1. The View From Prindle’s Head

March 21, 2020

The View From Prindle’s Head


R.E. Prindle


Let’s look at what is really going here. This is the view from Prindle’s head. You may agree or not agree but if you comment and do not deal with issues rather than spewing hate rants, I will delete your rants. So be civil, be bold, be direct but don’t be rude. What has really happened with the virus is that Civilization has reached an impasse. It is no longer sustainable without some very serious adjustments. The time is now. The place is Earth.

Like it or not Civilization cannot advance further in this mode. Why? The simple answer is that there are too many people and too few resources. Water. There is not enough water to go around and it isn’t always in the right places. The population growth has to be stopped, the existing population has to be thinned. Don’t think this stupid virus scare is going to thin the population. For the governors of our eight billion people to shut down Civilization over perhaps 10K deaths among eight billion people indicates an hysteria the depth of which cannot be plumbed.

  1. It can’t.

Now, at nearly eight billion and beginning to collapse, at nine billion or ten billion a major ecological disaster will thin the population as you wouldn’t believe. Nature not only doesn’t care, Nature doesn’t even know what’s going on. Nature doesn’t exist. Nature is a human construct. The Universe, the Solar System, Earth operate on rules only dimly understand by man. The systems will do what they will do, they will evolve at their own pace, they will change without any concerns for your opinion. Learn to accept that.

As the Earth cannot sustain eight, nine or ten billion that means either the Earth will disintegrate or it will kill off the vermin, so to speak, infesting its surface. Now, the ruling elites recognize this. Up till now they haven’t wished to talk about it, leaving that to ‘nutcakes.’ Well, nutcakes, here comes the frosting.

We are talking about billions dying. The population in the not too distant future, perhaps lasting for a decade will so will be decreased by at least five billion people, perhaps more. That’s a lot of molding dead bodies because burial or any other means of disposal will be impossible. Diseases like you cannot conceive will be created by the rotting masses. The rat population will explode competing with humanity for existence. Perhaps the population will decrease leaving one or two billion before it stops. Then the planet will breathe a sigh of relief.

As there will be no way of disposing of billions of bodies people will be reminded of the horror as they try to salvage a way of life. Consumerism, that great bane of so many unhappy folks, will be a thing of the past. You’ll have to make and bake it yourself. Will that satisfy the unsatisfied? I’m not saying I’m the first to see it, I won’t because things are moving so fast but I would hate it, not saying you would love it, especially when what we have is gone then you will realize what you have lost.

But, you know, I like sitting on my behind writing stuff like this, doodling away at the absurd. I like buying not only what I need but what I want by just sitting at a computer and ordering and then have the stuff delivered to my door within a day or two. That’s convenience.  You anti-consumer people don’t like that? Yet you use it?

I like sitting at my computer and ordering wine directly from Bordeaux France, Napa Valley, Washington State, Idaho or Canada as improbable as the last two may seem. Hell, I can even order Trump wine from Virginia and have it delivered to my door almost before they get the wine in the bottle. You don’t like that? You say consumerism sucks? Smile when you say that damn you, smile as you slug your Corona beer from Mexico. Tequila from a cactus out in some Mexican desert.  Happy times are still here. For a while.

Now, I have been mentioning some of the consequences of excessive population for some years. The wear and tear on the planet of way too many giant aircraft in the skies, the incessant gobbling up of land for infrastructure for gigantic airports, monstrous train yards, endless parking lots for cars are mounting up so that life becomes unbearably noisy. I lay in bed in night blasted from sleep by trucks toiling up the freeway, I can hear the trains moving all night long eight to ten miles away. Jet planes roar overhead, choppers leisurely clatter over my roof. Is that right?

Of course I haven’t been alone in thinking and speaking out about this, it has all been projected and speculated for decades; H.G. Wells really dug into it, even Malthus back at the beginning of the nineteenth century predicted THE END. He just didn’t understand how inventive the mind of man could be. Of course there is food now for eight billion people and rising but the quality is much less than two hundred years ago and the quality of life has taken a hit also, disguised by this consumer world of plenty we see all around us. Prepare for the worst—but don’t panic.

The artificial virus panic we’re having now is advance notice of what will be coming down. I’m not the only one predicting that billions have to die. I’m not the one who realizes civilization is at an impasse. Have you noticed what the first thing was that they shut down? That’s right, travel. First they hit the cruise ships with the virus, Wuhan Central China, straight to the cruise ships. Then they were allowed to become test incubators for the virus. See how the virus functioned in a closed environment. It didn’t do well. In an ideal situation only about ten per cent became infected, then the matter was dropped.

Then they shut down air travel, just stopped it. Began downing the jets. Not a bad thing environmentally but a death thrust at modern civilization. Now the cry is ‘shelter in place,’ that is don’t leave your house. Death awaits you if you do. Panic? Wow, people are terrified.

Move your ass and you’ve got jail time. ‘We’re serious about this.’ a cop sternly threatens. Jail time just for leaving your house! Think of it! Jail time just for leaving your house. We’re the Soviets this bad? Heck, were the Nazis this bad?

So, Civilization has been stopped in its tracks. Education has been suspended. No schools, no colleges, no universities operating. Nobody knows what life will be like if and when the Big Virus Scare of 2020, the year of the McCarthy virus is brought to an end.

Don’t worry about money; we live in a cashless society. I haven’t seen money in years. I haven’t seen the source of my income credits. Just that every month new credits arrive at my financial institutions and then I ship credits out to the various outlets whose services I have used. All you have to do is find a source for credits, job or whatever, selling dope, burgling houses. Yeh. Burgling houses. Go ahead the cops don’t mind, they’re too busy citing people for not using their seat belts. You don’t think Civilization as we knew it has ended? Think again. Enough for now.

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