachers misinforming their kids. Separate but Equal needed a new name so they called it Community Control. Of course the NYC schools were in the hands of the Jews and the teachers in OH-B were Jewish teachers. The Negroes threw up barricades to keep the Jewish teachers out threatening them with grievous bodily harm. The Negro Revolution was in full swing.

One can almost hear Linda and Groovy pleading, ‘Oh, no, man. We think Black people are beautiful.’ Yeah? Well, smash.

Naturally the cops started looking for White guys while everyone prayed that the murderers would be White. They were disappointed.

As it turned out it was said that the killers were devotees of some Negro religious sect and these were ritual killings. That excuses it of course but the sect they were talking about was the Santeria religion. (Pronounced Santa-ree-a.) Santeria is a variant of the Yoruba people’s religion of Central Nigeria. Haitian Voodoo and Brazilian sects have the same origin. Santeria was endemic on the East Coast and it has multiplied since.

As far as Ed, the admirer of the Hippie lovers, went, he eulogized them but decided to move from the East Village to the all White and much more pleasant Woodstock upstate. Don’t blame him, the Village would have been too worrisome for me. Even Andy Warhol took a bullet in ’68. A very volatile situation there among the downtown boys of the Village. Nothing compared to today but then we’re more liberated now.

In Freudian terms- where Ego was the Id now is.

Hail! Hail! The Gangs All Here

Hail! Hail! The Gangs All Here

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